Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet

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Smaller doesn't mean less performance, wherein scrambled eggs, cornbread or seared chicken breasts are natural selections for these classic skillets.

The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking. Lodge's Logic line of cookware comes factory pre-seasoned with the company's vegetable oil formula, and is ready to use right out of the box. After cooking, simply scrub the cast iron with a stiff brush and hot water, no soap, and dry immediately.

Breakfast in particular somehow tastes extra hearty when cooked in a heavy cast-iron skillet. Cast iron loves a campfire, a stovetop, or an oven, and can slow-cook foods without scorching and sear meat at higher temperatures. On the small side at eight inches in diameter, this skillet cooks up a couple eggs or hamburgers, or a steak for one. The looped handle allows hanging, and the two side spouts pour off grease or juice. Even though the pan comes pre-seasoned, applying a little vegetable oil before use helps prevent food from sticking. Whether used in a kitchen or camp, this virtually indestructible pan should last for generations and is covered by a lifetime warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Lodge Logic 8-inch skillet cooks eggs, sausage, and burgers
  • Rugged cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly
  • Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil formula and ready for immediate use
  • 2 pouring lips drain fat; loop in handle allows hanging
  • Wash with a stiff brush and hot water; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

    I used to be a Teflon man until I heard all the bad things about it.
    We were raised on cast iron. My brother decided to start using cast iron again for the health of his family.Now Im really into it to! So far I have the 10" griddle and skillet, wok and dutch oven. Im very excited. Meat comes out amazing!
    I asked my mom (70 now) why she quite using cast iron and her response is allways the same... "to heavy".
    Merry Christmas mom!
    I know you will love this lightwieght beauty!!!!!...more info
  • Cast iron is great
    Where can you go wrong with cast iron? This is high quality stuff. The only thing I wonder is how it is pretreated. It helps to keep treating it to make it truly nonstick. It's the only cookware I use!...more info
  • Love This Pan!!
    This is the first pre-seasoned pan that I purchased. It does exactly what it says. I have had no problems with anything sticking in this pan. Love it!!...more info
  • Love it
    This is one of 5 Lodge cast iron skillets and 4 Lodge Dutch Ovens and camp Dutch Ovens that I own; obviously, I'm a big fan of cast iron, and Lodge specifically. I bought it for when I want to whip up some eggs or another single-serve meal for myself. As with my 8 other products, I've not been disappointed. Just remember to take care of it (no soap, no leaving it wet in the sink, make sure to oil it when dry) and it will take care of you. I can't imagine not having this small skillet in my pantry....more info
  • Never Gets Old
    Nothing like the cast iron utensils of my youth...keep the newer "stuff", this never gets old......more info
  • Don't pass this up!!
    After much research and deliberation over all different types of cookware, I decided to stock my brand new kitchen in my brand new first apartment with Lodge cast iron. Everything I heard about cast iron was awesome, and how can you beat the price for a U.S. made product? You can't! I was so excited when I received this skillet, I made cornbread right away. I lightly oiled it and my cornbread fell right out and there wasn't a crumb left in the skillet! So many of the reviews I read on different Lodge products said that the buyer wished they had discovered cast iron before using stainless and non-stick pans for years and spending tons of money having to replace them. This skillet will last you forever and will only get better with time. I actually love that you have to wash it right away- less dishes to do later! I hand wash everything anyways so the non-dishwasher thing isn't a problem. I love the no soap thing too, saves me a ton of $$ on dish soap since I cook almost everything in cast iron. Just buy a stiff scrub brush! Also, I'm a vegetarian so if there's iron leeching into my food, bring it on, I'll take as much as I can get! I also have the combo cooker (3-qt dutch oven with a 10 1/4" skillet that doubles as a lid- highly recommend if you're on a really tight budget), the 10 1/2" round griddle (great for my boyfriend's bacon, haven't tried anything else yet), and the 10 1/2 square grill pan, I recommend them all! Next on my wish-list is the 5-qt dutch oven and the 12" skillet!
    Buy this now!!...more info
  • First cast-iron product and absolutely love it
    This is my first cast-iron product, and with this experience, I'm buying more... especially from Lodge Logic. The skillet came pre-seasoned, and no stickiness even from the first use. The 8-inch skillet (what I bought) is somewhat small if you intend to cook anything more than a single meal. Will probably buy the 12-inch skillet next and more cast-iron products. Highly recommended....more info
  • Way Better than Teflon
    I think cast iron is probably the best pan you can use to cook your food. No plastic and metal peeling off into your food and into your family's bodies. From steaks to stir fry, this pan as endlessly worked for me. It is just as useful as it was the day I bought it. Don't waste your money on some Teflon pan you'll probably end up throwing away. This pan lasts, I don't understand how people could pass this up. Its so cheap and so useful. All my food turns out wonderfully and I hope you take the chance I did with this. However, I must say, it's harder to clean than that nasty, come apart Teflon stuff. Sadly you have to take the good with the bad....more info
  • Lodge 8 inch cast iron skillet
    Received this skillet and discovered it had scratches in the bottom of it which marred the pre-seasoning. It also had a large scrape on the side inside which was rusted so there was no preseasoning on it. The handle is so short that it is always overheating.

