CytoSport Muscle Milk Nature's Ultimate Lean Muscle Formula, Chocolate, 2.47-Pound Plastic Jar
CytoSport Muscle Milk Nature's Ultimate Lean Muscle Formula, Chocolate, 2.47-Pound Plastic Jar

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When MUSCLE MILK was first introduced, CytoSport scientists attempted to emulate one of nature's most anabolic, complete, and balanced foods: human mother's milk. MUSCLE MILK broke the mold, creating a new category of protein supplements while setting a new standard for both taste and performance. As a result, muscle milk has become America's favorite protein drink.
But the science of human metabolism is never static; our understanding of its complexity is expanding everyday. Recently the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) published a report that updated America's Nutritional goals. Cytosport scientists have evaluated the report and have updated MUSCLE MILK to keep pace with these new developments.
No matter what you ultimate goal may be building muscle mass or sculpting a toned, muscular physique-controlling caloric intake and specific physical activity go hand-in-hand with managing your total weight. When it comes to defining weight control, calories do count. Most Americans need to reduce the number of calories they consume. Since lipids or fats contain approximately twice the caloric energy carbs, minimizing the total fat content in MUSCLE MILK-while maintaining the overall fat-burning benefits of LEANLIPIDS-helps to accomplish this goal.

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  • One 39.68-ounce jar of chocolate milk flavored muscle enhancer drink mix
  • Features a custom protein, peptide, and amino acid matrix patterned after human mother's milk
  • Promotes efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth, and fast recovery from exercise
  • Helps reverse muscle breakdown by tricking the body into muscle synthesis during and after exercise
  • Includes creatine GCC, a proprietary endogenous creatine precursor

Customer Reviews:

  • Cytosport - Muscle Milk
    I've been drinking protein drinks regularly for almost 20 years now. The Cytosport - Muscle Milk is a little more expensive but the taste is far superior to anything else. It also mixes smooth - not lumpy like some of the other stuff I've taken.

    If you have the money, Muscle Milk is definitely the way to go....more info
  • Good meal replacement
    The two worst parts about most "protein powder/meal replacement/weight gainers" is that they taste bad and don't blend very easily. I think Muscle Milk does as good job as any in both of these areas. It also offers a good list of vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein, fats and fiber....more info
  • Mocha Joe - great taste!
    I use this as a meal suppliment AFTER i work out hard. it satisfies me for at least 3-4 hours....more info
  • It helps.
    I have been using this product for 6 months now. I take the recommended serving size immediately after my workout and I saw noticeable difference in muscle development. I like the taste and I did not see any side effects. One important note, if you are taking this product before you go to bed make sure that you brush your teeth very well, otherwise it is almost guaranteed that you will develop cavities....more info
  • The product speaks for itself,
    just smaller bottles.

    Great to try new flavors before you purchase the 5lb jars....more info
  • Great protein shake
    Muscle Milk is one of the best supplement/protein shakes I've tried. I've it on a daily basis as a protein supplement, and as a meal replacement on multi-day backcountry hiking trips.

    Taste best when blended in a mixer, but it mixes easier with a spoon than most shakes I've tried as well. Chocolate really tastes like a chcolate shake, it doesn't seem to have the medicinal taste that many other shakes I've tried do.

    I've tested it in my diet for almost a year now and the performance gains are noticeable. In comparision I've used BSN Syntha 6 and EAS 100% whey (doesn't have the supplemental nature of Muscle Milk).

    My only negative is it's a bit pricey....more info
  • Not just for the guys!
    I was a little skeptical about this product as I'm not looking to get huge muscles (the name "Muscle Milk" almost stopped me from using it)... but it got good reviews and my friends like it, so I thought I'd try it.
    First off, this stuff tastes great! I don't even feel the need to use milk, I just blend it with ice and water. It's more than enough to keep me full between meals or curb hunger post-workout. I'm not sure about the "muscle building" properties but I was able to lose weight and inches by substituting Muscle Milk for sweets -- so, at the very least it's a good way to get my chocolate fix without completely derailing all my hard work at the gym....more info
  • Does not taste like I expected
    Doesn't taste like I expected. Tastes like blueberries with a hint of metal. Hmmm. Common to all muscle milk but doesn't go good with blueberries....more info
  • Strawberry Milkshake (actually it's Strawberries N' Creme)
    The strawberries n' creme is the worst muscle milk flavor I've tried so far. It's not horrible, but it tastes like medicine. When mixed with water it's really difficult to drink, but better when with milk....more info
  • Great Product!
    Whenever I want to get back into shape after a 1-2 month layoff, Muscle Milk is great! It really gives me a solid build. I would definitely recommend, if you're considering this product, that you drink a lot of fluids because the powder mix tends to give me dry-mouth a lot. As long as you drink plenty of fluids and keep to a solid routine, you're bound to be happy with the results. Be careful with the doses, however. I started using this product a few years ago and I used the recommended dose (2 cups before and 2 cups after work out; and 2 cups before you go to bed; 2 cups on days off) -- I went from 190lbs to 215lbs in 6 months and was not happy because my face blew up and looked like I was fat. I have cut the dosage in half where I take 2 cups before the workout and 1 cup after. I don't take anything before I go to bed. It's too much. It's about 650 calories with milk and about 350 calories if you use water with the mix. I use the milk, the shake TASTES GREAT! COOKIES AND CREAM!!! THE BEST!!!...more info
  • Rich, Creamy, Delicious, and no stomach aches!
    I purchased the Vanilla Cream version of muscle milk in the 4lb bottle after a friend from work recommended it to me. I didnt purchase the bigger bottle because I had tried GMC protein powder before trying Muscle Milk and the GMC protein powder required 6 scoops of powder + milk and it really filled you up so much that you could barely finish a single drink without feeling too full. The GMC protein powder also had very little taste, I had to add sugar to give it some taste.

    Muscle milk is completely different, and far better! it only requires two scoops of powder and no sugar. It taste great either with water or with milk but I usually drink it with vitamin D milk. It has a smooth, creamy, and delicious taste that goes down smooth and taste just like an ice cream shake. I drink it 1 hour before I work out and in the morning as a breakfast shake. I highly recommend buying one of those Bodytech shaker bottles that lets you toss the powder and milk inside and just shake it without needing a blender, I have one of the blue ones myself they go for like $4.

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good protein shake, its the best I have ever had.
    ...more info
  • Watch yourself
    It's a common misconception that protein supplements will help you get huge fast. In truth, the human body can't really build protein just by digesting it. I've tried this product before (cookies and cream, very tasty) and I'm overall satisfied with it as a MEAL REPLACEMENT milkshake. I do not comsume these before or after my workouts or at any specific time everyday. Instead, when I'm in a rush or I wake up late... or if I'm just hungry and too lazy to cook a chicken breast, steak or some eggs, then I'll just pop a scoop and a half into a tall glass of milk and I'm all set for several hours. Your body requires like 60g of protein everyday just to stay healthy and probably about double that if your exercising regularly but this wont help increase your size, you'll have to hit the gym for that.

    So if you're buying this as a SUPPLEMENT to your diet, then I encourage you to do so! But if you're buying it just because you think that its a easy way to bulk up then don't buy it, take the money and put it towards a gym membership or a home gym....more info
  • blueberry mixes more easily than chocolate
    Muscle Milk's taste is far better than any other protein shake I've tried. The blueberry flavor is very tolerable, and it mixes readily with water. The chocolate tastes extremely chocolaty (which may or may not be a good thing for you), but it's tougher to mix. The chocolate appears to be a finer powder, and it clumps up more easily than the blueberry did.
    I will definitely purchase again, but I will probably go back to the blueberry flavor....more info
  • The Best!
    This is by far the best protein shake I have ever had. It's like drinking a milkshake....more info
  • Tastes like sand
    I was told muscle milk was a good product so i decided to try it out. I have to say i wouldnt buy it again. Im not sure how well the results are yet(only been taking it for about a week)but the vanilla flavor is extremely sweet, more than other protiens ive tried. Also it is very sandy, if you've taken powdered creatine before than you know what i mean. Best protein ive had is BSN "True Mass". Great taste and great results. (plus it doesnt give you gas lol)...more info
  • But is it safe?
    What else is in this stuff? Is it safe to consume 3-4 doses per day?...more info
  • tasty protein
    this muscle milk really does taste like a milkshake. best protein i've ever had.

