Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

Hoover S3765040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum - Make quick work of cleaning your floors & carpets with this powerful canister vacuum from Hoover. It's designed around Hoover's patented WindTunnel technology that's well known for it's superior cleaning ability. This canister vacuum also features bagless debris storage for quick & easy clean-up! Includes - 6 foot hose, telescopic chrome wands, crevice tool, dusting brush, furniture nozzle, powered hand tool, deluxe floor brush, & a filter cleaning brush Color - Chrome

Hoover's latest canister stands out for its design-savvy looks, not to mention the fact that it cleans with powerful WindTunnel technology. Dirt particles are cleverly ducted away from the spinning agitators to ensure they're captured in the bagless dirt cup and not sent back out onto the carpet. The HEPA filter traps minute allergen particles and conveniently removes for cleaning. Large, soft wheels allow the compact 12-amp vacuum--which looks like it could play a robot extra in Star Wars--to maneuver easily. Best of all, the handgrip features electronic control buttons for power on and off, variable suction (allowing smooth transition from wood floors to area rugs), and agitator action speed for carpets. Tools are easily attached to the telescoping wand, making it a snap to switch from cleaning floors to using drape and upholstery tools. A one-year warranty covers this unique vacuum against defects.

  • Bagless cansister vacuum with WindTunnel technology
  • 15 Power Nozzle styling has a low profile design for cleaning tough-to-get-at places
  • Deluxe Pump Handle design allows for near effortless control and operation
  • Finger-Touch Variable Speed Control provides flexibility in varying suction
  • Includes HEPA filter and 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Solid Product
    Very good vacuum for the money. It works great and seems to be made well. ...more info
  • Great suction and light weight!
    This is a great vacuum - terrific for furniture, tight spaces (inside cabinets, etc.), draperies and blinds - great suction and light weight - tools store inside - easy to clean out cannister - good price, shipped very fast - nice find! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have been using an upright for quite a few years and hated it. We heat with wood stoves so I get a lot of wood chips on the floors as well as a lot of dust. Since I have arthritic knees and had trouble pushing the upright I decided it was time to go with a cannister vacuum. After doing some research on this one, I ordered it and vacuum at least 3x a week now. I can't believe how much it picks up every time I vacuum. I am now buying a second one for my daughter for Christmas....more info
  • Just as described!
    Vacuum is good value for the money. Reasonably priced and performs as advertised. Great mid range vacuum!...more info
  • Something different
    My wife wasn't thrilled about the weight of this product, which really was surprising (I told her she ought to be ashamed!) but we do agree that it's well designed and versatile and that it cleans rugs as well as any of our uprights (we have three; one for each floor) or old canisters (also three) for hard surfaces,furniture, etc. Indeed, we retired both a canister and an upright after getting this vacuum. We both felt compelled to look at the instructions before using it -- a first for both of us. The dirt cup seems a bit small, and cleaning the filter is a bit of a bother -- but it beats searching for and buying bags, especially since any bag I need frequently seems to be out of stock at one or more stores. The hose is a lot stiffer than a standard, non-power-brush canister (it's more like a shop vac hose). My biggest complaint: the power brush does not have a reliable, secure lock up position like a good upright and that poses problems when cleaning rugs with fringed edges (that up position is needed on the back stroke to avoid damaging the fringe) and when carrying it (the power head always flops down when it's lifted, and that's really annoying). The controls are all on the handle and easy to use, and that means you can turn the brush off and on to ameliorate that "fringe problem" ... but the no-lock-up remains a drawback for us. ...more info
  • Something different
    My wife wasn't thrilled about the weight of this product, which really was surprising (I told her she ought to be ashamed!) but we do agree that it's well designed and versatile and that it cleans rugs as well as any of our uprights (we have three; one for each floor) or old canisters (also three) for hard surfaces,furniture, etc. Indeed, we retired both a canister and an upright after getting this vacuum. We both felt compelled to look at the instructions before using it -- a first for both of us. The dirt cup seems a bit small, and cleaning the filter is a bit of a bother -- but it beats searching for and buying bags, especially since any bag I need frequently seems to be out of stock at one or more stores. The hose is a lot stiffer than a standard, non-power-brush canister (it's more like a shop vac hose). My biggest complaint: the power brush does not have a reliable, secure lock up position like a good upright and that poses problems when cleaning rugs with fringed edges (that up position is needed on the back stroke to avoid damaging the fringe) and when carrying it (the power head always flops down when it's lifted, and that's really annoying). The controls are all on the handle and easy to use, and that means you can turn the brush off and on to ameliorate that "fringe problem" ... but the no-lock-up remains a drawback for us. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I'm going to add my review to the long list of satisfied customers. I did a fair amount of research, read many of the reviews of this vacuum and based on that I purchased the Hoover S3765-040. For the price, it is, in my opinion the best deal out there. The pet hair attachment works amazingly well, as does the vacuum as a whole. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum with some minor issues
    This is a great vacuum! I have not had a cleaner house since using this vacuum. I vacuumed with my old vacuum (a Kenmore) then I repeated with then new Hoover and I got more dirt/dust out of my rugs and even the hardwood floors than my old vacuum.
    Now for my complaints...the powered vacuum head does not say in a locked position like the picture shows, you have to "balance" it in order for it to stay. The hose is too short...should be about 2 feet longer, for more effective vacuuming of items like walls and furniture.
    Overall this is a great vacuum, Hoover thought of how your going to clean the filters/change/empty the canister, because this task could not be easier.
    I recommend this.......more info
  • Powerful Little Vacuum!
    I am a person who really likes a good vacuum cleaner, and I am very pleased with this one! It has wonderful suction and power for such a small machine, and it is very easy to use and clean. The electric wand/rug cleaner attachment, which can be turned on for rugs and off for floors, is a bit heavy to move easily in small places, however. My solution to this issue is to use the basic wand and brush attachment from my Electrolux vacuum, since these parts are of universal sizes, and this works quite well. Overall, I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • If you are looking for the perfect vaccum, look no further....
    I bought this vaccum a few months ago after much research on different sites. This is by far the best vaccum that I have ever owned. I just love the design, which makes it easy to clean virtually anywhere in your home...ie...under the coffee table, chairs, sofas, stairs, corners....all the hard to reach places will be easily accessible with this gem. And, the good thing is that it is lightweight and has super suction power. The wheels slide very easily, allowing the vaccum to follow you without much effort and the retractible plug is just an extra added bonus(it doesn't get stuck like most other similar pieces). It works great on hardwood floors as well. Now, with all that being said, there is actually a draw back to this wonderful piece of equipment - the darn filter and canister....you have to empty it practically after every room (but is amazing to see all the stuff that came off of your carpet)...I have a carpet that sheds (like most new carpets do) so, I have to clean the filter and canister quite often. Yet in spite of this, I love the results so much that I would not trade it for anything...it is very durable and quiet as well. And, if you have any wool throw rugs that shed horribly like I do, you will be quite pleased with this vaccum...previously, my other vaccums would not do the trick on my large wool rug in my family room (leaving lint and the like). I can't say enough good about this vaccum.....I think that is one of Hoover's better products and I have had many uprights made by them.......more info
  • Great vacuum...but a pain
    This vacuum is amazing. The problem I have with it is you have to empty the filter cup after each use. I do not consider my house very dirty but it amazes me the dust that this vacuum will pick up. I have a lot of hardwood floors in my home as well as carpet and when I see what dust comes out of my carpet, it makes me want nothing but hardwood floors. I can not say I would purchase this vacuum again only because of the filter. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is my first cannister vaccum and will never go back to an upright. It's amazing how much it picks up dirt. I would highly advise buying one....more info
  • Worth the price
    Very happy with this Hoover, my first. I've always used the cheap $50-$75 range upright because I didn't think a vacuum is a vacuum. Man, was I wrong! This Hoover has DOUBLE the cleaning power of the cheaper vacuum. Worth the extra cost!!...more info
  • Good for a few years
    Reviews always seem to come from people who recently bought the product. I bought this a few years ago after my husband picked an awful Dirt Devil upright that fell over every time I used the wand and was impossible on stairs. I was so happy to get back to a canister. This is light and mobile and very easy to empty. The cord is really long and you can vacuum everywhere hardly replugging. We loved it. It can't be more than 3 years old and the buttons on the handle work sporadically and it often won't shut off without being unplugged. The cleaning head attachment won't come off any more, so I can't switch to any of the attachments. And, mostly, it just doesn't seem to pick up well any more. It was a good price and has great features, but I had really hoped it would last longer....more info
  • don't use after warranty
    This vacuum was fantastic for the first year. Now its been over a year and we are having electrical problems that cannot be replaced but have to be serviced. For a product that cost so much to buy - why can we not purchase the "molded" electrical parts? I called hoover and they gave me no other alternative. Watch out folks.. you might be paying an arm and a leg....more info
  • Good eclipses the bad
    Bottom of Dirt Cup handle was broken when I received it. I looked in the box and found small pieces of plastic. Also, I could see a depression of the handle in the box and saw where the foam had deformed. I think the packaging works most of the time, but if you have a rough handler (I shipped ground) you could have the same problem. I noticed someone else had a review with same issue.
    I called the local Hoover service location (Seattle) the next day and brought it in to show them. They gave me a semi-used Dirt Cup and Filter and are having a new cup shipped to me - all under warranty. To me that's good customer service!
    I vacuumed the whole house with it because I was amazed how much "stuff" showed up in the Dirt Cup. I've never had a bagless before but this vacuum seems to do a much better job than our old Kenmore Progressive. It took up a little too much up from our wool carpet so we're going to keep the suction low and if need be use a different vacuum in that room.
    The main 'power nozzle' agitator attachment doesn't hold a right angle when we pick it up so it's a little awkward to lift - just have to reach lower on the handle. Love the little 'crevice' agitator attachment for stairs. The roller moves using the air flow and has no motor.
    Canister is a little bulkier than I had expected but the relatively high handle allows for easy pickup. Can't say that I'm as impressed on dirt floors, but it probably works as well as most. Attachment wand, hose etc. appear to have good connections. I mention this because we had two faulty connections (one covered in warranty) in our Kenmore wand which made us shy away from the newer model of the same make. My wife liked it better than her mothers $800 Miele.
    Bottom-line: I think that for regularly carpeted house (e.g., no wool, burber) this could be an exellent vacuum and so far it's the best we've owned in 25 years....more info
  • Love the Vacuum
    Took me a while to get it but I LOVE the vacuum. It works great....more info
  • How easy can it get?
    The hoover canister vaccum is the easiest vaccum I have ever used. I love the adjustable power for laminate flooring. It is easy to manuver around and to change attachements. Would highly recommend...more info
  • Heidi in Michigan
    This is, hands down, the best vacuum (of any kind) I have ever used (and I'm over 50!) It's easy to assemble even for the "directionally challenged", easy to push because you are only pushing the handle part and not the whole vacuum, light to carry, and it has very powerful suction. I also find it much easier to clean carpeted stairs, and it performs well on hard surfaces too. It's a breeze to clean, but the dirt cup is a little small (no big deal.) I can't believe how easily this picks up everything, including microscopic craft glitter and cat hair. I always research everything in great detail before I make a purchase (because I hate to throw money away), and this product lives up to all my expectations. ...more info
  • Great product
    We love this vacuum cleaner. We ordered this one because of its size and HEPA filter. The only consideration - there is a bit little room for dust and we have to empty and clean it frequently.
    At home we have a wooden floor and some carpets. We enjoyed cleaning carpets very much. After cleaning it looks like professionals made it.

    Overall, tt makes a wonderful job !...more info
  • ginormous
    I hate this vacuum. I bought this one after my Panasonic cannister model died (my baby needed 'white noise' to fall asleep to & after 3 months of running the vacuum nightly for 30-60min, the motor burned out). This vacuum is so big & cumbersome that I dread using it (I'll even sweep or swiffer to avoid having to lug it out of the garage). It's heavy, the cord is kind of short, so I can only vacuum 2 rooms until I have to change outlets. It also tends to not pick up cat litter and small pieces of dirt/paper that are on the ground, so I usually have to swiffer afterwards anyway. I don't have an attachment that allows me to do stairs or upholstery, and the regular head is also heavy & cumbersome to lift & move around. I really liked my Panasonic, but couldn't find it locally, so got this Hoover, but even though I've only had it a few months I'm looking for different models. Maybe the Panasonic again....more info
  • Very Happy!
    We have been very happy with the Hoover Windtunnel S3765-040 Canister Vacuum. The turbo head does an amazing job to get the cat hair off my white furniture! It actually not only removed the cat hair, but pulled unknown dirt from the fabric and appeared whiter! The suction is great! I like having all the controls at my fingertips (suction control, off, etc) and LOVE THE RETRACTABLE CORD!!

    I have all laminate flooring, and the ease of use of the wand is great! My husband is tall so having the extender not only for high cleaning, but for use when cleaning the floor was a great bonus. This is my first bagless, and I was concerned, but boy am I glad! The first time we used the vac we emptied the cup 3 times! Bags tend to be expensive and I like the thought that all that dirt, dust, and hair are now OUT OF THE HOUSE! Over all, we are so very happy we did not go with the Dyson, which we would have had to buy all the attachments! For the price, we think we have found a winner!...more info
  • Great for the price
    I continue to be very impressed with this vacuum. I have always used Electrolux products in the past. This machine is every bit as good, and you don't need expensive bags! The cord and hose are plenty long enough. It stores easily, is comfortable to use, and does a very good job (it actually picks up my room size oriental rug). You can even wash the filter and dirt receptacle. I have 2 dogs & 3 cats...I vacuum a lot! I can't say enough good about it, I am very pleased and would recommend this vacuum to friends....more info
  • Very Happy!
    We are very happy with our new vacuum. We have recommended this to others in our circle as a "Best Buy"....more info
  • Easy to handle
    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum The only problem is the canister is small and has to be emptied frequently...more info
  • positive review
    It cleans the floors very well. It's light and easy to move. We like that bagless feature; it's nice to see all the dirt that came up off the ground. Works great so far!...more info
  • 2 years later this vacuum is STILL phenomenal
    I know what you're thinking...phenomenal seems a bit strong when referring to something as mundane as a vaccum cleaner. Even so, I purchased this vaccum in the July 2006 and it's the only word I can use to describe it even two years later. Ordinarily, I'm not passionate about vaccuming...or vaccums, in general...but the Hoover WindTunnel has made my life easier and my carpet and velvet couches look fabulous and fur-free. You see, the furry little man of my dreams is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and he is VERY furry. Seriously, I brush him every week and you could knit sweaters with the undercoat I remove. No amount of brushing stops him from shedding, either. In the past, I have jokingly suggested that I might need to put Nair in his doggie shampoo. Now that I have a Hoover WindTunnel, I have no reason to make such crude jokes. I have had zero problems with mine, it still looks new after 2 years of use, it is super easy to clean the baggless canister and even the filter...and you wouldn't believe the dirt and dust this vaccum pulls out of the carpet. The suction is still very powerful. Okay, now I'm just gushing. I love it. I hope it lasts forever. I give it my highest recommendation. The end. ...more info
  • it sucks great,but just too much trouble to dump
    Great suction for a small inexpensive vacuum, but it's such a pain to empty and rinse the container every time after you vacuum. You can imagine all those flying dust and debris around your garbage can. You need to hold your breath when you do this. May be I'm just spoiled since I always had a Sears bagged canister vacuum. Overall it's a good vacuum for the price....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I read through all the amazon reviews before purchasing this vacuum-- so many of them seem so positive-- but let me say that I've been very disappointed with this vacuum! Yes, it works great for a few months, but, then all the electrical problems start. My vac shuts off the agitator brush while I'm vacuuming carpet. So annoying! If I jiggle the hose a little, it starts up again. So I end up pushing the handle with one hand and holding/ jiggling the hose with the other hand! And sometimes the control panel in the handle doesn't work at all, so I have to unplug the thing to turn it off. I'm back here at Amazon.com looking to see if others have experienced this, too, and it looks like I'm not alone. I should have paid more attention to the negative reviews before I purchased this vac. So many people write their reviews after vacuuming just one time, but the best reviews come from those who've owned the product for a decent length of time. I've had mine for just over 1 year (ie, out of warranty) and am wondering what to do--- I emailed Hoover and they sent me a could of general, unhelpful recommendations, along with a list of local service centers. When I call the service centers, one place told me that if could take weeks- a month to get the part I need... and another place even warned me that if the problem was in the hose, they'd have to check and see if that part was still available! Wow, what a waste of money and time! My fear is that I'm about to toss another vacuum in a landfill... but what else can you do with a piece of junk that obviously was not built to last?...more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner!!
    I wasn't sure about this vacuum when I got it out of the box until I tried it. It has plenty of suction and does a great job on both hard floors and carpetted floors. I decided to do an experiment with my Dyson and this one. I vacuumed a section of the floor with the Dyson then went over it with the canister. I was surprised to see the amount of dirt the Dyson left behind. I reversed the experiment by using the canister first and then the Dyson. The canister picked up a lot of dirt and the Dyson had virtually nothing.

    The only things I don't like are the short electical cord and the capacity of the dirt cup. I have to empty it every time I vacuum and wash it out every other week. Overall, for the performance it is worth the extra work though....more info
  • Hold onto your area rugs!!
    This is a fantastic little cleaning dynamo! I have never seen suction like on this vacuum cleaner. Easy to change from carpet to floor mode and tools are handy and easy to snap on. It's also nice to empty out your dirt after each use..the thought of it hanging around in a bag for months at a time like on bagged vacuums grosses me out now that I know what is lurking in the carpets.
    I would definately reccomend this - great product at a great price...I am so happy I didn't spend the money on the Miele I was considering....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    This vacuum has great suction when it is on the highest setting and was much less expensive than comparable models. We read a lot of reviews and finally decided on this one and we're glad we did. It has all the basics (carpet attachment, hard floor attachment, crevice tools, etc.) and works very well. We were surprised to see how quickly the canister fills up, but glad to see we were getting our floors clean. ...more info
  • hoover windtunnel electronic bagless vacuum cleaner
    This is my second vacuum of this type. I have had my first for 1 1/2 years and it is still going strong. It takes a little care but it is well worth it. If you empty it and clean the filter with water after each use, the vacuum is awesome. I have had Sears, electrolux and other great brand and none have been as good as this. My husband had purchased the same vacuum except it was not the electronic one. Mine is better because it has better attachments. I must tell you, though, I do not have carpeting in my house, so I am not going to say how it is for that, but I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!!!!!...more info
  • hard working vacuum
    After researching many vacuums, I can say I am more than pleased with this one. The setting for floors vs carpet is on the handle making it easy to switch cleaning modes. It has suction control and a number of useful attachments. However, because of the cannister's compact size, they don't all fit on/in the vacuum. It's not a deal breaker though. The cannister is easy to empty and clean. The retractable cord is great for quick storage. Overall design is great for small spaces, stairs, and it is surprisingly powerful. I actually have to lower the suction level to avoid picking up my area rugs while cleaning! It is also quiet for such a powerful vacuum. No scaring the children or the pets! If you have lots of hardwood floors and a couple of area rugs in your home, this vacuum will be perfect. Oh - and you can't beat the value for this price. Buy it!...more info
  • works great - can't beat it for the price
    We've had our vacuum for a month now and we love it. It works great and pulled a scarey amount of stuff out of the carpet the first time we used it. I like that you can empty the dust "cup" everytime if you want and see what you collected (I know, gross, but still I can't help but be fascinated by it!) plus it was so much cheaper than a Dyson and seems to clean equally as well, based on what my mum says (She has a Dyson). We use it on tile and carpet and it works well in both places. I like how easy it is to change the length of the handle. The hose is quite thick and can be a pain if it gets a kink in it, but if you keep it straight it works well.

    We would definitely buy this vaccuum again. ...more info
  • Good carpet vacuum
    Moving from Europe to US it was hard to find a good vacuum matching the excellent performance of our Bosch vacuum. This vacuum is ideal for thick US-type carpets, but on the hardwood floors it does not convince me to be a good vacuum cleaner. So that's why 3 stars only....more info
  • Super Vacuum
    This review is based on one month of ownership.The Hoover Electronic WindTunnel Bagless Canister is very quiet. The variable speed is a good feature, different speed for different surfaces. It fits under all of our wooden furniture easily. The canister is reasonable sized, with 5 cats, we have to empty it while using it, but it REALLY picks up the hair. The cord is long enough for us to do any room in our medium sized house. The only design feature that should be changed is that it is too easy to hit the "carpet/floor" button by accident and turn off the rollers. The attachments work well....more info
  • excellent product
    this vacuum is great on deep pile rugs, low pile rugs and wooden floors.It requires no effort at all to use, like it is motorized. I can't imagine any other vacuums,regardless of the price, to do a better job....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum for the price. Consumer Report reviews were correct. Will buy one for our beach house as well....more info
  • Good vacuum
    Good suction, a little cheap on the feel of the whole wand/head setup...too much plastic that isn't terribly sturdy. On the whole, a great cleaner that uses no bags, and has great economic value compared with others....more info
  • Great Vac
    This thing works great. It was my first vac of this type and I'll never go back to an upright! I was worried about all of the pieces, but it is no big deal.

    My carpets have never been cleaner. There is a suction control that boosts the power and it works great!

    Buy this if you want an outstanding vac....more info
  • Amazing cleaning machine
    I purchased this vacuum because I had read so many good reviews. Unfortunately it did not work out of the box. I returned it to Amazon (as suggested by the Hoover representative I spoke with) for a replacement . My replacement was at my home 3 days later - a very quick process without any problems. It picks up dirt and dog hair better than ANYTHING I have ever seen. I vacuumed with our Oreck vacuum and steam cleaned the week before and was amazed at how much dirt was left behind by both of those items. I do have to agree with quite a few reviews on here that the dirt cup is very small, but it IS a compact vacuum and will be used in a new apartment within the month. Definitely a GREAT purchase!...more info
  • very good
    We are very pleased with the vacuum cleaner and we were very happy buying the vacuum cleaner through Amazom.com....more info
  • Great Little Machine
    This little vacuum has plenty of power and does a great job on just about everything. I especially like the telescoping wand/hose. The vacuum came with enough attachments to do what I need. The best feature is the fact that you can control the on/off button from the wand so that no matter which attachment you are using you don't have to reach the actual canister to control the power. You can also control the suction amount which is great for small area rugs. The dirt cup is easy to empty and the filter can be washed. The only fault I can find with this unit is that it tips over sometimes when you are pulling it....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This little machine really sucks it up! Wow! Much quieter than our old machine, too. The only thing to remember is to watch the fill bucket. It will overflow and make a mess if overfull. I recommend buying one additional air filter so you can vacuum the dirty one with the new one in place. Just rotate them. We vacuumed with our old machine then ran this machine over the same room. The WindTunnel picked up and filled the bucket, twice. Unbelievable. If you are looking for clean this is the ticket....more info
  • Love my Hoover

    Love my Hoover cannister vac!!! Easy to buy, easy to assemble parts, easy to use! EASY!...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum
    I've had this vacuum for a couple weeks now and like it a lot. It has great suction power and does a very nice job. The tubes come apart nicely for changing the different heads and it's nice and quiet. It's also lightweight and easy to handle. And hooray! No more bags to buy.
    On the not-so-convenient side: It has no way to set the height control of the brush. The manual just says that it automatically adjusts to the different rug heights. But, I find that it's too strong on my rugs and pulls the vacuum head forward with quite a bit of strength, as if it was on auto-pilot. When I try to vacuum the 6-foot strip rug it pulls it up so fiercely that I need two people: one to stand on the other side and hold it down and one to vacuum. This is with the suction set at the lowest setting. Ordinarily, I would adjust the roller height to be more gentle.
    Because of it's light weight, the different attachments do not store in the main vacuum. So when you want to change to the crevice tool, you have to find it wherever you have it stored....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    Getting a bagless vac made me uncomfortable as I do floors almost daily, having 7 animals in the house. It has worked out fine, and not wasting bags and cost of filters is a real plus. The vac has great suction which is adjustable. And the upholstery attachment works nicely. The only drawback that I encounter is with the low weave area rugs that I have throughout the house. Having to switch back and forth with the carpet head is a pain. If you're looking for a lightweight vac that can do the basics, this is a good one. ...more info
  • Not a winner

    Ordered - used a few times and returned.

    The belt that drives the brushes kept slipping off.

    Called Hoover, they referred me to service center hundreds of miles away.

    They said belts usually have to be replaced 2-3 times a year as they expand with use. They determined from the serial # of the machine that it was manufactured 11/07 - bought 8/08 - belt may have deteriorated just sitting there.

    The belt drive is not well designed - no ridge or collar to keep it on drive shaft.

    Looking for something more reliable.

    Amazon return experience very good (haven't seen refund yet) and easy to ship if you have a big enough box...more info
  • Buyer beware!
    I love this vacuum cleaner. I have two Huskies that shed continiously and this vacuum cleaner makes short work of all the hair. No smell left lingering because of the hepa filter and best of all NO BAG to replace. Be careful of the cord connected on the power head. Mine shorted out and burned the carpet. 1 week later, the on/off button on the handle quit working. I'm glad these things decided to go out before the 1 year warranty was up, otherwise I would be out $140.00. After warranty, a different machine....more info
  • Great Vacuum for MOST families
    This is a great vacuum for the money. I would highly recommend it.

    If you have a golden retriever dog - then just know this in advance....... It's not meant for dogs with a lot of hair. It just means you have to clean the masses of hair which wraps itself around the filter after each room you vaccum. Anyone with a Golden knows how much hair they spread. It can get frustrating. Of course, her hair used to fill up my expensive Electrolux bags really quickly too which cost money.

    The worst thing, however, is carpet cleaner. You know that sprinkly, smelly stuff you shake onto carpets to get them to smell nice or clean them. Well, those fine particles get into the filter and you have to spend quite a bit of time using a little brush to get them out of your filter. I would not recommend using this vacuum with those types of carpet cleaners. Their instruction book also cautions on this.

    Otherwise, this vacuum is wonderful for the money. It doesn't glide over carpets like an electrolux because of the suction but it works great.

    ...more info
  • Does a great job in just a little time
    This vacuum is very powerful. It cleans my house faster and with a lot less effort than my other vacuum....more info
  • Not a bad little vacuum cleaner
    After much reading and a bit of frustration in not finding one I could actually get my hands on at a local outlet, I went ahead and ordered the Hoover S3765. Having had an old Rainbow and Meile in a 'previous life', I wanted something that could be a real work horse...carpeted stairs, carpeting, area rugs, tile floors, furniture, and tough-to-reach spots. I've now been using this vacuum for about a month and am, for the most part, extremely satisfied...

    PROs: It has great suction, the controls in the handle for suction, the power head, and to turn it off are great. It's a good size, and dealing with the dust cup and filters isn't really all that bad. The telescoping wand is fantastic (I can vacuum all under our king bed from one side). The small suction-powered power head works great on the stairs.

    CONs: There is no swivel for the hose on either the power head or the handle which is just a bit inconvenient at times. I haven't had a canister in some time so it seems somewhat cumbersome with the hose - BUT PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE. While the dust cup is easy to empty, it doesn't hold much - with 2 dogs, I usually empty it a few times (not a bad idea anyway, as I think it helps to keep the odor down.) Lastly, there is no height adjustment for the big power head so the brush slows down alot on a couple of my area rugs - I end up pulling the head toward me rather than pushing and pull in...but it works great on my normal carpeting.

    If I wanted to spend another $200 or so, I'm sure I could have gotten everything I wanted. Nevertheless, after everything is said and done, this vacuum is a great value. If I had it to do all over, I would buy it again....more info
  • I love my little power house sweeper

    Having used my Hoover Sweeper over a month, I am more amd more pleased with its performance and ease of use. I bought it to use on hardwood floors , upholstery and carpeted stairs; however, I am using it on carpet and area rugs as well. It has exceptional suction which is so helpful because we are home remoldeling and plaster and saw dust are every where. The dust and dirt are thrown away after each use. I wash the plastic receptacle and dry it. This may be an extra step that busy working moms may find disagreeable, but I like to do it because I know that I'll always start out with a clean , fresh vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Effective and easy to use
    I bought this after struggling for years with a bargain upright that finally did me the courtesy of dying, and after a couple of weeks of use, I have to say I should have bought something like this model sooner. It's very effective, especially on cat hair (I live with three of the little boogers, and a dog as well). The "turbo" attachment is fabulous on upholstery, and the dirt receptacle is easy to remove and empty. The adjustable suction power is a very nice feature, as is the washable filter....more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    This vacuum really sucks up the dirt and the fact that you can see the canister filling up with dirt and easily empty it before each cleaning is a big bonus. Best vacuum I'm ever owned....more info
  • Better than I thought
    My main concern when looking for an affordable vacuum, was the dreaded cat hair issue, and Consumer Reports just giving it an OK, but I have to say it's working wonderfully! This is the first vacuum I've owned that pickes up cat hair this well. I have two types, the long hair tumbleweed type, and the short hair, digs into the carpet/furniture type. The Hoover picks up both kinds equally well. The complaints about having to empty the dust cannister often, is not a problem. As someone else pointed out, that just means it's doing it's job very well! A little messy, but still easier and less expensive that replacing bags. In case you can't tell, I highly reccommend it!...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vac
    I couldn't be happier with this vacuum. I have 9, yes 9, dogs and a house with pine floors. This vacuum is so light and easy to move around that it is not inconvenient to vacuum every day. The cord is long enough that I don't have to unplug and move it very often. I love the on/off switch and suction control being on the wand, not on the base unit. The wand telescopes very easily to use for dusting. I have not tried the carpet attachment since I have no carpet, but it looks to be a very well made, sturdy unit. Because of its compact size, it will also be excellent for taking out and vacuuming my car. I really can't think of anything negative to say. If I could change anything it would be a larger capacity dirt container, but I can live with it the way it is....more info
  • great Vac!
    I vacuum our home every day, so I thought it was fairly clean. Imagine my suprise, horror and wonder when I vacuumed for the first time with my new Hoover, the dirt that it removed from the carpeting was unbelievable! I would definately recommend this vacuum and would purchase it again....more info
  • This Thing Really Sucks!
    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum

    I purchased this after our last canister vac bit the dust. FTR, we own a cat and a dog (traditional shedding variety not one of these fancy whateverdoodles) This model appears to be very well built, has electronically variable suction/motor speed and a bevy of useful attachments including a small power head for stairs or furniture. The larger carpeting power head feels like it could drag you across the room if you did not pay attention. We went over some carpets previously vacuumed with another machine and were surprised by how much additional dirt and pet hair came up. Even on low power, which is extremely quiet, this thing runs circles around our old machine.

    In short, recommend this unit highly for value and performance....more info
  • Too heavy for daily cleaning
    This vacuum is too heavy for daily cleaning. I won't recommend it for anyone. ...more info
  • Brand new vac did not work!
    Received this highly rated vacuum and the darned power head didn't work at all. The unit seems high quality, but something was not right. After finding a number to call (NOT toll-free, I might add), the person suggested I could take item into repair center - and if belt was bad I would be charged for visit - or send item back to Amazon - which is what I did after verifying that belt was indeed good. I felt like the switches on handle didn't work.

