Bissell 79011 Proheat Upright Deep Cleaner

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Bissell Home Care Inc Model# 79011 Upright Deep Cleaner

ProHeat, Upright Deep Cleaner, Built In Heater, Heats Water Up To 25 Degrees Hotter For Maximum Cleaning Performance, Improved 6 Rows Of Brushes Lifts Out Deep Down Dirt & Gently Grooms Carpet For Professional Style Results, 12A Cleaning System, Maximum Power For Deep Cleaning, Scotchgard Protector Applicator.

In a house with plenty of light-colored carpet, pets, or a combination of the two, there are enough messes where it pays to own your own steamcleaner. Deep cleaning is meant as an additional step to vacuuming as it shoots warm water deep into carpet fibers to loosen and remove dirt and grit that even daily vacuuming can't reach.

Bissell's ProHeat cleaner has a DirtLifter Powerbrush with six rows of brushes for lifting out embedded dirt particles and utilizes its 12 amps of strong suction to pull them in. The built-in heater keeps tap water 25 percent hotter than most steam cleaners do and distributes a mixture of warm water and cleaning solution into carpets to provide the most effective cleaning. Completely safe on stain-resistant carpets, the ProHeat can apply a Scotchgard protector formula during cleaning to reduce the amount of wear on the stain-resistant coating.

Besides carpeting, this cleaner can be used on home and automobile upholstery and has a 9-foot hose to reach into tight spaces. The ProHeat has a wide, 12-inch path and its onboard accessories include a spraying crevice tool, a tough stain tool, a Scotchgard applicator, and a cartridge. Bissell covers this deep cleaner under a full one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • 12-amps of power for superior suction and cleaning of carpets, upholstery
  • Built-in heater provides 25-percent hotter tap water for effective cleaning
  • DirtLifter Powerbrush lifts out deep dirt, grooms carpet for professional results
  • Scotchgard protector keeps carpet looking good longer
  • Includes onboard tools; 9-foot upholstery hose; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • This machine will not last
    Please do not buy this unit, listen to the warnings it will not last. I will admit it works wonders at first but after about one year it will not work. Consider a different item. One thing which will for sure happen is water will fail to dispense.The hand held cleaner does not attach to the cleaner in a well thought out way and will become a battle to keep attached every time you use it, such that you will be picking it up while you are cleaning constantly.The yellow lever on the side which switches from floor cleaning to hand cleaning will break, it is very cheaply designed there.I have maintained the vac and cleaned it out after use. So it is no like I neglected to maintain it. I know the price is somewhat cheap but I would suggest buying a stronger industrial grade product....more info
    August 11, 2008
    I purchased my Pro Heat about 5 years ago. I used it shortly after I purchased it and all was fine. This use occured over a single weekend.

    I pulled out the machine and tried to use it. Sprayer for the floor didn't work. I tried boiling hot water assuming the line was clogged, I tried pressurized air to clear the line...and nothing. In disgust, I took to a repair shop. It costs $30 for an estimate from Vac & Sew company. They just informed me it's about $109 to repair.

    Wish I had read the reviews for this junk beforehand. DO NOT BUY!
    I'll be taking a sledge hammer to mine in a ceremony of corporate shame for Bissel....more info
  • 4 years and still going strong
    I purchased this cleaner 4 years ago and it still works just as good as it did the first time I used it. I read the manual from front to back and follow the surface preparation recommendations and the cleaning of the machine recommendations to a tee. I believe this has contributed to the longevity of my machine compared to all the others listed here with negative feedback. A machine will only perform at its fullest potential when it is used properly and maintained properly. This is my third Bissell product I have purchased in the past 15 years and I still have and use all three of them without any problems. My vacuum needed the beater bar replaced once as I wore it out after 7 years of use!...more info
    This is one of the biggest pieces of cheap junk that I have ever bought. I'd rate it a 0, but you have to give it at least 1 star. I followed the instructions too the letter. I used it 5 times in a little over a year on my living room (15' x 18') and the hall. Right after the guarantee was up it stopped spaying. I ended up having to pay to have it fixed and the repair man said, "he gets 20 to 30 of these in every week to fix for the same thing". Now on the seventh time that I am using it the vacuum is going out and will not suck up the water. I've sense know 2 other people that bought one of these and had the same problems. DON'T waste your money on this pieces of cheap junk....more info
  • Getting a Dirt Devil instead
    I am not impressed with this. Sad to say I have only owned it for one year and already, after only a handful of uses, the water is just not sucked up to my satisfaction. The last thing I want is a lot of dirty water sitting still on my carpet. That just makes matters worse than before I cleaned. Also, I find the tank in tank and big pain. I read a lot of reviews on the Dirt Devil Platinum Force and I am going to spring for one for Mother's Day for me! I like the huge tank...I like the fact that tanks are separate...and I like that you can turn off the soap so you can do a once around rinse and vac only so as to get all the soap residue off the carpet. Leaving it on just attracts more dirt. It took me awhile to find one that can just rinse alone, yet soap, with just a push of a button. I am all for ease because like everyone, I am busy, so the less preparation steps, the better! ...more info
  • Bissell = BREAKS
    This thing breaks, that's all there is to it. What ever you pay for it, plan on paying double for repair bills. It gets clogged up underneath or in the hand tool unit , even when you run clean water through it after using it which is a huge hassel (note bissell also ryhmes with hassel).

    It cleans but its not worth the trouble. I had a repair man tell me that the dispenser should not be used because that is a defect in the design. You should rather , put the cleaner in the water section.

