iSi Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 2248

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Product Description

Dont like the taste of tap water? Enjoy ice cream sodas? Want your children to drink more healthful sodas? How about a perfectly made, refreshing wine spritzer? Our iSi soda siphon has the secret to all that and more . . . bottled just for you. Choose one of our classic models in a beautiful brushed metal and it will add a splash of sparkle whenever you squeeze its handle. Makes a great party mixer! Co2 chargers purchased separately.

  • Store bought selzters often contain added salt - control the purity of yours at home
  • Let's you control the source of your water.
  • Cuts down on waste
  • Easy to use; Co2 chargers purchased separately
  • Safe - has secure neck threading and a pressure regulating system

Customer Reviews:

  • Fuctional and easy to use.
    I bought this item over a year ago, and I use it almost everyday to make sugar free sodas. It has never failed, and is quite easy to use. I am planning on buying another one soon, just so that I can have a different color!...more info
  • Old way still the best
    Some may wonder why bother when seltzer water comes in bottles.

    1. Makes excellent, high-quality carbonated water. For a TRUE diet soda without chemicals, or add it to cocktails.
    2. It's fun and easy to make. Just screw in the chargers and shake.
    3. Great design. A conversation piece. Nostalgic and Retro. Just like the bars in the old movies.
    4. Economical. Less than 70 cents per soda charger for one liter.
    5. Great gift idea.

    1. The CO2 soda charges can be tough to find. Amazon had them, then they didn't. They may again. Buy in bulk.
    2. The one liter dispenses quickly...more info
  • Just what we were looking for!
    Cold water (we keep it in the refrigerator) is the key. It stays carbonated for weeks. ...more info
  • Flat water, weakest of all siphons
    Sucks pretty bad -- water is almost totally flat, even when I do the refrigeration trick that is so sworn on here. The problem is the design itself which purposely limits the amount of Co2 the unit will hold in order for 'safety'. Check out consumer report's review of Soda Makers, and the ISi was rated as 'low fizz'. Waste of money....more info
  • Love it
    It does what it's suppose too! I forgot to get the chargers for the siphon, so don't make the same mistakes I made. It's hard to find the chargers in stores unless you go to upscale place like William Sonoma. ...more info
  • Fantastic Fizz!
    Purchased a gorgeous Red version of this siphon & use it regularly three years later. It's easy to use & I love that it keeps the water carbonated for a long while in the refridgerator. For best results, use cold water & rotate the siphon end over end after dispensing the CO2 cartridge. So much fun. Order chargers in quantity if you like sparkling water. I only wish it held more water in the siphon! It's fabu and fun!...more info
  • Not worth the money--flat water!
    We were extremely disappointed with this product. Doesn't give you any bubbles. Kind of like drinking REALLY flat seltzer. Sad we wasted our money, it's worth it to spend $1 for a bottle of sparkling water than to buy this. If you really want it, I'll sell you ours for $5 to try and recoup the money we spent on it!...more info
  • Good product if you have good tap water
    I thought I would save money on seltzer with this product but it really comes out to be the same. If you have good tap water or good well water I highly recommend this product. It's easy to use and practical. Refrigerate the water you are going to use first....more info
  • bad taste
    I haven't been able to use this item because it seems the plastic inserts are giving the water a bad taste. I contacted their USA customer service a week ago to find out what to do about the taste, and have not had a reply. At this point i will just send this item back. I am extremely disappointed in the company and the product.

    March 2009 update: it took me weeks to get a refund on this item from the distributor because the company was very difficult to deal with. Zero "customer service!"

    I finally found the perfect item, "the Penguin" and I love it!...more info
  • Disappointing
    Resulting carbonated water is weak, with "fat" bubbles that go flat quickly. Think before you buy: 1 brass cartridge per charge--is this really any more environmental than buying plastic bottled water? (I might just switch to uncarbonated.) Disappointing....more info
  • Doesn't work that well
    This product doesn't seem to carbonate to the level of regular soda water from the store. I drink carbonated water all the time and what comes out of this tastes a little flat.

    The product also seems cheaply made. The first time I tried it, all the CO2 blew out the spout because the handle sits at a point where the valve is slightly open. I have to pull up on the handle when I insert the charger to get it to work....more info
  • Soda doesn't go flat
    great for egg creams, spritzers, etc. and soda doesn't go flat. we got as gift and have bought as gift b/c it's useful and good....more info
  • Carbonation is rather good...
    I read some other reviews here and on other sites and it seemed that the biggest problem this product has is that the water is not as carbonated as store bought water.

    The first time I tried this product it seemed the other reviews were correct. The water was just barely carbonated and I was rather disappointed with it. However, I found that once you pressurize the bottle; letting it sit in the refridgerator for a while will really carbonate it up. To me it now "seems" just as good as store bought carbonated water or at least very close.

    Probably the only complaint I now have about it is that I empty the bottle too quickly and I have to wait a while for another bottle to be ready. Besides that it works very well and I am happy with it.

    ...more info
  • Don't buy this!!!!!
    As a kid back in the 70's, I made all my dad's soda with chargers at home, and drank it myself, so I'm very familiar with how to charge a soda bottle and what the end product should be like. It was very bubbly -- similar to bottled soda.

    The soda from this siphon is very flat, plus with the isi chargers your supposed to use don't work well either. You can only fill the bottle 3/4 full of water or it will spray all over the place when you attempt to charge it, so you only get 3/4 of a liter per charge! Also, cusotmer service for this product did not respond after repeated attempts to contact....more info
  • I Love This Gadget
    This little item makes the best soda water and without all the sodium in the store-bought soda.

    It's easy to use and has performed flawlessly. My only complaint is that to snug down the top, prior to charging, one has to use the spout as a grip. I wonder if this will shorten its life?...more info
  • The smart way to get seltzer
    I have been using my iSi Soda Siphon for a couple of weeks now and am completely satisfied. Store bought seltzer seems more bubbly upon first opening, but that's because all the CO2 is escaping from the water. Halfway through the plastic bottle, the soda is flat. Not so with the soda siphon. A charge, properly applied to COLD water, lasts until the bottle is empty. The bubbles are tiny and the fizz stays in the water instead of escaping to the air. Economical and ecological. I was worried that the head was plastic, but when it arrived I found it to be very sturdy....more info


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