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Product Description

The unique, ergonomic vertical grip design has been clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries compared to using a traditional mouse. 3M EM500 Ergonomic Mouse enhances your comfort by keeping arms and shoulders in a more relaxed, neutral position. Optical USB/PS2 compatible plug and play. For right-handed use.

  • Optical Mouse has a unique ergonomic vertical grip that has been clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort compared to using a traditional mouse.
  • Enhances your comfort by keeping arms and shoulders in a more relaxed, neutral position.
  • Right-Handed use and available in small and large sizes so you can find your perfect fit.
  • 2 year warranty.

Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job well enough, but a bit pricey for the quality
    I bought this about two weeks ago and I am already feeling relief in my wrist and hand. Whereas I formerly could type for only a few minutes before the discomfort set in, I am now comfortable even after an hour.

    My only gripe is the price and quality. It is simple and not especially durable looking. The laser on the bottom of the mouse allows you to move the mouse around by gliding it on your desk or mousepad. For $41.99 the craftsmanship is not especially impressive, it is in fact less durable and complicated than my regular laser mouse I used formerly.

    One other thing: the pointer tends to fly across the screen at odd times, seemingly unprovoked, and the precision is less than with a normal mouse.

    I was able to get used to it relatively quickly. In that sense, it was intuitive enough that adjusting to the new position did not in itself cause any discomfort.

    I am also taking B vitamins, glucosamine and chondroitin, plenty of water, and occasional ice on my wrist to keep the swelling down. That, with this new ergonomic mouse, has really worked to drastically decrease the wrist and hand pain.

    4 starts for effectiveness, only problem functionally is the precision (which is just fine 95% of the time) and 4 stars also for price. If not for price, I'd give five stars....more info
  • 3M Ergo Mouse
    I've been using one of these ergonomic mice at work for over a year and the pain in my wrist has significantly been reduced. Since a quarter of my computing time is at home, I'm hoping to nearly eliminate all wrist pain soon. The pain in my wrist comes from approximately 25 years of repetitive motion (mousing) injury. It's amazing how quickly this type of injury can start to heal when you can keep your wrist (or any affected body part) in a neutral position. I've tried other ergomonic mice. This one seems the most natural for me. Unlike some of the others, there was no "learning curve" associated with this one....more info
  • 3M Ergonomic Mouse
    I am very pleased with my new mouse. I was having pain in my right wrist while using the traditional mouse. Pain has gone! And the delivery of my mouse was very timely! ...more info
  • Helpful
    Installed the phallic mouse about a month ago as I was getting much pain in my right wrist with even short periods on the computer. After using it for the past month I'm adapting (the buttons are not exactly intuitive) and can say it helps - but not a cure for my problem. Plus I miss the wireless feature of my other mouse. I do feel it helps enough I won't go back to the mouse looking mouse....more info
  • This one's the best
    I've used every ergonomic mouse there is and this is definitely the best one out there. I've had RSI problems for years and the 3M mouse has virtually eliminated them. ...more info
  • Really worth it
    I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis in my index and middle finger,.In less than a month of using the 3M mouse, I can feel the difference. It completely removed the stress from these fingers and allowed them to heal. I happened to use my old non-ergonomic mouse for a day and my fingers were hurting really badly. Also, as my thumb gets stressed too because of the work I do, I was concerned about buying this mouse as the clicking is done with the thumb. The ergonomic design circumvented that problem.

    ...more info
  • it works
    it takes a week or so to get used to it at first, but its well worth the trouble.
    Also if your a fan of the apple one button mouse, switching to this particular mouse is a snap. i just wish it had scrolling wheel. ...more info
  • A Flaw Away From Perfection
    Due to using the computer at work & at home, I developed a horrible case of wrist and finger pain. It got so bad, I literally could not use my old mouse. After reading reviews on Amazon, I dedided on the 3M mouse even though most people said it was cheaply made.

