Bissell 6900 DigiPro Canister Vacuum

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Designed for bare floors and carpet, the DigiPro's floor nozzle has edge-cleaning construction, five different heights, a 13-inch cleaning path, and a wide headlight. You can adjust suction with the variable power controls, using low for delicates, economy for normal cleaning, and high for ground-in dirt. Or, leave it on automatic to make use of Bissell's digital detection system. The 5-row brush roll can be switched off if necessary, and the wand telescopes to accommodate different user heights or hard-to-reach tasks. The washable HEPA filtration is a boon to allergy sufferers--it traps up to 99.9 percent of ragweed, dust mites, and pollen.

You may think of canister vacuums as clumsy beasts, but the 12-amp Bissell DigiPro canister vacuum is anything but. Built with exacting attention to details and sturdy components, the vacuum is easy to use and versatile enough for the whole house. Plus, it incorporates filtration and digital sensor technology that automatically adjusts suction power for optimal results.

Designed for bare floors and carpet, the DigiPro's floor nozzle has edge-cleaning construction, five different heights, a 13-inch cleaning path, and a wide headlight. You can adjust suction with the variable power controls, using low for delicates, economy for normal cleaning, and high for ground-in dirt. Or, leave it on automatic to make use of Bissell's digital detection system. The 5-row brush roll can be switched off if necessary, and the wand telescopes to accommodate different user heights or hard-to-reach tasks. The washable HEPA filtration is a boon to allergy sufferers--it traps up to 99.9 percent of ragweed, dust mites, and pollen.

The DigiPro is useful for above-floor jobs and stairways, too, with a compact shape that fits onto stairs, and a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice attachment stored onboard. Handy extras include a bag-change indicator, fingertip switches, automatic cord rewind, and oversized toe-tap buttons. Large casters, swivel-glide wheels, and a comfortable carrying handle enhance maneuverability. For storage, the nozzle can be parked in two places on the canister, which stores either upright or horizontal. Bissell includes 12 extra vacuum bags to get you started. --Emily Bedard

  • Digital sensor automatically adjusts suction power for optimal results
  • Dirtlifter Powerbrush with 5 height adjustments, headlight, and fingertip controls
  • Washable HEPA filtration system traps 99.9% of common allergens
  • 360-degree swivel caster and large easy glide wheels
  • 18 by 11-1/2 by 40 inches; weighs 21-1/4 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Misguided purchase-Didpro 6900
    This is the worst vacuum cleaner I have purchased in 30 years! The suction is poor, poor filter. I have enjoyed many Bissell products this one would be better smashed. The company had very few answers or suggestions. This will certainly direct my purchases elsewhere....more info
  • We are experiencing MAJOR repair issues on this vacuum..
    The Bissell Digipro Canister (manufactered by Samsung of Korea) has numerous repair problems. We are starting to see these machines in for repair, more and more frequently. The main issues are with the electrical hose, electrical wands, and the circuit boards. We tend to see this happen on Korean made vacuums, the circuit boards seem to overheat, and a lot of them even melt! Samsung has made this machine under their label, and the Bissell model seems to have the same, if not more problems! Dont expect to get any more then 3 years without some kind of electrical problem.

    One way you can prevent problems with the hose is, instead of pulling the canister around with the hose, simply go back to the canister, and push it with your foot. This will avoid stress on the hose, and prevent the hose from breaking.

    One other common problem that can be avoided is by picking up all big items off the floor first. This may seem like common sense, but the Bissell DigiPro has a very small opening in the powernozzle. This causes larger pieces to become stuck, not allowing the vacuum to pick up.

    Not a great vacuum in terms of quality. ...more info
  • Works great...not for multiple pet households!
    I read reviews of this machine on another website and decided to purchase it. I have been very pleased with its performance. It is quiet and I like the auto adjusting suction control; it does not tear my rugs apart. My carpet gets very clean and the adjustable wand is great for my bare floors and stairs. My problem is, that after 6 months of use, I noticed dust and cat hair flying out of the powerhead. I checked and the power head connection was completely jammed with cat hair and other dust and such. It took many attempts to finally clear it. It is working fine again, however I must check for jams on a regular basis. I would not recommend this machine for someone who has more than one furry pet, or someone who owns pets with a great deal of hair....more info
  • Long term update - not good and will be costly $$$
    Long term update on this product as I have had it for under 3 years now. the product stopped working, no power and lights flashing. Took it into the repair and they stated the switch had shorted out the circuit board, a common problem when the unit heats up which this product does. They want $145.00 to repair so it's out to shop for another brand and it will not be a Bissell product ever again.

