Hasbro Playskool Crew Dusty The Talking Vacuum

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Product Description

This rolling, rough and tough vacuum cleaner comes alive with animation, realistic sounds and fun activities. Dusty's friend Brushy comes attached, and the two have cleaning fun all day long as they talk to each other. The vacuum cleaner's handle moves up and down just like a real one, and the free-rolling wheels activate 30 fun phrases and realistic vacuum sounds. As the vacuum rolls along, watch the "dirt" swirling in the canister! Measures approximately 10" x 18". Requires 3 "AA" batteries (included). Colors may vary.

  • Rolling, rough and tough vacuum cleaner comes alive with animation, realistic sounds and fun activities!
  • Just like a real vacuum cleaner, it even includes a drop-down handle for those hard-to-reach spots!
  • Free-rolling wheels activate 30 fun phrases and realistic vacuum sounds!
  • Dusty's eyes move as he rolls around - there's even lint that swirls around inside the vacuum!
  • Sturdy, durable construction means it can withstand a preschooler's enthusiastic play!
Customer Reviews:
  • It's Ok
    Don't know what all the fuss is about. It works well, and my daughters (ages 2 and 4) like it well enough, but they're not gaga over it. They would probably enjoy something that looked more like Mommy's, but the only ones I found were rated low for durability and I wasn't willing to take that chance. I rated it low for educational value, but really, who cares? Isn't a toy allowed to just be fun anymore??...more info
  • Durable but sassy!
    We received this toy as a gift for Christmas from my in-laws and then the neighbors, whose kids are a few years older than mine, gave us their's. So we have two. And they have both withstood the test of time very well.

    Both my son and my daughter love "vacuuming" along with the nanny. It occupies them, and, despite the caricature face, funny remarks and lack of suction, it really is like a vacuum.

    My only gripe?? It tells us, "Boy, this place is a pig sty!"

    Great toy, with a great sense of dry humor! Recommend to all whose children love to "help". Encourage them now, because in 10 years, it probably won't be so easy to get them to clean!!

    ...more info
  • MIxed Feelings
    I got this for my son he likes it but after having it a couple weeks Dusty quit talking and wont talk anymore. I contacted amazon and they said they qould give me a credit but they didnt have any to replace it with. So amazon did good on thier part of trying to take of the situation....more info
  • 20 month old loves it
    We purchased this toy vacuum because our son loved the one at his daycare so much he didn't want to leave it behind at the end of the day. While this will never replace his favorite toy, our actual vacuum, it has provided hours of fun. Not too loud, the little song it plays isn't too obnoxious to adult ears, and it does make a sort of muted vacuum cleaner nosie. A good value for the price. ...more info
  • Mommy's Little Helper
    This is a great toy for a little girl that likes to help Mommy around the house. It makes the noises and talks to you. She loves it and follows me when I am vacuuming so we can do it together. It is so much fun....more info
  • Very entertaining
    My one and a half year old loves this toy. Before I had to hide the real vacuum because he would always go and grab it.
    You should expect your toddler to get enough of the toy after a couple of months, though. Nevertheless, mine remembers about it whenever he sees me vacuuming the house...more info
  • Fun toy but poor quality
    My son absolutely loves this toy, he loves to vacuum or do anything big people do. However, the handle has never properly attached and frequently falls off. My husband is planning on attaching it with super glue because it falls off so frequently. Maybe another brand of the same type of toy would be better. ...more info
  • It has survived in my household...
    I've had this vacuum for two years now and it's still as annoying as ever. The kids love it (4yo and 19mo) so as long as they are happy. Whenever I pull out my vacuum my daughter wants to help me by using this. It works, it's been tossed around, abandoned, loved again, just like any other toy. It may be pricey, but it's durable....more info
  • Cute but limited
    I bought this toy last Xmas for my 18 m/o and he loves scooting around "helping" vacuum. The sayings are cute and not super loud like many toys. I just wish it had a larger variation in things that it says otherwise it's a fun toy....more info
  • Dusty lost his voice!
    I bought this for my son's 1st birthday and he immediately fell in love with it! He got it out everyday to vacuum and would want me to get mine out too. The sad part is that it lasted less than 5 months and now Dusty is no longer talking anymore. I tried replacing the batteries several times, but it still doesn't work. I think my son liked the sound of it vacuuming because it sounded like a real vacuum cleaner. The attachment does not stay hooked on and my son becomes very frustrated when it keeps popping off. Also, my son has a hard time getting the handle to come down to vacuum. You need hand/foot coordination to switch it from upright to the downward vacuuming positon. This is also frustrating because he usually can't get that by himself. I'm not surprised to be reading similar problems from others. This is a great idea, but it needs some work....more info
  • Hasbro Talking Vacuum
    This is the cutest, most durable little toy I could have bought my grandaughter who is 1 1/2. She loves this toy so much. It makes noise like a real vacuum and talks to her and says the cutest things. I would recommend this to everyone who has small children. Wonderful item....more info
  • Fun Toy but short shelf life
    Our daughter loves this vacuum. She will use the toy when we are vacuuming the house to help out in a good way. We sometimes catch her vacuuming when we tell her it is time to clean up toys. After 4 months the toy is only used when we are cleaning. It still keeps her happy....more info
  • Present for 21 mo. old
    I have boy/girl twins and both have enjoyed this toy. Makes a lot of great sounds and phrases. The only downside is if your children are younger it does kind of catch them off gaurd and is a little frightening until they get used to it again. Over all a good purchase....more info
  • Cute but Noisy
    Great for anyone in your family who likes running around the house vacuuming. My daughter used this and my son has the lawnmower, and it can be pure chaos when they both get going together. However, they are cute, durable and fun to play with....more info
  • It is a hit
    I bought this for my grandson, who loves to play with the small kitchen vacuum I used daily. I opened this up and put it together (just push the handle into the vacuum) and he played with it for hours (he's just one year). You can see the dirt in the bagless dirt container (really just yarn that rotates to look like dirt). It's a perfect height for this one year old and the handle is nice and thick. It's real easy to move back and forth. The hose part is a waste, but it's cute while it lasts. It stays put, even though it doesn't say hooked. It makes a motor sound and talks and the eyes move back and forth. It was a great buy and really cute toy. It's quickly become a favorite...more info
  • Great fun for my 3-year-old niece
    I ordered this product from Ireland to be sent to my niece in the US (thanks, by the way, for accepting my European VISA card - Amazon is one of the ONLY retailers in the US who have no problems with it). My niece is 3 and a real girly-girl. She follows her mom all around the house, copying the vacuum-action. She absolutely loves it and shows no signs of getting bored with it. So if your little kid is into copying household chores, that's the present for him/her!...more info
  • So Much Fun!!
    I purchased this for my 17 month old daughter and from the moment she opened it she wanted it out of the box! She loves to help "sweep" up around the kitchen area and she even attempts to push the heavy vacuum around the house. Its so adorable now she can push her own vacuum while mommie does the "real" work. I love the catchy phrases Dusty comes up with and how sturdy he is. I'm so glad I purchased this for her I'm sure she will get many hours of great fun with it around the house. Oh I do want to mention the color does differ from the one pictured but its still cute none the less. :) :) ...more info
  • Great Toy for a little helper
    This toy was one of many our 16 month old grandson recieved for Christmas. He played with it all day and it was a source of great amusement for him. Its not the most educational toy, but allows a young child to replicate mom or dad's work in the house. A perfect toy for a 16-30 month old child...more info
  • Great for younger kids..
    My daughter got this as a gift when she was 3. She played with it a little bit but not much. I was actually going to give it away and I am glad I didn't because my 18 month old son has been playing with it for a few months now and loves it!...more info
  • A fun little toy
    I bought Dusty the Talking Vacuum for my daughter for Christmas, but she wanted to "help" me vacuum so badly, I gave it to her in September. She enjoys the vacuum sounds it makes, and I like that there is yarn to simulate what's been vacuumed rather than the little styrofoam pellets that come in many other toy vacuums. I would like to see a little taller version of the same thing- my daughter is 95th percentile for height for her age, and she does have to stoop a little to push it around. Overall, a fun toy, though....more info
  • Nice but not Great
    I bought this for our 18mth old little boy who loves to help his mummy. He's been fasinated with it so far, and loves the way the 'lint' moves inside the vacuum when you push it back & forth. The handle can tilt but it takes a 'jolt' to get it out of the upright locking position and until you figure it out, it can be hard for little ones to work. Dusty also holds a fasination for little people. Its a shame he dosen't fit into his clip a bit better but that is something minor to be aware of. The sounds are great. The words easy to understand. I'm definately happy with the product overall but it just hasn't held our boys fasination the way I had hoped. Doesn't mean it wont for yours though....more info
  • Vacuum
    I bought two of these. One for my 18 month granddaughter and one for my 15 month grandson, who was fascinated with vacuums. They were a big hit....more info
  • Ok, not great
    This vaccum came today for my 19 month old. I don't know who said this vacuum was for taller children, but that's not the case here. My 19 month old has to stoop down to push it. The talking gets annoying after a while. I would rather have a vacuum with just the typical noise and not all the extra. The attachment does not stay hooked on. This is an ok toy for the price, nothing great. ...more info
  • Good Play Vacuum for a taller child
    Most of the play vacuum's that I found were much too short for my 2 year old daughter. She is not exceptionally tall just above average. She loves Dusty's voice and is a great helper with mom. My 4 year old enjoys this toy occasionally as well....more info
  • Nice concept, but needs work
    Hi, My name is Gavin. I'm a two year old who got this toy for Christmas. It was a lot of fun to play with at first, but now it just makes a bunch of terrible grinding noises. I saw that several other people on this page had this same problem as well. But, my dad is really handy so he got out a screwdriver and we took this thing apart. What we found astounded us! The little yarns that are supposed to simulate dust and lint, were really turned into lint themselves! Each time a strand whizzes past the motherboard of the computer chip inside, the yarn is shreaded by the pins on the back of the board. This resulted in a bunch of yarn getting stuck in the drive-shaft of the motor and making the gears get all clogged up (You ask why I know what the heck a drive shaft is? Hey, I logged into Amazon and typed this review didn't I?) Anyway, we pulled out all the yarn (which was very difficult because the panel doesn't come entirely apart in the back, and we had to hold it open and have mom get in there with a dentist's pick) and then we cut off all the yarns to remove the frayed ends. It sounds better now, but like I said, the gears were all stripped so it's not working just right. I sure hope Playskool can figure out a way to keep this from happening again, because I'm not all that happy with them. (When I was just 1 I had to send back another toy from them as well.) Hope this helps somebody else out!...more info
  • Dusty the Talking Vacuum...may look different than above
    Cute toy...my nephew loves following his mommy around when she vacuums with this!

