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Two things quickly become clear about Russell Watson, an excellent if slightly unpolished tenor: He has an outstanding voice, and he has studied with commendable care the recordings of Luciano Pavarotti, not to imitate but to learn. He speaks English like a member of the British working class, but he sings Italian (give or take one or two little grammatical slips) like a native of Naples.

The Italian is one sign of Pavarotti's influence. So are the little quaver he throws in at the climax of "O sole mio," his stylish treatment of "Torna a Surriento" and "Mattinata," and his choice of Pavarotti's opera favorites, "E lucevan le stelle" and "Nessun dorma." But he has a stylistic versatility that practically defines "crossover"--he sings rock, Gounod's "Ave Maria," and Italian pop songs "Caruso" and "Volare" (the best recording since composer Domenico Modugno's long ago). The live show from New Zealand includes two guest stars, Faye Tozer (of the British pop group Steps) and young New Zealander Hayley Westenra, plus a children's chorus. --Joe McLellan

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrific
    Never tire of watching Russell Watson and listening to that wonderful voice. This DVD has it all.......a beautiful singing voice,lots of natural charm and a killer smile plus a variety of selections that makes for great entertainment. Wish he had more DVD's and Videos to buy...more info
  • Astonishing Voice, Ingratiating Performer
    Having purchased all of Russell Watson's CD's, I was familiar with his beautiful and powerful voice, as well as his unique ability to sing opera/classical music and pop songs with equal facility. However, this DVD made me realize what a magnetic performer he is in person. He is a pleasure to watch and the collection of songs/arias that he sings are a testament to his tremendous talent. He clearly loves to perform and is at ease doing so, unlike many. He has a sense of humor, he's good-looking and he sings like an angel--what more can you ask? Do yourself a favor and get this DVD....more info
  • Sound editing/mixing extremely bad
    I've long been a Watson fan and have put off getting any of his live DVDs until now. While the quality of the sound mixing sounds fine on the first track, the rest of the performance has to be some of the worst sound mixing I've heard. At one point you begin to hear some feeback from the stage monitors!

    While the vocals can be heard fine, and clear, the orchestra ranges from being hardly heard to sounding just plain muddled. Not only is this annoying, it's just plain unacceptable.

    If you're a Watson fan who thinks he can do no wrong, you'll probably be happy with this. There are lots of places where he shows off some personality. If you appreciate fine sounding classical audio this will drive you nuts....more info
  • Incredible Talent
    When Russell walks onto the stage of his Auckland concert featured on this DVD, he literally lights up the entirety of New Zealand with him. He has an amazing stage presence, not to mention an incredible talent and equally diverse voice. Not even as the concert comes to a close, does he falter and with just as much passion and strength as when he starts. His love for performing and entertaining people can really be seen in this incredible concert wonderfully captured on DVD. Because he may not visit the United States and perform, as much as he may England or Australia, I may never have a chance to see him really live. But because of this incredible DVD, I will, if even for an hour and twenty-three minutes, feel as if I'm there, singing along with him. There's a great blend of songs from both U.S. albums and two beautiful duets. His genuine love of singing is something I can't say I've seen in many artists, so if only for that reason, I recommend this DVD to you and hope that you find the enjoyment in it that I have....more info
  • Super DVD (Best xmas present I've ever had)
    First heard Russell singing at the opening of the Commonwelth games in Manchester, was instantly hooked, bought the DVD and enjoyed it so much that I rushed out to buy all the CD's he's made. My wife and I were lucky enough to get two tickets for his live Show at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena, with a middle row four from the front seat, it was a night to remember, the man's a oneoff.
    Buy this DVD with confidence, but beware you will get hooked like me....more info
  • Maybe DOC should run a recording school?
    Since so many others had written in (see about the wonderful production and sound of this DVD - I thought I'd recommend that DOC have his hearing checked. I've heard this DVD on just about every level of audio, and it sounds fantastic on every one of them. That goes for both the stereo and 5.1 available on this DVD.

    If DOC were an expert, he'd know that feedback occasionally emanating from the stage monitors (especially in an outdoor show attended by 100,000) will occasionally happen. The stage monitor mixer has a very difficult job tracking the nuances of a singer with such a wide dynamic range. It's not as easy for a performer like Russell to hear himself and the orchestra as a listener might think. An expert would also know that that when feedback happens- it will spill into every microphone on the stage, and thus be impossible to "edit or mix out". These "mistake"sounds are part of any live show - and they are part of the special and unique aspects in live performances captured for all to enjoy, like scars on fine leather. If DOC were a pro - he'd more likely be congratulating Russell for singing
    through those diconcerting moments - instead of nitpicking. An expert would additionally know that most "live" shows are best songs edited together from multiple dates. This show in Auckland was one night only. I suspect DOC should probably stick to Muzak - there are no mistakes, blemishes, or chances taken.

    In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy this wonderful show. I'll continue to watch a wonderful performer delight 100,000 people. These same 100,000 people also heard the 3 or 4 seconds of feedback - as the live mixer for the venue could have done nothing to "fix it". They still cheered, and demanded multiple encores....more info
  • New Zealand & Russell Watson - Too good to be true!
    I have always wanted to visit New Zealand. Now, after seeing Russel Watson's video, filmed in New Zealand, I wish I had been there for that concert. Fantastic! His "guest artists" were also superb, as were the choruses. This concert is a "must see" for any Russell Watson fans....more info
  • Fantastic performance
    Russell Watson is more than "The Voice" he is a phenomenon on stage. His voice is certainly one of the most beautiful that the world has ever heard. He is a gift to the entire planet.

