Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04381 Allergen Reducer Air Cleaner

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Product Description

True-Air Compact Allergen reducer Air cleaner , featuring 3M Filtrete allergen reducer filter. Effective at capturing dust, dust mite debris, mold, pollen, smoke & pet dander. Has 3 speed control for low, medium, high setting. Low cost filter replacement. Filter lasts up to 120 days . For room sizes up to 210 square feet.

  • 210 square foot room size
  • Removes common air borne allergens
  • 3 speed motor
  • Low cost replacement filter
  • Filter lasts up to 120 days

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Air purifier
    It works pretty well.
    Highest setting is LOUD!
    Filter seems to get dirty fast. This could be a good thing or a bad. The filter seems sort of thin/small so maybe that's why it gets dirty fast. But at least its picking dust up?

    It works? Nice fan too.

    ...more info
  • Compact & does the trick
    I purchased this model in January 2009 for my son's bedroom. He is plagued by both indoor and outdoor allergies, which if not kept in check, result in asthma flare-ups. We turn on the TrueAir 04381 in the evening when we return from work and run it in his room with the door and windows closed until he goes to bed. It takes up very little space on my son's open book shelf. We keep it at medium speed until he is ready for bed and then turn it down to slow while he falls asleep. On medium it is noticibly loud, but not horrible. On slow speed, it is white noise and barely heard. I think it has helped keep down the level of allergens in his room. Our home, with forced air heat, tends to get very dusty, but his room has been less dusty than usual since we began using this product. Spring allergy season has just begun, but I am hoping this little gem will get us through with less asthma flare-ups than we had last year. My husband thinks the bedroom actually smells fresher after the machine has been running for awhile. I don't notice that, but I do notice that my son has been sleeping very well, and his symptoms seem less severe so far this season. Only one BIG problem, both the model AND the filters for this model have been discontinued by the manufacturer! I contacted Hamilton Beach and told them exactly how ridiculous I thought it was for them not to continue offering the filter replacements for a period of time. If I had paid more for the unit, I would be furious. As it is, I am just really disappointed....more info
  • Quiet operation
    This thing has a setting that is so quiet that my wife didn't know it was on. She usually complains because I do like the white noise that an air cleaner provides, but everything I want use is too loud for her. Not this one. I wish I could vouch for its air cleaning quality, but I have not put it through its paces. I do believe that it cleans the fine dust that is what I wanted to use it for. However, if you are looking for something that really cleans the air (and don't care how noisy), I would recommend those cylindrical Honeywell models. I once enclosed a guy cutting drywall in a plastic room and then turned that Honeywell air cleaner on and it sucked all the dust out of the air in about 5-10 minutes (and there was a lot of white dust in the air). Still, that was one of the noisiest air cleaners I have ever owned and it did completely die, but only after four or more years of frequent use. ...more info
  • Nice Small unit
    It's bit loud, but does the job! I have 2 cats and several people that have come into our home that are allergic to cats, somehow don't have any issues when they are in our home. I just leave my unit on low all day and move it around the house every now and then. I still have the original filter in there and it seems to be fine after 6 months of use....more info
  • Solved my allergy problem
    This is a very good product. At low setting, it is very quiet. It works really well. I noticed that the filter trapped all kinds of irritating dirts. I have two Honeywell purifiers with washable filters. They are noticably noisier. IMHO, the replacable filter traps dirt better than washable ones.

    I put it on my bedside providing a good night sleep, a much needed relief from my office where the old AC is recycling all kinds of irritating particles.

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • found some filters!
    I've been using this for 3 nights now and just this morning realized that I am waking up not congested or stuffy in the morning. What a change especially during hay fever season! Hope it helps my niece when she visits in a few weeks, she is allergic to cats (so am I but I'm used to ours).