    In my opinion the product should be taken off the market with so many bad reviews....more info
  • it breaks down regularly....don't buy
    I bought my unit in Sept 07. The first time I used it after a little while it just stopped dispensensing the water and soap. (the suction still worked). It was under warranty so I took it in for repairs. They had to replace the motor and the belt. It took 3 weeks. When I got it back I started to clean my carpets and after about a 1/2 an hr I smelled a funny smell, it stopped dispensing water and soap, and there was smoke for a few seconds. I took it back again to replace the motor and belt.
    So far its been out of service most of the time I've had it.
    It also goes through soap very quickly and leaves the carpets very wet.
    I would never ever buy another one nor would I reccommend it to anyone. i would have given this 0 stars but it wouldn't accept that so I had to enter one. ...more info
  • Love it twice as much
    I bought this same model 7 years ago. It finally took a digger with 5 kids to clean up after, I want to take a digger. :) So I needed another one. I looked over all the different model. I still love the easyness to it. Some have two different tanks one to fill, one to empty. This steamer has one large tank.... Go with this one it gets hot and easy to run....more info
  • Do not buy this, waste of hard earned money
    I have owned this machine along with two other bissell units, see the pictures I posted. They break,plain and simple. If you think it is worth 200.00 dollars to pay to clean your carpet once then this machine is for you.
    I think a bad machine should be taken off the market and this Bissell company know's these are crap.
  • Good until it breaks
    I have owned 2 of these carpet cleaners. The first one I loved until it broke. I tried fixing it many times, ordered spare parts from the internet. It kept breaking so I bought a new, same model, Bissel cleaner. After a few months same problem. Belts broke, plastic knobs broke, plastic hose holder broke, The groved pulley on the brush broke. Even ordering spare parts, and using parts from the 1st Bissel did not keep this second cleaner running for more than a year. These are expensive items, and I cannot afford to replace them every year. I do like the heat aspect, and when these carpet cleaners work, they are wonderful. But too many cheap parts, too much plastic for me. I will buy a more expensive model Bissel proheat next time. Also, I have one room with deep pile carpet, really thick, probably 2 inches long. Do not use this model on deep, long, heavy pile carpet. You will burn up the belts for sure. This model cannot handle deep pile carpet. ...more info
    I bought the Bissell 7901-W at C_stc_. The first time I used it as I pulled it back on the dirty carpet it left "clean" lines and "dirty" lines. I guess the soapy water spray did not spray evenly. It seemed to suck up an acceptable amount of water in the beginning, but then after the first day of use, it left the carpets soaking wet. I read the instruction manual and stll can't figure out why its doing that. The exhaust vent is right at the bottom of the unit, pointing the air flow towards the carpet. This can't be good for the suction of the machine as the exhaust is practically blocked by the wet carpet, nor can it be good for the life of the machine as it puts extra stress on the exhaust mechanism. The "hook" that holds the suction tube protudes from the side of the machine so when I pull the machine along the right side of a wall, the hook or holder won't let the Bissell touch the wall. I hit that plastic holder so many times that there is already "stress discoloration" and I think that its going to break off soon.
    In conclusion, this is an extremely poorly built machine. I doubt they spent more than half an hour designing it and obviously have never tested it. Judging by what I read in the latest reviews of the latest Bissell models, Bissell has no interest in building a good product. My next purchase for a carpet washer is either going to be a Royal or an Oreck....more info
  • broke after two years
    What a flimsy product! Bought this item at B*** B** for about 185 bucks including tax. I have a yellow lab and light hair on the carpet is an issue. I have used this carpet cleaner probably just over ten times, but less than 20 times. It uses lots of water and detergent, and constantly leaves lumps of pet hair on the carpet, which I run around to collect. Quite hard to use, but I was somewhat satisfied with the results.
    Then it happened last July 2007, the flimsy floor/tool dial's flap broke at the weakest design. The water did not circulate. I opened the top cover, and tried to glue it, but it did not work. Frustrated, I put it away. Yesterday I tried using it, this time handle does not want to lock to stand still. Overall very cheap construction and has quite a bit of design and operation flaws. I am in the market for a new carpet cleaner, but I don't know which brand/model I will go with this time. Oh well......more info
  • Best Carpet Cleaner
    I,ve Had Many Carpet Cleaners But This One Seams To Be The Best So Far; Most Have Quit In About A Year....more info
  • Don't buy this machine
    Like other reviewers mentioned----it will work great in the beginning, but soon it will be nothing but a repair project and a hassle.
    3 Tanks replaced, leaking water from everywhere, no suction, doesn't clean the carpet and just soaks it in water.
    We brought it to a repair shop to replace some parts ( seals and suction thingy).
    70$ later and it broke down 2 cleanings later. As for the suction: the repairman told me that it won't get any better.
    Calling the service was a waste of time, because they ask you to check a bunch of things on the cleaner ,only to tell you to bring it to a repair shop.
    It's sitting in the corner now, since it leaks water from somewhere and will be trashed soon....more info
  • Another 'breaks after warranty' item
    I have a mixed review on this. Although I feel that the Proheat cleans well, and the lights showing speed are a great asset, it also breaks easily as well. We have owned this item for 3 years, and shortly after the warranty was up the latch broke to hold it upright. Then the water carrier would not seat properly in the holder. Now, year 3, the vacuum function has about had it and very little water comes up off the floor....more info
  • Bad choice
    At first, this product seemed great. I used it on a rental property and it did a magnificent job. In actuality, I think the carpet was cleaner than when a professional did it. (A professional just goes over everything VERY quickly).

    The problem is, it is now just a very big, heavy, weak shop-vac. It stopped spraying out water and detergent after a very short time. I tried manually spraying the carpet in front of the machine and using the machine to pick up the water, but what a waste of time. I will never buy one again. It has been extremely frustrating....more info
  • As Good a Cleaner as You Can Buy...
    I've read many of the negative reviews of this product and have owned one of these for several years. The only problems I EVER had with it were ALWAYS caused by other family members who take it home and treat it like a rental unit. In fact I'd wager that 95% of all the negative reviews here are caused by mistreatment of the machine, failure to read the manual before use, failure to seat the water reservoir properly, failure to clean it after use, and failure to adequately vacuum beforehand (because this thing sucks up EVERYTHING that your dirty carpet is hiding). It has much more suction than most vacuums because the pickup nozzle presses directly against the carpet, unlike your vacuum. If it's in your carpet when you begin cleaning, it will wind up in the dirty water reservoir after having passed through all the hoses, nozzles and pumps on the way there. Not good for ANY water handling appliance. And, if I may be candid, most of the bad reviews read as if they were composed by less than the sharpest knife in the rack, IMHO.

    I'm in the market for another carpet cleaner because my sister smashed the water/detergent flow control knob against something, breaking the knob partially off and thereby damaging the flow control valve, the housing around it, and some internal parts. It must have been quite an impact because these cleaners are not flimsy. They aren't perfect, either, but I'm going to buy another one this week because I can find nothing better. If you know of a better-built, upright, consumer cleaner at these prices, LET ME KNOW ASAP! She better not ask about the new one......more info
  • Will only last one year.
    This machine is great at first, but will slowly start leaking until it becomes unbearable. After one year, it's trash. It's made of cheap plastic parts that don't last long. The hand tool will always leak. When you turn the machine off and start putting the hand tool back, the minute the hand tool is upside down, dirty water starts pouring out.

    This machine will work very well for about the first 6 months. Once you see it leaking, you only have about another 6 months. This machine is no different then the other deep cleaners on the market because they are all made of cheap plastic....more info
  • Do Not Buy This!!!
    This is the third one of these in my family and all of them broke after occasional use over two years. I also experienced the wand falling off every two seconds. My mother in law had two of them and they both stopped spraying soap and water. It ccost almost as much to fix as it would to replace. It did clean capets but once turned off it would leak dirty water onto the surface it was resting on. I had to make sure I put it on the hardwood when I was done. I was trying to clean it out because it wasn't sucking as well as it used to. When I went to put it back together,I couldnt get everything to line up. We took it to a local repair facility and was told it needed a new housing, belts and labor for a mear $112. It is a gigantic waste of money and will be thrown out for a third time. Please dont waste a penny on this POS. I would give it 0 stars but it wont let me....more info
  • Good for spot cleaning not for cleaning entire rooms
    I have only had great results when using the floor tool. When I try to clean entire rooms, it looks as if nothing was cleaned. The floor tool constantly falls off the hook when using it for floors and the solution mixer says I run out of solution when it's full, leading me to believe the solution doesn't even get mixed in with the water when doing floor cleaning. The hand tool works fine and that's all I can use it for now. Every time I shut the machine off, loads of water leaks from under the machine so I have to make sure it's off the carpet before shutting it off. Next time I will buy the little green machine or spot lifter instead and rent the Rug Doctor when I need to clean the entire room. ...more info
  • Hassle should be the name, not Bissel
    I purchased this machine about four years ago and I have only been able to use it about six times, because every time I want to use it something is wrong with it.

    The very first time I used it everything went great. I loved the results. I cleaned the unit up and put it on storage because I wasn't going to use it for another three or four months. When I went to use it, it stared to make a very laud noise; I called the company and, since it was still under warranty, they suggested I take it to a certain place to have it fixed.

    I did as I was told and it turned out the motor had burned out. It got fixed, I went home and used it again. Cleaned it up following the booklet's instructions and storaged it again for another six or seven months. When I went to used it again, it didn't work. This time it wasn't under warranty, so I had to pay to have "the pump" replaced.

