Nordic Ware Microwave Vegetable and Seafood Steamer 11 Inch by 8.6 Inch

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Product Description

From NordicWare comes this Vegetable/ Seafood Steamer - part of their Microwave Cookware line. Vegetable/ Seafood Steamer The Vegetable/ Seafood Steamer has a lid with a steam release vent. The removable trivet raises food for steaming vegetables. Gemstone is more efficient in transmitting microwave energy to the food than most glass or ceramic ware. This means even cooking and baking less stirring and rotating and fewer hot and cold spots. This durable and chip proof pan will never melt or warp and is designed for freezer to oven to table to dishwasher use. This Vegetable/ Seafood Steamer is a versatile addition to any kitchen. NordicWare is committed to providing superior products and services for commercial bakeries restaurants food service suppliers hotel chains industrial coating application and consumer houseware products. Our business is firmly rooted in the trust dedication and talent of our many employee's and customers. Founded in 1946 NordicWare has been providing long-lasting quality kitchenware products and services for over 50 years. Perhaps we are best known for creating the original Bundt Pan. Today there are over 45 million Bundt pans in homes across America.

  • Lid features steam-release vent
  • Base included removable tray for steaming vegetables
  • Unbreakable; freezer to oven to table use
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • microwave steamer
    I bought this steamer to steam vegetable for my diet. It works wonderfully, and I have already used it a lot. I have not had any problems with it and will try and use it on fish soon. Thanks for great product....more info
  • Great Product!
    This is a great product! Works very well. I have steamed veggies until my heart's content :) Very easy way to get more veggies in your diet if you lead a fast paced lifestyle like I do....more info
  • Better for your body
    I've heard that steaming vegetables is much better for you than cooking them otherwise. This does a great job at it. It makes vegetables taste great, and works well. Easy to clean....more info
  • good buy, check ur microwave size
    This product works great steaming veggies, I had to optimize timings. Broccolli takes around 5 mins, while potatoes take 12.00. please check ur microwave dimensions before buying it. Fits into larger microwave. No trouble so far after 6 mths...more info
  • great steamer
    this is the best steamer i have ever used. Very easy clean up. Holds up to 3lbs. of asaragus. works great, can't live without it. this is my second one...more info
  • Very Satisfied!
    Prior to buying this I was steaming fish and vegetables in a steamer over a pan on my electic stovetop. So far, I have used it to steam brocolli, asparagus, and tilapia fillets. Everything has come out very well. Its much quicker than my old system since the microwave cooks at the same time as things are steaming and it uses less water and heats it more quickly than a pan on the stove. Total cooking time is 5 to 6 minutes for vegetables and less than 10 minutes for most fish fillets....more info
  • Cooking 4/2 hot item
    The Nordic Micro Steamer is a fish lovers dream. This product produces a moist flaky texture to your Salmon, Sea Bass, excellent for Cod. Saves time, easy cleanup, and gives beautiful taste to fish. Two Salmon filets cook up in no time. You can add lemon juice to the small about of water and it enhance the taste experience. Good product for people who are busy and have a limited amount of time to prepare fresh healthy foods....more info
  • Fantastic For Fish
    I initially purchased the steamer for the use of steaming trout. WOW!!! It was wonderful. I was really disappointed that the steamer didn't come with suggestive cooking times. One trout fillet took about 5 - 6 minutes on high in a newer microwave. Haven't used it for veggies yet, but if its steams trout this well, then veggies shouldn't be a problem. Price was reasonable compared to the steamer bags....more info
  • Nordic Ware Vegy/Seafood Steamer
    BUY THIS! Not found in my local stores. Cooks a batch of spuds in 8 min., no spills or oven clean up. Have high hopes that it will be the "secret weapon" for asparagus and sweetcorn when my crop comes in. My micro wave is a Panosonic, 1100 watt, turntable unit. Probably a 'lil cheaper at a W.mart if you can find it....more info


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