    So now I'm using my duct-taped old dirt-devil, and fretting over what to do - if this highly rated vacuum is a piece of dooky, what are my other options? And really, couldn't Hoover spring for a toll-free line? I feel that Hoover should have said: Oh, how terrible, let us ship you a replacement today! Grrr!...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vac
    We are very pleased with the sweeper in general. Only 2 flaws. You have to dump the canister often and the electric cord is a bit short....more info
  • Hoover S3765 - Windtunnel Elec.Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I am very pleased with this vacuum - I read a gazillion reviews before I purchased, and based on some of the negative comments about this vac, I hesitated - but someone I know had one and was happy - so I bought it - I am very pleased - now problem whatsoever - and it sucks very well - I would definitely recommend it - particularly if you have a lot of hardwood floors like I do - I mostly use the floor brush on the floors - and the powerhead for my carpets only - ...more info
  • hoover cannister
    works well, powerful suction,good for floors with cat hairs, works well overall. great price, delivered to door, only one major store carried it here in south fl.. ...more info
  • I'm learning to like this vacuum!
    It has taken me a while to get used to this vacuum..a switch from a Hoover upright with attachments, but when I used it today to vacuum the stairs, I felt like it was a well designed machine. The attachment for stair cleaning works so well.. the length of the hose is perfect. I'm definitely glad that I bought this vacuum....more info
  • Another Winner from Hoover!
    I bought this Hoover to replace a Eureka upright bagless that did little but "wind up" dog fur around the brush bearings! I spent more time unwinding Queenie's fur from the brush than I did vacuuming. This Hoover cannister found dirt in my bedroom carpet that the Eureka never even thought about. I did have to unwind some Queenie fur from the brush, but not like the other one. I didn't have to completely disassemble the darn thing in order to get the fur off. Queenie's fur is about 4" to 6" long, so there's no vacuum with a rotating brush that isn't "hampered" by her hair. I also have an old Hoover Spirit bagger cannister vacuum that is at least 20 years old and still works great. I use it for small jobs like cleaning my window A/C filters and electronic equipment. This is why I went with another (reliable) Hoover. The only drawback that I can see with this new Hoover is that the "stalk" or "wand" has plastic parts which makes the thing feel kind of flexible when vacuuming. My old cannister is a "tank", but nobody makes things as tough as they used to 20 years ago! The dirt cup fills up fast, but I think that once I get the dirt out of my carpet that the other vacuums were missing, it will seem to be a lot bigger! I bet I got 10 pounds of dirt & sand out of my carpet, and that's only about a 20 square foot section, as I've yet to move all the furniture! I think that this vacuum is well worth the money, and hopefully, with careful use, it will provide as many years of service as my other Hoover has. I also like the variable suction feature. I have a vacuum attachment called a "Pet-Vac" that is kind of a fur trap with a real long hose that has a rubber fingered fur shedding brush. I use it to de-fur my doggies. When I tried to use it before, my other vacuum had too much suction and caused the "filter ball" inside the Pet-Vac to stick to the top and stop the air flow. The middle setting on this new Hoover is purr-fect, as it provides sufficient suction for the Pet-Vac to function, but doesn't make the ball suck to the top and mess things up! I say "BUY ONE"!! ...more info
  • Pretty good for that price
    I ordered this vacuum cleaner not too long ago and used it few times so far, it seems it does the job I needed.. I have a carpeted good size studio apartment, little areas without carpeting.. the suction seems pretty good, first it seemed it does suck like a "tornado" like someone has already described in other review, now it seems not as strong as first time, but still does pretty good job.. I have to empty the plastic container every time, but it is very easy to do, just dump and rinse. Filter doesnt seem to clog too much, so I think in general it is worth to get this vacuum as you have to pay way too much for better ones and they do similar job.. so I would say it is great investment for smaller place, but definetely go for better one if you have a big house.. ...more info
  • Fantastic Hoover
    This Hoover vacuum is wonderful. We researched it on consumer reports and they pointed us in the right direction. It's easy to use, moves flawlessly, and has powerful suction. It's easy to clean and you save tons of time and money not having to get bags all the time. I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone cleaning wood and carpet, upolstry, ect... You won't be displeased!...more info
  • Powerful and Easy!
    I recieved my Hoover about a month ago and so far love it. I really enjoy how I can use it on every surface even the couch. My roommate has a Oreck and one time after she has vacuumed I did later with mine, and the entire dust holder was full! My roommate has a cat and I am slightly allergic to it's fur, but I haven't had any issues since I got the Windtunnel. The only thing that I would consider a bad thing is it is kind of heavy (about 30 lbs). ...more info
  • After one year
    This could be the greatest vacuum cleaner of all time if it only had a bag. If you own multiple long haired pets you especially will spend a good deal of time cleaning out the collection jar and the filter. I seem to recall that bags were invented to avoid the messiness and dust flying all over the place which is just what happens with this vacuum. Maybe if you live alone in a one bedroom apartment this is a great idea, but for a 2400 sq. ft house with family and pets--dumb technology.

    Also the angled handle at the top makes it difficult to put a clothes hanger down the tube and dislodge jams that occasionally occur.

    Note: If you don't pull the cord all the way out, the unit will overheat and shut down. Don't panic as I did; just wait for it to cool, pull the cord all the way out, and it eventually will reset.

    ...more info
  • Variable suction, washable HEPA filter, power brush for carpets
    My wife says she likes this vacuum because it has good suction and it has variable levels of suction.

    She also likes the washable HEPA filter, which means she saves some money by not having to buy replacements.

    The power brush for the carpet cleans better than a normal vacuum, she said.

    The retractable power cord is another plus. Fortunately, we live in a single-level home, so the vacuum weight isn't an issue. It can be pulled around the house with ease. However, if your house is multi-level, you should be aware the base (including canister) is heavy....more info
  • Works great
    Had it for a month. Works well on carpet and bare floor.
    It's not too noisy, not too heavy... Getting rid of the dust
    is a little messy.
    ...more info
  • Disposable? vacuum
    I would have written a completely different review right after first using the Hoover Windtunnel. Fabulous! Amazing! etc. But after the 10th use or so, the carpet attachment STOPPED WORKING. I took it to get repaired (this was two months into owning it - it sat idle for a while as I suffered through using my old vacuum). They replaced the belt and charged me for it - something about the belt not being under warranty. The belt has been slipping ever since and after repositioning it for the zillionth time, I've had it. It has never worked well after breaking down the first time at one month old....more info
  • OK, but needs some work!
    The suction on this vacuum is unbeatable. I also like the cord length and the handle attached to the top of the cannister. The things I find remiss are: 1) the weight...I find myself preparing to lift it with a mighty heave each time I have to move it; 2) the size of the dust collector...it's very small and seems to need emptying several times during my cleaning; 3) the upholstery attachment...doesn't seem to do the best job; 4) the filter cleaning... a real annoyance because you have to use the provided brush on every fold of the filter; and 5) the wand...it's unwieldy and difficult to move especially when
    it's on the highest suction level. Given a second opportunity, I don't think I would purchase this vacuum again....more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum
    The body of the vacuum is very light in weight which I was looking for but didnt realize that there would be difficulty in manuevering it across the floor or rugs...The carpet/floor appliance should be two separate pieces as the height and width of it cause problems getting in corners and under furniture. Overall I like the vacuum's suction but might consider something different next time....more info
  • carobinson
    I wanted a canister type vacuum and saw this one recommended as one of the best and in my price range also. It really picks up the dirt. My daughter used it and raved about all the dirt she got out of a carpet she thought was clean. It is bagless and the only draw back to it is the small dirt cup. This just means you have to empty it often, but this is not hard to do....more info
  • I love my Hoover Bagless Canister Vac
    I love my Hoover Canister Vac. It's quiet, handles easily, picks up very well on rugs as well as bare floors. I especially like the device used for cleaning furniture and drapes. The different suction settings are conveniently located on the handle. It is easily stored in a small area....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I've only owned this vacuum for a short time, but so far it has worked very well. The suction is better than I thought it would be. I vacuum a rug at my front door, so there are a lot of pine needles and sandy dirt, which the vacuum picks up nicely. I'm curious to see how long this will go before the belt and the filter will need to be replaced. The only attachment I don't like is the floor brush, it is way too wide, and doesn't feel like it is has as much suction, but it does seem to pick up everything. All in all I am happy with this purchase in this price range....more info
  • Its great for pet hair when it works
    We have owned this product for about a year now. We found that it worked very well for pet hair and dirt. If it weren't for the following issues, it would have received 5 stars. The dirt cup is way too small and fills up after a couple of rooms. The power head is shorting out which means we will be looking for a new vacuum soon. ...more info
  • New vacuum overheated :(
    I bought this vacuum new and it overheated within 10 minutes of using it for the first time. It would cool off, start working, and stop within 5-10 minutes again. I read a lot of good things about it so was extremely disappointed. In all honesty, it might not have been a great choice for our family anyway because I vacuum about every 2 days, and I have 5 kids, so the very small canister would have needed emptying constantly. The size of this vacuum would probably make it a better choice for someone with a small apartment who vacuums once a week. One more thing is that the small brush attachment has very stiff bristles so dusting wide baseboards with it was quite difficult. I would keep looking. I purchased a kenmore canister from Sears instead, along with a 2 yr service warranty, and it has been great in every way. I don't have stairs so even though it is heavy, this isn't an issue with me. ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY THIS Vacuum!
    The canister broke and cracked. There is no suction power. I have only owned this vacuum for 8 months and it is THE WORST. I took it to a vacuum repair shop and it needs a complete overhaul for $130. NOT WORTH IT. I am trading it in for a Miele....more info
  • good enough to inspire me to write a review
    I have never written a review before, but i read so many when i was shopping for this vacuum that i felt like i should give something back. I am a huge fan of the vacuum in general. I vaccum every day pretty much. My husband said he was glad he liked the way this one looked, because he knew he'd have to look at it in the corner all the time. Anyway, this vacuum is just great. The suction is amazing. I had an Electrolux before, and I thought it did a good job, but the day I got this one, I filled up the canister about 3 times. We have mostly hardwood floors, so I was amazed that it picked that much up off what looked like a fairly clean floor. It made my area rugs look so much better. The attachments are great, and I especially love the little mini spinning head that cleans pet hair off of furniture. The only reason I gave it four instead of five stars is that I feel like it's a little clunky. The metal wand and head are really heavy. This is probably why it works so well though, so it's really not a flaw. The cord winds so fast, you have to be careful or you'll whack yourself in the legs. And it's also really loud compared to my Electrolux. All that said, this is a great vacuum, and it's very affordable for what you get. I highly recommend. ...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum to use on laminate, tile and cement floors so I have not been using the carpet attachment much. I like this vacuum. I like the convenient telescoping wand, and the fact that you have 3 different levels of suction that you can choose among. The one thing I miss is a long bristled round attachment for dusting ledges, etc. The shorter bristled combo furniture attachment just doesn't work as well, in my opinion. The retracting cord is nice, the vacuum is not too heavy to carry from place to place, self storage of the smaller attachments is convenient, and being able to clean the filters is a plus. I would not hesitate to recommend this vacuum for persons using it on hard floors, I cannot speak to its performance on carpet....more info
  • No more bagless for me!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner more than a year ago and here are my pros:
    - does a great job getting up the dirt
    - is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room
    - the hose wraps itself up
    - the controls are easy to access and use
    - the head is flat enough to slip under low chairs
    - and all the other stuff people have said is great about it.

    My one con is that it is bagless. So, as someone else said, it makes quite a dust bowl when it gets dumped, and even worse, the filter is a bear to clean. It takes me a good 30 minutes just to get most (not all) of the dust and cat hair out of the filter after one use (and, yes, I do vacuum regularly). If I decide to wash the filter then I can not use the vacuum for at least a day waiting for the filter to dry out. The filter is not something you can replace cheaply like a bag would be so you have to either clean it or else let it get REALLY clogged up with dust. I am very sorry I bought the bagless model and I will never do so again....more info
  • This vacuum sucks! :-)
    I'm very much a canister-type vacuum person, having used both that and uprights before. I've had this model for a month now. It works extremely well in my 4-pet house. The hard floor/rug attachment is easy on/easy off and the extending handle helps greatly for cleaning reach, my height, and not having to bend over to clean my floors. The dirt canister is a bit small but with 4 pets and a large house, nearly anything would be. I love the touch controls at my fingertips -- again, helps with the bending. It also runs fairly quiet for a vacuum.

    I haven't used many of the accessories; the stair attachment seems to work just fine. It's bit awkward trying to manage both vacuum and angle the brush to the right degree, and I hope more practice will let me figure out the optimum way to use it....more info
  • Best Vacuum I've owned!
    I love this vacuum! It has great features, is easy to clean, and does a great job! We have a cat who, of course, sheds like crazy and this does a good job of picking up the fur and everything else. Great suction power on the tools. They include this little filter cleaning brush which is extremely handy. This is lightweight and has a strong handle to lift the canister by. The long retractable cord is wonderful, no more winding and winding...you get the idea. The bagless container is very easy to take out dump and put back in. It's a little noisy but it's quieter than others I've owned so it isn't bad...doesn't even scare the cat. The head is flat enough to easily fit under furniture. It was very easy to put together. We've had it for a few months and really, really love it. It's a great buy!...more info
  • A very disappointing piece of equipment
    Impossible to clean filter every time you use the bloody vaccum, to empty the canister creats another dust bowl not a good thing....more info
  • Great machine
    The only down side to this vacuum is the small dust canister but unless you haven't cleaned your place in months it's more than sufficient and it empties easily and quickly.
    Three speed suction control makes it very versatile...more info
  • Nearly perfect!
    The WindTunnel is a great vacuum. It's studily made, and everything fits together with a satisfactory click. The suction control has 3 settings: normal, higher, and suck-grandma's-teeth-out-from-the-vent (How did they get down there anyway?)

    We have beauttiful hardwood floors, and it works like a dream sucking dust from every crevice. We also have a fair number of small area rugs (3x5 or 2x6), and these are more of a challenge. Even on normal suction, this vacuum can pull a loose thread from these small rugs, can create a tangle while also unraveling quite a bit of rug. (These are cheap Target rugs that we throw down to protect the floors from the ravages of our dogs running through the house.) This is not a problem with our better made area rugs.

    Very happy we made this purchase. Easy to move around, works well, good value for the moolah!...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vac
    I love my new Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vac! I had a WindTunnel upright and really liked the power but not the style. This one is the greatest. Good power; and very convenient....more info
  • bad-fitting wand to power nozzle causes one-way vacuuming
    This is what could have been an excellent product, both in design and performance, however, a flaw in either enginineering or manufacturing caused power in the power nozzle to fail when vacuuming in reverse. Hoover, after much wrangling and three representatives, finally agreed to replace (rather than repair) the brand-new unit as there are NO New Jersey repair outlets and it is impractical to ship back to original place of purchase.

    As well, there are several smaller rubber pieces such as the gasket-type fitting where the power cord winds back into the unit, which fell off with ordinary wear (first use!). It is not a Japanese or German product, which I am sorry to say could mean unexpected trouble these days. We expect more from Hoover and the good ol' USA products....more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister
    Great product. I vaccum my family room on a weekly basis and the cleaning lady gets her own cleaner and inspite of all this, the first day we ran this I could not believe the dirt it got out from our family room and ever since then I have been a fan. Now I only have had this for a month or so, so not much on longevitiy area. Will keep everyone posted. ...more info
  • Could not be happier!
    With 3 teenagers and I dog, I have been through numerous vacuum cleaners and would give them no more than an average rating. My mother suggested a canister type vacuum and I found this one online. I bought it was a birthday gift to myself and boy am I happy!! The carpets look fantastic, the suction power is above anything I have had before, and it's easy to get around the house. The dirt cup is easy to remove and it was amazing what the vacuum picked up. I would highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Best Bang for the Buck
    I am a researchaholic and on the cheap side, so far this vacuum has fit the bill. When I had narrowed my choices down I was torn between this Hoover and the Electrolux Harmony. The deciding factor was the washable filters that the Hoover is equipped with. As a pet owner frequent vacuuming is a way of life so I didn't feel like being a slave to the cost of the disposable bags and hepa filters of the Electrolux. I can recommend the Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vac with confidence however I can't attest to it's longetivy as I haven't had it very long. I will say that Amazon.com is by far the best way to shop online. Two thumbs way up for Amazon! :)...more info
  • Lifts dirt long hidden
    I had been using an upright vac for my small carpeted area and a shop vac for all else until I tired of lugging two machines around. This machine fills both functions, saves on storage space and has a lot of features that make use especially easy. The ability to increase the suction really surprised me. The machine virtually pulled itself across the carpet on the third setting and dragged tons of dirt my old machine had just skimmed over. THe ability to extend the wand with a simple click enables one to get to the top of drapes or all the way under the sofa.

    Empting the dirt container does have to be done more frequently than is necessary with a bagged vac. I do it outside to avoid any stray dust settling back in the house. A small brush is included to clean the folds of the filter but the Shop Vac comes in handy again for this.

    There's a nice assortment of attachments but only a few store on the canister itself. The powered upholstry brush really lifted the dust from my chairs and sofa.

    All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase. ...more info
  • DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!
    CHANGE STAR RATING TO MINUS 1!!!!I bought this vacuum in Jan. 2007. I have 2 cats, so needed something with good suction. It is great at cleaning, but now it seems to be shorting out if I try to use it with carpet mode on. Hose also tends to start kinking in funny ways and can be cumbersome while vacuuming. Has anyone else had any of these issues. I wouldn't have expected problems this soon in ownership. UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW!!!At just about 7 months of ownership the light went out and it has been downhill ever since! I researched a while before buying based on the positive reviews. After owning an Oreck, which was a piece of junk, I looked for something that could really get up the pet hair of 2 cats. The suction was great from day 1 on this vacuum, although I found it a bit cumbersome to use. I constantly was emptying the canister and cleaning filter, but I attributed that to the pet hair. Just after a year ownership the brush worked intermittently and sometimes I couldn't turn it off without unplugging it. This evolved to the brush only working if handle was completely parallel to floor ( this worked by vacuuming in a sitting position on floor, thus my shoulder and elbow pain). This morning it all went up in smoke (literally) as I tried to vacuum my living room. It is now sitting on the front porch ready for the garbage pick-up. Even my crappy Oreck lasted at least a little longer. If this is Hoover's quality, I'll pass on it from now on!...more info
  • Very good!
    Very happy with the wind tunnel. excellent suction, good buy for the money. bulky to store, frustrating that the smaller parts don't come with a storage rack or drawer. Other than that, a great product....more info
  • This is the best bagless Canister around
    This Vacuum has a lot of power and a really long cord to make it easier to clean several different places without changes outlets. The only problem I have is I have to empty the container that hold the dirt frequently. I guess my house is really dirty, plus I have two cats and a dog and the pet hair builds up fast in the dirt holder....more info
  • The Best vacuum I've ever had
    I'm amazed at how much dirt this machine takes out of my rug! The controls on the handle are convenient. Love the retractible electrical cord. It has two powered bushes- one for the rug and one for the sofas and other fabrics. I do not like the floor brush that doesn't engage securely with wand and falls off pretty easily. The floor brush is just plastic without a metal fitting to attach the wand and the hose securely. I also don't like the fact that the power rug cleaner just flops when you lift it off the rug. Some reviewers complained that the wand would not stand up when not in use but it does if the wand is leaning forward. I will no longer have to buy new vacuums. A $176 vacuum made me perfectly happy....more info
  • Hoover canister vac
    This is a surprisingly powerful vac with some great features. I had never owned a Hoover before (always Kenmore) or a bagless vac, but decided to give it a try. I love the telescoping wand. It is lightweight and easy to manuever. My only gripe is that the power cord is a bit on the short side....more info
  • My first "adult" vacuum cleaner
    Very effective even in a house with 3 long hair cats! Make sure the filter/dust container is fully inserted. Powerful, not clumsy, well designed.
    Disclaimer - I had it only for about a month so I cannot testify about wear and tear (loss of power over time, etc...) but so far - I am satisfied....more info
  • finally, a good vacuum
    My vac arrived in a timely fashion and in brand new condition (as described). I'm very happy w/it, although my hubby hates canister vacs. However, I've had nothing but bad luck w/all of the uprights that I've purchased. This vacuum handles easily and cleans well-but I must admit I don't use it very often-my weekly cleaners do. I have been pleased w/it the times that I have had to use it though....more info
  • Agreat little machine
    I bought this vacuum for the upstairs only, but it works soooo well that I keep bringing it down to the rest of the house.. It works great on carpets and floors.. I live with kids and three dogs and it really does a great job... Had it for three years so far!! The only thing I wish, was the canister being bigger.. You do need to empty it out a lot.. So carry a garbage bag with you.. and enjoy the power this little machine gives.......more info
  • best vacuum ever!!! Love It!!!
    I love this vacuum cleaner. It is light and easy to use. It keeps my rugs looking great. I have 2 labs that are shedding and all of their hair is readily picked up. The tool to do the furniture is great and works magnificiently. It's powered by the vacuum cleaner. I actually feel like an advertisement for it. I just have to tell people how great it is. I would say the only down side is cleaning the canister and filter. But I don't mind. It's better, I think, because you don't have a bag of dust mites and allergens sitting in your closet, waiting to be thrown out when the bag is full....more info
    I am very happy with my new vacuum. I am amazed at all the dirt it picks up. Works wonderfuly on carpets but not so much on wood floors. The floor attacment won't even fit under my couch and the suction is not so great. So I just use a floor duster to get under there. But it has exceeded my expectations on my carpets! Also when I got the vacuum the handle on the dirt canister was cracked in half...I'm sure I could have exchanged it but I just taped it up with electrical tape and its holding up great....more info
  • Great little vacuum cleaner
    - light and compacts, easy to carry and clean
    - great suction
    - auto retracting cord. You don't realise how much you need this until you don't have it!
    - easy to get out, setup and then store for quick jobs.

    - smallish dust can. I found it needs emptying and cleaning about every 2 weeks in a mid sized house with mostly hardwood and 3 young boys.
    - seems well made, but noticed a little loose fit on the metal tube - air hiss and slight wobble.

    - Reliability? Only had it for a month - no issues yet....more info
  • Excellent
    I checked with consumer reports and they gave this vaccuum excellent reviews. I also look at other peoples's ratings. I like everything about this product and advised my daughter to buy it. It is easy to carry up my stairs, has a wide brush that gets the edge of the floors and its suction is very powerful. I saw where some people said the dust cup was too small. I did not find this a problem at all. I just carry a small plastic bag when I go to another room and empty it. Because of the great job it does, I don't consider it a problem at all. I also enjoy the retractable cord. It makes it easier for storing. I highly reccommend this vaccuum....more info
  • Nice Vacuum!
    This is the first canister vacuum I have ever owned and I have to say it works for my needs. I have mostly slate floors and area rugs so the carpet to floor option is great. The attachments are nice and most of all I love how the dirt gets trapped in a well designed canister. The only reason I gave it four stars is that I wish the cord was longer! If it were just a couple feet longer it would have been perfect! ...more info
  • excellent canister vacuum
    good suctioning power, easy to maneuver and easy to assembly.
    My Sears canister broke down after one year and to repair
    would cost the same as purchasing this Hoover. THereby, I
    switched. I am very happy with this one for now.. We shall
    see how long this one will last....more info
  • Great to have a more powerful vacuum
    I had not purchased a new vacumm for 10 years. What a surprise to see how powerful a new 12 amp vacuum really is. I am getting used to the bagless function. I think a system with a bag is better.

    Also like the ease to switch from the tile to the carpet and to be able to change the amount of suction at your fingertips. Much more convenient.
    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum...more info
  • requires too much maintenance
    Cleans good but the tiny dirt compartment need dumping after 10 minutes of vacuuming and the filter needs cleaning every 3-4 times you use the machine. Cleaning the filter is a big messy job that takes about 30 minutes to do properly.
    I wish i would have purchased one with a bag!!!...more info
  • just about perfect if it lasts
    After reading some scary negative reviews and many positive ones I finally took the plunge and went for this. It came out to be a fine vacuum. So far it has lived up to my high expectations. The product and its finishing looks flimsy and cheap but it worked just fine. If this lasts for some good time I would say it's just one perfect home cleaning vacuum. The dust cup is too small - is my biggest complaint so far. It gets filled quite fast (depending on how frequently you use this to clean your house:) )...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price
    I bought this vacuum about three weeks ago, as a replacement for a Dirt Devil upright that I had had for several years. Overall, it has been a great vacuum so far.

    Pros: Great suction power, that is variable depending on what you are using it for. We have 2 cats and a dog, and it does a great job of picking up the pet hair off the hardwood floors and the furniture. It's lightweight, and fairly easy to maneuver around. The powered hand attachment is great for cloth furniture, and it makes getting pet hair off a breeze.

    Cons: The vacuum does tend to get stuck on its own cord if you are trying to roll it over the cord using the front wheel first. That can be annoying on hardwood floors when you are trying to do a quick clean up. To get the hardwood floor attachment to stay on well, you have to depress the lock button that is made for the carpet sweeper attachment. The hardwood floor attachment does not actually lock, but in order for it to stay on well, you have to push it over the button. Lastly, the carpet sweeper is very powerful...a great pro if you have carpet. I have only rugs and it tends to be too much power for them, and sucks them up into the beaters. But, it's not enough of a distractor for me to worry about.

    Overall, great buy for the price and features you get. I would definitely buy this vacuum again....more info
  • Worth the money
    Great price and an excellent product. Great power and aggitator brush - fluffs up carpet. Did a test, vacuumed with our 8yr old unit, then revacuumed again over same area, this unit picked up signigicant more dirt.
    Keeps carpets clean and fluffy - which is what we wanted...more info
  • SL
    I love this vacuum. It does just what I need it to do, and follows me where I need it to go....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 Cannister Vacuum has a serious problem
    I purchased an S3765-040 Hoover Canister Vacuum in March 2008. It has a serious problem with the carpet and floor power nozzle. The problem is that the brush stalls when it is placed on a carpet. This happens on a very ordinary area rug with normal pile height; it is not a high, thick pile. The brush actually quits turning even though the motor still runs (you can hear the motor turning). It began to happen after using the cannister vac only 5 times, on two small carpets, one 8 x 12, and the other 4 x 8. So there was no reason to expect any worn out parts. The unit was taken to a Hoover service center and the belt was replaced. Upon using it again for less than 5 minutes the same brush stall problem reoccurred. Trying various settings of suction made no difference in performance. After calling Hoover they are sending out a new brush. I doubt that a new brush will make any difference but am willing to try it. It seems to me that the power nozzle design allows the agitator brush bristles to protrude too far through the bottom opening and contact the carpet much too aggressively so that stalling is impossible to avoid. In other words there is in my opinion either a basic design problem or the brush is manufactured with bristles which are too long. Whichever is true, the unit at present is totally unsatisfactory for carpet use. And regarding the statement in the manual that it "automatically adjusts to different carpet pile heights": the wheels and brush in the carpet power nozzle are fixed in vertical position, and there are no height adjustment provisions, either manual or automatic. So their statement about automatic adjustment is disingenuous at best.

    On the positive side, the vac has excellent suction and is quiet. The powered hand tool does a very good job at picking up pet hair and dust from furniture and vehicle upholstery. The dirt cup is easy to empty. The controls and switches on the hand grip are easy to use, and the telescoping wand is great. I like the cord rewind feature also. There is a lot to like about this product and it will be a "keeper" IF the brush stalling problem can be solved....more info
  • Great if you only need it to work problem free for 6 months!
    This vacuum was great...for about 6 months. Small problems at first - cheap attachments that break easily ... the power cord stops retracting on a regular bases..then the power switch starts getting tricky on you..finally when you plug it in NOTHING. It doesn't turn on anymore and the light that comes on to tell you it's plugged in doesn't light; it isn't the outlet or anything else other that a rip off vacuum. I bought this in September of 2006 - it's in the garbage end of April 2008. So for the past 17 months or so I paid about $10 a month to vacuum my house once a week. That's about a little over $2 each time I used it (and I skipped some weeks.) DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM. The good reviews come from the people who just bought it and haven't used it long yet....more info
  • good vacuum
    The directions didn't say anything about the wand adjusting height. My first time using this vacuum I thought it was too short and was going to cause a backache until I accidentally adjusted and now the height is perfect. I love the location of the floor/rug switch and the multiple levels of suction power. This a great vacuum that works quite well on both my rugs and hardwood. The fill cup is too small and a little awkard to empty would be about my only complaint. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is my second Hoover WindTunnel. We purchased the first one 4 years ago and it is still doing an excellent job. Having a three story house I got tired of going up and down stairs so we use the the other one full time in the basement. Between hardwood floors and rugs this is the best we have found. The bagless canister is the easiest to keep clean. I do wish they would make a soft brush for cleaning pictures and other wall fixtures....more info
  • great canister vacuum for the price
    I've always had an upright. My last vacuum was a bissel lift off revolution and i really liked it until it started smoking (after only a year and a half). since i have hardwood floors i decided that perhaps a canister vacuum would be better. i like the suction power and the different speeds and the fact that i can switch from carpet to bare floor with the touch of a button located very conveniently on the handle. the only drawback would be that i have to empty the canister 3 times before i finish my 1700 sq foot house (with my bissel i only emptied it once at the end). ...more info
  • Parts busted on first use!
    I was so excited to be getting a decent vacuum cleaner and yes it was great on the hardwood floors but then i gave it a run on the rug and on came this fancy rotator brush which then busted 10 seconds later.. i haven't taken it apart yet but i think the belt is busted. thank goodness there is a simple nozzle for the floors i can use cause god knows i am too lazy to get the broken one fixed. disappointing. why do they need to put those stupid rotating brushes in vacuums anyway?...more info
    Great vac! Powerful yet lightweight. Bagless container isn't so simple to clean though. Very satisfied overall. Great price!...more info
  • It's OK...
    Well, it is an okay vacuum machine, but I really do not think is strong enough. It is very good for carpets, but that much fo hard floors.
    + Easy to clean and wash
    + come with 4 attachments, great
    + very aggressive for carpets
    - it is quite heavy and big
    - hard floor vacuum is not strong enough
    - does not have cleaning sensor...more info
  • Hoover S3765 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I have a medium haired cat who produces a lot of shedding hair. So far this Hoover produces enough cleaning power to pick up the hair from everything. I only wish the power brush was electrically powered instead of being vacuum powered. The unit works great....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I wish the dirt cup was bigger and was less messy to empty - but other than that, it does a fantastic job. Very powerful; performs as advertised....more info
  • Seems like a Good Choice
    Good Vacuum for the price. Sucks real good. Adjustable suction lets you control how much or how little. Bagless is convenient but a little dirty- i empty outside. What?? no beater bar height adjustment?? Seems to be set real low- cleans rugs well, but seems to beat the heck out or rugs. Works great for me on both hardwoods and carpets. Ability to turn off beater with thumb controls is great!! Seems pretty durable....more info
  • The best of the best
    I absolutely love this vac. I did a lot of research before buying and this one sounded the best.I use it almost daily and has more suction than any I have used. My last 2 vacs I paid over $1,000 for and they weren't as good as this one. The dust cup is small but I empty it after each use and I think that is part of the reason for the great suction power. I does a great job on my furniture also. The wand is a little heavy but it is just so easy to use that I don't care about that. LOVE IT....more info
  • Super suction
    This cannister vacuum gets pet hair (3 cats) and it isn't even called a pet hair vacuum. Does a good job on bare floors and an excellent job on carpets, even shag. I would like it to be a little lighter and a little more manuverable, but it's well worth the price. Love the retractable cord....more info
  • No Height Adjustment
    I've had this vacuum for over one year and the roller brush has never worked correctly. The brush would only turn when I pushed the head forward. From reading many reviews today I see that I'm not the only one having this problem. I have berber carpet and the roller will only turn when on tile. After spending quite some time trying to fix the problem, finally the roller brush spins continuously like it should have from day one. With no height adjustment available, the WHEELS WERE TAKEN OFF the head attachment. Now it works. ...more info
  • DON'T buy this vacuum
    There's a reason why they sell this product with the ad:

    "Better Together. Buy this item with Hoover Agitator Belt today!"

    I purchased this vacuum in late 2007 after reading most of the Amazon product reviews. None of the reviews mentioned that the belt comes off OFTEN. I have taken it in for service twice. I was told that the belt comes off when using it to vacuum wool rugs and animal fur. I was also advised to use the "low" suction when doing so.

    Certainly not pet-owner-friendly. Get yourself a Dyson....more info
  • Meets Expectations
    Overall, this vacuum is pretty good. We've had it for a month, and it seems to be comparable to the previous windtunnel we owned (replaced because it died one day). The suction seems very good and we're impressed with the amount of dirt it picks up. Just a few downsides: the canister fills up rather quickly because the suction is so hard, loose carpet fibers are constantly being collected; the base doesn't sit well on a step, making the stairs a bit more difficult to clean; and the vacuum doesn't have onboard storage for its extra pieces. ...more info
  • everyone vacuums now!
    Lightweight, user friendly, easy to clean. Canister needs emptying almost every time it's used (I have 2 cats one with long hair). However, that also means I don't overfill the canister and it's ready to use the next time! Price was better than in the local stores (ie Dallas) and other reviews rated this machine as a good product, which we agree. Windtunnels are were highly rated. ...more info
  • check this out
    The vacuum was easy to assemble. I should have read entire manual first. the vacuum worked better than i hope for. If I could compare this vacuum to an auto it would be a luxury Buick for the cost of a small car. now the pro's and con's. I found the other 5 star reviews to be accurate; on the positive abttribute's. about the con's if you pull the cord all the way out you can vac three rooms; if you plug it in the middle room. the hose is long enough if the wand is telescoped out. the motor is so powerful if you use the carpet head you should run it on the lowest power setting, because the brush is turned by wind power and not a second motor. running it on setting two or three causes the brush to slow down and is harder to pull back. maybe thats what causes the belt problem's. i've read about. The vacuum will pull over the cord if you lift up, just a little bit. as far as the dust bin, after it's empty, blow it out, with compressed air, it will be dry and look like new. as far as the other tool's they will stay on if you push them on . If they still won't stay on drill a small hole in the sleave for the button .I can think of two or three way's of carring them on board with you. If i experence any probems
    i'll write another review.