    Long story short,the last time I wanted to use it it wouldn't spray the water at all; I was really upset because I needed to clean my carpets before a party, and I didn't have time to take it in and wait a few days for it to be fix. So I went and rented the "rug doctor" machine from my local grocery store.

    I have waited for several months now (winter time) to take it in and have it fixed yet again; the guy told me it wasn't the pump this time, but just a little clog due to a "bad batch" of detergent that got "chrystalized" by the heater (never mind the fact that I used the "bissell" kind of detergent).

    I was happy to only have to pay 31.00 to have the "clogg" removed and bring the machine home to finish the last step on a much needed spring cleaning.

    Oh, but guess what????? The thing is still not working!!!!!!

    It only sprays water for about 10 seconds and then stops. Just like the last time I was trying to use it.

    All in all, this is by far the worst machine I have ever used and if Ihad to do it again I would have never bought this product. I bought it thinking it would save me time and money by not having to go and rent the one at the grocery store all the time, but I was wrong; this machine has giving me more headaches than my two boys put together. It has wasted my time and my money.

    The name should be "hassle" not "bissell".

    Do yourself a favor and look for something better than this one. I wish I would have....more info
  • Good While It Lasted
    I initially loved this carpet cleaner as it worked very well. However, it lost suction about two uses. Now after only around 4 months of owning it it won't pick up any water.

    I thought at first that it might be the junk that builds up inside the plastic through which the water gets sucked through. I do have one cat and there was a bit of cat hair stuck to the plastic. I took the panel off, cleaned the inside out, and put it back on. I got the same result; weak suction. You can actually hear the air leaking out of different places along its way to the dirty water container.

    There's definitely no excuse for this and I have read other reviews from others who have had this issue. BUY A BETTER QUALITY MACHINE!...more info
  • Cleans stains most rug cleaners do not get out
    This is my 2nd Bissell cleaner, and the reason I purchased it is because I knew how well it would work. I have 2 small dogs who occassionally have accidents, and I must say, my carpets came out looking brand new.

    The only thing I can say regarding this product due to my experience, and experience of friends with the same unit, make sure that after you shampoo, when you are doing the last stretch of carpet, turn the dial on the bottom of the machine to rinse only, and rinse the last stretch of carpet with just water. This rinses the soap out of the tubing in the machine, because one of the biggest problems I and others have had in the past is that eventually the tubing clogs with the soap and does not squirt out when you press the handle for it....more info
  • Worked really good
    Bought it even though the store I got it from didnt have the better one with 2 rollers for cleaning, Then I got major attitude from em to get this one off their storage shelf, so I and my new neighbor used it and took it back... HA! HA! WARNING!! Before using.. VACCUM!! Vaccum every single square inch of your carpet and then do it again! If not, you will get wet lent EVERYWHERE that sticks to the carpet that this machine pulls up. If you dont vaccum, dont say I didnt warn ya! A bagless vaccum works better than a bagged one for this purpose, but if you do get wet lent (almost unavoidable) just either pick it up as you go, and then once the whole floor dries, vaccum it all up as I did.. and it picks up easily and youll have an incredibly MUCH cleaner floor.

    Pre-treatment worked really well. Dont try and get some stain next to the wall unless you use the handheld attachment as rollers only get 2 inches from the wall. Like with any cleaner.. TAKE YOUR TIME! Rushing it will get rid of some of a good stain, but taking your time to go over the problem areas and high traffic matted down areas will be well worth it! You can stick you finger on the rollers while their moving (it wont suck off your hand!) and it makes you realize how many strokes the cleaner does in seconds compared to the minutes youd have to equal by hand.. another reason this sucker pays for itself!

    Carpet dry time during sunny feel good day to open up windows with a breeze like I did.. less than 90 minutes. Do it at night.. itll be wet for 4 to 5 hours. So have the ceiling fans going as it DOES HELP! It did very well pulling up matted carpet especially where my computer desk was, and I have cheap apartment carpet. Also, what youve heard IS TRUE.. use the Bissel brand cleaner solution and not a store brand.. my brother had the same cleaner and he preaches about the difference. Course Ive heard good things about Simple Green concentrate being used instead.. so maybe thatll work just as good. His however, went out after 7 times that he used it and 6 other times friends and family used it.. so figure it lasted to clean about 15,000 sq ft, or a house 13 times.. and do the math compared to renting for $50 each time or cleaning service with an average of $130 each time. So I guess if it lasts 4 times or more, your good.

    NOTE: Just be sure to pour any unused cleaner back and dump all the water reservoir too, to avoid leaking when your done. Another note.. When pouring waste down sink, put a strain on sink as that wet lent WILL CLOG YOUR SINK UP FAST! Also using the rinse mode really does a good job on removing the soapy film feel off the carpet.. I went over my rooms I did 2 times, and felt much better on my feet and far less cleaning smell (though wasnt bad to begin with.)

