Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender

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Product Description

Easy to use and clean / Blending wand and power whisk attachments / 2-speed nonslip control / Comfortable grip / Extra-long 5 ft. cord / 200 watts

With the 200-watt Hamilton Beach hand-held blender, there¡¯s no need to get out a heavy mixer and bowl. Drinks can be blended right in the glass, soups pureed in the pot, and cream whipped in a portable bowl. Great for quickly blending small amounts and perfect for vacation-home use, the blender comes with two attachments: an 8-1/2-inch sharp-bladed blending wand with a protective plastic sleeve, and a 7-1/4-inch stainless-steel whisk. Both attachments twist securely onto the power handle and easily remove for hand washing. On the end of the power handle a two-speed button gives the option of low or high speed, and a five-foot cord provides good reach. A one-year warranty covers the hand blender against defects. --Ann Bieri

  • 2-speed 200-watt hand blender with 2 attachments
  • Blending wand purees soups, whips milk shakes
  • Stainless-steel whisk perfect for batter and whipped cream
  • 5-foot extra-length cord
  • Easy to use and clean

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for a Busy Household
    I just bought this hand blender yesterday at Walmart for less than $20. I love that it comes with 3 attachments and a nice hard plastic storage case. I used it today to make a pineapple cake. I used the blender attachment to crush the pineapple (canned) into more of a puree and then used the whisk to blend it all together. This blender is SO quiet! I was amazed at just how quiet it was. My twins were napping and never made a sound. It was also extremely easy to clean. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because of my concern about the plastic casing. I've read at least one other review stating that the plastic cracked. I plan to use this a couple times a week to sneak in some healthy foods into my kids' favorite meals such as mac and cheese and spaghetti (you must read Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld for picky eaters). But the price was great and I'm hoping it holds out for at least a couple years before I have to replace it. It is a nice powerful little kitchen gadget!...more info
  • I did love it - until it cracked :(
    The plastic house around the blade stem has cracked and now leaks. At least I'm not alone, I now see that several other reviewers mentioned the same problem. I haven't used it very much, but always on hot soup... maybe it can't stand up to the heat. Too bad, I thought it was such a great gizmo, now I'll be replacing it with another brand....more info
  • Better than a Cuisinart model...but it still broke.
    I bought this model at Walmart for $19.98. My main purpose was to make milk shakes. At first I was very excited as I thought it was much better than lugging out the blender and making such a big mess. While making the shake the attachment kept falling off. I ended up having to duck tape it so the attachement wouldn't unscrew itself.
    I left this hand blender plugged in and on my counter for easy access. I found it handy when making Koolaid, ice tea ect., as it blended the sugar completely without having to stir it forever!
    I also used the beater attachment when making brownies and cake. I was suprised at how well it did. I thought the beater felt cheap and didn't think it would do the job. To my suprise it performed rather well. It was much easier than bringing out the hand mixer. Easier clean up too.
    I made my last shake with this blender last night. The motor or something burned out and will no longer spin. I only had this product for a couple weeks and used it only a couple times. I think that it might be worth your money IF you are not planning on using it for milk shakes. Obviously this was too hard on it. I will continue to search for a better model. I also purchased a Cuisinart model at Target for $49.99-it died the very first time I used it! Needless to say I will be taking both models back. Maybe I will try Bed Bath & Beyond for a heftier version....more info
  • Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender
    Very good hand blender for the price. We've tried it for milkshakes (used the higher speed when ice cream was hard) and used the wire whisk for stirring gravy in the pot while over heat. Worked just fine. The wire whisk attachment is a nice addition....more info
    The Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister is the one kitchen tool I use every day. I throw a cup of frozen berries into a milk-shake container, add a scoop of protein powder, a cup of water, zip, zap, (ten seconds of immersing the tip into the container), and my healthy breakfast is ready. Cleanup takes running hot water over it's tip for a couple seconds. If I use fresh fruit, I add a couple of ice cubes and zap a little longer. It handles ice with ease. I bought this one to replace one I used for several years. Tried another brand, didn't work because the design caused berries to get hung up in the shield and did not finely blend. Great product, no need for a messy blender....more info
  • You gotta get you one of these!
    I have been coveting a hand blender for some time. I postponed buying it because I have (ahem,) several kitchen appliances that I don't really use. But, my daughter bought one for making baby food and I was saying how I wanted one & my wonderful momma bought me one of my own. And, I love it! Thanks, Momma!

    I made carrot soup and it's just awesome stuff! LOL--you can make gourmet soup from almost any veggie this way. Ditto fruit soup, and smoothies galore! Want a protein shake in the morning? Blend it up right in the glass! Voila!

    Seriously, this thing is very easy to use (it has instructions, but it's pretty simple to operate without a glance at them, although I would never recommend that!) And, the attachments are quite easy to clean -- I just swoosh them in some soapy water. You could also put them in some water to soak for awhile if you're in a rush. I would think if you mixed up something & let it dry on the attachments, you'd have to soak first to get it clean--so no need to turn a simple job into a pain.

    My daughter makes baby food really fast with this blender, too. Just steam fruits, cereals, veggies, whatever, and then puree them with this blender--usually right in the same dish.

    Highly recommended. You'll find dozens of ways to use this affordable stick blender.

    ...more info
  • very disappointing
    I've been addicted to hand blenders for years. I bought this one when my previous, 6 year old Hamilton Beach, one died. Power level is just as good but what is this see through plastic all about? The first time I went to blend soup it melted out of shape and some shards came off it! I can't count the number of times I have performed this task with other blenders and I've never had a problem. ...more info


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