True Crime Streets of LA

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True Crime: Streets of LA takes you into the life of Nick Kang, a cop whose lethal skills earn him a dangerous job. He's going deep undercover, to defend L.A. from the Chinese & Russian mobsters that are drowning it in blood.

True Crime: Streets of L.A. is a Grand-Theft-Auto-esque action/driving/shooter that allows you to take control of Nick Kang, a cop out to solve a strange rash of crimes and solve his father's mysterious murder. The game treats itself like a movie, with frequent dialogue and cinematics, a soundtrack filled with some of rap's heavy hitters, and some surprising voiceover talent, like Christopher Walken and Snoop Dogg.

The missions given to you tend to involve shooting up or beating up (there is a big distinction between gun fighting and kung fu) a room full of bad guys, or simply have you racing against the clock in your car. In between, you can roam around and solve simple street crimes (mugging, car jackings, etc), or earn upgrades for your driving, shooting, and fighting abilities. The upgrade mechanism is important because while it's an entertaining way to add new gameplay elements several hours in, the early game leaves you with so few moves that the game is hard, or worse, boring. The game also features a Good-Cop/Bad-Cop karma system that rewards or punishes you for doing the right or wrong thing. Arrest criminals in non-lethal manner to get better endings, or terrorize the populace and have both citizens and police turn on you.

While it can be an entertaining take on the Grand Theft Auto genre, True Crime tends to suffer from hit and miss execution. For every compelling game element, there's another equally awful one. There are several mission types that are completely devoid of any fun, melee fighting favors button mashing even after the nearly-useless string of upgrades, and the controls and camera seem to work against you more often than for you. Ultimately, hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans and the infinitely patient may be in for a treat, but everyone else is advised to think twice about this game.--Jon "Safety Monkey" Grover


  • Variety of mission types keeps game from getting overly repetitive
  • Karma system and plenty of alternate cinematics add to replay value
  • Excellent voice work and above average graphics
  • Controls feel sloppy and the camera will make you want to punch out your TV
  • Certain mission-types are just plain boring
  • Melee fighting favors button mashing over thought-out, timed attacks
  • Take command to undercover task force to stop Chinese and Russian gangs
  • Drive, fight and blast your way through a massive array of unpredictable missions
  • martial arts, and an ask questions later arsenal, and improve skills as you progress

Customer Reviews:

  • cloning is wrong!!!!
    this is what i like to call a wannabe. wannabe games leach off the success of blockbuster games, such as, o i dont kow, GTA!! this game is exactly what GTA is, except your a cop instead of a villian. GTA now has a double pack, thats both GTA 3 and vice city for less than this one steaming pile of wannabe. GTA will do everything this game trys to much better, and you'll feel like a bad ass a long the way, instead of some tool with crappy one liners....more info
  • Car, Guns, and Violence
    This game can be comparred GTA: Vice City but no helicopters or motorcycles and the music could be better. But the storyline makes up for it the classic cop seeking the truth to what happened to his father. The guns also are good the upgrade are ok and the fighting is fine. But one draw back is when you are fighting a major boss you cannot use your guns. The best part is you cannot die. But if you are looking for a replacement For GTA this is not your game. If you want a roaming game or just a way to releive tyou stress (go on a killing spree) this is your game. The senless violence and language aside I do not really understand how this game revived the rating that it did. There is no blood in the game, expect for the final movie...more info
  • Great graphics.
    I am in no way a big video game buff.... I have a PS2 and have only played this a couple times because I don't have much free time to play. But from what I have played the game is fun, and the graphics are really amazing. Oh and the fact that I got a brand new one for 8 bucks from the Amazon marketplace makes it even better!...more info
  • Kick-ass martial arts/action hybrid
    True Crime was the game back in fall, 2003 which everyone believed to be the next GTA clone. Truth is, the driving in this game feels familiar if you've been playing GTA3 and Vice City to death. The story of the game puts you, the player, as Nick Kang--a cop whose main job in the game is to bust and kill, and to solve his father's murder. The good cop/bad cop meter is one of those factors that keep True Crime and the GTA games separate. This also makes way for alternate endings. You don't get the same ending as a good cop if you're a bad one.

    LA is so huge--free-roaming in over 200 square miles also never gets old. You can learn to fight people John Woo style and take people as human shields. Arresting criminals raises your good cop meter--and killing them raises your bad cop meter.

    Mission after mission, True Crime keeps going like no other game. The game's strong point is its branching storyline--and added to which, if you don't like rap music--you're going to outright despise the game's soundtrack. The voice acting is better than expected, and the graphics are incredibly realistic and smooth as silk.

    To set things straight, there are no motorcycles, no helicopters and certainly no speedboats. If you can learn to accept the fact that LA isn't the same as Vice City or Liberty City, there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy True Crime: Streets of LA....more info

  • Bad BAD BAD
    Total rip off. Bad bad bad. if yo want a realy good action game, get The Lord of the Rings ROTK or Vice city or something. Tis game is terriblie, just dont get it and rate it badly if you get the chance to warn people about wasting their cash on a bad game.!!!...more info
  • Iight
    i think this game was iight........i actually think it was great for a first game ( if you dont agree look at GTA 1 ) i think they could of done a little bit better with the glitches in the game but overall everything was great.......u should buy it...more info
  • Fun, free-roaming urban action for a cheap price.
    THE SHORT: A free-roaming game similar to Grand Theft Auto but with enough personality and uniqueness to stand on its own. A clich¨¦d storyline and some control issues mar things, but its addictive gameplay and flexible mission style make it worth playing.