    Note - the colors on the vacuum I received were totally different than the one pictured above (base was orange instead of purple), but the product is the same. See the customer picture I submitted above....more info
  • Love the Playskool Crew Dusty The Talking Vacuum
    Dusty the vacuum is used daily by my daughter. The only slight negatives are that the hose attachment doesn't stay in place, and the volume is a little low (not necessarily bad!). The toy is very durable and I recommend it....more info
  • Granddaughter loved it!
    Fun toy for our 3-year old granddaughter. She's been afraid of vacuum cleaners until she got her own. ...more info
  • Fantastic toy...
    I bought this for my son after seeing him mesmerized when I used our real vacuum cleaner. When I left it unattended he would push the real vacuum cleaner up and down the hallway. At first he did not recognized what his new toy was, but after I started using the real vacuum cleaner he started imitating me with his new toy and he will not put it down, even after I stopped. He no longer cares about the real vacuum cleaner. One drawback is that the hose attachment comes off once in a while and he is not happy when it does. He is a 1yr and 8 mo. old so it is not easy for him to put back in place, so he may get frustrated. I still gave it 5 stars because this may be just due to his personality and other children may not care. Overall, great toy....more info
  • Gift
    I thought this would of been a cute gift for my neice. i wonder if she still has it....more info
  • fun
    This is a popular one for our little girls. You might want to get one for each so they don't fight over it...more info
    I ordered this vacuum for a neice in America on Amazon.Com. It was easy to order with none of the usual payment problems associated with purchasing between the USA and UK. I only ordered a few days before Christmas and Christmas delivery was not promised but it did arrive in time. Well done.
    ...more info
  • Repeats itself to much
    Fun Toy for kids but the talking part can drive you nuts. The speaking part repeats itself everytime you stop or drop the vacuum. I've heard the start of the talking a million times but have never made it through all 30 sayings....more info
  • Vacuum
    Great toy. Makes sounds and talks. It has strings of yarn to give the effect of it really being on....more info
  • Extra cute toy, not irritating like other noisy toys!
    The best thing about this toy is the VOLUME! You can hear the toy talking, but it's not irritating or loud, and it doesn't go on forever. My daughter really likes it, and has been enjoying it since Christmas! It only missed the 5 star rating because 1)it's not easy for her to recline the handle part, and 2) the little attachment guy flops around a lot, wont stay secured. But I would certainly by it again!...more info
  • My toddler loves to vacuum with dusty
    I bought this for my son right before he turned two. And he loved it. He always wants to do what Mom or Dad is doing, so this was perfect toy for our little copy-cat. It makes vacuum noises and talks to my son. He is now three and still likes to vacuum with it. If your child is a monkey-see-monkey-do type, they might just love this. Maybe I should get my son one of those vacuums that actually suck up dirt, since he likes to clean so much! He can help me clean for real!...more info
  • A huge hit!
    This is one of my son's favorite toys! It has a funny voice and makes him giggle. A great toy for a great price!...more info
  • Fun for a toddler
    My girls love playing with this vacuum. The sounds are silly and make them giggle. ...more info
  • Entertaining for my two year.
    My two received this for his birthday. He loves vacuums and wants to help mommy out. This was a perfect gift for him. Dusty makes sounds, but most of the time we have him on off because my little guy loves to vacuum along side me and you can't hear Dusty over the regular vacuum. Dusty is not annoying and it is great gift for any little helpers. My two year always laughs as he "helps" Mommy with my vacuuming....more info
  • good purchase
    I did a lot of research online to find a play vacuum. It does state the vacuum does not pick up dirt. I was looking for something adequate for a 17 mos old (at the time) and a "real" vacuum would not have been appropriate then. My daughter is almost 2 (in 2 weeks) and she got this from Santa. She absolutely loves it. We can hear the voices just fine and it does have an off switch. My daughter just now complains that the REAL vaccum is "too loud" so I tell her to get her vacuum and she does...she loves it. She only plays with hers when I have the big one out. This is one of the few play vacuums that's the right size for 17-18 mos olds. At almost 2 it still fits my daughter just right....more info
  • An excellent purchase for little helpers
    My 22-month-old adores this vaccuum. He loves to vaccuum right alongside me and my husband when we are using the real vaccum, and begs "one more time" when we turn the real one off. I can see where the novelty might wear off quickly with some children, but if your child has shown any interest in being a little helper with chores around the house, I would highly recommend this toy.