    I own 2 other Farberware larger pre-seasoned cast iron skillets and they arrived in perfect condition. They also have longer handles which are more ergonomically designed so they are easier to use and never overheat.

    I love cast iron since it is so durable but it would have been too expensive to ship the Lodge skillet back for a replacement so I kept it the way it was. I will have to do the seasoning myself on it.

    I personally think that Farberware makes a better, more user friendly product and would recommend their cast iron products over Lodge.

    ...more info
  • 8" iron skillet
    What can I say? It's an iron skillet. I had two larger and one smaller
    and I needed one that was in between. The 8" fills the bill....more info
  • Perfect pan for everything
    I must say that I heartily disagree with Kevin from Las Vegas. I have used my pan almost everyday for over a year to cook eggs and it works flawlessly. I also use hot water and a nylon scrub brush to clean it everyday as well. The trick is to set it back on the stove after cleaning for a few moments to allow the heat from the burner to dry it out completely. I have found that it also helps to not completely scrub out all the oil/butter from cooking, as this helps to season the pan further when you put it on the burner for a few moments. And of course, never use soap! That said, my housekeeper once diligently scrubbed the entire pan clean of it's beautiful, perfect seasoning! A few rounds of oiling and baking in the oven and it was good as new. A wonderful almost indestructible pan!...more info
  • The Best
    What can I say that hasn't been said already? The only new cookware entering my house will be Lodge cast iron (and not some cheap knockoff). I've used it for several years and every time one of my old (non cast iron) pots dies, it gets replaced with Lodge. It's just the best for cooking, easy to clean, and the handles never break. This stuff lasts forever. Can't stand the other stuff, that scratches or has handles that dry out or loosen. This stuff is just the best....more info
  • Great cast iron pan
    This is first ever cast iron pan that I have used and it works wondefully. I have used it for omlets with cheese and for making indian crepes and they came out excellent. I was dreading to use it for omlets since I like to mix cheese with egg whites before pouring it on the pan and that always sticks but it did not on this pan. I am planning on buying the flat griddle next....more info
  • Just right
    I have the 10" and the 12" and love them, so I got this little one for when I just want to make ONE of anything. The Lodge Logic line is great, easy maintenance, great cooking results. The change in taste is remarkable....more info
  • 8 Inch Preseasoned Iron Skillet
    Great product, perfect size for only 2 people in camper or tent. Light enough to carrying in camping gear. Cheaper again at WM or Target....more info
  • Perfect Little Fry Pan for One
    I cook for myself, so this little skillet is the perfect size for 3-egg omelet in the morning, or veggie saute for dinner. I am a small to medium sized female w/ skinny arms, but this skillet is not too heavy so I can still lift it w/ one arm. It's not really non-stick because the eggs won't easily slide off the pan like they would from a good new non-stick pan, but it's much much better compared w/ my stainless steel skillets. As long as you soak the pan in water after cooking, by the time you finish your meal, the food residue can be easily washed off with a brush or sponge. I use a nylon dish brush with hot water and cleaning is very fast and easy. I never use soap or steel wool. Leaving a bit grease on acts like re-seasoning. This is the same way I take care of my carbon-steel wok. The only complaint I have is that the handle is way too short. The skillet is relatively heavy but even with my small hands it still feels as if the handle only fits half of my palm, so it forces your hand to hold it really close to the hot pan - really bad design. Though I use it everyday and find it indispensable, the short handle alone is why I am unwilling to give it a five star rating....more info
  • Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron 8-Inch Skillet
    I use cast iron skillets as a substitute for all my broiling needs, and I find the Lodge does the job very well. I preheat it on a medium high flame for 3 minutes, spray it with some canola, and panbroil my meat. After using, a quick cleaning in hot water using a steel pronged barbeque cleaning brush gets off all the residue. Then I wipe it dry, coat it again with canola and wipe it with a paper towel. Since the panbroiling creates a lot of smoke, a good ventilating system is necessary. The only objection I have is it's weight....more info
  • Worth every penny
    I was hesitant to buy a cast iron skillet because of previous experiences with poor seasoning - but this one is fantastic. This is now my favorite frying pan and it is very easy to clean. Love it...more info
  • Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillets
    I love my two new cast iron skillets. I do not know why I have put up with cheap, easily scratched and damaged teflon pans for so long. These pans are solid and well made. They are alrady seasoned when you purchase, and you just need to follow the directions and clean after use, and treat by rubbing in a bit of oil while pan is still warm. That way these pans are as "stick-proof" as teflon, so they are easily cleaned. Make sure the pan is hot before you add food! It's almost impossible to find cast iron skillets at department stores etc. [...]....more info
  • Smaller than I expected
    Cast iron is cast iron, and I expected no less. Good heat retention, literally invincible. The 8 inch is perfect for a college student who wants to cook up quick small snacks like eggs. I bought this because I wanted a pan I could flip around, and this pan is so light compared to my 10 1/4 inch skillet.

    The only reason why I gave it four stars is because I had the impression that it had an 8 inch cooking surface. Instead, it was 8 inches across from lip to lip but the actual cooking surface is only 6 inches across. I felt a little deceived, but the pan is satisfactory, so I'm not complaining....more info
  • Excellent little skillet
    I've had this 8" Lodge Logic cast iron skillet for a couple of years now. It cooks very well and I am very pleased with it. I did not have any chipping or mottling issues with the pre-seasoning as some others have had on this and other pieces in the Logic line. It's the perfect size for making breakfast for one or two people. It also makes a great small corn bread. The first time I made corn bread in this pan it came out perfect and no sticking. Care as others have said couldn't be simpler. All I use is hot water and a plastic scouring pad. After drying thoroughly (I can't stress that enough...dry completely after washing) I put a small drop of vegetable oil in the skillet and rub it around the inside with a paper towel. ...more info
  • Excellent value for cast-iron.
    I already have a large cast-iron pan and a tiny one, so I wanted one that is medium sized to make a few eggs for breakfast. This one is perfect. I started using cast-iron as an alternative to non-stick and aluminum pans when I found out the dangers of using such pans. Now I only use stainless steel and cast-iron and this one is a great one. ...more info
  • Not ideal...
    I bought this with the idea of using it for frying an egg or two, since eggs stick to my stainless pans. If you have the same idea, don't buy this! Buy a teflon coated one instead. My old teflon pan was ideal for frying eggs; they slide right off. Since eggs stick, you will have to use a spatula to get the eggs out. But this skillet is too small and the sides too high to allow easy flipping with a spatula. And then the cleaning...this pan does not have a mirror surface, rather a porous one. Eggs get stuck in the pores and don't clean off easily. ...more info
  • perfect
    Are you kidding - $13 for a skillet this great. I have always used "non stick" pans with a coating, but they always get scratched, can't take the heat, and after reading about the health concerns, I wanted to find something else. This pan is perfect. It holds heat so much better than the thin non-stick pans so the cooking process is much more consistant. Just finished making a steak, and my wife and I agreed that it is much better than the outdoor grill. Eggs are great too. Easy to clean, just a little hot water and a brush. Coat with a little oil when done and it is ready for the next use. It is even made in the USA!!!...more info
  • great quality
    I am realy pleased with the quality for the price. I had recently spent $50 and was so dissapointed with another brand .
    ...more info
  • This is my everyday pan!
    I hated my mother's cast iron skillet, it was so big and heavy, but she had to feed a family of nine. Now I am getting reaquainted with cast iron, and wish I hadn't stayed away so long. The 8" is perfect for me, not so much heavy, as solid. Heats pretty quick, clean up and care is simple. I have left teflon on the burner before and am not surprized that the horrid smell is also toxic. I'd rather have the added iron in my diet instead of teflon or alluminum. It's easy to see why Lodge has stood the test of time, quality and affordability together are hard to find! Quick shipping too! Two forks up!...more info
  • Lodge cast-iron 8-inch skillet
    Nice heavy skillet and an idea size for cooking cornbread. However, I followed the directions in preparation for cooking and have experienced the cornbread sticking to bottom of skillet each time I have used it (now about 6 times). It would be exceptionally good were there to be no sticking....more info
  • Excellent Pan
    This pan is excellent once you properly season it. I have brand name pans that cost much more than this one and I prefer using this one over them. It will last a lifetime, well worth the money. I recommend getting the lid along with it, it will be the only pan you'll use in your kitchen. Great product!...more info
  • The Best
    I have three of these skillets: 8", 10" and 12". They are absolutely wonderful! I know Lodge recommends no soap, but I use mild soap, anyway. I dry them after washing and when necessary, lightly coat with canola oil from a spray can.

