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Product Description

If you're thinking about quitting smoking--even if it's not the first time you've tried --Commit Lozenge delivers strong, lasting medicine to help stop cravings before they start. Commit 4 mg Lozenge doubles your chance of quitting, even if you've tried before.*

And if you're worried about weight gain, you should know the Commit 4mg Lozenge can actually help reduce weight gain while you quit.** The Therapeutic Nicotine in Commit helps reduce your nicotine cravings and relieves some nicotine withdrawal symptoms to help you quit.

Nicotine is a stronger addiction than most people realize--and cigarettes are a very efficient nicotine delivery system. Each puff sends nicotine to the brain within 10 seconds, activating areas of the brain that produce feelings of pleasure and reward by raising dopamine levels. Dopamine is the same substance involved in addiction like cocaine and heroin. So we have another puff. And another.

Soon the brain's chemical structure actually changes. It becomes hooked into wanting more and more nicotine to make the effects last. When the brain stops getting the nicotine it's used to, we begin to feel withdrawal cravings--actually the brain craving nicotine.

As this nicotine addiction sets in, the brain links everyday habits with smoking, boosting the role of cigarettes. Normal everyday activities begin to trigger the urge to smoke. Drinking coffee in the morning. Talking on the phone. Work breaks. Driving.

So when you try to quit smoking, you're actually fighting a battle on two fronts: 1) physical--that is, nicotine addiction--and 2) habitual, the activities, moods and events linked with smoking.

Beating both nicotine withdrawal cravings and your smoking habits is the key to changing your behavior and starting a new life as a nonsmoker. Commit can help you do both.

Let's start with cravings. Once you stop smoking, that's when your brain really starts screaming for nicotine. Your withdrawal cravings can actually intensify in the days after you quit. That's where Therapeutic Nicotine--like that in Commit--is proven effective. Absorbed through your mouth, the nicotine in Commit reduces your nicotine cravings and relieves some nicotine withdrawal symptoms, without the harmful tar or carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke.

Commit Lozenges help stop cravings before they start, increasing your chances of success by allowing you to focus your willpower on changing your behavior.

That's where Committed Quitters comes in. Committed Quitters is an online resource that can give you an individualized stop-smoking plan to help change the behaviors that reinforce your habit. Enrolling is easy, and access is free for users of Commit Lozenge. You'll get a multiweek plan tailored to your specific needs, including tips to help you along the way, while Commit's strong medicine helps relieve withdrawal cravings. Commit plus Committed Quitters significantly increases your chance of quitting, even if you've tried before.

Even if you've tried to quit before, Commit Lozenge doubles your chance of quitting successfully.* You use Commit on a regular schedule throughout the day to help prevent cravings.

Start with the right strength. Commit is the first and only stop-smoking aid that offers you different strengths based on how soon you smoke your first cigarette in the morning--a method leading experts believe is a better measure of nicotine dependence.

Get an individualized stop-smoking plan from Committed Quitters. Your plan can help you overcome your unique barriers to quitting smoking--and increase your chances of success. For example, if you're used to having a cigarette with your morning coffee, you'll get specific advice on overcoming that habit and desire. Look for information in your package of Commit Lozenges, or visit

Follow the Commit 12-week plan. Commit helps your body gradually adjust to less nicotine. Over a 12-week period, you will use fewer and fewer lozenges, as shown in the chart. But remember, it's designed for a 12-week course of therapy. And for the first six weeks, use at least nine Commit Lozenges a day.

Worried about weight gain? It's a real concern for many smokers. But it's small compared to the risks of smoking. And when you use the Commit 4 mg Lozenge, it can actually help reduce weight gain while you quit.**

Want more ways to take off those extra pounds? Develop new, healthy habits like eating right and exercising. Have low-calorie, healthy foods handy, chew slowly when you eat, and drink lots of water while you're quitting.

Remember that nicotine lozenges are medicine and you've got to use them a certain way to get results.

  • Do not use more than one lozenge at a time or continuously use one lozenge after another. Doing so may cause hiccups, heartburn, nausea or other side effects.
  • Do not use more than five lozenges in six hours, or more than 20 lozenges total per day.

Commit Lozenge comes in two tasty flavors, mint and cherry. Both are available in a convenient Pop Pac for discreet use whenever, wherever.