    The audio is fairly soft, but I appreciate that it is not obnoxiously loud (like some of his other toys). Even though the audio is a bit muted, it is still very intelligible ("This place is a pigsty!").

    My son would have one minor complaint about the vacuum: The attchment piece does not snap securly into place on the body of the vacuum--meaning that the hose piece frequently flaps around unsecured. This does not hinder the use of the vaccuum at all, but it did frustrate my son at one point when he tried in vain to get the hose to stay secured....more info
  • My daughter loves this vaccuum
    My daughter is 2, and LOVES this vaccuum! It's durable, she loves that the pieces talk to one another and that she can vaccuum with mommy now!!! She vacuums with me and takes her attachment and vacuums with it also. I think if you have a child that loves to clean, this toy is a must! VERY durable, very fun!!!...more info
  • My daughter loves Dusty
    Great toy. My 2 year old loves following me around the house vaccuming behind me. I heard other people say that the toy is too quiet but I think the volume is perfect. Enough with extremely noisy toys. This volume is light enough that I don't get annoyed with her playing with it. Would highly reccomend....more info
  • Fun and cute
    My 17 month old loves this toy. It is cute and just the right height for a child his age. It does say cute fun phrases. The voice could be a titch louder, but after some loud toys we own, I shouldn't complain. I'm very glad we bought this. ...more info
  • Dusty is a winner in our family
    Hunter, my 2 year old was terrified of the vacuum cleaner before I bought this. Now when I reach for the vacuum, he runs to get his and "help" me. It has saved us many tears....more info
  • Very Dissappointing!
    My son is not yet two and he loves this toy.. it has one BIG design flaw though.. the handle snaps into place, and it doesn't seem to take much effort for it to break off.. this has happened to us twice.. we emailed Hasbro and they did replace it for free, and we have emailed them yet again and are awaiting a reply.. in the meantime I have a very upset toddler because his favorite toy isn't working....more info
  • The Cleaning Toy
    Hi My son is two years old and got this gift as a christmas gift when he saw it he didnt want to put it down he wanted to help mommie "clean" he loves the sounds that it makes and never wanted to stop helping me vaccum the floor and it was much fun seeing him smile when got the gift cause he was always trying to get the big vaccum cleaner now he has his own....more info
  • Boring
    My son recieved this toy right before Christmas from his Grandparents. I thought he would love it because he had another toy vacuum that my husband bought from a yard sale for 50 cents and he always loved to use that. Well, he pushed this vacuum around for about 5 minutes and then got bored of it. You can barely hear what it is saying and it makes no vacuum noise. The 50 cent Dirt Devil toy vacuum won out. Sorry Dusty!...more info
  • got bored with it
    I liked this toy i think more than my son he's only played with it for a few days and then nothing he only brings it out when one of us is really vacuuming then we tell him to get it out to try and encourage him to play with it. I feel bad for the poor toy it doesn't get enough play time from my 22 month old who loves to push things...the new shopping cart took that position. oh well I still think that other kids would like it although mine didn't play with it much....more info
  • Stopped working less than six months after purchase
    My 2 1/2 year old daughter enjoyed pulling out this toy when I would have to vacuum the carpets. It gave her something to do while I was vacuuming without getting in my way or getting scared of the big vacuum. She liked feeling like she was helping me out. However, less than 6 months after purchasing it, Dusty stopped working. Thought it just needed new batteries, but we replaced the batteries and it still doesn't work. This is very disappointing to my daughter. I've emailed Playskool (Hasbro) and am awaiting a response from them. I'm hoping they will replace the toy for free. If so, I hope that one will last longer. Not sure what the ratings are on other toy vacuums, but you may want to check those out before you purchase this toy....more info
  • pooooor durability
    my twin girls each received this vacuum when they were two.. thank goodness there is an "off" switch b/c the voice/sayings become very annoying after only one day of play. also, the handle does NOT stay attached.. i ended up putting velcro inside to hold it together. very soon after, these both went out to the garage and off to a yard sale. ...more info
  • My 18 month old loves this vacuum
    My 18 month old loves this vacuum. She was scared of our vacuum then we introduced her to this toy and loves to vacuum when i vacuum. It is a great gift too, baught one for my neice and her and family loved it too....more info
  • Fun toy!!
    I just got this for my son and he loves it. I bought it for him because he always wants to use the big vacuum. So, now he is "cleaning up" his own messes. I think the toy is just adorable. I think this is something we will both enjoy for a long time....more info
  • Cute & fun but age recomendation is way off!
    They is a cute/fun toy but the age range definately should be less than 8! We had family over and their 4yr old played with it but probably only because it was different than her toys. Their 7yr old was in no way interested in it.
    I would say it is good for 18 months to 3, maybe 4 yrs....more info
  • Great toy
    This was given to our daughter for her second birthday and it is fabulous. The volume of the voice on ours is perfect and is loud enough to hear. My daughter has a desire to help us clean around the house so this was a perfect gift for her. His eyes move around as it vacuums. In the middle barrel it has colored yarn that moves to make it appear like dirt is swirling around, just like in Mommy's vacuum. He also tilts back and has a detachable arm just like the real thing. He is sesitive to the touch, so the slightest movement will set him off. Get this for your little helper! ...more info
  • Need to adjust age recommendations
    This is a great toy for 18 mos to about 3 years. We bought this for our daughter when she was around 2 1/2. Sure my daughter would still play with it, but it definitely was very "baby-ish" and she wanted a more "big girl" type vacuum "like mom's."