    THE LONG: When this game was released, some unfairly called it a GTA clone. Sure they're both about grabbing any car that comes along and moving about a large city, taking on missions and causing havoc. But True Crime is definitely different. To begin with, in TC you star as a police officer, and your missions revolve around trying to solve an increasingly complex case. And unlike GTA, your role as a "good guy pushed to the edge" allows you to play as a good or bad cop depending on your actions. Being good (not killing people or attacking innocent civilians, etc) earns you higher rewards that allow the purchase of dozens of upgrades to your character, guns, and cars. But being bad takes away those points, and if you want any of the better stuff you have to work back up. The nice thing about True Crime is that you're allowed to play both ways, whenever you choose. Street crimes happen regularly, and it's up to you how you handle every one of them.

    Similarly unique to this game is the mission structure, which is actually better than GTA. In that series, once you're on a mission you either fail or succeed, and while there are sometimes more than one place at a time to get missions, if you can't beat them then you're stuck to keep trying. In TC, you're often given the choice to keep playing the storyline even if you fail. On these occasions you're given an alternate cinema scene and may even have a slightly different next mission. This will eventually usually lead you to one of the more negative endings, but it's way better than just hitting the wall of a tough mission and playing it repeatedly until you get it right. It should also be noted that, unlike GTA, you can replay any mission in the game at any time.

    One similarity to GTA is the way these goals are set up. In both games you are introduced to the mission by way of a cinema scene, and then you are given control to access your next goal, usually at your own pace. In both games you're free to roam around and steal cars or rough up civilians, but this is another instance in which TC is, at least, more flexible than GTA: In this game, events such as driving to a bar, having a fight, then chasing a fleeing suspect are each their own individual events. This means that, with the option to replay a level anytime, if you got killed chasing that suspect you can just replay that part instead of starting over all the way back at square one, the "driving to a bar" segment. And being that the game auto-saves after every successful mission segment, you're constantly making progress and can pick up where you left off and leave chasing that suspect until after dinner. Some would argue that this makes the game a little too easy, which is true- Vice City and San Andreas are more difficult. But they're also more frustrating sometimes.

    Aside from the story, the meat of the game boils down to what you're doing between missions. Personally this is my favorite part of the game. For one thing, you get a giant scale version of Los Angeles and all its suburbs. I'm not from California but I was stranded on an L.A. street corner at 3 am, and I was able to locate this very intersection in the game, looking very accurate. In this large city, you can pat down citizens for contraband or attack them outright at the touch of a button, or if that's not your bag then you can wander on foot or in a car and take on the random street crimes. About once every thirty seconds or so, there will be armed muggers to bust, stolen buses to stop, street races to interrupt, and so on. And again, it's up to you to either do it right (shooting that mugger in the arm) or get some bad cop points (shooting the mugger in the head through the victim's torso). The freedom to roam and have this power and take on these endless crimes is, in my opinion, addictive thanks to the fluid animation, smooth controls, and unpredictability of each situation. Sometimes that catfight will turn into a full-on gun battle, and again, it's up to you how to handle it. A stat menu keeps track of your every action, so you can see just how many of those people you frisked were carrying (with a percentage display of how good your guesswork is).

    Lastly, the game's presentation. The graphics are pretty good and the animation smooth, even though it's a couple years old at the time of this writing. There's loads of dialogue that's synched up well, though much of it is straight out of B level hard-boiled cop movies. It's tongue in cheek, but I couldn't help laughing when an important character leapt in front of me in dramatic slow-mo while yelling "Noooo" and taking a bullet. The sound effects are pretty crisp, but the music is straight-up rap unless you get the Xbox version and use your own soundtrack. The controls are decent (with a much more thorough martial arts fighting system than anything out of GTA) but the camera is almost always a pain. It's movable, but it almost never seems to stay where you want it as you run around the streets changing directions.

    In all, if you're a fan of action games or GTA then you should give this game a shot (Spider-Man 2, by the same team, share some similarities with this game as well). It's older now so you can find it for ten bucks or less, which at 10-30 hours of gameplay is not bad at all.
    ...more info
  • Activision At Its Worst
    I was extremely disappointed with this game. I had been waiting for True Crime to come out for over a year, and it was not worth it. In fact, it wasn't even worth waiting for at all! The guns you get are cheesy, the voice acting is TERRIBLE, and it totally killed Max Payne and Grand theft auto since you were, for some reason a supercop who could dodge bullets and hijack cars. I am being honest with you, this is the worst game I have ever played in my life, and I have played lots of games on all the systems. The soundtrack was really bad. I am a huge fan of rap music, but the rap music they put in the game was poor. Really poor. There is no free roam, you must always be playing a mission while playing True Crime. You cannot just wander around aimlessly. The Hand-to-Hand combat is fantastically frustrating, since you can barely hit the guy when you swing at him. Your supercop chraracter "Nick Kang" also has the ability to make up the most retarded disses of all time like: "I could have done that with one hand," "I told you my kung foo is better, didn't I?",and Haha whodaman?" they might sound ok now, but the way he says it is like your dad saying "Whats up dawg to your best friend." If you really want to play this game, RENT IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Grand Theft Auto meets, well.. Nothing, really.
    It's obvious that a lot of this game was inspired by the success of the Grand Theft Auto games. It's also obvious that a lot of work went into the game. Yet somehow, it still falls short of the games it tries to surpass.

    The graphics in this game seem a bit cleaner than Vice City.. There's no blurry movements, there's no slowdown, the character models look impressive. The car models are somewhat lacking in detail, until you smash them up. Seems they gain more character when they're nearly on fire.

    The sound in the game is quite good. Character voices are well done, and while I'm not a fan of the soundtrack, the music fits the theme of the game. The speech of people on the street when you run past them, pull out your guns, or punch them in the face is entertaining, and takes a while to get boring. The downside to the sound, however, is some of the main character's dialogue becomes repetetive and boring somewhat quickly.

