Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

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Product Description

The CUISINART 77-10 Cookware Set includes every piece required for everyday, basic cooking tasks. It's the perfect set for a couple just setting up house, or for a country or second home. Contents: Cooking Surface Does Not Discolor, React With Food, Or Alter Flavors Unsurpassed Heat Distribution - Aluminum Encapsulated Bases Heat Quickly and Spread Heat Evenly, Eliminating Hot Spots Cool Grip Handles - Solid Stainless Steel Riveted Handles Stay Cool On The Stovetop Tapered Rims For Drip-Free Pouring Flavor Lock Lids - Tight Fitting Covers Seal In Moisture And Nutrients For Healthier, More Flavorful Results, Every Time You Cook! Dishwasher Safe -- Premium Stainless Steel Easily Cleans To Original Brilliant FInish Limited Lifetime Warranty Weighs Approximately 22 Pounds

Saut¨¦ing wild salmon and stirring a perfect risotto take on spiritual dimensions with this classic Cuisinart cookware. Made of professional quality 18/10 stainless steel that won't react with acidic foods, the pots and pans in this set feature solid cast handles, tight-fitting lids with drip-free rims, and a mirror finish that retains its brightness through dishwasher, freezer, broiler, and oven use up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. For superior, even heating, an aluminum disk is encapsulated between two layers of stainless steel in each base. The set includes: 8- and 10-inch skillets, 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepans, 3-1/2-quart covered saut¨¦ pan, and a 8-quart covered stockpot. Cuisinart covers the set with a limited lifetime warranty. --Ann Bieri

What's in the Box
1-1/2-quart saucepan with lid, 3-quart saucepan with lid, 3-1/2-quart saut¨¦ pan with lid, 8-quart stockpot with lid, 8-inch skillet, 10-inch skillet

  • Classic cookware made of mirror finish 18/10 stainless steel
  • 8- and 10-inch skillets; 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepans
  • 3-1/2-quart saut¨¦ pan; and 8-quart covered stockpot
  • Solid, riveted handles, aluminum in base for even heating
  • Safe for dishwasher, freezer, broiler, and oven to 550 degrees F

Customer Reviews:

  • Beautiful set but very difficult to clean.
    I thought I was ready to switch from non-stick to stainless steel pans after reading all of these reviews. The cookware set was beautiful and I was excited to try it. Unfortunately the first dish I cooked was eggs & hashbrowns and even though I followed all of the suggestions (warm the pan, add some oil, etc..) I found it very difficult to cook. Everything stuck to the bottom and it was very difficult to clean- even though I followed the directions and soaked it right away. Also, I think people should know the directions suggest using wooden or plastic utensils- NOT STAINLESS STEEL to avoid scratches. I am going to sell this set and go back to my non-stick....more info
  • pots are great, pans not so much
    pots are nice and flat, easy to clean, all good like everyone else said.

    the pans, things stick on them when frying. i guess i'll go back to the non-stick surfaces. that seems to be the best way to fry anything! why do they even make frying pans with non-stick surfaces?...more info
  • Excellent value
    This 10 piece cookware set is great! I purchased it based on the Consumer Report I read and it has proven to be better than expected. Good heavy gauge stainless steel, heats evenly and cleans up great in the dishwasher. I'm very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    They are a nice grade of stainless steel, with a nice look and selection of pots and lids in the set. Be aware though that they are only a thin one ply layer of steel. Therfore they have a tendancy to burn the food easly and they wont last more than 2-5 years depending on use. I wish I would have spent a little more to get a 3-5 ply layer of cookware....more info
  • A great cook set set
    I have had this set for over 2 yrs now and I still love it. The bottoms ensure even cooking & it has wonderful lids. A a great sized stock pot I use all the time. So I would have to say the 2 pieces I use constantly are : 3-1/2-quart saut¨¦ pan (pictured top left next to the stock pot); and 8-quart covered stockpot. ...more info
  • Pleased
    Very lovely set, washes up beautifully. Minimal discoloring in the bottom of one of the pans after a several uses but not too bad. Because of a previous review that I read, I won't be putting these in the dishwasher but with the wash up being so easy, I don't see any need to do that anyway. I've not had a problem with anything sticking with the use of a little olive oil. I am very pleased with this set....more info
  • Simply not that great
    Other than the fact that these pans are nice looking and cheap, there's nothing good about them. If you want pans to hang in your kitchen as an accessory and don't cook much, these are a great choice. If you actually like to cook, keep shopping. We replaced our Calphalon pans that we've had for 10+ years. I was hoping to find something that was less bulky, easier to clean and still offered high quality.