    The only problem was that Dusty doesn't stay on his hook very well and while the yarn swirling inside the vacuum is cute and amusing - realistic is not how I'd describe it.

    Amazon.com really needs to reavaluate it's age recommendation of 4-8 on this product, but otherwise it's a great toy that my daughter really enjoyed....more info
  • Too cute!
    We realized our daughter had a fondness for the vacuum when she was 11 months old. That is when she started wanting to ride it. You couldn't vacuum without her on top of it. Lucky for us we had a Kirby so it was big enough for her to ride on a self propelled so I could push it. But it still got a little tiresome by the time we got through the whole house. So we opted for Dusty!

    This thing is so cute! It says some of the cutest things and she loves the colored yarn spinning around when she uses it. She also loves to watch his eyes move around. So now she "helps" me instead of riding. It does NOT pick up stuff like some of the other ones on the market but we really didn't want that anyway. The age recommendation is a little off...4-8 to seems too old. She's 14 months and it is perfect for her but it's a little short for her 6 year old cousin...who also thinks he's a silly baby toy.
    But all in all our little helper loves her Dusty....more info
  • Cute toy!
    My daughter hated the vaccuum cleaner until we bought her Dusty for Chanukah. The noise from a real vaccuum cleaner scare her horribly. We had to wait until one of us could take her out for a while so she wouldn't get upset.

    While she doesn't use her vaccuum everyday, she "cleans" her room once a week with her vaccuum. The noise of a real vaccuum no longer scares or upsets her.

    Basically, our daughter has learned to not be afraid of the vaccuum, loves to help clean & has fun with Dusty.

    I'd say we accomplished our goal with this purchase!...more info
  • Kind of Loud!
    My daughter loves this toy especially when I am on the phone! I think it is a great way to teach children the vlaue of cleaning up, but it is so loud!!! She likes to play with it while I am vaccuming and that is fine, it gives her a chance to mimic me, but the loud sound the wheels make is very aggrivating!...more info
    I purchased this toy because it looked cute. I like the phrases it says but the grinding noises are too much for me to stand. I don't usually get bothered with the loud toys but this sound is awful. Please don't buy this toy it really isn't worth it....more info
  • Daughter likes Dusty
    I got this toy for my daughter for Christmas. It was a little sentive in the box. My husband and I had a laugh when I brought this in off the porch and the box started talking to me. I like that the voice isn't very loud. My daughter has had this for a few months now and she still plays with it a few times a week. She does lose interest, but not so much that he gets forgotten....more info
  • Nothing Outstanding
    My son loved this toy the first day, he was almost 18 months old. He's now 2 and he hardly ever plays with it. It's not loud enough to make him feel like it's real. He does like and reapeats what the vacuum says but there's nothing about this toy that makes it fabulous enough to spend $20 on it....more info
  • Fun for Mommy and Daughter!
    My 2 year old daughter was terrified of my vacuum cleaner until I bought her Dusty. She loves it! He makes a realistic, albeit quiet, noise. I give it 4 stars because she has a hard time holding down the front and pull the handle to release it from the upright position. Overall, fun and a great price!...more info
  • Great Dust Collector
    My daughter came home with this gift after visiting with her dad one weekend. When I first laid eyes on this purple vacuum, I shuddered in horror thinking it was another annoying replica of the Magic Talking Grill. This one is much more quiet. Most of his lines are incoherent, but at least it is not shrill like most talking toys.

    My daughter played with this vacumm all of about three times. It has spent most of its life collecting dust in her room, now it resides in the attic with the Magic Talking Grill and various other useless toys. What my daughter did not like about this toy is that it really does not do anything other than roll back and forth across the floor. It eats batteries and is difficult to understand.

    I think if she had been younger and recieved this toy, it would have gotten more play time. I can see how a little one under the age of three would enjoy this toy. My daughter is five and has found no use for a toy vaccuum. It really provides no educational value and can only move across the floor. I think older children will find it tedious.

    I would only recommend this toy if it were for a younger child who enjoys pushing something back and forth or like to "clean". It is not the most entertaining toy out there, but I do not think it is very expensive. Just keep in mind it does eat batteries, even when not used very much. My daughter wanted to replace the dead batteries a few times even though she does not play with it often....more info
  • Does your child like to vacuum?
    I bought this vacuum for my son when he was 13 months because he loved to push the real one back and fourth. I figured a smaller version would be easier to take out 10 times a day rather than the real one. My son was only interested in picking it up and turning it over for about 1/2 hour...then, back to wanting the real one again. If your child truly loves the vacuum (yours) and the noises it makes...I would say, buy one that looks and sounds more like the real thing. You'll save money this way! Hope this helps! :)
    I'm off to buy a different one!!!
    ...more info
  • My son LOVES this vacuum!
    We got this vacuum at a discount store. He played with it in the store a couple times for a half hour each, so we decided to get it. And as some of the previous reviews said it very shortly got an awful grinding noise every time my son pushed it around. But my husband took it apart. Come to find out the "dirt" or yarns showing through were too long and had gotten caught in the gears. So he cleaned the gears and cut the strings quite a bit shorter. My son still loves this toy. It gets put away with the big vacuum. He like to have the sound off now, but liked it alot when we first got it. ...more info
  • Aweful grinding noise!!!!
    Purchased this item for Christmas for my 18 month old son. Worked fine for 3 weeks then batteries died and now makes an aweful grinding noise when you push the vacuum across the floor. Wish I had took advice of previous reviews and not bought the toy....more info
  • Great Toy
    My 20 month old son got this vacuum for christmas and he absolutely loves it. The only time we've had any problem is when he tries to vacuum at the same time we do. All of the kids in my mothers group loved it as well. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Quit working after ONE NIGHT!
    My daughter (22 months) got this on Christmas Eve and it was the perfect toy for her, she is scared of vacuums but now she can vacuum with me, no big deal. She played with it awhile Christmas Eve but when we woke up Christmas morning, her toy didn't work anymore!! I changed all three batteries, still nothing. She still played with it, but without the voice and noises. 3 weeks later, I tried 3 brand new batteries again, and NOTHING. That's pathetic. Even if she did leave it on all night Christmas Eve, toys shouldn't wear out because of that. And of course I couldn't return it because she had played with and and got dirt in the wheels and the box had been thrown away in the Christmas chaos.