    ...more info
  • super value super quality
    I was looking for a vacuum cleaner that was bagless, light weight, easy to use on stairs, powered stair tool, excellent for picking up pet hair, and made to last. This is it! In addition the controls are in the handheld, not on the canister which is a BIG unexpected plus!...more info
  • Unbelievable headache
    Bought this vacuum in mid-February and it's been terrible since the moment I hit "Place Order." First of all, it took two weeks to arrive--but that's the problem with using super saver shipping. I had pet hair piling up like tumbleweed while I waited for it to come by camel from Nevada to New York. Then it finally arrives, and for about ten minutes it's great, sucking incredible amounts of dirt and debris out of the carpet. I did notice that the container is miniscule, however, and that it was half full after only that short period. But before I had time to fill it the rest of the way, the brush stopped rotating. I opened it up and the belt had come off. Put it back on and resumed vacuuming, and it immediately came off again. A call to Hoover resulted in them telling me I must be using the wrong belt, even though it was the one that came on it. They sent another one by mail. When it arrived and we put it on, the exact same thing happened after five or ten minutes of Hoovering. Called Hoover and was informed that the closest service center is in the Bronx. We're in Manhattan, so why would I get in a cab and go all the way to the Bronx--and have to go back to pick it up, as well--to get their stupid faulty machine fixed? The lady had zero sympathy and told me to call Amazon. I followed her advice, but thanks to the two-week shipping and the time it took for Hoover to send the same belt it came with, I was told we'd just passed the 30-day return period. My wife and I had no choice but to start calling around to the "local" service centers, but so far, everyone we've described the problem to has laughed and told us to return it or throw it out. Apparently, this is a huge problem with Hoover machines and is virtually impossible to repair. Another call to Hoover was essentially useless--we can ship it to them at our own cost or else we're outta luck. Thanks Amazon; thanks Hoover. Consumers, be warned: do not buy this product unless you enjoy throwing cash into the vacuum....more info
  • Great Product
    Works better than expected. I was amazed at how much dirt was still in my carpet after using my last vacuum. ...more info
  • Wouldnt buy another.....
    I just moved to Vegas. When I lived at home with my parents, my brother and I bought this vacuum for my mother because she needed a new one. At first, we were very skeptical that this was not going to suck good on the different carpets we had and MAN IT DOES!!! I have a cat here in my apartment, and this Vacuum even picks up the little things that get embedded in the carpet! When I first moved here i bought a $100 vacuum from walmart, but donated that and purchased this! I would highly recommend this vacuum!!!! ( for small spaces, my apartment, and large spaces, my parents house)...more info
  • Competitive
    Light, flexible, easy to store & use. Powerful, especially satisfactory with carpets/rugs. Was cheaper than retail price. On-time & safe shipping....more info
  • Perfect Machine
    We had many vac's and after comparing vac's online for reviews and cost I purchased this Hoover S3765-040. It is the easiest, compact and powerful vac I had. I saw some reviews about having to empty the dust canister too often but I don't see why even though I ususally empty it at the end of every vacuuming. The smaller attachments are conviently inside the top cover. I can't say a bad thing about this vacuum cleaner. I really like that there are three power settings for smaller rugs. The main roller head is a perfect width and makes carpets look good!...more info
  • love this hoover!!
    I have been wanting a new vacuum cleaner for awhile, and I had always been disappointed with my uprights. My mother had a cannister vac when I was young so I decided to get one. As a physical therapist, i always have pts with back pain who have a hard time vacuuming. I wanted one that would be easy to use and one that I could let my mom use, so she would not hurt after cleaning. This vac has great suction and goes completely under all of my furniture. i love the on/off switch..it is so easy to access, right on the handle. You can adjust the suction as needed and anytime you want to use the extension wand, just press the lever with your foot and it detaches. It is easy to transport, i disassemble and put it in my car. It is so easy to clean. I rinse the cannister and filter each time I use it and let it air dry...there is no lingering odor for the next time I use it. The only bad points: the cord could be a little longer and not all of the tools fit onboard. But I can live with that and wouldn't trade anything for this great vac...great value for the money. I researched for 2 weeks before making my decision..this one should last me for years and years!!...more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel
    Suction is very good, but the canister is so small, I need to empty it after each use! The filter needs to be cleaned each time, too. Not a good vacuum for a large house or for someone with animals that shed....more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Canister
    I ordered this sweeper after much research on the best rated canister vacuums. I love shopping at Amazon and was sure I would like this sweeper. It is sturdy and well built with the exception of the hand held tools such as the dusting brush and crevice tool. These looked like they would not last.
    I seldom send back anything I order, but I did this purchase. I did not think it was a bad vacuum but was not for people who want a simple canister to use for "dust bunnies" and cat hair on tile floors. Too big heavy and awkward for that. I may not have paid enough attention to the dimensions in the listing, if in fact there was any.
    I was wanting to continue using my wonderful upright (Eureka Smart Vac) for the carpets, so I did not really need the power driven hose attachments. Just make sure this is the right vacuum for your purposes. ...more info
  • Good value for a canister vac
    Seems to do the job! I have both hardwood and carpet and wanted a vac that would transition easily from one to the other. This vac is very light and easy to use. On the downside, it arrived with the handle to the dust cup broken, when I called Hoover they wanted to charge for a replacement, so I'm taping it up instead! Apart from that it seems to be a good vaccum....more info
  • great vacuum
    Great price great product. Only gripe is made in China - but what isn't? I would recommend this any day. ...more info
  • Unhappy and upset
    I am really upset with this vacuum. The first time I used it the belt came off and the carpet vacuum would not work. I had to go find a vacuum dealer who sold this type of belt. I was then told that Hoover is no longer in business (probably why this vacuum was on sale). Had I known this I would never have purchased this vacuum. The second time I used the vacuum, the same thing happened, the belt came off AGAIN! If you plan to purchase this vacuum, be sure to have plenty of belts available. I bought three. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I bought this vacuum to clean my mostly hardwood main floor so I could move my dyson upright upstairs, where we have more carpet. Once I got used to maneuvering around with the canister, it has been a great weapon against the dog hair and small child generated dirt and crumbs that plague my busy household. Great suction, great attachments, and I love the simplicity of the bagless dirt collection. The telescoping wand feature is nice, making it adaptable for persons of various heights to vacuum comfortably (important for husband cleaning recruitment). I have also enjoyed the adjustable suction feature for cleaning more delicate items like drapes, tassle rugs, and lampshades. I would not dare touch these things with my tornado suction Dyson for fear of destroying them! The only small drawbacks as other reviewers have mentioned are- SHORT cord- I solved this by leaving a really long extention cord plugged into the vacuum all the time, so I can vacuum the entire downstairs on one plug. Heavy extention wand- the rest of the vacuum is very light and maneuverable but this thing is made of some really heavy steel. Could be used as home defense I guess. Small dirt collection container- needs to be emptied frequently, especially if you have pets. In contrast, the long cord, light extension pole, and large dirt collection container are all things I was used to on my Dyson upright, which is a fabulous vacuum for cleaning regular carpets. Overall, this vacuum accomplishes the purpose for which I bought it very well and is ideal for households that have a lot of hardwood and tile to clean. I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • amazing yet disappointing
    My first opinion, because of the weight, was that this was a toy. Then I saw how much dirt it picked up. I was amazed. I used the machine twice, but the third time it wouldn't run. Checked the belt (which was somewhat difficult to get to) and it was off. Fixed it three times before it would stay on. Now I hear a rattling noise that wasn't there to begin with. The dust cup is difficult to empty, scattering dust wherever. The suction, however, still amazes me. I probably wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • More than expected
    Bought this just to do stairs---ended up using it in place of Panasonic rug vacuum on all carpets and floors! ...more info
  • Best Vacuum
    all I can say is this is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I mostly have wood floors and the bare floor attachment is by far the best, bigger than any other I've seen and it does great on the carpet as well.

    It is bagless, and I guess that is a minus for some people, but I don't mind it, I just empty it into the trash in the garage....more info
  • Sucks
    Turn this thing on full power and it will drag you across the floor with it. Great suction, and lightweight. Coupled with the fact that it has no bag to replace, I would recommend this vacuum...more info
  • Don't do it!!!!!!!!!
    Wow,I was so excited to treat myself to a new vacuum. The belt DOES NOT stay on the motor. I took it to an authorized service center and he said it just needed a new screw put in......I don't think so. I didn't have it home 5 minutes and the belt came off again. Great vacuum if only the belt stayed on, that happens to be a big problem. Don't do it you'll only be aggravated. Keep looking.......Betsy Steckel...more info
  • Best Vacuum
    This is one fine vacuum! It is compact, easy to manuver,versital, powerful, and; easy to store....more info
  • Broken after 11 months
    I received this as a housewarming gift in January 2007. 11 months later, it hardly ever turns on. It is totally broken. Spoke to Hoover and they told me to bring it to the service center since it was in warranty. Did that, they told me they could not fix it. Hoover will not stand by their product and Amazon can't help me after the 6 month point. So I am stuck with a vacuum that doesn't even turn on. Save yourself the aggrivation and don't buy a Hoover .What a nightmare. And amazingly, Hoover couldn't care less and actually told me that I should buy a new vacuum. One rep on their help desk asked me 'what do you expect for $180?'. Outrageous. Don't buy this product. I threw mine away and bought a Dyson. What a shame. A waste of money and I am sure there are others all over the place buying this horrible product and just throwing it away in under a year....more info
  • Intuitive?
    This design is quite interesting. Someone handed the engineer a specification; the engineer must have kept adding features until someone told him to STOP WORK. This vacuum is a good example of how to make a simple machine complicated. Finding the ON-OFF switch is not obvious so I had to consult the manual. (I don't use this as much as my upright.) It works fine, but there are so many handle options and accessories that I needed a stiff drink after I finished vacuuming. It certainly looks rugged. If you want to rewind the AC cord, you need to press a lever. Wow!! It is a wind tunnel!! But it doesn't play CD's ......more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum Cleaner- Hepa
    This is a great little canister vacuum cleaner with variable suction control, it has all of the necessary attachments such as a crvice tool, floor cleaner, and upholstery brush. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and does not require a bag. Cleaning seems to be quicker with this vacuum than prior one. I really recommend it to anyone and it also has a very neat futuristic styling to it....more info
  • 9 months: the magic point of disappointment?
    I was really excited by this vacuum when we first got it. Definitely 5 stars. There is no doubt in my mind that this machine tests well in product comparisons. My wife and I really did a lot of research before buying this. And it performed really well at the start. But now 9 months down the road, I am really disappointed.

    Compiling my own experience into what I have read others say, the brush attachment is a real Achilles heel. If you have a lot of carpets, you may want to consider the following carefully.

    After owning ours for 9 months the brush attachment just stopped spinning - unless you pushed down on the back of the attachment with a great deal of force so it would pop a wheelie and lift the brush off the carpet. I pulled the brush unit apart two times to clean it to make sure that debris was not the cause.

    Here's the deal. With the brush not able to spin very fast, the belt moved more slowly than the motor wanted to drive it. So over time the drive axle polished the belt smooth. As a result the belt lost any ability to grip the drive axle. My temporary solution is to sand the belt with 60 grit sand paper. This gets it to start working better but not greatly. You can smell the belt burning just a bit as you use it. Sweet, right?

    What are we vacuuming? Once a week we vacuum 1000 SF of low pile carpet. I think the problem is that there is no height setting on the brush. Because of this, the brush just bites too hard into the carpet (and this is not high pile shag) making it run slower than the motor wants it to. You can't adjust the brush up to make it have a little less contact and spin better.

    To change the belt you have to remove the outside housing (four screws) and then another housing (three screws) over the brush. From there you can pull out the belt and sand a bit of teeth back into it. - Or just replace it.

    Which is just not going to work for me. From reading other reviews on Amazon, 9 months seems to be the magic point of disappointment, so I don't feel so all alone here.

    But all is not so bad. While I was in there, I could change the bulb. After 9 months, that is burned out.
    ...more info
  • sucks a lot
    I've had this hoover for a month now and love it. Floor has never been cleaner. One small drawback is getting the hose to stand alone. Other than that it's run like a Cadillac. Love the little compartments for the accessories too, so handy!...more info
  • Better than Kirby Vacuum
    A Kirby salesman came to our house and did his little demonstration thing. During the demonstration, he poured sand in my carpet to show how superior his vacuum was compared to ours. Yeah it sucked out a lot of the sand, but after he left, we found that there was still quite a bit of sand still in our carpet. Our vacuum cleaner was just about dead so we decided to get a new one. After a lot of research, we chose this Hoover vacuum cleaner. It was able to suck up all the sand that the Kirby had left behind. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • It's great if you like Filthy floors and throwing away money
    Far and away the most poorly designed product since the Yugo. The belt came off within the first few hours of light use. I put it back on. It came off again. Rinse and repeat. I sent it back. They sent a replacement. The belt came off. Of course it did: It's designed wrong. There's nothing to hold it there, so it comes off. I would, too.
    If you're planning on buying this anyway, try this first instead: Line up about 170 one-dollar bills on a 10 x 17 square. Tape the edges together. Lay it over your rugs and floors to keep them clean. At least it'll last longer than this thing did, and you won't need to go to all the trouble of digging for Hoover's phone number....more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel canister vac
    I LOVE this vacuum. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. I sold my Dyson which was heavy and cumbersome to get this vacuum. It has great suction. My only wish was that the OFF button was somewhere other than on the hose as I often hit the off button by mistake....more info
  • Very good vacuum
    Am very pleased with the overall performance of this vacuum. There are a couple of little things not pleasing. Dusting brush is not very good and the way it is attached to the handle causes air to blow back at you. Also the attachment of the wall/floor brush is awkward. Had to go to a Hoover place to show us how to attach it. Guess I can live with this, but feel the company should be able to correct both items....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    This vaccum is exactly what I was looking for, bagless, somewhat quiet, not too heavy and very easy to operate....more info
  • Poorly designed & not built to last long - you will be disappointed
    Wow, was I misled. I am really surprised at how many positive reviews there are for this vacuum, and that is why I bought it. I only have two area rugs in my house, this is why I chose a canister. After 3 months of light use I cannot vacuum my area rugs, and my hard floors are difficult to vacuum because the floor attachment cannot stay on the pole.

    Admittedly it has good suction, is lightweight and has a great little suction-powered turbine brush for furniture & stairs, but that is about all there is good I can say about it.

    After such a short time it's clear that this is a lemon from both design and performance standards - it has way too many major flaws to justify purchasing it. Just read only the negative reviews on this one before you buy it, trust me. Here's what I have to add to its list of complaints:

    (1) The "powered nozzle" (floor carpet attachment) drive belt constantly pops off! I see a lot of complaints about this from other users. Did the designers ever use this thing on a carpet? I've only used this attachment about 5 times before the belt started popping off, now it happens every time I use it. This is a brand new belt on a brand new attachment!
    Now, get this: you have to remove SIX screws and TWO covers before you can get at the belt. What kind of goofy design is that? My 25-year old Kenmore canister has a simple access door you pop open to get at the belt, no screws! And the Kenmore's belt never pops off, it just breaks...about once every 5 years. You clowns at Hoover must've been really sure of your belt's performance to lock it behind six fasteners! The belt guard (what little there is) is very flimsy plastic, I cannot see it ever holding the belt on the motor shaft.

    (2) Also, this cheap short-lived carpet head has no height adjustment. The brushing action seems too powerful for any carpet over 1/64" high. This lack probably contributes to making the drive belt popping off.

    (3) The "ergonomic" control handle (somewhat inspired by HR Giger) may be admittedly a bit ergonomic, but it is ultimately too large and heavy (falls over if not constantly held in hand) and the button layout could be better. You will have frequent unwanted button presses due to poor placement. Then, find the reviews about what happens when this fancy handle breaks...

    (4) The two on-board cleaning "tools" are way too small, especially when stuck on the control handle. Fine, you can get these tiny attachments in small places, but not very far 'cause the handle's too big. They even look silly stuck on it. Next, where do you store the other two attachments? I'm not going to knit a bag for them...

    (5) This next flaw really amazes me... the powered carpet head can be locked onto telescoping pole, but the flat surface brush CANNOT! Huh? You guys couldn't put a hole at the base of the brush to hold it on to the pole's stud? It falls off the pole constantly with use! How is it supposed to stay on, with duct tape? Sad...

    (6) The dust cup is way too small, notably shallow. The dirt builds up in no time at all. If you have pets you will have to empty it every five minutes. (Hint: If you vacuum with another vacuum before you use this one, then you don't have to empty it as frequently.) I bet Hoover did the bagless design just so we would be gullible enough to buy them (those who won't shell out more dinero for a Dyson). Bagless doesn't work in a vacuum this size very well.

    Summary: A cheap short-lived poorly-designed throwaway hunk of plastic, hundreds to be seen in a landfill near you! Essential to the American lifestyle!

    Hoover needs to go back to the drawing board for this model. I'll go back to my 25-year old bagged Kenmore canister....more info
  • Worst vacuum ever owned
    This vacuum is a lemon and I want to return it. The belt continually comes off and you have to unscrew the entire piece to get it back on. It continually clogs and have to actually put a rod down into the want to get the clog out. It fills up after one vacuum and we continually have to empty it and clean the filter. I feel that i have been ripped off and wnat my money backand want to know how to return this lemon.
    Very unsatisfied.
    ...more info
  • Great little vacuum!!
    This is the second Hoover I have purchased.....this one was for my mother. I have had the first one for over 5 yrs and it is reliable, great suction and an all around good avacuum cleaner. Having all the buttons in the handle is also a plus....I would definitely buy a Hoover again.........more info
  • not worth it...
    Let me start out by saying I waited a full year after my purchase to write my review. It is not worth it to buy this vaccuum!!! It works very well for the first 2 months and then It just loses power. The brush stops spinning and the electronic controls work when they want to .. There are times when I have to plug it out of the wall because the power button wont work.. all in all this vaccuum is not worth it. Right now I have a cheap vac that cost me about $40.00 That is still ticking after 6 months!! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I love it.. My daughter has the same one and she loves it too.. I have to say that I retired my Oreck XL because it couldn't pick up lint on my carpets like the Hoover does......more info
  • Just what I hoped for.
    Exactly what I wanted. I read many other product reviews and this one, for the hardwood floor cleaning job I needed, worked perfectly. Plus best of all, it's reasonably priced. The only negative comment I have is, the suction control is on the handle and sometimes I increase or lower the power level inadvertantly.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum! Best Price found on Amazon,com
    I've been using this vacuum since it arrived (BEFORE scheduled date by weeks, literally). I use it several times daily as we have a mini farm and heat with wood. So there is always hay, sand, dirt and wood chips/dust to clean up, oh yeah, and plenty of dog hair & left over dog treats that didn't get ate. This vacuum does it all! I'm thrilled! If it last like my grandmother's Hoover I just retired, I will have more that gotten my money's worth!...more info
  • happy
    I use this vacuum only on my wood floors and am very happy with how it cleans. I haven't tried it on carpet. I use the telescope attachment and pull the cannister along behind me. I LOVE the auto-retracting cord. This is a brilliant feature that I would never live without again. The only improvement I would make would be if the cannister were light weight enough to carry around with a shoulder strap. I had an orek like this but it had bags which I detest. The bagless feature is wonderful. It's easy to empty and I don't ever have to worry about running out of bags or paying alot of money to buy them. This vacuum is great for getting all kinds of spots without changing attachments. I can vacuum the floor, window sills, ceilings, stairs, seat cushions without stopping. The suction is good. I would recommend it highly for non-carpet floors. I have no experience using it on carpet floors but it may be great there also....more info
  • Pleased
    We are very please with the new vacuum. We visited several stores to get the feel of the various products, i.e. uprights, canister, etc. After using it for a couple of weeks or so, we are pleased with our selection. The only small inconvenience is that the canister is fairly small. We have two cats and a long haired dog which doesn't help. Given our limited experience, we would recommend this product....more info
  • Don't buy this!
    Hoover Windtunnel S3765-040

    This broke within one week of purchasing. The belt that rotates the carpet brush kept popping off everytime I used it. This is a piece of junk. I will not be buying a Hoover again and am surprised this happened after all the good reviews. ...more info
  • Cannister Vac
    Good price, on time delivery, can't be better than that. No operator was included, darn, will have to do that myself....more info
  • Wouldn't Buy It Again
    I have this vacuum for almost 2 years. My place gets pretty dirty. I have two dogs who don't shed but bring in lots of dirt from their walks. While the cleaning has been great, I find it a pain to use.

    The positives:
    1.Strong, adjustable suction for carpets and rugs.
    2.Controls on handle make it easy to change settings.

    The negatives:
    1. Extremely heavy-- around 30 pounds. That is a lot for me to manage on stairs. Even if I add an extension cord, cleaning and holding the machine on stairs is awkward and difficult.
    2. Short cord.
    3. Wheels don't swivel so it moves awkwardly around things. Sometimes tips sideways.
    4. Attachments (other than power nozzle) don't go on securely or easily and don't swivel.

    Emptying the bagless dust section can be very messy. I usually empty it before I clean. There is a tool for scraping out all the dust and dirt that collects in the filter. I have had other bagless vacs and find this one messier. I often do it outside.

    I would prefer a lighter vacuum that moves more smoothly. Something that would just follow behind me effortlessly while I clean.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    Small, compact, excellent value at the price, its a great vacuum, does everything it's supposed to do. The adjustable suction is a bonus feature. No complaints....more info
  • Great vacuum!!
    Great value. Nothing comes close in this price range. terrific for bare floors, carpeting and furniture. Strongly recommend....more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum!!!! :)
    I have had this vacuum for 3 months and I absolutely love it! It has more suction compared to any stand up vacuum I have ever owned. It's bagless and I love that feature. The canister is small and requires you to dump it multiple times while vacuuming the entire house, but the results are worth it! If you dump the debris outside in a garbage can, it's not that messy. All of the filters are washable. Also, It picks cat hair up easily, another bonus. I highly recommend this vacuum!...more info
  • Super strong suction and many good features
    My Bissell bagless upright broke after less than 2 years and my cleaning lady recommended getting a canister vacuum. I read Amazon reviews for many, including much more expensive brands, and chose this one based on overall value and the high number of positive reviews. I just vacuumed with it for the first. WOW! Who knew my carpets were so full of dust! I was truly amazed at how incredibly well it cleans. Here are the pros and cons based on the first try:
    PROS: fabulous suction, base unit is not heavy and rolls easily, dirt cup is wonderfully easy to remove and empty, useful controls are right at your thumb, easy to vacuum under furniture, attachments are well designed, adjustable height for the handle.
    CONS: power head pulls forward very strongly so takes some upper body muscle to pull it back and can be a bit hard to maneuver but not too bad, power head flops down when carried (but this same feature allows it to take up less space in my broom closet), dirt cup needs frequent emptying but takes mere seconds.

    If it continues to perform like this, I'll be very happy with this purchase, especially for the sensible price of $180. ...more info
  • Not for people with lots of long pet hair!!!!
    I have a Golden Retriever and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The first time I used this vacuum I was very impressed with the suction - until the agitator belt came off! The very first time I used it, it came off. I looked at the brush roller in the power head and it had lots of dog hair wrapped around it. I'm not sure if that's what made it come off, but it's a pain to repair the belt. Not only do you have to unscrew 3 screws to take the power head cover off, but then unscrew 2 more screws to uncover the roller brush. We have almost all hardwood floors - the belt snapped off when I came to an entryway rug to vacuum and turned on the power to the roller brush.

    I also did not like the dirt cup. If you have long haired dogs or cats, the quantity of hair being sucked up will fill the cup to the max line very quickly.

    Needless to say, I wrapped it up and sent it back immediately. I'm ready to shell out some bucks now. On to Meile!!! ...more info
  • Defenetly good machine.
    Works good. I have it for 3-4 month, I am using mainly on wood floors, and some time on area rugs.Good suction. It is not very noisy. Good selection of attachments. It would be great if wood floor attachment could be locked on wand. It has tendency to fail off....more info
  • Nice vacuum
    Nice vacuum - works well on wood floors as well as carpet. Need to empty the canister a little more often than anticipated - but not really a problem, just need to remember. Kind of cute, too!...more info
  • WORST VACUUM EVER- Don't waste your money!!!!
    I wish I had read the poor reviews before purchasing this vacuum. It was actually recommended in Consumer Reports- which I cannot believe. I was happy with it the first two times I used it- then the belt fell off. We tried to replace it numerous times, only to have it come off again seconds later. The paperwork in the box from Hoover says, "We want to help!" What a joke!!! When you do finally get in touch with them (via email), they direct you to a service center. What? Bring a brand new vacuum in for service- are you kidding??? Thankfully, Amazon's customer service is stellar, and they replaced the vacuum immediately. This time the belt lasted even less time! It came off the very first time I used it! This is a fundamentally FLAWED product. Hoover knows about this problem, yet they continue to sell it- SHAME ON THEM! Read the "poor" reviews here- the belt is coming off everyone's vacuum! If Hoover had any scruples at all they would recall this product. I will never again buy from Hoover. Do yourself a favor and buy a different vacuum!...more info
  • Bad design, no customer service, don't purchase
    I bought this vacuum and used it only 3 times to vacuum several rooms. My house is small so the total time used each time was less than 15 minutes. So far, the belt on the wand has fallen off 3 times. Now it won't stay on at all. If the brush is not rotating, the vacuum doen't work. Service has consisted of Hoover telling me to take the machine to a service center. I'm so disgusted with Hoover and will never purchase their products again. Note, many of the other unhappy users on this string have experienced the same problem....more info
  • hoover s3765-040
    Excellent vacuum! After reading Consumer Reports, talking with friends, and researching different vacuums on the internet, I chose this one. I'm 100% pleased! It is light weight, easy to handle and quiet. We have hardwood, vinyl & carpet floors, pets, stairs & kids. I used to vacuum weekly; however, with this vacuum it has decreased to every other week! My two boys love to use it also. My 8 year old said, "We should have house cleaning parties every Saturday!".
    My recommendations - (1) Use the 15" wide brush for bare floors, as it will loosten dirt also. (2) To clean the filter use the hose on a gentle pressure. Then all the dirt returns to nature and doesn't clog your pipes. ...more info
  • Does its job
    I've had the unit for almost 2 years and it runs like the day I took it out of the box. I replaced an Electolux that I paid $350 USED. This beats the Electrolux all to heck. It's also fun to use. My 17 year old teenager actually volunteers to vacuum! It's the best value for the money I have seen in a vacuum cleaner. I give it five stars, HOWEVER nothing is perfect. The HEPA technology makes the house smell fresh after vacuuming but the dust bin needs to be emptied and the filter brushed and cleaned very often. Second, some of the attachments don't ride along on the unit and so they get misplaced (in my household) all the time. Those are the only things I think Hoover should change. ...more info
  • Don't hesitate to buy
    I purchased this product after my Kenmore hose split and it would cost me more to have Kenmore (or anyone else for that matter) repair it then to buy a new vacuum cleaner. I always liked the canister model. This one has so much power and it's so light weight. The power head for carpeting does a wonderful job and the floor brush is much wider than most so it covers more floor in one sweep. So far, I haven't had it long, I can't find anything wrong with it and the price is definitely right. It's also bagless, so you save on bags....more info
  • Happy with Everything
    This Vacuum was purchased for my elderly Aunt. She doesn't like uprights and canisters are very scarce now days. She told me she loves everything about it. Everything! She says it cleans great and has a larger beater brush than her previous vacuum. She is absolutely thrilled. My only concerns when purchasing it were reading other reviews that said that it fell apart relatively quickly or stopped working in a year. She's only been using it about a month now but luckily no problems yet. ...more info
  • Love this little guy
    The Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel has an attachment for cleaning uneven hard surface floors, and is the best I've found for cleaning tile floors. The small power-nozzel attachment works very well on stairs. This is a great vacuum for me!
    ...more info
  • great product
    I had one of these before. It was 2 1/2 yrs old and quit working. I tried to have it fixed but the repair would have been more than the vacuum was worth. I decided to purchase the Wind Tunnel again since the replacement warranty is now available. This Wind Tunnel is way more powerful and better made than the one I had before. I am very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. Caroline...more info
  • Stopped working after 3 weeks...
    I had this vacuum for about three weeks, before it just stopped working. The vacuum itself will still turn on, however, it appears as though the primary floor piece used for regular vacuuming is no longer functioning...brush doesn't spin...no suction...etc. maybe just a blown fuse, but still.... ...more info
  • Best vacuum I have owned in 25 yrs.
    This vacuum is the most powerful vacuum I have owned. The power is unbelievable. I have never been more satisfied of any product that I have purchased....more info
  • Very Impressed.
    After about one month of use I am very happy with this vacuum. It has great suction capability, with 3 levels of suction which is useful. It is quite compact compared with other canister vacs and works as well or better than any other vacuums I've used. At the price I don't think you can go wrong....more info
  • Great Hoover
    I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea how dirty my carpets were....I have been using a Hoover canister vacuum for many, many years, until one day it simply died. When I purchased this new Hoover, I realized my old vacuum hadn't been doing much of a job for quite some time. This bagless model is wonderful...it really, REALLY cleans..the wide attachment for wood floors covers a large area so quickly and gets under all the furniture. The attachment for carpets works very well. I wish the dirt cup were a little larger, but other than that, I have no complaints. After washing the filter and waiting for it to dry before I could use it again, I decided to purchase a second filter. I highly recommend it and it had a very good review in Consumer Report magazine....more info
  • Very pleased!
    I researched vacuums and was truly grateful for everyone's review before mine, as it helped in my determination. I love my little "R2D2"! The power is awesome, the versatility is spot on and I love how familiar I am with it already (like an informercial!). It does everything and makes cleaning stairs a snap. I no longer have to sweep my wood floors everyday...with my asthma it's no fun. I vacuum more and breathe better. Pick one up! Great price!...more info
  • A Great Value
    I bought this vacuum cleaner for a house that I share with four roommates about 4 months ago now, so I feel I have a pretty good understanding of it. I wont be super detailed about it because as it stands being shared by 5 people in this one house, a lot of things are subject to opinion, but here are my thoughts:

    On the positive end of things, this vacuum sucks. We went from two vacuums that each worked about half of the time to this, but the amount of dirt we are pulling up now just doesn't compare. It has multiple levels of suction that are changed by a button on the handle, which is nice. I generally leave it on the lowest setting and it does great. The beater brush is very strong also, strong enough to pull your arm as soon as you turn it on (which feels great but may or may not actually amount to anything!)

    On the negative side, for the amount of dirt it pulls up and being a canister vacuum, it really does not hold a lot of dirt and needs to be emptied after just a couple of uses. Also, though this may just be a matter of my roommates being lazy and vacuuming up the wrong thing (actually I'm sure it is), the hose clogs up somewhat easily. This actually is more of a positive however, as the assembly is easy to take apart in pieces and unclogs in seconds, where you would be generally screwed with an upright.

    All in all, for how much its on sale, it is an amazing deal....more info
  • I love this canister vac!
    I searched for a while for the perfect canister vacuum and I found it! I had always owned uprights, and with three children, and lots of stairs in my house, I figured a canister vac would be the solution. I always lost suction in my other vacuums, but not with this one! It has power suction control, so if you want full power, just press it 3 times, magic! It is easy to maintain and clean, and the attachments are perfect! It handles well, and it is easy to use and change around. I love the extension wand, it makes hard to reach areas much easier to get to. The suction control is also good for when you want to vacuum those valances, but you don't want to suck them into the vacuum!!!!
    I know I own the best canister vac in this price range, and if you read reviews like I did, this should help you decide!...more info
  • Hard floor overkill???
    I bought this vacuum for hard floors only. It may have been overkill. This is not a lightweight vacuum and after long use my arm does get a bit tired. I have a lot of tile and this does a good job. Unless you have a lot of hard floors or want this vacuum for all your flooring (carpeting etc) then this might be overkill. I didn't realize that I would have to purchase additional filters which is an added expense I had not planned on....more info
  • A good vacuum
    I go through vacuums like water and I really like this one. It's quiet, easy to use and really sucks (which is important in a vacuum). I have wood and rug floors and this vacuum is good on both....more info
  • Overall good but agitator brush device died
    This little vaccum is priced right, a quick pick by consumer reports and overall a nice little vacuum except for the cons listed by everyone else. However the larger carpet/floor agitator brush has broken and we have only owned it for less than 3 months. I am just now checking to see how we can get it fixed (through Amazon or if I have to go through Hoover). I assume this is a one-off experience as I don't recall seeing this issue in any other ratings. ...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Canister Vac
    Great little vacuum for getting under beds, high up areas like ceiling fans, and cob webs out of corners etc. Like the on/off control on the handle where you hold on to vacuum. Also really like the suction control. Low suction is great for bathroom throw rugs where my upright would just suck them up. Still like my upright best for all over cleaning, tried vacuuming the whole house with the canister and didn't like dragging it all over behind me, but love it as a second vacuum for above mentioned tasks....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    The vacuum works great. It picks up everything.. The two things I don't like is the filter and dust holder are too small. I can only vacuum one room and have to empty it. It is very messy to empty, the dust goes everywhere. The other function I don't like is the floor dusting brush falls off the pole when I use it. It doesn't stay on very well. I would recommend this vacuum for carpets....more info
  • Great
    This vacuum is wonderful. It will out clean my $300. Kenmore and my $1,000. Eletrolux. The filter needs cleaned regularly when emptying the dirt compartment. That was my only dislike, but that comes with all bagless vacuums....more info
  • Cleans great
    My only complaint is that the wand/hose is heavy and somewhat awkward when one shortens it to vacuum crevasses and things that are high....more info
  • Easy to use, intelligent
    This vacuum cleaner is amazing. I have always been partial to canister vacuums, because every home I have lived in has had a combination of hardwood and carpeting flooring. It's unbelievable how much dirt, pet hair, and carpet fuzz this thing picks up. I've had problems in the past with canister vacuums overheating and shutting down. This one never quits. What impressed me most, besides the its obviously great cleaning capabilities, is how intelligent the design is.

