Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds Express - Super Challenge

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  • 4 Great Miles
    This is a good 4 mile walk. It is approx 55 minutes but it is worth it. The songs are good and the walk builds up quickly so in the second mile you are really working out.

    Leslie's videos are great and you definetly need more than one to have variety. I suggest get some of her 2, 3 and 4 mile workouts. Put in a 2 mile when you do not have much time and you still want to get a workout.
    ...more info
  • The ONLY work-out that ever worked for me (and my friends)!
    I'm not a hard-core aerobicizer by far, so this work out works perfectly for people like me. It's straightforward and easy to do, and Leslie is really great at motivating. If you've grown tired of the patter, you can always do what I do - catch-up with friends, family and errands on the phone while you do the work-out. It's THAT easy. You can do two things at the same time but still get a highly effective work-out.

    Don't expect a flashy or snazzy video. This is just a bunch of gals and a dude in a glorified studio, but hey, that's all you really need. What's great about this video is that you can make it part of your week. Unlike so many other videos that are just too tiring and intimidating that you quit in a couple of months, I've been a Walk Away the Pounds fan for a good 4 years now. I do it 2-3 times a week and found my health to have massively improved. I've tried other videos in that time but always find myself popping Leslie back into the DVD player.

    Another great thing is how she always reminds you that you don't need to do the full range. You can slow down a bit or do a half-range so it truly does become an individualized work-out.

    Easy to do but effective, better health and losing weight. Good deal! Can't wait to try the 5 Mile, Leslie! Thanks a bunch!

    PS Leslie, if you're reading this, please consider adding SUBTITLES to your videos! Makes it easier for us multi-taskers (on the phone talking while working out) to keep up. And of course, the hearing-impaired! Thanks!
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  • It works!
    Hey, I've been walking with Leslie for a while now & it's working! Beats fighting dogs, crummy weather and dodging crazy drivers....more info
    This workout is so fun and feels great! Leslie is uplifting and motivating as usual. I'm one who enjoys her chatter and optimistic outlook on health and life in general! She's awesome. This dvd is fantastic! My favorite WATP workout to date. Oh, unlike one reviewer noted, Leslie does not say anything about "kicking a cat!" She mentions her fellow walker whose name is "Kat," and how much "Kat" loves the kicking parts of the workout and how everytime "I kick, I think of Kat," and the camera then pans to "Kat". Come on, this is Leslie were talking about, she's not the type that would hurt an innocent animal....more info
  • Leslie Sansone
    I bought this for my mother who has recently started doing the Leslie videos. I personally enjoyed this one when I was first starting out with the walk videos. All low impact but at a nice calorie burning pace....more info
  • My favorite WATP!
    Out of all of Leslie Sansone's workouts, I love this one the most. This workout is just straight aerobics without the weights, stretchies, or belts. All of the usual steps are in there plus some grapevines and other movements which are a bit different than usual. After I finish this workout I feel great and feel like I have gotten a good workout. (And no....she doesn't say she likes to kick cats....she says that Cat, who is one of the walkers, loves to do kicks!)...more info
  • Low impact exercise DVD
    Easy to follow,low impact exercise. Great for at home,getting into shape,
    weight loss. This is a four mile "Walk away the Pounds Express" DVD by Leslie Sansone. I have some of her other DVD's,and switch back and forth
    each time I exercise to keep the motivation going. You are able to go at your own pace and stop when you want.I like that....more info
  • Super Challenge 4 mile
    This is a great workout. I would recommend it to anyone that's done the 3 mile already!...more info
  • Another great workout from Leslie
    This is my fourth workout with Leslie. I did the one-mile, two-mile, and three-mile already and wanted to move up in intensity and endurance. This dvd is great! The workout lasts for about an hour and really challenges you just like her other dvds. This time around there are no weights or anything, just good ol' fashioned exercise. As a reformed couch potato who just turned 30, I am very happy that I've discovered these workouts.

    As compared to the other earlier workouts, this one for some reason seems to have more energy. Though I miss the women (and Randy!) from the other dvds, you will see that the intensity is much stronger with this set of workout folk. This time you will actually see them sweat!