    These are VERY light (which is nice for handling, but scorches your food on even the lowest setting). We do have an electric range, so perhaps it's different on gas, but it is a high end Fisher and Paykel cooktop that does function similar in heat conduction. They are also not easy to clean. We can now put them in the dishwasher (unlike our Calphalon) but usually just end up having to hand wash them because they don't come clean in the dishwasher (again, a nice dishwasher and the pan has been presoaked, etc.). Usually it's because food has been permanently affixed to the pan from the high heat.

    Unfortunately, we're back to trying to find the right fit for us.
    ...more info
  • Love them!
    Was in desperate need for a new set but didn't want to spend the money for a professional set so i convinced myself that I would just get this set for now and buy a really good set next year. I was used to using a set of Viking cookware that my mother had but when I moved out, I wasn't ready to spend a couple thousand right now. Enter the Cuisinart set. Amazing, I cannot believe the balance and construction for the cost. I truly feel the difference is so slight, there is NO WAY I will ever go back to using Viking again (unless of course Amazon has some wild 99% off deal and I can get them for the same price!). Extremely happy with this deal, great construction, lids fit great, handles balanced well and sturdy, this is a great deal for a very high quality product....more info
  • Overall a good set of cookware
    This is the first set of stainless steel I've owned. They are way better than non-stick. I feel like my food is so much cleaner since it doesn't have the possibility of teflon pieces in it. I have not had any problems with food sticking, but I still use a non-stick for eggs. These pans will boil water on medium heat in about 10 minutes. The only downside is that they get horrible water spots on them if you don't dry them right away. They also get some spotting on the inside from food, but I would tend to think that's normal. Overall, they are a very nice set and I would recommend them....more info
  • Beautiful Cruisnant Cookware
    I purchased these pots and pans for my daughter she was so thrilled to have a set of stainless steel cookware after hearing how teflon can be dangerous to your health. She said "Mom the cookware is so beautiful"!...more info
  • Great pots and pans
    I've had a set of these for many years. I just purchased a set for my daughter....more info
  • These pans burn and discolor too easily
    I bought this set of Cuisanart pans almost two years, and I've been disappointed by them. I need to buy a smaller stockpot, and do not think that I will continue with the same brand or line.

    Prior to these, I used Revereware copper-bottomed pans for 30 years, given to me when I got married. They lasted forever. But when I got divorced, I was eager to get a brand new shiny set of pans that were more modern. These are great-looking pans, and the price couldn't be beat.

    My main problem is that the pans discolor and burn easily. If I melt butter in a skillet, the sides of the pans burn, and it is hard to get them clean. I have gone through a box of Barkeeper's Friend, and am tired of having to scour them every time I use them. Foods stick to the pans as well unless you use more oil than I'd like. The long handles are elegant looking, but they extend over the adjacent burners on my stove.

    Although they're not as lovely or sophisticated looking, I am thinking about going back to good old Revereware....more info
  • Good quality plus good looking shiny stainless!
    These are great looking, easy clean pans. Only regret is that the lid handles get very hot with high heat cooking so one must use potholders when removing lids...but the pot handles themselves always stay cool as promised, which is a great comfort when cooking.

    I'm very pleased with this set as it had several size pots to handle any meal and the exceptional good looks of them almost eliminate needing to use other "serving dishes" for casual dining with guests...we serve right off the stovetop with pride. The price of the set was actually quite low compared to other sets I had compared, so that makes it even better!

