Panasonic/Pantene EH5502W Ultra Ionic Hair Dryer with 5X Ions and Volumizer Attachment.

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Product Description

Designed by Panasonic and endorsed by the Pantene Hair Research Institute, this ionic hair dryer uses advanced technology to deliver five times the ions of its competition (according to independent test results) to promote healthier hair. The hair dryer uses negative ions to combat the positively charged ions found in hair cuticles. The benefit of this process is that the negative ions coat the hair follicle and lock moisture in for deep conditioning during hair drying. Hair ends up looking less frizzy and becomes shinier, softer, and more manageable. The Ultra Ionic dryer also has better air flow so it dries hair more quickly, using less damaging heat.

Three speed/heat settings give you a few styling choices. For those mornings when you are running late, the Quick Dry setting is the hottest and offers the highest speed so you can get your hair dry and get out the door. The high-speed Styling setting is ideal for an initial blow-dry on most other occasions, while the low-speed Finish setting should be used next to concentrate on individual sections of hair and set your style. A cool-shot button can also help set styles by sending a blast of non-damaging cold air to almost-dry hair.

This hair dryer has an additional volumizer attachment for creating extra body; a snap-on concentrator nozzle for targeting specific sections of hair; and an easy-to-remove air filter for cleaning. The dryer is covered by a two-year limited warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

Pantene Ultra Ionuc Hair Dryer Ultra Ion Grip MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: 1 YEAR

  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Ionic technology conditions hair; promotes more shine, less frizz
  • Super air flow dries quickly with less heat for less damage
  • Three heat/speed adjustments plus cool shot button
  • Volumizer attachment; concentrator nozzle; removable air filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Love It Love It Love It
    What can I hair dryer I've ever had (and I have had many). I'm buying a second for my gym bag....more info
  • Makes my hair feel great, but...
    I generally like Panasonic products, and this one is no exception.

    A couple of things you should know:

    The hair dryer leaves my hair feeling much better than my old conair hair dryer. I'm not sure if this is because the of the ionizer (see the product description), or because the hair dryer doesn't get nearly as hot as my old dryer. Either way, it takes a little bit longer, but my hair is in much better shape.

    Also, my old dryer had a cord which would retract into the dryer when I wasn't using it. The Panasonic doesn't have that feature, and I miss it....more info

  • BEST blow dryer out there!
    I had a Braun blowdryer with a volumizer attachment that I was dearly in love with - but the poor thing was 10 years old, and almost on its last legs.

    Now why would anyone want a volumizer? Well, it's perfect if you don't like your hair plastered flat on your head like you just got a lube job. A few seconds with a volumizer "lifts" your hair up a bit by the roots and gives it some body and style without using a curling iron or rollers.

    Most women just looks better with some height - heroin chic just isn't for everyone. :)

    It's really hard to find a blow dryer with a volumizer attachment since the "high hair" look died. This Panasonic one was the only one I could find, so I took a chance for $20.

    I was in AWE! The volumizer attachment is 3 times bigger than the Braun one I had. It takes give seconds, putting it on the crown of your head, and your hair has instant lift! Fast and quick!

    But the thing I hadn't counted on was this ion gizmo. My hair looked like I had just had a deep conditioning treatment! The texture of my hair is thick, but wavy and a bit coarse when blow dried too much. My hair was like SILK! What incredible shine and texture!

    The dryer has several settings that aren't just "low" and "fry your tresses." The syling setting is great for drying, and the finishing setting just dumps ions onto your hair, making it look like you just had it styled in a Fifth Avenue salon!

    There's also a cool shot button that helps "set" curls or waves where you want them to be.

    If you aren't Kate Moss and like your hair with some body to it and a blinding, silky texture, I highly recommmend this blow dryer! (P.S. I bought mine from Amazon, and it came with a full-sized sample of Pantene conditioner. Just another reason to give this dryer a try - it's one of the few things that actually does MORE than you expect!)...more info