    Found filters online at filters-now.com, they make a replacement that fits this machine for about $13 each, flat rate shipping of $8 so I will order several replacements at once....more info
  • Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen Reducer/Air Cleaner
    This product is excellent, I live in an apartment and my daughter has a difficult time with allergies. She currently takes allergy shots weekly and still had to take additional meds for relief. After using this product in my home, we have stop the meds and I sleep much better myself. Plan to purchase another one for travel purposes and the sound is so relaxing. Suggest everyone go out in get one!!!...more info
  • Quieter than expected
    I bought this unit because other reviewers said it was a good source of white noise, which is what I was looking for to help me sleep. I find it very quiet compared to my last air cleaner, so I am disappointed about that aspect of it. On the other hand, it will be good to bring on trips because it is so small and portable....more info
  • Air Cleaner
    It's good for a small area. I keep the unit by my stove top. It seems to get the odors out much quicker....more info
  • It's not that complex, but it does work to reduce air-born dust.
    I am not sure how fine the particles are that get trapped, but in terms of actual dust in the air ... It really works. In fact, it works so well that the front intake screen has gotten covered with a visible layer of brown dust (which I wipe off).

    I never noticed my house being all that 'dusty' ... but given the amount of dust collected in the filter and on the front of the unit, I am sure it is working and doing a lot for my home....more info
  • This item is discontinued!
    Don't get me wrong, this item is a great help (i've had it for 2 yrs now). BUT.....it is discontinued, and so are the filters. I now had to buy another air purifier. This time I bought one with no replaceable air filter so that this problem won't happen again!...more info
  • Great for sleeping
    I bought this product to make my apartment a bit less dusty. It seems to be working well for that purpose. It is also great to have on while you are sleeping if you like white noise....more info
  • So far so good!
    Have had it for a few weeks... no problems so far! Not too loud or anything. I like it and am happy with the purchase....more info
  • Great for the price
    My wife and I both like sleeping with some small amount of background noise. We used to use a small fan, but with allergies this tended to circulate a lot of dust which wasn't always ideal. While this air purifier isn't the quitest on the market, if that's what is most important to you, it fit the bill nicely for us and gave us the gentle humming sound we were looking for. It's a little less noisy than the small fan we used to use, but we adjusted to it. While I would recommend looking at something a little more powerful for a larger room, I was pleaseantly surprised with how well it filtered the air in our bedroom and it has helped both of our allergy problems tremendously. I'd definately give this one a thumbs up for the price. ...more info
    Yes, we did very much like this air cleaner -- when it was still usable. But our 04381, and yours, was 'bricked' by its own manufacturer, Hamilton Beach, when it decided many months ago to stop making replacement filters for the 04381. Worse yet, it continues to distribute the TrueAir 04381 to wholesalers at bargain basement prices. The wholesalers supply them to retail sellers like Amazon, who are cynical enough to drop their price on the 04381 a few bucks in the hope of selling out their remaining inventory before word gets out.