    My only complaint about this workout is that the music in the beginning is absolutely mind-bogglingly annoying (power walk, ugh, power walk) and then throughout the workout there are a few seconds here and there without any music. Kind of makes keeping the beat a little more difficult....more info
  • I like it, BUT...
    for people who are "on the go" or very busy, I think this workout takes too long, but I guess that's what you get when you walk 4 miles! It is a one hour video. It's still better than driving to the gym, working out, remembering your gym clothes, etc....You'll definetly get a terrific workout with this one....more info
  • Fantastic easy-to-follow workout!
    If complicated aerobic moves leave you feeling frustrated but you still want a good workout, try this video! You can do 1, 2 3, or 4 mile walks and they will get your heartrate pumping. I am pretty fit and was doubtful if this could give me a good workout but it certainly does. At one hour for the full 4 mile walk this is great endurance training. Buy this DVD and you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Leslie Sansone
    I bought this for my mother who has recently started doing the Leslie videos. I personally enjoyed this one when I was first starting out with the walk videos. All low impact but at a nice calorie burning pace....more info
  • Excellent video
    This video makes exercising fun. The steps are easy to follow and Leslie

    Sansone is a very entertaining instructor - the time goes by fast. I

    highly recommend this video....more info
  • Good Workout
    I can't do aerobic tapes to save my life, I can never follow the steps at every exercise class I've tried, and just walking feels so unproductive. Leslie Sansone's WATP 1-2-3 mile tapes clicked with me, so I had to get the 4 mile Super Challenge. It's the aerobic workout I've always wanted and it's a workout I can actually do. The walkers are energetic and can keep up, which means there's no modification, although Leslie does show some herself. Their enthusiasm is contagious. The music isn't that bad, especially if you're just following the beat. I like that there is no toning to slow down the pace. There are days when I dread the almost one hour workout, but once you get into it, it really does go by quickly. Her stretching is too short, but you can do more on your own.

    Of course, Leslie still does chatter a lot and is out of rhythm sometimes, so I make it a point to watch one of the women in the background. Occasionally, she'll be so busy talking, she'll lose count and will just abruptly stop a move and tell everyone to go back to walking. I've done the workout enough times to know when to tune her out. I can't figure out why the music just stops and starts instead of transitioning, but as long as you keep walking and adjust when it starts up again, you'll be okay.

    All in all, it is a good workout and she really does seem like she cares about health and fitness. I just pre-ordered her 4 Fast Miles DVD, hoping it's the same type of workout in quicker time. ...more info
  • A fun alternative to walking outside
    Ok, I'm a guy and I'm in my twenties, so I'm probably not the usual Sansone's follower, but I was recommended some of her DVDs after I complained that it is very difficult for me to walk around my city because it is very dangerous and I live around very packed traffic.

    I didn't really think I could get a good workout but after a few sessions, I'm convinced this is a great alternative to walking outside.

    Leslie Sansone is very likeable, the workout is very doable for all kinds of ages, and it is something you can stick to, unless some other workout videos that make you jump, kick, dance with very difficult moves that get you frustrated.

    This DVD in particular presents a great challenge, that not only involves light walking, it also offers some nice aerobic segments that make you sweat, but not to the point of hating it. It's very very doable, as I said above.

    I don't really need to buy a treadmill now. Insead, I put a Sansone DVD, turn on my favorite music, and walk 1, 2, 3, or more miles without getting out.

    Recommended for people of all ages. ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I really enjoy this tape. It is a great workout. You definitely sweat! I feel like I've really accomplished something when I'm done with this tape. It helps that Leslie is so positive and encouraging too!...more info
    I have trouble with my calf muscle tightning up, this exercise is perfect for me ,as it gets my heart rate way up. Im getting in great shape thanks to leslie Sansone....more info
  • Great work out.
    Thank you Leslie. I do this dvd 2 times a day. Once in the morning and than once in the late afternoon. Looking forward to the results. Never have a problem with the steps of in home walking and the pace is great. You know that all of your muscles are at work for a good 56 minutes and it feels terrrriiifffic. Thank you again. Cathy Rossetti...more info
  • Great work out!
    I love this workout - I do it 4 times a week and I am getting great results. Highly recommend it for a sold indoor walking program....more info
  • Try this!
    I first tried the three mile walk with the walk belt and loved it. After a time I wanted a longer walk so I tried this one and I love it. I also use the walk belt while walking to the super challenge and it is easy to incorporate it into this walk. I highly suggest you try it!
    ...more info
  • Great DVD and Fast Service
    The quality is what I wanted and the delivery exceeded my expectations....more info
  • Love this DVD!
    I love this DVD! The only time I can exercise is early in the morning before work. Walking alone outside in the dark is not the greatest idea, so this in-home walking program is a life-saver! It is not difficult, but at the same time, all the muscle groups get a really great workout. Anyone can follow along! I sit at a desk all day and my joints get tired and achy. Doing this upbeat cardio program indoors 3 days a week, and walking outdoors on the weekend really helps keep me in shape. I love Leslie's positive attitude, which motivates me to keep going even when I'm tired! Great addition to anyone's exercise DVD library!...more info
  • GREAT WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a former couch potato who has been changed by this workout! The music is great and upbeat. I especially love the song "power walk". Each mile walked is celebrated and you feel a sense of accomplishment. I would especially reccommend this dvd to previously sedentary persons who are in good health. It will definitely get you moving and looking forward to your next workout. I am now an avid exercising fan! Some reviewers hated the music, but I believe this is a reflection of personal tastes. It was my experience that the music encouraged me and was appropriate to the exercise routines. I have bought a Leslie Sansone dvd before, but this is the one that transformed my exercise history and changed my life....more info
  • the best!
    I have several of Leslie Sansone's walking videos and this one is one of my favorites! It is challengeing, but not exhausting. I feel great afterwards! I enjoy the group of walkers she has with her and the music keeps you at a good pace. You don't need any stretchie bands or anything at all like in a few of her others........although, you can easily omit them even in those and get a great workout. That is what I love about her workouts--so easy to taylor to your own level and needs.
    I highly recommend this, and her other workouts....more info
  • Great workout.
    This workout is awesome, if you alternate it using weights and without. Makes me sore every time. I love it. ...more info
    I now have 11 of Leslie Sansone's videos and I love every one of them. She often states that her workouts are not for sissies and that is very true but REALLY anyone can do them. You just set your own pace.I started working out with Leslie's videos on April 1st, 2008. I weighed 240 lbs. It is now February 24th, 2009 and I am happy...no thrilled to tell you that I have walked away 83 lbs!!! I went from 2X to size 12. My goal is to lose 100 lbs and I know I will get there. When I started out I could barely get to the end of the 3 mile video. I'm up to 5 miles now and I love it! I'm hooked! What a great thing to be addicted to...excerize!!! Now here's the best part....I'm 62..I'll be 63 in just a few days and the young girls who work out with me can't keep up!!! Please do yourself a huge favor and get started walking away the pounds today. Or just do it to be healthier. Either way, you come out a winner!!! ...more info
  • Leslie's Great!
    If you're looking for an upbeat positive workout experience that features very simple coreography, then Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds programs are for you! This particular program is 4 miles and has a very different feel from her other workouts. It features a large group of walkers including women of all ages and one old (but very fit) man.

    As always, Leslie uses five basic steps that are easy to follow: Walking in place, side steps (single and double), knee lifts, front kicks, and kick backs. She includes simple arm extensions, swinging movement, and clapping to get the upper body involved. Leslie doesn't use any weights in this workout. The workout is really a bit strange... miles 1 and 2 are really quite vigorous, whereas 3 and 4 kind of seem relaxed. Leslie has the students sweating by mile 2, but then those same students are dry and rested by the end of the workout.

    My only real complaint with the video is the music. It is very difficult to hear, and the beat isn't very consistent. The students often find themselves out of step, and some of the music is rather annoying.

    All of the Walk Away routines are fun and definitely positive - you can't help but feeling like you are with friends. I found Leslie's bubbly presonality contagious and don't mind her quirky remarks. This particular program is for more advanced walkers, and will definitely give you a good workout. Highly recommended!

    Written by Arthur Bradley, author of "Process of Elimination" - an exciting thriller that pits a martial arts expert against a world-class sniper out to shape the next presidential election.