    The gameplay is an interesting side of the game. If you play through the story mode, you can get bored somewhat quickly. The real fun of the game is playing with friends, "borrowing" cars, and causing trouble....more info

  • Not as good as Vice City
    This game is very good but lets face it, it is a rip off of Grand Theft Auto:Vice City. that is probably the worst thing in this game. Another thing bad about this game has horrible controls, and the music is all rap and rap sucks,but it does do the combat, graphics, andit has bulletime so that makes it interesting. Overall, this game is worth getting if you don't own Vice City. Take my word for it....more info
  • i have never played this game b4...
    but my friend rented it for a week, and he said it is better than GTA3 and GTA: Vice City. which i was surprised because i have heard this game blows. but gta is amazing and my friend owns gta: vice city, so TRUE CRIME must be great game! nice work...more info
  • Max Payne/Dead to Rights/ Grand Theft Auto killer? PLEASE!
    Everyone( including me )was thinking that True Crime would crush the afforementioned titles, but they were wrong. DEAD wrong. In attempting to seamlessy blend in elements of Max Payne, Dead to Rights, and Grand Theft Auto, they forgot several things-story, replay value, and controls. The replay value consists of playing as Snoop Dogg. Whoop-de-stinkin-doo. The controls, while aren't the worst kind of controls, they definitely should have been tweaked better to outmatch GTA,MP, or DTR. The driving isn't bad, but it certainly not going to beat Grand Theft Auto. The fighting is very weak,depending on button-mashing more than skill and the moves are extremely slow, unlike Dead to Rights, which requires actual skill. And finally, the shooting. The aiming is cumbersome and will require patience and a keen eye. Plus, it rips off both Dead to Rights and Max Payne with the slow-mo dodge, but fails to outdo either one. Also, is it just me or does every pedestrian fight like they've spent time in a Shaolin temple? Believe me, you'll be in tears when you're getting (...)kicked by winos and Martha Stewarts-lookalikes. The soundtrack is supposedly made up of rap songs. I'm not a big fan of rap or Snoop Dogg. However, only the rock songs are the good songs on here. Now, aside from all the nit-picking I've done, there is some good here. The shooting system allows you to pick up 2 guns at once( for example, you could have an M-16 in one hand and a shotgun in the other ) which is kind of fun. One thing the driving does have on GTA is the ability to aim inside your car, which is neat too. The graphics are pretty good. The voice talent, consisting of Christopher Walken, Michelle Rodriguez and Michael Madsen, is interesting to hear. Unfortunately, the bad outweights the good. If you're smart, you'll either rent True Crime or go and buy Max Payne, Dead to Rights, or GTA. They may be slighty older games, but they're definitely a lot better than True Crime. (...)...more info
  • This game is truly awful. Don't buy and don't rent.
    My high expectations for this game were shattered after I played it. This game does not boast any positive aspects that I can think of, therefore I will mention the cons. First off, the car physics are atrocious. Or better yet I should deduce that there are no car physics. It seems like the developers spent no time trying to make this feel realistic. Taking corners doesn't have a solid or natural feel. The car usually turns too sharply. The fighting is equally lack luster and repetitive. When I say repetive, people that are reading this and have played the game are nodding their heads in agreement, because repetitive is the perfect word to describe the fighting. You'll press a couple buttons, maybe you'll have a gun at times, but it never induces a feeling of fun. I found myself randomly pressing buttons just waiting for the adversaries to die. When you want the game to end after a half hour of playing, it means it's time to hand the control to some unsuspecting victim and get away while you can. Luckily I played this game at my friend's house. And he was borrowing it from another friend, so neither of us had any money deficits to complain about. Dropping $50 on a game like this would be unfortunate. I truthfully cannot recommend this game to anyone. I would not even recommend it to my worst enemies because playing this game is too harsh of a punishment. If you want to see how bad it is you are free to rent it, just be aware of how much fun you are not going to have....more info
  • perfect f*ckin game mother f***cker!!
    to be a f*ckin funny blinfolded smokin' donkey type in JASS as yo licence plate b*tch!!!...more info
  • True Crime Streets of Los Angeles (LA)
    This game is one that you can have completed in a short amount of time, and thereofre can become samish. Although this is the case i quite liked it and allways play it myself, a much liked game, you need to be a good virtual driver though hehe. Overall v.good and lots of fun!!

    kmf aged 14...more info
  • does'nt come close to Grand Theft Auto
    True Crime;Streets of LA looked like a nice game,so I decided to rent it.I really had high expectations for this game.I started playing it, and I did enjoy it.

    But the missions are the most rubbish,boring and stupid ever.Not to mention the controls.Driving a car was so hard,the camera was terrible.

    But the one thing that really bugs me is the feel of the city.The gta cities had such a nice feel,I could go on playing for hours.The solving street crimes was interesting at first,but it soon got boring.

    My final thoughts on this game:You should rent it first,like I did,just in case you don't like it.The grand theft auto's were amongst my favourite game's ever,this one is certainly not....more info
  • True Crime- The worst game you'll ever play!!!!
    (...) I would rather die then play this game. It is so unreal! Cops can not walk up to a guy on the sidewalk, and run him over, turning him into a pile of goo, or shoot his face in. On the positive side, the graphics for this game were fair. But because of all the negatives, this game isn't worth a penny! If you rate this higher than 1 star, you were drunk, stoned[.](...) Last words: Terrible game- Never buy, even if your life depends on it!(...)...more info
  • Awseome Game, maybe 2 short?
    So what it's not better than GTA, its still really tight. The driving controls are a bit frisky but you'll get used to them. The camera annoys the crap out of me. But, the only other flaw is that theirs not actually 100 missions. Their are lots of movies which are cool, but lets play the game.The kung-fu will get repetitive. Rounding up this game is tight and should efiantly be a keeper.
    P.S. dont expect this game to be as good as GTA, youll' get pretty P.O.' D...more info
  • real cop reviews police games
    ok. well first let me say i had a good time with this game. it would be a better world if real police officers wrote reviews about police type games instead of some moron who has no idea of what being a cop is like. the graphics and realism of the city is unbelieveable. better than vice city, better than gtaIII, better than dead to rights. (although dead to rights story was fantastic).