    I agree with the many reviews here that his product is of a very poor design and not efficient for what you pay for it. I would not recommend this product at all. I will now see how good Bissell customer support is to see what they will offer to repair or replace this poor product....more info
  • A vacuum to avoid
    I wish I had read the reviews of the Bissell Digipro prior to buying this vacuum. I would have known that debris gathers in the floor nozzle, they hose is very flimsy and tends to break, most of the exhaust escapes around the edges of the canister, the suction is quite weak and it is virtually impossible to find bags and even more difficult to find any store or internet site that carries parts for this model. Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews and had to learn all of this first hand. Despite having spent several hundred dollars, I've learned from my mistake: The Digipro is going in the trash and I'm going shopping for a new vacuum. It might be an Eureka or Hoover, both of which we've had good experiences with, but it won't be a Bissell....more info
  • Poor Design
    Used this vacuum once a week for three months and accumulation of debris was gathering in belt area of powerbrush. We didn't notice the problem until the vacuum produced a burning smell. Bissel tells me that this isn't covered under warranty if debris is caught in the belt area. They also recommend cleaning this area regularly which is only accessable with removing 6 screws and taking the powerbrush apart!

    I believe this is a poor design, the belt is place about an inch away from the outside edge of the roller. I had a Dirt Devil for 10 years and never had a problem.

    Bag sensor doesn't work.

    This will be the first & last Bissel I will ever own.

    ...more info
  • Loving it so far....
    I have had this vacuum for a few weeks now and I was so impressed with its features that I felt I should chime in on these reviews. First of all, I have not experienced any problems with the hoses, like others have mentioned. This vacuum has worked well on my wall-to-wall carpeting and even on a flimsy area rug in my daughter's room that my Hoover upright always ate. I haven't been able to get it to clean dust off of my hardwood as much as I'd like, but I prefer to mop that up anyway.
    This is what I think sets the vacuum apart from the others I've tried, including my Hoover Windtunnel:

    *Onboard attachments that don't fall off when you vacuum: they are stored inside the canister

    *Ease of use on stairs: I have a split-level house with short staircases, so I don't have to carry the canister

    *Retractible cord: You can just step on the cord button on the canister and the cord will disappear. I always hated having to wrap up the cord on my upright.

    *Easy storage: because the canister separates easily from the brush part, I can fit it on the floor of my tiny linen closet, under the bottom shelf

    I would definitely recommend this model for someone looking for a mid-priced canister. ...more info
  • It Broke
    The first time I used it the hose came apart. Bissell sent a new hose and it's been working great ever since. The vacuum is super quiet and does a great job....more info
  • Works for me!
    I seem to be one of the few customers who really likes this vacuum. Mine works great for me. I do agree with the people who complained about the hepa filtration. It's not very good for this feature. I have a wonderful air purifier that takes care of that department. I have had my vacuum for about three years now, and it is the best one I have owned. It's easy to maneuver, it lifts my carpets and cleans deep down. It also works well on my hardwood floors. I don't have a problem with the vacuum not cleaning next to furniture because I move everything. I like the feature that allows me to lower the power level so that I can change the attachments and clean my drapes while they are still hanging. That extra dust that seems to collect on them doesn't stand a chance. I don't have any dogs or cats in the house, so I'm sure this will give the vacuum longer life. I don't like vacuuming stairs, though. Because they are carpet, this poses a problem, but I don't know any vacuum that wouldn't. I have to hold the canister while vacuuming so I get a little work-out in the process. For this reason, it helps that the vacuum is light. I do love the attachments; I have used them ALL! It's a really good vacuum!...more info
  • Move along, nothing to see here.
    I purchased this machine because Bissell discontinued the Bissell Butler Revolution, arguably one of the best designed machines on the market and a great value at $55 on Amazon. Although this one has a HEPA filter and power brush, at 4 times the price, it is not a deal.

    The Revolution had a unique bagless/bag design which kept strong suction, as the bag would literally take years to fill up and clog. Plus, unlike other bagless models, the Revolution had no filter to clean, as the disposable bag functioned as the filter. When it got dirty after a year or two, you just threw it away. This model is a HUGE STEP BACKWARDS as a standard bag model. Didn't Bissell learn anything from Dyson. His $500 machines sell like hotcakes because THEIR DESIGN IS SUPERIOR.

