Hoover U6616-900 WindTunnel Self Propelled Bagless Upright

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Product Description

Patented WindTunnel technology that picks up more dirt than any other upright. Pet hair cleaning tool. Powerful WindTunnel technology and rotating brushes easily remove pet hair and dirt from stairs and upholstery. Embedded Dirt Finder sensing technology

Vacuuming becomes a pleasure, not a chore, with this self-propelled bagless upright. A special switch activates the self-propel function, allowing the vacuum to glide with little effort over floors and carpet. The function may be switched off for greater control in tight spaces, such as under tables or chairs. A separate but stored-on-board power hand tool is perfect for cleaning carpeted stairs and upholstery; it simply attaches to the vacuum hose, which stretches to five times its length and gains further reach with the included extension wands (an additional 20-foot hose can be purchased separately). Other tools include a dusting brush for books, lamps, and blinds; a furniture nozzle for upholstered furniture, drapes, clothing, and automobile interiors; and a crevice wand for edges along baseboards, dressers, and between sofa cushions. The height of the cleaner can be adjusted for use on both thick carpet and wood or linoleum floors, and a headlamp illuminates dark areas under furniture and in closets.

Dust and dirt are suctioned up thoroughly with this powerful12-amp vacuum. The patented WindTunnel technology with dual air stream and special ducts ensures that particles aren't sent back out onto the floor but are captured by three filters. The pre-filter screens larger particles, the HEPA cartridge traps tiny particles of allergens such as dust mites, grass pollen, and ragweed, and the final filter assists in returning clean air to the room. The pre-filter and HEPA cartridge can be removed for periodic cleaning, though the HEPA will need to be replaced every three years or so. To empty the dirt cup, simply remove, shake contents into a trash bin, and press back into place. A one-year warranty covers the vacuum against defects.

  • Self-propelled vacuum maneuvers nearly effortlessly
  • WindTunnel technology provides exceptional cleaning
  • Onboard power hand tool cleans carpeted stairs and upholstery
  • HEPA filter traps more than 99% of dust mites, ragweed, and grass pollen
  • Enhanced twin-chamber bagless system has “No Touch” filter cleaning
Customer Reviews:
  • Save yourself the money and the agony!!!
    I owned the same Hoover vacuum for more than 20 years when I decided to retire it and purchase another Hoover . What a mistake!!! This vacuum has to be the worst piece of garbage I've ever owned. After just a month of use the problems began. I only have 3 rooms to vacuum. I vacuum them once a week. This thing has excellent/outstanding suction. It's automatic rotating brushes and power drive just can't perform well enough to handle the suction. So, this thing grabs the carpet and the brushes stop spinning and it starts squealing and smelling of burnt rubber, while you try to yank it loose. We have 90 ounce carpet in 2 rooms and 50 ounce in the other. It does the same grabbing, squealing and smelling to both carpets. It doesn't do any good to raise or lower the carpet height adjustment to alleviate the problem. The brushes are supposed to spin along with the suction, but just lift up on the handle 1" and they stop spinning and nothing gets picked up. I put up with the poor performance, the squealing, the smelly burnt rubber and the frustration for 6 months. Finally, I called the nearest Hoover repair and they said it was the power drive. So, I took it in and waited 3 months for it to be repaired. Now, it's almost a year and the warranty is just about up and I finally get it back. It worked fairly well for that last month of the warranty. And, you guessed it, it's back to the same burning rubber, squealing and the brushes doing nothing. I'm really glad I kept my 20+ year old Hoover because this garbage heap is heavy, noisy, smelly and a REAL pain in the back! I could get the carpets cleaner with a $20 Hokie! ...more info
  • ***Horrible DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!
    I am so irritated with this vacuum. It only worked well the first time I used it. After that it was one problem after another. Every part on this vacuum has broken, and now it wont work at all and its only a year old. I am so mad after researching and spending the money, now I have to find another vacuum. Whatever you do DON'T BUY THIS ONE!!!...more info
  • Works well, but breaks even better!
    I have had 2 of these machines in the last 2 years. The first one lasted about 18 months and then the plastic handle latch lug that holds the handle upright broke and the self propelled feature stopped functioning. The latch could not be repaired without replacing the entire top cover, and I do not know what would be entailed in fixing the propelling system. Anyway I went out and got another one on sale. That one lasted 7 weeks when the brush roller became impossible to engage, and the rug/floor & height adjusters also stopped working. I think more plastic parts on the top housing were to blame. They were OK while they functioned correctly, but the durability is the worst that I have ever seen recently, except for model airplanes from China. However the planes are cheap with cheap components, while the Hoovers suffer from bad design flaws. Not really inexpensive either, unless compared to Kirbys and Dysons and other similar products that to me seem overpriced
    So what did I do? I went out and bought a new Eureka Capture+. the differences are relatively minor except the Eureka has a cute "duster" acessory, is bagless and runs more quietly. It also seems to work better on bare floors, which is about 40% of my 2100 sq. ft.
    Why did I choose Eureka? Because the premier consumer magazine rated them as the most reliable/least repaired of all the brands that were evaluated, except for one of the "overpriced" two already mentioned. For you Dyson die-hards: No it is not your favorite, and my daughter's Dyson has had reliability problems too. Too much cheap plastic!
    I'll see how I feel about it in 5 years (I hope). Five days is not long enough for a fair evaluation.
    I have owned 3 Hoovers. 1 Sanyo, 2 Sharps, 1 Oreck over the last twenty years, and I did have a Kirby that I bought in 1970 that lasted over 10 years before that. I would pay twice as much for a Kirby (I am in a one story house) but not five to ten times as much as for an adequate vacuum....more info
  • Worst vacuum cleaner I've ever owned
    The belt comes off all the time. Sometimes I can use it for a few minutes, but most of the time, I can't even engage the brushes before it comes off. Sometimes it will rip the belt in the process. I'm on my third belt, and I don't use it very often.

