Panasonic CW-XC123HU Deluxe Air Conditioner, 12,000 Btu

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With 1110 watts and 12,000 Btu/h, this standard air conditioner from Panasonic effectively cools and conditions between 500-650 square feet. The unit is straightforward in structure with convenient programmable functions and touch-pad or remote control operation. Functions include three cooling levels and three fan speeds, plus a programmable temperature range of 60 to 86 degrees F. It also removes up to three pints per hour of moisture from the air and can be programmed to turn on or off up to 12 hours in advance--especially convenient for nighttime use or coming home from work. You can use the air conditioner as a fan only or set it to economy operation so the fan runs only while the compressor is cooling. Structural plusses include ventilation control, four-way air deflection, low-noise operation, and auto air swing, which lets you move the louvers with the touchpad or the remote. Equipped for through-the-wall mounting, the unit features a slide-out chassis to simplify installation, a washable intake grille, an easy-access filter, and a left-right power cord. Panasonic's warranty covers parts and labor for one year and the refrigeration system for five. --Emily Bedard

  • Compact remote control
  • 12-hour delay on/off setting timer
  • 4-way air deflection system
  • 3 cooling speeds & 3 fan only speeds
  • Dimensions 22.31 long, 23.62 wide, 14.96 high weighs 100 lbs
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