    What is SO annoying about this clunker is that it is a replacement for a superior suction technology Bissell was already marketing. This machine is worth about $50 and the Revolution was worth the $200. Whatever marketing genius at Bissell came up with this should be fired and the Revolution should be reintroduced.

    If a worse product at 4 times the price isn't bad enought, the design flaws spread to the hose attachment, which as others have mentioned, breaks and renders the machine useless.

    Look elsewhere or buy a broom....more info
  • What a crock!
    I bought this digipro in January 2005. Used it about 4 months and the hose disconnected from the cannister. Apparently the only thing holding the hose onto the cannister are the small electric wires that make the floor attachment run and wrapped around the hose is black electrical tape. For $250 you would think a company as well known as Bissell would have more pride in the workmanship that goes into thier cleaners. I will never buy another Bissell product because they are shoddy!...more info
  • junk
    I bought this item in october of 2004, used it 4 times and hose disconnected from the handle. It looked as if it had been repaired before; I supposedly bought this sweeper new! I was extemely disappointed after reading such good reviews about this sweeper. I would not waste my time and energy on this sweeper....more info
  • Bissell 6900 Digipro Canister Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum 5 months ago and it already is giving me trouble. The hose attachment to the canister does not stay attached and it does not have a floor brush making it difficult to vacuum around furniture. I would not recommend buying this vacuum. It is cheap plastic and I wasted my money. ...more info
  • Okay while it worked...
    I have a large dog and a two cats, and this vacuum had a tendency to clog up with the fur. The suction was as good as a much more expensive electrolux vacuum, however I have owned the DigiPro for less than a year, and the beater brush in the power head has completely stopped working. (And the machine has certainly not been abused.) It is not worth the $200 plus price....more info
  • Reviewer has a good point, HEPA of very poor design
    The Reviewer makes an excellent point! This unit will not provide HEPA filtration of exaust air. So if you are buying this unit due to allergies or based on the procaimed HEPA filtration you would do best to pass this unit up. However as a normal vacuum, the unit is very good. Due to its small size it is very easy to manuver through tight spots. Suction is very good as well as the power head. The hose is of poor quality and tends to kink, but all in all a good vacuum. They just shouldn't claim HEPA filtration as the previous reviewer (mictrik) has pointed out so well. These days it isn't hard to find vacuums with HEPA filtration so passing this unit up wont be to big of a loss. Fix this issue and Bissell would have a true star....more info
  • If you don't care about HEPA filter - quite good choice
    Ok. I reported "air flow problem through power cord attachment place" to the Bissell and that's what they gave me:

    "I have been advised that the air release you describe is in the design of the machine and this issue is not unique to your vacuum. It is normal for some air to pass through the filter and some to vent from the bottom of the machine.

    The air that passes through the HEPA filter captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollen, and ragweed."

    No offence to the customer support agent she just gave information what she had to give (provided by tech department, I believe)

    But still.. this is a crap. How come HEPA filer could work if more than 90% of airflow goes not through the filter?!

    If you do not care about HEPA filter, it still very good choice - it's quiet, has a nice look, very good telescoping pipe....more info

  • works great on my hardwood floors
    Originally, bought this the first time I saw it at Linens-N-Things, then decided to see if I could find it cheaper online. Cheapest I could find was the J&R Music and Computer World price at Amazon, but when I read the customer review that said, despite its claims, it didn't actually work on hardwood floors, I decided I had better test out the one I'd already bought since ALL I have are hardwood (90%), vinyl, and a bit of ceramic tile.

    IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY ON MY HARDWOOD FLOORS, picked everything up, and I have not admittedly swept or vacuumed them since before Thanksgiving, PLUS I had just gotten rid of some cats, so there was litter to sweep up - just make sure the beater bar is turned off, but the suction is turned on (which it is not turned on out-of-the-box), either that or you have a defective product.

    On top of that, it's lightweight, swivels nicely, is quiet (as vacuums go), easy to lug about the apartment, has strong suction power, the bag appears to be easy to replace, and the attachments are fabulous - I actually prefer the smaller size. The trim around my floors is carved and caked w/years of re-painting; so, it was hard to clean them w/a rag - the crevice tool worked like a charm. I also cleaned a couch w/rather rough upholstery, two chairs w/smooth, silky upholstery, and a my computer chair with the upholstery attachment; as well as sweeping the window sills and attempting even to sweep the blinds with the dusting attachment. All of them rated 5 star in my book...