    I was very disappointed with this. Too bad because it was cute for one night....more info
  • Great for those little helpers
    My 2-year old daughter got this vacuum cleaner for Christmas this year and has a blast "vacuuming" with Mommy. My husband and I taught her how to use the attachment, so she enjoys vacuuming the floor and the "brushing" everything else, from furniture to people.
    To echo what another reviewer mentioned...the sound could be a little louder so you can hear all the sounds.
    Cute toy that will probably get a lot of use by our little neat-freak daughter!
    ...more info
  • fun toy for toddlers, son loves it, could be more durable
    I got this for my 18 month old for Christmas, despite some of the negative reviews, because he always drives me crazy when I vaccuum. I wasnt' sure he would like the toy vaccuum, but he loves it and uses it every day.

    We have only had it for two weeks, so I can't speak for long term durability, but It seems they fixed the problem with the handle, it seems very sturdy. However, it did start making squeaking (other reviews called it grinding) noises in the wheels when he pulls it, although it doesn't bother him.
    The volume of the vaccuum is rather soft, although I suppose since every toy is so loud and obnoxious these days, that is probably a good thing.

    This toy takes quite a beating, being dragged all over the house! The eyes are losing some paint, but everything else looks good.

    oh the age range...24 months and up seems ok, although I think this toy is appropriate for any baby that walks Proficiently. My son was 17 months when he got this and the perfect size for it. However the 4-8 year age range seems ridiculous. This seems like more of a toddler toy to me.

    Overall, a fantastic toy, could be more durable, but our son loves it....more info
  • Great fear reliever!
    My 18 month old son is deathly afraid of the real vacuum!! To the point that I couldn't vacuum unless I had someone else who could hold him. For Christmas he got Dusty. He was afaid at first and I was worried that he might not play with it, but after a day or two he came around, and now he vacuums the whole house. Out of all of his toys he mostly plays with Dusty! I haven't tried the real vacuum yet, but hopefully Dusty did the trick. I especially like the spinning "dirt", because I think that it was part of the reason he was afraid of the real vacuum.

    Feb. 2005...
    Dusty has already broke. It makes a funny noice when you push it and the voice gets distorted sometimes. BUT, it helpped my son to not be afraid of the real vacuum...more info
  • My Son's Favorite Christmas Present
    My 17-month-old son received this for a Christmas present and hasn't put it down since. After first looking at it nervously when he opened the present, as soon it was out of the box he was off and running. The nice thing for me is the on/off switch. So far he doesn't care if it's making noise or not because he's too busy pushing it all around the house. Ours might be a newer model however because the colors are a little different and it doesn't have a button on the handle and so far, doesn't seem to have any of the quality problems other reviews have mentioned. So far, so good!!...more info
  • not worth the money
    My daughter is 4 and maybe too old for this vacuumm. It is very small, alot smaller than the photo, so do pay attention to the measurements. Not much fun in the toy and not too many phrases, plus the attachment handle keeps falling off. She isn't too interested in this....more info
  • Great Toy
    I bought this for my then 2 year old daughter last Christmas. I was a little leery of it after reading the reviews, but decided to get it anyway. And I'm glad I did. It's been an excellent toy. A year later, we haven't had any problems with it breaking; my daughter is now three and she still plays with it every day. It does make a strange grinding noise when it's pulled backwards, but it's no big deal, really. It's great for pretend play. ...more info
  • Breaks easily and makes a terrible grinding noise!
    Overall I would give this toy 2 stars, although my kids think it's lots of fun. I bought this vacuum for my son and 2 weeks after playing with it it broke. All he did was push it around, he wasn't rough with it or anything. It still talks and moves but now the spinning part on the front of the vacuum doesn't spin and it makes this terrible and very loud grinding noise. Not only is it very annoying but it's so loud you can't even hear the talking messages or the vacuum sounds anymore. Of course both my 3 year old and my 1 year old still love to push it around and it's probably even more desireable now because of it's loud annoying noise. I didn't buy or exchange for a new one because I figured it was just break again. I would definately not suggest this toy to anyone. It should last longer then 2 weeks. ...more info
  • Handle wouldn't stay on
    I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and had to take it back because the handle would fall off every time she pulled it backwards. I was very disapointed....more info
  • Cute, but doesn't last long!!!
    My daughter received this toy last year for Christmas. She played with it for a couple of months, and not rough either, and it broke. There are plastic gears inside that strip out and cause it to make loud grinding noises when you push it back and forth. I contacted the company on this issue and they did however send me a replacement toy free of charge 3 months after contacting them. The replacement she received has so far been okay, but you just never know.