    Within a few days of using the mouse, my wrist & hand pain disappeared. Now one month later the mouse took a two foot fall from my keyboard tray to the floor and it snapped where the handle meets the base. I plan on using some superglue so I can get back to work. I may even order a 2nd mouse as a back up. Even though it's cheap, it works wonders to keep the wrist pain away.

    If 3M would strengthen the plastic joint where the handle meets the base, they could create the perfect ergonomic mouse....more info
  • Needs improvements but way better than a regular mouse
    I USED TO have bad pain in my hands and wrists from office work all day long. I've tried this mouse for about three weeks now and have found the following:


    1)Vertical use of the mouse relieves a lot of stress from your nerves

    2)Scrolling button in the middle is very useful for viewing documents that are long


    1)Still requires the same amount of space as a standard mouse, maybe more in some cases

    2)Would have preferred the vertical alignment to be closer to a 90 degree angle

    3)Biggest problem I have started noticing is if you do a lot of clicking, you will start straining your thumb

    I was debating whether to give this item 4 or 3 stars but when I thought about whether or not I would buy it again, I found 3 stars more appropriate. This is a good product, an improvement on the standard mouse, but you could easily develop problems with your thumb if you do a lot of clicking. I attribute some relief of my pain to this mouse but the main factor was switching over to a safetype keyboard. Now I'm starting to develop strain in my thumb so I will be trying another ergonomic mouse. ...more info
  • Great wrist pain relief
    This product came in record time and i could not be happier with it....more info
  • Give it time.
    I absolutely hated this mouse when I first installed it. It took about a day to get used to it. Also, I had to recalibrate the mouse rotation to get it working well. Now that I have it adjusted to my liking, I use it every day and no longer experience hand or wrist fatigue. I still keep a regular optical usb mouse attached to the pc for editing photos and other apps requiring precision mousing. ...more info
  • Instant relief, NO new problems
    I was having significant pain in the back of my hand as well as in the tiny muscles between my knuckles, so much so that it was quite distracting and affecting my work. This mouse took about 20 minutes to get used to. I had no pain the first day that I used it, and no pain from then on, even when working for >8 hours a day. I have had no new problems stemming from using this mouse. Frankly, I consider it something of a "miracle cure." My only regret is that there is no left-handed version for my spouse who is now having hand issues....more info
  • My Hand is Tingling With Pain
    My wrist still hurts I am getting a numb/needles and pins feeling in my hand from this device. It is worse than a regular mouse. I can't believe these reviews are for real....more info
  • Great mouse!
    I had been feeling some strain in my pointer finger and in the palm of my hand. I use a mouse all day long at work and there's no way around it. After buying this one my hand and finger felt better almost instantly. It took a little bit to adjust to it, but now I couldn't go back to the regular mouse. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Just started using it
    I have just started using this mouse, so I cannot comment on how effective it is at reducing pain. However, I can comment on which "size" is best: small/medium, or large. My hand is approximately 3" across the palm (not including thumb), and I originally bought the small/medium version (3M recommends small/medium if your palm width is 3.5" inches or smaller). I must say that I found the small/medium one a bit too small for my liking. However, the "large" one does feel a bit too large as well. I think if your palm is 3", then you can probably go with either one and get used to it. I ended up going with the large one....more info
  • Great deal for the price
    I think that this is a great mouse for someone who is having tingling sensation and pain in the hand, which is a classic symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I have had pain in my hands for over two years now and have tried several different types of mice. I even bought a 400 dollar mouse, which did not help. Even though, I have had this mouse only for about a month now, I am already seeing positive results. The pain seems to be a lot less now and I can get more work done.

    However, one thing that you have to do is to use this mouse with a very good mouse pad in order to make the most of it. The mouse pads that you should consider should either be the gel variety or the memory foam variety. Both of these adjust to the shape of your hand and can make the use of this mouse comfortable.