    We went with this vacuum over a Dyson, because although we needed something really good, we didn't want to pay $600 for it. Big mistake. It doesn't even pick up hair as well as my old $100 vacuum cleaner.

    Stay away from this model. Just to be safe, stay away from Hoover altogether. The fact that this item made it through their quality assurance tests really says something about the company....more info
  • Does not run well, and messy too
    I have used this vacuum for over a year now. I consistently have trouble with the belts staying on. I cannot count the number of times I've had to unscrew the plate underneath and reattach the belts. If it even rolls over something uneven on the floor, the belt comes off and the beater brush stops moving.
    Also, although "bagless" sounded great, this vacuum is very, very messy to clean out. I have to take it outdoors and the dust goes everywhere.
    It also does not have a lot of sucking power through the attachments.
    I write this review today because the beater bar stopped turning and all belts are attached. I have taken this vacuum apart for the last time......more info
  • awful
    Changing the canister (which you have to do once for every large room) is a messy undertaking. Even if you're careful, dust and dirt slide out with the canister - dropping a mess onto the floor you just had to roll the Hoover WindTunnel over several times to get "clean." What a waste of money!...more info
  • Looking for a new vacuum...forget this one!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner less than a year ago and it has been in the repair shop more than it has been at my house. The belt has broken at least 4 or 5 times and the self-propel system keeps breaking down. When I took it in just last week to be repaired again, the repair shop owner pointed to the back room and said over half of the vacuums they repaired were this model.
    Actually, when the vacuum works, it does a decent job...although I don't think I would buy a bagless type again. Emptying the container creates a mess unto itself! So my recommendation is stay away from this Hoover model....more info
  • Great Product!
    This vacuum has tremendous power, and runs fairly quietly. The pet brush is excellent, and the flip lid on the Hepa filter chamber is great. I had an Empower prior to this model, and the flip top is a nice add-on.

    Smart looking vacuum, very happy with my purchase....more info
    I wish i could get my money back from this. I hate this vacuum for the following reasons:
    1. it is terrible at cleaning hard floors - no suction
    2. 'bagless' feature is losuy. it is filthy to change the cannister and you have to change it every other time you use it.
    3. it clogs too easily.
    4. it breaksdown frequently.
    5. there is no auto rewind for the cord.

