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Say goodbye to dirt and messy vacuum bags with this Shark Roadster Bagless Canister Vacuum. As seen on TV, this Shark's 1300 watts of air driven, turbo-suction power provide 1-1/2 times the suction power of a full vacuum. The Roadster works great on carpets and hard floors. Vacuum's suction-only cleaning power means no hard brushes to scratch or damage your floor. The TapClean? HEPA Dust-Cup filter traps 99.97% of air impurities as small as 0.3 microns. Removable debris screen blocks large particles, and the removable large-capacity dust cup is easy to empty. Includes a hand-held, air-driven turbo brush for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The Roadster is light and portable, and features large wheels for easier mobility.

  • As Seen On TV
  • 1300 watts of suction power: 1-1/2 times the power of a full vacuum.
  • Works great on carpets and hard floors.
  • Removable large-capacity dust cup means no bags
  • Includes a hand-held, air-driven turbo brush
Customer Reviews:
  • perfect tool for the job
    We have a small house with hardwood floors and a few rugs. My husband has allergies so a hepa filter was a must and we are short on storage so it had to be small/light. We have owned this for a year and are extremely pleased with it. We vacume every week with the occasional missed week here or there.

    The price was right.
    It has a hepa filter.
    It is small/light and very agile
    It won't scratch my wood floors with a revolving brush
    It doesn't require expensive bags.
    It works wonderfully and picks up plenty (the husband's allergies would let us know if it didn't)

    Yes - you have to clean your filter. The better you clean it, the better it works. If you are too dang lazy to do this - get something big and cumbersome with more motors.

    I think I would not love it so much if we had lots of carpet. Nothing traps dirt like carpet and I think you would be cleaning the filter so often that performance would be somewhat degraded. Probably better to get something more powerful in that case - just my opinion. However for us - it keeps the house spotless with only some minor maintenance required.
    ...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    I have owned this vacuum for about two years and its wonderful. When I first took it out of the box, I thought for 99.99 it was going to be chintzy, and I'd be kicking myself for wasting that money. I find it has excellent power, easy for me to get around the house with. I read other reviews recently about the cord not retracting. The cord has to be free to rewind. I liked it so much, I suggested my mom who is 76 get one as the heavier hoovers are too much for her to lug around. She loves it too! I don't know how to buy a new filter tho....I keep cleaning the one I have and it's fine so far, would like a new one tho. ...more info
  • Great Bagless Vacuum for Wood Floors and Pets!
    My home has wooden floors. I also have 3 dogs and 2 cats. The "dust bunnies" really never cease.

    I have tried cleaning with an upright, but debris just gets kicked up by the beater bar and I end up with more mess than when I started.

    I tried the Roomba. It was a double-edged sword - no work when it was doing its thing, but the cleanup afterward was arduous. The cup was too small as well and had to be emptied numerous times.

    I tried a broom. The dust that sweeping created was at times worse than the mess on the floor. I even tried using a Swiffer duster after the broom. That worked, but going through the entire house twice was time-consuming.

    So... I bought the Shark Roadster. Here are my pros and cons:

    * The dust cup holds all the fur and dirt in the house.
    * The head has rollers, making it easy to move along the floor and even across a chair or couch.
    *The cord retracts so you don't have to roll it up.
    *The vacuum itself is quiet enough I can hear the phone or someone talking to me.
    *This little vac keeps so much dust from returning to the air that after a week I'm only now seeing a little accumulation on my piano.

    *The filter, while working well, is messy to clean. The little brush that's included is nearly ruined and it's only been two weeks.
    *The cord is _very_ short (15 feet). My large house means I use an extension cord, so retractable or not, I still have to roll up a cord.

    All-in-all, a solid vacuum for my needs. This one's a keeper....more info
  • great little machine!
    I don't get all the negative reviews at all, this little vacuum is really strong, great on BOTH hard floors and carpets, the attachments are ideal. The only reason it ddn't get 5 stars from me is because the cord is way too short - you have to change plugs to vacuum a larger area or use an extension cable.

    For $99, it's a bargain. More powerful than any vacuum I've had before, and you can see how much dirt you're picking up which is very satisfying.