    There is a sturdy handle to pick up the canister itself, and all the power buttons are on the handle. The cord winds itself neatly inside the cansiter automatically with the press of a foot pedal - and the winder always works! The dirt bin is very easy to empty, and the filter is very easy to clean, and it always fits right back together. It's an intuitive machine. I bought one for my mother for Christmas, and she loves it, too....more info
  • Well Pleased
    This is an excellent, manueverable vacuum. There is everything to like and nothing to dislike with this product. I was also well-pleased with the price and the prompt delivery by the seller. I highly recommend both product and seller....more info
  • Hoover Review
    Excellent machine. It is powerful, lightweight and has many convenient features. I am disappointed with the tool attachments. They are small and not very practical. Recommend product for families using it on a hard surface....more info
  • Good vacuum
    I havent had the vacuum long but it does work really well. It has great suction and was inexpensive. Drawbacks are the container for dirt is small so it requires emptying frequently and that it is difficult to use on stairs. Due to the position of the stair attachment, you cannot leave the canister at the top of the stairs while vacuuming. Its a bit heavy to be holding while vacuuming the top stairs....more info
  • Great little vac
    This little Vac really does the job. It is easy to manuver and has good suction. The bagless is a very good idea. The dirt container is a little small but big enough to do the job and its real easy to empty.If using a vaccuum could be fun, this one would be in the running. Long and short I like it....more info
  • great for the price
    I looked at many different canister vacs before going with the Hoover WindTunnel. I thought it's price and the bagless factor were the best for me. It's working great, and is the perfect thing for my hardwood floors and carpets. The dust bin is smaller than that of an upright, but I would say that's the only drawback. I love that the controls are on the handle and not the canister. It's lightweight and pulls easily through the house. ...more info
  • Hoover Electronic
    There really was a lot I loved about this vacuum initially. It's been less than a year, however,and now the on/off button is having serious problems. Most of the time it doesn't turn on/off (or suction control,etc.) when you push it the first time. What used to be just a little glitchy has now gotten to the point that I am too frustrated to vacuum, like when I've plugged and unplugged it several times and it still wont turn on. I can tell it is not built to last too long in other ways as well....more info
  • great little vac
    This is a fabulous little vacuum. Three suction strenghts excellent for different surfaces. I can't believe how much dust it gets out of the rugs that seem clean. Bagless great,I empty the canister every time I use it. It is very easy to use in all aspects. It leaves no odors in your broom closet when being stored. I would recommend this product very highly....more info
  • Hoover customer service disappoints
    After moving into a new house with much thicker carpet (and more of it!) than I previously had, I decided to upgrade my vacuum as my current vacuum was taking a beating. I researched vacuums and decided on the Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel model.

    All was fine for the first two months until, in the middle of vacuuming, it stopped working. Yes, just stopped working. After checking for clogs and trying different electric outlets, there was still no response. I checked the warranty information card included with the vacuum instructions and, of course, there was no service center listed in Indiana on the card that was enclosed. Following the directions regarding what to do if there was no service center listed in your area (call a toll-free number or visit Hoover's website), I proceeded to the website to download a list of service centers in my area. I sent my husband to the vacuum store, on his day off, only to find that out of EVERY SERVICE STORE listed on the website for the Indianapolis area, NONE OF THEM were official service centers for Hoover (please, please tell me why they are listed on the website then?). Fortunately, the gentleman at the vacuum store was nice enough to call around and find an official Hoover service center in the area for us. Lo and behold, the only service center for the area was NOT listed on the website. Frustrating for sure, but at least we found a place to service it.

    Since the vacuum was so new, the manager at this store decided to send it back to Hoover and request a replacement. No problem, I think it's only fair I receive a replacement since my first one failed. However, he then informed us that is would take Hoover 4-6 WEEKS to deliver my new vacuum! Now, up until this point, I was handling the failure of my vacuum semi-well (kinda upset it broke down so soon, but sometimes, these things happen), but tell me I have to wait 4-6 weeks for a new one, come on! I didn't even have to wait that long for delivery after I ordered it, and now Hoover is telling me I have to wait 4-6 weeks because they sent me a faulty vacuum in the first place. Ridiculous. Not too mention the hassles of trying to find a place to service it...

    While the vacuum seemed to be fundamentally fine (except for the handle that won't stay upright), if you should happen on bad luck like I have and need service, be prepared for a long, drawn-out, unsatisfying resolution -- if you can find a service center. I must admit this whole experience has really soured me to Hoover and I will probably look elsewhere when my replacement vacuum dies after another two months....more info
  • Motor Blew After 1year and 1 month
    I felt I had researched cannister vacuum cleaners well and settled for this Hoover. We loved the power of this machine. However, I bought this hoover at the end of 2006 and the motor died at the end of December 2007. In a two family household this machine was not overtaxed. It was my first and last hoover product.
    ...more info
  • Not Built to Last
    I've put up with this vacuum for almost 3 years now and since it's still being sold, here's what buyers can expect over time.

    It seems to pick up dirt well enough, but the Fantom Lightning I had before this did better. I judge this by how much grit comes up when I steam clean the rugs after vacuuming.

    The light bulb died at 6 months. Also at 6 months, the front wheel stopped swiveling, making it more difficult to maneuver the canister. At 8 months the switch module behaved erratically, shutting off the power nozzle. The switch is handy but badly placed and easily turned off when changing hand positions on the handle.

    The telescoping wand is a wonderful feature, but started sticking after the first year. Now it doesn't work at all. Finally, the plastic connector broke at the base of the wand so the power nozzle is now permanently attached to the wand. The two hand tools can only be used with the short end of the hose, requiring a lot of bending to reach the floor. I could replace the part, but I want a new vacuum because all of my baseboards, bathroom vanities, even the refrigerator have permanent black lines two inches off the floor. I'll never buy another Hoover product....more info
  • Excellent and Troublesome - all at once
    We have had our Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister for over a year, and so far we love it and hate it.

    Love: works exactly as advertised, with solid attachments, a good powerhead, easy to carry or pull along, easy to swap attachments, very good cleaning on a wide variety of surfaces. Bagless container is easy to empty with a minimum of fuss.

    Hate: the controls on the handle sometimes stop responding after the unit has been used for more than 30 minutes. While their location is convenient, they are also prone to getting accidently pressed during use, especially when using the hand-held tools. The bagless container looks larger than it is. The max-fill line sits below the suspended cone filter, making the actual content capacity of this container very small. Owners of pets will find the container hits that line in less than one room's worth of vacuuming. Letting it collect beyond that line impacts performance and creates a mess when emptying the container. Not especially convenient for carpeted stairs; using the small vacuum-powered hand tool for this would take all day.

    All said, it works very well most of the time and for a wide variety of surfaces. However, the dirt container design and sporadic problems with the power switches would keep us from purchasing this same unit again....more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    This vacuum doesn't have a lot of attachments, but it's got great suction and is compact. Perfect for my townhouse with lots of stairs and a mix of carpet and hardwood....more info
  • Great light weight vacuum
    I've had this vacuum for about a month and I only have good things to say about it. It works much better than the more expensive and heavier vacuums I've owned through the years. It is even better than the Oreck xl upright I used to own. Suction is great and I like the fact that I no longer need to buy bags- a little cost that adds up. I hope it continues to do a good job in the months (and years?) ahead....more info
  • Very Pleased
    So far this vacuum has been great. I purchased for my basement which is finished. I just got tired of the lugging the upright up and down the stairs. I recently purchased an african grey parrot, she has a big cage but still makes a mess with feathers and food. I must say this vacuum picks up everything and the nice attachments or you can use no attachments like I do a lot when I want to pick up millet from the bird around the furniture legs or off the end table, lots of suction which is adjustable by pushing button on handle, It also comes with a stair attachment, works very nice. Everything seems very high quality on this unit, retractable cord is great. You will be happy with this vacuum....more info
  • Love this vacuum, BUT the belt slips off too easily
    I love everything about this vacuum except for one very important part, the rotator brush for carpets. I specifically purchased this vacuum for all of it's great qualities including the large rotator head attachment. From the first day I have had to deal w/many screws just to take the head apart to re-attach the belt. I might have expected this to happen over a certain amount of months or years but not from the start. I am not prepared to start investing in new belts and deal w/other possible issues involving replacement parts after just 2-3 weeks of use so I cannot keep or recommend this vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Fabulous vacuum
    I researched this vacuum at length, debating whether to get a cannister or an upright, and after reading the reviews, decided on this one. It's a solid, well built little dynamo! I was amazed at how much dirt and dust were in my carpet, and vacuumed the same room 3 times, until there were just minute particles in the cannister. The nap on the rug was raised and fluffy, and CLEAN! Although it comes with a hard floor head, I found that turning the beater bar off works well enough on other surfaces when going from room to room. It also comes with a small rotating brush attachment that's perfect for furniture and stairs. You can adjust the suction power on the handle with the touch of a finger, which somes in handy, as the highest power will suck up floor mats in a snap. The cannister emptys easilly, and the cartridge filter rinses clean under running water. The only drawback is that the cannister fills quickly, and may have to be emptied between rooms if you have a large area. Other than that, I would recommend this machine. ...more info
  • Good, while it lasted (which was not too long)
    This vacuum worked well initially, but then the hose got clogged with junk. We cleaned it out, and it started working well again. Unfortunately now it has died out completely...the one year warranty expired about two months ago!!! Next time, I will buy the extended warranty. This is the third Hoover I've had problems with. They all have lasted just past the one year!!! We have no pets or such, so I guess it's just bad luck. No more Hoovers for our family. ...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel review
    I've used the WindTunnel several times now and am very pleased with its performance. It's got great suction and I love the way it propels itself forward on rugs. I also like the bagless feature and the hepa filter. It's a great vacuum cleaner for the price!...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner works like a charm. Easy to use and does the job well. It has the power I had heard about. I knew purchasing a Hoover vacuum would be a good idea as they have always lasted long in my mother's household. I'm sure this one will last long as well....more info
  • Problems

    We've now owned this machine for 3 months. I would definitely rate it lower now. Belt wear is a real problem causing the belt to slip off requiring taking the power nozzle apart to fix/replace the belt. When purchasing replacement belts, I was told that this is a very frequent problem with many customers complaining. The plastic construction suggests to me that frequent belt replacement will cause the screws to begin to fail in the near future. This is a real problem!

    Original note:
    We've had this vacuum for about a month now and certainly it lives up to its billing as being easy to use and powerful. That said, we moved to this from a very aging (probably 30 years old) electrolux with power nozzle. We had read all the wonderful accolades about bag-less vacuums and were so happy when our son gave us this as a Christmas present.

    What I don't like about this, and perhaps all bag-less units, is the need to wash and clean the filter and dirt collection bowl so frequently. I have found that this is needed after about every 3 uses. We have a golden retriever which means there is a fair amount of hair collected whenever it runs and so I am sure that this contributes to the problem; but surely it cannot be the only reason.

    This technology is sold as being cleaner to use; but I can assure you I stayed a lot cleaner replacing paper bags in the electrolux....more info
  • Nice canister vacuum
    This is a very nice little canister vacuum. It has 3 level suction which is useful. When using on carpet it propels itself. I do wish it had an old style soft bristle dusting attachment but I can use the one from my old vac. You do have to empty the dust bin often because it is small. Overall I like the vacuum very much....more info
  • Could be designed better
    Good suction as long as you empty the collection chamber and clean the filter after EVERY use, or for full suction, 1/2 way through an area. One area = 500 sq ft.
    The buttons only work if I lift the hose up on the canister end after the unit is on. It has a short in the wiring running the length of the hose somewhere.
    The hose is too short. If it was 2-3 feet longer the unit would be more convenient....more info
  • great vacuume
    Before I bought this vacuum I checked all the reviews on this vacuum and all other products that were similar. The reviews were right, the only thing I could really find that was a little disapointing was that you had to keep on emptying the plastic wast container after each and every room. I think the rest of the product is great, in looks, function,and all other aspects of the item. I would recommend this item to my friends. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    I'm very pleased with Hoover WindTunnel canister. I am a
    full-time RVer and was looking for a compact size vac and checked
    out other reviews and decided on this one. Has great suction
    power and maneuvers easily. I highly recommend this vac.
    Happy Camper!
    ...more info
  • Seemingly not built to last
    After having this product for around one year, we are pleased with its suction power. Not as good as a Dyson (nothing is) but good for this price range. The problem is that the rolling brush only works intermittently because of a loose connection (this only started recently). The electrical connections run the length of the hose, so it is important that a) you are careful in handling the hose and b) lucky that the connection does not wear over time. After one year, it seems the time is up for this Hoover and at this price, I would want such a product to last longer....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    Our previous vacuum broke, so I wanted to get my wife a new one. Since she is the one who uses it, I asked her to write the review. Here is what she thinks about it...This is my first bagless vacuum. I wanted a canister vacuum that was light weight with suction that would pick up black cat hair. This one is very good in the weight and suction area. However, there are things I do not like about it. The bagless canister is very small and needs to be emptied a few times during the vacuuming process. The vacuum does a good job keeping allergens away from you while vacuuming, but when you go to empty the dirt canister it all flies out and you are exposed to a huge cloud of whatever you picked up from your rug defeating the whole allergen purpose. A big downfall! Also, you have to pick out the dust that sticks to the filter, thus touching all the junk you picked up. I think the only way to solve these problems is to wear a mask and disposable gloves when emptying it to lessen your exposure to the dirt and dust. Also, I do not like the fact that all the attachments do not fit on board....making it a drag to store as well as ease of use of the attachments....many pieces all over. If you don't care about these things I don't like, than this will be a good one to get for it's price. ...more info
  • Good Investment
    I am very happy over all with this vacuum. It does a fantastic job. The dirt cup could be larger, other than that I was very surprised at how much dirt and cat hair I picked up the first time I used it. It is easy to push and the suction is excellent. I like the fact that I can pick it up and move it easily. I would recommend this product to anyone in fact I did, my sister bought one too. ...more info
  • This thing is freakin awesome!!!!!
    After months of disappointment with the 4 "dead" uprights that I have laying around my house, I came across this. I was trying the find the best thing to clean up pet hair and all my research pointed me toward a canister. As soon as I got this we tried it out and it is FABULOUS. The uprights that I had kept clogging and burning out. I tried everything from a Eureka to a Dyson-yes Dyson and they all were fried with two passes through my living room. This vacuum is self-propelled, suction controlled and easy to manage. The ONLY downfall to it is that the canister is small and I need to empty it a lot while going through my house. As far as getting rid of the pet hair....I have two large dogs and three cats, but you couldn't tell it. I whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone with pets. Oh-another bonus....It's quiet so it doesn't scare the animals in to a stampede. ...more info
  • very good product at a very good price
    I like this product. The complaints about having a small dirt storage container and not tracking well when you pull it around by the hose are valid but it does clean very well. I have no problem with the controls or the handle (something others have noted problems with). I have two small concerns about this product; the cord is not long enough and the vacuum will not fit on a stair when I am doing them (have to set the vacuum on the top and bottom landings to do the stairs). It has great suction power and is easy to use. PS: One benefit of buying it from Amazon was Amazon's price was $100 cheaper than what the local vacuum cleaner shops wanted to charge for it. Shipping was fast and it arived well packaged. The packaging was a good thing as the shipping box was damaged at delivery but the vacuum itself was just fine. Very good buying experience for a very good product. ...more info
  • love it!!
    I love this vacuum!!! its a little bulky to store, but other than that its great. I have all hard floors with large heavy area rygs, this vacuum works great on both. My Mom is about to order herself one as well!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum at a great price
    Really like this product lots of suction power! The down falls are that the bagless compartment fills quickly and the attachments can not be stored on the vacuum itself. But the quality of the vacuum is great and at a better price then most. ...more info
  • I named it 'Rudy'
    Kudos to Canton Ohio's Hoover Corp. for bringing this gem to the marketplace. We bought it to clean two carpeted staircases, several carpeted rooms, 2 large ceramic tile floors and the usual baseboard and accessory vacuuming chores in a basement remodel. The unit fits on the stairs so you can concentrate on cleaning not balancing some wobbly unit to keep it from tumbling down the stairs. Make sure you get the model that includes the powered small stair/upholstry accessory. Unit rates excellent for stairs. Carpeted floors: Unit can suck the color off a bowling ball - so it picked up dirt we didn't know we had! Very versatle controls and wand adjustments transforms it quickly for hard floors, again, an excellent job. It has a bagless system that does not create a mess when you pull it out to empty. Actually viewing the dirt while emptying it seems to encourage more frequent vacuuming along with eliminating the sourcing of expensive vacuum cleaner bags. Why did I name it 'Rudy'? It is named after NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as it is a small little efficient bull dog of a vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum
    I chose this vacuum after doing quite a bit of research. It rated very well with Consumer Reports. I like to know I'm getting a good product but at a good price.(Amazon had the best price) Now about the performance of this product, first, let me say, I have pets which leads to pet hair. Previous vacuums left me frustrated. They just couldn't completely get up the pet hair. The first time I used this vacuum, I was amazed with how much came out of the carpets. It lies flush with the floor so it's easy to clean under beds. It maneuvers well and is lightweight. It is easy to empty & clean. I truly have no complaints. I'm very happy with it and feel it's a wonderful tool for keeping a clean home. I would completely recommend it to anyone....more info
  • carpet's cleaner than kenmore
    I've been a kenmore bigot for 20 years. Living in a small town with no Sears within 45 miles, I turned to Amazon.com. I based my reviews on the cumulative reviews available on canister vaccuums. I've had my new hoover for about 5 weeks now. I love that bagless; I empty it out each time I vacuum and can easily remove small child toys from other debris. My 3 and 4 year olds say 'thank you'. I love seeing how much dirt comes out. My carpet felt so much softer after just a few uses. My allergies seem to be doing better. Kinda grosses me out to think what we were living in. I have had to wash the filter already.

    Negatives: It's not fun cleaning out the filter but it's a small cost for the job it does. I did keep the attachments from my kenmore for use with the hoover. They fit fine and are much larger and more affective than the hoover attachments, which don't all fit onboard anyway... less bulk to drag around. I also miss the 360 degree turn of the hose.
    That's why I rated a 4 instead of 5....more info
  • It should have been a "5 STAR" review.
    The product worked great right out of the box. It more than lived up to other positive reviews.

    Then on the day I get a request from Amazon to write a review, it let me down!

    This was maybe the 3rd time it was being used when the belt in the power head came of the motor.

    It is fairly easy to put it back on. But now it comes off most every time it is used.

    I'm at a loss. There doesn't seem to be a fix for this in the Owner's Manuel.

    I'm trying to contact the manufacturer to see what can be done....more info
  • An excellent vacuum cleaner
    So far, the S3765 is the best vacuum cleaner we've ever owned. We have gone thru 5 vacuums in the last 7 years and have not been satisfied with one yet. The last being a Hoover S3630, which was returned immediately (too bulky and cheaply constructed). The S3765 may be the one....I've only used it twice, but WOW!, it works great...by far the best. Suction is strong and the unit is very easy to use. Tools are perfect for our needs. We have hard wood floor through out the home, with a few large, expensive, "throw" rugs in certain rooms. We also have 2 cats and 1 dog, so there's plenty of pet hair that needs to cleaned just about on a daily basis. This vacuum picks it ALL up! There are only a couple of drawbacks. 1.) the turbo brush and hardwood floor tools have no storage compartments or attachments, so you have to find a home them so they don't get lost. 2.) the vacuum cleans SO well that the undersized dirt cup has to be emptied after only 1 to 2 rooms. So now the only real question is durability. If it lasts, this vacuum is THE best vacuum you can buy for under $200, anywhere. It does "feel" durable. I mean, the unit and parts are feel like they are solidly built. Only time will tell. I HIGHLY RECOMEND this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • Needs to be redesigned
    There is no height adjustment on the carpet/floor rotating brush. Because of this the carpet can stop the roller from rotating. The belt has come off 2 times and my wife hasnt used it for more than 3 hours total. This is getting returned-----Dont buy it...more info
  • guess it'll have to do
    i like Hoover. i like canister. bought this WindTunnel because my old Hoover Spirit motor is going out. what i like: great suction no doubt. its less loud than the Spirit? i cant really compare as the Spirit motor grinds but i guess its good to hear the phone ring again. except that i dont really hear it ring... i think i hear it turn off the WindTunnel & yes it is ringing. it looks grovy but good looks can pretty much be it. even though the Hoover fixer guy did NOT recommend bagless i like bagless which i empty after each use. if i dont like dirt & hair gathering on the floor why would i want it gathering in a vacuum till the bag gets full enough to empty it. so with each vacuum i empty the dirt & feel like yes now everything is clean. why i HATE the WindTunnel: it's overall design! the attachments do not clasp onto the wand! push one into a cushion & it pulls off the vacuum. what idiot designs attachments that DONT stay on?!? Three of the extremely small hense useless attachments fit in this itty bitty compartment on top of the vacuum which if you dont place in PRECISELY the right way/spot the top wont close. two other attachments dont fit on the WindTunnel AT ALL so these are kept in the closet or put wherever around the house when in use then constantly retrieved from last location when needed again. VERY ANNOYING. with my Spirit all attachments had a little slot on top the vacuum i could take off the wand with one hand while getting the nicely sized attachments with other & secure to vacuum with a twist of a connector. the powerhead of the WindTunnel is too big to fit under any furniture except a bed like 10 inches off the floor! even the bare floor head is useless for under furniture because it has a swivel connection which DOESNT swivel more than 75% so it wont go flat to the floor & under. so i'll either have to power vacuum literally by picking up & moving all the furniture. or hope the dust bunnies & spiders that gather underneath the dresser & armour & entertainment unit dont get too big come out & eat us in the midst of the night. my biggest peeve is the power control on the wand. the three operation modes [suction, motor for brush, and off... in that order] are very close & all in the natural while vacumming position for the thumb. i constantly gear up the suction go to power up the brush & accidently turn the whole vacuum off. then i read reviews about the product breaking & think ya... i can see that. i'd return the WindTunnel is a heartbeat. but Hoover hasnt made a Spirit motor in like 10 years. no one can rebuild mine. i cant afford a miele right now [probably closest in design to my Spirit but far better in performance] & unless i can teach husband 3 kids 2 cats & 1 dog to stay out of the clean house i guess this WindTunnel will have to do for now. but i curse it everytime i use it. and miss my Spirit....more info
  • not good for older/weaker person
    this vacuum picks up well, but the beater bar pulls really hard. i purchased for my mother, and wish i could return it because it is a bit hard for her to control....more info
  • don't buy it
    AT first use I loved this hoover easy to pick up and do stairs etc and picked up dust etc wonderfully. Then after a short while I found it didn't.
    I think the problem is the filter which is supposed to be washable. But it gets clogged up after one room and running it under the tap (what you are supposed to do) doesn't cut it. I scrub it (even in amongst the pleats and leave it to dry which takes a long time and when it is dry you can still see its not clean). When I put it back in, the light flashes that the canister needs emptied (it doesn't) and it just doesn't pick up and you can smell more dust after hoovering than before! (obviously once the dust gets to the filter it returns to the floor.)
    The canister needs emptying after each room. And is very dusty when emptying!

    Also after changing attachments I found when going back to the original one that it was 'loose' and would only work when vacuuming backwards.

    I had an upright hoover bagged windtunnel before which I loved and only got this one as I thought I could save money on bags. But now it has cost me as I now have to go any buy another vacuum!

    ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    I have a Kirby that I use on the carpet. I basically bought this canister to use on furniture, steps, curtains and blinds because . I have always hated attaching the hose to the Kirby to do the those things. Well..this little vacuum really cleans the carpet with the powerhead too. The suction is unbelievable and the first time I vacuumed the valances I just about pulled them off the wall...but now I am getting better at adjusting the suction control. It's lightweight for doing steps. I have bought another filter so I always have one in the vacuum and one that is cleaned and washed and ready to go. This vaccum is going to be small enough to take in our travel trailer. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • owner
    I like this vacuum so much that I may buy a second one just for back up. It cleans great; the bag is easy to "dump" and filter easy to clean. I would recommend to anyone....more info
  • I love it!
    The Hoover S3765-040 Wind Tunnel is a great vacuum cleaner. It does an incredible job of picking up dirt from deep in my carpet. When I first switched to the Hoover, I was amazed at the amount of dirt that my old vacuum had not picked up. My first pass with the Hoover filled the canister. Attachments are easy to use. There is no need to bend over to change attachments. Everything can be done from the standing position. It is small, compact, and easy to store away. I higher recommend this vacuum. ...more info
  • The tale of 4 vacuums
    We had a Dyson it did terrible job on wood/tile floors - gave it to thrift shop. So we purchased 3 vacuums over the last month (Hoover S3765-040, Hoover U6630-900, and a Bissell 37604) from local big box stores. Sorry Amazon too much risk buying expensive items from you when you do not how they will work. The best by far is the Bissell 37604. It is the only one that we did not have to use a stick vacuums to clean the floor where the dogs sometimes sleep. It was the very best on the indoor/outdoor carpet, area rugs, and the tile. Also it is very easy to use and clean. Shows that you do not always need to spend a lot of money. ...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    I purchased this product based upon the great reviews of consumer reports as well as from other people who have purchased this item. I will agree that this vac has tremendous suction, but otherwise I am highly disappointed with this product. I will never purchase another vacuum online without trying it out somewhere first. This vacuum is very heavy and cumbersome. The motorized head is bulky and does not handle well in small spaces or tight corners. It is very difficult to push and my arm is actually sore when I am through. It also squeals very loud when I use it on the carpet. The brush attachment falls off while using it. I am going to bring the vac in for service of these 2 items but I am aggravated that I have to do this with a vac that is only a month old. Also, while I like not having to use bags with this vac, I must empty the cup on this one about 4-5 times when doing my 1600 sq ft home. (I vacuum every other day.) This just adds to the frustration of using this vacuum. The entire vacuum is large and difficult to use. I cannot vacuum my stairs and let the canister rest because it is too big. I am not a small woman and find the entire vac too akward and my husband who has tried this product as well shares the same opinion. Overall, I am highly disappointed in this product and I would not recommend it....more info
  • great buy
    I bought this vaccum to replace my dying upright. We switched to a canister vaccum because our new house has hardwood floors and area rugs and uprights aren't very good on hard surfaces. When the vaccum arrived it took literaly 4min to assemble and I used it right away. I know it might be a little lame to get excited about a vaccum but it was great! I've only used it for a week now so I can't say how it will hold up but it seems to be sturdy and durable so far (even with my 2yr old tying to ride it everytime I vaccum).
    -easy to manuver & pretty light weight
    -self rewinding power cord
    -long hose and self propelled, lighted vac head when it's on carpet mode
    -the handle stands up by itself (unlike the older canister models)making it easy to store
    -glides under furniture. it needs about 3in. clearance for the vac head then you can vaccum all the way under furniture without loosig contact with the floor unlike upright models
    -comes with a mini vac head (with mini spinning brush)that makes it easy to clean stairs
    -different suction settings and floor/carpet buttons on the handle
    -can switch to floor mode when cleaning small rugs like bath mats/door mats so the brush stops spinning and won't suck the corners of the mat into the vac but you still have good suction to pick up dirt
    -the dirt compartment has a cover so the dirt and dust won't go flying when you remove it to empty

    -it's a little too big to rest on a stair so I had to support it with my knee when I got to the middle of the staircase
    -the dirt compartment fills up quickly so I find myself having to empty it half way through
    -only a 1 year warranty

    All and all I think it's a great vaccum with a great price tag. The cons are pretty minor in my opinion and I would reccomend this vaccume to everyone. Did I mention it's also great on pet hair?...more info
  • Great vacuum--at first
    At first, I loved this vacuum! The suction and ease of use was great. But only the second time I used it, when I went from carpet to a rug, the brush on the wand quit working--my husband took it apart to discover the belt had come off. So he fixed it and then it was fine....until about a week later. The same thing happened again!!!! Too bad. Needless to say--this vacuum is a thumbs down....more info
  • Bad smell.
    This machine cleans well and is light-weight but my problem has been that it emits a very bad smell. I have meticulously cleaned the filter, hose, and inside surfaces to no avail. It continues to smell, even with new filters. I thought it was due to living in Hawaii, but my daughter in Southern California has the same problem. Another annoying thing is that the power units comes off the wand when vacuuming on carpeted stairs. Sorry I can't recommend this machine. Now I'm looking for another vacuum to replace it....more info
  • fan belt isue
    I read all the reviews for this vacuum hoping for something great. However, within 20 minutes, the fan belt came off twice. Also, it is very difficult to remove the plastic lid to replace the belt. Buy another vacuum, guys....more info
  • SUCKS, and not in a good way
    I bought this vac based on all the 5 star amazon reviews. Big mistake. I've had it about 2 months and it has already gone through 3 belts, the tool cover broke off and it's been in the shop more than I have used it. Read the bad reviews as well as the good one....more info
  • Cat hair be gone!
    Background first: I am handicapped and some features I needed to help me vacuum may not be important to other users AND I have four indoor-outdoor cats.

    Unit arrived intact and parts fit perfectly. I put it together in about 10 minutes. All the parts seem sturdy. Even in a world of products with flimsy plastic parts, the plastic brushhead and other replaceable head seemed a cut above.

    Because I cannot balance on one leg well at all, the fact I can press the tab to retract the cord with my hand is a plus as is not having to step on the vacuum head to change it from upright to vacuum mode. On this Hoover, all I have to do is push the head on the floor a bit and it bends perfectly. Since I vacuum using a wheeled chair, these two features are very important to me. The wand and the vacuum head stand up perfectly, too.

    Having the controls on the top of the handle shaft near my hand is another plus for me as is the self-propelled vacuuming (I just love it) and the headlight.

    The dust cup may seem somewhat small at first as I must vacuuming up about two years' worth of ground in cat hair, but I suspect with regular use that will not be a problem, but it is very easy to pop the dust bin in and out of the canister, another good feature for me. When it pops in it is secure.

    It is so light weight and easy to move with the large rear wheels. I cannot move large heavy items anymore, and this light weight and mobility is another plus.

    I like the quiet motor (my previous Oreck, Eureka uprights, and even Panasonic upright were noisy). AND I love the suction. I vacuumed a 4x8 foot area of carpet where I go into my bedroom and my four cats use as a corridor to the outside four times now (this was two days after my housekeeper was here with her personal vacuum) and each time the cup has filled with cat hair, carpet fuzz, and dust. The bin was easy to remove, empty, clean out (all from a chair). I still will use my Dustbuster for the cat litter and the Shop Vac for the garage and shed, but for house I am very happy with this purchase.

    How the vacuum will hold up long-term I cannot tell, but I am hopeful. ...more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks!
    For a vacuum, that is the ultimate praise. I can't believe that I actually got excited about a vacuum, but this model is - for the price range - amazing!

    Variable length on the handle part of the hose (makes it easier to make the kids help with vacuuming).
    Wide floor brush with fairly firm bristles.
    Compact size canister fits nicely in small closet (in fact, had more trouble fitting the end piece, because it is pretty wide.
    Nice little handle instead of just holding the hose.

    Cons (and small "cons" they are):
    1) floor attachment doesn't have a hole for the little button thing (you know, the little metal button that helps keep it attached). I'm thinking of drilling one myself, since the hose has the metal button.
    2) I can't figure out why it has 3 power levels and starts automatically on the lowest. Like, who would even want to clean up less? I always hit the button twice to ramp it up to full suction, as soon as I start it.
    3) Bagless container thing seems a bit small. Pretty frequent dumping needed, but I guess that is the price paid for the size of the unit.

    Well, I've only had it for a couple weeks, so once I break it in a bit more, I'll try to remember a follow up report. I know this though, I'll never buy another Kenmore after trying out this baby....more info
  • Already broken after 7 months of use
    I was very impressed with the suction when I first bought this vacuum 7 months ago. Except for the fact that I had to continuously empty the dirt compartment, it seemed to pick up everything, especially my dogs hair. Recently I was vacuuming and I noticed the dirt was spitting out from the bottom instead of being sucked in. My husband took it apart and cleaned out the hose that was clogged. After that it worked for a few minutes, then it wouldn't switch to carpet mode anymore. We had to drive a half hour to the nearest Hoover repair shop since it was still under warranty. They said the motor in the nozzle had burnt out and it would cost $88 to fix it. When I called Hoover to complain that this should not happen to a brand new vacuum that I didn't have any prior problems with. They said they were very sorry, but there was nothing they could do about it.(or would do!) I am so steamed I refuse to pay to get it fixed when it will probably happen again. My mother also bought this vacuum around the same time and hers is always shutting down from being overheated. I would never buy a Hoover again.