    Shame on you, Hamilton Beach. You too, Amazon....more info
  • Excellent air cleaner
    Great air cleaner I use it in two rooms and it does a great job especially getting rid of cigarette smoke! A terrific air cleaner but it is a little noisy for the bedroom...more info
  • Excellent filter for the price!
    I had been looking for air filters for about 3 months before deciding on this on. There are a lot of expenseive options out there - but this one does the trick for an excellent value! I bought four - two for bedrooms at home and two for work. Very happy with performance, affordability, and convenient size. Very low noise on low - is louder on high....more info
  • Does the Job
    I ordered two of the TrueAir 04381 Air Cleaners recently. They arrived this week. One of them is in the family room. I dust and vacuum my home regularly but we still needed some extra assistance in our master bedroom and family room. The dust particles could be seen in the late afternoon when the sun beamed through the family room windows. The family room is a large room but I put another Fabreze wall mount air cleaner in another area of the space in addition to the True Air cleaner. That seems to be all that's needed. We have two other UV air cleaners in the house which were more expensive. The two True Air cleaners have done the **best** immediate job of cleaning the air. They are very reasonably priced even with the filter replacements. I will follow the guidelines which recommend changing out the filters every three months. The effort and expense is worth every cent in minimizing colds, flu, and other bacterial menaces. If I find some problem with these after a few months, I will return to this review and report the problems. So far, we're finding these two items really do the job and we're very happy with the product....more info
    This product is awesome. We have multiple housecats and household members with dust and cat allergies. We own three of these units and they are great in smaller rooms. We swear by them...HOWEVER...as of now (January 2009) we can no longer easily find filters. Online wholesalers selling reasonably are selling out, the average cost of $12 for a single filter is climbing to $20 to $30 a piece, and Hamilton Beach has made 2 versions of this purifier since this one originally came out. I would advise anyone shopping for one of these to pass up the cheap cost and go for the newest version of the same product by Hamilton Beach because this will end up being a waste of money in the end. I am getting ready to have to buy all new units I am afraid. I will stick with the same simple model and company but I am very disappointed about this filter situation....more info
  • Great for allergies! Small and portable.
    Got this for my mother that has been experiencing post-nasal drip and sneezing/coughing for weeks. Within a few days, no more! Small, easy for her to handle and carry from room to room (will have to buy her a second one). Mom says it's near to perfectly quiet, but says the small amount of noise is worth it for the way that she's feeling. Will have to get one for my own allergies as well!...more info
  • Quiet, efficient
    I own several air purifiers (I live in Florida and my entire family has allergies - particularly to mold). This model is very inexpensive but runs well. The various speeds are great if you want the room more quiet or if you prefer white noise. When we go out of town we usually turn it off to save money and I can tell the air in the room smells different and I am more prone to allergies without it. We've had it for 1 year and no problems so far. ...more info
  • nice little bookshelf-sized unit
    This is an efficient little unit. It is skinny and short, unlike most air cleaners, so it fits anywhere without being all bulky looking (although you do have to keep air flowing freely around it, so not ACTUALLY on a bookshelf).
    Just checked the filter and it is definately catching many little particles. There is no "ionizing" or "blue light", which I didn't feel the need for. It's just a fan that pulls air through a very fine filter and cleans all the funky particulates that accumulate in your house when you button up for the winter. It's not on all the time, I move it from room to room when one area seems to be getting "hazy" and let it run for the day and there is a noticeable decrease in runny noses around here. Good price, too....more info
  • Good for small areas
    I purchased the Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04381 because a) the price was reasonable and b) I've had good experience with another TrueAir product at home with my asthmatic daughter.

    My employer didn't just hire a new finance manager, he hired a more than casual smoker complete with the lingering cigarette smell that goes envelopes him, his clothes, and with pretty much everything he comes into contact. It's somewhat exaggerated, I'm sure, because our office had been virtually smoke free prior to his arrival. After a week of the stale, smoky air, though, I couldn't take it anymore and I started researching air cleaners and came across this one. While it doesn't do much for the common areas (nor is it intended to), it does keep the air in my own office noticeably cleaner and fresher. I thought I was going to have to get an ionizer-type to achieve that result, but I'm thankful that this one is doing the job. Again, it's not doing much for the rest of the office, but for my 120-150 square foot office (which is enclosed other than for the door), it does what I need it to do.
    ...more info
  • Allergy relief
    My husband has been having bad allergy & sinus problems. We believe they are caused by our 3 cats. So.. I purchased this item for our bedroom in hopes it might give him some relief from coughing & wheezing during the night. It started to help after the first night. Within the week no more wheezing & he is able to sleep through the night. I run it on high all day & then turn it down to med. or low during the evening. On high it sounds like a jet will be landing @ any moment but, on low it only makes a mild humming noise. We've been able to sleep w/no problem w/it on low. The fan does make it a little chilly if your the one sleeping closest to it. I'm looking to add a few more to other rooms since their so small. Lucky for my cats we found something that worked!! ...more info
  • Price
    I have not used this unit yet, but the price on here.. the listing for 79.99 but cut to about 53.00 isnt a savings. I dont know how it is a list price of 79.99, when Hamilton Beach sells it for 39.99. You can buy their "better" model, True Air? Glow Allergen Reducer model 04385, for 79.99 on here and from Hamilton Beach. ...more info
  • I am new to air purifier
    It was the first time I buy an airpurifier. It was super easy to setup/get started. I have been using it in the bedroom and I admit I did feel a change in the quality of air I breath. Is it that drastic, I would say not, but I enjoy that fact. The one good use I put it to -
    My wife travelled with her clothes and some spices in the bag. when she took out the spices they strongly smelled. I put the hampton in the closet for about 8 hrs and closed the closet. The clothing all smelled fresh and "spice-free". I was pretty happy with that.
    I give it 4 cuz I wasnt sure what to expect; it didnt change my life to give it 5 but no flows so far :-)...more info
  • Air Cleaner Works Well
    I bought this item for my daughter. She and her husband live in a small house and both smoke. The room would fill up with smoke with no where to go. After plugging this unit in it cleared the air. It is quite on the low speed and a little more noisey on the other speeds. It does do what it claims. The price is right for what it does. I would recommend this for any one who is on a buget and would like to have cleaner air to breath. The other good part is when you have to replace the filter it is not very expensive. Unless you consider $12.00 to expensive. Very nice product. Small so it fits almost any where. On a counter or in the corner of a room it does a great job! ...more info
  • A Great Little Purifier
    This air cleaner has been used to reduce/eliminate pollen in one bedroom and cigarette smoke in another. They work great!!! Good bang for the buck. Highly recommended....more info
  • Super vendor
    This vendor delivers in record speed. I didn't have to worry about how long. It was pleasure dealing with this vendor....more info
  • Great compact air filter
    I recently ordered this air filter and i must say that i am completely happy with my purchase. I have owned several older air purifiers for quite some time; this is the best out of all that i have owned this far. It is small, effective, quiet, and really moves a decent bit of air for its size! Also has an effective HEPA filter, which has helped calm my allergies down this time of year.