    pros of true crime:
    as the main character you are able to choose from 4 different hot vehicles in the police impound to drive (unlock code needed) get it at gamestop or another cheat code provider.

    many cheat and unlockables available to make game more fun and interesting.

    city of la makes you feel like you are really in la.

    back to the unlockables you are able to play as different characters instead of just nick

    good cop bad cop rating makes game more intertaining and gives gamer the option of doing the right hing or being "dirty"

    chris walken great voice over, and props to snoop dogg for lending his one of kind voice

    being able to search people on the street for drugs and weapons without having probable cause.(only if real life were like this)

    wide array of guns available.

    women in game are hott hott hott!!!

    cons of true crime:
    camera angles suck!!

    during the hand to hand fighting good luck, people are extremely hard to fight and actually win. may have to fight same person 2 or 3 times before you beat them. even street thugs like to fight hard.

    too many street crimes happening right away, just after you finish one crime another breaks out right near you. makes it hard to complete a mission and move on especially if you can't just ignore crimes.

    missions are drawn out if you are going for a good cop rating, too short if your going for bad cop.

    overall scale of 1-10 10 being the ultimate this game falls short in too many areas. graphics help but too many problems to piss some one off. overall 6....more info
  • True Crime: A Major Bust
    OK, this has to be the worst game of all time. Really unrealistic to it's title, especially because of the part where u have to fight a BLOODY DRAGON. omg that is the dumbest thing ever. also, the part where u have unlimited ammo... ya, that's not quite right. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!...more info
  • a realist game
    i aint into video games much much wen i got dis game it was screamin good i live in los angeles and its all lookin real the freeways r exactly alike n i also got me the gta 3 n VC an i think dat this is better than those its madd hott get this title but it kould use some improvement. out here in LA there are alot of gangbangers krazy cars lowriders and streets that r move lively than these it could use sum work.
    but it still tha bomb not alotta weapons.if there kould be a weapon system like in gta VC were u kan switch weapons and gangs r heavy in la so the game could make gangsta wearin gang colors but, again it aint perfect but its still good buy it, shoplift it, do wateva an get dis....more info
  • I love this game
    This game rocks!! I love it!! It's graphics are not that great, but it's fun, the story is a little off, but it doesn't matter the game makes up for it in the missions!! YOU MUST BUY IT!!...more info
  • Moderatley good, extremely confusing
    True Crime: Streets of LA has been compared to the Grand Theft Auto series, but in reality, this game couldn't be farther from it. True Crime doesn't break any new barriers with its gameplay, but it does offer some unique options. The best part of the game, in my opinion, are the optional street crimes that can be solved while rebel cop Nick Kang is cruising around the streets of LA. These crimes offer the most options involved in the game's often muddled and routine missions. Nick Kang himself doesn't offer the true badass image the game wants him to have, which hurts this type of game. The story itself is the weakest part of the game. It's so confusing that by the fourth mission, I really had no idea what was going on, nor did I care. The ability to skip certain missions and have it affect the ending of the game is a great concept, but it's unfortunate it's wasted in this mess. True Crime: Streets of LA offers great abilities in the often routine gaming experience of shoot 'em up storytellers, but in the end, falls short....more info
  • Rather sloppy, lackluster imitation of GTA/Dead to Rights
    Many have written much on this game, so I will try to keep this brief and avoid repeating what's been stated. This game has the right elements for a good game, and even a storyline that's just solid enough to lay the foundation for an interesting game, but Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, it's not. It's not even on the level of Dead to Rights. Some levels are just plain too short making you feel more like a passenger than the one in charge -- you take down a foe and the game quickly jumps to a long cutscene, making you feel like an observer to the action. It doesn't have the feel, the tension, the sense of inhabiting a real world as you experience playing "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." It feels too much like a game, and can feel flimsy and flat; it just doesn't have the depth or passion/vision to pull you in. In contrast, GTA feels like an experience.
    True Crime doesn't know what it wants to be: or, more accurately, it wants to be GTA but falls far short. Sure, it's good to have lofty ideas, but when you fall short, you usually fall hard. Perhaps, in contrast, that's why Jet Li's "Rise to Honor" succeeds: it may be simple and straightforward and even a throwback to games from the 80s/Nintendo 8-bit era, but it doesn't overstep its bounds and gives you a fun, entertaining game with enough variety levels (some times, you're shooting down enemies stalking an alley, others you're taking down groups of thugs armed with bats/4x4s with your martial arts skills, running away from a helicopter, dodging bullets, hiding behind furniture/cabinets/cubicles as you run from one side of a office building floor to another, fighting a boss in a gas-filled room, or against a boss while your friend is hanging on the edge of a balcony as you fight against time to save your friend, etc. etc.) The makers of True Crime, if they don't improve their execution on their next outing, could learn something from "Rise to Honor," which is a must-have for Jet Li fans and possibly even for older gamers in their late 20s or early 30s....more info
  • Please..!! -Please..!! -Don't play this game..? -Tiring.
    Please..! -What ever you do..! -Do not buy this freaking game..?
    I've played this game..? -This was one of the stupedist games
    that rip-off; -Grand Theft Auto II; -and; -IV..! -I don't understand the people ho really abdore this game so much..?

    I wish I understand why..!! -The Graphic's of this game look
    really good..! -I've played threw all the level's of the game..?
    But; -it really stressed me out when I had two do more getting
    out a gun; -and; -shoot the same characters in a heavy fight
    dispute..? -Every once in a while in the game..?