    ...more info
  • Easily broken
    The tool cover broke with first usage. The carpet attachment won't stay on. Good thing we needed it mostly for hardwood floors ... ....more info
  • Love It!
    I am amazed at how much dirt and hair this vacuum pick up. Even after having my carpets professionally cleaned, the Hoover WindTunnel picked up even more hair and dirt. The only downside to this vac is that I have to empty the container after each vac, but considering I have a 4 bedroom house with 4 kids and 2 dogs maybe that is not surprising. Highly recommend, Amazon delivered fast and without any hassles. ...more info
  • Bagless Hoover Vacuum cleaner
    Very light compact vacuum. Easy to roll around. Great suction. Wood floor attachment coming off a little too easily and too large. Over all very satisfied....more info
  • Poor design; multiple failures in first 12 months.
    In the first month, the yellow collar holding the filter broke. The unit works without it, however. The contraptions holding the powerbar to the wand allows hair and debris to become trapped, causing the powerbar to slip off until you wrench the spring back and clean out the debris. Objects become lodged in the bend of the handle and cannot be reached with standard household implements (I used a 14" surgical tool). The slide switch failed twice and now the vacuum appears dead altogether. I give up. I won't even mention how much I disliked cleaning the dirt trap and drying filter, only to have it mildew in the Florida humidity, because that was a given, I suppose. No more Hoovers for me....more info
  • Good vac but one major drawback
    I clean for a living so a good sucking, light and maneuverable vacuum was what I was looking for. This canister has great suction and is fairly light but maneuverability is not good. The problem is with the powerhead. IT DOES NOT SWIVEL. If all you were cleaning was wide open carpeted areas than this is the vacuum for you. If you need to get around in tight spaces and legs of furniture you will not be happy with this vacuum because to do a thorough job you are going to have to move furniture to clean the area. Not only is the powerhead non swiveling it is heavy and very wide also making it hard to get in those tight spaces. Plus the head is rather thick heightwise making it also impossible to get under some furniture. The bare floor brush that comes with this vacuum is great. It is very wide but it swivels just wonderfully and cleaning in tight spaces with it - especially bathrooms - is not a problem. If Hoover comes out with a thinner, swivel powerhead in the future I will be the first to buy it....more info
  • please don't waste your time and money on this
    This is the first time I've been moved to write a review on Amazon and sadly it's because the product was SO crappy. We bought this vacuum cleaner just about 3 months ago and were completely underwhelmed with its performance (variable), weight (heavy), size (totally unsuitable for use on stairs), and many electronic spinning attachments, all of which seemed to get clogged up regularly. The last straw came today when I was vacuuming dust up from a hard floor in one room of our house, heard a sort of "poof" noise, and looked behind me to see clouds of black smoke billowing from the vacuum cleaner. Needless to say, it is dead as a doornail, for no apparent reason. When I called the nearest dealer, and explained what had happened, the guy from the shop started laughing and said this model is poorly made and breaks down all the time, that the typical wait for parts to repair is 3-4 weeks minimum, and that his shop no longer stocks these vacuum cleaners because the quality is so lousy. I really regret having bought this. I have had a bagless vacuum in the past (Dyson) and it worked fine - the issue is with this make and model, not the concept. No more Hoovers for our house. ...more info
  • It works well when it's not broken
    This vacuum is powerful and quiet. It's amazing to see how much more dirt it can suck out after the floor has already been vacuumed by an old upright vacuum. Unfortunately this vacuum isn't very solid. I only had it for about 6 months (and it wasn't heavily used either) but it broke twice. First the joint between the handle and the main vacuum head broke, causing the handle to get stuck. I took it to a Hoover store and they replaced the joint. Now the small vacuum head (the one you use for staircase etc) is broken and I yet have to take it to the Hoover store again.
    Also, for those of you who have been using upright, bagged vacuums, you may want to think about it before switching to a canister, bag-less vacuum. Emptying a canister full of dust and dirt into a trash can isn't a pleasant experience....more info
  • Well worth it
    I've purchased so many vacuums, it's actually quite sad. They lure you in with this gadget and that gadget, uber-ultra-micro-fibers, and some even have a built-in toaster oven. But what happens to these 'superior' vacuums when you have 2 hairy dogs (and a wife that just will not use a broom first)? They bite the dust (haha?).

    In the end, the simplest of simple vacuums seem to keep chugging along. This Hoover, I'd say, seems to fit the bill of effective cleaning...simply. Unlike most other vacuums I've actually used, this Hoover can suck the chrome off of your tailpipes! It has all the attachments that I feel are necessary in a vacuum. The telescoping wand, not only makes your eyes go round and say 'cool', but actually is useful! Even though (with dogs) it needs to be emptied rather frequently, it is so easy it is like "...yea, and?"

    If you want to be the coolest kid on the block, go buy a Kirby. Sell your first born and you can wear the Super-V sticker on your T-shirts. Mmmmk. ....or....sell your golf clubs and buy a Dyson. Yea. Nice and cool-looking, but I'd prefer to play 9 every now and again.

    Instead, choose this Hoover, as it is the most effective for the money....more info
  • I can get under the bed without adding attachments
    We had an upright vacuum which was the top-rated vacuum on consumer report. It worked well but it was cumbersome adding the attachments to get under the beds. I bought this vacuum and the first thing I did was to use it under the beds. When I switched from rug to floor function (with a mere push of a button) the vacuum would not pick up anything. I emailed Hoover and they said to check the metal extension. Sure enough, I had vacuumed up a kleenex which was under the bed. After that the vacuum worked like a charm. I am so glad I purchased it [We gave the upright to our daughter. She and her husband love it)....more info
  • Nifty vacuum
    This vacuum is just what I was looking for. It is light enough to manage easily, it shifts quickly between wood floor and rug modes, it does a good enough job of picking up, and it is relatively quiet. I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Great Vacuum but needs service in less than 2 years!
    This is a great vacuum. Works well on carpeted and hard wood surfaces. Has good attachments too. I am disappointed, however, that I have not owned it for two years yet (more like 20 months) and already it needs to be repaired. The wiring that controls the hard floor vs. carpet control has gone bad. As a result, it no longer works on carpeted surfaces. I will be calling the service center tomorrow to get an estimate on the cost of repairs, but needless to say I am not impressed with the durability of this product. My other Hoover upright is 7 years old and still going strong, so less than two years is a big disappointment. ...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Electric Bagless Canister Vacuum
    A fundamentally defective machine. I am an independent housekeeper who was drawn to this vacuum for its features: portable, bagless HEPA filter, with great range of attachments including a vibrating carpet attachment. However, after experiencing the same problem with the connections on THREE Windtunnels (the buttons stopped working, the connection at the handle and at the base of the hose all stopped working--within two months of purchase with one model)I have decided never to buy another. ...more info
  • a very fine vacuum!
    I highly reccomend this vacuum, it is very effective and light to carry around! I also like how easy it is to clean out the cannister and rinse them as well! ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I accidently ended up with 2 of these vacuums, but I've decided not to return one. The vacuum is great! It's easy to put together out of the box (once I finally checked the directions and realized there are a couple of rubber protectors that you have to take off!) and easy to use. It picks up dirt and pet hair incredibly well on carpet. I have not tried it on bare floors, but I think it would do just as well there. My only complaint is emptying the dirt canister; I prefer bag vacuums because I make a mess every time I empty it, but otherwise I have nothing but good things to say. It's so much easier to clean my stairs now!...more info
  • This vacuum does the job
    Compared to the vacuum cleaners I have owned over the years this machine is one of the best I ever had. It really does the job, I was surprised what was left in the carpet that my old vacuum didn't get. The power brush works wonders on my carpet. The bare floor attachement is great for my tile and hardwood floors. Keep an eye on that dust cup, it fills up swiftly. I am still looking for an "elegant" solution on emptying it without swallowing too much dust. Long hair gets caught in the rotating brushes and has to be pulled out to keep them functioning. With one of my former vacs I just opened the lid and the brush slid out for cleaning, I wish this machine would come with the same feature....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Time or Money
    I was pleased with this vacuum until it showed it's true colors after 10 months of light use. The electronics failed, and it would be stuck in "on" position (had to pull the plug to turn it off) or it wouldn't turn on at all. When I contacted Hoover, they wanted me to take it to a service center far from where I live. Wasn't worth the time or gas. They refused to work with me and allow me to ship it back for replacement. This vacuum is cute, and it worked well for a short time, but ultimately, it is cheap, and not worth the money. I'll never buy another Hoover product after this experience. They do not stand behind their products....more info
  • I Like it
    I really like this vacuum, its size and features are just what I wanted. I like being able to go from rug to floor in a push of a button to stop the rotators so that they don't shoot all the dirt all over the place. Bagless is wonderful. The extra utensils are Ok, small brush could be more fuller and softer. I can use my old utensils from my now dead Kenmore on this machine. The only thing that could use improvement is that the machine is so light that when I pull the cord out I have to put my foot on top of the canister to hold it down. Great suction power....more info
  • The worst vacuum I ever owned and the worst cusomer service
    I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this vac. I used it 4 times and it broke. I have a studio apartment so it did not get heavy use. I called the company, they do not have a toll free telephone number so you have to pay high toll calls and wait on line forever. There is no company repair store in my area. I would have had to ship it elsewhere for service. Hoover is not the company they used to be 30 years ago and their service is non-existent. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner
    The vacuum performs very well but is a bit heavier than expected. The hose twists and has to be untwisted manually, a bit of a hassle....more info
  • My Hoover canister
    Very powerful light-weight vacuum. I got it at a good price and I'm very satisfied with it. No regrets!...more info
  • So far, so good...
    It has been more than a month since I bought this vacuum, and I am satisfied with it. (so far...) Being bagless is a plus for me. Its cleaning is impressive. You need to empty it frequently but hey, otherwise you need to sacrifice from its compactness, right. I hope it is reliable, lasts for a long time! Need to "wait-and-see"...more info
  • Excellent vacuum!
    I am extreamly pleased with this vacuum! I have had an electrolux (canister) and a Beam built in Vac....So I wasn't sure what I was going to get with this Hoover, especially since it is a lot cheaper than my previous vac's. I read so many good reviews about this one, so I thought I would give it a try ( I loved the design of it). I love it. It has very powerful suction! And I was shocked at how much dust I emptied out when I was finished. (I had read reviews that said the same thing, but thought "oh they are just dirty!") But it really picks up dust and dirt you don't know you have!

    The only thing I can not comment on is it's quality as far as how long it is going to last, seeing as I have only had it for 2 days. But if it is a long lasting vac, I'll stick with Hoovers from now on. I hightly recomend this vacuum, it is great don't let the cheap price discourage you. Definately 5 stars....more info
  • Heavy Hoover
    This Hoover really gets the job done and in the process I'm improving my upper body strength. The canister weighs a ton and the handle/wand is also heavy and difficult to move back and forth--great for building the biceps. ...more info
  • Hoover s3765-040
    The price for this vacuum was excellant. It is quieter than an upright, and it is much easier to transport from downstairs to upstairs. The canister does not roll as smoothly as I expected and the cord must be pulled out or it will come out of the socket, but it is great for getting in the areas an upright can't reach and it easy to store. ...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    I needed a new vacuum and like I always do I read consumer reports to find out which one is highly rated. This machine and one from sears were rated the highest until I read complaints about the sears machine having intermittent electrical problems with the power head. This machine will clean anything you need it to do and being able to lower the power of the suction is a great feature. Only one thing that it should have is a way to adjust the power heads level for different heights of carpet or rugs. This is only drawback to this machine. ...more info
  • Good deal!
    I did a lot of research and found this vacuum has the most bells and whistles for the most reasonable price. I've had it for about 2 months now and I love it! The only drawback is the small dust bin, but it can always be emptied so its no big deal for me. If you have dust allergies this may be a problem as you are exposed to a small amount of dust as you empty it, but this is true of all bagless vacs. And its easy to dump, easy to clean, even the roller brush is easy to clean with a small scissors. I love the mini roller too, so cute....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    Needed a canister vacuum and didn't want to be bothered with changing bags. This vac has unbelievable power. My upholstery was never really getting clean with my old upright. This one takes a little getting used to because your pulling it instead of pushing but the bottom line for me is is it really getting my house clean---and that it does! From floor to ceiling! The attachments are good and easy to change because they are right on board. Every control is right at your fingertips. Just having an auto cord winder is a pleasure I never had before this Hoover. This is great and doesn't cost a small fortune like some other high end brands that don't even measure up to this one. Buy it!!!!...more info
  • What can I say.... It sucks!
    Aren't vacuums supposed to suck? Works as advertised! Sometimes I don't like cleaning the "canister". But I also didn't like changing bags on other vacuums I've had.

    If I could afford it, I would get a cleaning service -- but I can't....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is our second Hoover WindTunnel - loved the first one so much we bought a second. You cannot beat the suction/cleaning of this vacuum and isn't that the whole point in buying a vacuum?

    My only complaint is some extra parts seem to be made cheaply...but for the price you cannot beat this vacuum and the cheap parts do not reflect the overall operation of the vacuum.

    Will buy another when this one needs replacing....more info
  • Love it!
    Great buy! Like other reviewers, I'd agree that this could be improved with a swivel hose and a better release mechanism between the hose and the rug attachment, but a side from that it works better than any vacuum I've had in the past few years ~ including a much more expensive Kenmore upright. Great suction ~ really gets the job done and I love the upholstry attachment. Plus the variable suction control works great when you want to tackle an area rug. I would definitely recommend it to any one who wants to get the job done without breaking the bank. ...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel
    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum

    We had purchased a different, upright Hoover from a store like Lowes and it was just terrible. It sucked, but not the way a vacuum should! I couldn't use it on the wood floor and it didn't seem to do much on the carpet. It was heavy. It was around $300! We paid about half that for this amazing canister vacuum also by Hoover! It is the best vacuum I've ever used. The canister is light and moves easily. I call it R2D2. The attachment for the wood floor (we have a lot of it) is smooth and soft and does a great job. The suction levels are handy and having the controls right on the handle is great. The carpet/rug attachment works beautifully too. I have been vacuuming 2 x a week lately instead of once a month! It picks up pet hair well too. The bagless canister has to be emptied every few times, but it's so easy to do! The only thing I would change about it is that when you put the floor attachment on the end of the hose it sometimes falls off b/c it doesn't have any way to "click" on; but it's not a big problem and we can probably rig something up for that. I even take it out to vacuum my car because it's so light and works so well! I thought at first that the 3 suction levels were unnecessary, but I like the low level for vacuuming the fringe on our oriental rug. I highly recommend this product! (and the company should pay me for what I just said!) :-)...more info
  • Satisfied and more.....
    I love this vacuum because is so powerful. My carpet is sooo clean...!
    Yes, the only down point is that when I pull it around my home it bump in all my walls, put who cares!! it does its job......more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I have not had a canister vacuum for 25 years, so I was reluctant to try this one. Plus, the last bagless vacuum I tried got everything dirty. That being said, however, it is clear that canister vacuums are much better engineered today than uprights, which is what I have been using for years. The Hoover has very easy to use attachments, and the canister rolls like a dream. No yanking on the nozzle required! The only flaw I have found so far is that the belt slips off the brush roller occasionally while in use. But that's it. I have a large house with old, uneven wood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedrooms, a longhaired cat, mud tracked in from the garden, and a staircase and screened porch. The Hoover handles it all. The floor tool is especially good, and the roller brush for carpeting is very easy to use. I like how the suction can be controlled with a touch of the finger on the handle as well as how quietly it runs....more info
  • Disappointed in this vacuum
    After reading the great reviews, I thought I'd give this vacuum a try. I am disappointed in this vacuum. The control buttons on the vacuum work only about 50% of the time. I have to unplug the vacuum to turn it off. I do like that it has great suction and I love the cord rewind. It has an awkward feel, and it feels like a chore to pull it out and use it. I will probably get rid of this vacuum and purchase another Eureka "The Boss"....more info
  • vacuum
    This is a really nice and efficient vacuum cleaner. It picks up the dirt very well. The only complaint I have is that is fairly heavy for the design. It has a simple handle which lays down when not in use, but it doesn't drag very well, so it is logical to carry it and was obviously designed to be carried. I haven't used any of the attachments yet....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum!
    This vacuum replaced a nearly 30 year-old Hoover cannister vacuum. That old vacuum did what we thought was an excellent job on our carpets, in fact, we had been told by several people working in the vacuum repair business that we would not find a new vacuum that worked nearly as well. So we kept fixing our old one until it finally just died.

    I did a lot of research before buying the Hoover S3765-040. I knew I wanted a cannister vac because they are easier to use on stairs. I couldn't see spending upwards of $300 on a vacuum. I checked the leading consumer ratings on vacuums and then the ratings on Amazon. I find that the ratings of real people are generally more reliable than product testing.

    Even though this model was a "best buy" on another site, it still did not get rave reviews. Well, we love it! We have two dogs and a cat and contrary to what the consumer website said, this vacuum picks up loads of pet hair. It works equally as well on carpets and bare floors. And the edger is awesome! Previously I had to use an attachment to vacuum along the baseboards. No longer! The only drawback I can see is that the first few times using it, we quickly filled the cannister. But I think that was because the vacuum was picking up all of the dirt and pet hair our older vacuum left behind. This vacuum is quieter than the old one too.

    The cost of the Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum was money well spent. An awesome vacuum at an affordable price....more info
  • Nice Vacuum
    This has HEPA filter, light and quiet. It came with a bonus of 2 additional attachment tools. They are not for the end of long wand. It is for the end before the wand, close to the handle.
    I like this very much because I have allergy that require HEPA filter.
    I also like the hide-away power cord, press a button and the cable all winding into machine....more info
  • Amazing Machine
    Not only was Amazon's price cheaper than anyone else, they shipped FREE, something those of us living in Hawaii cherish. Shipping often exceeds the cost of the item itself.
    I have polished concrete floors and needed a canister with power and mobility, and this one has it. The tools could be a little better but overall, for vacuuming lampshades, tabletops, louvered doors and bamboo shades it is everything I'd long been searching for. The pet hair rotary brush works wonderfully on pet hair, better than any other I have owned. I do not have carpets but since the wide bare floor brush nearly tore a throw rug apart, I can understand people's joy over the powered carpet tool.
    One caveat though...I had central vacuum in my previous home and was used to dropping the hose with tools attached wherever, but this model has controls and electronics in the wand, so it took me a bit to get used to the idea I had to treat it gently. But what an GREAT idea...no bending down to turn the vacuum on or off, or to change suction speeds....more info
  • A great vaccum without a dyson price.
    I purchased this for my lovely wife, we live in a 2 story house and she was having trouble doing the stairs with her old vacuum, I went to my store of choice Amazon.com and found this one and ordered it, well after the first time she was in love. It comes with all the attachments needed, and great suction and light weight. We are thinking about ordering another one for he mother. Five stars great vacuum for the price.Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum...more info
  • easy to use and powerful
    The first canister I've used since my Mom's old electrolux 45 years ago. Very powerful, easy to use. Love the retractable cord, show through dust container. I have concrete floors and it picks up all the dog hair and dirt from outside. It's ALMOST fun to vacuum...more info
  • Can't beat it for the price!
    I researched a lot of vacuums before purchasing this one. It does a great job and we couldn't be more pleased. We have almost all hardwood floors and this doesn't scratch them at all. The attachments are handy and enable you to get around chairs, under couches, etc. Good power, easy manuvering, nice retractable cord. The "dust bin" is easy to empty and doesn't make me sneeze all over the place like my old vacuum. This is our first canister and I would definately recommend it for folks with hardwood floors. Trust me, you don't need the $400 vacuum! We have a giant dog and 2 cats and this picks up all the animal fur. ...more info
  • Best one yet!
    It would seem that I've developed a hate/love relationship with most vacuums. I bit the bullet and got a Dyson and returned it a week later. What an awkward machine. Then I got the WindTunnel Bagless Canister. I'm really an impressed. Less than half the price of the Dyson and does just as good of a job and a lot easier to use.

    There are tree humans living in my house and 5 pets. Two with long fur and three with short. The windtunnel gets deep down cleaning done. I will be purchasing an extra dirt cup and filter though so that I don't have to wait for the filter to dry if I feel the urge to do lots and lots of cleaning!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    We were very happy with this vacuum. Its got great suction. It picks up all the dog hair from the rug and floor. Nice attachments for the corners and walls. Highly recommend....more info
  • Kim in Dallas
    This little vacuum has amazing power, when it worked. I've only had it for one month and the attachment brush won't turn. The unit has suction and the belt is fine. It seems like it's either the motor or the power buttons. Stay tuned, I'm going to take it to Hoover to see if I can get it fixed or replaced. This should not happen to a new product - not sure I would highly recommend it....more info
  • hover vacuum s3765-040
  • Buy Another
    I just recieved the hoover bagless vacuum and I am very disappointed, my wheels squeek already(started after 1 week) and the bagless tank holds very little dirt so it must be cleaned after every use. It also gets away from you, so you have very little control over the vacum while on carpet. My suggestion get a different vacuum....more info
  • Great Little Canister Vac
    If you are looking for a vacuum that really pulls out dirt, moves easily, has no bags, and doesn't cost a fortune, this is it. I researched for weeks before buying. The power of the brushhead allows easy carpet vacuuming because it pulls you right along! The edge (crumb sweepers) brushes get to the dirt along the baseboards and furniture. The wand extension works very well without undue effort. Variable power control is at your fingertips and the lighted indicator on the canister top permits exact control for those fragile throw rugs.
    The little powerhead works off suction and I worried about effective cleaning. It works very well. Who knew that "this vacuum really sucks" could be such a good thing! My only gripe is that the frequently used bare floor attachment has no storage spot on the canister. But the long cord and easy retraction button make up for this shortcoming. Worth every penny and more. I'd buy it again....more info
  • Be careul - if it has to be repaired within the warranty, you will probably encounter the Hoover BRICK WALL
    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum

    This vacuum has superb suction. You will not believe the link, dirt, dander, whatever this little "sucker" picks up. HOWEVER, I have had mine only since the end of April/1st of May and the carpet brush has stopped working unless you use the wand like a pool cue meaning it has to be parallel to the floor. You cannot stand upright if you want the carpet brush to rotate. There's an obvious short. You'd think this would be an easy fix. Since I live on Oahu, there is NO Factory Repair Center in the islands and Hoover will NOT allow for any return of the merchandise AT ALL after 90 days. They keep giving me the same numbers - and the numbers aren't even correct, area code is incorrect - for businesses who will do factory repairs. I have called these local businesses and have been told they do NOT do factory repair. Hoover is now failing to respond to any emails I send to the contact email center on their website. Hoover has offered NO other options for me. I will either have to pay to have this repaired ON MY OWN or simply buy the more expense alternative vacuum I started to buy to begin with. Believe me, it's not easy bending over or laying on the floor to make the carpet brush rotate. You would think a company this size would at least offer a refund of the repair costs since my vacuum is in warranty. JUST BEWARE, be sure there is a factory repair center close enough to you and that you have called that location to be sure they do Hoover factory repairs because you are going to get NOWHERE with the Hoover company on your own. ...more info
  • I'm finished
    I can't begin to say how many vacuums, hand held, tunnel, stick etc. that I have purchased. But this does it all and with such compact force. My husband has even used it. If I would only have known this sooner.......more info
  • Love IT
    Pro This has been a great product so far having one vacuum for all types
    of floors makes life easier
    Con the only thing that makes me concerned is the plastic pieces and how
    they will hold up over time...more info
  • super sucker-upper!
    I researched vacuums for a long time before deciding on this model. I wanted to switch from an upright to a canister because I have neck/upper back problems and thought pushing around something lighter might help (it has). Besides helping out my back, this machine performed better than anything I have ever used before. It does a super job! I recommend this model nased on: ease of use (all switches are on the handle), lightweight, POWER!!!, and ease of maintenance. the only drawback as far as I am concerned is that 2 of the additional tools that are sent with the vac aren't stored on-board, you might be making trips to your cleaning closet. This is a great product....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 Vacuum Cleaner Review
    The ordering and delivery processes were excellent. The vacuum cleaner works well. There are a few problems with the vacuum cleaner. First, it does not provide all the brushes it should. There is no dusting or upholstery brush. Second, the suction control is very easy to hit accidently and it is difficult to see the suction level indicator. Third, it requires a lot of man handling when cleaning a rug with the power brush....more info
  • Great Suction Power & Ease Of Use
    I bought this product due to the great reviews it received, and I was NOT disappointed! It really cleans the floors well and you are able to increase the suction power when needed. The cord draws in easily with a touch of a lever, and the canister is easy to empty. It's easy to manuever and clean stairs, etc. This is a well made product!...more info
  • Good suction, somewhat cumbersome
    Overall, the vacuum does an excellent job. It is somewhat heavy and cumbersome because I have so many stairs in my house. It does do a great job cleaning the stairs, by the way. Also, the dirt container needs to be emptied frequently. It's not hard to do, but just should be done pretty often.

    ...more info
  • ~*Yowza!*~
    Wow..! I just received my new Hoover canister vac and I'm adding my review to the others. This vacuum is stupendous. The suction power is *amazing* - it could suck the stripes off a zebra! It was very easy to assemble and the canister itself "follows" beautifully on its wheels from room to room. Long retractable cord, long hose, nice assortment of attachments and relatively quiet. I debated getting a Dyson, and I'm glad I chose this model instead!...more info
  • Terrible Vacuum!
    When we first got this vacuum I was so excited to use it. It's very cute! Parts of it do look cheap, but it's very modern and sleek looking for the most part. At first it cleaned great, but withing a few months we were replacing the roller. After that it all went downhill. We have had it 9 months it was not cleaning half as good as my moms 10 year old kenmore, and we are assumming some of the electrical wiring when out in the the hose. It's shot. We are trying to see what the company will do. I am not interested in this again. I would like to just give the extra money once and for all and buy a nice vacumm!...more info
  • Good for 9 months only
    Product did the trick for 9 months, then suction power went down dramatically. I cleaned everything and reassembled to no avail. I should have gotten it fixed then when it was under warranty, because at 13 months, it stopped working entirely. And Hoover wouldn't help fix it because I was one month over warranty. I might have gotten a lemon, but I now need to buy a new vacuum. It turned out to be a very expensive vacuum when you average it out over the time it worked....more info
  • Best Vacuum I ever bought
    It may seem more expensive than other vacuum cleaners but eventually it will prove cheaper. You'll not only save time ( money ) vacuuming as you won't have go over same area again but will also save money as you never have to change bags....more info
  • This Hoover beats them all!
    Our new Hoover S3765 WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum is the best we've ever had. I know, I know, everyone is in synch with other styles, but this one works for us. We had a practically new upright Vacuum and it just would not do the job. Never mind what the English guy says, The good old Hoover brand meets and exceeds the toughest standards for Vacuum cleaners. We love it. ...more info
  • Wonderful little vacuum
    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum hoping it would be easier to use since I have arthritis. I am really glad I did. It is very easy for me to carry since it is light-weight, and it has a convenient carry handle on top of it. I love the extension rod which allows me to lengthen or shorten the vacuum rod for either floor care or reaching up to clean cobwebs etc. I also love the little roller brush attachment, it makes vacuuming my stairs extremely easy as well as my sofa and other furniture. Overall I am delighted with this vacuum and would recommend it. The vacuum has very good suction which can be easily changed with a push of a button....more info
  • Powerful modern vacuum cleaner
    We're approaching 400 reviews here so there isn't much more I can add. This replaced a Hoover upright vacuum that lasted 30 years (!) so I don't have any modern vacuums to compare this thing with.

    The first surprise was turning it on and feeling the vacuum pull itself down into the carpet. I could hardly move it before I turned the brushes on. This is tremendously powerful suction. It cleaned the carpets nearly as well as my steam cleaner. I had been sandblasting during the summer and it found all the sand that the old vac had been missing. After vacuuming my wool carpet, the canister looked like I had vacuumed a sheep. Modern vacuums let you get very very low under furniture -- this can slide under a three inch gap. I had been moving furniture to vacuum before this.

    I agree with one reviewer's complaint about the dusting attachments. The wide brush is not much good for dusting. You need a narrow circular brush. Fortunately all my inexpensive ShopVac attachments friction-fit and work perfectly so that was no problem for me. With these attachments I've been able to get everywhere and with the powerful suction you don't have to get too close to clean a surface.

    I personally don't mind that the body doesn't have a place to store the attachments. Why carry them around when I'm not going to use them? I like that the body is light and can easily be carried. It doesn't need more dead weight.

    Yes, the canister is very small, yet my house is large and was filthy and I only emptied it twice. If you had more carpet than me, I could see it filling up a lot more quickly. I like that it's transparent because it's great at finding those screws I keep dropping into the carpet.

    I've found the controls are too convenient. I'm constantly hitting the suction or off buttons when maneuvering it around. Maybe I'll stop doing that.

    It should surprise no one that this vacuum is much much quieter than my 30 year old upright. The noise does increase as the canister fills and the filter gets clogged but clean those and it's back to normal.

    Although I've had no problems after a month of heavy use, I'm taking the complaints about the vacuum's durability seriously. Unlike my previous antiquated vacuum that would not die, this is a mostly plastic appliance and the long cables in the plastic hose as well as the connectors are certainly potential weak spots. I would not throw this thing around like a commercial appliance....more info
  • Hoover bagless vacumn
    Although I have just had this Hoover canister for a short time, I am very pleased with it. It is light in weight and it does a very good cleaning of my carpets. I have no regrets about purchasing it....more info
  • Very very satisfied - you get your money's worth
    Excellent suction on carpet, has 3 suction levels depending on type of carpet. Very convenient switch on handle to toggle between carpet mode or floor mode, ie. tile, wood, etc. The only drawback is that on hardwood floors, in order to really get the dust vacuumed you have to attached the floor brush, which basically looks like a long horizontal hairbrush. Otherwise you can just use the standard carpet/floor hookup and it will do a little-above a descent job on your hardwood floor.

    I'm very happy with it. The price was perfect for what I got. All the other hookups work great. Canister is easy to empty, power cord is very long which is very convenient....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price!
    We scoured the internet for information about the vacuum cleaners out there and decided on this Hoover after reading many reviews. We have not been disappointed. It is very light and easy to maneuver and has plenty of power. It's very user-friendly and easy to operate. My grandmother liked it so much that she had me order her one and has told me how nice it is compared to the big, heavy vacuum she has had for years. I like the ease of emptying the canister once it is full and the idea that I don't have to buy bags for it. We have been very happy with our purchase! I'm sure that there are better vacuum cleaners out there if you want to pay more money, but for the price, I give this one five stars....more info
  • Carol cleaning machine
    what a little champ. I absolutely love this machine. Can't believe what a great job it does on my carpets. Didn't know they were that dirty. It's lite weight and easy to get under all my furniture. The suction power is unbelievable. Would buy this machine again any time. The best feature is the ability to clean and wash out the dust cup. ...more info
  • Ridiculously Small Capacity
    As others have noted, the dust cup holds very little and needs to be emptied frequently. It is deceiving, since the cup itself appears to be quite large, but it is *full* when the dirt reaches just over an inch deep in the cup (this does not take long on a wool area rug). Emptying the cup is easy, but the internal chamber design traps stuff (static cling) so it does not fully empty unless you resort to rinsing it out or reaching in there (yuk).

    It would be nice if the connection of the handle and beater bar would swivel to help it turn corners.

    The *powered* hand tool is not powered with a motor, rather it uses the suction to spin the sweeper. Surprisingly, it does work and did not stall out.

    The variable suction is nice, but it is a bit slow to respond.

    ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I used it the minute it arrived. It goes from bare floor to carpet easily. The best part is the price was right. ...more info
  • works great
    I pretty much agree with most of the reviews that I read before buying this vacuum. It cleans very well - MUCH better than my old one. The container that gathers the dirt is a bit small - I need to empty it once for about every 15-20 minutes of vacuuming. Overall a good buy....more info
  • Well Pleased
    I did not realize how much dirt could hide in those carpets. We are very
    pleased with the performance. I particularly like the controls right at your fingertips....more info
  • Great vacum!
    One of the best vacums I've used, this canister style dust fighting machine follows you around like a puppy. The large wheels seem to make it roll over floor threshholds and it's own cord very easily. Rarely tips over, but on the few occasions it did, there was no interrpution in power as I have seen with other vacums. The controls are located on the handle which is very convienent. It has three (3) levels of suction power although for the most part I have just been using the strongest level. Not sure why you would want lesser power - perhaps on curtains or something along those lines. Agitator in the power head makes movement pretty easy. You don't have to be the "World's Strongest" to use it. Emptying the dirt is pretty easy. I just remove the dirt canister, turn it upside down in a empty trash bag and shake it. You will see some dust which is too be expected. Only negative is with the retractable cord as it rarely retracts all the way without some cord handling. It is, however, pretty much the same issue I have seen on all retractable cords. Excellent vacum - I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Wow wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than my Kirby
    Very powerful and easy to use. It is light enough that the cannister is not a problem....more info
  • The Vacuum Really WORKS!!!
    The Hoover was recommended by others at this site and I'm so glad I purchased it. It came quicker than I had anticipated, thanks AMAZON! and it is really great! A friend paid about $600 for a European made vacuum and this one has all the same features and performs just as well! I really like that it has a variable speed switch so you can make the suction really strong or soft, depending on what you need. Also the on/off button is on the handle too, another convenience I hadn't expected. I have a hardwood floor in most of the house and the head for the floor is very wide so it takes less time to get the job done. The power head for cleaning the carpets is very strong! The only part that is not first rate is the bagless. It is messy to clean however you can always have excellant suction as long as you're willing to empty the dirt out and shake the filter! I love this machine and highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • Nice Vacuum
    This vacuum is nice, the suction is GREAT and I find it easy to use....more info
  • The best vacuum EVER!!!!!
    I am pretty couscous, I don't want to waste money, at the same time I like to have the best. This is worth each penny you pay for! Light, but sturdy, easy to maneuver, very good on carpet and on hard floors. Lots of accessories to reach every corner and a small device to attach and clean your couch!!! You can't ask more!!! Very recommended...more info
  • Powerful and easy to clean
    I've had this vacuum for about a month and found it to be a good value.
    It is easy to empty and works well at picking up pet hair, too. How it
    will hold up only time will tell, but it seems to be made well enough if
    handled with reasonable care.