    Please be kind enough to indicate if reviews are helpful....more info
  • Where have i been!!
    Amazing amazing amazing!!! Must Buy! She KNOWS how to motivate you! She looks good, she sounds great and talks wonderful!! You feel as if YOU REALLY are with her with the rest of the class, its so motivating! The music is motivating!! Good workout! Really good stuff. I have just given birth 3 months back and could not start exercising because i felt i had no time, BUT IF I HAD KNOWN about this EARLIER!! WHERE WAS I!! I wish i knew about this earlier, its so simple and SAFE!! ...more info
  • Kicks my butt!
    I like to play this DVD while I walk on the treadmill. I can't do all the extra moves that Leslie does, but it keeps me walking at a nice fast pace. My daughter does it without the teadmill and enjoys it also. I also have Leslie's Walk and Jog DVD and do that on the treadmill too. I would highly recommend this DVD!...more info
  • great workout
    This is a great workout, I got my first Leslie tape 10 years ago which was the 2 miles walk. I just got this and I can't believe what an enjoyable workout it is.
    At first I could not do the whole 4 miles and I found the routine to be difficult and long. It took me about a week or 10 days to do the whole 4 miles from start to finish. Once I built tolerance and did the 4 miles I could not believe how fast the time would go and I love the routine too. So don't be disgorged at the beginning it will take time.
    ...more info
  • Low impact exercise DVD
    Easy to follow,low impact exercise. Great for at home,getting into shape,
    weight loss. This is a four mile "Walk away the Pounds Express" DVD by Leslie Sansone. I have some of her other DVD's,and switch back and forth
    each time I exercise to keep the motivation going. You are able to go at your own pace and stop when you want.I like that....more info
  • All I can say is WOW
    This DVD is very fast paced and a great workout. I love it. It's a lot of fun to do, and as always Leslie keeps you motivated and lets you know if you're just starting out that you do not have to do all the moves just keep the pace. She has some great variations in this DVD. I have some of her other DVD's and I like them too, but this one is my favorite. It's a great winter work out when the weather keeps you from waling outside. ...more info
  • This is my favorite...
    This is my favorite of Leslie's exercise videos. One hour of non-stop, in-home exercise. When you're finished with this one, you and your muscles are very proud of yourselves....more info
  • WOW
    What a workout!!!! I've lost so many inches and pounds (dieting of course also) Leslie is awesome, I cant wait to order more of her DVD's, the 4 mile walk goes so fast you dont even realize its over lol, although the last mile is slower (thank GOD!) lol but its a great DVD I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great exercise in-place.
    Anyone desiring a physical workout, done in the home without equipment, this four mile walk will meet the requirements....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I love this video. It's one of my favorites! Even if I am tired I love to do this video. I feel so much better afterwards. I even did this when I was heavier and out of shape. I would recommend this video to EVERYONE! I love Leslie's positive and encouraging attitude!!! :) ...more info
  • Walk Away the Pounds 4-mile
    I wanted something a little more intense in my Walk Away the Pounds video collection. This 4mile walk definantely is intense and I was sore for a few days. If you are looking for something "more" here it is. However I did not like the fact that she didn't use weights in this video and the setting was very impersonal and intimidating. The set was a steel gray and all the people were in very good shape which made it seem like this video wasn't for everyone....more info
  • Excellent Workout!
    This DVD is one of Leslie's best. Its a great workout and man do you sweat. ...more info
  • Great aerobic DVD.
    I'm not out of shape by any means, but I've never engaged in deliberate, regular cardiovascular activity. For the last few weeks I've been trying to get into a cardio routine that I could actually stick with, to no avail. I prefer to work out at night, but don't have access to a gym, and am loathe to go running in the dark. So I tried out a few cardio DVD's, including this one. This is the one I'll be sticking with. It's certainly not perfect; there are several non-exercise related issues I have with this DVD, but they could all be positives for someone else, so I'll list the pros and cons and let you decide.

