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NUPRO: All Natural Dog Supplement was researched and developed by a nutrition doctor. It is a totally holistic product that replaces the vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that a dog does not get from his processed food. In other words, what we are doing is replacing with natural ingredients what a dog would normally have gotten in the wild. It is excellent for all breeds and all ages from puppies to geriatric.

  • 5-lb

Customer Reviews:

  • Great natural dog supplement!
    I feed Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement for my lab for one year and he loves it. Sometimes he licks the rest powder inside his bowl after he finishes his meals. Natural food is also good for our companion friends!!!...more info
  • Miracle product
    This product is amazing. I first used the joint supplement version on a lab I had several years ago. She had suffered from a broken pelvis before I adopted her and she would start limping after a lot of exercise.

    The difference was incredible! No matter how much exercise she got (and she got a ton since I live near many hiking trails and a river), she NEVER limped. Not only did she lose the limp, but her coat was as shiny as a seal!

    I went ahead and gave it to my other lab too and one day, during a routine check-up, my vet was so struck by their robust good health, he wanted to know "WHAT do you feed these dogs?".

    Last summer my girlfriend and I adopted adult Labradoodle sisters who had both spent their lives as breeders. I started giving mine (Sophie) Nupro in the fall since her coat was dry and frizzy and she was always chewing on herself, especially her feet.

    Well she is as healthy and active as a puppy and she rarely chews on herself anymore.

    We got the "girls" together a few weeks ago and the difference between them was AMAZING!! Sophie's coat is silky, soft, and shiny and Gracie's was dry, dull and frizzy.

    Nupro should take photos of them together to advertise their product!! But they had better hurry, since Gracie is going on it soon!...more info
  • Discount Pet
    Product so far is great. But my review is mostly on this store discount pet supplies. I did recieve my order but it took them 2 weeks to send it out. Why i do not know i paid with a credit card and ordered 7 other products the same day and recieved all them products in less then 5-7 days. While this company took 1-2 weeks just to send the product. Beaware. ...more info
  • No noticable value
    A friend's dog had skin problems similar to those my dog has experienced. My friend said that these skin problems had been solved in the course of just a few days by this product. I have tried it with my dog, and, in three weeks have noticed no change. We still have a long way to go to use the entire 5 lbs., though, so this review may be premature...more info
  • Nupro dog supplement
    I haven't used this product very long, but my dogs actually have more energy than usual and there coats look better, thats all I can say right now since I haven't used it only about 3 weeks now....more info
  • The best dog product out there
    Nupro is an awesome supplement for any dog from puppy to elderly, you see an amazing difference in the first week and they love the taste....more info
  • Amazing Difference!
    I adopted a rescued greyhound. For the first couple of months I had her I wondered why she had a bald tummy, a bald butt and stiff, wiry fur on the rest of her body -she didn't feel like the other greyhounds I had met. I tried several different types of foods, but didn't seem to help. I added the NuPro supplement on the advice of my vet and the difference is amazing! After using it for a couple of months her fur has turned silky soft and her bald spots have all filled in nicely. No more bald butt! I highly recommend this supplement. I'm sure it not only makes her look better, but she must feel better, also. If you want a healthy dog that feels as good as she/he looks, you should try NuPro....more info
  • excellent supplement
    Our dogs adore Nupro. They have great energy, beautiful coats, and are very healthy. Our dogs also compete in LGRA racing, and with Nupro, their recovery between races, and in the days following meets, is much better. We are very happy with this product and highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Can't Tell
    Been using the stuff for two weeks and I really can't tell a difference with either of my dogs. They do like the flavor, but it smells a bit....more info
  • Dog's Super Additive
    SInce onset of use, my dog's coats has improved 100%, and they responded to it well....more info
  • Serious stuff.
    I started my French Bulldog on the Nupro Supplement, combined with a no-grain all natural kibble when he was about 12 weeks of age. He is now a little over 4 months and his coat is very healthy and shiny. His exposed skin on his belly and in his huge bat ears are the perfect shade of gray. No redness or irritation at all. When awake, he has a tremendous amount of energy and runs and hops around the house like he's the happiest dog in the world. I add water to the mix, along with other supplements (please give your dog bonemeal in addition to this), to make a great gravy that he just loves. It never takes him more than 5 or 10 minutes to eat his whole bowl. I highly recommend this supplement....more info


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