    I can do anything in my cast iron pans--including flipping an omelet!

    Nothing beats cast iron for its superior cooking surface. I like to cook at very high temperatures at times, either to sear meat or to caramelize vegetables and nothing handles the heat like cast iron.

    Author of the award winning book,Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet

    ...more info
  • this is the best
    this is my second cast iron purchase .the first one was 8 inch i love it so much that i decided to buy 12 inch. i seasoned even though it is already seasoned "thank you guys from the review that tought me how to do it". i really give it 5 stars. well worthy...more info
  • Finally, preseasoned cast iron!
    Boy am I glad that I found these here on Amazon. I just love the taste of food cooked in cast iron but absolutely hate taking care of it. My first set rusted on me since I was clueless and now, well, I don't have to worry as much! The preseasoning is just wonderful and cleanup is just a snap. You can't use soap on these pans, just hot water and a soft brush. You can even spray with Pam instead of rubbing on oil if you'd like. What a great idea - now I just wish they'd compete with Le Creuset and make the porcelain-covered cast iron. That would just be perfect!...more info
  • Excellent!
    Great little skillet. Made omelettes and it didn't stick at all. Also wonderful to deep fry food in it. Love it!...more info
  • Cast iron forever!
    I grew up with cast iron and use it over everything else in my kitchen. Camping, home, BBQ grill, it works over everything. (Just don't try to microwave it- you'll lose.)

    Cast iron pots have been around for hundreds of years and many are still in use after 200 years in this country. And why not? They work.

    Cleanup is a breeze, maintaining them is easy. The 8 inch skillet makes 2-3 servings of food or sauce. Perfect for one or two people. ...more info
  • Wonderful little frypan
    This "seasoned" pan is sensational. I size my pans to my cooktop burner size and the heat distribution is perfect. I have my concerns on the teflon coatings breaking down. I rinse in hot water and wipe with lint free cotton towel. ...more info


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