    You are; -Nick Cang..! -I hope I got that right..!! -You play
    Nick..! -Ho is the baddest Rookie cop in the L.A. -P.D. -Ho
    father was a good cop..! -But was short lived..! -And; -Suddenly..! -You are called back two duty after a brief
    suspension by your boss..! -A; -black; -female; -cheif of
    Police..! -Played by; -C.C.H. -Pounder..! -PSYCHO IV: -THE
    NIGHT.." -Lend's her talent; -and; -voice..! -Two this

    Game..! -I've bet the black; actress..! -Did not get paid
    much in making of this game..? -She wastes her performance
    that don't add up two the game..? -I don't care if you
    don't believe; -or not..! -Nick goes out on each

    Searching for evidence that will set him up..? -I hope I
    did not spoil this game for you..? -If I did..!! -I'm
    really; -sorry..!! -I've played; -some of the toughest
    level's..! -Their dang two long..! -Really easy; -Yeah..!
    the gun is no good..! -You keep on getting killed a dang
    lot every time you shoot a enemy..? -Like in the club
    with the stripper's..! -I've wish one of the strippers
    cooed have help out..! -Nick..! -Instead..! -Two much

    Oriented; -Fighting..! -I aint going two describe every
    detail of the game..! -But; -but; -the; -ending..!! -I've
    went up two the building as I shot a lot of Sniper's
    shooting at me..? -Then this dorky Jap boss..! -Hit's
    me hard..! -The ending is down right a cheat..!

    This game does not do justice two; -Grand Theft
    Auto.. -III; -and; -IV.. -Stick with; -The
    Grand Theft Auto's..! -Which I enjoyed; -beaten..?

    The best..! -I hope my review was helpfull two you..?

    Please..!! -Please..!! -Don't get this a negative..?...more info

  • What's All The Fuss About???
    I'm not gone diss the game, I'm just gone state the facts. The graphics are realistic and LA is mapped out real good. But that don't make up for the story line. It's too empty, you won't know whats goin on, and ait gone care. The fight system aint nothin like Dead to Rights, cause all you do is mash the buttons endlessly, it don't take skill or strategy. Drivin is a pain in the ass, nothin like Grand Theft Auto. The shootin is best part, but sad too. You only get two guns that you gotta upgrade, and you gotta shoot sparingly cause if you dont you get a Bad Cop rating and wont beat the game. On top of that It only takes a weekend to beat it. And for fifty bucks you want a lot more than two days of play. The soundtrack is rap music, and thats a plus cause I love rap. I think where they messed most is the fact that the main character is a cop in the first place. It aint like Vice City where you drive around kill people for fun and run from police all day it's nothin like that. To me the city is extra big for nothin cause it's no reason to explore it. Once you play it for a while the game just aint fun, cause the whole time you playin you expectin the game to be somethin it's not, and never gone be.
    PS. I tried not to diss it was too hard not to....more info
  • 4 out of 5
    This game is for when all you wanna do is bullshlt for a bit.. mad fun to play as snoop dogg...more info
  • my true crime adventure
    my true crime adventure is game got great grapics.and bad camera view.the the most part is the game adventous.true crime reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal is cool.but when you keep on playing it starts to get bording.but the game is really cool cause when you get your civil meter up then the po po and pimp,ho's,gangers start trying to kill you.and what's really cool is the storyline and the kick-ass cars they give you.and what really cool is the fighting and the kick-ass moves you get. and what's really cool is the missons like the one when your in the strip club and fight the ho's and the club owner. and when sneak into the spa and fight all thessssse niggas. and then have to shoot up those same niggas. that right thuu....ur.and the music is to....more info
  • good but overrated
    i got this game a few months ago and i completed it in a few weeks and aint picked it up since. i found some of the missions in it a bit repttive and i got frustrated with alot of them as well but overall it is a good game that is fun but u would probabbly be better borowing this game of a friend rather than buying it in my opinion...more info
  • sounds good
    i havent played this game yet, but by, i dunno, disyphering the past reviews i got this game is ment to be a GTA 3 spoof, but it isnt, and instead delivers on a different level, allthough it has low gameplay, it is fun, and afterwoods you get to drive around stopping crime!
    The all rap soundtrack wont be good, i, myself, dislike rap, greatly, it wouldve been good to have some rock, and some chatter-box like talkshows, the unlimited ammo sounds good, but it might get boring.
    The main problem with this game seems to be some dragon youve gotta fight, sounds kinda strange to me, i dont think thatll be that fun, and a whole undead level? WTF? I cant say im all that amped about the snoop dog characted, but who knows, mabey hell have a bit more beef in the game?
    No rocket launcher?! nooooooo!Mega bummer.
    Ive heard that the cars'll be really cool and stuff, but no motor cycles??!! that'll suk, im glad GCN's finally gettin a GTA like title, weve missed out on Tthe GTA games, even tho the GCN is all-round better then the PS2, and it pisses me of, mabey this game will open up rockstar gamings eyes! who knows?
    in short, im gonna get this game, cause im addicted to GTA
    korn-dude...more info
  • Virtual Reality Fantasy
    I am not a gamer at all but I got this game for Christmas to play on my kids PS2. I was into video games when I was a kid (Atari) but as an adult I lost interest. I can't put this one down. When I'm in my car after playing True Crime: Streets of LA I have an urge to speed through town driving on the sidewalks and running from the cops. I keep two personalities on my memory card. One I play the game as it was meant and the other I kill everyone and run from everyone trying to kill me. I hope they come out with True Crime: Streets of LA Two with the planes, helicopters and motorcycles I here about in Vice City. As for the dragon I haven't gotten there yet. Its fantasy. I am looking forward to the dragon....more info
  • This Game Sucks
    I rented this game thinking that it was gonna be the next big game. Instead I realized that I was gonna have to pray to God that this would be one of those gifts I DIDNT get for Christmas even thought I asked for it. And what happened I got it anyway. So you know what came next- the day long search for the receipt. Luckily I found it and didnt have to keep this horrible game. (...)The only good part about the game was the driving and it still isnt worth 49.99 . (...)...more info
  • True Crime: Streets of LA
    This is a very fun video game which has every single street in downtown and the western urban area of Los Angeles.

