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Ultra Formula is a combination of chicken, duck, and salmon. Natural Balance Canned Cat Food is a complete and balanced premium cat food. Contains cranberry powder as well, which is great for maintaining a healthy urinary tract. All Natural Balance pet foods have been developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.

  • 24/6-oz cans

Customer Reviews:

  • good cat food...
    My cats like this food but not anymore that what I was feeding them before. I was feeding them Nutro Natural Choice Indoor formula prior to trying out Natural Balance. Nutro Natural Choice brand is signigicantly cheaper and still has a good ingredient list (no by-products/meal or high grains content). I also didn't notice any difference in terms of my cats litter behavior or coats in switching the foods. Another thing that is minor but that I didn't like is that the cans came all dented. For a balance of cost and ingredients I think I'll be going back to Nutro after this order has been finished... ...more info
  • Healthy but...
    I started to do my research on good cat food so i could soon ween my kitten off of formula. They sell this at the pet store I worked and it was a little cheaper than the Wellness brand. So I started off with the Natural Balance cans and my kitten was doing just fine. However, I did notice he was never too enthusiastic about feeding time. I decided to chip in a couple more cents and get the wellness food and it's like he's CONSTANTLY hungry now.

    Bottom line is, if the cat likes it, thats great because it's just as healthy. BUT my cat prefers the taste of Wellness a LOT more....more info
  • My kitty prefers this over NB's salmon formula BY FAR
    I bought two packs, salmon and ultra. My cat became obsessed with Ultra, and refuses to eat salmon. He actually refuses to eat anything else but Ultra, though he was never picky in the past. Since I have a huge pack of Salmon, I am tricking him into it (by mixing 50/50 with Ultra)... Let's see how long he will buy into it.

    UPDATE: it's been 4 months since I tried it. The kitty is now happily eating 3 different formulas (Ultra, Salmon and Duck with green peas). He looks wonderful, the fur is shining he isn't loosing it much. I tried the dry food too (chicken), but that did not work: the kitty developed a bad allergy with lots of ugly pimples on the face, which went away after I eliminated this dry food. Normally, he is eating chicken products just fine, but this one definitely did not work. ...more info
  • My picky cats love this stuff!
    I have never purchased this brand before. As soon as I opened a can of it, my cats went for it right away. I am truly amazed as they tend to be very picky eaters....more info
  • Shy at first, healthy eater now
    My cat did not gobble this up when I switched his diet. He nibbled at it, walked away, and ate some more. I was disappointed after reading all the rave reviews here. I know it was a nutritionally sound choice but I hoped my cat would like what he was eating too.
    After about 4 days, he started eating all his food, and it was such a relief to know he enjoys it. I switched him from wet Meow Mix and it may have been a sudden change from him.
    I am definitely looking into purchasing other flavors of Natural Balance wet foods.
    Oh, and I give him half a can in the morning, and half at night. I store the food in a plastic container, and in our refrigerator. There is absolutely NO smell. So, I don't know what the other reviewers were smelling. I think it smells like pate and not a strong one at that....more info
  • Saved my Cat!
    Two months ago, my 11-year-old kitty began to vomit after every meal. She had been on a prescription food for FUS (feline urinary syndrome) for seven years and had never had any trouble with this food.

    I tried sensitive stomach food, which didn't work, then another recommended food, which also didnt work. I tried diluting the foods with water. She lost a lot of weight (and couldn't keep anything down! I went through three bottles of spot cleaner!) but she still seemed to have some energy and was getting water, After almost three weeks I was ready to submit to vet bills, which I couln't afford. (Thought it might be hairballs but could have been food allergies or something worse.)

    I read somewhere about Dick van Patten's Natural Balance, and tried the Ultimate formula, canned. It's been eight weeks, and my kitty hasn't thrown up since the first time I gave her this food. She has lots of energy now and has gained back a good portion of the weight she lost. No exaggeration, this has been for me like a miracle.

    I don't know what the reviewer who said there was a smell was talking about, because there is no smell! (Maybe he was trying the fish formula, which should smell like fish?)

    In fact, this food contains only human grade meat and veggies. Again, my cat loves the food. I have also used the Hairball Mgement formula, and that first week she liked that, too... now, she doesn't eat that alone, so I mix a smaller amount with the Ultimate formula and that seems to be fine.

    I am very grateful to find this food and, having read some about cat nutrition, I feel confident that it is nutritionally very good....more info
  • Smells wonderful, kitties adore it!
    I totally disagree with the person who wrote about the smell of the canned food being awful. Must have gotten a can that was opened a little and spoiled cuz all the cans I got... there is NO SMELL. Everyone knows what cat food smells like, this stuff is like opening a can of pureed human food. No disagreeable odor at all, and my 4 cats can't get enough of it. It is down and they beg for more. Same with the dry. Highly recommend it. I'd shop around for the cheapest price, it is expensive but worth it....more info
  • the most unnatural odor
    I really hate to do this (having been a fan of the Van Pattens for years) but feel that I must to save you money. Opening up a can of this substance will release the most ungodly stench into your home that you have ever had the displeasure to smell. To call this stuff "natural" is like saying that Michael Jackson is "normal."

    Not only will my felines do everything within their kittie powers to sidestep the pungent aroma spawned from this evil can, but I can't even manage to feed this to the most malnourished squirrel on the block.

    When they produce this kind of product, they really must get some sort of quality control that keeps the stench in check.

    Sorry....more info