    Some people complained out this being loud, i do not think it is that loud at all, even on the highest setting. On the low setting, you literally can't even hear it. Having owned several other models this one hands down is the quietest i have owned.

    I also like the size of this unit, it is very compact and does a great job at pushing air for how small it actually is.

    The icing on the cake is the operating cost of this unit, it is very efficient and replacement filters are only $15. I don't think there is any other filter that offers the quality and value that this unit offers. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering buying an air purifier. ...more info
  • Great Air Cleaner but...
    This Air Cleaner works great for small rooms (15X15 or so) even with smokers.
    On Low it is so quiet you don't even notice it. I have been using it for years and it works great. It's not HEPA though.

    Only problem is the filter cost. Kinda expensive (about $10-12 each) and they only last about a month. So your looking at about $40 for a 3 month supply. Now the filters are really hard to find for this guy, so better off looking for something different.
    Too bad because this thing worked pretty good.
    ...more info
  • small, cheap, effective
    I live in a studio apartment with two cats and a cruel cat allergy. Before going to bed I turn it on to low by my bedside and I never have allergy attacks.
    It gets a little louder when it's on high but not more than the AC. ...more info
  • Air Filter Stops Snoring Immediately!
    My boyfriend snores really loudly. The night we got the air filter he stopped snoring. We keep it on the medium setting and it cools the room like an air conditioner as well as cleaning the air. The high setting can be a little loud...more info
  • Works well
    I use this in my room when i am in there with the door shut. I stay up late recording music and keep this on during that and while sleeping. It helps me to sleep better and I don't wake up with irritated eyes and nose and throat from allergies. Im glad I went with this and not a $200+ machine....more info
  • great
    This product definitely helped with the smoke odor but did not eliminate it. It also gives off somewhat of a smell....more info
  • Great Investment
    I had no interest in an air purifier until my wife went on bedrest with her pregnancy. We let it run on medium all day and night and withing 2 days there was a noticable diffence in the air quality in the room. No more coughing and hacking in the morning and the air just feels cleaner in general. I would have a hard time believing there is a better air purifier out there for under $50. Absolutely works as advertised!...more info
  • Hamilton-Beach air cleaner
    Seems to work fine, runs quietly. Not sure how it works at eliminating odors, I got it mostly for my neighbor, as I'm a smoker and he isn't. It is small and quiet enough that I have it on my pc table while working. ...more info
  • Replacement Filters No Longer Available!!!
    These WERE great air cleaners. I purchased 6 of them on March 23, 2008 for a charity along with 18 replacement filters. Little did I know, those would be all the filters we'd ever get.

    I tried to order a number of replacement filters about a week ago right here on Amazon, and after they didn't show up I inquired as to their whereabouts. I was informed that the vendor checked with Hamilton Beach and they are no longer producing the replacement filters.

    So, I would highly NOT recommend purchasing one of these unless you only intend to use it for 120 days and then throw it away.