    So unless you are really super duper concerned w/all that HEPA filter jazz another reviewer was complaining about, I would highly recommend this product. I've used really bad, old canisters, and mostly used uprights, and this vacuum is the best - if you have hardwood floors the canister is the way to go, but, even on carpets, I think I would prefer this particular model to an upright anyday, which are generally heavy and clunky to lug around, in my opinion (I originally tested the floor model on the berber carpet at LnT and it worked very well there, too, but I couldn't say for higher/thicker/whatever carpets)....more info

  • Don't be fooled you will not get true HEPA output!!
    Yes this vacuum is lite, it's small, it has very good suction and reasonable (a bit small) tools. Though one of the biggest reasons many people buy it is for is it's proclaimed HEPA filtration. This seems like false advertising and I shall explain why. The unit is advertised to provide HEPA filtration but most of the exaust is not expelled through the filter!! Rather it is expelled through the rear of the vacuum where the cord is attached. This is likely because the unit is not sealed. A HEPA filter is attached on the exaust port at the top of the unit but exaust is routed out of cracks do to back-pressure from the HEPA filter. HEPA filters can catch particles as small as 3 microns and this makes them very resistant to air flow. Back pressure is built up due to this resistance and the resulting pressure forces the air to escape through paths of lesser resistance. Unfortunately this releases most all the molds, dust mites, and other allergins into the air. As matter of fact it seems that the filter may only filter 15% of the exaust on this vacuum, the rest finds its way out the cord release and other cracks. Bottom line the unit is flawed by design and saying it offers HEPA filtration is a lie. Anyone who designed this vacuum had to of known this to be true before it hit the market. Their is just about no way any design engineer could of overlooked this. Bissell desided to sell the unit anyway and claim it has HEPA filtration. What a con... Now many people will purchase this unit and never realize that it is not providing the level of filtration it advertised.
    I did call their customer service and the service rep (very nice) did confirm that exaust was also expelled from the rear on the sample unit they had in the office. This was all he could say. I Would love to hear from someone at Bissell with regard to this. It would be nice to see a company stand behind their claims. Untill then no stars!!!...more info
  • Sucky
    Based in part on the glowing reviews on this site, I purchased this Bissell 6900 vacuum for our small condo. Previously I used a Mighty-Mite canister vacuum for our place, but it has gotten quite old, the hose has a permanent crimp in it, and it never did a very good job on our few area rugs. Most of our floor is bare hardwood, however.

    Turns out the Bissell is the exact opposite problem. When I turn on the brushes, it does quite a good job of cleaning our area rugs, but when I turn off the brush, it refuses to pick up anything more substantial than a dust bunny from the hardwood floor. It seems that the base is too wide to allow substantial suction, and there is nothing coming in contact with the floor to dislodge any stuck particles. I dumped a small amount of fresh cat litter on the hardwood floor and tried to pick it up with the Bissell. Very unsatisying, I could have done it faster and more thoroughly with a broom and dustpan.

    It seems that a different attachment would work much better for bare floors than the standard one with the brushes, but alas, the one that comes with the vacuum is only about 3 inches wide. The claim that this vacuum works great for both carpet and hardwood seems totally bogus to me.

    Some other notes:
    - It is actually very quiet with the brushes turned off.
    - Suction is also good, as tested by removing the cleaning head and using the various attachments.
    - Telescoping feature is nice, but sometimes doesn't lock in place correctly when going over bumpy terrain
    - Adjustible power feature seems kind of froofy; I'm not clear on what kind of person would say "well, the floor isn't really TOO dirty, let's ramp down the power a bit today..."

    Summary: I wouldn't recommend this vacuum for anyone with more than a few patches of hardwood floor....more info

  • 5 Star Performer
    I am a big fan of canister vacuums, and when my old one recently broke I turned to Amazon to research all the latest models. I decided to buy the DigiPro because of the many features it offered for a great price. I am pleased to report that it performs better than I expected, and I was happy with my old one so I expected quite a bit. I like how it allows me to control the amount of suction power, the adjustments for various carpet heights/hard floors, and the ability to turn on/off the brushes. It has washable HEPA filters so there are no expensive filters to replace and it even has a light that comes on when it is time to change the bag. The cord has a push button retractor so the cord rewinds itself and stores out of the way.

    I have 3 kids, 1 dog, and 1 cat, so needless to say I have plenty to clean up. It's nice knowing that tucked away in the closet is a great vacuum that can help me tackle any mess. This vacuum is definitely worthy of a 5 star review....more info