*The Commit 4mg Lozenge doubles your chance success vs. placebo.
**A study has shown that smokers who quit using the Commit 4mg Lozenge gained less weight compared to those quitting on placebo.
  • Helps reduce your nicotine cravings and relieves some nicotine withdrawal symptoms to help you quit
  • Doubles your chance of quitting, even if you've tried before
  • Includes free access to Committed Quitters, an online resource that can give you an individualized stop-smoking plan
  • Helps your body gradually adjust to less nicotine. Over a 12-week period, you will use fewer and fewer lozenges
  • Can actually help reduce weight gain while you quit

Customer Reviews:

  • 1 week without far
    Never thought I could successfully live a day without smoking. This thing really works!... It's been a week since I last smoke.
    No more craving. Since I'm not that a heavy smoker (1 pack of cig last me 3 days) I think I can finally quit after 15 years of smoking.
    1) Amazon price on this lozenge is great. Instead of buying a carton of cig might as well get this
    2) Simply cut the craving
    3) Simply works!

    1)I got nicotine rush to my brain everytime I put one in my mouth - a bit of headache like a fast drag of cig when you're in a hurry. Should have gotten the 2mg version instead
    2)My throat sore a bit - again might due to 4mg instead of 2mg

    Give it a try. Your love one would appreciate it not to mention your overall health....more info
  • This pasty lozenge worked for me
    I smoked a pack a day (sometimes more) for 40 years. Like many, I tried countless of times to quit. For some insane reason (addiction IS an insanity), I took these lozenges on an overseas trip, and they worked. I haven't smoked a cigarrette in 25 months. The flavor is not glorious, your mouth feels pasty, if you talk a lot you get a "chalk ring" around your lips, if I chain-suck on them, I get a stomach ache, and the worst part for me (I have high blood pressure): it's VERY high in salt. Now I have to quit the lozenges. Good luck to all of us. ...more info
  • Army Smoker
    I really love this product, maybe too much. I started using this product while in Army Training, since we are not allowed to smoke during training. It worked great to calm my cravings. But then as SOON as I could I would light up. I did this for 2 years, thru a deployment to Iraq, LONG Flights, Thank you Commit, I made it thru those long flights without the horrible cravings, I only had the nerves of going to WAR. I had to have a Shoulder surgery when I got back and after being in the Hospital with only COMMIT to calm my cravings, when I got out of the Hospital, a month ago, I have not wanted a Cigarette AT ALL!!! I smoked for just a few months shy of 20 years, and now I CANNOT stand the smell of Cigarettes. I still love my COMMITS, but I am NOT smoking, which is nothing less than a small miracle for me. Cigarettes have been a very close friend of mine for a long time. GOODBYE CIGARETTES!!!! I am very HAPPY!!!!...more info
  • Best stop smoking aid ever!
    I was a 2 pack/day smoker for 30 years. Stopped several times, using the "patch", but it never lasted & I was always "sneaking" a cigarette here & there. Commit eased the craving, plus the appetitie suppressant is definitely a great feature. I've been smoke free for a year, although the nicotine craving does not go away quietly. When it does rear it's ugly head, I just pop in a Commit lozenge....more info
  • Wow who could of thought?!!
    I swear i never thought i would quit without much effort. Usually when i quit cold turkey before i would become extremely moody, aggressive, rude and just mean to people i suppose to love. LOLz Well here i wont lie i had those types of withdrawals but only for a small amount and i dont even eat as many lozenges as it was directed.

    I was always a heavy smoker. A chainsmoker to that. Newports only. All 9 years. My type of smoker needs to eat 9 lozenges a day for first week or so, but the most i had was 9 the whole week together.