    Nicholas Kang Wilson, after suspended from the LAPD, is recruited by the Elite Operations Division to solve reduntant, violent crimes committed by an oriental gang known as Ancient Wu's Triad. The Triad and Russian mob have been laundering money for North Korea.

    This game, unlike most video games, boasts a high moral value: If you are a "bad cop" and kill innocents, you loose Good/Bad Cop points. If you attempt to complete a mission but cannot, you can continue through the story. However, not completing every mission (you cannot do a mission differently after failing one) will cause you to progress to the worst or average ending. If you have a good cop status and complete all episodes 100%, you will progress to the Best Ending.

    Every 100 points you eran, whether completing missions our solving crimes in Drive-To missions, you receive a badge. A badge can be spent at a 24/7 facility to earn new martial arts, weapon parts and car moves. If you complete a mission, you earn a Bonus Cruisin' where you aquire weapons, cars and grapple moves.

    Overall this is a great video game.

    ...more info
  • One of the worst PS2 game ever
    Overrated and boring game is a real waste of money and time that it makes Kingdom Hearts look like a masterpiece. A policeman kills people on the streets,jacks car,and shoots anyone one with a gun. This game gets old very fast and the camera angles make this game hard to play. The graphics are good and the missions are decent but the real reason this stinks is because those annoyning camera angles. Please play at your own risk but do not buy this. True Crime is real crime to release this at stores for children/teens to waste their parents or their money own. ...more info
  • LOL at this game
    Sheesh the game was so easy I beat it in one day. The gameplay sucked! It even allows you to skip some levels. Pass on this game....more info
  • mad fun
    i think this game is freakin awsum. altho the story gets weird near the end i think its worth 20 buks and the city is freakin huge i like the cars and the ability to search people...more info
  • Entertaining, but NOT all that its cracked up to be
    A few weeks ago after sucumbing to the pressures of my slowly depriciating PC I picked up a brand new PS2. I debated what game to play, and as a fan of the GTA series (of which I have played extensively on the PC) I decided to give this game a chance. Suckered in by the slick advertising campagin and cool premise (what could be better than a GTA-style driving game, with Max Payne style gun battles and an integrated fighting system) I went home, eager to hook up my new system and give this game a shot. While I have not been disappointed per se, the game is also not what I expected. First of all the pros:
    -Incredible graphics (the game has some slick cut scenes, and overall the graphics are pretty cool. Not mind blowing mind you, but quite well done.)
    -The Missions (while some might quibble over battling demons and dragons in a game entitled "True Crime", the missions as a whole are quite enjoyable, and it has a surprisingly interesting story. In this respect it is far more akin to a cheesy Hollywood action movie than a "serious" game (I would recommend "Mafia" for those interested in a great game with a cool, believable story line). If you can suspend your disbelief to dodge sniper bullets in slow motion, take out twenty guys in five seconds and use limitless ammo then you should have no problem fighting a dragon and other mythological Chinese creatures. Sure you'll probably blow through the missions in this game quite quickly, but the added features of being a good cop (stopping crime gains you points) or a bad cop (blowing away civilians, shooting criminals in the head instead of taking out a knee cap) allows for the possibility of multiple endings. In addition, the free driving mode (ala GTA) is pretty cool. Essentially, you respond to emergency calls that range from simple muggings, to prostitute street brawls, and domestic disturbances. These random encounters are probably one of the strongest aspect of the game and you never know what you might encounter (is the little old lady involved in the altercation on the street going to whip out a gun and start blasting away?)
    Overall, though the missions (even with the free driving) may not maintain the playibility of Vice City (you'll likely be tired of this game in a few weeks) it is enjoyable none the less.

    That being said, here are the cons:

    -Poor style of game play. (This game promises so much, essentially portraying itself as a driving, shooting, fighting game. Sadly, ALL THREE elements are lacking. The driving lacks the finese and control of GTA (a game which still maintains the bar for this genre), the shooting while enjoyable at times due to the "bullet time" aspect (ala Max Payne 1 and 2) and the slow motion targeting mechanism, also suffers from a terrible control system, that makes targeting anoying (auto-targeting is terrible and far too easy) and the unlimited ammo feature for me detracted from the games appeal. The fighting elements also are sadly lacking. What could have been an elegant system (ala Virtua Fighter) of combos, special moves and attacks, essentially devolves into a bunch of random button pushing that is far more entertainng to watch, than it is to actually play. I appreciate the "learning" elements (you go to a dojo to learn new moves, or the firing range to pick up new weapons) the combos themselves are limited and boring. Even given the range of possible attacks in this game, I still found Vice City far more entertaining with its simple punching and boot stomping elements. A sad sign indeed that this game is lacking in that particular aspect.

    Overall, I would actually rate this game as 3.75 stars out of 5. When it works it works and you will be blown away, but when it sucks, it sucks hard and you'll be wondering when the hell Rockstar is going to put out in the next instalment in the GTA franchise. This is definitely a game I would recommend RENTING, or buying when the cost has gone down, but as a new game I would not recomend shelling out the rather expensive price tag......more info