    ...more info
  • househubby
    Have owned this unit for several months now and have found nothing to complain about. The varible suction feature is something I have found very useful as full suction has a sufficient suction to suck up throw rugs and small animals. The bagless canister and filter are easy to clean with minimal effort. Love the no bag concept, as I can never remember the proper bag type to get when I am at the store. The unit's large wheels make for easy movement and the unit is light enough that I can pick it up and carry it around as I vacuum. The little power head for cleaning furniture is also quite handy and saves me the trouble of trying to clean the cat hair off of the furniture with the regular power head. All in all I am very pleased with the performance of this unit and have no reservations in giving it a five star recommendation....more info
  • Very good vacuum, only some minor complaints
    Well, I'm a housecleaner. I clean people's houses with this thing and can compare it to other vacuums; like the Dyson or Bissell. Here's what I have to say: It's a fabulous vacuum, gets up all that pet hair (ALMOST as good as the Dyson). And canister vacuums are always more flexible, less heavy, and less tedious than uprights, which is why I selected this kind of vacuum. All the buttons are within easy reach; different suction settings, turn carpet brush on/off, and so on....whereas unlike the Dyson, your buttons for carpet and floor are on the bottom of the vacuum, and you've got to bend down to switch 'em. Yes, that is far more tedious when you have to clean people's houses every day!!

    My only complaint about this vacuum is how small the dirt container is; it's tiny! And because it sucks up so much dirt, I'm usually emptying it about 3 times average per house I clean. I still highly recommend this vacuum though any day over a $300.00 more Dyson....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price!
    Nice little vacuum. Good suction except using the turned off power head on bare floors. You really have to change to the floor attachment. No big deal. Works great....more info
  • Great Value
    Easy to use and clean, really powerful and excellent with cat hair. Would highly recommend the Hoover s3765-040 vacuum cleaner - especially at the price....more info
  • Recent Purchase
    I switched from an upright to the Hoover Canister. Takes some getting used to moving the unit & hose around. The vacuum has excellent power, expels clean air, & is quiet. Only real drawback so far is the size of the canister but it is very easy to empty. Would recommend this vacuum to friends. ...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I was hesitant to buy this vacuum because I was not sure if it was going to have enough suction. Well...........it is awesome. For the money you cannot beat it. It picks up more dirt from the carpet than my Electrolux. I have bad allergies so I need to vacuum almost everyday and the amount of stuff it picks up is unbeleivable. Recommend it highly. It does have a small dust cup but who cares you just empty more often. Just love it!...more info
  • The Hoover Wind Tunnel Electric Bagless Canister Vacuum
    "The Price is Right"...pardon the pun...and so is just about everything else, as far as I'm concerned.
    Good power and maneuverability, storage for extra pieces is fine. Sections fit together easily - and it doesn't take up too much room in the closet.
    My dogs still chase the machine...but then terriers will chase just about anything.
    Good job all around for the Hoovers for manufacturing the vacuum and for Amazon for their fast delivery and good price,...more info
  • Powerful vaccume
    I had much doubt about this vaccume before ordering it. I've had it now for two weeks and I'm glad I got it. Its suction power is great. I was especially surprised at how well it cleaned the carpet. The suction is so powerful that I have a hard time pulling it back. The attachments are very handy. The only part I don't care much about is having to clean out the canister....otherwise, overall a good vaccume....more info
  • Great value in vaccums
    After much internet surfing and reading reviews in on-line consumer websites and the Consumer Reports magazine I selected the Hoover S3765-040. We have two large dogs and two kids. THe vacuum works well on dog hair and the small handheld powered brush works to get dog hair off furniture. The power head works wiell on low pile and high pile carpents. I've found that using the power head you only need the low suction setting. Build quality appears good for the price ($179.00 US on Amazon). My only recommendation is that you buy two of the filters as you clean them by washing so you always have a dry filter for you next vacuum assignment.

    All in all a great vacuum for the price. Now if I could get my daughters to learn how to use the vacuum......more info
  • Very Good
    Cleans very good. Can be used on stairs and carpet. Must be emptied often. I would recommend this product to others....more info
  • Exactly What We Wanted
    I compared lots of vacs before I bought this one. We wanted a canister with a HEPA filter under $200. It does everything it says and more. The head goes flat for under the bed and detaches easily to get dust off the shelfs. It's a great vac for a great price....more info
  • Hard to Find Cannister
    It's difficult to find canisters anymore so I looked on Consumer Reports for suggestions and found this one at a great price at Amazon. It has great suction, is compact, retractable cord, very good carpet attachment. I prefer a separate bare floor attachment which it has but it is small -- only draw back....more info
  • Terrific Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum after reading about it from Consumer Reports. They rated it as a best buy. I am very pleased overall. It is powerful yet lightweight. Has a convenient handle for ease if carrying up and down stairs. It has excellent suction on my carpet and of course great for my wood floors and tile. One of the best things I like is it is fairly quiet. Even my cat doesn't seem to mind it. ...more info
  • Hard worker
    After shopping around I determined the S3755 or S3765 would be a good choice for my budget. Got the S3765 Monday and began by sweeping a rug on my hardwood floor with the huge (14 1/2") motorized carpet attachment. It did seemed to run away, pulling me. That stopped immediately when I put the thing into high suction mode. Then it seemed a bit hard to push as the suction was so strong. It pulled a lot of sand and dirt that the old sweeper missed earlier. Then to the sofa with the power brush. That one did well, it would not turn on low speed, but high speed spun it hard and cleaned well.

    They claimed to have a dust brush, no they don't. MR HOOVER GET A CLUE, the short stiff brush on the upholstery attachment is NOT, repeat NOT a duster brush! Duster brushes are ROUND (like my old Hoover had). They have LONG bristles that are somewhat soft like a paint brush... MR HOOVER ... HELLO! I will have to purchase an aftermarket as the upholstery thing will not do. I am quite surprised, too that HOOVER don't get why we buy canisters, again MR HOOVER: WE have hardwood and ceramic floors, we need proper floor attachments. This one comes with a tiny NINE inch "toy" floor brush. And if you think I can use the carpet thing on hardwood you are clueless on how to clean a floor! (MR HOOVER)

    It cleans well, and does an excellent job on carpets. The power upholstery attachment does good on the living room furniture. It did fine on curtains also. For the price I would have expected a better hardwood floor brush, the little bitty one did fine on stairs and under the furniture. A waste of the good power to use such a small attachment for cleaning a room. Also for the price, I would expect a real DUST BRUSH. Perhaps it would be better to buy the S3755 saving enough to buy better tools....more info
  • Hoover s3765-040 Wind Tunnel
    Have had the cleaner for a month now and it does what it should, quite well.
    The size of the cleaning head is a bit larger and heavier than I need/would like.
    It's a little too loud also.
    We mostly have hardwood floors and although the vacuum cleans them well, it's really kind of difficult to tell if it's working or not.

    All in all I would have looked for a lighter vacuum, but am happy with this purchase....more info
  • Mixed review
    The vacuum has good suction, but the suction adjustment feature is not well thought out. Also I am disappointed in the way the hard floor tool attaches to the machine, simply by pressure. It frequently falls off during use. The older version uses a twist locking feature that has been dropped....more info
  • No service from Hoover. World's Worst Vacuum Cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner is the worst vac I have ever had and service from Hoover is seemingly nonexistent as the phone lines are not staffed by real people and no one responds to email when I click on Contact. I ordered a new filter almost a month ago hoping that would help but the filter never arrived nor do I know if they even shipped it. All I got was a charge on my credit card which is also all I got from the vac purchase.

    The vacuum is extraordinarily cumbersome and the flasher indicating dirty filter has been been flashing since near new and no amount of following cleaning directions ever works to stop the flashing and get full suction; nor is there obstruction in the tubing.

    It it is a cute little thing but clearly all FLASH (pun intented) and no substance....more info
    If there was an option to choose 0 stars on this one I would. From day one, we saw problems with this vacuum.

    We have been servicing and selling vacuums for 35 + years. The first time I saw this vacuum in for service, a very nice woman brought us the vacuum in 4-5 pieces.

    I thought the vacuum had just made it back from Iraq! I asked her what happened, and she told me that she had accidentally dropped the machine down the stairs while vacuuming her stairs.

    The main housing on this vacuum was so brittle, it broke multiple times, in multiple places. I asked her how long she had had the vacuum, and she told me a little over 1 year. This was out of the warranty period for the vacuum, and we had to charge her. The total repair was $120. The main housing itself sold for $74.99!

    In my years of servicing vacuums, I have never seen such cheap, cheap plastic. You literally can break the plastic by squeezing the housing in your hands! I would by lying if I said that was the only time we have seen this problem. I would say that in the two years this vacuum has been out there, we have serviced 15-20 units. The plastic is not the only problem though.

    The electric hose, has all the controls on the handle of the machine. Very convienent, however VERY problematic. We have replaced several of these hoses because of short circuits.

    The main problem we are having right now is, the main HEPA Filter: Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister Filter # 59134033, is not available from Hoover. We have currently 30-40 of these on back order from JUNE! This is the main filter for the vacuum, without replacing this filter, the motor will surely fail. Check around and see for yourself, this filter is NOT AVAILABLE PERIOD! I expect to be replacing motors on this unit on a mass scale in the coming months. PLEASE, PLEASE stay away from this Hoover WindTunnel. You will be sorry.

    Hoover has sold their company 3 times in the last 4 years. The first sale was to Whirpool. Whirpool then sold out to Maytag. Maytag sold the Hoover company again in March to TTI Floorcare, the parent company of Dirt Devil, and Royal Vacuums. It is unfortunate to see such a good brand name at one point, fall like Hoover has....more info
  • Great suction! Little hard to get used to, but I like it.
    Getting used to a new vacuum cleaner is a little like having to get used to a new husband... a little difficult at first but you kind of settle into it. I love the suction power of my new WindTunnel. I also love not having to spend money on bags. The large handle of this vacuum is a bit awkward for me to hold, and with the controls right at the top of the handle sometimes I accidently push one while I'm vacuuming. But, overall I really like the vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Great suction, but faulty workmanship
    I am amazed at how much dirt, pet hair, and dust that this machine picks up! I definitely feel like my house is much cleaner after I use it. My only two complaints (you decide whether they are big or small) would be that the machine is a bit bulky and difficult to maneuver, and the carpet setting (where the roller brush spins) works only periodically. It is covered under warrenty, I just have to pack it up and take it down to the local authorized repair shop. Because only one of my nine rooms has carpet, I haven't done it yet. Overall, it is a great vaccuum. ...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel
    I really like the suction power of this vacuum but there are a couple drawbacks. First of all the hose does not swivel and gets twisted quite easily. Secondly, the hose is not very long so you have to pull the machine every two steps or so. Finally, the drag on the carpet is hard so it takes more effort to vacuum than one that has "power drive". Overall, I like the size and power of the machine, with a few improvements this would be a great product!...more info
  • The best i"ve ever had!
    Before committing to this vacuum, I did my research. I am extremely pleased with this one. True quality of workmanship, performance, and ease of use and upkeep. Have recommended it to several of my friends and family, and would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • This unit works very well
    I decided to buy this vacuum after reading the positive reviews.

    I have had this vacuum for over a year and have had three (3) breakdowns so far.

    Two of the repairs were sent under warranty but the last one we haven't fixed yet since the cost just doesn't seem worth it. We definitely got a lemon but I don't want to chance buying another one of these.

    When it did work it worked well. However I'm going for a bagged canister such as a Miele or even an Electrolux (Sebo would be the ultimate). The bagless feature is nothing but a mess when trying to empty.

    So based on my experience stay away from this machine and invest in something with a better reputation and a better warranty.

    Edit (12/26/07) I found out that the two problems I had with this vacuum were a broken belt and a crushed hose. This unit works very well and I would recommend anyone to buy it.

    ...more info
  • the best vacuum ever.
    I am a vacuum fanatic, and let me tell you I go through vacuums very quickly. I decided to buy a smaller vacuum that was bagless this time seeing my other vacuum I had for 1 1/2 year lost allof its suction power, so I searched the internet and read some reviews on them and decided to buy this one, AND BOY AM I HAPPY I DID, this vacuum has so much suction power and pulls dirt up that I didn't even know existed I am so pleased and I would highly recommend this vacuum to everyone. ...more info
  • vac good customer service stinks
    did not receive the hand held attachment with this vac, so i was told by amazon to contact hoover directly. i was hung up on over 5 times. spoke to know one who spoke english with any fluency. will never buy a hoover again because of their poo.r customer service. We need to let companys know its not OK to outsource jobs to other countries....it takes jobs away from us and makes doing business witht these companies much harder on us...the consumer....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    Very nice, versatile machine at a reasonable price. Very good for using on our wood laminate floors, which is the reason that we got it. The variable suction speeds come in handy when you don't want full suction. Pieces assemble easily and securely....more info
  • Perfect purchase
    I am very happy with my purchase, and the description of the item was exactly as it was described by the seller....more info
  • WindTunnel
    I have three dogs and this vacuum keeps dog hair at bay very good. The telescoping arm makes it very handy at cleaning cob webs from corners. It has very good suction and is relatively quiet. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Vac is great - Customer Service really sucks....
    This vac only lasted for 3 months! It cleaned great and was easy to use until the powered floor nozzle quit working after 3 months. The Hoover company would not answer my emails, when I called I got a customer service person in another contry that I could not understand and didn't understand me or what my problem was.

    I called two more times and was given the names of service centers that were all over 100 miles from my home and told I had to take it to one of them. I have never had as bad an experience or been so dissatisfied with any company as I have with Hoover. I will never buy one of their products again no matter how good it might be....more info
  • Great on carpets, good on wood floors
    Great on carpets good on wood floors. This is the first cannister vacuum I've owned and find it somewhat bulky and hard to maneuver compared to upright vacuums but it does an excellant job deep cleaning carpets....more info
  • A Great Vacuum, So Far.
    I bought this vacuum to replace my 15 year old vacuum that was exceeding expensive and supposed to last a lifetime. At the time of that purchase, it was the Mercedes Benz of vacuums, ranked second behind a Swedish vacuum that I'd never heard of or seen.

    The Hoover works everybit as well as my other vacuum did, perhaps with better suction. It doesn't require expensive bags, it's easy to manipulate, and it is compact enough to store in my pantry closet, close to where I make all of the messes.

    The real test will come over time to see how reliable it is. But at the price I paid, I could replace it about every three years and get more mileage from it than my "Mercedes Benz of vacuums."...more info
  • Wow!
    I am amazed and kind of embarrassed at the amount of household dirt this vacuum collects. Easy to use because it helps pull itself along. Only complaint is that I have to empty the cannister very often. It may be a smaller collection area (capacity) ,or I just might have more dirt to collect ( I have three cats). We have much more "suction-power" than the Electrolux it replaced for less than half the price!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    We couldn't believe how much our old vacuum was leaving behind. We had to empty the cannister alot. When we were done the house smelled great. We are very pleased with it. It works very well on dog hair which was apparently all over the place. Would recommend it highly....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    I was quite pleased with my purchase. It really picks up the dirt and much easier to vacuum the stairs. I also like the attachments, especially the upholstery one. Like others, the only thing that would be better is a longer extension cord, but I guess the price you pay for automatic windup, however, be careful with the pedal to zip it back in. It can hurt your ankle.
    Overall, a good purchase for the price. Packs up conveniently, lightweight, works great, less of a "workout" to vacuum, and easy on the back!...more info
  • Wind tunnel vacuum
    The vacuum does a superb job of cleaning....it has more than enough suction and I like the adjustable setting for suction. I have only three complaints...it is difficult to maneuver, the canister has to be emptied very often and it is heavy. On the plus side, my son recently visited and asked if we had new carpeting...Over all I am pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Dirt canister needs to be emptied too often
    I purchased this vacuum based on reviews. It does have good suction and lots of nice features ~ I can't disagree with that. These are what I think are the cons: Dirt canister needs to be emptied after each room - if you have a dog that sheds a lot be ready for lots of trips to empty and the dog hair does not all go into the lower level. Lots of it gets stuck around the hepa filter and has to be removed with your hands - yuck! The hepa filter also gets cloged and needs to be cleaned each time vacuum is emptied. If find I have to take it outdoors to remove the dirt from the filter as it blows around. I tap the filter with a plastic item and the dirt get loosed and comes out after which I use a soft brush to further clean the filter. This is major downside of this vacuum. The filter can be washed but you can't use it while wet so it can't be washed till you have finished vacuuming. I use a utility sink in my washroom to wash the filter - it is a dirty job. Also, long hair and dog hair constantly clog the intake areas of both floor attachments. I have a large home - 9 rooms - 4 kids - 1 cat and a shedding dog. If you have a some area to vacuum and don't have many pets or children, then I think this would be a good vacuum for you. My kids hate emptying the dirt canister due to all that is involved. Very good vacuum but dirt canister gets only 1 star....more info
  • vacuum
    best vacuum we've had! especially for the price.
    sure few little things could be improved but it's strong , fairly light (could clean 18 ft ceilings) and tireless (though fills up pretty quickly - especially on carpets)
    works v.well & v.good value ..
    a.h....more info
  • Forget about Customer Service
    I purchased the Hoover S3765-040 about a month ago from Amazon.
    Immediately the electronic control on the handle started going out.
    Forget about calling Hoover - they recently sold out- so no one will answer their 800 Number. After a afternoon of calls I finally found a dealer here in Dallas who says they can fix it.
    Too bad if you're use to having a company pick up the damaged and deliver a new.
    It may be a good product, when it finally works, but my suggestion is to spend a little more for a company who has a concept of Customer Service....more info
  • High quality vacuum
    This vacuum has exceeded my expectations. It's nice to have a cannister vacuum again after having an upright for years. This new Hoover easily glides under the bed, so now I can easily clean there each time I vacuum. It really picks up the dirt and gets the carpet and the floors really clean. The rotating hand attachment is really nice and pulls the dust and cat hair from the furniture really well. There are several attachments and I've used them all. The cannister is easy to maneuver and is quiet for a vacuum. I have to empty the dirt cup after every cleaning but I don't mind--it's a reminder of how much dirt and dust the vacuum is pulling up. The dirt cup empties easily with very little dust escaping into the air. I just empty it into the trash. I'd highly recommend this vacuum to anybody that's looking for a quality cannister vac....more info
  • Great Vacuum Great Price
    For the money you can't do better. Paid $179.99 here on Amazon. It made my wife Happy, can't beat That!...more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    This is definitely the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned, and at an excellent price. It has tremendous suction power, and I also appreciate the suction control feature. Plus, it's relatively easy to carry up and down stairs. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that all of the attachments don't fit on the tank....more info
  • luv,luv,luv....
    I am handicapped and struggle to vacuum,but this machine is so easy to use in every way.I have several long haired cats and their shedding is no longer a problem.This is a very powerful machine.I LOVE it!...more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel
    I really like this vacuum cleaner. I have owned it for about a year now and it works great. It has an excellent rug attachment that really pulls the dust and dirt out of the carpet. I have mostly tile floors. Even though it has a tile floor setting, many times I continue to use the rug setting as it picks up more things off of the bare floor. If there is a lot of something on the floor, such as cat litter, you wouldn't use the rug setting because it may shoot the liter out from under the bottom, as the bar is off the ground a little bit. However, I find that if I am doing something like cat litter, I turn off the power bar for carpet, vacuum a bit, then turn it on to get up that last bit of dust off the bare floor. I'm very happy with it. My only request on this model would be if they had included a plain dusting brush. They do have a great little attachment for furniture with a little beater bar but I would have liked to have had a plain brush for dusting. Other than that, I really have enjoyed it and it is working great one year later. I love being able to dump the canister without changing bags. Great product!...more info
  • Very versatile!
    This vacuum is so versatile and simple to change from one attachment to another. I really like the three suction power levels, so you can choose the suction strength. I have had different brands of vacuums, and tried the expensive ones as well, but they didn't hold up to this one! I did a lot of research online as well as in the stores, and this vacuum is well worth the money! I purchased this from Amazon with super saver shipping, and I am just so amazed with it. If you are looking for a cannister vacuum that has power, durability, and is easily interchangeable, this is well worth the money! One of the best purchases I have made!...more info
    Slick modern look, but who even cares about that when so much power is packed into such a lightweight unit. I no longer wanted the clumsy uprights but was hesitant about the weight that would probably be needed for an effective canister. No problem with this featherweight, and the quick release, easy disposal dirt cup just keeps everything at a maximum effectiveness. You can control the suction as you go which makes it easier to keep fringe on area rugs from getting caught. I hope it is as durable as it is effective; it will be hard to go back to any other type of vacuum....more info
  • Wow! Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned!
    In 28 years of housekeeping I've owned at least six vacuum cleaners. Some were very inexpensive because that's all I could afford, and some were a little better quality. But all of them died after just a few years. I nursed along my GE cannister vacuum for an extra year because I dreaded spending the money for a new one, AGAIN.

    Finally the day came that I couldn't put it off anymore. I read the reviews on Amazon and settled for the Hoover S3765-040. I had never tried a bag-less vacuum, but it will be nice to not have to search for bags at Walmart or online.

    It arrived in just a couple of days, thanks to Amazon's free shipping, and I quickly assembled it and tried it out. Our home is always dirty, with two adults, four kids, a dog and a cat, and assorted neighbor kids running in an out. This vacuum has such powerful suction and such a GREAT rugbeater head that it got a gallon of pet hair, dirt, dust and fuzz balls out of my downstairs! I had to stop and empty the cup a few times, and was amazed at what my poor old vacuum hadn't picked up!

    Inside the dirt collector cup is a filter, which got dirt and fuzz stuck in it. I was dreading picking all that out each time, but it cleaned up in one minute. I took it outside, rolled it between my hands and tapped it firmly on the deck, and tons of dirt and fuzz came out. It looks new again after each cleaning!

    I'm delighted with the caster wheels on this product, too. My old one rolled on its back when I pulled it. This one has a nice long cord (20 feet)and a long hose on the suction end too. It also has the power button on the part you hold in your hand - much nicer than having to find the cannister stuck between the sofa and the armchair to turn it off. My only complaint is that there isn't a clip on it to hold the other brush attachments. So I'll have to go find them in a closet when I want to use them. But to my delight, the small brush attachment from my old GE fit on this one too....so I can brush smaller areas than the new attachments would allow.

    Overall, this is a wonderful, well designed product. It's powerful, lightweight, rolls easily, and avoids the need for bags. I'm so pleased with this vacuum cleaner!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    You really dont need more than this! Great value, great performance, easy for under furniture, great price too!...more info
  • Great Suction - Breaks Easily!
    This would be a great vacumn if the controls didn't quit working. The only source to turn on/off the power is in the handle. The wiring has to travel through the hose to reach the canister and it shorts out often. Bummer....more info
  • Love it but... the control handle does break very quickly
    I really like the suction and cleaning power of the machine. I'm quite happy with it - especially for the price. But, as other buyers have experienced, the control mechanism in the handle breaks - within days! What appears to be happening is that the wires that run from the machine to the control buttons get crimped (they run through the hose). To fix the problem (rather than engage in a warranty return), I grab the hose at the crimp and squeeze...the controls begin to operate again....more info
  • Great Buy!
    Quiet, powerful and easy to operate.


    The filters clog easily and the hose does too.
    The Dirt cup capacity -- this needs to be emptied after each cleaning which can be quit messy. Empty outside.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with the unit. It's quiet, compact, and does a superb job of cleaning...more info
  • Love it
    I have been watching reviews etc & talking to people for months trying to decide on a vacuum. My neighbor & her husband have this one & were crazy about it so that was good enough for me. Absolutely love mine, suction is great and easy to move around. ...more info
  • A+++
    I have two messy large birds and a dog that sheds. The cream colored carpet looks new again after vacuuming with the Hoover S3765-040. It cleans better than I could have evened imagined....more info
  • Powerful - but falls apart.
    I have never used a vacuum that cleans carpets so well and breaks so fast. After two years it is garbage. It is heavy to use. It does not work well on tiles. It just falls apart and leaves red and black rubber marks everywhere. I have read a lot of reviews now in need of something new, and I see that I am not the only one having problems with Hoover and durability. Even if it sucks well - it just is not worth it....more info
  • This vacuum really sucks
    I have had many vacuums (Kirby, Eureka, Filter Queen i.e) But this one is great. I was dusting some light bulbs and the nozzle attached itself and I had to lower the power just to get it off. The bagless feature is wonderful, never saw how much stuff I pick up before. I highly recommend....more info
  • finally a real vacuum cleaner
    In the last 10 years I have purchased 5 vacuums. They are all out at the curb for the trashman. This vacuum does everything the others did (combined), but with adjustable suction and great suction, quieter, easier to maneuver and has all the attachments that I need.
    I recommend this to everyone. It is great on all heights of carpet, but is especially great on hardwoods and tile....more info
  • Happy Hoover Purchaser
    After reading the excellant reviews about this product I decided to go ahead and order this vacuum. The reviews did not lie. This is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. I have never once been happy with the performance of any machine I have owned in the last 20 years (one upright and two cannisters) until this one. I used to have to vacuum a section and then still bend down and pick stuff off the carpet that my old machines weren't strong enough to get. Not so now. This Hoover has an incredibly strong suction. It gets everything up. My carpets have never looked so good. Also, I love a canister because the head can get into spaces that the uprights can't and when I do have a space that's too small for that head the wands disengage easily so I can get into even the tightest corners. I bought this machine based on the recommedations of others. Now I am adding my praise to the list. This is the best vacuum I have ever owned!...more info
  • just right for me
    the vacuum does it's job and on an economy budget (when purchased through amazon); for me it is easy to move around and get to many different places both high and low; the only draw back is a small compartment for debris - but it is easy to take-out, empty and get going again....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    We were skeptical at first, but this little vacuum has proven quite powerful and effective in our home. We've got a mix of hardwood floors, short carpeting, and shag carpeting (as well as area rugs), and this baby can handle them all. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver around the house, and the handle controls to change the suction setting are brilliant.

    Two downsides that don't knock the quality of the vac but might irritate potential buyers:
    1. There is no way to connect the attachments to the vacuum; so if you have to switch attachments as your floors change, this can be annoying.
    2. If you're not used to bagless vacs, beware that dumping the dust and grime (quite satisfying in the sense that you know how clean your floors are getting!) can be bothersome because it does kick up does and requires that you periodically empty the filter as you're cleaning your house. I've had them before, so new what to expect, but it's not always a pleasant experience. (I do, however, prefer it to having to hunt down bags every few months.)

    Even with those minor downsides, I think this vacuum is still fantastic and deserves high ratings. We are incredibly happy with it and were very glad to read the consumer reviews that spoke so highly of it. Great purchase....more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel
    Well designed vacuum. Very powerful. Small size of cannister makes it easy to manuever. No bags to change. Hepa filter a plus. I'm very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it....more info
  • Love it
    Have 4 dogs. Concrete floor with rugs. This works so good I almost cried! Both on floor and on my rugs. And it cost less than my last vac!...more info
  • This sucks...BIGTIME
    Easily the best vacuum we have owned!
    Washable filter/dust cannister that makes it SO easy to get ready for
    the next cleaning adventure.
    I bought this machine based on the reviews here and kept in mind that
    I could return the vac if I was not happy.No worries,I won't be returning it!
    It just keeps on doing a very good job at picking up what went down.
    ...more info
  • Have one, bought this one for my daughter
    I have had this vacuum myself for several years, and when my daughter renovated her house they had only hard surface floors. This vacuum works on either hard or soft surface extremely well, but especially on hard surface. The suction is spectacular, and you really can't beat it for the price....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner!
    We looked at a number of vacuum cleaners, including upgrights. This vacuum cleaner is extremely well made and has amazing suction. It works great on all floor types and on carpet it does a superior job as compared to most of the uprights we looked at. We are very pleased with the vacuum's quality and we actually feel that our house is much cleaner vs. our older vacuum....more info
  • Small but Powerful Vacuum
    In 44 years of marriage, I've owned several electrolux vaccuums (both upright and cannister), a hoover upright, a kenmore cannister, a miele aries, and probably several I've forgotten. This little hoover windtunnel vacuum has managed to do a better job than the others I've owned. It's lightweight and easy to carry up the stairs, and the cannister picks up dirt out of the carpet I didn't even dream was there. I have area rugs over hardwood, and only moved into a new home with new carpets less than a year ago. Weekly cleaning with the electrolux should have been picking up any dust in the carpets, but it wasn't. I bought the hoover windtunnel to use in the downstairs family room, but now have brought it upstairs to use throughout the whole house. I love not having to buy bags, and wish I had gotten this vacuum sooner. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is an awesome vacuum! I was thinking of getting the electrolux but went with this for budget friendly and it is great, it comes with a vacuum nozzle which helps for that added cleaning for placees such as stairs or the car. It comes with a few different utinsils that attach to the end of the hose. The vacuum is push button with 3 suction speeds with a display on the canister to show you your speed and if the canister needs to be emptied, you can switch the power nozle on or off for carpet or flooring, I love this vacuum it sucks so much out of the carpet it makes me wonder where all this dirt comes from, I really recommend this item! :)...more info
  • This vacuum sucks! (couldn't resist!)
    My wife (and I) love this vac. The variable suction control is great, and the handle controls are wonderful. I wish it had a bottom-release cup like the upright, but that's a minor issue. I had a Rainbow vac for the past 11 years and it did great, but was becoming a pain to keep clean and serviced. It also wasn't practical with hauling up steps or with small kids around. So this was to be the replacement and next-best thing to the Rainbow. Well, it may not filter quite as well but it's pretty close - and for the price you can't beat it. This is the first Hoover vac that has impressed me in 20 years. ...more info
  • Bye Bye pet hair
    we have two cats and thought our old vacuum was good, but after the first use with the Hoover Vacuum, Who, the old one shurly missed a lot. I would highly recomend this to all....more info
    I received my Hoover 3 days after ordering. Amazon is excellent to order from. So is the vacuum. Several reviews i read said the dust canister was too small. i didn't find this to be true. i had vacuumed with my old canister 2 days before my new one arrived. used the new one and with 4 cats did not find the canister filled up too quickly. but it was simply amazing tp see what it picked up that my old one didn't. floor brush works great as does the stair attachment. highly recommend to anyone wanting a canister. plus - it almost self-propels itself. GREAT VACUUM, especially for the price....more info
  • Very Disappointed!
    I had also read all the great reviews which is why I purchased it. It has caused me nothing but aggravation and now I'm tossing it after just 1 year. Huge waste of money! It overheats a lot and has now completely stopped working. When it worked, I still didn't like it. Yes, the suction was good, but otherwise I found it cumbersome, heavy, difficult to change attachments, and I had to empty the dirt collection container constantly. It was a mess! Also, mine wouldn't vacuum up anything hard. Even just a piece of string would jam the roller. Maybe I just had a lemon - but I don't have anything good to say about it!

    [Note: I've never written a review about anything, but I had such harsh feelings about this that I felt compelled. I also feel bad about writing a bad review, but perhaps I can save someone some money and aggravation. Besides, I don't think Hoover will suffer in any way from my negativity - so I can write this conscience-free!] ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Yet
    Over the past 30 years I've owned Eureka's, Sears, Electrolux's, Dirt Devil, and even a Sanitaire. Nothing comes close to cleaning like this vacuum.

    We have two golden retrievers which shed A LOT - no problem for this vacuum, be it on the hard flooring or the carpeting.

    If you need a vacuum, this is it....more info
  • Va-va-va-voom!
    I was so excited when my research revealed *this* would be the perfect vacuum for our new house, which has hardwood floors throughout and only half a floor of carpet in the basement. The reviews were great and the price, at the time, was unbeatable, so I ordered in a hurry.

    I put the vacuum together and plugged it in, and wouldn't you know it? The brush on the carpet/floor attachment wouldn't rotate. I called Amazon, sent it back at their expense and had a new one in two days. That's what I call customer service.

    The new one works like a charm and, from the little bit of experimenting I've done so far, seems like a great product. I haven't had to clean the filter or the bagless container yet, but it doesn't seem like rinsing them under cold water--the recommended cleaning mode--will be too strenuous.

    The vacuum is super high powered on low-nap carpet, so hold on to that wand! On hardwood floors, it picks up everything.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Great vacuum, good price
    This vacuum is good. Really, really good. It is pulling up dirt that my old vacuum never got out of the carpets. It may even be pulling up dirt from one floor down.

    The bagless thing is good I guess, because you can always have a fresh clean chamber without going to buy new bags. But cleaning it out is a pain. Especially cleaning the filter which seems to hold more dirt than I ever thought possible. If convenience and not getting your hands dirty is a concern, buy the more expensive model with the self-cleaning filter....more info
  • Solid, sleek, effective vacuum but a small stomach
    Good value, well-made, cool looks, terrific suction/air flow, heavy steel wand tube. The adjustable tube height is a plus. Friction fit attachments are not as good as the spring-loaded index pin type, but if you press and twist the accessory on tightly, it's NOT going to come off. We never have a problem with it tipping over; it pivots and follows you around like a puppy. Noise level is somewhat lower than others we've had, especially at low and mid suction settings which generally are plenty to get the dirt up. The air-powered rotary brush stairs/furniture head is nice, but not as nice as the old Kenmore electrically-powered head.