    Have a nice day....more info
  • Kept My Apartment From Burning Down
    I bought this unit in December and regularly use it overnight in my bedroom with the door closed. On two occasions, it helped alert me that our natural gas was leaking. I live in an old 1940s apartment with a conventional gas stove with two pilot lights, and it's not unusual for the pilot lights to go out. However, it's not easy to notice the natural gas smell if you've been inside for a long time getting used to the smell.

    So one morning I wake up, and when I walk out of my bedroom, I smell a STRONG natural gas smell because both pilot lights were out overnight, allowing natural gas to leak throughout our apartment. My roommate noticed the smell, too, although he didn't have an air purifier in his room. Two days later, ONE of the pilot lights goes out overnight and I notice the smell again, but it's not as strong this time. My roommate without the air purifier DID NOT notice the smell. My bedroom was the safe haven that helped me distinguish clean air from toxic air.

    This is a very handy, small, and not-too-noisy unit. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it, and besides filtering out natural gas, I have noticed a difference in filtering out dust, etc, in my old dusty apartment.

    It is true that this unit is discontinued, so stock up on replacement filters while you can. Filters are available on amazon: Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04712 Allergen Reducing Filter. When I purchased this unit in December 2008, I could tell it was about to be discontinued, so I bought five extra filters. They recommend that you replace them every 4-6 months, but that's probably only if you leave it on max power 24/7. Use your own judgement. I don't have it on all the time, and when I do run it, it's on medium or low. I don't expect to replace the filters but once every 1-2 years. That means this will last me 5-6 years with the extra filters I stocked up on. There are also plenty of other air purifiers out there that probably work just as well....more info
  • Great! =)
    I was starting to have headaches in our new place because there isn't much circulation. Even my cat seemed a little under the weather. After using this for one day, my headaches went away and my cat was a lot more energetic. This is a great product and my husband and I are thankful to have something that will help clean up the air without having to open the window in this freezing weather. ...more info
  • I could go on and on about how great this is!
    First and foremost, this machine has changed my life. I only use this machine in my bedroom and only operate it at night. In the months that I have owned it, I never wake up with a sore lump in my throat anymore. I never wake up with a stuffy nose. These two things alone would be reason enough to recommend this.

    But, the mackdaddy of all reasons is that this machine (while relatively quiet on medium setting) makes it so that I cannot hear my neighbor's dog barking. This has really changed my life! I would have never imagined that I could be this free from the terrorism that was my neighbor's dog barking when I was trying to sleep. There was nothing we could do about it because it was intermittent and the neighbors are never home to silence the dog until late at night. These neighbors are psycho as well and best left to avoid communication altogether.

    Now, I even feel fond thoughts toward the dog that I used to lay awake red-eyed, wishing it would keel over. I bought an extra air purifier, just in case mine dies. That is how much I recommend this product.

    This thing works for snoring, too! I do not sleep in the same bedroom as my husband because he snores. Now, when we have guests that need my bed, I gladly cough it up and go sleep in the bed with my husband because when I crank this thing on high, I can barely hear a thing! WONDERFUL!

    By the way, I only have to change my filter every 4-5 months since I don't operate it that much and I buy mine at Target's brick and mortar store....more info
  • Great inexpensive little air purifier, keeps neighbors' smoke away!
    I ordered this air purifier last week after I got fed up with my neighbors' cigarette smoke seeping into my apartment. I've parked it right on a chair by the door and have been surprised and pleased at the results I've gotten from what is quite an inexpensive model. Last week I could smell the smoke almost through my whole apartment, and now I barely get the tiniest whiff only right next to the front door. (The filter definitely shows what it's picking up too ... I'm gonna have to get a replacement filter in there sooner than the recommended four months, I think!) The fan sound isn't too loud either ... barely detectable on low, and just a bit of nice white noise when on medium. Definitely would recommend, especially when you compare with the much pricier ionic purifiers and such.

    To the reviewer below who says he can't find replacement filters: It looks like filters that fit this air purifier are now being made by Febreze, and marketed in conjunction with this and the other Hamilton Beach TrueAir models. I checked directly on the Hamilton Beach website and it has them for sale for what seems to be a very reasonable price. Obviously I haven't ordered them yet and therefore don't know whether this is the exact same filter, but the box pictured on the site says they do fit this model. I hope that is the case.

    As you can see by my lengthy review, I am VERY relieved that this air purifier has done the trick in making my "pollution" problem bearable. Don't smoke, kids; it's bad for you AND annoys the neighbors! ;-)...more info
  • Love, Love, Love this item!
    I got a new kitten for Christmas, that I just love, but found that I was having issues with itchy eyes and some sneezing when he slept in the room with me. I wanted something small and not over the top in price for my bedroom that would help. This Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen Reducer/Cleaner did just the trick and is a great price too.

    Great buy for the money and did the trick for me! My cat is happy too that he didn't lose his sleeping place in the bedroom. :)...more info
  • Only if you don't mind using a filter for 1-2 years
    4 stars if you don't mind using a filter for 1-2 years, 1 star if you want to change the filter every 4 months as "recommended". Since my room is not that dusty, I will use a filter for up to 2 years--at a cost of reduce air flow (maybe 10-30% less air flow) and perhaps reduced cleaning. From my experience and research on using air filter for my furnace, if anything the dust removal capability improves upon usage--but the airflow decreases so that you need to change the filter. I have 2 of these air cleaner--one for my bedroom (occasionally moved to the den also) and one for my office, and my nose is much less stuffy than before. So far, I've used it for 6 months and it's still working well. I don't intend to open my windows much so that dust will not get in. Even though I managed to buy one spare filter, nowadays filters are hard to get and cost (with shipping) almost as much as the air cleaner itself--hope someone come out with replacement filter soon--but the demand is probably not there. ...more info
  • I should have given it 1 star originally...what a waste of Money!!
    EDIT: I wrote this review a 2 months ago before I found out that the filters are no longer being made. How can anyone on Amazon sell this product in good conscience when it's useless without a filter, and the filters are no longer being made??????? BUYER BEWARE!!! (It's a shame, too, because this unit really works and is affordable to many of us who don't have the money to shell out hundreds of dollars for other brands.)If you buy this unit, be prepared that you will have to throw it away in a month, maybe 2 if your air isn't that dirty.

    PROS: Affordable, begins working immediately, you can see how much it works when you remove the filter

    CONS: blows cold air...which is OK except when it's -17F degrees outside (yes, I said 17 below zero!!) and the bedroom is cold!

    I was very pleased when I purchased this unit. After 30 days, the filter went from white to dark grey...and that told me that it took a lot of impurities from the air (and also that I needed to change the filter more often!!). My son no longer has nighttime asthma....since getting this filter and getting him on the right allergy medication, he now sleeps through the night with no coughing at all. I know it is a combination of the two (this unit plus Singulaire) because when we turned the unit off during an especially cold spell of below zero temps because it was making our son's bedroom too cold, he began wheezing and coughing again on the third night. We turned the unit back on and by the second night of running it, he was back to no coughing.

    My biggest complaint (and the reason I gave it only 3 stars) is that the filters appear to be very difficult to find. In the past week I have been on over 10 websites (including Hamilton Beach's website and the true air website) and no one has this filter in stock! We have not been able to use our unit for several days now, and no one can tell us when they will be back in stock. That is very disappointing. In the meanwhile, I have purchased another air purifier that doesn't require a filter to use in my son's room until the filters are available again, and this unit will be moved to another room when the filters are back in stock....more info
  • Finally able to sleep good at night
    I purchased this product after I started to get allergies in Texas. Sneezing, congestion, itchy and irritated eyes... and the list goes on further. I ran the unit at high setting during the daytime and medium at night while I was sleeping. After about a week I could finally wake up in the morning feeling rested and without the need to take a million allergy medicines. Now I just run it at medium at night and low during the day continuously and it's been doing a great job of keeping the dust level in the room low.
    It is a little noisy though at medium setting, which is ideal for me since I like some ambient noise. High setting is way too loud though. I only use this setting while I am not home....more info
  • Seems to work well for me....
    I've had the air cleaner system for a few weeks now at first I didn't think it was working but as time has gone by its definitely been picking up the allergens/dust in the air. I have two dogs and knowing that someone can come in my house and not have to deal with all the fun things they bring into the house from outside is wonderful! I really enjoy the product and would recommend it to others for us. ...more info


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