Philips Sonicare Advance 4100 Sonic Power Toothbrush

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Product Description

The SONICAIRE Advance 4100 is the most affordable brush in the line -- yet it's loaded with plaque fighting prowess. It's the ideal introduction to Sonicaire's amazingly effective sonic brushing technology. 1 charger base 1 year limited warranty 90 day Better Checkup Guarantee

Sonicare's Advance 4100 (previously known as the PS-1) cleans with an ultrahigh-speed motion, leaving teeth feeling sparkling fresh. Extra-soft bristles let the user apply as much pressure as desired, making the Sonicare perfect for people with sensitive teeth, braces, and implants. While proven to be as or more effective than manual brushing for removing plaque and preventing gingivitis, the Sonicare Advance is also guaranteed to remove 80% of tobacco, tea, and coffee stains in just 28 days. The Smartimer function takes the guesswork out of how long to brush by automatically shutting off the brush after two minutes. The 4100 includes one standard-size brush head, a charger base, and a handle that holds its charge for up to two weeks, making it ideal for travel. A two-year warranty covers the handle and charger against defects. --Ann Bieri

  • Rechargeable toothbrush cleans with ultra-high speed bristles
  • 2-minute Smartimer takes out the guesswork
  • Removes 80% of coffee and tobacco stains in just 28 days
  • Includes 1 standard-size brush head, charger base
  • Handle holds charge for up to 2 weeks, ideal for travel

Customer Reviews:

  • Battery Fix
    I have read many reviews complaining about the short battery life of the Sonicare toothbrushes. I have two of the Sonicare Advance toothbrushes. One lost all battery life within one year. The other lost all battery life within two years. I emailed Philips Sonicare and they had me call customer service to resolve the problem. I called and here is the solution that they gave me:

    1. Put the toothbrush on the recharge stand and hold the power button in for 5-7 seconds until you hear/feel two beeps. Release the power button. Keep the toothbrush on the recharge stand.
    2. Hold the power button in again until you hear/feel one beep. Release the power button.
    3. Keep the toothbrush on the recharge stand for 24 hrs.

    This process will reset and recharge the battery.

    Other than the battery problem they have been superb toothbrushes.

    Update: The above procedure did not work. Sonicare says that I need to replace the toothbrush and suggested that I buy a more expensive product. Until they solve the problems with their batteries I will not by another Sonicare product. It's a shame. Other than the battery problems they are superb toothbrushes.

    Based on this new information, instead of the original 5 star rating that I gave Sonicare, I now give Sonicare a 2.5 star rating since I do not believe that the value for the dollar spent is there.

    ...more info
  • I Think It's the Best!
    This is the 3rd Sonicare I've purchased over the past 20 years.
    I tried a couple of other brands, but I (and my dentist) think my teeth
    feel and look cleaner using the Sonicare. With this model, you can purchase different brush
    heads. I am more than satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Philips Sonicare 4100 Sonic Toothbrush Good Polisher
    The pros of this product is that it polishes your teeth beautifully. It makes your teeth feel smooth and shiney. The cons are that it does not clean between your teeth. It splashes and can be quite messy if you run it when out of your mouth; must be turned on and off while in your mouth to avoid splashing. Would only reccommed if used with a water jet system....more info
  • cleaner teeth
    My teeth have never felt cleaner. I could tell a difference in just a few days. I know it's the basic model, but that's really all you need. No need for all the bells and whistles....more info
  • Sonicare toothbrush
    I bought this toothbrush because I was the only one left in my apartment who didn't have one. Both of my room mates swear by their electric toothbrushes an after a little research I decided on this one. For the price (it was on the lower side of the ones I looked at) it is amazing. I will never go back to a regular toothbrush again. It doesn't need to be charged frequently at all, and so far it has proven to be very durable- it has been dropped off the sink several times and still works as good as the day I got it. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not Exactly the Same
    I purchased the closest Sonicare model to the one I had which died after 5 years of use. Unfortunately, this model does not have the 30 second pacer, which I really loved with my original one. It may have been a good time for me to upgrade to the newer model, but I had just purchased two packages of the replacement heads that went with my original model. As the replacement heads are not inexpensive, I bought the same model in order to use them. Next time, I'll read the product features more carefully before ordering!...more info
  • Very Happy
    This product is wonderful! My dentist noticed my healthy gums after using it for a short period of time. In the beginning it took me a little while to get used to the brushing feel however now I would not want to go back to a regular toothbrush. I have recently bought my second one after having my first one for approximately 7 years. I replace my brush heads 2-3 times a year....more info
  • Yay! I found it!
    [[ASIN:B000AMRII0 Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush]
    This Sonicare toothbrush is only supposed to last 2 years. Our other one just gave up the ghost after 8 years of use by my wife and myself. We were so happy to find the same exact on on Thank you so much for your wide variety of products that can be ordered from your site....more info
  • The best toothbrush but cheaper somewhere else
    I have owned electric toothbrushes before. I had a braun for several years and then switched to manual. I don't remember this dentist clean feel after brushing with my old tootbrushes. I bought this here for $55.00 with free shipping. Only to see it at Bed, bath and beyond (BBB) for $39.99, 3 weeks later. With the 20% coupon that you get in the mail every month from BBB that adds up to your savings. So check BBB first before buying it here. ...more info
  • what a waste of resources.....
    Battery lasted less than a year, brush replacements are bulkier & more complicated than need be and are too expensive...more info
  • Saved me a lot of discomfort at the dentist!
    I've used the Sonicare Advance toothbrush for almost ten years and I'm very happy with it! I always got tons of cavities with normal toothbrushes, but I have only had two cavities in the ten years I've been using Sonicare. I'm also happy to say that I haven't had to have any scaling done since using the toothbrush, either. The toothbrush also made my teeth much whiter when combined with PeroxiCare toothpaste. My first brush lasted almost 7 years, and my second one is still going strong at 3 years.