    I wanted to post this because I have read reviews of other parents purchasing the talking grill, which I had considered, and they were disappointed with it. Also, some of those parents also mentioned purchasing the vaccuum. Just wanted to let you know that it is a cute toy, children will enjoy it; but it may not last long enough for them to play with it!!...more info
  • Adorable for little helpers!
    My daughter has enjoyed "sweeping" since was 18 months old. For her second birthday her favorite aunt bought her Dusty the Talking Vacuum Cleaner and she hasn't stopped cleaning yet! The brightly colored toy is just the right height for little toddlers, the big friendly eyes move around as the sweeper moves, the noises are realistic as you "vacuum" the floor. It takes up very little room so it's easy to stash away. There are sparkly strings inside the cleaning barrel to simulate dust and dirt, and the phrases are hilarious: "Is that a rabbit? Na! It's just a dust bunny...." The pretend brush and nozzle attach to the vacuum too, just like the real thing! Very cute and durable, perfect for a child who loves to help mommy and daddy....more info
  • Love this toy!
    My son is 20 months old and when we got him this Vacuum a few months ago he was immediately drawn to it! He plays with it every day and wants to take it every where. The brush attachment did break off rather quickly but he loves it any way....more info
  • Great Toy
    The little one in our lives loves this vacuum.She was afraid of vacuums for a long time, but not after receiving this as a present. She pushes it around and giggles at the different sayings. It isn't soemthing she plays with everyday, only when she decides it's time to play house...........or seems to think my house needs cleaning.
    It is sturdy and seems durable, is also colorful and easy to push. A very nice toy....more info
  • great toy for toddlers
    I got this for my daughter when she was one, and she has enjoyed it more as she's gotten older. It is very sturdy, and she loves the voice. It's a good present--at her 2nd birthday party, everyone was playing with it including the boys. I know what to buy as gifts for them now.......more info
  • Poor quality
    This is a very poorly made toy. The handle falls off constantly making it impossible for my 2 year old niece to "vacuum." Basically a piece of junk. I'm returning it to Amazon....more info
  • A Great Birthday present
    I saw the reviews weren't that great for this toy, until I got to the last one in which they said the handle was fine and they must have fixed the problem. So I bought it to try for myself. I noticed an extra assembly notice in the box dated in 2004 with the instructions stating information specifically about the handle. It seems that they have fixed the problem and it does stay on. My daughter loves it! Once she opened it, she didn't even want to open her other gifts! ...more info
  • Great Sturdy Toy
    I just purchased this for my 11 month old who loves my vacuum cleaner. he loves to pretend to vacuum like mommy and it is so cute. It is very sturdy and I have never had the problem of the handle falling off. Maybe they have fixed this problem? ...more info
  • poorly made!
    My child can never use this because the handle constantly falls off. Glue or tape has not helped. Terrible purchase! Buy a different vacuum....more info
  • Cute, but....
    This is a cute toy and our daughter loved it but... something is severely wrong with the voice mechanism. It has a muffled voice sound and often sounds gargled and demonic! We have replaced the batteries several times thinking this was the problem but it does the same thing once you replace the batteries out for new ones. Our daughter did enjoy playing with this toy but she often gets annoyed because the handle falls off easily and the voice mechanism doesn't work well or sounds posessed and this freightens her! I'd probably recommend a different vacuum cleaner and wouldn't re-purchase this one again if I had the option....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought this item for my 18 month old daughter. She loves it but the handle keeps breaking off. She played with it less than 2 minutes before the handle broke the first time and now we have to glue it on for her to even play with it. She has only had this toy for about 10 minutes and is in tears because she can't play with it. This is the biggest piece of junk that I have boughten in a long time....more info
  • my son loves this vacuume but it always breaks.
    My son absolutely loves this vacuum cleaner we would have to bring it every where we went. But unfortunately it always breaks after a month or so. In the last five months we had three of them break. It is ridiculous I can't keep replacing it. The hose always breaks of the wheels start making a horrible cranking noise and wont turn that easy. Also the voice on the vacuum sounds a little possessed every now and then. But if it was more durable it is a cute idea....more info
  • Not very well made
    Its really a cute toy and my son loves it...but I can tell you what he really gets frustrated with...first of all, the thing never stays in the reclined position so that he can vacuum; and secondly, the little hose never stays attached on its holster. Its cute and I'd probably buy it again...I mean come on, what do you expect for $20 bucks????...more info
  • dont buy
    This is JUNK!!!! I think this is the worse toy we have ever bought. You cant even hear it talking, it is not tall at all. My 2 year has to bend down to push it. Buy the little Tykes, much better quality....more info
  • What a waste!
    We bought this for our daughter for Christmas and found it a disappointment. It worked for about a month, then stopped talking. We discovered that the metallic ribbons got twisted up in the "canister". It makes a horrible grinding sound now. We tried to open it up and cut off the ribbons, but Hasbro used triangle head screws so we can't get the thing open. My advise, KEEP SHOPPING!...more info
  • Great Toy...Lousy workmanship
    My daughter is 19 months old and loves playing with this vacuum. When I start to vacuum she runs for us to vacuum with me and sometimes she steals mine to do the real thing. The only problem with this toy is that it makes an awful grinding noise when she uses. It started off making the noise just when she went backwards with it and now it does it forward also. I just called the ...number on the bottom of the toy and spoke with customer service. They can either send out the same toy or a equal value replacement toy. I choose the replacement because the vacuum was on backorder. They have a great customer service department....more info
    My son received this at about 14 months. He loved it, and used it every day. After 2 weeks, it stopped "talking" (we even replaced the batteries). So we took it back and replaced it, only to have that one break as well. I tried one last time, only to have it also break in less than a week. We took it back and ended up buying a kids version of the "Hoover". It doesn't talk, but he has had it for 3 months, and plays with it daily, and it has not broken (and he hasn't been exactly "easy" with it). We have had to replace the batteries, from so much use of it. And it also sounds more like a real sweeper.(...)...more info
  • Not too happy!!!
    I bought this toy for my child at Christmas and instantly noticed that is is so quite you can't hear it over the rolling of the wheels. Within 2 weeks it was also making these weird noises so I figured that it may have been defective and exchanged it for another. I had the same problem! Now it doesn't even talk or make noises at all even with new batteries and we have only had this new one for a little over a month! My son still plays with it but as the one who paid [$$$] for it I am REALLY dissapointed! I wish I had bought the Dirt Devil for the same price. This one is DEFINITELY not worth [$$$]!...more info
  • Awesome toy !
    I was hesitant about purchasing this as a Santa gift after reading some of these reviews, but I needed something fun to help my then 18 mo old daughter to get over her fear of vacuums. After 2 weeks of use the grinding noise started and I thought "oh great they were right" my husband replaced the batteries and Voila it works fine again!

    My daughter at 20 mos now says "batts" when the noise starts again. You have to replace them sooner if they leave it turned on for more than 3 hours at a time

    But my daughter now grabs this toy whenever I vacuum instead of screaming and clinging to me as I vacuum...more info