    If there were fewer than 1 star, i would rate it a zero. I have a 20 year old panasonic (thank heavens i didnt throw it away) that does a better job, is easier to use and has a good old fashioned bag!!

    Run, dont walk away from this or anything else Hooover makes....more info
  • good for pet hair
    I read the reviews before I purchased. I did alot of research including using my Sisters. The other reviews were discouraging but have really liked the Hoover. We have always had Electrolux and I am very supprised at how much better this picks up. We have 2 long hair cats and a golden retriever so we have alot of pet hair.
    The Hoover is heavy, but with the self propelled you don't notice. When you go to put it away you just lean it back and wheel it in the closet. My only concern is with Hoover when you need repairs you have to take it to one of their locations, which are few. I am hoping that will not be an issue.
    I have been really amazed at how dirty our carpet must have been since it picks up so much more. It makes our carpet look much newer! ...more info
    I previously reviewed this product and had nothing but great things to say about it. My opinion has now changed, after owning it for a few months I have had nothing but problems. The first thing to break was the self propel. Then the on and off switch quit working, it just stays on, to turn it off you have to unplug it. Now, it keeps throwing the circuit breaker to my house when you plug it in(brand new house). It is still under warranty, but Hoover says that I have to take it in, and they will only pay the bill if it is their fault. I don't want to take the chance in what they preceive is their fault. This vacuum cleaner should be recalled, I can not imagine it is very safe if it will not even turn off. I just threw away alot of money, and now have to go buy a new vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Not up to expectations
    I bought this product in December 2004. After two months of use (about once a week) the on/off switch broke. Eventually after using it for a year (and trying to get Hoover to correct the problem), just before Christmas 2005 I got quite a fright when I started smelling smoke whilst using it. I discontinued the use of the product, and asked Hoover once again to please look at it. Their reply was that I should take it to one of their authorised shops, where they'll repair it, charge me. Then Hoover will see if it was in fact a factory error and only then refund me when they feel they're not in the wrong.

    Please. Don't waste your money on this product. It is defnitely not worth it. It is noisy, vacuums carpets well when used to work, but is unable to vacuum floors at all. (One of the options on it).

    Sorry, Hoover. But you have lost a loyal customer. (My whole family for 3 generations back has always bought Hoover, including myself...)...more info
  • This is a heavy piece of c***
    Don't buy it. It is way over-rated - Extremely heavy - NOISY - Cumbersom going from carpet to floor mode. No way to use it on steps safely. Belt broke in 2 months. Hepa filter- HAH! Emptying the dust bin is not beneficial to anyone, much less those with allergies. Dust flies all over. I HATE this thing....more info
  • Cleaning no more ...
    I purchased the Hoover U6616-900 Wind Tunnel Self Propelled Bagless Upright from Target 5 weeks ago. It had been working well until today. Now I have lost all suction. When I went to clean out the area listed in the directions, there is a piece of hard plastic that prevents the dirt from being taken into the machine. I have taken off all parts that could get me to a clog--no success. Anyone have any advice?? My son gets married on Saturday and this is NOT the week I need my vacuum to go out.

    Jan ...more info
  • Complete Waste of Money
    - Good Suction for the 5 weeks it worked.

    - EXTREMELY heavy -- if you have stairs, you'll need a yak to carry this behemoth up and down them. And, you'll have to plug it in and turn the motor on when you're moving it from the closet to the living room because without the self-propelled motor on, it is very difficult to push across carpet.
    - LOUD -- very nosiy. Forget putting the baby to sleep with this one. Buy Earplugs.
    - VERY POOR Workmanship -- The attachment connector broke right away and the brush stopped turning after 5 weeks.
    - DIRTY, DUSTY, UGLY: Emptying the "bagless" dustbin is just awful. Dust and dog hair everywhere -- particles so fine, they are still floating in the air an hour after empting the bin. The dust bin never really gets clean and even after just emptying it, the "see though" window makes your vacuum look disgusting all the time. I will not buy a bagless vacuum again.

    I returned it after it broke and got my money back. Consumer Reports picked a lemon....more info
  • Breaks easily. Expensive to repair. Buy something else!
    I bought this vacuum new and used it three times. For those three times, it worked like a dream. Never had the carpet been so clean. It even looked like a professional carpet cleaner had just visited.