    Overall, I think this mouse is worth every penny. I would rather spend 50 bucks on this mouse than 5000 on surgery.

    ...more info
  • wonderful for tennis elbow
    I tried many input devices, before being recommended this mouse by physical therapist. If you are having tendon issues in wrist and elbow this will be a big help in getting back to work without going tingly/numb again. The thumb button is very easy to use and the rest of the mouse is moved by upper arm/shoulder. You can wear a splint to make sure you don't bend your wrist if needed.

    Seems a lot more user friendly than the quillmouse.

    It installed itself without a hitch in xp and depending on the mouse pad you use doesn't skip around at all....more info
  • All-in-all, a pretty good solution
    Took less time getting used to than I anticipated, but I had to lower my desk to use this (my office chair is as high as it will go...) and ended up with some shoulder pain until I adjusted to just the right height. While my arm is in a more neutral position, the dynamics are different. I find myself lifting the mouse more often than I should, but am really enjoying this device. Feels more like an extension of my arm than the usual mouse. Has a nice feel. Using a thumb to activate the top-mounted buttons is one of its best features and my fingers are less tired at the end of the day.
    My reason for seeking an alternative from usual mouse was due to my developing a slight callous on the wrist. That's completely healed, so am glad I made the switch. Get lots of compliments and "duh's" when I show it to my co-workers.
    Am happy to report that scrolling is still possible accross the board, but do miss the ability to resize documents with "Ctrl-wheel"....more info
  • Works well!
    This device does exactly what I expected and what was described. I am tatally satisfied with this substitute for a plain mouse!...more info
  • Great change for me to the new 3M mouse
    This product is surprisingly not known very much. I just saw a couple people using it and ask them. They all said you have to get it if you do a considerable amount of work on a PC. I would think it would help anyone with hand, wrist, arm or even shoulder issues. My arm would just get fatigued quicker than I thought it should. I wanted to try something new and it has worked out great. I think I've had it for 2-3 months now and its just great. Takes some getting used to but after you get through that, you're on your way to relaxation. I've seen some reviews and they said it didn't scroll. It does. The fingertips have one button and that is a scroll. ...more info
  • Instant Comfort and ease of use.
    As soon as I connected it was up and running (plug and play, Windows XP). It has "3" buttons. With your thumb you click right and left, and with your third or 2nd finger you press the middle button (which is great in Firefox to open new tabs, you click the link and it opens a new tab).
    I don't know about Gaming so I can't say if it's accurate enough, probably isn't. For normal use, it's excellent.

    I play the piano 7 hours a day, and use the computer 2-4hs so my hands are very important. Normal mouses made my hand stiff, fingers from scrolling and clicking, etc.
    You can use it from your laps if you want to.
    I'm open to try new mouses do, because if this is This good, why not can there be any better?

    I definitely recommend this mouse to anyone who wants to try something that's healthier even if you don't feel you have a problem with your present mouse. The importance of Seeking is made easier with internet....more info
  • Works Like a Charm - Play video games for hours without fatigue
    I bought this mouse before it was manufactured by 3M, 3 years ago. Then I rebought it after my first one broke one year ago. I can't use any other mouse for an extended time while playing my favorite PC game. With this mouse, I play for hours with no discomfort at all.

    Using a regular wrist bending mouse, my right hand begins getting sore and inflamed within an hour.

    It doesn't take a lot of time to get used to using this mouse, when you consider the only other alternative is carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

    Yes, it's expensive, but so is a hospital bill.

    I'll buy it again when my current one breaks.

    I swear by this mouse.
    ...more info
  • If it fits just right
    My hand was too big even for the LARGE version, which made my thumb rest in a very awkward position. While my forearm felt more relaxed using the mouse, my hand itself actually started hurting.

    Plus the drivers are old NT4.0 version drivers. They work with XP, but just barely. No support from the manufacturer.