    The casein protein supposedly digests slower than normal whey, but who knows, I haven't taken it long enough to get noticable leaness like the tub claims....more info
  • It's more than taste
    I've been reading quite a few reviews on Muscle Milk just to get a feel if others shared my experiences with it. What I find is just about half the reviews talk about nothing more than how great it tastes. That would be fine if the product were a very expensive milkshake, but it's a muscle enhancing product and there are little details in these reviews about whether or not it worked for them. So let me share. Yes, it did give me results. I am 41, 6'1, 210 lbs and after using MM for about 6 weeks there was a very noticable expansion of lean muscle and reduction of fat, particularly around my midsection. I am not new at this, I have been working out since I was in my early 20s. Tried lots of different products all pledging to do everything but change my oil. I have been MM for three years now, cycling it every 6 weeks when in heavy training and for 2-3 months when training light. Yes, it does deliver. And yes, it does contain a lot of sugar and fat so make sure you balance your diet to compensate for that. I also stack it with an amplified creatine monohydrate, green tea supplements, and fish oil. Also use L-Glutamine along with my MM shake after each workout for proper recovery. Just be careful with MM as it WILL make you fat if you are not eating clean and staying consistent with your training. Otherwise I do recommend it highly. Oh...and it tastes great. ...more info
  • Tasty!
    I got the chocolate mix and it's delicious. I just ordered another 4.96lbs but wished they had more flavors in this size....more info
  • excellent product
    Muscle Milk does help me put on some muscle and lose isn't overly noticeable, but that might be due to my moderate workout regimen. ...more info
  • I drink it everyday!
    Muscle Milk is an excellent supplement! I have used it for the past three years, just recently (within the last few months) I've started using Muscle Milk twice a day. I've lost about 2% body fat and gained about 8 pounds lean muscle. The most amazing part is that I've maintained my same diet and level of excercise....more info
  • Yum!
    I have tried 5 or 6 different muscle milks and they are the best protein in the market in my opinion. Out of all their flavours THIS is the one! I use it primarily with plain yogurt and frozen fruit so it makes an amazing protein smoothie! I highly recommend this flavour....more info
  • Old stock
    Of all the proteins i have tried Musle milk is the best for me. However, two of the last three buys from my amazon supplier tasted flat and rather poor. perhaps their stock of Mocha joe is old? i hope they fix there problem when they do perhaps i will re-order then.
    ...more info
  • Good stuff.
    Product was backordered but came in nicely packaged and fresh no where near the exp. date....more info
  • Best bedtime ever.....well not quite
    The real joy of the muscle milk formula is its emphasis on cassenine protein which has a much slower absorption than whey. This makes muscle milk more of a supplement to other protein supplements ;). After a workout this has typically been a bad choice (though it appears they might have changed their formula) compared to whey. Take it before bed when you actually need it for prolonged muscle repair.

    I find it odd that other reviews have used this as a weight loss protein (which isn't really the point) as it has a fairly high amount of sugar and fat (not compared to a big mac but compared to other protein supplements it is high)....more info
  • Great stuff!
    I am very impressed with this product. Not only does it taste great and make me feel great, it uses natural ingredients! It really tastes and feels like a real milkshake when you put it in milk. I'd say the only way it could be made much better is to change it into the Dark Chocolate flavor. If you don't like dark chocolate, however, this is probably about the best-tasting workout shake you can get....more info
  • best to use a blender...
    My son loves this product, but unfortunately it's truly impossible to mix completely without the use of a blender. Stirring frantically with a spoon in a glass will not leaves small lumps. It's also best when mixed with milk even though the product says you can use water. He trains hard for football and track and feels it truly makes a difference in his energy level and just an all over sense of feeling better. ...more info
  • Outstanding Product -- Tastes Great!
    I had been drinking Cytosport's premade, 11oz Muscle Milk (Chocolate Milk flavor), for months and I decided to give the Chocolate (NOT Chocolate Milk, like the bottled kind I had been drinking) a try. Well the Chocolate powder tastes even better than the premixed Chocolate Milk flavor. I've burned through a 2.47 bottle in about a week, drinking sometimes three glasses/servings a day. I use Muscle Milk as a meal replacement and/or snack, and it really satisfies me. Zero lactose means (for me) no gas (of course, I mix it with water, versus milk). I really cannot say enough about this product: the taste is delicious; it mixes up well (not really clumpy like some other protein mixes, but do stir it well); and I feel really good after drinking it (satisfied, and not bloated). In fact, I just purchased three more 2.47 lb bottles (2 Chocolate, and 1 Vanilla Creme -- which I have never tried before). I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • review
    One of the few times Amazon reviews have lead me wrong. This was the first protien powder I've ever tried after reading the raving reviews on Amazon, and I'm really dissapointed with it. I am rating this on three factors, amount of protien, taste, and mixability. First of all, its not really 32 g of protien as suggested in the nutrition facts. You have to take 2 scoops to get that so you are getting 16 g of protien per scoop. Second, it tastes bad and synthetic to me. I realize that people have different tastes so this is just me. Lastly, it doesn't mix well at all. Every time I try to mix it with milk it ends up clumping together so you literally have to eat rather than drink your protein, which is gross. Sorry Amazon reviewers, im not impressed with this one....more info
  • Great complemetary meal while working out.
    This product has great taste and is a very good option as complementary meal while working out or diet supplement, I don't give a 5 start to this because it does have to many carbohydrates, it would be better with less carbs and more protein and good fats....more info
  • Surprised and happy
    I have tried a few GNC proteins before and I have to say that I am overall much happier with Muscle Milk. The Cookies 'n Creme is not quite as tasty as the Vanilla that I bought before but it still has the same results (and who are we kidding, protein shakes taste good regardless). I go to the gym after work, then make a shake with muscle milk to supplement dinner. I usually toss some milk, bananas, strawberries, and muscle milk powder into a blender and end up with a pretty effective partial meal. I can't say if it is the muscle milk or more intense workouts at the gym, maybe it is coincidence, but since I started muscle milk I have seen gains that I never saw before. I'm looking much bigger and more defined than I ever have. I can't promise that it is the Muscle Milk, but I can say for sure that the stuff doesn't hurt and I'm about to purchase my next bottle....more info
  • Great Product
    As a long-time bodybuilder with a wicked fast metabolism, I can highly endorse Muscle Milk as a great product for muscle building and recovery. I take one in the morning to end sleep catabolism, and I find that I don't have to choke it down. That's right, chocolate Muscle Milk actually tastes good! It's honestly the only protein powder I've ever had that tasted pretty delicious. This was my first time getting the 5-lb. size and it was a great decision. I ordered mine from Vitamin Shoppe (via Amazon) and the shipping was only $1....more info
  • Good ingredients, aiight taste.
    This has to be the first Muscle Milk flavor that I didn't like. It should be called Banana Chocolate Grit instead of Chocolate Banana Crunch, due to the overpowering banana flavor and gritty (no crunch at all in here) consistency. No wonder it was on sale. In this case, the price actually neutralizes the off taste. I primarily mix this with my oatmeal (one scoop to one serving unflavored oatmeal works) to add variety besides just drinking it with milk. I gave it a middle of the road rating because it still has all the nutrients that I purchase Muscle Milk for. ...more info
  • awesome flavor!
    I am amazed at the amount of flavor this product has. I use 1 instead of 2 scoops an non fat milk. I find myself wanting it as a treat. Thanks so much!!!...more info
  • Must have.
    I can't work out without Muscle Milk. It's great product. A must buy for everyone who exercises!...more info
  • Great, but not perfect
    I bought this because of all the hype. It is a very popular protein product that claims to help burn fat when mixed with exercise and tastes great.

    I've been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I recently stopped taking the GNC brand protein to try this. Now, it does taste really good, but is difficult to mix without a blender. With the strawberry flavor at least, you get clumps, especially if you are lactose and use Soy Milk. Mixed with cold water, it's not as bad, but you won't get the same taste.

    It does taste good, but you'll get bored with the flavor after a few days, so chocolate may be the way to go. I've only been building for about six months now, and I try to consume my weight in protein, so I would like to see a little more protein per scoop, but for those just starting out, or just can't stand the taste of most protein products, this may be for you.