    ...more info
  • Shark Roadster
    I am very happy with this Vacuum, it's great for wood and tile floors. I wore out my first one after three years of daily use, and bought another one....more info
  • It cleaned up pretty well
    My fiance gave me this vacuum cleaner. He didn't use it so he let me have it. I had it for I would say less than a year. It worked pretty good....before it died. It picked up all the junk on the floor except it had a hard time picking up hair. It would just roll it into a bunch so I had to pick it up myself. But it did a good job sucking up the dust and dog dander. I like the fact that it was bagless ( no doggy odor) Usually when you use the ones with the bags the minute you turned it on you would smell DOG!!! It was a great little vacuum.. only problem that I did not like was I prefer my vacuum cleaners to be upright... not like HANDY DANDY VACUUM CLEANERS!!. They're alot easier on your back when they're upright as opposed to this kind....more info
  • great little vacuum
    Let me start out by saying that I would ONLY recommend this product for hard floors, wood and tile. I would HATE this product if I was usuing it on carpet, so maybe that's why this has such a poor rating. I was really surprised the see such a low rating on this vacuum. I purchased this product at a local store and immediately brought it home to use it. I couldn't believe how great the suction is on the product. I have 2 young boys and 2 dogs, so my floors generally get dirty very fast. Lots of leaves and grass brought in on the dogs and lots of dirt, sand and food from the kids. This little vacum makes short work of cleaning it up.

    The only negative I have discovered so far it it's extremly short cord. I generally use an extension cord with it so that I don't have to be moving to a new plug all the time.

    I really like that it is bagless and very easy to empty and clean up.

    I find the rotating carpet attachment very poorly designed and not very useful. I use it to clean the kitchen and living room rugs for light dirt but not on my upstairs carpets. I do use the small rotating attachment for the carpet on the stairs and find that it works very well for the job.

    i highly recommend this product to anyone who has hard floors that need to be cleaned regularly. This product is lightweight and easy to move around, I am also 6 months pregnant, so lifting heavy objects is not something I do very often if at all. I can easily carry this up the stairs to the bathrooms and not feel winded at all. ...more info
  • Attachments break easily
    For what I paid for it, the vacuum has performed well enough, however the attachments break at the drop of a hat. I've had this for a year and have no working attachments left for it. Fortunately, replacements are currently available, but I wouldn't count on that always being the case. Steer clear....more info
  • What a piece of junk!
    No power in the head - it turns because air blows through it. If your carpet is anything but totally flat carpet this vaccuum will be absolutely useless....more info
  • Great vacuum! Works just fine!
    Very powerful for its size. I bet previous reviewers confused Roadster Bagless Canister machine with its smaller relative which is not bagless. Like I said it's powerful, lightweight. It does not require to change filters like previous reviewer said. It's good on picking up dirt off carpets and hard floors. Works like charm for 2 months straight and our family loves this little devil. :)...more info
  • Love the features, tough little machine
    Took me a while to find the right website for ordering replacement parts ( I'm hoping a new HEPA filter and pre- post-filters shows up in good shape.

    This is a great vacuum, even if you end up dumping out the canister after every room. Hey, if you're borderline OCD like me, you'll get a thrill from seeing how much dirt you're getting out of your house.

    Rinsing the HEPA filter worked great. Mine needs replacement only because I cleverly left it on top of my car to dry, and drove off with it still perched up there. I also tend to smack the daylights out of it during empties. (p.s. 'tapping' the filter clean indoors is crazy, dust flies everywhere)

    Only drawbacks to me: the holding handle is awkwardly placed, especially if you store it upright, and a wider dust-brush attachment would be nice. (My husband complains about the high pitch noise of the engine, but I advise him to leave the room or start using our other vacuum himself)

    This vacuum is great if you need a versatile, lightweight alternative to regular vacuums, and the attachments are nicely sized for smaller hands....more info
  • Still looking for a good vacuum.....
    I just returned the Shark upright (turquoise model) because after 2 uses it wouldn't power on. I contacted the manufacturer who said to ship it back to them (insured) and include a check for $14.95 for it's return to me in 6 weeks. There was no way I was going to pay another $25-$30 for a vacuum that worked twice. I returned it to Target. They no longer carry that model so I decided to try the Shark Roadster. It has suction, but the carpet attachment travels over the carpet unlike any other vac I've ever used. Watching my husband try it out I saw small debris fly away from the vacuum head rather than going into the vacuum. We tried it on a 5 sq. ft. area and are returning it to the store. Bad choice....more info
  • like new???
    This vacuum arrived full of debri, I had to wash each removable part. The description should have been "used" at best. It was an enormous disappointment. I would have spent more and purchased a new one had the seller been honest about the condition of the vacuum....more info
  • Love it!
    I have gone thru tons of vacuum cleaners over the years....for the money you cannot beat this little powerhouse. It has super suction for this price. I have 6 dogs and one sheds alot. It even pics up hairs from the side by the mouldings along the floor. The only thing is that you have to empty the canister often. I have had this vacuum for two years and use it everyday. Last week from knocking it around constantly the wheels finally came off. No big deal I will order extras or just put felt on the bottom. I love this powerful vacuum. I never had any clog problems either. For 99 bucks the vacuum even has a built in heat sensor that will shut it down if the canister is too full. Just empty it, wait till it cools off and you are back in business again! This is a great little powerhouse vacuum for the price and I highly recommend it. You will be very happy....more info
  • Poorly Made Product
    After having the original Shark vacuum and a good experience with it, we purchased the Shark Roadster when the first one stopped working. We got the vacuum home, opened it up and tried to use - but, it wouldn't turn on b/c the on/off button was broken. So, without ever even using the vacuum once, we brought it back to Target and replaced it for a new one.