    One thing to adress thought is the fact that they may seem nasty to your taste. It will have a sensation of a burning throat and you will want to caught from time to time. It will stop after few days. Best thing i can recommend is to try to LIKE a taste of commit, otherwise you will just throw them aside and say that you cant go from one habit to a another that taste nasty. LOL

    Good luck!...more info
  • Fantastic Product...except.....
    I've been SMOKE FREE for 3 YEARS and I quit using commit.....the only thing is , 3 years later I am STILL using the commit lozenges. I still use about 4 lozenges a day. It's alot cheaper than buying cigarettes. I love em' they are like a relaxing dinner mint....don't let this stop you from buying them.They are a great product....more info
  • It almost worked
    I lasted a month with the product. Apparently There is nothing out there taht wii wok for me...more info
  • Powerful aid, but you better have your mind made up
    As with any aid to quit smoking, the real test is yourself, is your mind truly made up to quit?? Mine was, I work out on a treadmill and while I still smoked, well into the workout my heart rate was topping off at about 140 bpm, after quitting and starting on the Commit program, it wasn't long my heart rate during the same workout was down to 128!! This along with the high cost of cigerettes, not to mention overall health, was enough for me not to wait for some iron lung device 5 yrs from now. I am 52 now and have smoked for some 35 odd years so this was no small task for me. My point is, my mind was made up, and with the aid of this lozenge, which by the way really does take care of the nicotine withdrawal, and was a very powerful aid in helping me to quit. I am in the 9th week now of the program without a cigerette and I have no desire for one, I have cut back on the lozenges to the point where I don't even much think of them anymore, pop one in just to stay with the program. Lolipops help with the fixation to have something in my hand. All in all I give this item a two thumbs up, but don't expect them to do it for you! One other thing, as with anything, don't blame the lozenge for dependancy on it, you can get addicted to just about anything, just cut back gradually like they tell you, and stick with the program.

    One last thing, amazon beat my local grocery store, a LARGE chain by the way, by $10 per box!

    ...more info
  • Free shipping?
    Price is good with free shipping. Shipping charges were unexpectedly added to the item. This makes the item no cheaper than buying locally. Watch the free shipping offers!!! Charges may be added without your knowledge....more info
  • 2nd time
    This is the 2nd time I have tried Commit. The first time I didn't follow directions, so it didn't work, but I decided to try once again. I bought several boxes of Commit, and went fully by the directions and guess what I am smoke free. Thank you Commit!! This really works....more info
  • If you really want to quit smoking, you need this.
    In the twelve years I was a smoker I honestly believed it would be impossible to stop. I was so in love with smoking that I used to joke that I would quit when I was dead. When I finally decided that I was fed up with cigarettes once and for all (the cost, the stench, the heavy breath, the smoking bans, on and on) I gave this a try. Previously I had attempted to stop twice before, half-heartedly, using the patch and again with some sort of nonsensical herbal concoction. Both a waste of money. They just weren't strong enough for the chain smoker I was. I actually read reviews of the lozenge here and was convinced to try it. So I set my quit date and bought a box. It was a bit of a gamble since they aren't cheap but neither are cigarettes in NJ anymore. Does it work? Oh yeah, it works.

    It doesn't just curb the craves it eliminates them. I went from needing two packs of cigarettes a day to having virtually no desire to even look at them anymore. I'm still stunned. They do work and they work magnificently. One thing I like about them, they dissolve very slowly in your mouth which actually helps to alleviate the oral fixation in the absence of a cigarette.

    But be warned: Nothing replaces will power. You really need to want to quit. The lozenge is not a magic bullet but if you do decide to quit they are your best weapon. There is, however, a risk of developing an addiction to lozenges so it's incredibly important to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and wean yourself off them according to the schedule provided. 4mg is a very strong shot of nicotine. Also if you swallow them or bite them you'll be treated to some very nasty heartburn and hiccups.

    Basically, if you follow the program and reinforce the desire to get rid of the smokes with a support group you WILL quit smoking. Trust me. ...more info
  • Make up your mind and do it....and let these tools help you
    I smoked for two years and quit using a combination of the gum and these lozenges. I prefer the lozenges to the gum; it seems to me they are more helpful at addressing the oral fixation, but I am sure the gum is no less effective....more info
  • Commit Original Flavor 4 MG 108 ct.
    Great! This is a hard-to-find product in stores. Usually you find the mint flavor (awful) or a lower count for the same or higher price. This is a great price, the expiration date was far from the date of purchase, and I am very satisfied!...more info
  • They need to make a lozenge to quit the lozenge
    I was a heavy smokeless tobacco user (snuff) for 20 years and also smoked ciggaretes. This product is excelent I have been using it for 8 months now and do not want to quit! I am thinking about quiting now just because they are just as expensive as a carton of ciggaretes....more info
  • They Work!
    I quit 7 weeks ago using the lozenges. They really work. I have almost no desire to smoke, and I haven't. But I do feel addicted to the lozenges. And they leave chronic sores in my mouth. My primary motivation for quitting was that my boyfriend would not kiss me when I smelled liked cigarettes, and he will now. So I am satisfied with the result. I am not particularly optimistic that I'll be able to give up the lozenges though!...more info
  • Commit Original Flavor 4 MG 108 ct.
    Great! This is a hard-to-find product in stores. Usually you find the mint flavor (awful) or a lower count for the same or higher price. This is a great price, the expiration date was far from the date of purchase, and I am very satisfied!...more info
  • Commit to Stop Smoking!
    Excellent product. I had to stop using the patches after 10 days the last time I tried to stop smoking because I was becoming more and more allergic.

    I have been free of cigarettes for two weeks now using Commit as my aid and the results have been amazing:
    1. I no longer desire cigarettes at all.
    2. I've had no reactions. However a cautionary note is please read the directions. Commit is to be absorbed in the tissues of the mouth; not the stomach. I didn't read the directions on my first experience and got a tummy ache. Used correctly, there have been no adverse reactions.
    3. The directions say use at least nine a day at first. I have been fine using about five and have gone several hours at a time without it (I was a one pack a day smoker). However, utilization may be different for each individual.
    4. The taste is acceptable and as I stated above....the results outstanding!

    By the way, Amazon also offers the lowest price anywhere. I recommend this product highly!

    ...more info
  • Best product imaginable!
    After years and years and years of wanting to quit, the commit lozenge did it for me!! I still can't believe it but, after using the lozenge, I din't have the usual withdrawal symptoms: fatigue, hunger, jittery, etc. This product is unbelievable! It may not start out tasting the greatest, but that's just what it is -- nicotine. It's a three month program and by the 6th week, you won't even feel much need for the lozenge, but keep it nearby. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Still can't believe it!! ...more info
  • Great for tobacco chewers
    Chewing these tablets is better than chewing Copenhagen. Also, chewing tobacco has far more nicotine than cigarettes. The lozenges will give you a buzz, but it won't destroy your gums and teeth. I chewed only half a can for twenty years and it did the latter damage. I quit once on the lozenges, then went back, but it beats snuff. I speak extensively at work, and it won't give you cottonmouth, either....more info
  • commit stop smoking lozenges
    I am satisfied with this product. It does not damage teeth. In addition, there is less chance of too much nicotine such as over chewing nicorette gum....more info
  • why prolong the agony?
    All these lozenges do is keep you addicted to nicotine. I quit "cold turkey" without any crutches and stayed off cigarettes for 6 years until a divorce gave me an excuse to start again. I have tried to quit again using these lozenges, and all they do is keep you addicted. You never get over wanting a cigarette. My sister-in-law has been chewing nicorette for 2 years. She still wants a cigarette, but chews the gum instead. Why prolong the agony?? If you just quit, you will be over the rough part in a couple of weeks, and, unless you start hanging out in places like bars where smoking prevails, you just might stay off nicotine entirely....more info
  • quiting smoking
    Lozenges work well and the regular ones are much better than any of the flavor ones as I got sick from the flavored ones...more info
  • EZ quit
    I was a light smoker (5-6 cigarettes a day), but decided to go ahead and quit altogether in order to qualify for some better (less pricey) life insurance. Went with the 2 mg when a co-worker told me how the 4 mg lozenges did such a great job for him. He was a 2 pack a day smoker and was able to quit smoking and is doing well so far.
    I have used them off and on for the past 3 weeks and they are helpful. I would caution others however that the first couple of days of use will leave the inside of your mouth feeling a little sensitive, but it does pass....more info
  • Commit Lozenges killed a 35 year smoking habit
    I would have quit smoking many years earlier if I had realized that this product would make it almost easy. Sure, there are some strong desires to smoke, but now, after 5 weeks, I only need 3-4 of these lozenges per day to relieve the withdrawal. I smoked 1 and 1/2 packs per day for 35 years. No one was any more addicted than I. If I could do it with these lozenges, anyone can...more info
  • Light Smoker who still suffers from withdrawl
    I've been using Commit 2mg for 2 days coupled with Zyban. The Zyban cut my use of cigs in half. I went from smoking 8 cigs a day to smoking 4-5. I started using Commit 2mg Lozenges to combat any withdrawl when I stopped smoking completely.

    Now here is the truth about Commit: It works...but not great. It will help you with cravings, but will not totally eliminate them. Commit just the helps cravings I experience to be more managable than if I went cold turkey.

    Don't fool yourself into thinking Commit will stop your smoking problem by itself. I am finding that most of my need to smoke comes from Habit. i.e. Eating a meal and then having a smoke.

    So basically commit won't do anything for you if you are not totally commited to quit. It does not make your overall need to smoke vanish....more info
  • Quick/ Arrived Safely
    Thanks for completing my order correctly and making sure it was packaged so nicely....more info
  • They really work
    I've smoked for over 30 years and now I am using commit lozenges to quit smoking. They really work. Whenever I want a cigarette I just suck on a lozenge instead and the desire for a cigarette goes away. I use the lozenge and for a support group. I have now been quit for 11 months and I'm a smoker who no one thought would ever be able to quit. Give them an honest try you might be pleasantly surprised by how much they help you quit smoking....more info
  • Commit to Quit
    I searched around in a state of confusion for a product to help me quit smoking. I decided to try these since I saw the commercial on TV and Amazon had a fabulous price. (me? 1 pack/day X 30 yrs)(4 mg). I am happy to say that they are a tremendous aid especially during this first week of my cessation. They DO take away the "nic'n hard" effect you feel. Now if I can get the "reachin' for a cigarette" habit under control... With Commit, the rest is pure force of habit. One thing to tell you not suck or chew this lozenge during the entire time it is in your mouth. Just keep it in your cheek and let it slowly dissolve...this takes quite awhile. If you do, you will be in for some God-awful heartburn which drinking a glass of cool liquid will help. They do not taste really bad unless you suck hard on it or chew it. It won't kill you, but you will remember not to let it happen next time. ...more info
  • Stop Smoking
    I have tried all other types of cessation products and this one has worked for me, its over 6 months without a smoke....more info
  • The commit challenge
    I have smoked for 21 years, tried numerous times to quit with no results. Then i tried commit lozenges and have been smoke free for over a year now. Thank you commit...more info
  • A Life Saver
    Hey- This stuff is a real life and breath saver!
    Wish my wife would convert to the lozenges and spare me her smoke!...more info
  • Cuts down on cravings...
    They cut down on cravings, but it's pretty easy to start smoking again. Also (take it from me!) it's not to hard to get into a Commit Lozenge habit that isn't easy to get out of. The instructions are to gradually cut down, but that's not always easy. Please do try the patch first, before you give these a shot.

    All this said, the price here on Amazon is very good. I've seen the boxes of 48 at drugstores for the same price as the boxes of 72 here....more info

  • Don't be stupid
    Today is my one year no-smoking anniversary, and I owe everything to this company. Forget about it!! After quitting, it is a wonder to me why anybody is still smoking. You might be concerned about the addiction to these, and yes there was an addiction. I think I went through like 3 boxes of this stuff, but I'm telling it works. I'm in college, so I often go out drinking, and we all know how that is with smoking, well, I actually kept one of these in while I drank, and it worked like a charm. The only side effect is that it messes with your stomach at first, kind of like when you accidentally inhale on a cigar, but other than that I would open mouth kiss the inventor of this... even if it was a guy!! ...more info
  • Commit Lozenges are great
    I have tried to quit smoking unsuccessufully many many times.
    So far, this has been the easiest time I have had.
    Using Commit Stop smoking lozenges has made it possible for me to quit without the withdrawal symptoms.
    I have recommended them to all my smoking friends....more info
  • Quick / Arrived Safely
    I needed these lozenges to arrive in a timely manner and not only did they but they were packaged well. Thank you....more info
  • Commit works for me! 6 weeks smoke free.
    The first hour I used this , that miserable nagging subsided. I think this product will work for me . Time will tell!

    Commit does take some getting used to. It really does not taste good but your not supposed to suck on it so it doesn't matter. The taste is a slight sweet mint flavor.

    Definitely worth trying !!
    72 lozenge for $29.99 on is the best price I found. ...more info
  • worked for me
    As I celebrate my 4 month anniversary I would like to say that this product worked for me. Quiting was still tough and took a lot of work on my part, but the lozenge took the edge off for me. What I liked was the ability to take a lozenge when I needed it and coast when I was doing fine. I took it for about 8 weeks then stopped. So I have been nicotine free 2 months now and very happy I did it....more info
  • Not good with Wellbutrin SR/Zyban
    My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin and said it was okay to use with a nicotine patch. Couldn't quit with the patch, so I decided to try with Commit.
    While it greatly reduced my urge to smoke, I had such a bad case vertigo that I couldn't get downstairs by myself or drive. I wasn't sure if it was an effect from the Wellbutrin or the lozenges, so I quit the drug first and was still dizzy. Then I had to quit the Commit.
    Rather than use this as an excuse, I am going cold turkey.
    Six days and counting.
    I think if I am close to lighting up, I'll risk a little dizziness with a few rolls around my mouth of a Commit, as long as I don't have to drive.
    Day 13.
    The wellbutrin is out of my system and I gotta say...these lozenges ROCK!
    I can see how someone could become addicted to them. I am using them every 2-3 hours, only about 5 a day.
    As soon as I am done with this box (after following the step-down directions) I will switch to a 2MG dose.
    I highly recommend this product to stop smoking.

    One other thing IMHO....if you cannot throw away your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays and if you hide cigarettes (just in case) then you are not ready to quit. ...more info
  • IT WORKS!!!!
    I've tried quitting smoking 3 times... Once for 8 months using Zyban, once for 6 months cold turkey, AND July 25, 2005 was my one year anniversary since quitting smoking using Commit!
    Although it was hard at first, I smoked for over 13 years and ,of course, you do have to want to quit!! I took about 5 a day, but after about 4 months my usage dropped to one per day. Amazing! I still keep one in my pocket to use in case of emergency, but I haven't had a lozenge in about a month. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!!!! ...more info
  • Terrible Taste!
    If you are sensitive to foul tastes, like I am, then the original flavor is not the right product for you. I couldn't even give it a shot for longer than two days. I literally had a gagging sensation every time I popped one in my mouth....more info
  • It works !
    Started using 4 mg. Lozenge 3 weeks ago after 20+ years of smoking a package a day. Never needed more than 3 lozenges a day and now I'm only using 1 or 2 a day. Not one single cigarrete in the last 3 weeks with very little suffering. It works!...more info
  • Amazing
    My husband smoked three packs a day, and has smoked for 43 years. With the help of Commit he has been smoke-free for 28 days now, and still counting. For him, that's a long time. Some days are easier than others but he is determined and has finally found something that really helps him. ...more info
  • Worked Great
    I smoked two packs a day and had done so for the last 30 years. I used the 4 mg. lozenges and quit in one week. That was 5 months ago. I have no cravings now at all. I only had to use 3 or 4 lozenges a day. They take the craving away very quickly....more info
  • starting tomorrow
    I haven't smoked for 2 days without the lozenges(it's coming tomorrow in the mail). I have been coughing really bad and decided to put down my cigs. Today(2nd day smokefree) I have urges to get my smoke again but I resisted. I won't use the lozenges as recommended because that will breed another dependence on the product; it's better if I can use my will more than the crutch(Commit) to conquer my addiction. I will only use it when the urge is really strong. I'll update my result with the product...more info
  • So far so good!
    I have been smoking for twelve years, about a pack a day. I have tried quitting 7-8 times with no long term success. The patches make me feel horrible, the gums make my jaw ache, and the Wellbutrin caused me seizure (don't try it if you are small)!

    Today I took my first Commit 4 mg Lozenges, so far it works very fast with no side effects. I only uses them when I really crave a ciggarette, and I'm detemine to really quit this time.

    UPDATE - It's April, 2008, and I'm still commited to Commit. At least I'm not destroying my lungs with smoke anymore. Will try to quit Commit by the end of the month. Good luck!!...more info
  • So I'm not the only one who can't quit commit!
    I was a heavy smoker for 32 years. I tried the patch, but was alergic to the glue. I then used the inhaler, which really got me through the bad times. I switched to commit, but like the other reviewers, I'm having a hard time giving up the commit. I still want the commit when I crave a cigarette, but don't really want a cigarette as much as the commit! Weird, huh? At least it's safer and cleaner than smoking. I think I'll finally let it go when I'm ready....more info


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