    The only thing that I don't follow on the instructions is charging the toothbrush after every use. My understanding of batteries is that when you charge it before it is completely drained, you damage the battery cells and then it won't hold a charge. I only charge my toothbrush when it blinks to indicate the battery is low, usually once every few weeks. The battery in my first one lasted 7 years because of charging it in that manner and by not charging it after every brushing. Since the batteries in these toothbrushes are NOT replaceable, I made sure to get the most life out of it.

    Overall, it's a great product and has become less expensive over the years. A brush head lasts 6 months, so even though the replacement heads cost more than standard toothbrushes, you only need to buy 2 a year. ...more info
  • Philips Sonicare - Advance 4100 Sonic Power Toothbrush
    I love my Sonicare! I've had one before and it finally "died" - I used it most every day, so it received a lot of use. In fact, I ordered the same model again, because I was so pleased with the first one!
    For someone who always had at least one cavity or some other type of dental problem at checkups, and to only have had one in the last 10 years, I am sold on my Sonicare!...more info
  • 10 years and going....
    My wife and I have used this product daily for more than 10 years...and the unit was placed back into the charger after each and every use!!! A truly amazing, quality product based on our experience....more info
  • A Review Long Overdue
    Philips Sonicare Advance 4100 Sonic Power Toothbrush

    I have had my Sonicare Advance for 13 years (I also own the Philips Elite Power Toothbrush), long before Philips acquired the Seattle-based company Optiva Corp. (the original maker of Sonicare) in 2000. When Optiva introduced the Philips Sonicare Advance 4100 circa 1992, it was unlike any electric toothbrushes on the market. The Sonicare Advance 4100 used a piezoelectric multimorph transducer, which was a patented technology developed by Optiva Corp. The technology allows the Advance 4100 to produce a dizzying 31,000 brush strokes per minute (BSPM)! No other brand of electric toothbrush has been able to rival its performance before or since.

    Does It Work?
    YES! 31,000 BSPM is, patently, many many more brush strokes per minute than what any mere human is capable of producing with a manual toothbrush. Whenever I run my tongue across the surfaces of my teeth after every brushing, it always gives me great satisfaction to feel like I've just had my teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist - no more gritty tooth surfaces resulting from the buildup of plaque and/or tartar!

    Bush Head Replacement
    I strongly recommend replacing the brush head with the newer brush head replacements for the E-Series (Elite series) instead of the A-Series (Advance Series) Replacement Brush Heads. The E-Series Replacement Brush Heads are now compatible with the Philips Sonicare Advance 4100. Philips has apparently decided to boost the sales of their E-Series Replacement Bush Heads by tapping into the market for owners of the Philips Sonicare Advance 4100. It's a Win-Win for both consumers and Philips. The E-Series Replacement Brush Heads are smaller and better able to reach the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. It definitely cleans much better than the A-Series Brush Heads! It turns out, moreover, that (as of this writing) the E-Series Brush Heads are cheaper than the A-Series Brush Heads.