    On the fourth use, the brush abruptly stopped rolling and the motor started smoking. It cost me over $100 to repair. Beware buying this vacuum; repair shop owners will laugh at you when you bring it in because they see so many of them with broken belts and motors. Ignore what consumer reports says on this one and most definitley do not throw your money away on this piece of junk. It would be cheaper and easier to have your carpets professionally cleaned. ...more info
  • best out there
    this is the best out there the self propelled feature is nice the atachment are very easy to use best vacuum out there i recomend this to anyone with a big home...more info
  • Bring Back the Bags
    This is a very powerful vacuum - it picks up virtually everything from the carpet. We had the old Wind Tunnel which although heavy and cumbersome, cleaned very well for 5 years. (It still works but overheats sometimes and automatically shuts off).
    We had this for one week and the belt just broke. The previous reviewer was right!
    Also this bagless system is just too much trouble. Every time you vacuum you need to empty it. Dust flies everywhere, it just defeats the purpose. The bag was a much cleaner system. Simple and convenient. With a household of six (five males) its got to be quick, clean and effective. I don't mind the weightlifting so much but what's the point of a HEPA filter if everytime you empty the canister dust flies everywhere....more info
  • Not worth $300.00
    Cleaning the filter,and the screen is a pain. Even though it is self-propelled it is still hard to push and pull.It is very heavy. I would not rate it the 1 vacuum. It does pick up good though. I am getting a dyson. ...more info
  • Maintance is not worth it!
    When we first received our vacuum we loved it. My mother has the Dyson and I could not push that because of how the suction is. The filter requires cleaning just about every time it's used or it becomes clogged and suction is reduced to that of a dust buster - and don't you dare get it wet. The belt design that drives the agitator is horrible. I've had the vacuum just over a three and I'm on my second belt. It becomes stretched quickly and they claim this is standard because you simply can't pick up anything more than dust with it! Hoover customer service basically stands behind the fact that this is a good vacuum - the top of the line for them and that the maintenance and the cost associated with that is normal. They did offer to send me new belts and Heppa Filter (the Filter is $45!). I have been kicking and screaming and even the repair shop that is certified by Hoover told me that they are always getting these in and the belt itself is a poor setup. A tip for all of you -- our reviews are wonderful -- but call a local repair shop before buying anything! I have never spent so much on maintenance on a vacuum in years - and this has been just 3 months!...more info
  • Looks like an info-mmercial
    Before we talk about abilities far beyond those of normal vacuums, I must say I read the reviews first. Most were positive with one or two clunkers. So I went to several stores and found the same animal for the same price. If I had bought it on-line I could have save tax.

    Eight years ago I had an-opportunity to use a similar Hoover loner while waiting for the fancy machine bought based on consumer reports. I should have dumped the other vacuum long ago. The old system picked up anything loose while the carpet got more gray hue over the years. I may say that we had a herd (pride) of gray cats.

    One thing we looked for was a machine with weight. I think one of the great failing of the last machine was giving up cleaning power for weight. If the vacuum is on the ground where it belongs how would you know if it is heavy or not? Of course having some kitten hanging on does not help.

    Out of the box this Hoover made clean stripes on the floor and I found out that the carpet is supposed to be white. Now I have to vacuum the other rooms before someone notices. We emptied the canister three times. The filter worked great there was no dust trying to escape to the next room. The canister easily empties. Even though it is self propelled It seems to work as well with or with out the feature.

    The only downside I can see is that the filters will cost as much as the bags would have costs.

    In the mean time if this vacuum lasts a year it will have paid for its self. Anything past that is fine with me.
    Update 20 MAY 05

    Well looks like I will have to eat my words. This thing was great while it lasted. The first 800 sq foot of carpet looks great compared to the rest of the house. However the Hoover went up in smoke. The manual says it has an over heat cut-off , but it over heated and all I could see was smoke. I had to air the house out. Taking the machine to the only authorized repair in the area 30 miles away, they laughed when they saw me coming in with the vacuumed. The said don't tell me it over heated. Yep and the motor fried $$$$$.

    I admitted that the house was extra dirty but that was no excuse. Their official stand is that the final filter was too dirty and it was my fault. I should not have relied on the heat cutoff and not let my filter get dirty. WHAT! Not let the filter get dirty. Yep if it gets dirty all warranties are off.

    The dealer said any fool that would buy a Hover that is now made by Maytag off shore deserves what I got.
    ...more info
  • Beware of Pet Hair!!!
    Warning!!! My vacuum motor just blew up!!! When I first bought this vacuum I wrote a raving review. But now I feel compelled to change my review. I spent a lot of money on this vacuum and it only lasted me 2 years!!! While vacuuming the other day and the motor just stopped working. I took it to be fixed and was told that the dive motor burned up and is unfixable! I was made aware this is a common problem with this "self propelled" machine and with pet owners. Although I do own a dog but she does not shed hair!!! I am very disappointed because until now I was very pleased with this vacuum. If anyone has any suggestions for an alternate vacuum, I am now in the market looking for another brand....more info
  • Consumer Reports Doesn't Lie
    I was all set to buy the Dyson, until I checked out Consumer Reports. The top rated vacuums are all "bag" vacuums, however I wanted a bagless. The Hoover was rated as one of the best bagless vacuums out there, and was given the highest rating ("Excellent") when it came to cleaning carpets (the Dyson received the third highest rating or "Good"). I have to say, my carpets have never looked cleaner, and the "edger" they have is great. We have a black pug, and his hair gets everywhere, including the area between the carpet and the floorboard, this thing sucks that hair right out. As for some of the cons, I'll try to speak to some of those. In terms of being heavy, I haven't really noticed. I'm sure if I were a 5'0", petite woman, it might be a little heavy, but since I'm a 6'4" man, it's not bad. Also, we live in an apartment, so there are no stairs to deal with. As for the canister being messy to empty... you have to be smarter than a clear plastic bucket to avoid getting dust everywhere. The canister on this is sooooo much easier to empty than my last vacuum (a Fantom Thunder). Even still, you are going to get a little dust cloud rising out of the garbage can....more info
    I have had this vaccum for 3 months now and it sucks down to the concrete foundation! just kidding

    Seriously, I bought several vacuums, eureka, dirt devil vision, hoover savvy and this one. I kept them for a week and saved the receipts intending to keep the best one. This one happened to be the most expensive and the best. Far and above better than the eureka and dirt devil.

    It has much more suction than the other brands as evidenced by the quantity of debris in the dust recepticle. I cannot understand the reviewers who complain about the quantity of dust and debris, it seems to me that would be what the vacuum is intended to do. I have a little long-haired dog and a kitty but you'd never know it as this vacuum sucks up any tell-tale signs of them.

    I'm a neat-freak and appreciate the tools that are easy to use.

    If I had to complain about something it would just be that I think for the price they should include the long-reach extension hose instead of having it as an option. Also some type of attachment to get under low furniture would be a good thing.

    This vacuum is rated best by a leading independent, non-profit testing company for a reason, and the reason is that it simply is the best one made.

    I have researched extensively before I decided on the ones to put to the test myself, didn't include the dyson models because their reviews in england are no so good. Dyson has been used for many years in europe before it's recent introduction into the US. Also, according to the independent product reviewing company the latest dyson model is not much better than the prior one. This is my second hoover and the first one lasted me from 1985 until just recently (Hoover Elite 350). All the while I used the old hoover upstairs I bought and went thru the following which all went south for one reason or another (usually I got tired of replacing the broken belts):

    1. Regina Housekeeper Plus
    2. Eureka
    3. Eureka "The Boss"
    4. Dirt Devil "Vision Bagless"

    I highly recommend this to people with allergies to dust and dust mites and those with pets or anyone who is a clean-freak. The belts seem to stay on the Hoover machines much, much longer than any of the others I've ever had. It's a very tedious procedure to replace a belt on a dirt devil or to remove a clog, the thing would CONSTANTLY clog with pet hair. This hasn't ever happened with any of my Hoovers.