    We used the new one seven times, and on the eighth time, after about five minutes, it overheated and shut off. We attempted to use it an hour later after letting it cool down and had no luck... the next day the vacuum turned on, but none-the-less, we are going to be bringing the SECOND run through of this vacuum back. We are not a glutton for punishment, so we will not be trading ihis one in for a new piece of junk.

    On a positive not, for a small vacuum, the machine does have great suction. But, it is cheaply made and not built to last (as much of today's products are). So, if you aren't prepared for the hassle of purchasing and returning the item frequently, I would stay away from this product!...more info
  • You get what you pay for?
    We barely had this out of the box before we realized we should return it. The retractable cord didn't retract, for one thing, even after trying all the tricks in the book for that problem. In general though, we knew it was a cheap vacuum, but we didn't epect the parts and attachments to really seem *this* cheap. It seemed more like a toy vacuum than something really serviceable....more info
  • Vacuuming is super-duper fun
    I grew up using a Rainbow vacuum, and nothing else has ever compared. We've had an Orek for 8 years - and I HATE IT! After spending a small fortune on it, I was forced to keep using it. I researched until I got blue in the face, and am so happy with my purchase. I decided to buy it a Target instead of online, just in case I didn't like it, then I could return it easily enough. DON'T CONFUSE THIS ROADSTER (EP722) WITH THE OTHER ROADSTER SHARK, that uses bags and has much less suction.

    We have a 3,000 sq ft house with hardwood and carpet. We have two big dogs that shed enough to knit a sweater everyday. We also have two, two year olds that leave cheerios everywhere.

    Here is what I was looking for in a vacuum... Good at picking up dog hair without getting clogged, good suction to get deep in the carpets, portable enough for stairs, a flat head with good swivel action so it fits around the toilet and under the fridge and heavy furniture, and able to pick up large dog food. The Roadster does it all!

    The first time I plugged this thing in, I got so excited. Vacuuming was a breeze and I was able to do the whole house in a fraction of the time it usually took me. I didn't need to pull out the dustbuster and the shop vac to clean. This thing even picked up the lost pine needles from the Christmas tree. There is no need to bend over and pick up all those little pieces of paper and bag ties that drop on the floor... nope, it sucks them all right up - no problem. the swivel head easily manuvers around the toilet, under the fridge, and under our very heavy furniture. We don't have to move anything. My two year old daughter loves to vacuum, and it's light enough for her to use too. It reaches into the crevices of the couch and sucks EVERYTHING up. I'm also addicted to the dusting brush. It stores small and doesn't take up much room on the floor of my linen closet. I know it cleans deep in the carpets because when we shampoo it, the water isn't nearly as filthy as it used to be with the Oreck. It also makes the carpet stand up again after years of laying down.

    Now for the cons... the cord is way too short - 15 ft doesn't even reach accross the entire room. I vacuum with an extension cord so I don't have to keep stopping. The dust cup is way too small. I have to empty it atleast 3 times every time I vacuum (but remember the dog hair?)It's very messy to empty, so I dump it in the garage can. The filter is also time consuming to clean. There is a brush that fits onto the back of it, that allows you to loosen the dirt - it helps a lot. If you don't clean the filter after every use, you loose precious suction. When they say viggerously tap the filter until no more dust comes out - they mean it! I end up washing it after every use. Make sure you don't put it back on while it's wet, or it won't dry properly. I ordered a second filter (online) so I could always have a clean, dry one. Also make sure you change all three filters occasionally.