    But of all the advice concerning this or ANY model, VACCUM FIRST!! My neighbor who moved in his new home before he moved his furniture in, vaccumed his carpet 3 times and then used this for the whole afternoon, and we both were amazed at how that new carpet smell was dramatically reduced. And yes.. his carpet had a good bit of dirt in it.. EVEN NEW! As for the ones who kept theirs I really cant say if this thing lasts only 5 or 6 times or more and then fails how your being ripped off. I mean do the math for crying out loud. 1,200 sq ft 5 times with say 6 rooms and a hall.. For just 5 times a rental would run $250, pro cleaner would run over $750, so spending $200 on this to have it break after 5, 8, or more uses sounds like a bargain to me! So stop the belly-aching already! If you have 4 or more rooms, and it lasts 4 or more times.. congratulations.. it paid for itself! ...more info
  • Excellent cleaner - while it lasted
    I purchased this about 2 years ago and have used it for light/normal cleaning. At first it was excellent and it quickly paid for itself. Now 2 years later, the yellow dial has snapped leaving it on 'hose' only, the bristle pad has broken off the hose and the clip to hold the hose when storing has snapped off. It also leakes shampoo from the bottle straight onto the floor under the cleaner and the water no longer heats up so by the time it reaches the carpet it is only warm not hot.
    Overall I loved it for the first year but it is now ready to be replaced. Will look for a better quality cleaner this time....more info
  • disappointing
    I had this cleaner for 18 months. In the beggining I was so impressed with how well it cleaned. Then it started to not pick up all the water,my carpets remained wet for over 24 hours. then it didn't spray the water and shampoo out of the main sweeper, just the cleaning tool. Took it to a repair shop, they said that the pump was broken, and also the heater. It would cost more than $200 to fix. If I would have read the other reviews of this product I would not have purchased it from the beginning....more info
  • Good While It Lasts
    I have now gone through two of these. I would call my use light/normal. While the cleaner works well at first, both of mine have suddently quit spraying water after about two years. I took the last one apart and completely cleaned to no avail, hoping that it simply had a clog somewhere. After two hours of dirty work, I found a broken plastic piece near the beater bar- don't know if this was the problem but the whole assembly is plastic- probably the industry standard??? Anyway, a good machine considering what it would have cost me to have professional cleanings!...more info
  • Avoid this one
    Had my first one for about 8 months, it works great at first then reduce suction became apparent, I had to completely tear it apart, clean it out, and fiddle with it to get it to work. Then it suddenly stopped spraying entirely. Took it back to Wal-Mart to express my dissatisfaction and they took it back, decided (foolishly) to give it another try as it was the best looking model they have. This one wouldn't spray right out of the box! Once may be an abberration twice is not. This item is not durable I suggest you avoid it....more info
    I absolutely LOVE this cleaner! It's amazing how much better this cleaner cleans my carpet than any company I've ever hired. Why rent a machine from the grocery store when you can own one that does just as well or better??? The nice thing is that the bristles are on a roller (not like those with several spinning bristles), so if you have berber carpet you don't have to worry about your carpet getting ruined. With two kids and two pets in the house, it's a must have! I pretreat all my stains with a spot remover, then go over it with the cleaner. If I have an especially tough stain or problem area, I can go over it as many times as I want until I'm satisfied that it's clean. When you hire someone, you really can't count on them to go over an area more than a couple times. And you can suck up as much excess water as you want to by just running the cleaner over the area (this will help it dry faster too). After it's dry, I run a vacuum over it to pick up any extra dog hair or carpet fibers, plus that'll really soften up your carpet. Can you tell I love this cleaner? It also does a great job in the car too!...more info
  • Great Product
    I usally do not write reviews but this is a very good carpet cleaner for the money. The accessory is also super for small clean ups. Has very good suction and you will be amazed at the amout of dirt you pick up. I would definately recommend this product to anyone. I had a Hoover Deep Cleaner and this works 10 times better....more info
    Very good buy for the bucks you spend. Can clean carpets in house, car , and furniture. Plus the scotchguard applicator is a plus. Very good buy...more info
  • Bissell 7901 Proheat Upright Deep Cleaner
    I bought my bissell upright deep cleaner last night, and used it immediately. Much to my surprise it instantly lifted the most deeply stained areas on my rug leaving my carpet exactly how it looked when we moved into our new house! Last week I honestly thought we were going to have to buy new carpet and now my prayers have been answered. Everyone with children and especially pets (I think those two actually go together) should absolutely buy this product!!!!!!...more info
  • I have owned it for 5years and it broke on me today!
    I have never had a problem with this steam cleaner till now. I just suddenly will not work the only thing that it does is suck up the water. The motor is running and the brushes are spiing. My mother in-law has the same one and she has only used it twice!! It is also doing the same thing as my Bissle does. I am now going to buy a Hoover!! I gave it three stars because my cleaner has worked for five years...more info
  • Loved it... at first
    I've had many other carpet cleaners (Big Green Machine, Kirby, Hoover, and others) but when I got this one, I fell in love. It was easy to use, not difficult to maneuver. You do have to remember to turn the dial when you empty and refill the shampoo or water tank and then remember to turn the dial back (mine is turned to heavy traffic)or you'll clean the room only to notice that it hasn't used any shampoo. I was disappointed to know that I had to change the water tank between each room. Yes, I realize I've got it set on high traffic, but it's quite troublesome. I shampoo quite often, at least monthly, sometime 2X a month. I've got kids and 4 dogs, one of which I'm still having problems potty training, so I need to shampoo often. It did a great job. The water also stayed very hot. But, I've noticed the last couple of times I've used it, it's not picking up much water. The carpets are very wet. I've messed with it, checking for clogs (I vacuum well prior to shampooing), etc...nothing. I keep the cleaner clean. I also notice that foam forms on the carpets, something that just started happening (I'm using the same shampoo, nothing new). This has been quite diappointing. I have to give it at least a 3, great cleaning, but durability sucks. I've ordered the Dirt Devil Platinum Force shampooer, hoping it'll be better than the Bissell....more info
  • Bissell Proheat
    This product works very well! It did a good job cleaning the carpet, and my carpet dried very quick also. I have very light carpeting and pets as well and it looks much better. I vacuumed throughly before the cleaning and the machine pulled tons more pet hair out! I was surprised! The only thing bad I can say is the hose and hand sprayer DO NOT stay put! I had to clip it back onto the holder several times while using the machine. I just took a small bungee cord and tied it with that. Otherwise this is a great machine for removing everyday dirt and minor stains....more info
  • I LOVE this machine!
    I have had this machine over 2 years now,and have used it A BUNCH. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, so it needs to keep up with them. It pulls an amazing amount of unseen dirt and junk out of my carpeting. I don't know how roughly some others have been treating theirs, but I find this to be a sturdy, well-made product that I have not had one bit of trouble with. I have been pleased with it's performance, and think it superior to Rug Doctor rental equipment. The bladder in the pail feature keeps the hot clean water separate from the dirty suctioned water and you can vary the amount of shampoo used by mixing water in the separate bottle. I got a very good deal on mine at Overstock, and would recommend this product for average home use. If people are trying to do industrial strength cleaning(rentals, offices, etc) one should call the pros. As I write this, my friend is using mine on her carpets, and is so taken with it's performance(not to mention horrified at the black water and snarls of damp fuzz coming out of her practically new carpeting, even AFTER a thorough vaccuming just before using it!) we are looking for one for her daughter! ...more info
  • Bissell Pro Heat carpet cleaner
    I have now owned 2 of these. The first one quit working after about 6 months, but it worked so well I bought a second one. It lasted about a year, and died with a flair, shooting sparks out the left side. Althought they work great while they work, I will never buy another. Caveat emptor!...more info
  • Call a professional
    I bought a similar machine to this one a couple of years ago and have used it three times total and just threw it in the trash. The first use seemed to go just fine. It picked up loads of dirt and debris from the carpets throughout the 1800 ft^2 of my home. It then sat in a closet for about a year before I pulled it out again. When I went to run it, next to no fluid would come out of the main nozzles on the base. I next tried to use the hand unit and found it working perfectly. Plenty of fluid and suction. So I tore it all apart to find that the lines connecting to the main nozzles were completely gunked up with what looked like lime (I guess my water is quite hard and this is a problem). After purging the lines, cleaning out the nozzles, etc, I put it all back together and got it to work. Not as well as it did fresh out of the box mind you. I just pulled it out the closet today to use one last time before selling it (we are moving) to find the same problem...No spray from the main nozzles. Remembering what happened last time, I proceeded out to my garage to tear it apart to find the clog. To my surprise, there was no lime deposits but was instead completely clogged with mold and fungus. The lines were teeming with black algae-like residue. I tore the lines apart, purged them, put it all back together again but this time had no luck. No spray at all. I've finally had it with this product and decided to toss it in the trash and call a professional. I would recommend this approach to anyone considering buying this. I know the price of a professional can be steep but compared to the irritation of tearing apart a machine to make it work properly, it is quite fair....more info
  • Average
    This mediocre-machine has a container within a container. The bladder type of container holds the clean water while the dirty water goes out-side the bladder. The problem is the bladder opening often falls in, mixing the dirty & clean water together. Customer service who readily replaced my tank was prompt and curteous.

    Suction is okay. Brush is okay. I haven't checked the outlet temp, but it supposed to raise my water temp by 25°F, but I don't think that's happening.

    Overall, it's an average machine from the wally-world. It works compared to the Hoover that brokedown, so I guess that's a plus. Just a few more months of these and we're getting hardwood floor, so bu-bye stinking steamers....more info
  • NOT Recommended- Poor Machine
    These are fragile, unrepairable machines. Works well at first, but will soon fail. You are lucky if the brush drive fails within warranty: at least they will maybe fix it once. Mine broke just out of warranty. Repair cost almost at much as a new machine. This is a poorly designed, low quality machine. My advice is to rent a professional machine....more info
  • Not recommended
    My wife thought this would be a good investment, given that it costs less than one cleaning by a professional service. Unfortunately, after using it maybe 5-6 times, it no longer dispenses any liquid. (When it was working, it was slow and didn't do as good a job as a professional.) Have followed all maintenance and trouble-shooting suggestions to no avail. Only option is a 60 mile drive to the nearest authorized service center. Needless to say it's going into the trash. We will not buy another consumer grade machine. Will look into prices on commercial grade options....more info
  • Bissell 79011
    Cleans as well as the "rug doctor" that you rent at the store. Doesn't leave the floor as wet either. ...more info
  • machine quick to break
    Bissel model 7901-6 pro-heat advatage.

    First problem, the thing stopped spraying.

    Also the tool attachment suction is lousy. It left the chair quite wet. I used a shop vac to try to suck up the excess water. I was amazed at the amount of water I was able to recover.

    I would never buy it again with what I know now. Stay away from this piece of junk. It works good but only for a short period of time.
    ...more info
  • Bissell Proheat Deep Cleaner
    Great low priced deep cleaning vacuum! Very easy to use and does a super job! ...more info
  • Not very happy
    I originally had a Hoover, that was great - lasted about 7 years. I only had this Bissell for about 9 mos and the motor now has to be replaced. Unfortunately, I never registered my vacuum so I have no warranty info. Also, we found this vacuum was extremely loud compared to the one I had before. I did not have problems with leaking, however, I have to agree with another reviewer - that the dirty water canister is very difficult to clean compared to other machines....more info
  • Awesome Floor Cleaner
    This floor cleaner works great. It took out all of the normal day to day wear and stains out of our carpet. I also used the upholstery hose attachment on my car carpet and it even cleaned the heavy stains of the floormats. I paid $139.99 for the cleaner and it was definately worth it. No complaints
    ...more info
  • Very Impressed
    I bought this machine without doing any prior research in order to emergency clean some funky, filthy, cat-stained carpet at a relative's house. I own the smaller Bissell 2070 and am very happy with it but thought that a larger, more powerful model would be better for this job.

    The Bissell 79011 did a fantastic job and got rid of 98% of the stains. I did have to go over some sections and stains several times, but I don't think this is unusual since the stains had been there for God knows how long. The pre-treatment solution that's provided removed all but the toughest stain (too bad the bottle wasn't bigger). It's got powerful suction so (1) it sucked up disgustingly dirty water (2) the carpet's pile stood up practically like new and (3) it dried overnight. I didn't use the attachment so I can't comment on its performance.

    The machine is simple to assemble, it's easy to remove/fill/replace the water tank and solution tank, and though it's a heavy machine I didn't find it difficult to push it around the carpet. As another reviewer mentioned, it does leave a lot of carpet fuzz balls. I took this as a sign that the brushes were doing a really good job.

    If my current carpet cleaner was older, I would probably replace it with this model because the 79011 was very impressive....more info
  • Defective Machine; Won't Last
    We bought this Bissell in the midst of potty-training our son, so we had plenty of spots to clean. And I loved the machine at first, especially how it heats the water and is very quiet.

    But after 5 months of moderate use, it no longer locks in an upright position and it consumes cleanser like a fish consumes water.

    NOT GOOD FOR THE LONG RUN....more info
  • Does not clean as well as it should
    I bought this product to keep up with a dog and a three year old. We had bought new carpeting about a year ago and we thought that this would be a good insvestment. The first time I tried it, I like it because it seem to clean well and consistently.

    However, when the carpet cleaned I saw streaks of dirt here and there. And now when I use it I have to make sure that I go three or four times over the same spot at different angels because it just doens't clean well.

    I might have a defective machine since it DOESN'T spray the solution evently. I have tried cleaning it but it still gives me the same problems.

    Do yourself a favor and go rent a machine instead of buying this machine!...more info
  • Cleans well, but tedious
    It cleans well but the water and solution container seem to run out every 5 minutes, regardless of the setting! With the refilling, it took over 3 hours just for 2 small rooms! The on/off switch is in an inconvenant place so it was tedious every time I had to refill/dump the water. The hose attachment kept falling off onto the floor getting in the way and I had to stoop down and reattach that constantly. I used it 3x and it already broke down on me and my husb had to take it apart. My back aches from constantly bending over to exchange the water and my hand is cramped. I'd compromise on the clean to have it more user friendly....more info
  • Nice
    The Bissell ProHeat is an amazing machine...I bought it about 2 weeks ago..It is effortless to operate. I know sounds like a sells ad but really this machine is awesome. It restored my cream carpet to like new quality and not only that the house smells great. The carpet has not been cleaned only spotted since 2001 when we put it in. The areas where there is heavy traffic took a little bit more work but still it looks great now. Its not a heavy duty machine in my opinion you may want to rent one if you have ground in dirt or soiled areas. But for regular cleanings this is a dream. One more thing it leaves carpet balls on the carpet. But hey vacuum them up!!!
    Thanks for a great machine Bissell...more info
  • Not Good Enough For Such A Big Price
    I bought this product last year. I've used it about eleven times. It looked like it picked up tons of dirty water but the stains still were visible.DON'T BUY...more info
    This is a very nice cleaner to have on hand. I have 2 kids (plus the neighborhood kids), 3 dogs, and 2 cats. It gets the job done. It has been loaned to family and friends and they loved it too. Very easy to use and light weight....more info
  • Steer clear of poor quality and design
    Bought a Bissel Proheat cleaner. Used it approximately eight times at various locations. A small piece of plastic used as a retainer for the brushes broke. It was impossible to just call bissell and get a replacement part. Instead, they advised to take it to an authorized repair facility, with a minimum charge of $30 to $50. Even after it was repaired, the supply tubing for the water clogged. As of this date I have not been able to make a repair. Unlike other well designed products, e.g. Panasonic vacuum cleaners, which are easily accessible for repair, this large, heavy and cumbersome machine is a waste of money and simply provides additional frustration in your life. Steer clear. I hear the Hoover machines are more durable....more info
  • A life saver for my back
    I had needed a carpet cleaner for a while since I have 2 small children and a dog. But I made do with borrowing my mom's old canister cleaner. Anytime I used it my back was killing me for days. So this year I bought the Bissell ProHeat upright. I got it home and with the easy to follow instructions I had it together and running in no time at all.

    The weight of the machine being low makes it easy to push around. The cleaning brushes really pull the dirt out of the carpet. The suction pulls the water out of the carpet so well it's dry in no time at all. I'm really pleased with it.

    The tanks for clean water, dirty water, and the soap could be a little bigger. I have small rooms and have to stop to empty the dirty water and refill everything before I can get completly finished. But that's my only complaint with it, and compared to the job it does it's minor. ...more info
  • Don't Bother
    This thing is a piece of s**t, and a waste of money. I used it exactly ONCE before it stopped dispensing shampoo. Replaced the soap dispenser, and it still clogs up. The last couple of times I've used it, I had to mix the soap directly in with the clean water tank, but I know that's just causing more damage to the machine (the only other alternative at this point is to not use soap at all). You know it's bad when a repairman at the local Bissell service center tells you over the phone that this is the lowest quality product Bissell has ever made....more info
  • better than hoover
    I have had 3 Hoover steam vacs within 1 year. (The water tank continuesly leaked.) After returning it to the store for the third time, I decided to go with Bissell. So far I love it! I have not had any problems and it really does get deep-down set in stains out of the carpet. It also brushed a handful of pet hair out of the carpet fibers that my Hoover never even picked up. I beleive that the roller brush instead of the round spin brush made the difference! Also, I was reading through the reviews and I was wondering why nobody bothers getting an extended warranty on such an investment. I bought all of my steam vacs at another retailer and purchased a 4 year extended warranty with them. You never know when you may have a problem with it, and if your going to pay $200-$300 for it, it is well worth it. Just thought I would try to help....more info
  • Complete piece of junk
    This machine worked great when I first bought it. After five uses, it would no longer shoot out water or suck it back up. The belt broke several times. I clean houses for a living and it died on me and I had to rent a cleaner from a nearby store. Complete waste of $. Nowhere near me even sells the parts to fix it and I have to buy them directly from the manufacturer. Can we say 'scam artists'? Buyer Beware. Don't say that I didn't warn you....more info
  • Dissapointed
    I bought this machine and it cleans great but the water tank LEAKS BAD!!! I took it back and exchanged it for another one thinking that it was just that machine. The second and the third one both leaked in the same place. Needless to say I don't plan on buying anything else with the word bissell on it!!...more info
  • what a peice of junk
    I purchased this because it sounded like a quality item form the commercials but when i got it home and used it, it was a nightmare. The trigger would get jammed and it did'nt suck the water back up. It left my carpet soaked with soapy water. I had to place fans on the carpet to get to dry. I took it back to the store and purchased and Hoover steamvac. It was wonderful.Remember, you get what you pay for....more info
  • Works Good
    I am a veterinary assistant and I have many pets (won't even tell you how many), and this cleaner works great for pet stains and muddy paw prints. I use it a lot, it is easy to use and it picks up pet hair that the vaccumm didn't. I have had to change the belt already but like I said I use it a lot....more info
  • Waste of Money
    This machine is a complete waste of money. The sprayer worked correctly only once for me. I wish I had researched more before I bought it because I spent money on something that will end up in a garage sale....more info
  • Works well on mildly soiled carpets...before it breaks...
    I've used this machine three times in the year and a half I've had it. Although this machine worked well on cleaning overall, I still had to work by hand on higher traffic areas. It is heavy and sometimes difficult to maneuver for me. It certainly still beats a rentable version, or paying a professional carpet cleaner if your carpets aren't heavily soiled. Unfortunately, shortly after its first year of use, I went to turn it on and it would no longer spray detergent. My boyfriend is someone I would consider quite handy, and he has taken it apart twice finding nothing visibly wrong or repairable to fix the problem. I would not consider this product a reliable investment unless you're willing to buy a new one every couple of years....more info
  • I'm extremely happy with this maching
    I love this machine. I almost passed it up based on other reviews, and am I glad I bought it. I figured I could return it if it didn't work ... but this machine amazed me. I have an older dog with cancer and she is incontinent, her urine is tinged with blood. I couldn't stand the thought of putting her down for this and diapers just don't work for her. The smell and stains on my off white carpet were depressing me so much that I hated being home. Also, I have a cat and another dog, so the fur is above normal. In June, the mulberry tree in the back yard dropped a record amount of berries that the dogs would track into the house and ultimately some would get tracked into the carpet. Today, I got up and bought the cleaner - set it up (a mere 3-5 minutes) and cleaned my carpets. This machine really cleaned deep, I have a Hoover steam cleaner with a stationary brush or a groomer brush that did nothing compared to this. I was so depressed thinking I was going to have to recarpet my home - but after cleaning with this machine - my carpet looks fabulous. And no odor - WOW !!! Okay now the downside, yes, you do have to refill the tank quite often - quite often. I'm extemely pleased with this machine, and after just this initial cleaning - I feel I got my money's worth. ...more info
  • Product as Described
    Bissel 79011 is all one needs to clean floors, stairs, upholstery etc. It's quiet, runs smooth and performs well. This machine, like any other, requires a thorough internal cleaning after use. Flushing of the soap siphon system, flex hose, and floor nozzle with pleanty of clean water is a must! Then, after a external wipe-down with some pledge, this baby will purr like a kitten for you the next time!I am very pleased with this product. I use it for 41/2 to 5 hours straight, and save $1,200.00 a pop! ...more info
  • Work great when it's running
    I got this machine a year ago and loved it, however after six months it seemed to junk out. I have taken the whole thing apart and cleaned out the hoses and checked the pump and nothing I try works. The problem I had is that it suck up the water but it will no longer spray the chemical or water out onto the floor so I have resorted to dumping buckets of water on the floor and using the machine to suck it up. I threw it out today and am going to buy a differen't steam cleaner. Over all it worked extremely well when it was up and running correctly....more info
  • Does good work but breaks easily!
    My mother bought this product and loved it. I asked to borrow it one day and it did a wonderful job on my carpets. It was easy to use and it wasn't messy like some of the other steam cleaners I've used. Unfortunately, when I returned it to her, it would no longer spit out water. I had been very careful with it during transport and use so I couldn't believe it was broken! We took it to a shop to have it repaired. They automatically knew exactly what was wrong with it. In fact, they said that they got these particular steam cleaners in all the time and they always had the exact, same problem. There was a piece inside of it that had broken. They had a whole supply of that particular part. 10 minutes and $20 later, it was working again. He told me that it probably wasn't my fault at all, which made me feel better. Still, there is an obvious flaw with this machine, and for the price, Bissell really needs to fix it!...more info
  • Do not buy this machine!!!!!
    I have had this machine for less than a year and it has stopped pumping cleaning solution. I have tried to call customer service several times, but they just keep telling me to prime the pump, which works for all of 5 minutes (if I'm lucky). My only other options are to send it back to them and wait for a replacement (remanufactured) or drive almost 25 miles to the nearest service center. I have a friend who has a Bissell as well and the same thing happened to their machine. I will defintely shop for a different brand next time. ...more info
  • Great!!!
    I found this machine to be a great investment. The machine has a 1 year warranty, and honestly, all I need to do is clean my house one more time, and I will have saved $40 by cleaning the carpets myself. It removed every stain I had. Even a chocolate stain that had been in the carpet for 4 weeks. Traffic spots were COMPLETELY cleaned. ...more info
  • Another piece of Junk
    I bought this machine to replace a Bissell I THOUGHT my mother had broken. I now know that it is nothing more than a piece of JUNK. After less than a year I smelled a burning smell and took it in for service. NINETY EIGHT dollars later it was fixed but less than a year later I am faced with a broken machine. SAME parts! It doesn't spray and the power lifter has no power! As a matter of doesn't work at all! I would NEVER buy another Bissell product. This isn't a Target problem, this is a BISSELL problem. BE AWARE...DON'T BUY!...more info
  • If you want to waste your money then buy this machine!!!!
    I bought this machine in Nov. of 2003. It broke in April of 2004. The cleaning solution stopped flowing through the vacuum. I have 3 children including 2 infants, which is why I bought it in the first place. I am extremely dissappointed. I admit I got some good use out of the machine, but for it to break after not even owning it for a year, thats poor craftsmanship.
    Its like I rented for 5 months for $214.00. Do not believe the good reviews or else 5 months later you be looking for the warranty or buying another vacuum. I saw a several of these in a big name closeout store REFURBISHED for $119.00!!! So what does that say about this vaccum? That many consumers returned it because it was defective and had to be fixed!!! Do not buy this machine!!!!...more info
  • Buyer beware
    I've had this machine for not even a year yet. Worked great, did a heck of a job, however one day it just quit working. Contacted Bissell. They gave my husband and I a few suggestions. Nothing worked. My husband took the whole machine apart. Nothing but plastic junk. Bissell told us to take the machine to a designated dealer to have it fixed. It would have cost us more to have it fixed then what we paid for the machine itself. Does the machine work great? Why yes it does, but shouldn't it last longer then ONE YEAR!!!! Will definitly NEVER buy another from Bissell. Junk!...more info
    I bought a house in December with new off white carpet all over and within 4 months with a baby, and some construction work being done at the house, looked dirty and old. I even spend $400 dollars changing some part of the house with tile and then stop the process and decided to buy Bissell ProHeat Steam Cleaner. It's the best thing I ever done it my life. It clean my dusty, spotted carpet and it turned it back to new!!! Now people come to my house and asked me how can I keep an white carpet so clean with a 2 years old, and I just show them the bisell. It's easy to operate, light, extremely powerful sunction, and it don't soak the carpet. within an hour they were clean. THANKS A MILLION BISSELL-!!!! :)

    ...more info
  • Costs less per application to rent
    My first machine broke after three uses. I figured it was just accidental and I would try it again. My second machine lasted about the same time, three uses. This time it didn't exactly break. It just stopped cleaning. They seem to do a nice job on the first use. The quality of the job then deteriorates rapidly. I doubt if the people who rated this machine five stars, had the opportunity to use it more than three or four times. I am now looking for another good quality machine, but definately not Bissell....more info
  • Great Product
    I love this steamcleaner! Only problems have been operator-error such as forgetting to turn the dial from hand attachments to floor and wondering why it won't suck up the water. With 2 young kids and their friends constantly tracking in dirt, not to mention a 5 year old girl who likes playing with makeup, and an older dog with a weak stomach, this has been a blessing for a new carpet!

    I would definitely recommend and buy again!

    One note....when using the hand attachment, make sure the unit isn't sitting on the electrical cord. The brush on the floor cleaner continues to turn and will fray the cord if left long enough!...more info

  • Excellent
    I thought about buying a cheaper steam cleaner and am SOOOO Happy I didn't. This one is awesome. It got a stain that not even a proffessional cleaner could do. It's easy to use and fun. Amazing how much dirt is in your rugs and lint!! Only problem I found with it is the caddy. The hose comes connected and it hangs on the caddy. To line them up is a bit of a hassle but sooo well worth it. It actually makes cleaning your rugs FUN. I just go through using it and am in awww as to how clean my rugs look. To think I used to pay 200 dollars to have them professionally cleaned. Uggg.. SO happy with my purchase. Yippie:-) I suggested buying this one. It is GREAT!!!!...more info
  • dispoable junk
    used only one time, cleaned ok but next time wouldnt pick up solution from carpet.
    worse yet- nobody can repair these( in or out of warranty). all repair shops said "dont bother" as its really a "disposable" item . as someone else said, I'll never buy another bissell product. How about a zero star rating?...more info
  • Cleans the toughest STAINS!!
    I had borrowed this cleaner from my mom and used it on a rug we were going to throw away. I am happy to say we did not have to due to the Pro Heat. Also I used the Pro Heat I also use to clean a mattress and it gets out all the dirt and makes it looks new again. It has also brought back to life couches and chairs like new. It also got baby formula that had dried out of the couches. Pet stains are not a problem with this machine. It is good machine and easy to handle. Easy as cleaning with a vaccum but with a deep carpet cleaner. ...more info
  • Does a great job
    Easy to assemble. Once I got the hang of how to operate the machine it did a great job. Light, easy to handle. Would definitely recommend. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy!
    I hate this machine. The small tank that holds the cleaning solution will hardly ever work properly. Most of the time your solution will end up in a one spot since the tank leaks. Recently had the problem of water dispensing. Wish I had researched more before buying. Buy a different product....more info
  • I agree with the rest...don't buy this item.
    I bought a Bissell Upright Deep Cleaner and it worked like a marvel the first half dozen times I used it. It didn't matter what kind of stain, it would make it dissapear. Then the next time I used it, it stopped dispensing cleaning fluid. I checked it out and cleaned it thoroughly, making sure nothing was stuck anywhere. I started it again and it dispensed fluid for like 30 seconds and stopped altogether. I ended up tossing it out of utter frustration. Spare yourself the grief and buy another brand. It's too bad because those first 6 times were great!!!...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great machine. I've had mine for almost 5 yrs and never had any problems with it until now. I have used several different machines and found that this one weighs less and is much easier to use. I have pets and use it weekly. I'm comparing new vs. repair. ...more info
  • Great Product, very impressed!
    I borrowed this steam cleaner from a friend to try and clean my dirt soiled carpets from my dog uprooting a potted plant and dragging it around the tan carpet in my apartment. It lifted ALL of the dirt and stains out of the carpet and actually looked better then when we moved in. It has deep cleaning brushes and 2 separate tanks for clean and dirty water. It was very easy to empty the dirty water and I went through 4 tanks of dirty water in ONE room---that is how much dirt it pulled out. I was VERY happy with this cleaner, and plan to purchase one myself!!!...more info
  • Not good for cleaning bare floors
    I only borrowed this steam cleaner from a friend (thank goodness) and cleaned my carpets, which worked well. I then tried to clean my couch. The brush on the attachment promptly fell off.

    Disappointed, I then tried using the unit on my bathroom tile floor, with the Bissell-recommended floor cleaner. I used the "bare floor attachment" that came with the vacuum. After I spent a good twenty minutes or so to figure how to attach the bare floor cleaner attachment to the front of the vacuum, I proceeded to clean my bathroom floor. Good I thought! The nightmare ensued. The attachment fell off after about three passes. Repeatedly I tried to reattach it (engineering anyone?). At one point, I tipped the vacuum backward to try to get a better angle to once again, reattach it. To my horror, water dumped from the unit. I found myself standing in water, the vacuum cord, soaked, the electrical cord plugged into the wall. Not a good moment.

    I finally gave up. Any fantasies about cleaning the grout between the tiles faded. I gave the unit back to my friend. I'll be looking elsewhere to buy....more info

  • Problematic
    Had problems like others after a few uses; water dilvery, ready lamp. This unit is apparently VERY sensitive with the water streaming circutry. Took mine completely apart to either bypass unnecessary soap bottle or otherwise. Don't even think about doing it as the problem is elsewhere, (within handle/water heater area). Water availablity seems to be totally dependant on bottle seals being tightly connected. Works sometimes. Good luck, wouldn't buy one with this problem otherwise it is solid, strong, good unit....more info
  • Very disappointed in this item
    The first time I used this item the pump belt busted. I replaced the water pump belt twice during its first use. After the first use I cleaned the item as recommended. When I went to use it the second time the water and cleaning fluid did not pump out at all. I exchanged the item for another and had the same problem with the second. Cost of item is not worth the frustration....more info
  • Better to rent a cleaner
    Just like the person that used it six times, mine worked great the first two times I used it. Since then, disaster!!! Does not push the water out because the tub will not secure in place. Bissell claims it's because the gasket needs cleaned. Did that and still won't work. The reviewer who stated the company knows about the defects is 100% correct. Spoke to 3 different people and all gave the same answer. When I questioned their quick response they denied it's a common problem...RIGHT! I'm waiting to see if they remedy or take a return. Thankfully my VISA company will back me....more info
  • worthless
    I purchased this item 18 months ago, used it 3 times. I put it away exactly how the manufacturer recommended and 6 months later I went to use it and it will not dispense water or cleaning fluid. There is no reason for it, it just quit working. Spent 189.00 on this machine and was only able to use it 3 times. I am going to have to throw it away because we are out of warranty. ...more info
  • love the bissell
    I just recently bought this wonderfull machine. It is worth its weight in gold. Cleans very well and my carpet dries in a lot less time then getting a rental or hiring someone to clean. The only problems I have with the machine is that it is costly to buy, and when I clean the carpets, now mind you I have pets, clumps of hair gets spit out from the brushes onto the carpet while I am vaccuming. It's not a bigh deal though, I just pick it up while I am cleaning the carpets....more info
  • This Steam Cleaner Does the Job!
    The Bissell ProHeat is an excellent steam cleaner. It even removed a month-old coffee stain! It's extremely easy to use and easy on the back. The smart mix features mixes the cleaning solution and water for you at the proper ratio, so all you do is press a button and push the machine back and forth. It's incredible suction removes most of the water from the carpet, so the carpets dry within 1-2 hours. The only complaint I have about this machine is the two belts. They comes lose rather easily when cleaning up the machine, so you need to check them every now and then to make sure they are working properly. All things considered, this cleaner is well worth the investment. I like it so much, I'm planning to buy a Bissell vacuum as well!...more info
  • Keeping the carpets looking new
    Most problems with the Bissell (not all) deal with the operator not using the equipment correctly or wanting it to do cleaning it not suppose to do. Mine over the last several months has work great. With two cats the carpet looks new. If you vacuum before carpet cleaning, real well, that helps out the cleaner because it is not a vacuum. Vacuuming after is a good idea because it does leave carpet /hair pieces behind. The one tank cleans easy in a tub. To heat the water (water has to be hot tap water) the Bissell must run several minutes before use. Worth the money. ...more info
  • Much easier than a rental!
    With a herd of rescued animals (too much time spent at, I needed to clean my carpets more frequently than the average household. Renting a Rug Doctor every three months was expensive and a pain in the rear... I've been very pleased with this Bissell Product.