    Change That Brush Head!
    I can't stress this enough:

    Change That Brush Head, Change That Brush Head, Change That Brush Head!

    Sonicare performs only as well as the brush head allows it to! Don't try to stint on brush head replacements. Philips recommends replacing the brush head every 6 months. I find that the brush head starts to show signs of wear after only 3 months - the performance of Sonicare starts to degrade and the cleaning action of the Sonicare becomes noticeably less effective. I'd say change the brush head every 3-6 months. Sure, the price for brush heads is steep - so the question is: How much is oral hygiene worth to you? More important, how much is your general health and wellbeing worth to you? Oral bacteria and gum disease has been conclusively linked with a whole host of health problems including heart disease, pancreatic cancer and other bodily ills - Sound far-fetched? Don't believe me? Google it!

    Newer Models
    If you're a newbie to Sonicare, you should know that the Sonicare Advance 4100 Power Toothbrush is an older model. Philips has since introduced the Sonicare Xtreme (for teens and pre-teens), Sonicare Essence, the Sonicare Elite, and Sonicare FlexCare (the latest incarnation of Sonicare's Power Toothbrush). If, however, you already own the Philips Sonicare Advance, you'll be happy to know that the Sonicare Advance works just as well as the newer models. I own both the Sonicare Advance and the Sonicare Elite. The Sonicare Advance works just as well as the Sonicare Elite so long as you use the E-Series Brush Heads on the Sonicare Advance.

    What's The Difference?
    The Sonicare Elite and the Sonicare Essence both have a "Quad-Pacer" feature, which is basically a timer that beeps and pulses when its time to move on to a different section of your mouth. Sonicare Elite has an additional feature that allows you to reduce the BSPM. The newest incarnation of the Sonicare Toothbrush, the Sonicare FlexCare, comes with a UV sanitizer for sanitizing the brush head.

    The Verdict
    I'd really recommend the Sonicare Essence since it hits the sweet spot for price vs. features.

    Need I say more? Get the Sonicare Power Toothbrush and see for yourself what a FANTASTIC job it does of cleaning your teeth!
    ...more info
  • super clean
    Takes the guess work on cleaning by automatic shut off feature when brushing is complete. It leaves my teeth feeling like a professional job was done in cleaning my teeth every time. And I can travel with it and stays charged for a long weekend....more info
  • What a LACK of continuity of Product!!!!
    My husband and I used SoniCare for our toothbrush - bought our first one in 1994. Well - this year the toothbrush finally died - no longer held a charge. Ours was the only SoniCare model sold at the time we bought it - it worked VERY well for a very long time. We changed brush heads every six months, we kept the unit well cleaned. We really loved the heft of the base unit and the 30 second beeps.
    So we ordered another "basic" (to get the HEAVIER base - we did not like the lighter weight model with those SKINNY brush heads). This SoniCare arrived a week after we ordered it - well packaged - all items in tact. We 'pluged' in the charger - charged the brush unit 24 hours - and then - proceeded to use it.
    COMPLETELY CHANGED - - - now, NO 30 SECOND BEEP - the unit does work for the entire two minutes, but gone is the very handy 30 second timer.

    I do believe we will change to the Braun Oral-B when this piece of dreck dies. It's not pleasant spending a weeks grocery money on a toothbrush - and then discovering that the 'trusted' company decided to make a few pennies more per item and killed the 30 second timer on 'low-end' items.

    Shame on you Phillips/SoniCare!!!!!!! (Sure hope those few pennies saved make up for the LONG time customers you are going to lose.)
    ...more info
  • Brush your teeth, it's still the law - this is the next best thing
    We bought the kids one of these for each after the cheaper Sonicare Xtreme E3000 Power Toothbrush - Orange failed repeatedly - we actually had Amazon send us replacements.

    These are the perfect way to introduce tweens to a toothbrush that's going to keep their teeth happy, clean and healthy for as long as they need to bite and chew things. They've been using them for almost one year now and they work as expected. No breakdowns whatsoever and the price is absolutely right.