    I also recommend some stuff by EAS....more info
  • Bad flavor
    Don't waste your time on this flavor, there are much better muscle milk flavors. Also, this flavor didn't mix as smoothly as some of the others for me....more info
  • Best Protein
    Amazing taste, and satisfying results. Everyone should try it for a few months at least....more info
  • Great protein, best flavor
    I am partial to chocolate mint, I think it is the best flavor for a couple protein mixes out there. Muscle milk is a proven muscle builder and contains micellular caesin which sets it apart from most protein mixes. I mix it with some water post workout or with milk before bed and its great. Great taste, great results....more info
    I have used every protein/workout powder out there. Muscle Milk is widely accepted as the best tasting and best ingredient muscle building shake out there. It is a bit expensive so I tend to use it just once per day directly after my workout in water. I have NEVER had a problem with ANY of the flavors! I recommend getting a shaker bottle for any of your workout drinks. mixes great in water!...more info
  • Great taste!
    Muscle Milk is a great product. I didn't know it was offered in so many flavors until I looked on Amazon. I only wish it would mix better. Nonetheless, 5 stars!...more info
    Muscle Milk is a great protein supplement, albeit somewhat pricey (around $1.50/serving of two scoops). It does what it advertises: add muscle. If you're looking to cut down or thin, there might be better options out there (although I ended up getting more cut as well as building lean muscle mass, but that might be the result of the workout routine), but if you're looking to add muscle this is a great option. From my understanding it's pretty much protein + other good stuff. It has healthy fats, casein protein, etc. Like a regular protein mix but better. I take this within 30 minutes after my work out, on top of a cheaper whey protein supplement which I take daily, and I am seeing GREAT results. Never been happier, or fit. Muscle + leanness for me, but like with ANY supplement there is no free ride so you have to pair your supplements with exercise. Get your rest too, with that said I HIGHLY recommend this product. Oh, did I mention it tastes freakin' amazing? Even with just water. I am NOT a fan of the strawberry but I really like chocolate, chocolate malt, cookies n' cream and root beer. Get this from Amazon or All Star Health, whoever is cheaper and/or ships faster. Stay consistent, dedicated, and get built!...more info
  • Great product.
    I've been using Muscle Milk for some time and REALLY love it. It performs just as advertised, can be mixed with just about anything and tastes great. ...more info
  • Great product, but read before you buy!
    Muscle Milk is a great product; it has an innovative, scientific make-up and works really great, if you know how to use it properly.

    These kinds of products are not miracle muscle growers, as some of the previous reviews have been confused about. Protein supplements work to help build muscle while you yourself are working to build muscle, through weight lifting, training etc.

    Proteins are macromolecules that can be found in many food products, but supplements like this are the easiest way to get a lot of protein, fast. The presence of this extra protein in your body will be essential during muscle growth, AFTER YOU WORK YOUR MUSCLES! Muscles rebuild themselves, so basically the more you work them, the more they have to repair themselves, the bigger they get.

    Again, this is not a MiracleGrow product! As a side note, consult with your doctor before increasing your protein intake to very high levels. Also, don't consume too much of this stuff a day; it can actually be bad for you in large quantities.

    On a final note, the Chocolate flavor tastes okay, but not great. ...more info
  • Great Tasting
    I like muscle milk because of how it tastes. It's a great way to get some protein after a workout....more info
  • strawberry, not so good
    This review is for the strawberry muscle milk. I always think it's going to taste better than it does. I love the chocolate and the vanilla cream. If you want a really awesome strawberry muscle milk, use the vanilla cream and drop in about 4 or 5 frozen strawberries and blend it up. Super Yummy!...more info
  • Great Taste!
    I have tried a few different protein products, and this one works well, and tastes good. It does have more fat than others, but it tastes a lot better. If your thin and trying to gain muscle and weight overall, this will work great. Be ready to buy a new tub every few weeks. ...more info
  • THE Protein Supplement
    What else to say that hasn't already been said? It tastes great, builds mass (along with the correct exercise regime), and is healthy for you otherwise. Don't go with the imitators, pick up the good stuff. It will encourage you to work out, which is great!...more info
  • Muscle Milk Natural Vanilla Creme
    I often break out the blender and mix up a protein shake with fruit, milk, ice and Muscle Milk. It's a good addition to the mix because it has a ton of vitamins and helps you gain lean muscle. Protein powders and shake mixes aren't always great tasting but Muscle Milk has made some really delicious varieties recently. I've tried the chocolate and chocolate peanut butter and they were enjoyable. As a fan of all things Vanilla, I figured the Vanilla Creme Muscle Milk would be right up my alley. I was wrong. There's not much of a natural or "creme" taste to it at all. In fact, the Vanilla taste is almost absent it's not definitive in any way. It's not horrible but if you're looking for a traditional vanilla flavored mix, then you might want to look at another brand. The only real positive thing I can say about this product is that it works well if you're looking to mix fruit or anything else because it's flavor isn't overpowering. I doubt you would want to mix alot of fruit with a chocolate peanut butter powder!...more info


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