    Instead of a two step process of removing the dirty water pail and dumping clean water from a pail into a Rug Doctor, the pail quickly lifts out to empty dirty water and is easy to refill and put back in. There is no anti-foam product needed like the Rug Doctor either. The soap is cheaper, and I really like the Pet formula. The on-board attachment was quite effective as well and its long reach made it easy to do all my steps.

    It is easier to carry than a rental, and because there isn't a 24 hour rush to get all your floors done at once, I didn't feel so exhausted since I spread my cleaning out over several days.

    Although I suspect it may not get quite as deep down as a rental, my water was quite dirty and the amount of pet hair that came up was far superior to the Rug Doctors I have used....more info

  • I love to Bissell!!
    You may think I'm crazy but, this is one of the best products ever! I love to use my Bissell. I have 2 two-year-olds running around on my carpet every day and this Bissell will clean most anything they spill, blue yogurt and m&m's came right out! The attachments are great for stairs and this is a very user friendly steam cleaner. I have bisselled about 10 times now and I have loved every minute of it. Finally a product worth writing about!...more info
  • Cleans great IF you can get it to work-
    Piece of Junk, Bissell customer service is even worse than there macbines. Go for the hoover!...more info
  • Bissell is the best!!!
    I used my mother's Bissell pro heat steam cleaner (she bought it 2 years ago)to clean her filthy and disgusting carpet. When I finished, her carpet looked like it had just been put down by a carpet company. One family member even said, "I love your carpet!" I love it so much, I'm getting my own. My co-worker has one as well (she has two dogs) and she raves about it all the time. It works for me!!!!!...more info
  • Piece of junk - works short term only
    Like most of the other reviewers, I'd rate this steamer as a short-term wonder only. Works great at first then won't mix the solution or won't dispense the water after a few uses. Motor burned out on mine after a little over a year. Used maybe 12 times, mostly on small stain clean ups. Hoover customer service is no help and they are indeed aware this model is a lemon. Don't buy it- go for the Hoover that's in the same price range....more info
  • Causes dangerous fumes to small children
    This carpet cleaner causes horrible fumes. It uses extremely too much cleaning solution. I had to open all the windows and doors to rid the house of the toxic odor. I have a small child and the fumes had him gagging. To make matters worse, it didn't even clean the carpet. Big disappointment, I am returning it to the store today and buying the Hoover!...more info
  • Mediocre at best
    Does not have the lifting power of a hoover. Although it sound nice to have the seperate thing for soap it causes more work as you are constantly refilling both compartments. The heater is not much of a heater. But the biggest issue is the tendency to break. I've had mine for less than a year and have had to replace both a belt and a pump. It is now broken again. It's just not worth the money....more info
  • Huge waste of $$$
    I purchased this product for occasional use with pet accidents. As you can tell by my rating I am wholly and utterly disappointed. I can honestly say this product is the biggest piece of? I have wasted money on in many years. Right out of the box for the first use the product worked fine. I then cleaned it up and put it away until I needed it again (roughly 1 year later). For the second attempted use it did not dispense water or cleaning solution at all so I was essentially left with a regular vacuum cleaner. The Bissell website was worthless as were their suggested troubleshooting tips. I ended up throwing the item out after only 1 use. I will never spend any money on another Bissell product!...more info
  • Disappointing
    This machine definitely has a reliability problem. Have had to replace many parts and now it won't mix the solution with the water. No part available for this problem. Do not purchase this machine, you'll be very disappointed....more info
  • Cleans like you'd never imagine
    Not much really needs to be said. Picked up this little number and it's truly remarkable just how much it'll pull out of your carpets -- if you've ever bought a great vacuum and then been blown away by how much it pulls up, just wait until you see what the ProHeat finds buried deep inside.

    It should be mentioned that this is NOT intended to be used as a vacuum -- it's a cleaner, plain and simple. As such it does require more care than a regular vacuum. I spoke with a local vacuum retail/service facility about this model, and while they did confirm they have a number of customers who have needed repair within a few months, in every case it's because the unit was not cleaned or maintained per the instruction manual. I've cleaned a few carpets with it already, and the extra few minutes you have to spend on maintenance is well worth the tradeoff.

    If you're considering the purchase of this unit in comparison to renting a Rug Doctor from time to time, the key question is how much you like the convenience and the flexibility of your own unit. For me, that was a no-brainer -- especially if you get the optional powered upholstery brush....more info

  • six use wonder
    Works wonderful the first few times you use it, then the solution stops mixing with the water. The company does not have a fix and they do not take their appliances back (what does that tell you) wal mart has a 90 day, but this piece of junk will work for about 95 days. It is their engineering problem and they know it but will do nothing but try to stall with "fixes" that aren't or trips to "repair" that don'e work. Shame on them...more info
  • Great Steam Cleaner for a Great Price
    When I was in the market for a steam cleaner I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one. We moved into our house a year ago, which was preowned and decided it was time that I found something to clean our carpets. I found this one and read the reviews on it and sounded good to me. I purchased it and brought it home and put it together, which was pretty simple to do. I cleaned one room with it and was amazed at how dirty our carpet was. I could not believe it. I have two kids and couldn't believe this is what they were playing on. The water was black after I was done. I must say I am quite impressed with it. It is a great machine for the price. It is a little heavy and hard to push. I don't really mind it myself though, as long as it does the job....more info
  • one of the best purchases I've made
    I just love this machine. I've had it for almost 3 yrs now and it still works like new. The heated water function works fantastically. The last time I steamed my carpet I used the water only and pretreated a few really bad stains. My carpet looked new again! Now if it looks that good with plain water can you imagine the results with the bissell solution? I have 2 cats and vacuum before steaming but it still amazes me how much cat hair is removed using this steamer....more info
  • 5 Stars for this Cleaner from Bissell
    I recently bought a Proheat machine to clean my (I'm ashamed to say)filthy carpets. I liked the fact that it heats the water, has a powerful brush, and can apply Scotchagrd. When it arrived at my door I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and give it a try. I did take the time to read the manual based on advice from some other reviewers, but I was busy cleaning my carpet in no time. The water was so dirty- I had to save it to show my husband. Neither of us could believe how clean our carpets looked, almost brand new. I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but this cleaner is so amazing that I wanted to share my experience with everyone. Anyone with carpet in their home needs one of these. It's worth every penny....more info