    Why we rate it a 4 instead of a 5:

    1. Only holds two miniature plastic cheap attachments, a crevice tool, and an upholstery brush. O.K. in a pinch, but hang onto your old full size attachments--they may fit. Our old Kenmore accessories did.

    2. The "automatic" height adjust of the carpet head is really a "fixed" height setting designed for medium nap carpet. If you try to use it on indoor/outdoor carpeting (very low nap) the head tends to walk away from you at about 5 mph like a self-propelled mower. You actually have to pull back on the wand handle to restrain it. This is because the suction pulls the head into the carpet and the rotary brush digs in. It helps to use low suction on low nap. For most carpeting this is not a problem--air leaks through the looser nap and prevents a tight suction seal on the carpeting. A real(manual)height adjust would be helpful.

    3. We miss the "air bleed port" at the top of the wand that you find on many vacuums that allows you to vacuum throw rugs and drapes without sucking them into the nozzle. Even on low suction setting this baby still tends to suck up throw rugs unless you hold them down with your foot. An air bleed would also help control the suction when vacuuming low nap carpeting (see 2 above).

    4. MOST of all, the little dirt collection cup is a bore. Yes it's easy to access the cup, and yes you can empty it in less than 15 seconds, BUT especially if you have pets with lotsa hair, you're going to be making numerous trips to the waste can. Plus, you have to be comfortable with digging out hair and fuzz from the filter inside the cup every 2 or 3 dumps. Duhhh, it's why disposable bags were invented. My wife doesn't think it's a big deal. I do. If the cup and filter were 3-4 times larger I guess I would give it a pass. Still it would be a lot closer to perfection if it had a bag....more info
  • Love, love, love it!
    I recently bought a new condo with hardwood floors throughout and have a nice thick wool area rug in the living room. I really struggled with the most efficient way to clean the floors and the Hoover canister vacuum is so fast, easy and efficient. I love the power nozzle feature which allows a quick and easy transition from floor to carpet cleaning. I am amazed at how much it picks up! The area rug is still very new, so it is shedding somewhat, the vacuum picks up a full container every time I vacuum. I find it extremely easy to remove it and empty it out. I am thrilled that it is the only vacuum cleaner that I need. I highly recommend this vacuum!...more info
  • Hoover Review
    Ordering was great and it was shipped in a timely manner. Setup and instructions were fine and easy to read. Only problem we had was that the wand to the power unit was defective and had to be replaced. This process took three weeks but now we have the unit and it works fine for us....more info
  • Works well....when it works.
    I am surprised to see all the 5-star reviews of this vacuum. I can only assume that they were written soon after purchase, because I have owned this vacuum for over 2 years and am ready to chuck it out the window. I have had numerous problems with it: sometimes I think it's possessed because it turns off in the middle of cleaning, or it WON'T turn off when I press the off button, or sometimes everything shuts down but the spinning brush. The cord that gives power to the carpet brush won't stay connected (I have to hold it in while vacuuming), it tips over when I drag it behind me, and the final straw is that I can't detach the carpet head from the wand so the hard floor and other tools are essentially worthless to me now. I know this was rated high on consumer reports (I know why--it really does a good job when it's not broken!) but so did the Electrolux Oxygen and it got terrible reviews on this site. And the Dyson rated low on CR and reviews. I don't know what to buy next! All I know is you would think in this day and age SOMEONE could make a decent vacuum cleaner that won't end up in the landfill in a couple years....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This vacuum is the most awesome vacuum ever. We've had many, and this one is by far the best w/the greatest price. One great feature too, is that it is bagless and right there we are saving more money. My carpets are much cleaner. ...more info
  • Power
    This little vacuum has a load of power. When I first used it I felt it was pushing and pulling me around instead of me doing it. It really does a nice job, and is a great cleaner for the cost. I love it....more info
  • FABULOUS vacuum!!
    This vacuum rocks. Super-strong suction, good tools, love the dust canister (no bags to further trash the environment!) and the Hepa filter. The filter *has* started putting out a musty smell after being washed, which isn't thrilling, but it's still a great vacuum. As to its effectiveness -- I vacuumed my 5'x8' living room rug with my old Kenmore the day before receiving the Hoover. The next morning I swept with the Hoover -- and it got a whole canister's worth of dirt off the carpet (just 24 hours after having vacuumed)! Very powerful. And the upholstery tool is really effective.

    Not thrilled that the upholstery and hard floor tools don't have a 'home' on the canister, but it's a small price to pay. Great machine overall....more info
  • great vac for a pet and kid heavy house
    We have been a Dyson Animal household and quite happy, but our housekeeper hated the upright. We needed a small cannister unit that would be good with the debris left behind by two large dogs, a cat and 5 year old twins. The S3765-040 was a great value. It does the job with dog hair and is very maneuverable....more info
  • great suction
    This is the first vacuum I've had that actually has enough suction so that the small rotating brush attachment works! It does a wonderful job on carpeted stairs and everything eles. The adjustable suction is fabulous! Use low to clean lampshades etc and high for all the pet hair. Goes effortlessly from wood floors to carpet and does great on both. No dusty smell left after vacuuming....more info
  • vaccum
    So far, so good knock on wood. It's light and has great sucksion. The wheels aren't the easiest, but it's really not a big deal compared to the rest of the benefits. I reccomend it....more info
  • Great vac.....no musty smell
    Vacuum is great! Dust cup fills quickly, but does a super job....even on what you thought was clean....one of the best things is that dusty, musty smell isn't there......I'd recommend this one to everybody.......more info
  • Handles my houseful beautifully
    I will start by saying that I have six children, a dog, a cat and a ferret and have owned *many* vacuums over the years.
    I purchased this vacuum after being profoundly disappointed by my last vacuum, a Eureka Boss Bagless Widetrack which would clog if you so much as looked at it the wrong way.
    After reading some glowing reviews of the Hoover Wind Tunnel Cannister Vacuum's ability to handle pet fur and more on a variety of surfaces, I decided to invest but retained some skepticism, after all, I vacuum *a lot*.
    It has been a year now and I have been waiting for it to fail me before I submitted my review, but I can honestly say it has not.
    I have wooden floors, carpeted floors and vinyl flooring and it powerfully handles them all. I love that all the controls on are the handle and have found to my surprise that the variety of suction levels actually come in handy (my previous thought being that wouldn't you just want a vacuum to suck the most?) - this vacuum can actually be too powerful at times (say when dusting ornament shelving) and if you accidentally suck up a piece of Lego, it whips it straight into the cannister! I have yet to clog this vacuum! A miracle!
    The cannister filter washes and dries easily and I am *always* amazed at the amount of filth collected in it (I clean it after every couple of uses). Being a shorty, I also love the easily adjustable handle.
    I really don't have anything negative to say about this vacuum - it is by far the best one I have ever owned and worth every penny....more info
  • It SUCKS....all the dust and pet hair
    Very light weight and easy to manuver. Great on bare floor and carpet. The dirt canister is small but it makes you empty it more often and therefore the suction is always great. Very easy to empty so I don't really mind having to empty all the time. It has lots of great features! I have a Hoover WindTunnel upright and I really think this little vacuum (at less than half the price) works much better!...more info
  • What a relief!
    As a brit in a strange land I wanted a canister cleaner, rather than a bulky, heavy upright. They can be found in stores but only lightweight and not very powerful. But this one is great - love the powered head for carpet cleaning and easy to empty chamber. It works better than the upright I was borrowing previously, also made by hoover, and is easier to manipulate around the house....more info
  • Exceeded My Expectations
    I have bought lots of vacuuming and sweeping products in the past 10 years, looking for one that would hold up in New Mexico. We have lots of dust and sand that comes into the house. Cleaning the vast amounts of tile in the house and the various rugs required having several vacuums, none of which worked very well (one of them burned out in less than 2 years).

    Shopping for a replacement, I wanted one unit that would clean everything--and I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for it. A search in Consumer Reports told me that three vacuums were rated as "CR Best Buys". Two of them were Sears Kenmore units--and cost between $250 and $300. This Hoover was also a "CR Best Buy".

    I bought it from Amazon. They had the best price, free shipping, and an additonal discount for opening a Amazon Visa. In the end, it cost about $140.

    Not only was it a great deal, but it works so well I got rid of my upright, cannister, and hand-held vacuums. It is very easy to use and does a terrific job. It's almost fun to vacuum now.

    I highly recommend this product and Amazon.com.

    ...more info
  • Cannister type Hoover wind tunnel vacuum cleaner.
    I have used it twice and I am very impressed with the suction. It is easy to use and maneuver. It is amazing how quickly the dust cannister fills up so it has to be doing an effective cleaning job. It is a quick pic by Consumer Reports....more info
  • Good Vac
    Not a bad vac.
    Pros - Quieter, Small, Lite, Good suction, Controls on the handle make it easy to use, Easy to disconnect power head with no hands.
    Cons - Small dirt canister, Tube connecting wand to vac doesn't swivel at the connection points - you have to rotate the whole wand to untwist the tube, No swivel where wand connects to the power head - you can't twist your hand and have the power head twist on the floor to get vac around corners etc.
    Good for the price - I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Great Vacuum. 100% Satisfied.
    This is the first cannister vacuum that I have owned. After reading many reviews decided that this was the route go because we have mostly hardwood floors with some carpeting. This vacuum works wonderfully on both floor types. I am very pleased with it....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    This is probably the best vacuum I have owned to date. I am very pleased with it....more info
  • Wind Tunnel runs out of wind...
    The first one we received had a defective power beater (would not turn) and the replacement we received would not turn off unless we pulled the plug from the outlet. Also, it intermittently would not turn on. I would not waste my time nor my money on this vacuum....more info
  • Hoover canister vaccuum
    I have been through several vaccuums in recent years and I have to say this is a great vaccuum. I needed one for hardwood floors and portability along with no bags, its perfect for me. It has excellent power and moves around the house with ease. ...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 Review
    Handy product. Delivers as advertised. Not too heavy. Everything self contained....more info
  • Windtunnel Bagless Vacuum
    I really like the mobility and compactness of this vacuum. It does have great suction and I like the carpet to floor ability. I have to say that I don't like that the two attachments (one for floors and one for upholstery) don't have anywhere on the vacuum to be stored. You have to carry them with you or run back to the closet to find them. I have been quite pleased with the performance of this vacuum thusfar. ...more info
  • If you are used to an upright, don't buy this canister
    I have hardwood floors and a few area rugs, so a friend advised me to buy a canister vacuum. I have had a bagless before and like being able to rid my home of the pet hair so I wanted that function. It did assemble easily and works well, but I dislike it more and more each time I use it. You have to drag the machine around as you work, and it gets hung up on furniture. I have a small home, less than 2000 square feet, but I must empty the collection bin at least three times per vacuum, if you go by the line indicated on the machine. I thought the cord would pull out as I went along, but there is too much tension so it pulls from the wall. You must work around 22 feet of cord on the floor as you vacuum. All in all, I am sorry that I changed from what I was used to. I am also sorry I purchased online, even though the cost was less. A local store would have taken a return with no penalty... Amazon will not give you a full refund so be cautious. ...more info
  • Very powerful vacuum cleaner
    We loked all over for a new vacuum cleaner, we needed something for our carpeted floor and this vacuum works perfect....more info
  • Really great canister vacuum.
    Received the vacuum quickly in just a few days. Packaged very well. The vacuum performed flawlessly - strong suction, plenty of very useful accessories, great quality. So thankful I got this one. Great price for such a good vacuum....more info
  • Hoover windtunnel evaluation
    I just got rid of a Kenmore cannister vacuum which weighed a ton and did a fair job. I purchased this new Hoover because your customers had rated it highly. It does a great job cleaning, is relatively lightweight and easy to move around furniture and probably up steps. And the cost is low compared to the costs of other vacuums. You do have to empty the dirt cup often but this new Hoover still beats my old one with a bag....more info
  • Powerful Enough to Clean Shag Rugs!
    I'm very impressed with this vacuum. After weeks of researching a product that would be powerful enough to clean shag rugs, I listened to my fellow reviewers and purchased this Hoover. I'm very imperessed with its suction (it picked up a dime that had been buried in the shag), and it's maneuverability. The power head is low enough to fit under most sofas with ease, and it's so easy to switch between carpet and hardwood settings. The canister is simple to empty and rinse, although it does get full quickly. But maybe that's because my shag hadn't been vacuumed thoroughly in the past!

    The only drawback to this product is the difficulty of vacuuming the stairs, which I believe is a drawback to EVERY canister vacuum. Maybe it should come with a shoulder strap--it's certainly light enough to carry....more info
  • I love it!
    This is the best vacuum by far. I have 99% hardwood floors with one carpeted room and this thing get it all. I vacuum bathrooms, laundry room bedrooms and kitchen and with the different suction options it all comes up. I looked at reviews before I bought and this was definately a great purchase for my house....more info
  • Zip, zoom, zuck!
    I can't give this item 5 stars -part of the overall quality will be its longevity. But so far it is a great sucker and I like the bagless system, and the filter you clean instead of replace. It is a little heavy and awkward toting it around the house. The canister needs to be emptied almost everytime I use it, so I wish it held more volume. The little furniture attachment is wonderful. OH! The light on the front of the vacuum is ridiculous. It does not aim towards the ground, so the only good it does is tell you that it is "on". Most important is that something in the styling and sound makes my husband want to use it!...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum, but heavy
    This is a great vacuum if you are looking for power. I previously had a canister vacuum and had tried and returned several uprights before buying this one. The suction power is excellent, and the Hepa filter is easy to clean. If you are looking for a small vacuum, this one is not for you as the width is pretty wide and will not fit under some furniture unless you switch to the attachments. The parts are quite durable and well-made, which however also results in them being quite heavy. All in all I am very happy with it except for the bulkiness and awkwardness of moving around. Be careful when moving around the canister so as not to dent your furniture. Love the retractable cord!...more info
  • Hoover canister works great
    It works great on wood floors, area rugs, and furniture. The suction is good. I like the bagless feature and the washable filter. The only thing I would like is a little softer brush for dusting wood furniture. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Love this vacuum. This is the first cannister vacuum that I have owned. I wasn't leaning towards getting the cannister style, but after reading many reviews decided that this was the route go because we have mostly hardwood floors with some carpeting. SO glad I did - this vacuum works wonderfully on both floor types. Couldn't be happier! ...more info
  • Very powerful
    very simple in operation, can be taken apart washed, cleaned and put back together in minutes. I also own a Hoover SteamVac and i'm very happy with both. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum: It Sucks
    Easy to handle, easy to adjust, good power, easyto empty, great price, fast delivery.

    Good compromisebetween upright and canister features, users of either will be comfortable with this machine right away.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Bagless Canister
    Nice size and really quiet compared to the old Hoover Dimension canister it replaces. Other pluses - does not emit dust during use; Cleans the heck out of the carpet. I had no idea we were leaving so much dirt and dust in our carpets. Only drawback is small dust container, but the tradeoff is worth the hassle of frequent emptying....more info
  • Awesome vacuum
    I absolutely love this vacuum. I have always had a Hoover upright vacuum and the latest one we own, did not pick up much of anything on my floors. We got new carpet in our bedroom last year and finally am now able to clean it properly with this new vacuum. The only thing I have to say negative about it is that the canister is small and needs to be emptied quite often, especially with pets. But overall, I love it. The power it generates is wonderful. Amazon's price is a great price also! ...more info
  • This Sucks!!!!
    Literally....the Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel has great suction! It is awesome at removing pet hair from carpet. Tools are easy to use and interchange. Works great on hard wood floors. This cannister vac is lightweight and rolls with great ease. My only complaint would be inadequate tool storage. This vac is a great buy for the money!...more info
  • ms precious
    This is the best yet for ease of use, guiet, great suction, easy to clean, sorry I wasted so much money on all my other famous brand name vac's. I take this one anyday. ...more info
  • Squeeky wheels only complaint on Hoover S3765-040
    This Vacuum works better than any canister I've seen especially for the price. You do have to clean and empty it after each cleaning to keep it running well. My only complaint is that the wheels squeek when you roll it around...those little plastic black wheels sqeek all the time...other than that the suction is great and it sure cleans great....more info
  • Works great
    I would buy it again if I had to. It's worse every penny. ...more info
  • All five stars. Terrific vacuum.
    I have owned many vacuums & many hoover vacs. This has been the best by far. It has strong adjustable power, no bags, lightweight & the right attachments. It exceeded my expectations. I only hope that it will last a long time. I use my vacuum several times a day because I have many pets including messy birds that toss their seeds & it isn't a chore taking out this vacuum even for the smallest jobs....more info
  • Fantastic
    I purchased this vacuum to replace my 9 month old eureka. It's the best purchase I have made. I wish I would have looked at this Hoover sooner. The suction on it is everything the description said it would be. It's lightweight makes it easy to go up and down stairs with. So far it hasn't given me any trouble, my eureka has been in the shop 4 times, but my Hoover is going strong. I highly recommend this Hoover Wind Tunnel. Stay away from eureka products....more info
  • 100% Satisfied
    I was in dire need of a powerful vacuum that was good for both carpet and tile/wood floors. I also needed something light weight and was able to get into small tight places as I have a lot of furniture. This vacuum fits all my needs and does a fantastic job. The small canister easily moves around the room and takes corners with a breeze. I was shocked the first time I vacuumed the carpet in my living room and discovered all the sand that was hidden deep in the carpet that my last vacuum left behind.
    I love the ease of emptying the vacuum without a mess or my hands getting dirty. I would say I am 100% satisfied with this vacuum and would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Awesome vac
    I love this vaccuum. It really sucks!!! It has a lot of power. I also like that I can wash the filter out and it doesn't need to be replaced. No complaints....more info
  • Very Powerful!
    I love this vacuum! It is very powerful and it does the job! I have never owned a bagless vacuum but this one is great! I too wish that ALL the attachments stored in the vacuum and I would like it if the cord where longer to save time from plugging it into different outlets. I have a central vacuum system and I prefer to use this vacuum. It is worth every cent! I would and do recommend it to my family and friends....more info
  • Best Vacuum I Ever Owned
    This vacuum is just great! It it extremely light weight, easy to push/pull around. The cord pulls out really far. The vacuum also has brushes on both sides of the main head piece which makes it easy to pick up the dust/dirt around the corners of your floors. This is the best home purchase I have made in a long time...

    ...more info
  • Not Too Great
    Great suction. But it is poorly put together. I use this vacuum everyday. After a week, the electrical connection on the pole started slipping upward, making it stop working after going back-and-forth about 10 times. The only way to rectify the problem was to duct tape it so it couldn't wiggle loose. I feel this should not have happened so quickly after purchasing it....more info
  • Fills up fast...because it works!
    Wonderful vaccuum, especially for the price. The dirt trap does fill up quick...it's supposed to, that means it's working. If it fills up to fast perhaps you should cleam more often. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. It made the CR Pick in CR Mag. Great Vac!...more info
  • Excellent canister vacuum!
    This is a great vacuum for people with a lot of pet hair. If not for the "bagless" feature, I would need to use a new bag with each use. Suction is great! The variable suction feature works well if you use throw rugs. Easy to push and pull. The washable hepa filter is easy to clean, however it seems to need cleaning more than I thought it would. The only thing that bothers me is that it doesn't seem to follow along very well. Don't know if it is top heavy or what, but it seems to tip over too often. Basically, I am very happy with this product....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    I searched a lot on the internet before deciding on this vacuum. For the price, I think it is a good buy. Some of the things I like about it are:
    1. It's attractive.
    2. It's light weight and easy to pull around.
    3. The location of the controls are very convenient.
    4. Easy to switch from hard floor attachment to carpet attachment.
    5. No need to buy bags or filters (filters are washable.)

    It does have one drawback, but considering all the good points and the low price, I can put up with it. And that is, the hardfloor attachment comes off occasionally because there is nothing to "click" it into place. Maybe the manufacturer will think of something to improve this model in the future. GOOD LUCK in your search for a vacuum!...more info
  • Hoover
    A little clumsy but very efficient. However, the one major drawback is in the disposal portion. It is very messy and one needs wear a mask to filter out all the dirt that immediately becomes airborn....more info
  • great vacuum
    This has been a great vacuum. Its really powerful with 3 different power speeds. Its easy to put to gether and hall around. The retractable cord is fantastic, easy to clean with a dump bagless tank. The pipes are large so it never gets clogged. It fluffs the carpet really nicely and works great....more info
  • Hoover makes one heck of a vacuum !
    This vacuum works GREAT, lots of power to clean,and it sure will, and I really like the power hand tool to do stairs and upolstry . The only "bad" thing is the dirt container is small, because you will not beleive how much this vac will actually pick up ! But it is very easy to empty it out. This vac is Well worth the money !! ...more info
  • Well worth the money...
    This vacuum is well worth the money. I bought a Dyson a couple of weeks ago, and didn't like it at all. I returned it and bought this one after reviewing. I am overall very happy with this vacuum. I really only had the Dyson to compare it to (always had cheap vacuums), so I am comparing them below.

    Cord foot thing - Dyson did not have this
    Easy to use controls at your fingertips - Dyson you had to reach to floor to change.
    Very powerful - Much more so than the $470 Dyson
    Headlight - Dyson did not have this
    Lightweight - Dyson very heavy
    Reaches all the way under a King size bed - Dyson could not
    Great Price - Dyson was not!

    Dirt cup way to small - Dyson was not
    Feels kind of flimsy, like it won't last that long
    The upholstery brush cannot be stored in the canister

    ...more info
  • This thing rules
    Wow, what a bargain. First off the price from Amazon was amazing. $179 and free shipping. Was twice as much at Frys. My thoughts:

    -This thing has tons of features. The upholstery brush is a great touch. I also dig the push button controls on the wand. Everything is well thought out.

    -Very, very quiet. Way more quiet than my last two vacuums.

    -Excellent cleaning abilities. Cleans the edges of the walls very well.

    -Negative thing, you can't store all the tools onboard, only two of them, but oh well.

    Ultimate test was vacuuming the carpet with my old cleaner then doing it again with this new one. All I can say I am livid over all the dust and god hair the old one left behind. What a piece of garbage (it was a Royal vacuum by the way)

    Buy this vacuum.
    ...more info
  • What a dream machine!!
    I've been using the HOOVER WindTunnel Bagless Canister Cleaner with Powered Nozzle for a few weeks now and I have to say..... This is THE nicest vacuum I've EVER owned. Everything's easy to opperate since ALL the controls are right there on the handle (ie. off switch, power suction controll, and Carpet Brush on/off switch)! Not to mention it's THE most user friendly and quiet of vacuum's I've owned. In one press of a bottom you can go from easily vacuuming pethair infested carpetting to vacuuming bare flooring in the SAME stroke! What's even cooler (I had to test it's limits just to see) is the built in edge groomer! I can vacuum up to 2inches from the wall or base board and it'll pick up all and any particals that aren't heavier than a marble (the closer the vacuum gets to the edge of the wall it'll deinfately pick up heavier objects than a marble)!! The powered hand tool is just the neatest thing you could come across, it removes pethair from uphostery that my other vacuums couldn't (at least not without harming to the material first). The only set back I for see is the bagless hepa canister needing to be capable of holding about 2x the normal amount. Which will come in handy if you have to vacuum more than 3 rooms at a time. Also the powered nozzel could use a stronger hold for keeping the handle upright when not in use. Other than that, I definately recommend this vacuum to anyone who wants easy to use, compact most-in-one vacuums. Especially if they have more than one type of surface to vacuum and have a few furry critters hanging around their home. Although I love the two furballs at my house, up until now it has always a pain to clean up their favorite spots on the rug or sofa....more info
  • Very good for carpet
    Hardwood floor attachment is poor. But very good for Carpet!...more info
  • Best Amazon purchase EVER! Best vacuum EVER!
    I've had all types of vacuums from the dirt devils to bissel to beam to electrolux to kirby. This by far is my favorite! My only complaint is that the dirt cup is too small. Granted, I should vacuum more often.

    Don't buy this vacuum if . . . you don't like emptying dirt cups of bagless vacuums . . . you want to vacuum hardwood . . . you want to vacuum throw rugs.

    What I love about it . . . the suction control - very powerful . . . good for steps & car - medium weight . . . great on longer carpet fibers . . . cord recoil is easy . . . just does a great job!

    Some say it is heavy. It isn't a super light weight. Nor, is it very heavy. I carry it as I vacuum the steps. And, I ordered it on a Friday, which I received a great bargain! Check it out!...more info
  • Great product!
    Love it! Light weight with plenty of power, just like I wanted!...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    We have been through Bissell, Oreck and many others...this vacuum is easy to use, easy to empty, works very well on think carpet, having a "wind up cord" is an absolute must (that WAS our least favorite part of vacuuming, ie. wrapping cord around)...great price, easy from open box to using and very cool looking!...more info
  • The vacuum cleaner I've been looking for
    I've had uprights for years and was tired of them not having enough suction. This bagless canister vacuum has great suction, good tools, is light enough for me(bad back and all), and is easy to manage. It is also very easy to detach the hose from the motorized floor beater for a quick swipe along the edges. The canister is small so I've gotten into the habit of dumping it after every use. Everything else makes it worth it!...more info
  • nice vacuum
    The complaints others have posted are fairly accurate - there are a couple attachments that do not have a place to stick on to the body of the vacuum - and it sucks up so much stuff you need to empty the canister pretty often. (maybe once per room or so)

    over all these are minor issues for a very nice machine that works well....more info
  • Consumer winner
    The Hoover WindTunnel was rated third by consumer reports - behind two Kenmore Progressive models (one that we own). The fact that this vac is bagless and has the power to pull a four year old vacuum-er across the room (little ones should be supervised around this machine!) speaks volumes - Not to mention that it is HALF the price of a Kenmore Progressive.

    Another amazon review I read mentioned a feature was missing - whatever that feature is - we don't miss it. The only criticism I have is that the attachments are smaller than I'd like - and I accidently bump the suction control button when vacuuming, lowering power all of a sudden. But the quality of the machine overall outweighs all concerns - this is a good one!
    Plus - it reminds my kids of R2D2.

    ...more info
  • Super Suction!!!
    We love our new Hoover Wind Tunnel. This vacuum REALLY has suction and works great on picking up cat hair off our persian rugs. The brush attachment also works great on wood floors. Others have complained about emptying the waste container and cleaning the filter, but it's so easy a 5-year old could do it. If you have a large home, it's possible you might have to empty the waste container before you're finished, but it takes less than a minute and is proof of all the stuff this baby picks up. Highly recommended....more info
  • This Hoover is no Dyson.
    So I bought this vacuum and overall wasnt happy. It didnt pick up anything. I mean I dont know what people are talking about here. It makes me think I got a defective one or something because mine really was weak where suction was concerned. I took it back and after doing ALOT of online research I went with a Dyson, DC17 Animal-ABsolute. Let me tell you what, this thing is amazing! Picks up stuff from the neighbors carpets its so strong! I would highly reccomned not getting this Hoover but instead if youre looking for a slightly more expensive vacuum you go all the way and get the Dyson. ANY Dyson for that matter. It just doesnt get any better than Dyson and with the 5 year vacuum, you are protected against any problems....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I guess I never owned a real vacuum. Always with the hand me down specials. I shouldn't have waisted my time with them. This canister is quite good. Easy for my kids to use!!! That makes me smile. Thanks!...more info
  • Great product
    Having used canister vacs for years while I was living with my mother, I vowed that I would never own one. My mother's was clumsy and heavy. Now that I am in a house with tile floors, I decided to give this vacuum a try. It is wonderful: lightweight, easy to use and great performance. All for a low price. I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • This is a good buy.
    I am very pleased with my WindTunnel. It is very powerful and versatile. I have many dogs and cats and this Canister truly sucks up all the hair and other debris they track in. And the price was terrific....more info
  • Finally a Great Vacuum
    I have been wanting a good canister vacuum that is quiet. Consumer Digest had great notes on this specific Hoover (S3765-040)Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum. I loved the price and quick shipment from Amazon. We love our new vacuum, and so does the dog. It doesn't make that loud noise like other vacuums, but it really picks up dirt from our tile and area rugs....more info
  • Good for hard floors and pets
    THis vacuum has worked really well for our small apartment. It does a great job on our hard wood floors and two cats. Quiet, lots of tools, good suction and practical....more info
  • Very Pleased
    This little vacuum is amazing. I have never bought a canister vacuum before and was skeptical that I would like it. But, this machine is fantastic. I like using it better than my mom's Dyson. This little baby has amazing suction! Plus, I love all of the extra attachments and all of the well thought out features. I would definitely buy this machine again! And you can't beat free shipping. ...more info
  • Makes Cleaning Almost Fun!
    I really hate vacuuming but this little baby makes it well... kind of exciting. It has cool controls in the handle that let you turn on the machine and set the suction level (indicated with nifty little lights.) You can turn on just the suction (up to three levels) or the suction plus the floor brush. If you have ever wrestled a throw rug out of the jaws of an overzealous vacuum cleaner, you will really appreciate the suction only setting. This machine is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room (unlike some of those upright monsters.)It also comes apart in a snap. To clean out the filter cup you simply slide it out and tip it into the garbage. No mess. Oh, and it has a cord retractor too! No more winding around and around and around. You just step on the little pedal and in it goes! I have been using this machine for several months now and am hoping it lasts me for a long, long time! I'll be back if it doesn't....more info
  • hoover wind tunnel bagless canister
    Only complaint - poor design for tool storage. There is no where to store ALL the tools. Very fast delivery. Lightweight. Extremeley easy to use....more info
  • Great Buy for the price
    This is a great vacuum. It suctions well and cleans up easily. The only con is that the cannister fills up too quickly. highly recommend....more info
  • A good quality for the buck!
    It is a good vacuum cleaner. I am so happy to be back to using a canister one: it is so much more convinient in the staircase, easy to manoeuver (especially under furniture) and as efficient as an upright. It is also great for use in the car.
    My only complaint about this model is what a lot of other people noticed too. The dust canister is small and if you have a lot of carpet it will need to be emptied every couple of rooms. That part can get messy (although easy to do). The filter is better off cleaned outside and it can take a while to do so.
    Over all, I am happy with this purchase which comes at an unbeatable price and was praised by Consummer Report. ...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    I previously owned an upright WindTunnel bagless and wanted to replace it with a vacuum that would perform equally well and accept the same hand tools. I looked at the new uprights and then at this canister. This WindTunnel canister is even BETTER than my old upright! It is lighter to lug around and has EXCELLENT suction power. It's easy to empty and I like that the cord is retracted with a quick push of the foot. The floor tool that comes with it works well on both my laminate floors and my carpet. Definitely 5 stars!...more info
  • Pretty Good for the money
    Hesitant at first due to some other reviews concerning reliability. Checked with Consumer Reports and got good recommendation. No problems yet and performance has been as advertised and reviewed....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I bought this particular vacuum because of the customer ratings. It is really that good. I couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • Powerful but heavier
    I had a DevilDirt but it worked poorly on the carpet. So, I bought this Hoover canister vacuum. It is powerful. The bagless drum is easy to clean.

    It does what it is expected. I love it except it is quite heavier. You will get tired after vacuuming the whole house....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    It performs much better than the Sears bagless we had that cost twice as much. It's also considerably lighter and easier to pull around.Dirt receptacle is easy to clean and although small, will still clean a lot of rooms before you have to empty. Works great with pet hair. Very long cord which is needed at times. Would highly recommend!!...more info
  • Great product for a great price
    This vacuum works well. It goes in almost anywhere on my floor and its great for my wall carpeting, especially with the fact that I have two cats! However, its too strong for just smaller carpets and thus takes an effort to get it not to vacuum the carpet entirely....
    ...more info
  • A nice Surprise
    I found this vacuum VERY easy to operate. I love the fact that the main canister filter and the HEPA filter are both "WASHABLE" so as long as you take care of them, they should last as long as the vacuum. Strong suction (this vacuum REALLY sucks!!! and that's good). My vacuum came with the optional furniture attachment and the hard floor attachment. The canister is EASY to empty and it separates the dirt the fibers (light stuff on top and heavier dirt on the bottom), it seems to help keep the air flow going. I have owned ONLY uprights until now, and LOVE this vacuum....more info
  • HIde the cat, secure the baby....
    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting one of the strongest vacuum cleaners known to man..... Actually, I wouldn't go that far, but let's just say it's a good idea to put pets outside, babies upstairs, pick up anything you don't want sucked into this Hoover.

    I'm in an old 1837 farmhouse that has floorboards with gaps the size of texas. In those gaps is possibly hair and soot that is almost 200 years old. I put this Hoover to the test on highest power and I could not believe the stuff this thing sucked up. Let me just say that for the price and paired with the nice design, this is the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned. Success with yet another purchase!

    I highly recommend this baby. The canister for the filth is a bit smaller than I'd like, but that just shows how MUCH gross stuff this thing sucks out of your carpets and floors. The chord is long which I like. The carpet head is a bit bulky but works great.