    This vacuum is not for everyone, it requires a bit of maintenance, but is a BIG bang for the buck. I wanted a Dyson, but didn't want to lay out $600. Consumer reports ranked this second in suction.

    ...more info
  • Not Recommended
    Cord doesn't stay out. Filters need to be cleaned after every use. The cannister fills up quickly. Only pros are the price and it is very lightweight. Only okay on hard floors and does a terrible job on carpets. Doesn't pick up small food items (ie. cheerios or cherrio pieces). I wouldn't ever buy this vacuum again. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    We bought this vacuum about a year ago because we wanted a lightweight vacuum that would be easy to drag around the house. It was also relatively cheap.

    At first we were very pleased with the vacuum. It did everything as advertised. The unit itself still seems to run well.

    This product has a HUGE flaw, in that the attachment "blades" are driven by the same air that is used to suck up dirt. These attachments get clogged. This, of course, renders the vacuum useless, as it no longer picks debris up off the carpet. I spend more time keeping this thing running than vacuuming my house. Further, even after cleaning it, it is never quite as good as it was the time before.

    I have finally given up on this vacuum and will be purchasing a new one.

    The only time you should purchase this vacuum is if
    - You do not mind re-purchasing new attachments every year or so (I have not attempted to do this, and do not know how easily it can be done)
    - You want a lightweight vacuum
    - You want a cheap vacuum, despite the fact that it will not remain effective very long...more info
  • Low Cost Hepa Filter vacuum cleaner
    We needed a new vacuum and my wife was out of town, so I decided to buy one. (It is important to note that I am a 6 foot, 220 lb male,an engineer, and very detail oriented so my criteria might be different in judging a vacuum than the average housewife's.) Also, we use the Hoover steam and vac regularly to steam clean our carpets but we still need a vacuum to vacuum the carpets. We also take our shoes off before we come in the house. We are not fanatics, but we have small children and don't want them to be sick unnecessarily.

    We had borrowed a friend's upright vacuum and before we returned it, we wanted to change the bag and the Hepa Filter in order to return it in better shape than we borrowed it. I was surprised to see the bag and filter cost over $30, even though the new Vacuum cost only $99, so I decided that was 1 vacuum cleaner I could do without and that vacuums that needed bags were basically a scam to get you to buy the bags and filters.

    Therefore, I was looking for
    1) a vacuum that did not deliver the dirt it picked up into the air.
    2) a vacuum that did not require bags
    3) a vacuum that sold for less than $200.

    I went to Target and saw the Euro-Pro ep722 and it looked like it satisfied the requirements. Hepa filter, bagless and about $99. I bought it and took it home to test it, with the idea that if it too was some sort of gimmick, I would return it immediately. That was about 2 years ago. My wife loves this vacuum and I like it because the air coming out of the vacuum is clean, it cleans the floor really well.

    WE BRUSH OFF THE FILTER EVERY TIME WE USE IT. The first time I used it, it picked up so much dust that the filter clogged and the motor overheated and shut off. I realized that the filter was trapping the dust most vacuums deliver into the air and therefore the filter had to be cleaned. Since then, the motor has not overheated. We wash the filter after about every 4 uses and we have purchased 2 replacement filters. This vacuum has been used once a week for two years to clean a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house and it still works like new. Occasionally we have a housekeeper come over to clean the house and she really likes this vacuum also because it is lightweight and does not spit dust into the air. The one negative aspect of this vacuum is the emptying of the dust cup; we take the entire vacuum outside next to the trash to do this because the dust tends to go everywhere. Even though this is not desireable, it is better than the dust remaining on the floor in the house where most vacuums leave it. We then wash the plastic dust cup in the sink to remove the dust that electrostatically remains on the plastic.

    The question a buyer of a vacuum cleaner must ask himself is "What do you want in a vacuum cleaner?" If you want a vacuum that picks up the dust and dirt, you must ask yourself how you intend to dispose of the dust once you collect it and how much you are willing to spend to do it.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum. Its lightweight and has a lot of suction. The cord is short, but I think its worth the money. I have only used it on hardwood, but if you need a vacuum that isn't heavy (like for carrying up stairs) this is perfect. The metal part on the hose is extendable and can be shortened for less storage. I haven't had to replace any parts so I don't know about that department....more info
  • Shark, Roadster
    I just bought the Shark Roadster today at Target, and boy was I impressed. I have 3 cats, and one of them has been sneezing and I had some of the same problems too and I tried the Roadster today to clean 2 cat trees covered with carpet, besides the carpet and Furniture. My suprise was when I opened up the HEPA filter compartment, and there was so much cat fuzz and carpet residue, and I emptied out and cleaned out the compartment, and then used it again in the bedroom, and I was able to get under the bed, on top of the bed, and the couch--the main areas of cat dander. The TURBO BRUSHES did Exceedingly well, and they sound like a jet engine when started.
    The only little problem I had was in Swiveling the hose around, as I cleaned. I thought that maybe a polished stainless sleeve around the Brush attachment joints and at the Vacuum end, might make the rotation of the Hose a bit smoother.
    All in all, I saw the Visible proof of this Vacuums Excellent Design, and I hope that you do not Alter too Much of your present design, because I would already--buy another Roadster Vacuum. Please don't tamper too much with the present design, this vacuum does have 1 1/2 the times the Suction power as advertised. I also wondered at the prospect of you ever using actual aluminum framework to replace the "Plastic Aluninium Finish", on the Framework, but that would probably drive the cost of the Vacuum up to $600.00 instead of $99.99.
    I put the Shark Roadster to the Supreme Test, and it came out like a Champ--It's nice to see Good Engineering in a product.
    Great Product at a fair price.
    Sincerely, Steve Moss--Tucson, AZ.
    ...more info
  • 2 years now worthless
    1. The "turbo" air powered vacuum heads do not work well
    2. Had to clean out filter every time it was used
    3. Nut on fan blade came loose and burned up the motor
    4. Their local repair shop charged $30 to tell me it was not worth repairing.
    All true, do not buy! ...more info
  • Good --not great
    I bought my Roadster 2 1/2 years ago. Initally it was great. I especially liked the velveteen strip that rolled up the dog hair out of the area rugs. I didn't like the incredibly short cord. I use an industrial power cord so I don't have to keep changing plug in locations. Mostly I have hardwoods and it did okay. Recently the wheel clips started breaking off and now one is completely off. The stair cleaning attachment fell completely apart the other day even though it was seldom used. The filters need replacing as does the wheel. Finding an online resource is proving close to impossible. I'm looking for a new vacuum now. And guess what--the new one won't be a Shark!...more info
  • Vrrroooommm!
    Just got home from Target, and couldn't wait to plug in my new roadster... Pulled the canister out of the box, and attached the hoses,
    plugged into electricity and vroom, off I went... Zipping across my wood floors and sucking up anything and everything in my path with a huge smile spreading across my face. Cleaning isn't my favorite thing to do, but with a vacuum as nifty and zippy as this, and excellent suckage, it sure doesn't hurt like it used to... I used to be afraid of sharks, but this is one great white that I love to play with... ; )...more info
  • Replacment parts
    I bought this vacuum about l year ago. The Air Driven Turbo Brush got so clogged that I had to buy a new one. TRY TO BUY A NEW ONE ONLINE, ITS A JOKE!!! I ORDERED THIS PART IN MAY. ITS NOW NOVEMBER!!!! I CALL, THEY SAY IT'S COMING, I GET POST CARDS IN THE MAIL SAYING IT'S COMING.
  • Worked great for the first year...
    I had a Shark roadster Vacuum and it worked great for the first year of owning it. This fall, it was just about 1 year to the exact date of purchase, my Shark Roadster quit working. I am now left with a vacuum that won't even turn on. The only thing I can do is throw it away and buy new because it was purchased from Target more than 90 days ago and I no longer have the receipt. From my experience, the Shark Roadster is not dependable. I hope your experience is better......more info
  • clean filter=great suction
    Wow, I love this little vacuum. My house is 1800 sq. ft. of wood floors w/ the occasional rug. This is why after much research I chose a canister vac. I completely agree w/ the prev. reviewer who suggested to the people w/ bad experiences, like 5 minutes till overheat, PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURERS DIRECTIONS!!! I have had this vac for 4 months now and it still has the suction it did the day I bought it. My secret? I READ AND FOLLOWED THE MANUFACTURERS DIRECTIONS!I tap out the filter w/ every emptying and rinse the filter occasionally(letting it dry for at least 24 hrs before reinstalling and using the vac). It really angers me that the people who can't read directions are trying to butcher this companys reputation. I have found that anything I own needs some sort of maintenance, anyone who does'nt realize that will end up with piles of useless things that no longer work....more info
  • Don't waist yer time or money!!
    This has almost been a problem from day one. It seemed like a good choice in the beginning, but there are so many things going wrong with it now. We've owned this for less than a year and the cord raveler thingy doesn't work and the vacuum shorts out / over heats every couple of days. This thing is a piece of garbage....more info
  • great vacuum
    I just purchased a Shark roadster after having a Kenmore for years. I could not believe the suction power of this little vacuum. It is obvious to me that my other vacuum was not getting at the dirt and dog and cat hair in my house. Also the
    shark doesn't have the after smell of the regular vacuum. I love the bagless part. Just wanted to let people know for a little cleaner it has lots of power.

    ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    We had a Dirt Devil that lasted over 10 years. It was great. This unit is a poor performer compared to the old $50 Dirt Devil. It doesn't pick up dirt well(has poor suction.) The filters are expensive to replace and they must be replaced. Just because it is bagless doesn't mean it does not have filters. The HEPA filter needs to be changed (or delicately cleaned) ever 10 or so uses or it plugs up. Oh, and ours lasted a grand total of 4 months before the motor died. Check the warranty!...more info
  • Clean floors!
    I just bought my Shark Roadster and it worked great! We have two long haired cats and it seemed every time I would sweep, there would be more hair so I wanted a vacuum instead. I was hoping that by going with a lower priced vacuum, as opposed to some of the larger name brand models, I would not be wasting my time and money. The Roadster sucked up every hair and hair-ball and all the dirt on the floor. I was amazed at the suction power this little machine has! It does have a pretty short cord, but just throw on an extension cord and you're good to go! ...more info
  • Abi
    Hey just thought I would help out those with problems returning their vacuum to the Target store... if the product has been kept past 90 days Target will not authorize the return and will advise you to the warranty info... If you do not have the receipt Target's policy does make you exchange it for something of equal or greater value in the same department (vacuums) it does not have to be this particular item though. If you do have the receipt and the product is used Target will return it if it is defective ... other then that Target will not authorize a product that has been simply used and then returned (helps so you do not go and buy someone elses used vacuum). Hope that helped a little.. I'm looking forward to buying this vacuum so thank you for the positive/negetive feedback! *This info comes straight from the source.. I worked there a couple years while in school*...more info
  • very pleased w/ vaccum!
    All I can say is that I love this Shark Roadster! I have two little dogs who shed like crazy, and when I first brought it home and used it, I couldn't believe the amount of dust, dirt and hair it collected for such a small, compact size. I was shocked to see how much our regular full-size vaccum was unable to pick up! Definitely worth the buy!!...more info
  • Pleased in New Orleans
    I just purchased this vacuum and was delightfully pleased. I ran it over just two rooms in my home the first day and was flabbergasted as to the amount of dust it picked up. And as a response to a guest in Boston, have you heard of the warranty? The warranty card came in the box it was purchased in, if the store won't take it back, then send it to the company. Why throw $100 dollars away when the company guarantees it, duh!...more info
  • Avoid this at all costs
    It doesn't suck! It doesn't suck! All I want is a vacuum cleaner that uses a vacuum to suck dirt up to make my place clean. Sounds simple. I took it out of the box, plugged it in, aimed it at my hardwood floor. Lots of noise, no suction. Switched attachments and headed for my carpeted stairs, same problem. Total time: 5 minutes, tops. So I packed it up in the box and went back to Target. THEY WOULDN'T TAKE IT BACK SINCE I OPENED THE BOX! Duh, how do you find out a product doesn't work if you don't try it? Call a psychic?? You'll get more enjoyment if you just burn $100. I now have $100 worth of plastic in a box in my basement. And I still need a new vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Avoid at all costs
    It doesn't suck! It doesn't suck! All I want is a vacuum cleaner that uses a vacuum to suck dirt up to make my place clean. Sounds simple. I took it out of the box, plugged it in, aimed it at my hardwood floor. Lots of noise, no suction. Switched attachments and headed for my carpeted stairs, same problem. Total time: 5 minutes, tops. So I packed it up in the box and went back to Target. THEY WOULDN'T TAKE IT BACK SINCE I OPENED THE BOX! Duh, how do you find out a product doesn't work if you don't try it? Call a psychic?? You'll get more enjoyment if you just burn $100. I now have $100 worth of plastic in a box in my basement. And I still need a new vacuum cleaner....more info
  • If you have carpet or pets do not buy this vacuum
    I bought the roadster because of the power nozzle since I have carpet and a dog. It is the worst vacuum I have ever owned. I clean out the filter several times while I am sweeping and wash it after every use and it still barely picks up anything. If you want a canister vacuum with a power nozzle you are better off spending the extra money and buy a real quality vacuum. I wrote to the company and told them how disappointed I was with their vacuum and have yet to hear from them. It is nice to know they stand behind their product....more info
  • Great tank vacuum
    I needed a new tank vacuum and already had the cordelss sweeper by Shark, so I purchased this product. I read the reviews 1st, but thought I would try it for myself. It is lightweight, easy to use and has great suction power. I have never had any problems with it. ...more info
  • I loved this vacuum