    ...more info
  • Pain is gone
    I was having some wrist pain and suspected it to be from repetitive use of my traditional mouse. After about two weeks of using this mouse the wrist pain was gone....more info
  • 'Joystick' Mouse
    Although shaped like a joystick, it doesn't exactly work that way, but is very comfortable nonetheless. I started to get a little scared of my computer addiction when I noticed the symptoms of carpal tunnel, so I went looking for a mouse that could save my health. This works great once you get used to it, and none of the other mouses I tried worked that well for me. I started to notice a little tinge later on, but I think that's because of my bad posture, and a computer "desk" that's too high. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Very comfortable, but weird at first
    I highly recommend this mouse. Fits to your hand's natural resting position. It's very comfortable, but it takes some getting used to. I like that they offer different sizes for different size hands. ...more info
  • On my 3rd one, but still happy
    It's true, if you use this mouse for many hours a day then they have about 3 or 4 months of life - they start to double click like crazy, so you have to throw it out. I'm on my 3rd one, but it has allowed me to get my work done without pain. This seems like a small price to pay to reduce pain and allow me to keep working. I just purchased 3 of them so that I have about a 1 year supply. Maybe 3M will read these reviews and actually make a durable product, but why would they want to sell fewer mice? ...more info
  • Best of breed
    True, it does not have a scroll wheel. There are utilities you can download that will make the third button work as a scroll wheel.

    But it is best of breed for a few reasons.

    One, it allows your hand to assume the most vertical position of all the ergonomic mice (mouses?). The natural position for your hand is the so-called "handshake" position, with the palm facing toward the other hand, and the knuckles positioned vertically. The Renaissance Mouse allows the most vertical position of all the ergonomic mice.

    Two, it has a base to take the weight of your hand and arm. With the other ergonomic mice, your hand rests directly on the mouse pad, meaning you have to use your bicep muscles to lift your hand off the pad. With the Renaissance Mouse, the base takes the weight, and you can use your arm muscles just to move the mouse.

    True, there is a learning curve, and it takes a while, perhaps a week or two to accustom yourself to it. Also, it is a little less fast and accurate, at least for me, than the regular mice, since you are using the the larger and less accurate arm muscles instead of the small wrist muscles.

    But for me, it works great. No more wrist pain or numbness, even after a 14-hour day at the computer.

    I did have a problem intially with the cursor jumping and stuttering, but that turned out to be a problem with the mouse pad. The optical sensor was apparently confused by the hexagonal pattern etched into the pad (that came included with Dell computers a few years ago.) It caused me to intially write a not-so-positive review of the optical model, since my older rolling-ball model had no such problem. But switching the pad resolved the issue.

    Some people have complained about durability, but I have dropped both of mine, optical and roller ball, many times without any problems.

    I love mine. ...more info
  • Rapid cursor jump problem
    A few other reviewers mentioned that the cursor sometimes takes wild jumps using this mouse. I had this problem too, but using the mouse on top of a blank sheet of paper solved it. As for the shape and feel of the mouse, one thing you can't tell from the pictures is that there is a contoured region at the top of the handle in front designed for your index finger. My hand is right on the border of the 3.5" cutoff between the suggested sizes. I bought the large version, and find this grip contour a little high up for my taste. I don't know whether it would be better with the medium version. Otherwise I find the grip size comfortable. The USB->PS/2 converter works fine, too. I run my mouse into a KVM switch using the converter, and it works on all my machines (Mac and Linux). This looked like the best ergonomic alternative to a standard mouse that I saw, and I'm happy I bought it....more info
  • I stand behind it!
    It is absolutely better for you than a traditional mouse! It may take a small period of adjusting for some, but many will take to it right away. Some reviews say it can stress the user's upper arm/shoulder, so be sure to adjust your seating position and keep your elbow in close to your body while using it for long periods. The 3 buttons work on the Mac, but only as a left, middle, and right click -- the programability and scrolling features don't work on Mac platforms. This is the ONLY reason why I didn't give it that fifth star! It's light, it's smooth, and it's very ergo....more info
  • Size is important -- Righties only
    Size is important, so why doesn't Amazone provide a sizing guide... Note taht large fits better if your hand is 3.5 inches across the knuckles. Otherwise get teh small-medium. Also note taht this item is only for right hand mousing. But it does feel good. Almost immediately. No drivers enclosed, but it is plug and play. They say that specific drivers are downloadable. ...more info
  • Works great for pain, but has some quality issues
    While using this mouse I no longer have wrist pain. I suggest using it with one of those mouse pads that has a raised wrist support. For normal programs it was difficult to get used to at first, but it is really natural to use in First Person Shooter video games. After a week I'm pretty well adjusted to it.