    I hope this helps you make an informed decision....more info
  • Needs Better Attachments
    For the most part I do like this bagless upright...the attachments don't stay connected very well is the only thing I do not like with this.
    It's easy to empty and very durable....more info
  • Easier tto use and more effective
    I hesitated to buy this model after reading the first couple of reviews, but I'd had a Hoover self-propelled vacuum before. Just to see, I vacuumed with my old vacuum first. I thought it wasn't quite getting everything, but I was totally amazed at what this model picked up. Filled nearly half the canister!! Easy to use, the attachments are handy and the hose already attached, and I LOVE the brush on the attachment. Goodbye Dirt Devil. Easy to empty (I don't know what he was doing different, but you slide it out and turn it over). The only things I would change are where the cord comes out and where you wrap the cord are too close together;it should come out on the side. I hate assembling things anyway, and I did have to make four attempts to attach the handle, and it still isn't tight. But it works fine. I think my entire household will be healthier and happier now, and so will my back!...more info
  • Starts good, requires significant maintenance
    Out of the box, the vacuum is a strong performer. As others have written, the filter requires cleaning just about every time it's used or it becomes clogged and suction is reduced to that of a dust buster. The belt design that drives the agitator is marginal at best. I've had the vacuum just over a year and I'm on my third belt. I just ordered three more to hopefully carry me another year. I wrote Hoover to explain the design flaw and got a typical "sorry for the inconvenience, please visit our web site again". I'm an engineer by trade and clearly this thing was a design flaw. It becomes stretched quickly and fails to engage the agitator. Do yourself a favor, go with the $100 more Dyson. Hoover customer service obviously isn't concerned about satisfied customers because a second response strictly said thanks for the input and declined to re-imburse me for the $5 belts (5 purchased to date). Maybe their strategy is to sell lots of belts to increase their profits....more info
  • Suction doesn't last
    I've had the vacuum for about 6 months and like the self propelled feature but hate having to empty the canister. The suction is strong to start but fades as the canister fills and the filter clogs. Emptying the vacuum is a dirty job. If I had to do it over again I'd buy a dyson or a vacuum with a bag....more info
  • We LIKE to vacuum???
    After wrestling with heavvy Kirbys for 25 years, we find the Hoover WindTunnel self-propelled bagless vacuum a pleasure to operate and it cleans, cleans, cleans! We recently lost our beautiful black standard poodle and while it's mostly true poodles don't shed, we groomed her and there was some hair in the carpet. We had vacuumed twice after her death but could not believe the amount of hair, fluff and dirt picked up by the WindTunnel the first time we used it. Our carpets are so much more resiliant (clean!) and the Hoover is so easy to move when not in use (just put the handle in upright and tilt up the front wheels). The attachments are easy to use, we especially like the upholstery brush. My husband has a pulmonary problem and we believe WindTunnel vacuum and the Hoover Agility steam vac, which we also purchased, will help him. We recommend both of them for the household that cherishes clean!...more info
  • Really picks up dog hair, but
    the first time I emptied the dust cup, a piece fell out I could not find where to put it back. The self propelled feature works only part of the time and is really hard to turn on and off. I have had it for two months now and would return it if I could. The great feature is the hand held power head, cleans the dog hair off the furniture easily. ...more info
  • Works well, but it's huge
    I bought this vacuum because the reviews were good and I wanted a vacuum that would work well and last a long time. I was surprised how big it was when it arrived--very awkward to carry the box up to my 4th floor apartment. The first thing I did with it was to vacuum the area rug in my living room. The amount of cat hair and dust that it picked up was amazing--I was serioiusly "grossed out" by the amount of stuff in the container. The problem with this vacuum is that it is just so big and heavy. I live in a city apartment with hardwood floors and I have alot of furniture and "stuff" everywhere because I don't have any storage. This vacuum doesn't fit under the bed, under furntiture, around stuff. I've decided to return it and get a canister instead (probably a Hoover windtunnel)....more info
  • Fantastic Vac IF you are handy with tools.
    This Hoover is among my favorites. It does everything well. The floor is clean and proof of that exists in the dirt collecting chamber. My only complaint is that you will be changing belts (2 different ones) often. My Hoover is almost 2 years old and I have installed 6 new belts because the old ones simply broke. I found that the cost of these little goodies is unbelievable high especially if purchased locally. I have opted to buy them in bulk from an internet seller at a wholesale price. The cost of replacement filters is too high also; however, again, the internet may be the fix for that....more info
  • WOW!!! Does this ever pick up dirt!!!
    I had been looking for about a year to replace my old vacuum that I thought worked well but was about 15 years old and did not have attachments. I bought this one because it said it picks up the most dirt.