    I definitely recommend this set....more info
  • A solid lasting set with fine performance
    This was my first purchase for pots and pans. After determining that it would be cost effective to buy a set and I'm also determined to start cooking more for myself, I choose this one after looking all over. I'm impressed after about 3 years of moderate to heavy use.
    Only one little problem with the rivets on the inner part of larger pan is becoming dislodged and food can be a little difficult to remove, but even this has not effected the performance of this pan.
    It is fair to give this cooking set a solid 4.5 stars for price, lasting durability and a good performance.
    One more note that it scores well with me on even heat distribution. If they are a little difficult to clean I use a little dishwasher detergent and hot water.
    ...more info
  • great for a starter stainless cookware set
    I've used this set everyday since I received it. The skillet sears my steaks so much better than a non-stick pan! The sides do heat up more than the bottom but that's expected. I think this is great for a starter stainless cookware set. ...more info
    Emeril's stainless steel pot SAVED MY DAUGHTER AND I!!!
    I have been meaning to write for a while now but it has been a crazy year.
    In May of this year my daughter had a cold and I had mastitis. She barely slept the night before and I was exhausted. That morning I got up went downstairs to get a bottle for my daughter. I decided to sterilize the bottles while I was down there. I went back to my bedroom and decided to breastfeed my daughter instead. I ended up falling asleep and was awaken by some beeping. When I openned my bedroom door to see what it was smoke started billowing into the room. I slammed the door shut and openned the windows. I then remembered that I left the bottles sterilizing in the pot on the stove! I was then going to run down quickly to turn it off but as I openned the door I couldn't see two feet in front of me and the smoke actually burned my eyes and throat. I slammed the door shut again and called 911. They advised me to try to get out of the house with the baby. I wrapped Yanna in every blanket I could grab and made a run for it. I couldn't see anything, I seriously don't even know how I got downstairs and outside. I had to leave my two dogs Diesel and Jazmine upstairs in my bedroom which broke my heart. As I got outside I could hear the sirens of the fire trucks approaching. They ran into the house and took care of it and was able to rescue Diesel and Jaz. They came out with my beautiful Emeril pot with what just looked like black ash which was once all of my baby bottles. The fire chef then told me that I was lucky that I had such a good quality stainless steel pot or else we would have had a very bad situation on our hands. This pot was so good that it contained the fire in the pot! I was told that if I had a teflon pot or one of those "dollar general" pots it probably would have melted down and the fire would have consumed the whole back of my house. Most likely my daughter, Diesel, Jazmine and I would not have made it out.
    I can't even express how grateful I am that he put such a quality pot out on the market. And if there is any way to thank the people who designed or made the pot please pass this on to them. People all over should know how great this pot is!
    My daughter is now 8 months and doing great. We had to stay in a hotel for over a month while they fixed the smoke damage in the house, but everything worked out in the end. We should all be thankful this time of year and Emeril is making the top of the list this year.
    Thank you
    ...more info
  • Eggs sticking
    I bought these pans a couple of weeks ago. I have had one problem and that is with eggs sticking to the bottom of the pan. I have tried PAM and Olive Oil. Neither of these work to keep the eggs from sticking. The pan is hard to clean once the eggs have stuck. Yes, I do know the pans are not non-stick, but I thought that using oil or spray would keep things from sticking. Does anyone elso have this problem or any suggestions? ...more info
  • Good Bargain
    The Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless cookware set is a great value. A beautiful set that works well and cleans up easily. I read lots of reviews and shopped around for quite a while before I decided on this set, and I'm glad I did. It has just the right pieces, although I do miss having a 1 qt. pot. The lids fits nicely and are interchangeable with different pieces, so you end up being able to cover all your pieces. It is definitely a good value and you can't go wrong at this price. It's pretty to look at too!...more info
  • High Quality and a GREAT price!!
    This cookware is the best. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and food cooks great in it and it's so easy to clean! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • For those who know how to cook and clean with stainless
    This is a great set. I bought it to replace my T-fal non-stick cookware because of all the news reports about non-stick Teflon particulates coming off and the possibility of causing cancer. Let me address some of the concerns I read in other reviews...First off, it doesn't burn food as some of those 1 star haters describe. You just have to know how to watch and cook your food. Second, all food does not stick to it. A little Pam goes a long way. Scrambled eggs and bacon come out just fine. Over easy eggs do stick a little but it is manageable. For those concerned about this and don't like to tend and maneuver their food during cooking I recommend keeping a small non-stick pan on hand. Third, they are not hard to clean. Soak for a few minutes in Dawn dish detergent and food comes right off. Sure, you can't take them right off the stove and into the dishwasher and expect them to come out gleaming. Most stuff needs a pre-rinse and most people should know that. Fourth, they are not, "thin cheap pieces of junk." They are good quality stainless. I ask this, how thick do you want your cookware to be? If your looking for heavy cast iron weight or $1000 dollar cookware, this may not be for you. For most of us its just fine. As for those who claim copper coated is the best, think again. This cookware is rated at 550 degrees. That means you can cook at high heat and stick them in the oven. Copper can't do that. The handles are great too, I can grab the pan while cooking and not worry about it burning me. The only thing I would have liked is glass lids so I can see the food cooking but that's just personal thing and I can manage. I hope this helps a bit :-) ...more info
  • Beautiful Set!!!!!
    Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I ordered this set on 10/24/2007 and received it on 10/25/2007 and didn't even request overnight shipping! The set is beautifully polished and sturdy and I do believe that I will not have to purchase another set of pots for a very long time. Good price for this set! I Definitely Recommend!...more info
  • neutral
    Love the product but things tend to stick to these pans, so keep your non stick pans but just add these to your kitchen....more info
  • Great set!
    Husband and I purchased this set as a starter cookware set to go with our new home. We expected it to just "work" and we have been pleasantly surprised with it.

    They have some weight but it is balanced and easy to use. Skillets heat quickly and uniformly and clean easily. Saut¨¦ pan was easy to handle empty or full. Handles were the only things that did not transfer heat - was really worried when we bought it how he'd crisp his hand - but I would still use a towel to grab handles and lids just-in-case....more info
  • Excellent cookware - I was surprised
    This is my first set of Stainless and I couldn't believe the price.

    It will take a bit of a learning curve when changing from non stick...

    Cleaning is really easy but there is a knack to it....

    Right after cooking fill the pan with HOT water and soap, let sit through the meal. It will clean right up when you wash the rest of the dishes.

    If this doesn't clean up to your satisfaction then just a bit of Barkeepers Friend will restore the original look.

    I bought my set in November and it looks exactly as it did when I opened the carton......

    For eggs, put quite a bit more oil into the pan than normal... Heat the pan first, then heat the oil, add egg it will cook perfectly.....

    If you don't want to do this, then keep one nonstick pan for eggs....

    LOVE the set and highly recommend it.....more info
  • Great set of pots and pans
    Got these pots and pans on sale. Nothing like stainless steel coupled with aluminum, they work great. They're efficient at transferring heat. The number of each and sizing was just what I needed.
    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I wish I had read more about these pots before I got them. They burn everything and the skillets have been stained black since the first time I used them. They are impossible to clean even with Barkeeper's Friend. Also, if you try to add anything to boiling water, the pot bubbles up and overflows immediately. I am throwing the entire 10-piece set in the garbage!...more info
  • Cuisinart Stainless Chef's Cookware
    Ecxellent product and great value. The stainless steel guage is good and provides for even heat distribution. The Cuisinart Chef's set was priced at $149.99 @ a savings of $263.99! 6/23/08...more info
  • Can't stand them
    I've owned these for a few months now. I can't figure out what you can cook with them that doesn't stick like crazy. You can cook on a low temperature with a 1/2" of oil or butter in the bottom of the frying pans, and yet food still sticks! You may be able to saute some veggies in oil, but forget browning potatoes (they will end up mashed), and don't even try eggs... they are a disaster. I don't want to be an "artist", I just want some hot food that I don't have to chisel off the bottom of my pots and pans.

    Even if you are merely boiling water for mac-n-cheese with the small pots, you better be stirring CONSTANTLY. The noodles in contact with the bottom of the pot will stick fast.