    I've had 2 small issues with the mouse:
    1) The left mouse button is pretty sensitive, and periodically clicks twice when I only click it once.
    2) Every once in a while (usually while playing games) the mouse will warp to the upper-right corner of the screen and move erratically for a second or two.

    In my opinion it is worth putting up with these issues to be free of wrist pain....more info
  • Great Purchase!
    This mouse has done for me just what I had hoped: No more pain in my palm after a day of work!

    The only thing is, you need to get used to move the mouse with your entire arm. This feels healthier, but somewhat unintuative for the average mouse user.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Simply the best
    These people are right on. They say that you will go through stages with the device, until, finally, it will feel like you've never used anything else.

    The tingling/numbness in my mouse hand has gone away since I've been using it, which was what I had hoped....more info
  • Expectations
    Ok folks, here is the deal short and sweet. I am 23 years old and have never had any RSI's until my first office job. Pain in my elbow started from a cheap mouse I was using 40+ hours a week at work. This mouse is the answer for people who live and make their living on a computer full-time. It's pretty good overall and make for a very good everyday mouse. However, don't expect it to be good for anything but work. Games are so-so and graphic design would be tough. For everyday desk jockies like me this thing has got me back to work and pain free. If you expect these results from this mouse and nothing more, this is the mouse for you! ...more info
  • Cheap plastic construction
    I had pretty bad hand pain from my microsoft wireless mouse. I bought three of these based on the reviews I read here. The day I started using it the pain disapeared, however I gave my teenage son one too and that is when the bad news arrived. Within a week he had snapped the mouse in two. I figured he was just being a teenager until a month later when i broke mine in half. I took the third one and guess what, same exact way the third one broke. The base and the handle are connected with a plastic snap like joint. The joint occurs in the very place torque is likely to occur and there are three little tabs of plastic that are less than 1/8th of an inch thick keeping it together. Its amazing an engineer at 3M could think this was a good design. Oh well. I just threw them away, not sure if i could have returned them to 3M. They work so well ergonomically, once you get used to them, that I will probably buy more....more info
  • Good idea, needs improvement, awkward scrolling
    I have tried to use this mouse for about a week now. I am running it at the same time as my Logitech wheel mouse that I was trying not to use because of the horizontal hand position.

    Pros: The 3M mouse has a good hand position.

    Cons: The 3M mouse has awkward scrolling (I don't know how people deal with non-wheel-based scrolling while Web surfing with any mouse). When I use the 3M mouse, I find myself scrolling with the keyboard instead, definitively a major drawback since my arrow keys are on the same right hand. The 3M mouse software does not produce any of the advertized extra scrolling features for the lower second-finger button in Windows XP. The movement seems to require lifting the mouse when it wanders into a corner, which is harder and heavier to do than a conventional mouse. It is hard to get back to the keyboard (same for all vertical mice but this one has a tall stick to lift over).

    Other opinions: I am not convinced that left and right clicking should be done with one digit (3M uses the thumb which I find less accurate than a finger and more tiring). Their advice to have your forearm on the very deep desk goes against other ergonomic advice I have gotten, especially the Deborah Quilter books. I believe it would be hard to use with detailed mouse work like Photoshop.

    Advice: get the small mouse if you have a hand width on the edge (3.5 inches I think) of their guide.

    Summary: try it, but like me you may find yourself grabbing for the old wheel-based mouse instead. I will return it but don't know if I'll buy the smaller presumeably better-fitting 3M mouse. This mouse has made me appreciate my old mouse more.
    ...more info
  • Okay for short term relief, not for long term use
    The 3M Ergonomic mouse was a relief, at first, to my painful mouse wrist and mouse-wheel finger. But after a few months of use the thumb rocker caused severe thumb pain. For the past several months, I have been using the mouse only seldom, until last weekend, when I spent a full day on the computer. Over the last five days, I've used it a few more times, but the pain has returned full strength.

    If you buy this mouse, use it until your pain from using other devices subsides. Then try switching between this device and other devices on a regular basis to avoid developing chronic pain. Once the pain appears and becomes severe, this mouse will be of little use in the future....more info
  • Handle broke off
    Someone commented that the handle had broken off his smaller version of this mouse after it fell twice. Mine never dropped nor did I introduce any significant torque to it, but it still broke. In its current state, I can see that the tabs designed to hold the handle to the base are pretty flimsy. The 3M site mentions a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, it broke 2 years and 3 days after I bought it. Rats.
    On the other hand, while it worked, it worked well. I would alternate between it and a regular mouse and my forearm and wrist pain went away. There's a slight learning curve because you have to train a different set of muscles which aren't accustomed to fine movements; but after just a little while, it becomes natural....more info
  • Close but no cigar
    This product is a two-button mouse. It is ergonomic (i.e., it doesn't cause as much stress on the hand as a regular mouse). The big drawback is that I can't scroll with it. Apparently the scroll feature only works for Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. I don't use either of these. If they'd write some more software, It might be a better product.

    I'm now using the Logitech Marble Mouse. It has some drawbacks too, but it has more functions than the 3M Ergonomic MOuse....more info
  • Superb mouse! Actually works. Solid design.
    The 3m Ergo mouse is the best mouse for ergonomics on the market. The picture is misleading though. I thought that perhaps it was some sort of joystick type of mouse (which would still require moving the wrist, which wouldn't help really). It is one solid piece that does NOT move at all. The picture also hides the fact that it has 3 buttons, a left click (on top for the thumb), a right click (also on top), and one on the side (not shown) for the other fingers.

    What you'll immediately notice about this is that when you start to use it, your wrist will not move at all and you will be using your arm to move the mouse.

    I have no problems with the mouse treating a single click as a double click either. Perhaps the other people simply had a defective unit (or more likely, 3M was producing it poorly has revised their design to have it fixed).

    In my own experiment with this mouse, I intentionally did NO other therapy for my wrist to see how much the mouse actually helped. My hand went from nearly totally unusable to not having hardly any pain (unless I use a regular mouse again, and/or type for extended experiods again) in less than 20 days. Clearly, healing has already started, and it's also happened in less than 1 month with this mouse.

    For people that play first person shooters, I also use this mouse for games with no problem at all. And it took me about 1-2 days to get used to it. It's very "natural". Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Great product
    My husband really notices a difference in his wrist in using this product. And, it's not a akward as I thought it would be using it myself. Pretty seemless transition for better eronomics....more info
  • Poor durability
    I liked this product, but the top thumb button stopped working within 3 months. It will start double-clicking with increasing frequency anytime you single-click until you get fed up with it.

    And it isn't un uncommon problem. I purchased this mouse on recommendation from a fellow co-worker who had just purchased it and told me that it helped keep his wrists relaxed. After I threw mine away for the annoying double-click problem my co-worker sympathized with me and complained about the same problem that was just starting to rear its ugly head on his mouse....more info
  • Works OK, but this isn't for me.
    I used this mouse for several days before deciding it wasn't for me.

    While it does alleviate wrist pain, it didn't perform up to my expectations.

    The software (which you need to download from 3M) is five years old and is not a driver update. The mouse uses the standard drivers included in Windows. I was unable to use the 3M software because it conflicted with the Logitech software I already have installed. I use two mice simultaneously-one for my left hand and one for my right (sounds crazy, but it works really well for balancing the work load). Consequently, I needed to keep the Logitech software.

    Since I was unable to use any software to modify the control of the mouse, I found I had to move my arm excessively to move the cursor. Left to right was annoying enough (I have a 20" Dell WS LCD monitor-lots of real estate to cover), but trying to go up and down was a real bear. I expect to be able to move the cursor with just the movement of my wrist and fingers-not my arm.

    Another issue was price. The quality and lack of features on this mouse is something I would expect from a mouse costing $10-$15, but I realize this is a "specialty" item.

    All things considered, I give this mouse a 4 because it does what it says. I felt no pain in my wrist while using this mouse. However, I normally don't have a lot of wrist pain-I just get fatigued after a day of use-so it wasn't worth it to me. I think it probably is a good product for someone having a lot of pain and using only one mouse ;-) ...more info
  • 3M Ergonomic Mouse
    I got this mouse because I was having trouble with pain in my wrist/fingers after several days of very extensive mousing. I first tried one of these mice that our safety department loaned me. The mouse was excellent at relieving the stress on my wrist - after about two-three weeks of using it, the pain definitely diminished. Based on that experience, I order this one from Amazon. It arrived in about a week. Not great timing, but they met the shipping expectation that they set. From the beginning, I found that the thumb button on the new mouse seemed to work differently than the loaner. I found my thumb getting sore, so I would trade back and forth between using the new ergonomic mouse and my old standard mouse. After two weeks of using the new mouse, it abruptly starting registering single-clicks as double clicks. When the problem wouldn't go away, I called 3M. They were very helpful, and very prompt in sending me a new ergonomic mouse (and the prepaid label to return the old one). The new one they sent feels much better on my thumb, and registers single clicks properly.
    Pros - mouse definitely provided the ergonomic benefits, excellent warranty service from 3m
    Cons - I wish that I hadn't had any problems with the mouse. The software for programming the third button to alternate behaviors than scrolling doesn't work with Windows XP....more info
  • 3M Ergonomic Mouse EM500
    3M Ergonomic Mouse SMALL/MEDIUM

    Awesome mouse! For someone with initial stages of CTS wrist/palm pain, this is a lifesaver.. very very effective design....more info
  • Excellent mouse, better than MS Natural
    I have wrist pains due to RSI and used a MS Natural mouse at work for about 1 1/2 years but wanted to try something different. After using this mouse for a few months I can tell that it is a much more natural wrist position that doesn't require as much small muscle tension to use. It forces you to use the larger muscles in your arms and forearms to operate it. It seems like it would be awkward to use looking at it, but I was used to it in a matter of hours. The buttons are also very easy to operate. I would highly recommend it to anyone with wrist and hand issues....more info
  • Met My Needs
    My job requires about six hours a day on the computer. For the past few years now I have been ignoring the fact that my wrist was constantly irritated. The right hand would bug me, so I would use the left to control the mouse. After a week, the left hand would bug me, so I would switch back to the right hand. Yikes! What a lame routine. Since switching to the 3M Ergonomic Mouse at work (Company Purchased -- Check your companies policy as many have accounts set aside for these kinds of purchases) and at home, I have experienced just short of a complete relief from my wrist discomfort. I will get the occasional tinge of irritation, but it is not the kind that sets off all the red flags in my mind telling me that I'm goofing up my body for the long run. The mouse took me about a week to adapt to, and now navigating pages is a thoughtless exercise.

