Honeywell Easy Fit-n-Set Replacement Air Filter - 40190

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Product Description

Shipping is only $7.99 per order, no matter how much you order! HEPA filter is 99.97% effective at removing particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. For optimum performance replace filter every 12 months.

  • Fits Honeywell models 40100, 40101, 40200 and 40201.
  • Honeywell Easy Fit-N-SET replacement HEPA filter.
  • Two filters in one!
  • Break filter apart for model 40100 and 40101.
  • Use entire filter for model 40200 and 40201.
Customer Reviews:
  • Efficient filter
    We have been using the Honeywell filtre in our air cleaner for several years now and found that it works very well. When we do our periodic cleaning of the filter we are always amazed at how much dust and dirt it has collected. Which means that the air we are breathing is much cleaner....more info
  • The filters that will NOT separate-don't use for model 40100
    The theory behind this refill is that there is one perforated filter per box that can be broken in half for use as 2 filters with the Honeywell 40100 series air purifier.

    That, at least, is the theory...

    In reality, the filter is perforated as advertised; however, there is so much glue along the perforation holding the accordion folds together, that it is virtually impossible to break the filter in half.

    I tried to break it by just flexing the perforation, as the directions indicated. It didn't separate. I tried flexing it harder and bending it back and forth to break them apart. The glue started separating at the folds. The glue coming apart caused the filter to open up at some of the accordion folds, so the filter was no longer round. I tried a knife to cut the two filters apart. Ditto on breaking up the accordion folds. Finally resorted to a hacksaw to separate them.

    The only bright thing of the whole fiasco - they did finally work when I crammed them into the units.

    After effectively almost destroying the filters I called the manufacturer (Honeywell) and they indicated that these are not the filters that they sell. They are an aftermarket item with the Honeywell logo. Honeywell does not endorse them. Surprise, surprise! They recommended that you only buy the replacement HEPA filters sold on the Honeywell website for the model 40100 air cleaner. I second that recommendation -- wholeheartedly!...more info