MIELE S163 Universal Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Bagged Stick Vac
    *Note that the same model is available on Amazon for a different price, I'm not sure why.

    *The only difference between the S163 and S168 is the HEPA filter on the S168...I found it was significantly cheaper to buy the S163 and add the HEPA filer purchased separately.

    It is extremely difficult to find a bagged stick vac. For those of us with allergies (or just aversion to dust) "bagless" vacuums are not attractive. Dumping the dust bin re-releases lots of junk (especially the smallest, lightest particles) back into the air.

    I bought the Miele S163 simply because it was the only bagged stick vac I could find several years ago. I am thrilled with it. It has very strong suction and rolls easily across our hardwood floors. It does not blow or push around crumbs like many other vacuums, it actually picks them up on the first pass. The chamber is sealed and after several years of use the inside of the vac is literally like new, every speck of dust has been trapped in the bag or filter.

    Because I only use mine on hard floors, I find I don't have to change the bag more often than our large canister vac (which we use for carpets). Even very dirty hard floors don't generate nearly as much "waste" as carpets, and I generally change the S163 bag every month, even though it's usually not full. I have a cat and two Cheerio-eating children and use the vac at least once per day.

    Bottom line: this vacuum has kept my kitchen floor crumb-free for several years and shows no sign of quitting anytime soon.
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  • Scratches wood floors!!
    I own a Miele canister vac as well and always used it on my wood floors with the floor attachment. Then I was talked into buying this cute green stick vac so I would always have a floor vac "ready to go" (I do a lot of floor cleaning with 3 boys!). Well, it worked fine for about 6 months, then some metal pieces popped out on the head while I was using it and scratched my floor badly. The vacuum is also heavy and doesn't lean easily against things; mine slipped down and promptly cracked the plastic floor attachment. Miele vacuums vacuum well but their plastic is defective. I've owned slightly cheaper Kenmore's that vacuum almost as well but are a lot more durable. Also, you CAN disconnect the wand from the body and use it as a hand vac, but it is very heavy....more info
  • great vacuum for apt
    a powerful vacuum (1000w) that's fairly quiet and does a fine job on both hardwood floors and rugs. it's great around the apartment with its 26 ft long cord.

    the miele s143 is solidly constructed without being overly weighty and is nicely balanced. the head pivots slightly side to side and is actually helpful vacuuming around things like a furniture leg. the head loses full contact somewhat when you bring the vacuum down to the level of the floor in the rug mode -- trying (ummph) to get deep under the sofa or bed but otherwise but generally does a fine job.

    the heart of the s143 can be used with a smaller head/crevice attachment and without the long handle, much like a really powerful hand vac. a very useful feature for cleaning furniture.

    there is an option to upgrade to a hepa filter (although the included carbon filter bag is good enough for me) and i believe an option to upgrade to a motorized head but i suspect if that's a serious consideration, the s147 is probably the way to go.

    off tangent: i'm not sure why the description lists Ivory as the color but the s143, as far as i know, only comes in the mint green shown in the picture.

    all in all, a finely built product that's nicely met the needs of this apartment dweller... though a tad on the pricey side....more info