    If you don't want to spend more money on an Elite, then definitely go for one of these because it's the next best thing....more info
  • Electric toothbrush
    I am very pleased I found this item on Amazon. The price was descent....more info
  • Sonicare Advance Toothbrush
    My dentist recommended Sonicare and I've been using it for about 5 years. This is my 2nd and I wouldn't use anything else. Great product and it arrived within the timeframe they promised....more info
  • SoniCare Toothbrush
    I have owned this toothbrush model for several years and it finally died.
    The battery is not replaceable but the charger still worked and I had replacements heads for it, so I wanted the same model, which is discontinued. Amazon was the only place I could find it and I am very grateful.
    It arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered.
    ...more info

  • Sonicare Toothbruxh
    Sonicare is the best battery toothbrush on the market......I've been using one for about 10 years........The only reason I bought a new one now is the batteries died on the old one....If you could replace the two AA batteries in the Sonicare without a big hassle, you would probably never have to buy a new one again.....Replacing the batteries requires removing a circuit board and soldering it back along with two rechargeble AA batteries...I didn't have the time for that...

    As far as how the toothbrush works, I think it is EXCELLENT.....This brush will remove ALL the plaque if you use it for 2 minutes, twice a day...The toothbrush shuts off automatically after two minutes letting you know that you've brushed enough....

    When I get my teeth cleaned at the Dentist he has very little to do and tells me that the regular brushing has helped close up pockets in the bone between my teeth...He got me hooked on the Sonicare ten years ago and he was right.........It really works and if they would make it easy to replace the rechargeable batteries, the product would be perfect.... (Although, the batteries on my original toothbrush lasted 10 years).......If you know how to work on computer boards, etc., you could replace your own batteries in twenty minutes.......

    You also don't need the most expensive Sonicare they make......As long as it has the sonic action it will work fine.....All the bells and whistles are just fluff .........more info
  • does the job
    Received in good time and happy with product. This is the second one I have bought. The first lasted about 9 years before the battey case deteriorated from the charging heat....more info
  • Sonicare ROCKS!
    Great product. I had been using an ordinary manual toothbrush, and my checkups were good, but not great. My dentist said the Sonicare is the best for the teeth and gums, and I agree. Mine have never felt cleaner. I'm anxiously awaiting my next appointment to see if my pockets have gotten smaller. ...more info
  • perfect brushing
    Product work as described. I was reading all the reviews before i made the purchase and i didn't went wrong. My dentist really happy about my teeth and it looks clean. Definitely i will recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Must have for a happy healthy mouth
    Not having dental insurance I make sure I take very good care of my teeth and this product can't be beat. My teeth became whiter, my mouth feels "happy" after using it and my dentist is delighted when he sees the results. This is the second one I've bought. Regardless of the two-year limited warranty the last one lasted me over eight years. I can't say this one will last that long, or that yours will, but even if it was only a fluke it's obvious they make a sturdy product....more info
  • Noticed a difference in a short time
    This was on special so I tried it and I have to say it's wonderful. My teeth are cleaner and the backs of the teeth, which is hard to get clean the old way, are better. When I went to the dentist, they had brouchures about this exact model. You have to get used to the sensation, and it ramps up a little more each time in the beginning. And I actually use this in the shower so I don't have to worry about making a little mess with toothpaste in or out of my mouth. I'm really glad I use it and it does work and it works well. ...more info
  • Great toothbrush
    I ordered a new Sonicare toothbrush to replace my old Sonicare that gave up the ghost after 11 years. It came in the stated time, arrived in great condition and I'm still enjoying using a Sonicare....more info
  • Would buy this again and recommend to all
    I'm on my second of the Advance Sonicare electric toothbrushes and when this one goes, I'll buy another. My first lasted about eight years and I've had this second one for over a year. Newer, sleeker models come and go, but I've found that this is solid in the hand, easy to depress the single button, and I like the thicker base than many others on the market. I prefer the standard brush rather than the compact, but I bet a smaller mouth may prefer the compact size. I'm used to my routine and when I switch for the smaller size, I long for the standard size. If you're worried about the 2 minute timer not being enough, then simply press the button again and you're good to go. To preserve the life and sanitary conditions of the brush head, I pour boiling water over the brush every week or two and I also remove the entire head, clean it out, then wipe it down with alcohol. I find the brushes last for well over 3 months for me and tend to replace them only after 6 months or more. This brush also works great on the gums which is a very important part of dental hygiene. I brush my tongue without the power because I prefer doing that very gently a couple times as opposed to the "brushing" done by this small appliance. Amazon also offers competitive pricing on the single replacement brushes, so you don't need to leave home to search when the time comes....more info
  • Nice product with no 30 sec timer
    I gave it 3 stars because the 30 sec timer does not work. But the product works otherwise....more info
  • Love the Sonicare electric toothbrush!
    Mine holder/handle died after 10 years of use and could not find this specific model anywhere except on info
  • best toothbrush
    I have had this toothbrush for years(after dentist recomendation) and am buying another to replace. Have gotten them for many family members. Great product, altho replacement heads tend to be expensive...more info
  • Sonicare 4100 Toothbrush
    I enjoy brushing with the Sonicare 4100 knowing that I'm helping to prevent gum disease. I only wish that this model had the 30 second intervals like the original model I purchased over 10 years ago....more info
  • Arrived as advertised.
    Bought this item as a replacement for the series A sonicare that I received as a gift years ago. Works fine. Delivery was prompt. Price was very good....more info
  • Solid Product
    My first Sonicare was purchased in 2002 and it performed perfectly until this year the battery finally would not hold a charge. It has performed beyond expectations and I expect this replacement to do the same. Sonicare toothbrushes are the most recommended by dentists. If you are still using a manual brush, you're missing out and you are doing your teeth a disservice. The Sonicare gives a cleaning that rivals a cleaning in the dental office. ...more info
  • Excellent value
    This purchase is a replacement for one of similar model we used for many years. It does not "beep" for each quadrant of the mouth but it does do an excellent job of cleaning teeth and ensuring that you brush for the right length of time....more info
  • Sonicare 4100
    My sister originally recommended the 4 series to me (in 1999) because she had to have skin grafts because of excessive brushing, which I also tend to do. This series was recommended to her by her oral surgeon. This is now the second Sonicare 4 series I have owned. The first was purchased in late 1999 and had finally developed a small crack in the frame. Needless to say, I didn't want a different model because of the longevity of my first one. My only dissatisfaction is caused by something I missed when picking this replacement. My first Sonicare 4 series paused slightly every 30 seconds as an alert to change from upper to lower, and also front to behind. It ran for a total of two minutes. This newer model runs for a total of two minutes, but doesn't pause every 30 seconds to let you know to change position. I am now using a stopwatch which is a little bit of a pain first thing in the morning, but otherwise okay. I just wish that I had paid closer attention to the item details before making the purchase. I don't know if the 4 series still offers the 30 second pause function, and if it doesn't, I don't know that I would have paid more than $20 extra for the function to get one of the newer series. This may be of no issue to anyone else, but I just bring it up for former 4 series owners who expect the same functionality....more info
  • Planned Obsolescence
    Here are two things Phillips will not tell you about their Sonicare toothbrushes and heads.