  • Dusty is Defective
    This toy was purchased for my daughter (after falling in love with the commercials) for a Christmas present. After approximately three (short-term) uses, it started making a grinding noise. (I had read about this in other reviews, but thought the problem would be fixed by now.) I contacted Hasbro to see if the toy could be repaired. They stated that it could not, but would send a replacement toy. I'm guessing that they are still having problems with Dusty, as they sent a Big Mike Lawn Mower as a replacement. While Dusty was fun for her the few times she was able to play with him, he just wasn't constructed well....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    My 3yr.old son loves vacuum cleaners so we had to get this one for him. After an hour of playing with it the ribbons stopped spinning & it makes a very loud grinding noise. I have now seen from other reviews that this is a common problem. I hope that Playskool can fix this defect & pull the remaining vacuums off the shelf because it is not fun to play with a toy that doesn't work & has a very annoying grinding noise! ...more info
  • Carrie
    Both my children, ages 20 months and 4 yrs, love this toy. However, one the second day the wheels started making a very LOUD grinding noise, so loud you cannot converse over it or hear the vacuum "talking". I exchanged the vacuum for another and again upon a few hours use the grinding started. So if you are planning to purchase this item for your child, you may want to consider earplugs for yourself....more info
  • Save your money
    This is a poorly made product. My daughter is not even 3 yet, but she is too tall to push the vaccum correctly. She spends her time mad at the toy, and after playing with it about 3 times, it is in her closet!! It should be in the trash! Please do not waste your money!...more info
  • Second thoughts about this one!
    This was a cute toy at first. The next day it made the grinding noises. It is really hard to hear the vacuum. It is more made for a two year old - it is way too short for my five year old!! Looking at it now, I would not ever purchase this myself - it was a gift for my child. Very disappointing!...more info
  • Fun, but VERY poor quality
    My 20 month old son absolutely loves this toy. This is the only toy he has ever had that he abslolutely refuses to share with his friends. The vacuum is the first toy that he plays with in the morning, and he insists upon taking it to the changing table to get his diaper changed, downstairs when he is sitting at the table for meals, etc. He loves pushing it around, turning it on and off, pretending to clean his toys with the brush, and following me around with it when I'm vacuuming. And the noises are so real that he's actually lost his fear of my real vacuum.

    Having said all that, this toy is incredibly poorly made. The second day we had the vacuum, the wheels began making very loud clicking noises when my son moved the vacuum forward. The next day, it made those same loud clicking noises when he moves it backwards. The clicking is so loud, I can barely have a conversation with someone while it's being pushed, and it makes it nearly impossible to hear the vacuum's sounds.

    If my son didn't love this toy so much, I'd throw it in the trash....more info

  • Grinding noise very annoying!!!!
    The vacuum worked great for about 3 days. Then, when the kids pushed it, the wheels started to really grind. It makes a horrible clicking, grinding sound as it is wheeled across the room.
    It is a cute vacuum, my 1 year old & 2 year old love it, but that grinding noise is awful! Playskool should really look into that, as I've seen other reviews that say they've experienced the same thing....more info
  • It was great....at first.
    This was such a cute toy, for about a week. Now it makes this awful grinding noise when pushed. It is so loud you can't hear the cute little comments from the vacuum.
    Neat vacuum, but needs some improvements....more info
  • Keeps coming APART
    Thankfully, this toy doesn't actually pick up (YAY say the cats!) But, the handle CONSTANTLY comes off, and the "attachment" won't stay attached. My daughter got this toy for Christmas, but won't play with it because it is continuously coming to pieces....more info
  • GREAT toy!
    My little boy 21 months loves this vacuum. He has had it for 2 months now and plays with it multiple times every day. He is very rough on toys, drags them around, bangs them,etc and we have had no problems with anything breaking. I will definitely buy this for gifts for his friends birthday parties this year....more info
  • Lots of fun but needs improvement
    My son absolutely loves this toy. I also thought it was a great toy until it started with the clicking noise. My husband and I started looking inside and noticed that the yarn attached to the the part that spins got wrapped around the bottom wich prevented it from spinning and is causing the clicking noise.

    My son really enjoys this toy so I am going to take it back and get a new one, hopefully it will be improved....more info

  • Not that Durable, but here's why.....
    The reason that this toy breaks and makes that awful grinding noise is because the strings are too long, and they get wrapped around the gear, stripping them out. My husband had to grind down a flat head screwdriver to fit the triangle head screws. We cut down the strings and the toy works perfectly. Sounds like a lot of work for a new toy, but our children LOVE it, and it was worth all of the headache!!!...more info
  • The Handle
    My son was so excited when he got this toy. I thought it was very cute. Well after he played with his new vacuum for about 2 seconds or so, the handle just comes right off. I put it back on, and it works again, then it breaks. This happens everytime. So wondering if I did it wrong, I had my husband put the handle back on, well it broke off again. I reccommend this because its cute and a lot of fun. I dont reccommend it because the handle is always breaking. Its a great toy and my son loves it, but he is even starting to get upset because the handle keeps breaking!...more info
  • Cute Toy
    I purchased this toy as a Christmas gift for my 18 month old daughter, I could not be more pleased. My daughter loves the sound effects and it is the perfect size for her. She especially enjoys pulling it out and "sweeping" the house laughing the entire time....more info
  • a huge disappointment
    this vacuum is all our 4yr old daughter talked about for weeks, she received it as a gift for christmas and couldnt have been happier. Our 2 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter went silly over this thing for a couple days HOWEVER now it makes this horrible clicking noise when the wheels move and the inside doesnt move anymore. Our 2 yr old son still plays with it constantly but our 4 yr old wont touch it. You cant hear the vacuum talking (the tv, radio, or someone else talking) over the clicking wheels. This was an awesome gift for the first two days, now its simply an annoying waste of money!!!...more info
  • Awesome...but
    My 18m old son loves this toy, but after day two, it started making this horrible grinding noise and the center canister quit spinning. After reading other reviews I see this is very common. Am going to buy another, because it is so fun and just the right size. Guess I'll have to live with the noise!...more info
  • Breaks easily!
    My 2-year-old wanted a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and he was overjoyed when he received this. However, after two days of light use, the gears inside started making an awful grinding sound. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the gears had stripped. This toy is not well-made....more info
  • My 3 1/2 yo loves it!
    My son wanted this toy from the first time he spotted it at the store. I thought he was too old, but he got it and really loves it. He stores it away carefully, but everytime I get out my vacuum, he gets out his. He works right along beside me and thinks its a ton of fun. I figure anything that encourages either one of my kids to "help" with the housework is fine in my book....more info
  • Great toy
    I recently gave this as a gift to my 19 month old neice and she loves it. She loves picking things up anyway, so this seemed perfect for her. The only problem is that she knows that a real vacuum sucks up dirt, so she takes her food and rolls over it with the vacuum until it is stuck in the carpet. She has had no problems with it falling apart. She loves when the vacuums talk with each other, and wanted to keep it in her crib with her. This is a great toy and I highly reccomend it....more info
    I bought Dusty 2 months ago for my 3 yr old. Within an hour it was making a HORRIBLE grinding noise, and she couldn't push it at all without the noise.

    I thought it might be a one-time thing, so I contacted the company via email, and was VERY pleasantly surprised when they offered to ship us a brand new one, without requiring me to return the first one...