    I don't know why everyone is saying this vacuum shuts off after 5 minutes. I have never had that happen with mine. compared to our upright vacuum, this vacuum was wonderful! It sucked up stuff our other vacuums wouldn't. My only complaint is, I lost a part to it and there doesn't seem to be a replacement for it so now I can't use it anymore. ...more info
  • Terrible
    I purchased two different shark products. Both of them quit working after a couple of months. I thought maybe it was something I did wrong with the first one so I got the second.I used the product just like the manual said. It kept overheating and is now emiting sparks inside by the motor(don't think it's supposed to do that). I loved it when I first bought it, but will not buy another....more info
  • Shark Roadster
    DON'T BUY THIS VACUUM!!! I had it less than 3 months before it stopped working. I took it to a vacuum repair place and they changed the belt (it had broken) but it still doesn't work. Like the other reviews say, it shuts itself off after 5 minutes and doesn't pick up anything in the canister! ...more info
  • Shark Roadster
    This is the crappiest vacuum cleaner I have ever bought! It turns off by itself, clogs on the bottom, just carpet fibers of all things, without even reaching the cup. I've cleaned it, cleaned the hoses, checked the belt, everything, it works sometimes, and within 5 minutes it turns off, like if it's over heating and clogging. Where can I complain to the company at?...more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned
    This vacuum is horrible. The filters constantly clog. The smallest amount of dirt in the cup cuts down the sunction incredibly. No floor brush is included and the hose and cord are both too short. I don't know what it was designed for, but certainly not for effortless vacuuming....more info
  • I found replacement filters!!!!!
    To Carol in Federal Way - go to You'll find the replacement filters there at a reasonable price. I agree with your review. I like this vacuum. I have several and this one seems to pick up the most. Granted the container is small (for a house with kids and pets) but for the price, the easy to stow size, it is worth it for those with wood floors. Can't advise on the carpet action as I don't have any....more info
  • roadster review
    I bought my Shark Roadster at Target. It works just fine for me, has been durable, hasn't overheated, stays in the outlets just fine (except the outlets that are too loose in my apartment to keep anything in them). The only problem is finding a replacement for the filter. WOW. and YIKES! Don't they sell them at Target, Walmart or anywhere handy like that? Otherwise it has been a good vac......even picks up spiders which is great until you have to take them out of the filter. :)...more info
  • Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later
    I had high hopes when purchasing Shark Roadster at Super Target. By the time I finished vacuuming the house the first time, those hopes had disappeared. Suction is OK, but the entire unit is quite awkward. The hose is not quite long enough to allow you that extra reach without dragging the unit. And YES, it does like to overheat. Let's not forget the higly promoted HEPA Filter. Be sure to clean it after each use, or you will set the house on fire. Another surprise occurred when I tried to locate a replacement filter. Target has yet to carry them, so I tried the Euro-Pro web site, where they do not appear, either. An email to customer service was finally answered, indicating that they are available by mail. Sorry, I am not going to take out a home equity loan to purchase one. The vacuum now resides in the back corner of the basement closet, as it has long since been replaced. Suffice to say that I am extremely displeased with Euro-Pro for producing such a piece of junk, and their $$$$ minded form of customer support. I am a faithful Target customer, and am just a little sore at them also, for failing to stock the filters. ...more info
  • please ignore my 5 stars--i'd give it TWO
    I wrote a very positive for this vacuum about two weeks after buying it but have rewritten it as the pieces have started to fall apart. it is a great idea but poorly executed. I love the washable filter, the retractable cord, even the look of it is appealing. But it just doesn't hold together, the cord is too short and pops out of the wall easily and it loses power after a few minutes of vacuuming. i really wanted to like you, shark roadster....more info
  • Agreed with previous reviews
    I don't think it needs much more reviews but I thought I'd contribute. I probably bought before there was any review yet and now I wished there had been. It does look like junk, the power chord is way too short, you cannot adjust the power, you can only lift it from the rear which feels odd, it's not very ergonomic and the accessories are all over the place. Anyway, now I know that bagless should be the way to go and I'll make sure I'll choose right next time. I'll keep this one for the attic......more info
  • Does the job
    I got mine to clean around my bird cage. It has good suction and gets the food and feathers out of the carpet. I do have to clean the filters every two uses. But I've never had a problem with over heating. ...more info
  • JUNK!
    This is the third light weight vacuum that I have bought that didnt last past 3 months (and I live in a one-bedroom apt., so I dont give it a lot of action.)

