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We are a magazine that is by fans, for fans we're just as obsessed with the stars as our readers, and we keep our magazine positive and fun. Our gossip is always juicy and never nasty...but we do give you the real deal! Our readers know Popstar! as the magazine that introduces them to stars first.

Customer Reviews:

  • It's Cool
    I think it was a little better in 2004 but it's still a nice mag! For those who love Celeberity gossip (like myself) except I wish it would "grow up" a bit- but I still wanna subscription for it!!!!!!!! The quizzes are really cool plus theres no health crap like in SEVENTEEN- so I'd reccomend this....more info
    Okay, I don't care if you are a guy or a girl you will all love this magazine! I don't care what the others say! This does have life stories (embarrassing moments and things like that) They even include the stars in those. Also they have fasion tips and horoscopes (the horoscopes are more for the girls though).Also they give you advice on great CDs and movie that are out there! You learn all about what the star are up to and there are tons of cool contests. I really love all the pictures and posters. I also love that they talk about stars that aren't the biggest names yet like Stevie Brock, Chris Trousdale, Jesse McCartney, and Greg Raposo(just to name a few!) This magazine has it all and I absoulutly love it! I have NEVER missed an issue!...more info
  • The WORST Magazine
    I started reading this magazine because i needed something to read, but I stopped right away. Thr articles are pointless, because you can buy another magazine and see the same information, and same with the pictures. The editors of this magazine put exclamation points basically after every single sentence, none of which were exciting at all. Maybe i just hate Pop Star! just because i don't care for celebrity magazines. Or maybe not. But the only people I would recommend this magazine to is children under 10 years of age....more info
  • Great Price & Timely Delivery...
    I bought this as a gift for my teenage daughter. She loves it! The delivery is timely, and so much better priced than in the stores.
    Great gift for a teenager. They are so hard to buy for!...more info
  • Great for Your Tween
    I bought this subscription as a gift for my 10 year old daughter who just loves these types of magazines. This one seems to be the best of the bunch with lots of posters and all her favorite stars (everyone affliated with Disney or Teen Nick). At the time of purchase it was the best deal for the amount of issues received....more info
  • Pointless
    I use to buy this magazine every mouth when I was much younger which was just a big waste of money all the stories and pictures can be found in any other teen bop magazine. This magazine is not for people who can actually read or understand any of the stories....more info
  • The Best Teen Magazine Ever!
    POPSTAR! has been my favorite magazine for a long time because in every single issue, I end up finding pictures and articles on every star that I am interested in, and also some newcomers. They always have good words and pictures on Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher, Chad Michael Murray, Justin Timberlake, Raven, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Adam Brody, Olsen Twins, Jesse McCartney, Greg Raposo, Orlando Bloom, Usher, Harry Potter cast...I could go on and on and on. My room is half devoted to their cool pinups and posters. They have good fashion stuff, funny pictures, fun games...big shout-out to my aunt for subscribing me four years ago. I just love this magazine. I don't like the other celebrity magazines because they're more racy and have less "stuff" LOL. I would say this is my #1 favorite magazine. I also like COSMOGIRL! and I sort of like GL. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. If you're reading this, Chad, you rock....more info


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