  • Not as good as GTA:Vice City
    Controls are awkard especially driving and shooting. GTA does pretty much everything better....more info
  • Dead To Rights Meets GTA!
    My buddy loves the GTA games, so when this game out he had to get. He didn't like it that much, so he bought it over to my house. At first I hated the game to, but after playing it some more I loved it. The controls seem bad the first you pick them, but like most games if you give them time there fine. The missions are not as good as GTA, but when it comes to just joy riding True Crime is much more fun. And as always the slow-mo dive rocks. If your sick of cops coming after you every time you hit some one, you'll have a hell of a time with this game. Give True Crime a chance and you well like it. Can you handle True Crime? Come on get up let me see your bruises....more info
  • Nick kang arrive's at the crime scene
    This was a fun game but it was just a GTA remake in los angelas. This game was fun at first but gotten to a point where it's just like GTA! But i liked it better then GTA cause the picture quality is great and the rest has better view, meaning that GTA has a small view and the picture quality is not that good. This game gotten kinda boaring after i beaten the game, and the storymode was good to kinda strange but good, the people in this game look's weird and you can play as snoopdogg in this game but it really did'nt matter to me if you can play as him but this game was good....more info
  • True Crime
    This game isn't the best like vice city or those games. YOu should get it but if you want the best game wait for the new grand thef auto which i insure will be much better. this game is short and its not worth $50 if its on sale then buy it but dont buy it for 50 dolars. THis game has bad driving skills. If your on a street a car wont stop they will just hit you and that brings down your health which isnt a good thing. This game isnt awful but its not the ultimate either. you should buy this game cause it is good since you could drive around. The cars are good but the place isnt, you cant go in any bulding and they look fake like they were in driver1 & 2. so the graphics arn't so good but still buy it cause its better than those other games....more info
  • Great graphics, but lacks the fun of GTA games
    I got True Crime Streets of LA for Christmas and for a while I enjoyed playing it.
    But the down fall with this game is the fact that it fails to hold the fun in playing the game.

    Where Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City keep you coming back for more. True Crime doesn't really keep that interest, once the missions are over, all you can do is go round searching people and busting peoples butts who may have been just a little naughty.
    Bikes and Helicopters would have been a great feature which Grand Theft Auto Vice City managed.
    But a greater array of weapons like rocket launchers and grenades would have made it more enjoyable too.

    It seems every gaming company is trying to make the next Grand Theft Auto game, a word of advice to the game companys leave it to Rock Star if you however want to a slighty different game and want to play cop instead of criminal then your probably like this game.
    But this beats The Getway by a mile.

    I rated
    True Crime Streets of LA 85%
    The Getway 50%
    Grand Theft Auto 3 90%
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City 99%...more info

    TrueCrime:Streets Of L.A. was not as good as i thought it would be,I thought it would beat Grand Theft Auto:Vice City when it was my favorate there is only 3 games that beat GTA:Vice City and they are GTA:San Andreas,Driver 3(DRIV3R) & The GetaWay 2:Black Monday.Mafia and TrueCrime:SOL.A. are just rubbish compared to these.It still had good points like arresting people and you can get cops after you even though you are a cop just by doing the dirty on the streets lie head shots,killing people,blowing up cars killing police men while they are in persuit and they come with heavy guns.another good thing is the exact same game is on MS XBox and Nntdo GameCube.When it comes to guns its like The GetaWay 1(Which is older and is also a better game you can not hold every gun you find and put them in magic trousers like in GTA games& Driver 3 instead when your gun runs out you drop it and take your pistols out.The missions were boring but all lead to different ends also you could learn some kick butt moves like Karate`.
    OVERALL:This game was good but no matck for the GTA,The GetaWay or Driver games
    P.S. I heard there is a new game coming out called TrueCrime:New York City thats all i know and its comin` out for PS2,GC & XB i hope that lives to most of the hype and gets it self along the best yet 3 games(GTA:SA,The GetaWay:Blk Mndy & Driver 3)
    REMEMBER! rent,lend or temporaly swap any game before buy,even on bestsellers like GTA,Driver or Getaway y` never know you might not like them and this goes for any game thats made.
    bye...more info
  • Typical Activision game -- as many good points as bad.
    Aside from the obvious Grand Theft Auto comparisons, this game reminds me of a recent Activision game I played -- X-Men Legends. While their playability and quality are generally okay, both contain frustratingly crappy points that seriously chip into your enjoyment.

    True Crime is so much a Grand Theft Auto clone that accusations of imitation are futile -- if that is a problem for you, you shouldn't be considering this game in the first place.

    The pros:

    - good audio and visual detailing. Pedestrians talk in a variety of characterizations, and their responses to your actions are pleasingly diverse.
    - Angelenos take note: The geographical details of Los Angeles are very impressive. They obviously used a real L.A. map down to street names. In the game, I drove through two areas of L.A. I've lived in, and they nailed every single major street name (with the requisite modifications, "Street" for "Avenue", etc.). While non-L.A. denizens won't appreciate this point as much, Angelenos will get a massive extra kick out of this -- they'll be able to get around town without using a map.
    - Michelle Rodriguez provides voice work. Enough said.
    - I tend not to like driving games, but the driving engine in this game is simpler and a little easier to grasp. And I think it was wise that the designers chose to forego many of the narrow side streets, widening them to accommodate game mechanics. Too many narrow streets was one thing I didn't like about Grand Theft Auto III, and True Crime's street design makes getting around less of a pain, thus inviting you to more readily explore the city design.
    - The radar is a lot less confusing than GTA III's, so it's easier not to be confused while driving.
    - Good array of weapons.
    - The game keeps you in the know about how many story branches you've missed or acquired, and permits you to replay missions any time you please. Also, you're given the choice to skip many missions and continue the story. That's heavenly -- it means if you're not good at certain types of missions, you still have a game to play.