    Pragmatically: The product seemed about twenty dollars more expensive than I would have liked to pay for it, but I couldn't realistically put a price on the relief that I am getting.
    ...more info
  • This product is really helping me
    This mouse was easy to get used to and is helping my wrist problem more than I thought possible....more info
  • Bought 2. Same problem both times
    This is a nice mouse for a couple weeks, but like another posting I read, I had the same problem- it treats single clicks as double clicks. This can be a pain, as I've accidentally closed windows, and opened things I didn't intend to. I replaced my first one because I liked the mouse, and thought it was just an isolated case and that the one I'd replace would be different. But now my second one is doing the same thing!...more info
  • You have to get one!
    This is my second mouse by 3m and I am in love and converting others over to them..Once you have this mouse you will not ever want the others....more info
  • Great Mouse For Carpal Sufferers!
    I have been using this mouse since 2000. I work in the I.T. profession. Having worked on all of the "Y2K" updates of all of our computer systems for so many hours caused me to get a very bad case of Carpal. I thought for SURE I would need surgery! Switching to an ergonomic keyboard and this mouse made a TREMENDOUS difference!

    I still suffer from carpal, but the symptoms have subsided considerably! Symptoms reappear within 30 seconds of using a "regular" mouse!...more info
  • It works!!!
    All I know is without this mouse my hand is in so much pain that I just want to cut if off. ...more info
  • 3M Ergonomic Mouse
    The 3M Ergonomic Mouse has reduced reduce hand and wrist problems. It works well in most software I have used it with. A scroll wheel would make it easer to use in SoldWorks....more info
  • "Double-click" problem apparently resolved as of January
    My birthday mouse from last August (which really is as nice on your hands as others suggest) developed the dreaded double-click problem (where all single clicks start to register double) a week or so back. One phone call to 800-332-7483 later, and I have a replacement and an assurance that the problem is fixed as of January (and hey, my two-year warranty should run a while yet).

    It really does click differently now. Clickier....more info
  • the handshake grip eliminates pain
    I bought this mouse from Amazon a couple of months ago. It seems like a cheaply made thing for the price. That aside, the main thing is that after a week or so it completely cleared up the chronic pain that I have had for years with my right hand and associated pain spots on the arm and shoulder. I am so grateful for that.

    At first I had trouble with squeezing the mouse too hard. This problem seemed to have let up by itself and now it is all smooth sailing! I would highly recommend purchasing it if you are suffering from repetitive injury syndrome. I listened to all the reviewers who wrote in when I was figuring out which mouse to buy for relief.
    I am grateful to everyone who wrote in so that I knew what to get!...more info
  • Missing scroll wheel function
    I don't have any wrist injury but having used the mouse too often lately, decided to try this product and give my index finger a rest. In most cases, it is easy to adapt to the new posture, which is quite comfortable.

    The big drawback is this mouse does not have a scroll wheel. It becomes a major problem when some applications use the scroll wheel for zoom functions. Having just a third button doesn't make up for it. I end up having a regular mouse handy for applications in which I need the scroll wheel....more info
  • It does take time getting used to it
    Like the manual says, it does take time getting used to it. I am pretty comfortable with in in 2nd week. No more wrist pain. ...more info
  • This device saved my job.
    I work heavy hours as a computer programmer. Sometimes in addition to my full-time job I moonlight and work weekends to make the extra money. I was experiencing pain starting from my wrist and traveling up to my elbow on my mouse hand. It got so bad at one point I decided to completely switch hands at times and then sometimes alternate between the two. Low and behold the pain started on the other arm as well. I had tried a few different types of mouses. Nothing really seemed to help until I found this. The usage of only the thumb to click and the natural position of the hand on this device makes it a winner. I'm happy to say the pain is pretty much gone. I'm so happy to have discovered this.
    Chris D...more info
  • Not ergonomic for me
    I purchased this mouse on the recommendation of a corporate ergonomics expert, in an attempt to reduce wrist pain. I'm sure that it works for some people, perhaps even many, but it did not help me at all. It's sitting unused next to my ordinary-type mouse. ...more info


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