    1. This is just a good workout. It's brisk, fun and at the end, I'm always sweating hard.
    2. There is no extra equipment necessary. This was a big plus for me: no weights, no stretchies, no steps, nothing. Just some space and a pair of walking shoes.
    3. The steps involved are few and easy to learn.
    - Knee lifts: lifting alternate knees to about waist level.
    - Kicks: a controlled kick to the front.
    - Side-steps: stepping out wide to alternating sides.
    - Kick-backs: lifting the leg backwards.
    And of course, walking in place. Leslie also incorporates some very simple arm moves.
    4. This workout is almost an hour long, but it goes by very very quickly, due in part to the fact that Leslie almost never stops talking, so you're not thinking about the time. I'm always surprised how much time has gone by when I'm done.
    5. Leslie has a good sense of how the watcher is going to feel, physically, at each part of the exercise. The more intense moves, like kickbacks, only come up a few times, with long intervals between them. And the hardest parts only last about a minute, so you feel tired without being competely exhausted and discouraged. At no point did I feel like I couldn't finish.
    6. Finally, Leslie gives frequent reminders about form and posture that make it very difficult to forget to stand up straight and stabilize your abs. Every few minutes she reminds you to check your posture.

    1. Coming off that last pro, eventually, when you've done the workout a few times and know what to do, Leslie's advice came seem a little annoying. But this isn't really a big deal since it's necessary and helps the workout move faster.
    2. The music, which is mostly techno, doesn't transition well. It stops and there are a few moments of silence before the next song starts. Every time this happens, you can see that the background walkers lose their rhythm and kind of falter, then struggle to match the new beat.
    3. Not being a Christian, I found myself distracted by Leslie's occasional religious comment, like "throw your arms to heaven," and "say Hallelujah!" She also make several mentions of how the workout is good for the soul, which I found both cheesy and unnecessary. I'm doing this for aerobic benefits, not a spiritual lift. But some of you might appreciate this, so decide for yourself.
    4. I have to tell you, Leslie's sense of humor leaves something to be desired. She loves to make silly little jokes that I usually found lame. But she's sincere and sometimes I chuckled a little, so we'll let it slide.
    5. Over and over again, Leslie mentions the ages of the walkers, pointing out that several of them are grandmothers, over 70, etc. A few of them looked a little uncomfortable to have her pointing this out, and I swear one of the women grimaced when her age was mentioned. As an 18-year-old, I couldn't really relate to this age-dropping and wondered for a few minutes if I'd picked up a workout for the elderly.
    6. Leslie repeats the same words of encouragement over and over and over. "We're doing this for all the benefits!" That's her favorite and it drove me nuts.

    So none of my complaints are with the workout itself, just about the presentation. The music is just okay, as is the set. One girl, named Wendy apparently, on the far right of the group, has simply AMAZING abs that made me really push myself hard. I want Wendy's six-pack! Sounds lame, but it keeps me motivated.

    I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a good cardio/walking routine. I cannot imagine that you could do this regularly and not see the results you want....more info
  • Unhappy
    I was really disappointed when she said every time I kick I pretend I'm kicking a cat...HAHAHAHAHA. I think it was in the 2nd mile. Since I am a cat lover and animal lover in general, this really diappointed me. I will not be watching any more of her videos....more info
  • Great walk DVD
    Love Leslie Sansone. She makes great walk exercise DVDs. It's a 4 mile Super challenge walk that's great for beginners to advance. I recommend this DVD for people who have knee problems. There is no jumping both feet remain on the floor, unless you chose to go advance and jog along with her....more info
  • If you want to lose weight and tone up...
    I love this DVD! I started walking with Leslie about two years during a twin pregnancy (I was prohibited from running due to problems with the pregnancy). I fell in love with Leslie's dvds and continued to use them after the pregnancy was over to lose weight. They really work! After losing 50 lbs and coming to a standstill, I needed to rev it up and break the plateau I'd reached...well, this dvd did it!! I'm not losing as many pounds now, but the inches on my waistline and hips are melting away! My 18 month old twins even enjoy trying to walk with me!!! (they think it is funny to see mommy walking in one spot) So not only is this a great workout, but you can even work out when the kiddies won't take a nap with this one...that's pretty hard to beat! Keep bringing it Leslie!...more info
  • 4Mile walk
    This is the best exercise DVD, energising and yet relaxing! You can do this any time, anywhere and it is extremely motivating. It just lifts up your spirit and you won't even notice that you walked 4 miles, she also gives you the option to stop where ever you like. Thanks to Leslie Sansone for this wonderful product. If you want to do some exercise and feel good this is the way to go. I just love it :)...more info
  • excellent
    This tape is great. I have been doing it every night and I dont ever exercise. Thats how easy it is....more info
  • Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds Express - Super Challenge by Leslie Sansone
    I love all of Leslie's tapes. They are great and take a little room to work out in. Would reccommend to anyone! She even has tapes for older individuals. I may order one for my mom....more info
  • I have to say this is a FUN workout......
    I have been using the 1, 2 and 3 mile walks for several months and decided to try this 4 mile for a little bit of a challenge. All I can say is I love it! If you are familiar with Leslie Sansone, then you know her workouts are made to be easy, even for the "coordination challenged group" like myself. This video uses her regular walk, sidestep, knee lift, kick and kick-back, but in the second half of the walk also introduces some variations that make the walk interesting(the grapevine, and double kick-backs, ect...) and you really don't feel like you've walked an hour when it's done. Don't get me wrong, you'll be sweating, but unlike the dull repetitive treadmill or other exercise, you are constantly changing things up, and it passes the time quickly.