    You practically have to beg this thing to pick up dirt..Little suction. Rickety construction. Poor durability. Plus the on/off button is hard to find, and the cord pops out of the socket whenever you move! They obviously didnt do much user testing on this rolling hunk of junk.

    ENUF! I'm going back to a full body vacuum....more info

  • Shark Roadster Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I started out loving this vacuum, loving the powerful suction, however, like most of these reviews, the problem with overheating is a bit much. Where it should take 45 minutes to vacuum, it takes almost three hours because you have to let it cool off. And yes, I have cleaned the filters, all three of them and it works one time and the next time it shuts off after approximately 15 minutes of use. Save your money and buy something else....more info
  • Great Vacuum - Don't believe the bad reviews
    It's sad to see that people who buy products don't read the manuals. If you had read the manual before using this vacuum you would have noted that it has three filters. The main filter is a HEPA filter that catches every particle that the vacuum sucks up. The other two are there to catch anything the HEPA didn't before blowing the air back out. It states in the manual that because of the filters the vacuum must be emptied out on a regualr basis. And also that the HEPA filter needs to be tapped out before being replacing in the vacuum - if you do this you will see how much dust it catches. It also says that you should wash out the HEPA filter after a heavy vacuum (I do it once a week). This will improve the suction power and the life of the filter (It took about a minute to clean). If however you are one of those people who doesn't read the instructions you will run into problems. The vacuum will overheat because the filter is jammed with so much dirt that air cannot pass through the motor to cool it off. It does have a safety feature that stops the machine before it burns out. This vacuum is the best one I have ever owned. It is lightweight and has great suction power. It also comes with lots of attachments. People need to learn to read manuals before using a product. Just because it's a vacuum doesn't mean you just plug it in and go. It was designed to capture all of the dirt, dust and whatever else you are vacuuming and not blow it back into the air. READ PEOPLE! -It's a great little machine! ...more info
  • Waste of money
    As another customer noted this is no good for carpets. I have a lot of laminate flooring and it does a great job,but only for 5 minutes of sweep time. After that it is over heated and automatically shuts off then I must wait atleast an hour before I can do another 5 minutes of sweeping. How frustrating!...more info
  • Big disappointment
    It had a lot of power and great pickup, but my Shark Roadster worked for less than five minutes before it turned off because the motor overheated. It's a shame because the cleaner has a lot of great features -- attachments, shoulder strap, etc. -- but that does no good if it won't run. Needless to say, I returned it the next day....more info
  • Shark Roadster
    I absolutely love my Shark Roadster. After having used an upright vacuum on my carpets, I was amazed at the amount of dirt this vacuum sucked up. It does need frequent emptying which I accomplish by dumping its contents, then using a ShopVac to clean the filter, which is FAR less trouble than Shark's "tap clean." A BIG PROBLEM is that nobody handles the replacement filters. Euro-Pro, if you're listening, please tell me where I can buy REPLACEMENT FILTERS!...more info
  • Don't buy this one!
    While the Shark Roadster has adequate suction and is light to carry around, it is impossible to replace the HEPA filter in the machine. Replacement parts are simply unavailable. (Target sends you to the company website; the company website tells you to call the 800 number, and the 800 number is always--and I mean always--busy.) In other words, after six months, all you can do with the machine is throw it out and buy something else....more info
  • Ineffective on Carpets!
    The Shark Roadster's sleek design and is lightweight and easy to carry around with it's included carrying strap; however, the three main tools are not as easy to manage. Three large, seperate, cleaning tools are given; however, there is no where to store them. We have wood floors, oriental carpets, and an upholstered sofa. I am constantly having to switch between the three tools, lugging them around the house with the Shark on my shoulder. In addition, the Shark works great on our wood floors, utilizing it's strong suction power; however, don't even bother trying it on carpets. The bristle brush for carpets gets stuck and is just horrbile (leaves them just as bad as when I started). Defniitely look elsehwere if you have carpets to clean....more info