    Took brand spankin' new Dusty out of the box...she gave him a push...and *GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNDDDDDD DDD*

    oh boy, was I ever-so-happy. She hates the sound (which is really a statement, since she's NOT the quiet-type) so badly, she won't touch it....more info
  • Squawk and grind
    My 2 year old received this for her birthday. She loves to "help" me vacuum. It does provide for a great diversion when I am actually vacuuming... my daughter is very busy pushing her vacuum. Thankfully, when the big vacuum is running I can't hear the grinding gear sound the toy has started to make. There is also something wrong with the voices. This is actually the second Home Crew Vacuum we have had. The first one had the same voice problem on the day we gave it to my 2 year old. So, when she was napping, my husband returned it for another that makes exactly the same squaking sounds. We replaced the batteries and it still happens... every once and awhile the clean-up crew sounds normal. Disappointing to me that it doesn't work the way it should... but my little girl still loves to play with it....more info
  • The handle fell off, then the grinding noise started!!
    My 2 year old daughter absolutely loved this vacuum when we first took it out of the box, but then the handle started falling off every time she played with it! A little super glue solved that problem, but then the wheels started to make a really loud grinding noise. I am so tired of hearing "Mommy fix!!" each time she plays with it, but I keep trying. I can't find a solution to the noise....so it's going back to the store. My daughter won't play with it when it makes that awful noise, and she's only had it a week. The last thing a parent needs is another broken toy hanging around!...more info
  • SOOOO FUN for all
    My 3 yr old daughter bought this with her birthday money and has never let it sleep at all. She uses it constantly and tells me everything it says. Her baby brother laughs at it and tries to talk louder than it. Its an adorable little toy and works great for little munchkins....more info
  • It stopped spinning!
    My 3yr.old son loves vacuum cleaners so we had to get this one for him. After an hour of playing with it the ribbons stopped spinning & it makes a very loud grinding noise. I have now seen from other reviews that this is a common occurance. I hope that Playskool can fix this defect & pull the remaining vacuums off the shelf because it is not fun to play with a toy that doesn't work & has a very annoying grinding noise! My son loves his Dirt Devil vacuum & we have no problems with it, so buy that one instead....more info
  • It stopped spinning!
    My 3yr.old son loves vacuum cleaners so we had to get this one for him. After an hour of playing with it the ribbons stopped spinning & it makes a very loud grinding noise. I have now seen from other reviews that this is a common occurance. I hope that Playskool can fix this defect & pull the remaining vacuums off the shelf because it is not fun to play with a toy that doesn't work & has a very annoying grinding noise! My son loves his Dirt Devil vacuum & we have no problems with it, so buy that one instead....more info
  • Cleaner Upper Not Quite A Downer
    We received this toy for a second birthday gift from grandparents who had never seen its TV commercial. My daughters had. Maybe that's why we had expected a little more...
    "Stay alert," says Vacuum. "And pick up dirt," adds Brush.
    Switch to ON and this toy spouts a clever rhyme like the one above. When it says "Bye-bye" just reactivate it by pushing the purple button on the handle or nudging it a little.
    "We're a cleaning machine."
    More like a soft-spoken cleaning machine. I never thought I would wish a toy were a little LOUDER! There is no volume control and only one small speaker located on the back. Makes it hard to hear the realistic hum of the machine.
    "We're on the scene..." says Vacuum. "...to get things clean!" adds Brush.
    That's a lie. This toy vacuum doesn't pick up a thing! But my daughters didn't care. And I'm not sure I would really want it to.
    "Is that a rabbit?" says Vacuum. "Nah, it's just a dust bunny!" replies Brush.
    To reach said dust bunnies you can adjust the vacuum from vertical to horizontal or any position in between.
    "Achoo! I must be allergic to dust!"
    The mouth doesn't move with the sneeze. But the eyes swivel left to right when you push it.
    "Clean ya later!"
    My daughters pushed this toy around for a few days, then it was see ya later....more info
    The day after we bought this toy for our 3 year old, it has been making this grinding sound and it has become quite annoying. This toy is definately not designed to be played with....more info
  • Emily's Disappointment
    I bought this for my granddaughter who saw it from a commercial. We were both disappointed to find out that it doesn't pick anything up. The commercial shows a dust ball, which would make you think it picks up things like that which is interesting to kids as they watch their mom or dad do some cleaning. I do believe it would be a good gift for younger kids....more info
  • Correction
    I bought this item in the Toys R Us store and the age says 2 and up on it, not 4. So to all the people who said it would be better for a younger child- you were right on the money!...more info
  • Not very durable
    My son received this for his third birthday. After a couple of days using it, the ribbons stopped spinning and the unit made a grinding sound. We exchanged it for a new one and after about 2 weeks, it is doing the same thing....more info
  • CUTE TOY!!!!
  • Dissapointing
    After seeing this advertise my 4 year old son begged for it and the description of the 2 seperate talking parts made me think it would be a really neat toy. However once my son got it out of the box and tried it thats where the fun ended.... (it sits abandoned in the toy box). The "2 voices" are so much alike it sounds like only one thing talking and theres no movement of the eyes, mouth etc on either of the faces...... and it is definately alot smaller than I imagined.
    Seems like it would be a good toy for a much younger child, the age is definately off. Does seem durable though.
    Price is a bit high for the amount of things this actually does, my suggestion would be to buy the grill set instead, he loves it with its working face, light up coals, and actual independant voices....more info
  • My Son Loves this Vacuum
    My son 18 mths loves this and at first I did but about a month and a half after he recieved it as a gift the gears on the inside came off track and it now makes a horrible noise you can't even hear it talking over this noise but for the most part my son loves it and I will be getting him another!!...more info
  • the age range is way off
    I bought this item for my four year old daughters birthday, she really wanted it. But when we got it,it was way too small, it is meant for 2 year olds my daughter even said it was too small she had to bend way over to play with it. cute idea but the age recommendation is wrong. We are returning it....more info
  • Cute!
    My daughter is three and LOVES this vacuum. At first she was frightened by the talking, but luckily the vacuum is equipped with an off switch for the sound. For the first week she pushed it without the sound. Now she readily turns it on. She was slightly disappointed that it didn't actually clean the carpet, but the disappointment only lasted for a few minutes. As a mom I think it's a great thing, though. I wouldn't want her to vacuum something that was important like a missing earring. For durability I gave it 4 stars only because the hose is hard to hook into place. My husband and I really like the phrases the vacuum uses. We find ourselves repeating them in jest as we clean the house. In my opinion, 2-5 would be a better suggested age range....more info