Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

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Product Description

Enviracare Air Purifier has an appealing, contemporary style that fits well in the home or office. Features the true HEPA Filter that removes 99.97 percent of all the airborne particles from the air passing through it including pollen, cat dander, household dust, tobacco smoke and mold spores. Carbon pre-filter helps reduce odors and extends HEPA filter life. Patented 360-degree air intake and discharge for effective air cleaning power. This air purifier also features the Intelli-Check filter monitor to remind you when to replace the filters. Recommended for small to medium size rooms.

  • True HEPA air purifier for rooms up to 225 square feet
  • Removes 99.97 percent of all airborne particles that pass through
  • Reduces up to 99.4 percent of bacteria and germs
  • Lifetime True HEPA filter cleans easily with any vacuum
  • Patented 360-degree air intake and discharge for optimal coverage
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't notice much difference in air quality
    This unit is pretty huge. You can't just put it off in the corner of a room. It moves a lot of air and is noisy on the medium and high settings. I run it in the bedroom at night as much for background noise as for purifying. It seems to help a little with allergies with some odors....more info
  • Not as described
    This air cleaner seems to work well, but as other reviews state, it's quite loud, even on the lowest setting. The description mentioned that this was the (newer) model with the permanent HEPA filter, however the unit I received was the (older) model with filters that require periodic replacement. The response from Amazon after inquiry to get and exchange for the described unit was "We are not currently set up for exchanges...". They went on further to say: "I've checked our records and see that you placed an order for the Honeywell 50150 version of this item please note this version does take a replacement filter." although the description clearly stated otherwise. The lesson learned is not rely on the descriptions given by Amazon, but look at the model number and research elsewhere what the item you're buying really is....more info
  • Be Aware- Older model being sent
    I placed an order for this item based on the good reviews and the new permanent HEPA filter. When I received it, it was indeed the 50150, but obviously an older model, as the product did not match the photo, and the HEPA filter required replacement (the specifications on this page list a permanent HEPA). Customer service immediately sent me a new one, and once again, I received the same older model. While the product seems to work fairly well, buyers should be cautious that Amazon may not be sending you this newest model....more info
  • Great value if you need to clean your air
    First off, I don't believe everyone needs an air purifier. If you are in a suburban area and can open your windows from time to time, and if you vacuum your home regularly there is only a need unless you have special contaminants (like pet hair) and specific allergies (like dust -- mold should probably be removed from home, not "filtered" as that's like masking an odor instead of cleaning what's causing it).

    Personally I live in NYC which means:
    - I have a small apartment with horrible air quality
    - There is outdoor (and indoor) noise and commotion almost constantly
    - I don't feel like paying $400+ for a HEPA filter because I pay enough for rent
    Not related to NYC in particular:
    - I have a cat

    This filter, for someone in a similar situation, is FANTASTIC.
    - The circular design really moves air well (you can feel a subtle breeze when it's on "turbo" speed
    - HEPA means allergens and that evil "black dust" will be captured
    - There is a noticeable "whooshing" air sound on all speeds but 1 (of 3). For city dwellers this is the same sound that "white noise" generators produce and can actually help you sleep at night -- instead of it being very quiet then suddenly there is a subway going by, a motorcycle revving and setting off car alarms, etc. all of these sounds kind of become background noise instead of dramatic, startling noise.
    - The price is reasonable (side note about complaints about replacing the charcoal prefilters every three months in reviews of other sizes of same basic Honeywell filter: depends on what level of dust and particulates you collect over the course of a few months, if not a lot then see my first point -- you might not need a filter. I can say that after 2 of the 3 months of use my prefilters are FILTHY and I would rather start with a new one than vacuum it (if it were even an option). Also: anything extra the prefilter can capture just alleviates stress on the HEPA filter.

    Other thoughts:
    - Not sure why everyone and their grandmother is putting BRIGHT BLUE LIGHTS all over their electronics. It's kind of cool now, but will be completely dated in a few years. (the fan knob has a blue backlight) A friend and I were joking that it could be marketed as a "free nightlight!". Of course once you add that to the other million "nightlights" from my other electronics you have a room that is too bright to sleep in.
    - Design is simple and maintenance is easy
    - Not sure if Honeywell plans to change this, but let's face it, even "lifetime" filters will need to be replaced eventually. It seems like the replacements now are now "stackable" ones -- I'd need 3 to replace my one HEPA filter -- NOT a good design as it allows more possible air leaks for contaminants to get through.
    - Though I am no consumer-reports science lab that can measure how many individual particulates are being pulled from the air, I can say that my vacuum does have less to pick up (I don't fill up bags nearly as quickly as I used to) and my girlfriend (who is allergic to cats) is comfortable in the bedroom where an older Honeywell HEPA filter has been cycling air for over a year....more info
  • clunker
    This purifier is bulky. Honestly, I can't tell any difference in air quality. I think much better option is to spend money on a really great vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Works great, but noisy. Best for its price
    I bought two units of this model around New Year. One for the bedroom (16 x 16) and one for the living room 19 x 20). My husband and I both love it. It is really noisy when you set the fan to high (level 3). So, we set the fan to low while we are in the house, and set it back to high before we leave the house for work (but mostly we forgot). It is still working great on the low fan! I used to cough a lot between Winter and Spring, we have been using these air purifiers for months now and I have not cough since. I will highly recommend this.

    ...more info
  • Moves a lot of air, but noisy
    I got this air purifier for my wife at Christmas, and she loves it. It moves a huge amount of air, and has helped her very much with her allergies. But I can hardly stand to be in the same room with it, as it is very noisy. One supposes these are compromises that might have to be made. Fortunately, we've agreed on a placement for it nowhere close to our TV or stereo system....more info