    Now the cons:

    - As in X-Men Legends, the camera is abysmal. Activision somehow feels the need to make the camera a physical entity, and oftimes it will spin to behind a wall and refuse to move. I don't know why Activision always lets the game override your camera control (right analog stick), as in X-Men Legends, but this makes for some incredibly frustrating situations especially when you're fighting. No player likes getting shot to pieces just because the game camera feels like being stuck at an angle that prevents you from seeing your enemies.
    - The auto-target is crap as well. Sometimes you'll get enemies coming after you, but for some inexplicable reason they and their cars will end up in between houses, blocked off by a fence or a short wall. And for some reason, you can't shoot through wire fences (?). However, since auto target can't be stopped, if you have an enemy trying to shoot you from behind a fence, you'll be stuck aiming at him whether you like to or not, and unless there's another target to switch to, you'll forever be doing circles around an unkillable enemy. Beggars the old question: Did they actually bother to test this?
    - The hand-to-hand fighting system is boring and will give you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Why? Enemies are blocking 95 per cent of the time, and breaking their "blocking stance" is a matter of luck, not skill. You basically hit the buttons as fast as you can and hope they unblock in time for you to connect.
    - The stealth missions are unengaging, and the controls seems to gel up during these missions. You can hit the "stun attack" button and somehow not connect with an enemy one step away from you. And the "tailing" missions, where you have to follow enemy cars not too close but not too far either, are overlong, forcing you to whirl round and round to follow an enemy car that does ferris wheels all over town.
    - Highways have good, realistic access ramps, but not enough exits. I checked against the highways I knew in real life -- they got the entrances right but not the exits. Why?
    - I've owned it for a week and only played it for about three days, but it's frozen at least a dozen times by now. And as one internet user complained, the "manual target" function often fails to respond, which makes certain missions (eg. the "sniper" finales) unplayable.
    - The manual target doesn't work well even when it's available to you. When driving and shooting at the same time, you're required to co-ordinate about five buttons at the same time to shoot at enemy tires and gas tanks. Feels like you need octopus limbs to pull off. And having to hold down fire for manual target to kick in is a drag. Grand Theft Auto III, Syphon Filter and even Thirteen had better manual-target controls.
    - Horrible, drawn-out, amateurish voice acting from Christopher Walken. Just shut up already!

    As with X-Men Legends, there's enough fun to be had here to warrant three stars. But I can't help thinking that many of the above issues are easily fixable. I just hope that the strengths prevail and the problems alleviate come time for True Crime 2....more info
  • A game which had potential, instead, was covered with blemishes. It's okay for a GTA mimic.
    In this game your character is a cop named Nick Kang who is very independant and merciless. He is teamed up with a women that he cannot get along with in the EOD. Your job is to chase and track down murderers, drug dealers, and more. In this game, you can choose to be a good cop and bad cop. The more pedestrians you kill, the more your Bad Cop Rating lengthens. The more crooks you arrest, the more Good Cop Rating lengthens.

    This decides where you game is going to go. If you pass the missions as a good cop, you can unlock certain mission and being a bad cop can unlock others. You are allowed to have more than one game file, so it is yours to experiment. The game is made up of many small missions you must pass to unlock new ones. Sometimes you can skip ahead if you find one too hard, which is useful. The way the fighting works is, you are engaged in fights with people and whoever's health goes down loses. You can use your gun, and your punches, and kicks to pull off some combos.

    The driving is really fun. The car can actually get damaged and you can drive-by while in it. There are street crimes you can solve in between missions to make yourself a better cop and some missions require you to solve them. The sound in this game is pretty decent if you are into Rap music. If not, you don't have to hear it. There are flaws in the game which knock down it's rating. Nothing to do after the missions. All there is to do is re-do the missions. No multiplayer. It's not a good game for when you have company over.

    Another flaw is that you are only limited to what the mission tells you to. Some missions are outside which require to drive to a certain place, untimed. You can freeroam at that point. Kill some people. Arrest some people. Drive around. Crash cars. Graphics are decent.

    Pros: Good soundtrack ; Mission skipping ; Able to be good or bad.

    Cons: Game can feel bland, linear, and limiting at times ; Slo-mo is bad ; Fighting and shooting weren't that well thought out.

    Bottom line: This game has a lot of freedom in it, but do not be expecting a Grand Theft Auto.

    - Derek S. ...more info
    This game and its sequal suck so bad that i threw it to rot and when people ask me if i have got it i say no-as i forget that this game is even mine.ActiVision are usually good at games but-TrueCrime-Is one of the worst ever.Its trying to "combine" The Getaway and Grand Theft Auto-making a s(hitt)y flop of itself.
    Grand Theft Auto has two desent clones DRIVER and The Getaway-TrueCrime-hahh-I would rather play krappy old GTA1 on the PS1 than this.
    The car phycis suk,the characters suk,the storylines suk,the pedestrians think there hard but me as wimpy Nick kang can just run there Azzes over with a taxi.Even the medicre DRIV3R is like a game TrueCrime prays to be.
    Driver is GTAs biggest rival,The Getaway second,Sonic third,mario fourth,.........Oh and TrueCrap 1 millionth.
    I mean all Mario has to do to kill Kang is just throw a flower at him and he will start crying and dye!
    Oh and LA isn`t really where this game is set-its set in a ballet hall.yep Kang is the most prettiest dancer there!-well why shouldn`t it be-he ran all those hardcore pedestrians over with a taxi-and squashed their faces-so he can win the pink trophy and and play cops and robbers with Tanner,Tommy Vercetti,Claude Speed and Mark Hammond-But he thought it was a game!-They got fed up of him and shoved a grenade down his throat and when he ran his little legs to the EOD HQ the grenade exploded along with that fhat lady and the rest of em.Thats why we don`t play Nick in "Streets Of New York" we play Markus.
    So if Nick did survive he should also keep out of LA city
    Because thats where Tanner wrecklessly drives like a REAL radical man.and Kang might scream so loud that Tanner get angry and runs everyone over and gets the death penelty by electric chair.So he gets Nicked by Nicky Kang!
    play DRIVER,GTA,THE GETAWAY but not this!...more info
  • save your time and money
    this game blows gta driver halo 2 hell shrek game is better then this lol i say dont even rent it the only thang good about this game is the soundtrack which could have been better it the worst game to ever hit the shelves the gameplay sucks the storylice sucks and im so fed of those few people who say this is better then gta they are a BIG jackass and once again the only good thing on it is the music and if u dont like rap but you think this game looks cool you better turn the music OFF!!!!! man i just cant stand this game this shiet the only other good thing about this game is that you can be snoop dogg but anyways this game sucks(...)....more info


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