    This and the 3 mile are my primary workouts now, and to date I have lost 26lbs with the combination of these workouts. I love Leslies positive attitude and the music is peppy and fun. ...more info
  • Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds Express - Super Challenge by Leslie Sansone
    I love all of Leslie's tapes. They are great and take a little room to work out in. Would reccommend to anyone! She even has tapes for older individuals. I may order one for my mom....more info
  • Excellent
    Well done 4 miles workout, organized so that you may easily use it for 1-2-3 or 4 miles. Great to take with you on a trip to have all workout lengths in one....more info
  • A Really Wonderful Challenge
    If you're a fan of the other Leslie Sansone DVDs, then you will definitely enjoy this one too. It's a really great work-out and you can feel all your muscles getting fired up as you go. Walking 4 miles in just less than an hour feels like a wonderful achievement. And the great part is that the studio paticipants have also worked up a sweat! Leslie's chatter can get quite distracting, but it's still an excellent way to boost your metabolism and have some fun at the same time. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is a great video. I love the intensity of the walk and Leslie does a good job adding variety to the steps....more info
  • Consistent as always
    This workout pushes it up a notch from the shorter workouts, but is basically the same moves. I always enjoy her DVDs, and this one is no exception. It is 60 solid minutes of cardio....more info
  • Leslie Sansone-Walk Away the Pounds Express-Super Challenge
    Although I am not a big fan of Leslie Sansone this DVD is especially great if one is unable to walk outside. You can stop at anytime (1,2,3, or 4 miles) and add how much energy you want into it. It was great for me when I was returning to working out after shoulder surgery because I could work out my lower half and control my upper....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I love this video. It's one of my favorites! Even if I am tired I love to do this video. I feel so much better afterwards. I even did this when I was heavier and out of shape. I would recommend this video to EVERYONE! I love Leslie's positive and encouraging attitude!!! :) ...more info
  • "Get up on this!!"
    This is my favorite WATP dvd, hands down! Leslie's pumped (well when isn't she...) the walkers are super excited and the set looks great. She does all the basics: side step, marches, knee lifts and kicks, but its such a FUN 4 miles and the music is GOOD! You can feel the energy from beginning to end...most importantly the effects of the workout afterward. FEELS SO GOOD TO SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT!!

    ...more info
  • Every time I kick...I think of "Kat"
    The previous poster (E. Snyder) misinterpreted what Leslie said in reference to kicking. Leslie does not say "every time I kick, I pretend to kick a cat". She says "every time I kick, I think of 'Kat'". Kat is the young lady in the back that enjoys the kicking part of the walk program, she is actually one of my favorite walkers. Too bad you misintrepreted that comment and have missed out on some wonderful health benefits walking with Leslie. ...more info
  • Walk away the Pounds Express
    Love all the Leslie DVD's and tapes they really give me the nudge I need to get moving...more info
  • Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds Express
    This is a great exercise video. Not like others I have purchased. It is very easy and gives you an awesome workout. I've since ordered the 5 mile video by Leslie Sansone! Can't wait to get it!...more info


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