    There is a reason Teflon was invented. If you like to chisel food off the bottom of your pans when cooking or washing, get these. If you want no-stick, avoid. My $20 Coleman camping cook set does a better job than these....more info
  • Quality is falling off ... beware of free offers
    I have purchased several different Cuisinart items over the years and the quality of the pieces is noticeably different (and poorer) over the years. It is now made in China (what isn't) and the packaging is incredibly flimsy and cheap.
    Also the last set I bought had free offers which disappeared from amazon one week after the purchase. If I hadn't cut and pasted the info when I made the purchase I would have been SOL. I am still trying to find out why Cuisinart's fulfilment center did not send the free offers, they have not replied to four emails so SOL there anyway. I noticed that some of the tags/barcodes that were supposed to be included in the redemption did not even exist anywhere on the packaging, so there was no way to comply with the terms of the redemption.
    All are signs of a company going downhill rapidly so beware when purchasing Cuisinart pots and pans that it may not be up to the standards you expect, it certainly has not been what I expected.
    Also be aware that any advertised free offers on amazon are not guaranteed and are no better than the company that offers them. Make sure you print or save all the info at the time of purchase because amazon can and will take it down at any time. This quite surprised me, that even following links from my account info I could not connect to the original offer information. Caveat emptor indeed....more info
  • A piece of junk! Stay away from it!
    I bought this product to replace my non-stick T-Fal set. The skillet is very poorly designed as it burns the food. The fried eggs stick to the bottom of the skillet and then it is very hard to clean. Needs lots of scrubbing which destroys the nice finish of the skillet. I am a professional cook and this is the worst pan I have ever used. Very disappointed with the quality!...more info
  • Great price, good product.
    These work great and are a much more affordable option to some of the higher end brands.

    One note: they are easy to dent. My husband dropped one the first night and gave one of the pans their first "ding"....more info
  • Stainless pans
    These pots and pans are great they heat up evenly you just have to take care use more oil when cooking with stainless so it doesn't stick and clean them right after use do not use any scuff pad or steel wool soak in hot water then clean with soft cloth or sponge if your looking for ease of use these aren't for you they have to be cleaned and polished to look the way they do out of the box...more info
  • Can't be beat (for the price)
    When looking for my pot and pan set I didn't see anything in this price range that would compete. I am so happy about the decision I made. They are so sturdy, so well made, and cook so wonderfully. I have no reservations on recommending them for 2x the price I paid. All I would recommend is a stainless steel (non-non-stick) for dummies guide be included. I have a feeling that's where these negative reviews come from. Choose your pan to fit the cooking technique!...more info
    These Cuisinart Classic is the greatest set of pots and pans that I have ever bought. I rate them well over 10. I wouldn't trade them in for all the money in the world. Amazon you can count on, they never gave us a hard time in anything we bought. Any questions they always gave an answer. ...more info
  • good set
    For the price, it's the closest thing to get to good cookware. It's all steel, so you can put things in the oven, and the stainless steel looks really nice.. Great kit for such a low price......more info
  • Overall, good starter set of pans.
    For the price, AR, the ensemble was a deal for Stainless Steel cookware. But since then, I have found superior deals for similar quality sets.
    Overall quality is good, with excellent mirror finishes to assist in low-stick cooking. The more polished the finish, the easier the food release with stainless steel.
    But the edges of the pans aren't rolled. This can be a big negative to some. It's cheaper construction-wise, but it also damages dishwasher trays' plastic coating.
    I can only give it 3 stars because my set came with a defective deep fry pan. The bottom aluminum clad layer wasn't attached properly and separate d and bulged upon its first use!
    Most frustrating. Still haven't heard from Cuisinart about a replacement!
    :-(...more info
  • They look nice, but don't fry well.
    They look nice, but don't fry well. Am still challenged by the lower heat/temperature to use, and the amount of oil needed.

    As another wrote, which was helpful to me, I strongly suggest reading and adhering to the manual before using -- wash well in hot soapy water before first use and use lower heat than you would on other pans. It takes a bit of heating time before adding the oil to begin cooking.

    If you have a difficult to remove problem, bring some vinegar to boil in the pan, add some baking soda, and remove to soak for awhile. I use Bonami to gently scrub the remaining tough spots.

    UPDATE 11/12/08

    Well, I don't think shiny stainless steel is the best for frying. I've read more about pans since the last posting and found that shiny cookware reflects the heat away. Perhaps if they polished these to a neutral grade, not shiny, they would perform better. Don't know if it is the shine, or the stainless steel that is the source of the problem. I've bought good 'ole $10-a-pan cast iron to do my frying in.

    Am considering buying standard restaurant-style aluminum pots, as well. I simmered some black beans in the 3-qt. the other day, and they actually had little sticky bits that I had to scrub away with Bonami. Weird, for just cooking up some beans.

    If purchasing now, I would shop for a different set, something with a dull finish, titanium non-stick, try one of the new 'green-pans' to see how they perform, or just pay the double price for the higher-end Cuisinart Multi-clad set....more info


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