    1) The collar that holds the toothbrush to the handle will disintegrate in a couple of months. That's what prompted this review, because they would not replace mine after it fell apart two weeks after purchasing a replacement.

    They manufacturer these things to disintegrate so you will continue to buy replacements - planned obsolescence. However, I suspect their China supplier is skimping on the plastic specifications and they fall apart in weeks instead of months. (Do you think China would really do that?)

    2) UNPLUG your base until you need to charge the toothbrush. If you charge it up overnight, then unplug the base, the toothbrush will work for four brushings per day for about a month. Then, when it signals or stops, plug the base in to charge it.

    This method will allow your toothbrush to work for five years or longer. If you keep the base plugged in all the time, these NiCad batteries develop memory and will stop functioning after 18 to 24 months.

    A bonus, if you travel a lot as I do, you don't have to pack the charger. Just make sure it's topped off and you're good for a month's vacation....more info
  • Non-replaceable battery leaves a bad taste in my mouth
    I would like this much better if the batteries could be replaced. I had to throw away my sonicare even though it was perfectly good because the batteries had worn out. I was trying to replace the batteries since they're standard AA Ni-CD, but in the process broke something on the PCB.

    I could have had more years of usage on this thing otherwise. Having to throw away a perfectly good item seems so wasteful....more info
  • 4100 has been discontinued, lower VBM than newer models
    Sonicare model 4100 has been discontinued. I have used this model for YEARS and love it. However, the newer models have a higher vibration per minute. A jump from about 20,000 vbm on this model up to 31,000 vbm on the Essence, Healthy White and Flexcare models. In terms of features, the three newer models are ranked low to high respectively with Essence at the low end.

    I have ordered an Essence based on the vbm increase, but have not received it yet. My Mom has used both the 4100 and now has a new Essence. She does not like the skinny neck on the Essence.

    For more information on model differences and benefits, call Sonicare at 1-800-682-7664 ...more info