    I also have 4 cats - one is a long hair - so I wanted a model that can "suck up a cat" and this one is amazing. The first time I used it was a few days after I had cleaned with my old vacuum and I can't believe the dirt and cat hair it found in the carpets that looked clean - GROSS!!! Not a trace of cat hair left anywhere!!! It also works great on bare floors.

    The only down side is that it's heavy, but that's true with almost any upright. Those with bigger houses may find the hose too short, but I think an extension can be bought seperately.
    ...more info
  • This is GREAT
    I've read both good and bad reviews of this items, but I am THRILLED with mine. We built a new home about seven years ago. We have a dog and two cats and I've felt like I'm drowning in fur. I knew our old vacuum wasn't the greatest anymore, but now I'm embarrassed at how long we put up with it.

    This baby PICKS UP pet hair and the attachment works TOO! It is heavy but who cares with the auto-motion feature. Get it....more info
  • Mismcj
    I have had this vacuum for about a month and absolutely love it. I have a dog and am able to pick up hair that I never even thought was there. I highly recommend this to anyone in search of a vacuum. It truly lives up to its ratings....more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Bagless Vacuum
    I bought my Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Bagless Vacuum after having new carpeting installed throughout my house. The box it came in said it picks up 75% more dirt. I continue to be amazed at the amount of debris it picks up, from loose carpet fibers to cat hair. It is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned and I feel I made a good investment....more info
  • A very good vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum after my old Fantom one bit the dust (no pun intended). The Hoover vacuum has some really nice features that I looked for when researching which vacuum to buy. Some new features I liked was I didn't need to unravel the entire cord from the vacuum in order to get to use the on-board attachments (big plus), the canister to pulls out VERY easily to empty the dirt and loads back in VERY easily (unlike my old vacuum that I had to play with the cansiter for 5 minutes until it clicked into place). This Hoover vacuum also has the rotating brush attachment which is very nice for my staircase.The only things I would change if I could would have to be the weight of the vacuum (very heavy to lift up & down the stairs). I would also like to see the dirt empty out from the canister easier. There are too many little crevises for the dirt to attach to & it ends up not falling out properly so I have to get my hands dirt to empty it properly. Other than those two things, I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this model to anyone wanting a very good quality vacuum. Also, a top magazine company rated this vacuum excellent which is why I seeked out this model....more info
  • Excellent!
    I just got the Hoover windtunnel self propelled bagless upright and absolutely love it. I was going to get the hoover upright that wasn't self propelled, however, this one was on sale and the same price. I am so happy I did. I am no weakling, but the self propelled feature is wonderful to use. It doesn't move by itself, but assists as you gently guide it along. I never thought I would need or like self propelled but now I'm hooked.

    We have 3 cats in our household so I clean several times a week. I filled the canister with cat "fuzz" just from the family room. I never realized just how poorly my old vacuum cleaned, or else this one cleans better than imaginable. The bagless feature is great, not only is it easy to remove and dump but I like the dial that cleans the hepa filter. You just turn the dial and dump the dust that is brushed off the filter, and there was a lot of dust! I never had a bagless vacuum before, but when I dumped the canister, I saw that I had vacuumed up some change and the back of an earing. If I had used a bagged model they would have been thrown away.