    What makes watching him so wonderful, aside from the voice of the century, is the smile that lights up everything; a smile that lets you know that he is having the best time in the world. He clearly loves what he does and it shows, man does it show....more info

  • The Voice
    This is one of the most exciting "voices" I have ever heard. I have never been a fan of the opera so when I saw and heard Russell Watson preform I was moved beyond words. The hairs on my arm stood on end! I knew I had to have this DVD and his CD. When he talks about "The Voice" you know he knows that he is merely the vehicle for this truly amazing gift. I thank God for The Voice!
    Lois S. Neal...more info
  • Thoroughly Enjoyed It!
    Enjoy Russell Watson for what he is: a gifted performer with a chameleon voice, goods looks (what a smile!) and an ingratiating stage presence. I also love Josh Groban, Mario Frangoulis, Andrea Bocelli -- I count myself lucky to have DVDs of their concerts and I love them all. All these guys have original voices, different kinds of talents and they are not at all cookie-cutter types; they all possess that rare X factor.

    I bought the Russell Watson DVD hoping for the best and I honestly did not expect him to be such an effective performer. Yes, he sings differently from Pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo, etc. but this is what makes him an original. Just let go and appreciate him as Russell Watson. All I know was that he was able to raise goose pimples several times during the concert and I simply had a extremely gratifying concert experience....more info

  • Russell Watson Live dvd
    An incredibly mesmerizing eye watering performance in front of 100,000 people!Just beautiful and all i showed it too felt the same way!More live concert dvd's Russell...MORE!
    ...more info
  • Underwhelming!
    OK, I've been following this Russell Watson "phenomenon" for years now, and I have to admit that, on occasion, he's managed to create some alright sounding recordings. However; those were STUDIO recordings, which is precisely why I bought this live concert DVD. I wanted to see what he has to offer outside of the studio and now that I've seen the DVD, I can honelstly say that it's not much at all!

    As for the highlights....there weren't any to speak of.
    The concert starts with one of my fave Neapolitan numbers "Torna a Surriento" but even from the very beginning, he ruins the song with torrid pronunciation, wrong words, and even forgets the second verse. He tries to cover that blunder up by repeating the first verse, but then gets confused and ends up mixing parts of the second verse with parts of the first!!

    Then he does an equally unfocused "Ave Maria" and takes a break! That's right, he does all of TWO songs and takes a break!

    There is much I could note as to why my opinion of this guy has worsened after having seen this, but let's suffice it to say that he's just not very good.
    There are some guest "stars" appearing with him, but they do nothing to improve this trainwreck.

    I will say that he does have a nice long as he sticks to the POP stuff that is.
    Once he tries the classical stuff he's totally out of his territory.

    One last thing. Many of you who are familiar with his previous recordings will be curious about how he did with the "Nessun Dorma" on a live stage.
    One word. Terrible! Not only is his utter lack of understanding of the Italian language a HUGE deterent, but he sings the aria a half step lower than is written.This is a BIG no-no unless the tenor is beyond his years or vocal peak.....the latter may well be applicable. Except, Watson simply never had the voice to do this sort of music to begin with.

    In conclusion, many of you will love this DVD. You will look beyond the linguistic, vocal, and stylistic deficiencies this kid is plagued with, and you will be gald you bought this thing.
    Some of you however, will be very disappointed, and perhpas even wish you'd not bought this DVD at all.

    If anyone wants my copy, e-mail me.....I'll gladly sell you mine. I certainly won't be watching it ever again.

    ...more info
  • Russell Watson Live
    He is a great entertainer, I have long been a fan of his, this DVD has excited the young people in my household and now we have teenagers singing "O Sole mio" and "Volare". He is an original with his ease on stage and communication with the audience. One sad thing - he only has one DVD out in our market...more info
  • A gem of a concert DVD!
    When I first heard Russell Watson on CD at my local HMV a couple of years back....I was simply taken away by that powerful, yet emotive factor so reasonant on that voice. Without hesitation, I listened to a couple of tracks from the CD and I was hooked..Volare blew me away and for what seemed like an eternity, I was flying up there with Watson among the clouds ..(felice di stare lassu'...).

    This DVD is a gem indeed and a must for all fans. If you have a 5.1 set-up at home, that's even better as Watson's superb vocals emanate beautifully and the surrounds convey the crowded atmosphere of the outdoor concert. In other words, simply a treat as there you have it....your very own front row seat in front of this young tenor. Watson's strong stage presence and charisma is remarkable and he uses his witty charm to good effect. Eg. When announcing the arrival of guest singer Faye Toyser, someone screams crazily from the crowd. Russell appears very amused,throws a glance towards the direction of the culprit and shoots a humorous question,"Do you know me more?" :)

    Unlike the older tenors like Pavarotti and Domingo(who are undoubtedly opera legends themselves), Watson utilizes his youthful energy to good effect, especially during the Volare cue where he does a couple of neat steps(.."Una musica dolce suonava soltanto per me") that will put a smile to your face. Imagine Pavarotti doing a little dance like that?! When he sings O' Sole Mio, you'll be mesmerised by his passionate inflections and energy.

    The young NZ guest singer Hayley Westenra is absolutely impressive and when she starts off Pokarekare Ana.... I was absolutely spellbinded by the beauty of her pristine voice that echoed lightly throughout my living room.

    Overall, a gem of a concert DVD!!! E' magnifico!!!...more info

  • Great to finally see him perform
    Excellent DVD both visually and audibly. It was a pleasure to finally see Russell perform live. I was almost wondering if the voice was for real or if it was studio magic. After seeing this DVD, Russell is the REAL DEAL. He sounds exactly like he does on his CD's. What a talented performer! If the voice doesnt inspire you, his magnetic personality will surely draw you in and entertain you. I cannot begin to imagine the logistics involved in pulling off such a large scale concert. From start to finish, this is a truly professional presentation....more info


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