Safety 1st Hospital's Choice 8 Second Digital Thermometer

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Product Description

Six times faster than conventional thermometers, the 10-Second Digital Thermometer is perfect for quick and accurate temperature measurements.


  • Takes an accurate oral and underarm in approximately 20 seconds
  • Takes an accurate rectal temperature in approximately 10 seconds
  • Smooth, flexible tip
  • Over-insertion gauge for proper positioning
  • Lighted digital display for nighttime use
  • Fold-up design stores compactly
  • Memory feature helps monitor a fever
  • Audible indicator signals when a temperature reading is complete
  • One long-life battery included

  • Memory recall of last reading
  • Lighted display for nighttime use
  • Exclusive fold up design
  • Water resistant probe, easy to clean
  • 6 Months and Up

Customer Reviews:

  • Great thermometer!!
    I've had no problems with this thermometer at all. We regularly use it with our now 8 month old son and have since he was born. We use it primarily for rectal temperatures and it has always been accurate and quick! It has a flexible tip and a raised rim to prevent overinsertion when taking rectal temps. Overall, well worth the low price!! Also, for the reviewer who hadn't even purchased the product, the temperature measured at different parts of the body (rectal, ear, underarm etc) varies from core body temperature, so it is entirely valid to add to a temp taken from underarm, for example, to obtain the true core temperature. This is done routinely - even at my pediatrician's office. It doesn't mean the thermometer doesn't work. Also, several pediatricians I've talked to definitely recommend taking rectal temperatures at least for the first 6 months as this is the most accurate temperature in infants....more info
  • going to buy
    i have not bought this item yet but i plan on it, i have heard horrible things about those ear thermometers and people who gave this bad reviews need to realize you should not take a babies temp under the arm, rectally is the best way and this is quick and easy, the bulb is also short so you dont go too far in...more info
  • Superfast, accurate and easy
    I have both the Braun ear thermometer and the Hospital Choice 10-second digital. I find the Braun to be difficult to use on my 15 month old daughter. I use the HN 10-second digital rectally and I have an accurate reading before my daughter knows what hit her!! Well worth the inexpensive price tag - I highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • not reliable
    I liked the idea of how fast the thermometer read, and how it folds into itself for storage. However, when my son was 9 months old, he had croup. We took his temperature rectally before we left for the doctors and it read only 99.9 degrees. At the doctors, only 15 minutes later, the doctor's thermometer read 103.5 degrees. There was a big difference. When we went home, I took his temp again (under the arm) with this thermometer and another. This one was still reading about 3 degrees lower. I threw it out after this....more info
  • What's the point?
    I got this as a shower gift and it is so inaccurate that I am better off just trying to guess. My daugter had a low grade fever when we went to the doctor but the thermometer read 97. Don't waste your money or time....more info
  • Doesn't work
    I bought it when my daughter was very ill. It didn't work and I could not return it. I am not a big fan of safety first products!...more info
  • not impressed
    I wasn't impressed with this thermometer. It looked handy, considering how it folds up in itself to make it more compact, but it turned out to be a dud. For one thing, it took longer than ten seconds to get a rectal reading. Plus, it stopped working correctly after just a few uses. I'm not sure why this happened, because we always used and cleaned it exactly according to the instructions. Perhaps it was just a design flaw, or perhaps I got a "lemon." At any rate, I found a much better 10-second rectal thermometer that actually works like it should, and I'm very pleased with it: the Vick's Baby Rectal Thermometer. It's the same price as this one, but it has a large, back-lighted display for easy reading and the design guarantees that you can't insert it too far. I love the Vick's. It's just a better thermometer....more info
  • Digital thermometer
    Our old glass and mercury thermometer finally died. Since I very seldom need a thermometer and rather than purchase a high-priced digital model, I decided to get this one. So far it seems to work just fine....more info
  • Excellent!!
    I've unfortunatly had to use this recently for the 1st time. It's so easy to use!! I've always been scared to use a thermometer rectally but I wasn't nervous with this one at all. The reading was very quick and easy to read. It saves your last reading so you dont have to try and remember what it was last time to know if your baby's temp is better or worse. It also has a backlight on the screen so you can use it in the dark, which is nice if the child/baby is sleeping and you dont want to turn the light on and wake him/her up to take their temp.
    And I LOVE the way to folds up inside itself so you dont worry about loosing the cap or cover, which I always do.
    This is a quality thermometer and especially for the price!! So easy to use and much more accurate than the ear thermometers (dont EVER buy one of those, theyre a complete waste of money and dangerous to your baby by being so inaccurate!!)...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. I love that there is no caps to cover the reader part of the thermometer and nothing gets lost. It gives you a quick and accurate reading. My child didnt even feel it in the rectum so that made me feel so much better.
  • Worthless
    I agree with the other reviews. This thermometer is worthless! The readings are inaccurate and you really are better off just taking a wild guess. Do not spend your money on this thermometer!...more info
  • Great, simply put.
    I like that it folds up, takes ONLY 10 seconds to get an accurate temp and has been reliable for 1+ years. I use plastic covers over the end that I find at Walmart....more info
  • Do not buy!
    My wife and I have only tried to use this thermometer under the arm, but it is not accurate. It usually gives readings that are ridiculously low (93-94 F)unless I preheat it by holding it for 20 seconds. It only displays in F, and my wife would prefer Celsius....more info
  • Great Thermometer
    I really like this thermometer. I my research before purchasing a thermometer before my baby was born. This thermometer works much better and quicker than the hospital thermometers I recieved. ...more info
  • Good thermometer
    I received this for a baby shower and I love it. It works fast so my baby doesn't get upset. I even went back and bought another one to keep in the diaper bag....more info
  • Pediatric Nurse
    I am a pediatric nurse for a large childrens hospital, specializing in ages 1 day-5 years. If you have a child you suspect is running a high fever, check the temp rectally. None of our docs accept tympanic "ear" temps because they are NOT ACCURATE. So many times we've gotten 101-103 temps with the ear scanner then 99-100 rectally. They won't even allow the hospital to purchase any more and have removed them from the hospital.
    Hope this helps!...more info
  • Very accurate
    My son is 4 months old and I've used this thermometer at least 10 times and found it to be very accurate. I don't know if the other users are taking into account the fact that you need to add and subtract a few degrees when using it rectally, orally and underarm. I've heard that the ear thermometer isn't accurate for infants, but is better for older children. I think this one is great for infants....more info
  • Don't Bother
    The 10 seconds that it runs for doesn't give accurate results. I have had to run it several times to get the correct reading back. ...more info
  • Good thermometer, great price
    I received this thermometer as a shower gift. After reading the reviews posted here, I decided to find out if mine was accurate. I tested it on myself against my other digital thermometer, finding 1/10 of a degree difference orally, then against my Braun Thermoscan Plus (finding 4/10 of a degree difference, orally vs. ear). As my other digital is very old, I don't know if the degree difference was from quality or age. While the difference with the Braun may seem alarming, it is actually quite normal. Body temps read differently when taken axillary, orally, rectally, and by thermoscan. There can actually be as much as one degree difference in the readings (with axillary and oral reading lower than rectal and thermoscan). Read your product info cards, take a few readings, and realize that thermometers do not read the same temp from different body locations. I am KEEPING my Safety 1st Thermometer. It's accurate and extremely affordable! I will not use my Braun on my infant until she's much older - nearly all pediatricians want a rectal temperature anyway....more info
  • cdrum
    I tried using this thermometer under the arm of my 3 month old son, then orally on myself and him, and finally rectally on my son, and it was not at all accurate with any of these methods. I called the number on the back of the package, and the company sent me a new one which I promptly took back to the store with my original receipt. I then bought the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer which I like for myself but find unreliable for my young son. It doesn't hurt to try and save time, but for my household, I've found that a simple, B-D digital thermometer with disposable covers used rectally is the most accurate method (and therefore easiest in my opinion) for infants. Maybe they've had some bad batches of thermometers in this production line (noticed some good reviews amongst the bad), because I generally like products manufactured by Safety 1st....more info
  • Not accurate at all
    Don't waste your money, very inaccurate. Spend a couple more $$ and get the Braun Ear great in 1 second.
    This is going in the garbage can, worthless....more info
  • Very good thermometer
    This thermometer seems faster then most thermometers I have used before, but I have not verified the 10 seconds claim ;-) I have only used it rectally on my baby because it is the most accurate way to get her temperature. The fact that the tip bends is very helpful because babies move a lot when you are trying to get their rectal temperature (it must not be very pleasant). The thermometer folds quite compactly and the display is very clear and has a light. This is a great buy....more info
  • great for rectal temps
    I have read the other reviews and can't comment on how well it does in other areas, but I have been using it for rectal temps since my daughter was born 15 months ago. I am now pregnant again and plan on buying another one for the second baby (for hygienic purposes, not because anything is wrong with the first) I like that it has a flexible tip and a line to tell you how far to insert so that I don't worry as much about injuring her. For those of you that have a hard time taking rectal temps, I recommend laying your child over your lap with butt up and legs dangling, they can't fight you too much that way. (...). I don't remember specifics, but you of course will not get the same temperature reading from an armpit vs. rectally. Good thermometer overall, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Well I think it's great...
    ...and I think the ear thermometers are a joke.

    I find this thermometer to be extremely easy to use and very reliable. Under arm readings are not that accurate, but they aren't easy to take, at least on my baby. Maybe that is why pediatricians recommend rectal readings for infants... :)

    The ear thermometers are horrible. We received one as a gift. I have not even attempted to use it on our son, as the part that you stick into the ear is about as big as his ear canal. That just doesn't seem right. I have taken repeated readings on myself with the ear thermometer (like, 10 in a row) and got a huge range of readings. If I can't get an accurate reading on myself - an adult who sits still - how can I get an accurate reading on a squirming baby?...more info


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