    The hand held tools are so easy to use. Just put the hoover in the upright position and the suction goes to the hose. Everything is so easy and straight forward even my husband could use it without ever looking at the manual first. I don't think I will ever enjoy vacuuming, but now I don't consider it a chore....more info

  • So far, so good
    I have been amazed by the vast quantities of dirt lurking in my carpet. I run a home daycare, so it scares me how much dirt was getting by my old vacum. Good on hardwood floors also, and the tools are really helpful and store nicely. yes, it is heavy and hard to lug up stairs. Also I didn't know when first emptying the dirt cup that there is an opening that will let out dirt etc, if you aren't holding it just right when removing it. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    Just bought it about a month ago and it is working great. Cleans the cat hairs in one pass and is easily adjustable. When you push the handle upright the beaters turn off, very nice feature, especially for using the attachments, like cleaning stairs! (need the long hose though) This is the first self propelled vacuum we've had, and I like it. When cleaning bare floors, the beater rolls along the floor, sometimes pushing dirt away, and you can't use the self propelled on bare floors either. However, it does a decent job on bare floors. The powered hand tool worked great, for 10 minutes, then it seized up. I just havent had the chance to get it replaced, but i don't forsee a problem. I've seen a lot of complaints about emptying the Hoover bagless container, I've never had a problem because i take it outside and stand upwind of it when i dump it in the big can! There is also a filter cleaning device which helps, but doesn't do the job 100%. Very Happy with this purchase! ...more info
  • incredible
    Purchased this vacuum and used it after I had already vacuumed with my current machine. I completely filled the canister on the first use. What a great machine!!!...more info
  • Great machine!
    I bought this just today, so if something happens adversely in the future, I'll update my review. However, just for today, I am DELIGHTED with this machine. Very powerful suction, and the "bagless" feature allows you to see exactly how dirty your carpet really is! We vacuum regularly (2-3 times weekly) , but this machine picked up almost a full cannister of carpet fluff, plus about 1/4 cup of gritty dirt, just from the living room. The machine I had been using was anotherr Hoover upright, about 4 years old, but half the amperage of the new model. I decided to replace it because I wanted to try a bagless model.
    The dirt collection/filter cannister is quite easy to remove and, since it's transparent, it makes it quite easy to see when you need to empty it. I look forward to saving $$$ on vacuum bags!
    The "self-propulsion" feature is nice and does make a difference.
    The attachments (hand tools) are good, especially the powerbrush. A nice feature is that you don't have to readjust the machine to "hard floor" setting from "carpet" when using the handtools--a convenient change from the other upright vacuums I've owned.
    My reason for not giving this model four stars instead of five was in the relative awkwardness of using the handtools with this upright--but that is probably going to be true with any upright. Hoover offers the option of purchasing an extension to the hose, so I might try that....more info
  • Doesn't last
    I bought this vacuum from Target several years ago. It works great as long as the filter is clean and the canister is empty, but the HEPA filter clogs easily and it is a chore cleaning out the canister (actually must shower after emptying canister). Also, now that it is several years old, the self propel does not work very well, and the plastic pieces have chipped or broken. For the money, I thought this would last longer. I'm now looking at the Dyson....more info
  • Cleans Carpet very well
    I just bought one of these and I think it does a great job cleaning deep carpet. I always see a scary amount of dirt, hair, dust, etc in the chamber when I am done just one cleaning session! I clean the filter out every two weeks by dumping the chamber and pulling out the HEPA filter and tapping it against something outside. You should see the dust and stuff that comes out of that filter after only one use. The final stage filter has yet to even start getting dirty, so apparently nothing is getting through the HEPA. I'm a clean fanatic and it makes me happy. It is a little heavy and unweildy though, so not for the elderly or weak. The rotating brush attachment is nice for furniture and stairs. It has a yaw to the left for some reason, I assume because the suction is so strong. Definitely worth the koney and gives a good, safe cleaning....more info
  • update
    Just purchase this vacuum and love the way it picks up and the way it moves. It is a very heavy vacuum and really hate the bagless chamber, feel dirty after empting the chamber and will be returning it for that reason and hope to find one with a bag. If you have allergies do not get the bagless one unless you have a sucker to empty it for you....more info
  • Disappointed in the Wind Tunnel
    This vacuum is SO heavy. Also, you have to attach the wand each time you want to use it (can't just grab and use). It has a strong suction, which makes it hard to move forward or backward. Have to keep changing settings to find one that will work for various rugs. Finally, it chewed up one of my rugs today. So I definately would recommend looking elsewhere!...more info
  • I love this vacuum
    This machine makes vacuuming easy. The rotating brush handtool gets all the cat hair off my couches and makes cleaning the stairs so much easier....more info