    HEPA filter keeps nasty dirt and dust out of the air vents and securely tucked away. ...more info
  • Great suction but too bulky for me.
    This machine is like a monster. It has its own life and sucks up dust and hair like a crazy monster. It's especially great on carpet. The only negative thing about this machine is that it's too bulky. I don't buy upright vacuum because they tend to be too heavy for me but this one feels like I am cleaning with a upright vacuum...something to consider....more info
  • Reasonably good vacuum at a great price
    We bought this because it is the closest match we found to our previous vacuum which is no longer manufactured. In some ways it is better than my previous one, in some ways less good. Here is my review:

    WAND--Adjusts to various lengths! At last, a wand that is the right length for me!
    HANDLE--Has molded area on underside that chafes skin, and my hand slides off the end of it.
    HARD FLOOR TOOL--Much better than it looks at first sight. It gets around and under almost anything.
    CARPET FLOOR TOOL--Very powerful. Excellent for pile rugs/carpet. Will eat small and/or soft rugs even on low suction. Very large and heavy. The mechanism that holds the wand upright in this tool does not hold well--the slightest touch causes it to release.
    HAND POWER TOOL--Fun! Handy for quick-cleaning rugs/carpet under furniture.
    VARIABLE SUCTION--Very useful for different surfaces.
    CANISTER--Small and maneuverable. Built-in tool caddy holds only 2 smallest tools (plus dust filter brush).
    CONTROL BUTTONS--On Button is not labeled "on"! It is also the Suction Control button--and is marked as such, and there is a separate Off button. The Floor/Carpet control button is between the other two. Just plain stupid design. I am constantly pressing the wrong buttons.
    DIRT CUP--Easy to empty. Tiny.
    DUST FILTER--Papery material and has to be gently washed and air-dried. Impractical. I'll probably end up buying a second one to use while the other dries.
    CREVICE TOOL--Half-length and half-useful.
    DUSTING TOOL--It is not! It is a small hard surface tool with short rigid bristles, not a dusting tool with soft bristles. There is no dusting tool.
    FOOT OPERATED RELEASE CATCHES--There are two and neither is sturdy enough to stand up to average use by average people.

    Overall, a good vacuum. I don't expect to ever find a "perfect" vacuum....more info
  • When a good vacuum could be great!
    It's a great machine with multiple suction control, small enough to pull
    but light enough to carry. The only drawback is that it does not come
    with the necessary attachments to do drapes, upholstered furniture and
    hard to reach corners....more info
  • So THIS is how a vacuum should work!
    Wow! I have spent much more on vacuums but none of them had the suction power of this little guy! (3 different levels of suction) I only have laminate and tile floors due to environmental allergies and I also have 4 cats. I was previously using a swiffer and a stick vac but got sick of seeing cat-hair tumbleweeds floating by immediately after cleaning. After some research, I decided to try this vacuum, despite seeing some reviewers' concerns with the small dust cup. I am so glad I did! This vacuum is easy to use, has the necessary attachments to clean upholstery and carpet plus the crevice tool. After experimentation, I have settled on using just the wider hard floor attachment instead of the one with the beater bar that can be used for both carpet and hard surface floors. It fits under things like dining tables and hutches more easily. I find that I only have to empty the dust cup every second use. The dust cup does look large but only the bottom inch or so is actually available for dust collection. For those who balk at emptying it, it really is not that hard. I put one of those empty plastic grocery bags I always seem to have around in the top of the waste basket, put the dust cup inside, folding the bag around it so no dust escapes into the air, then I turn the cup upside down to empty it into the bag, pull the cup out and tie the bag up. I don't think that's rocket science but some people seem to have not figured that out. It's loads better than those stinky vacuum bags that I've had to deal with in other vacuums. If you get this vac, you can read the instructions about washing the cup and taking care of the filter. It's no big deal. Anyway, if you have hard surface floors this is the vacuum to get, (it's not as noisy as I feared it would be either) but if you have carpet, you will probably need to empty the dust cup a LOT more frequently so that might not make you happy. If you have stairs and only one vacuum, you will like how light and small this one is. Don't forget when first inspecting the vacuum to look under the top cover for some of the attachments and the small filter brush. I almost don't mind having to vacuum to anymore, what more can I say?...more info
  • Hoover S3765 Review
    So far I am quite happy with my new purchase. It does have great suction power, but being that I have a dog that sheds, I usually dump the dirt cup out every time I vaccuum which is no big deal to me. It's light and compact and overall great so far....more info
  • Great Vacuum~
    I read all the consumer reports, and looked around online and found that this vac had lots of favorable reviews - so I bought one. I've been using it twice a week for a few months and so far it works wonderfully on my hardwood floors - zipping up all the dust, dirt and cat hair. The filter works well and is easy to clean. The only problem is storage, as canister vacs take up lots more room than a standard upright....more info
  • good suction
    I bought this vacum cleaner a month back, it has a good suction power. But i do have problem cleaning the blinds, the handle is lil heavy for me so i can't lift it all the way up. But i am pretty satisfied with the product....more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel
    I have hard wood floors and find that this vacuum cleaner picks up dust, dog hair, etc., very well. Easy to empty the canister,easy to move around and easy to store....more info
  • Not what I was hoping for
    I have always used a Hoover canister vacuum and have always been satisfied with the performance of this product. My last vacuum (Hoover PowerMax Deluxe canister with bags) was going on 16 years of age and, although it was still doing a fairly good job, I thought it was time for a change. Also, I wanted to try a "bagless" vacuum so that I wouldn't have to buy those expensive bags anymore. After much research, the Hoover WindTunnel Electric Bagless Canister seemed like the ideal choice - WRONG!!! The one positive is the suction power. There is no doubt that this is a powerful vacuum. My negatives are: it is extremely messy to clean the dirt recepticle (in fact, you can't fully empty it); the filter is very difficult to clean even with the little implement that comes with it; if you have any breathing problems forget this bagless vacuum because you'll be choking by the time you're done emptying it (I wonder how much dust is going back into the room where you are attempting to empty it?); the "on-board" accessories are inferior to the ones that I have on my 16 year old model and the extra floor attachment and small power attachment can't be on board because there's no place for them to "sit". What is the point of having these attachments if you have to run into another room to get them when you need them? Again, my older model had the spaces for all of these attachments on board, where and when you need them. Lastly, the retractable cord is several feet shorter than the old model, which means that I have to plug and unplug the vacuum several times while I clean so that I can reach all areas of my house (and I don't live in a mansion!) I am totally dissatisfied with this product and am hoping for a partial refund because even though I have used it twice I don't want it!...more info
  • great little sucker, but small canister
    Just a short review: As a German I am used to canister vacuums. This thing is great: it really has great suction and the carpet brush works awesome. The cable is long enough and the vacuum does not tip over like a lot of other canisters. The handle can be adjusted to be very long which provides comfortable vacuuming for tall people like me...
    The only thing I don't like is the small tank. After a big "dirty" room, you have to empty the canister.... ...more info
  • Powerfull little bugger
    Can't say enough about this little vacuum, great suction, picks up pet hair very easy to use and clean better than any we have used in the past. Like the bag less feature and the filter are washable. Very light and easy to handle. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • All vaccums suck
    I still have not found a vaccum that is really well designed. This pricey attempt has some very quirky flaws. As with most cannister vaccums I've owned, the actual cannister that trails behind is not well balanced and does not roll well. This one seems a little harder to steer than most, it just wants to go off in another direction then where it's being pulled. The controls on the handle are another problem! While it has multi-level suction, it's position on the handle is in a spot where my finger keeps hitting it. This is quite annoying when trying to vaccum. The vaccum head is very large and not easily used in tight spaces. I think in an attempt to make it multi-functional, they have a control that allows you to turn off the beater-bar brush and use the same vaccum head for bare floors. I personally prefer a seperate attachment that has a smaller more manageable sized head for bare floors to get around rugs. While on the subject of attachments, the ones included with this model are lame pieces of plastic. They are concealed conviently on the body of the vaccum, but they are hardly useful and I don't expect them to wear well. While I do like the idea of bagless vacs, this one does not have much capacity to hold much in it's dirt cup. I have to empty it after I finish each floor of my house, and I don't live in a mansion either. The one thing about this model that really works is the suction, very powerful. In fact when the beater-bar brush is running it becomes difficult to use with full suction on carpets. This would not be such a problem if the multi-level suction button was not in a place where it was constantly being hit. They did get a lot right with this one, but for the price I expected a little more thought on it's design and quality of the attachments....more info
  • hoover that sucks, as in good vacuum
    this little Hoover that could. strong vacuuming. I like the longer extension cord so I don't have to keep moving the plug. As a lazy bachelor I tend to wait a couple of weeks without vacuuming and so it's, well, chunky. my only complaint is that the dust bin is too small and fills up about halfway thru the job, requiring me to empty it. I guess it might work better for someone that vacuums more often so there's not as much to be vacuumed up. or maybe it could just vacuum without me?????...more info
  • Yippie.
    Yep, that's right. I named my new vacuum "Yippie" -- I love it that much. : )...more info
  • A good product for the money...
    This vacuum has some fantastic features such as a retractable cord which to me is a MUST because having to wrap a cord after every use is not only ridiculous but the cord would always twist and eventually rip. The weight of this vacuum makes it easy for anyone to pick up and go, whereas heavy vacs are cumbersome, hard to pick up and let's face it make a person very prone to injury, especially in the shoulder girdle. If you have ANY type of shoulder issue, you need a lightweight vac and this one delivers. You also don't want an upright because it forces the shoulders and scapulae up toward the ears which is VERY bad. This vac has a convenient handle and pick up is easy, safe, and anatomically correct. The other fabulous thing is that the on/off switch and suction controls are right where they make the most sense on the top of the hose as opposed to on the vac canister where you would have to turn around and bend over to get to. Makes a HUGE difference.

    Yes the canister is small and needs frequent emptying and stuff gets stuck to the hepa filter that you will need to pull off such as big hairballs and other nasty stuff but if you have ever gone the bag route and realized you are out of bags when you REALLY need to vacuum then maybe the tradeoff isn't so bad.

    PLUS, the suction is really excellent on this vac and it offers different degrees of suction so you have more control.

    For the money, this is a GOOD product. Oh and it is pretty darn cute as far as vacuums go....more info
  • great vacuum
    I have bought so many vacuums over the years, they have all disappointed me in some way. I have had this Hoover Windtunnel long enough to have tried it all over the house and I am very happy with it. I am some-what disabled and chose a canister so I would have less weight to push around.
    This machine is very powerful, it really pulls the nap up on the rugs but it is also simple to adjust the suction down to do drapes and area rugs. All the controls are at your fingertips. The self-winding cord is a little short but it is no harder to move a plug than it is to wind the cord every time. I love being able to dis-connect the power head with one touch to suction next to walls or in hard to reach places and changing out the power-head for the bare floor head is simple and does an excellent job on hard floors. I was skeptical about getting another bagless machine because of the clouds of dust and dirt you have to deal with when you empty the dust cup and the filters are always so hard to clean. This is very easy to empty, you can literally rinse it out and the filter taps out and rinses very easily and completely. It doesn't matter whether the dust-cup is clean or not, you will lose suction if the filter is dirty. I would recommend this vac to anyone....more info
  • It's a vacuum
    The style of this vacuum is very nice. It's easy to pick up because of the attached handle and pretty light weight. The attachments don't seem to "snap" on and can fall off during use. The bagless aspect is wonderful although hair seems to be a problem when it gets wrapped around the filter area.
    The on/off switch on the handle is great. No looking for the vacuum body. The only downside is getting used to it so that you don't accidentally turn the thing on or off.
    All in all, I'm very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • WOW
    This vacuum is great. After using it for a couple of weeks I will never go back to my Oreck. I cannot believe the suction on this vacuum. My carpets look new again. I didn't realize how much my other vacuum was missing. I love the baglessness for 2 reasons (1) no bags to buy and (2) I can see all that is picked up. I don't even mind having to empty it every time I vacuum. I feel like a new bag is just put in. Much cheaper then putting a new bag in every time you use it to get a good preformance out of it. Its a keeper. Jo-Ann , Greenville, N.Y....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    We are very happy with the vacuum cleaner. It is powerful, easy to use, and has some useful features. My husband also likes to use it!...more info
  • Love this vacuum - as much as one CAN love a vacuum.
    After many weeks of vacuum cleaner research through both Consumer Reports and the reading of product reviews on various sites (Amazon.com included), I finally took the leap and purchased the Hoover S3765-040. It is terrific! To see what has come out of my carpeting when I thought we were reasonably clean people has been quite eye opening. It is powerful, efficient and thorough. Changing out the various tools is extremely easy and they operate very well. I do agree with other reviewers that it would be handy if the dust bin held a bit more.

    I find that it cleans carpeting as well as it does hardwood floors. Switching between the two is very easy as is adjusting the suction strength. I find that I use different strengths between hard surfaces and carpeting. All controls are right at your finger tips.

    Although I have never owned a canister vac before, I am very pleased I made the change from an upright. This vacuum gets a big grin and two thumbs up from me!

    ...more info
  • have no reason to be dissapointed
    I've been using this vacuum for 3 months already.suction is great,easy to empty the dirt cup,easy to adjust the telescoping wand,to change power level.wide brush allows you quickly to clean big space.till now had no problems with this vacuum.so I can recommend to buy it.delivery was great,and in two days as it was promised....more info
  • Terrific Hoover Cannister Vaccuum
    I really like this vaccuum cleaner. I like the the power (with 3 different power levels), the edger and having the controls on the handle. I have not had problems with the size of the cannister. It lasts thru one cleaning and I empty it. I appreciate the reviews written on the Hoover upright. I was going to buy that until I read the feedback. That saved me a lot of headaches. The bagless system means never losing suction because of a tear in the bag. Wish I had bought a vaccuum like this years ago. If you want affordable power - this is it. Love it!...more info
  • Good but somewhat heavy and noisy
    It is, overall, a good machine with a convenient way of disposing the dirt. The downside is that it is somewhat bulky, the head is relatively big and difficult to maneuver especially on stairs. It is also somewhat noisy....more info
  • Great for hardwood floors/tile
    I bought this vacuum to use on hardwood and tile floors. I needed a powerful vacuum to pick up dog hair and everything else my 10-month old could put in his mouth. I bought this vacuum because it had a good price and I'm very pleased with its performance. It picks up everything. The size is nice and compact, fits easily in the closet and it's not too heavy. The canister wheels roll smoothly on the floor and it doesn't tip over. Also works well on area rugs. I like the bagless feature, which is easy to remove and dump. I can vacuum while baby naps and it doesn't wake him up. Great vacuum for the price (and it looks good too!). ...more info
  • Meets Expectations
    I have an injury to my dominant arm, the one I would use to operate a vacuum cleaner. The other arm just can't do it, for some odd reason. This vacuum does a good job and operates in a straight-forward manner. It does not take much in the way of personal power to operate. I particularly like the bagless system, even though there are those who say it is not the best choice for households with pets. It does take up a bit more storage space than my useless old upright....more info
  • It lives up to the other reviews.
    We have been very happy with this vacuum. It works great, is easy to use and easy to empty. Our house had just been vacuumed the day we got this new vac. My daughter used it to clean her area rug and it sucked up a huge amount of dirt that our old vac left behind! Love it!!!...more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    I've had S3765-040 for just over 2 months and highly recommend it. The included small brush attachment works wonders on the carpeted stairs and my sofa. I have a 50/50 split between carpet and hardwood floors and this vacuum does a great job for both. The controls on the handle are convenient and are a nice touch that many other vacuums don't have - suction/off and carpet brush. I highly recommend this if you are considering a canister vac....more info
  • Small but Powerful
    First I was pleased it shipped so fast, I order on 1/25/07 and it shipped 1/26/07 and I received it on 1/31/07 in perfect condition. This vacuum is great..it has 3 power suction control and off control right on the wand, no stepping on the cansister to turn on or off..and is suprizing quiet for the power it has. The wash and replace Hepa filter is great..no filters to buy or bags..the dust recepital is easy to empty and does not leak..Best to empty it outside..but that is not a problem....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Money
    I was very skeptical of this vacuum at first because of the price. I believe strongly in "you get what you pay for." I was pleasantly surprised. I have definitely used better, but have also paid $400. Here is a brief summary of my pros and cons.

    Great suction power, extremely light weight, standard attachments, bagless, HEPA, Long cord, digital indicator for suction speed, hand controls for suction control on the handle, automatic retractable cord.

    No adjustable height on power nozzle for the floors (You only have one height), Cord retractor sometimes stops 90% of the way, mini power brush is not motorized but runs off suction, power cord for the power nozzle is not concealed but run on the outside of the wand.

    Overall I would say this is a great vacuum for the money, it does a great job on my hard floors and carpets. Despite the fact that the power nozzle isn't adjustable it doesn't affect its cleaning ability on any surface I have come into contact with. For less than ½ the price of my previous vacuum I think I can live without the extras that I quickly forgot about after a few times of use. ...more info
  • It really SUCKS!!!!
    The amount of dirt that I sucked up the very first time I vacuumed was gross. My old vacuum had no suction. I love this vaccum!!! It is light weight and the large wheels make it easy to pull around. ...more info
  • Strong vacuum; inconvenient dust container
    We only have one rug. The rest of my flooring is hardwood (which we generally sweep, not vacuum). We have two medium-sized dogs, which aren't very heavy shedders. Our "vacuuming load" is low, compared with a home that is fully carpeted and/or has several heavy-shedding pets or kids.

    What I like:
    This Hoover is a small, relatively lightweight canister. It has a tall handle, making it easy to pick up and move. The wheels work well, so it's easy to pull around.

    The vacuum motor is strong. It does a good job, removing dirt, from the rug. If that was my only consideration, it would get 5 stars.

    The Hoover is bagless, with a washable HEPA filter. It collects dust in a pitcher-shaped, plastic container, which is dumped out. This saves on the cost and inconvenience of buying bags. (See below, for the downside.)

    The controls are conveniently located, on top of the telescoping wand handle. The strength of the vacuum is adjustable (low/ high). The rotating brushes do a good job, of removing fur, from the rug.

    The separate small, powered-brush floor attachment works well for carpeted steps. It's as effective as the large carpet brush, and much lighter to use. This is a good-quality attachment.

    What I don't like:

    The plastic attachments (for crevice, upholstery, non-carpeted floor) are light and not sturdy. Worse, they don't have a hole, in the coupling area, to accept the button on the wand. Since there isn't a locking-on hole, the Hoover's attachments pull off. I am using the good-quality attachments, from my old Eureka vacuum. You don't buy a new machine, so you can cannibalize the old!

    The Hoover's dust collector is very small. It pitcher-shaped, a transparent cylinder that is 6" across and 6" high. It has a handle, like a pitcher, to pull it out of the machine body. The dust collector is a dark transparent plastic. It has a line that says, "Don't fill past this line." The line is only 2" from the bottom of the cylinder.

    After only a few minutes of vacuuming my one rug, the canister is completely full of dog fur. Maybe it would have been OK, to continue, but I couldn't see whether the dust was past the line. The fur was, and I don't like to disregard instructions.

    With a large, carpeted house, and heavy use (e.g. large, heavy-shedding dogs), the canister would have to be emptied, several times, I'm sure. This would probably be inconvenient.

    When emptying the canister, I had to tap the HEPA filter part many times, to disloge the dust. I got dust all over me, and ended up sneezing. That's the downside, to having a bagless design, which has to be emptied.

    I felt like I vacuumed the house, then needed vacuuming myself ;-).

    I gave this product 3 stars, because it is easy to use, and functions well, but has several downsides.

    ...more info
  • does all that it should
    The product does a good job of claning, especially of my uneven tile floors in the kitchen & dining room with the appropriate brush attachment, which is the first one like this that I've found. Product is also lightweight which is really helpful doing more than 1 story & stairs.
    I'd like it if the collector were larger & held more. but, then the unit would probably be larger & heavier, making it more difficult to carry. Also, the hose could be longer, but would add to weight. Overall, i'm very satisfied with it....more info
  • I get a workout while I clean!
    This is my first review ever! I could not wait to review this vacuum! This unit has so much power that when I first used it, it felt like I was walking a little dog that wanted to run....it works wonderfully. One shot gets the dirt up. I change the filter after every other use because it sucks up soooo much. My "CARPET" looks brighter. I wish I could've found out about this one 5 vacuum cleaners ago. Highly recommend it. ...more info
    I really think this vacuum is wonderful. I don't like bags and I found this one better than my last bagless, which was a Kenmore upright. It has alot of power and it is very easy to vacuum up the stairs (so much easier than an upright). The power switches at the top of the handle are extremely easy to use. I like the fact that I can vacuum under my bed and get around easier with a canister. The reason I did not give it 5 stars is because of how often you need to dump it. Even though it is very easy to dump the 'stuff' that you vacuum up, I have to do it atleast two times when I vacuum my house. It is a very minor complaint, because I would buy it again. Although, I think it vacuums so well, it is picking up more than my other vacuum ever did. The compartment should be a bit bigger though. Everything else about it is great. ...more info
  • great vacuum - it's my second!
    The wind tunnel is small and very maneuverable, light weight, and has every attachment I need, including some I didn't even know I needed till I bought this vacuum. There is a special stair (and furniture) attachment that is small and motor driven that does a great job on stairs without the work of a heavy front attachment. The vacuum also has suction around the sides of the main unit so you get the curvy edges of furniture as you go around them and the close edges of walls. The cord is extra long, as is the hose, so you can reach pretty much anything. This is my second unit, and yes, the first one still works. ...more info
  • Hoover Bagless Vacuum
    Even better than we thought. Haven't cleaned the cup/filter yet, but emptying is a breeze. The carpet feature works great and especially like the controls on the handle and the adjustable suction. Wish the large floor attachment had a place to keep it on the main unit. The "crevice cleaner" won't be used much and doens't need a holding spot. The main unit is so light, I often pick it up when negotiating tight spots. Our last Hoover lasted at least ten years and we hope this does as well....more info
  • This is the best vacuum I have had so far!!!
    I recently purchased this vacuum after careful consideration and I am very happy that I did. I have had a few cleaners - most recently the Rainbow which was okay - I have allergies so the water system was good at catching all that junk I vacuumed up - however, I found that system to be cumbersome - too much switching around to clean and too much work, not to mention heavy and a lot of stuff to store. This Hoover is lightweight, compact, very powerful! Also, very easy to get out of the box and use right away - just plug in the main floor hose and go! I love the retractable cord - great so my bunny doesn't get it - and also the dirt cup was very easy to rinse out and clean. The best part is the Hepa filter and all the extra stuff I get up that the Rainbow didn't! I feel that with an animal around, this vacuum is the best! The power is wonderful and I love just switching to floor cleaning without having to completely change out the hose to a new one. I think the price is great too - got mine on sale but the Rainbow is outrageous pricewise - all other vacuums have caught up now I think and are much cheaper! Don't listen to the naysayers on this site - there is no problem putting this machine together - it already is - and the dirt cup you just dump in the trash and rinse in the sink! I give this 5 stars so far!!!...more info
  • Huzzah for Hoover!
    I didn't realize how bad I had it with the upright bagless Bissell before it finally quit. Dust everywhere, floors and rugs that just weren't quit clean and yes, I did clean my filters; washing the danged foam rubber rings, squares, etc. On the day-the-vacuum-died, I went to Consumer Reports and looked at their ratings knowing I wanted to go back to a canister. Big decision: back to a Kenmore with bags or the Hoover bagless? "Another bagless" I mused? Decided to save half the price of the Kenmore and go for the Hoover.

    Oh, but what a bagless!

    This puppy has suction! 3 adjustable levels of suction! It pulls the powerhead across the carpet suction! The dirt collection system is wonderful. The filter cup and filter clean easily! No more foam, this filter is meant to last!

    It is a vacuum worth all the exclamation marks. This vacuum reminds me of the vacuums we had way-back-when; but improved. Buy it and you will be a happy camper....more info
  • Save yourself the PAIN--Pay more and get a dyson or something better
    This little canister looked cute and had lots of good reviews, so I got one. Unfortunately, I'm not going to give it a good review. At first, I was amazed by its strong suction, but the tiny dust container fills up so quickly! When it does, the vacuum automatically shuts off and you have to empty it--very often. If that were my only complaint, it would be a pain, but wouldn't be so so bad. My problem is that after emptying the dust bin, most of the time now, it won't power up again. What seemed to be the problem is, the air filter inside the dust bin gets clogged very quickly. Simply dusting off the dirt doesn't always get the vacuum to start again. Most of the time, I need to clean the filter thoroughly under water and let it dry completely before I can use it again! I can't clean the whole house in one blow. I haven't cleaned half the house before it stops completely. It's ridiculous. This is the biggest problem and the source of my pain and frustration. I've passed my one-year warranty and wouldn't you know it, it stops mid-way so much more often now!

    Other issues: The main head tilts to an upright position, but it will not lock. You can't carry it up the stairs or even around the house easily because it's so floppy. The mini head is not motorized--airflow turns the brush. All attachables do not fit in the body--only the small attachments do....more info
  • This Vacuum Is The Very Best Very Happy
    First let me say thanks amazon for you fast service.. It only took 1 1/2 day to get here...very fast delivery! Second what the reviews say this vacuum can do! Belive it! This vacuum rocks! It picks up every thing on the rug and floor, there is nothing this vacuum cant find and pick it up. I couldent belive all the dirt it sucked out of my rug. My vacuum that I replaced this one with is not even close to what this awsome vacuum can do! I highly will tell any one to get this vacuum. And for the price I cant belive the little cash I paid for this wonderful machine. It should sell for no less then 500.00 This vacuum is really the best I have ever owned. I let my family use it in there homes and they where saying the same thing I was. They all went to amazon and bought there own. Wow, Wow, Wow what a vacuum. It is very easy to use and it is very easy to clean. I will really baby this machine like I do my corvett. I clean it inside and out, it looks like I just bought it off the show room floor. I am very proud of my machine. Thanks Again For Making This Awsome Vacuum Hoover And Thank You Amazon For Selling This Vacuum On Your Website And The Great Review Pannel You Offer. Wow, Wow, Wow Love this machine! Thanks Again.. I cant say any more about this vacuum, but go and get this. You'll love it!! P.S. It's easy to storage, not a lot of space is needed.....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    I have now bought 3 of these vac's the first for my mother, then my sister Kathy and now Lisa. They all 3 love the Vac. We have a golden Retriever and is always shedding. This vac does a great job keeping up with the hair. The only thing is that you have to keep the hepa filter clean. And this means a good washing which means you have to let dry. The cost of a spare hepa filter used to be half the cost of a new vac. I now have 4 on order at $20 each. It will not last for 25 years but I did not spend $2500.00 ether....more info
  • Utterly Disappointed
    I am not completely satisfied with this vacuum cleaner as I had hoped for before I made the purchase. I was so disappointed to find out that the handheld attachment IS not motorized. (Thick carpet on stairs need a vacuum with motorized roller brush to thoroughly disengage the dust trapped underneath). Within one year of usage, plastic parts started breaking here and there. The plastic material used on this product is of the very brittle kind. The lid for the tool holder keeps coming off the hinges-which can be annoying. Now what really irritated me the most is the power plug and for the fact that it just stopped working. Turns out that the two metal prongs on the plug were each broken in half. I know that the plugs were made in China even though the label on the vacuum says Made in Korea. Very cheaply made that I could go mad. And just found out from an article that The Hoover Company was sold to the Chinese company, Techtronics. Did you get that?: HOOVER IS NO LONGER AN AMERICAN COMPANY. The only good thing I will say about this vacuum is the suction but who knows how long that would last....more info
  • Excellent value
    I've had this vacuum cleaner for over a month now and on the whole, I'm pleased with it.

    1. The dirt cup is small -- plan on emptying it out every time, especially if you have pets. I like to do this outside into the compost pile to keep the dust out of the house. On the other hand, a small cup makes it much easier to dig out the little screw that you've been looking for and saw just before the vacuum ate it.

    2. The little "powered" hand tool is excellent for getting cat fur off of upholstered furniture. I put powered in quotes because the brush is spun by the suction, not electricity like the floor cleaner.

    3. This model, or at least the one that I got, does not come with a hard floor tool. Now 95% of customers won't care because the powered carpet nozzle does an excellent job of vacuuming hardwood and vinyl floors. However, my master suite is floored with slate. It's beautiful, but the rough surface destroyed my Oreck upright. I'd prefer to use a cheap floor tool that can be easily replaced. Fortunately, new floor tools, along with belts and other parts can be purchased from Hoover's web site.
    ...more info
  • It's got pros. It's got cons. It's got SUCTION!
    I spent several days researching every vacuum out there. This is what I was looking for:

    I wanted a vacuum that was light enough, easy to maneuver around my modest 1400 square foot home, that picked up the dirt and dog hair on my carpeted floors as well as my wood and tile floors, that would allow me to vacuum the stairs easily, would be easy to clean and maintain, and would not leave me feeling like I need a massage and a nap when I am done with all of that.

    Here's what I got:

    Despite the stated weight, the vacuum is not heavy at all. The vacuum is fairly easy to maneuver. What I found is that because the power nozzle propels forward during vacuuming, it does put strain on my arms and back pulling it back for each sweep. But, it is only significant enough to let me know I need to work out more. The vacuum works GREAT on the carpeted floors and my upholstered furniture, too. I don't even need to use the highest level of suction for any of these functions.

    I'm not crazy about how the vacuum worked on bare floors with the power head (in floor mode). However, I used the attachment that came with it that is designed for floors, and that worked pretty well. I think I prefer a broom though for my hard floors. I also couldn't dust with this vacuum without scratching my furniture. I tried, but it didn't even remove any of the dust.

    With the handy power tool, vacuuming stairs is a snap, though I have to balance the canister against my leg as I go because of the size of the canister. I also need to switch off between the power tool and the crevice tool to get in the grooves of the steps. But it does a great job at getting all that dog fur that accumulates on the stairs!

    Emptying and cleaning the canister and filter is a snap. I just ran it all under cool water. All the gook rinsed from the canister easily without making a mess. I set it on the counter to dry for a day, and then put it back in. Easy.

    Overall, I am very impressed with this vacuum. I didn't need a massage or a nap when I was done. The only thing that is missing, in my opinion, is a place to put all the tools. There is only room for the two small standard tools, but there is nowhere to put the power tool, the tool that is designed for floors, or the rubber stoppers that come with it to protect the metal edges. I don't like carting a bunch of little things around with me while I vacuum.

    If you're looking for a versatile sturdy vacuum under $200 that performs as well as or better than more expensive models (it works better than the $800 Electrolux I had), this is the one to get! ...more info
  • This vacuum is TERRIFIC!!
    I have never written a product review before, but I felt compelled to finally give a good product its due credit. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. First, the vacuum is very powerful, on hard floors and carpet. Contrary to some reviews, mine DID come with a hard floor brush which I prefer over using the carpet attachment.

    Although some complain about bagless being dirty, it couldn't be simpler, really. I go in the garage and empty it into a shopping bag. I don't shake it hard, so there's no dust or dirt. I then rinse the container under water and leave it to dry. The whole thing takes 2 minutes or less, and you never have to worry about buying OVERPRICED bags.

    The vacuum is light and portable - it comes with a large handle and is very easy to carry around to different rooms. It also has large wheels, so it glides easily over bumps, etc.

    The electric carpet brush is simple to attach, and even comes with a foot petal to release and remove.

    Lastly, the vacuum isn't noisy.

    I researched a lot of vacuums, almost to the point of driving myself crazy! Just buy it - you won't regret this purchase!!

    ...more info
  • Upright or Canister???
    We never had a canister vac before, but after reading up on how to choose, I decided to go caniste because most of our flooring is now ceramic tile and oak flooring with only 2 large carpeted rooms. Even though the order process said to expect 2 weeks for delivery, it was sent the next morning and arrived in 2 days! We put it together and tested it on the living room carpet AFTER we had vacuumed it with our older upright Bissel bagless. We were pretty amazed at how much fine dirt it picked up, so we knew then that we could not go back to the old upright. The pther thing that we noticed quickly was how much the vac head pulls itself forward...so it is easy to go forward, but a little strenuous to pull it back. I thoght the construction materials were solid enogh, but the fit of the wand was a bit loose. The suction and has 3 levels, and is very powerful. It is fairly difficult to "haul around" the living room carpet....the hose gets in the way, and the canister does not roll easily enough. The cord return works well enough. The dirt container looks big, but once the tiny bottom of it fills up, it starts clogging up quickly, especially if you have pet hair on the carpet. It pretty much needs emptied after each use, but that is not too much effort. Because of the fne dust and dirt it picks up, it seems to stick to the inside of the dirt container, and must be dry wiped on occasion. Aftr using it a few weeks now, we find that we do not use it n the wood or ceramic floors, because it is less hassle to just use a broom ! If we had to do it over, we would probably try to pick an equivalent upright, although I wouldn't know how to pick an eqivalent one....more info
  • This vacuum really sucks...in a good way!
    Overall I love this vacuum. It is much quieter than my Hoover upright. Yes, the dirt cup requires emptying often. But that's a good thing, right? Means it's picking up more dirt! Doing stairs was a breeze compared to my upright. But the best part is the powered mini nozzle. I have 3 cats and a dark purple couch that used to take a good hour to clean. Not anymore. With the powered mini nozzle I had the couch cleaned in under 5 minutes. That alone makes this vacuum worth it's price. Being able to adjust the airfloor on the handle is a plus. If the carpet/floor powered head is attacking the carpet to agressively, just go to less suction. It still cleans the carpet but makes it easier to push. There are a few quirks. Shorter cord then my upright(if the cord is not retracting as well as you would like, make sure the cord is all behind the machine and not tangled under the canister). