Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04712 Allergen Reducing Filter

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Product Description

Replacement filter for 210 square foot room , model 04381 Allergen air cleaner. Effective at capturing dust. Dust mite debris, mold spores, pollen, smoke&pet dander

  • Lasts up to 120 days
  • Fits model 04381 air cleaner
  • Easy snap in design

Customer Reviews:

    I have 6 hamilton beach truair purifiers and have been looking for the filters 4 EVER! I finally found them and I want to share this with everyone! (I just orderd 4!)


    Don't throw away your hamilton beach truair just yet like I almost did. BUY THE FILTERS!!! you can now find them woooo hooo :)

    *edit* I can't believe they took the link out. do u know how many people need this information? Do you know how many people like me looked for months to find replacement filters? Nevertheless pm me for the name of the business. OR just google a company called filters-now.com they have a drop down menu labeled room air cleaner filters. Select hamilton beach and PRESTO you will find your MUCH needed filters!!

    btw the filters are ONLY 12.99!! ...more info
  • What happened to the price?
    I've ordered this same filter many times and was usually really pleased with both the performance and the price. However, I had problems with this last order for two reasons: 1. It was almost double what I have paid in the past. Why? The only thing I can figure out is that these were hard to get this winter and this company saw a huge need with little supply so they took full advantage of the situation. Number 2. After I paid this outrageous price ONLY because my daughter has mild allergies and really needs her purifier, I was disappointed to find that this particular filter did NOT perform nearly as well as my past orders. A good way to tell if your air cleaner is cleaning is to dust before hand and see how much dust you have in the next few days. Previously, it took about 3/4 weeks to see dust on the television screen. With this order, there was dust within a week. I won't order from this particular seller again....more info
  • Clean Air!
    The filter and the system work very well for me. I find the H-B model 04381 a very quiet unit, and it runs 24/7 (on low) in my bedroom. Here is a hint, for those who would like near-HEPA performance: Fabricate & install a charcoal pre-filter when installing a new main filter. You can get these at Sears or other places that sell home air filters & supplies: Honeywell Universal Replacement Pre-filter #38002. Cut a piece to size, tape it to the new filter on the air inlet side. Secure it well all around the edges. I like that new blue masking tape, it works really well and does not dry out (at least when it is not exposed to excessive heat or sunlight).

    As a bonus, you get an automatic change indicator: When the black charcoal pre-filter turns grey, it is time for a replacement....more info
  • Too expensive if you smoke
    I bought the air filter for my smoking, to clean the air.
    I figured it would at least last 2 months. But it only lasts for about a month and at $12.00 a piece, it gets expensive to keep replacing the filters.
    These are smaller, maybe 4X4 filters and I think they are over priced especially since they don't last longer.
    They should be priced lower but I suppose they were made for non smokers....more info
  • Does the Job
    Filter does a good job for a small space. It does not do the job overnight but with extended use has cleared our bedroom of a musty smell. ...more info
  • no more filters
    Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04712 Allergen Reducing Filter

    can't get any filtrs for this unit so don't buy one! I have even called 3M/filtrete and still not luck on getting a response back as of yet....more info
  • Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen Reducing Filter
    I use the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Filter in the same room I have my cat's litter box and it has helped tremdously with the pet dander and the odors from the litter box. It is a little noisy; however you get use to the sound and surprisingly it doesn't scare the cat. I would recommend it if you are looking for an inexpensive air filter system. ...more info
  • Does the job!
    This filter does work. The proof is in the pudding. When I went to change the filter in my bedroom it was gray! I have one big dog and 2 bengal cats. It helps. I can breathe in my room again.. hooray!...more info
  • work fine, little cheaper than wal mart
    When I ordered it, this product had special option (promotion)

    4-for-3 promotion. so I got little cheaper than regular prize

    and wal mart sell more expensive than amazon. and Amazon I don't need to

    pay tax.

    and it work fine. I ordered it two, one was for me and one was for

    my roommate. we both satisfied quility of filter...more info
  • filter replacement
    this was simply a filter replacement - at least it should have been simple - first vendor (who I have used before) took forever and then either they or Amazon cancelled the order - this second vendor shipped it right out - I'm a big believer in these Hamilton Beach HEPA air cleaners - 1 at home, 1 in my wife's office and 1 at my in-laws - really does a great job of cutting down on the symptoms of allergies (runny nose, sniffling, sneezing) immediately after turning it on several years ago I felt a difference and have hardly had any symptoms at all ever since...more info
  • Works great, not for long.
    We have used the True Air filtration system for about a year now. When the filters are new and the machine is clean, it is truly amazing how well it works. It completely removes all the allergens from the air that make me sniffly and sad. Sadly, the filters get dirty very quickly. We do have four cats and a smoker in the house though. The system is worth the money on filters if you can find them on sale, or one of the many buy three get one free sales Amazon has. We go through about one every three months. ...more info
  • Good worker
    A nice filter, I am not thrilled with the price, but the filter can be vacuumed when it get full. This is cheaper at Target....more info
  • HAMITON BEACH True Air Filters
    the filters are bout 6" x 6" give or take made out of card board and only last 4 months , if you have heavy smokers in the house like i do ,
    i would go as big as you can, i still open my door , just to clean the air
    yes i would recommend....more info
  • Great until refill
    Mine sits next to my mother's chair (stroke victim) she smokes about 6-7 cigs a day, its only on when she smokes. Worked great on medium with original filter, but quite stinky with this limited use in about 2 months.
    Never worked the same when replaced the filter. Doesn't seem to be any front or back on them (both filters I've had are unmarked). Purchased authentic 3M replacement from Amazon for $12+, now I have to have on high all of the time whem my mother smokes (still only time used) and still not as effective as originally. Starting to smell after only a month with less smoking then before. Any suggestions? I really liked it originally for my limited use and felt I was protecting my own health (non-smoker)....more info
  • Thank you amazon
    I CANT FIND THESE ANYWHERE. The unit itself is good for only small rooms. This little filter DOES get everything in the air though. EVEN SOOT FROM BURNING CANDLES!...more info
  • Confused about the price
    I bought these a few months ago and they were around $11.00. Now they're $29.00? It's cheaper to buy a who new unit which is priced around $33.00.

    I like this air purifier by the way. I have 2 of them and they do the job. The filters only seem to last a month or so in my house though. They get very dirty quickly. I would like to get affordable replacements. That is the only downside. I looked on the internet and most places are out of stock of these. It makes me wonder if they're being discontinued....more info
  • Cleans the air
    This filter works really well in that it really does clean the air. After a month or 2 months of using this filter, it is turning gray. You can see that it is capturing the dust in the air. The only drawback is that you have to keep buying and replacing the filter as they get dirtier through the months. This can start adding up. However, after seeing how much dust it collects, it is worth the investment.

    I do notice a slight smell as another reviewer mentioned, but I do not find the smell to be horrible or sickening. It just has a unique smell that eventually goes away.

    The filter is easy to install and easy to dispose of. ...more info
  • It's amazing!
    Not much to say, it's a replacement filter. It's easy to replace and it traps a lot of cat hair....more info
  • Worth the money
    I have two of these in my home and they really help to cut down on smells and dander from our two cats. And the filters are inexpensive enough to be able to change regularly....more info
  • got allergies get this filter
    if you got the Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04381 Allergen Reducer Air Cleaner this filter is a must have.. get as many as you can.....more info
  • surprised how well it works ...
    I was surprised how well the True Air 04381 air cleaner
    work, using this 04712 Filter, considering it's not even
    a HEPA filter. I notice the fresh air in a newly remodeled,
    dusty, fumey (new paint, new carpet) room after turning this on.
    After just 1 month of use in a small room, the filter is already
    light grey - so it's working!...more info


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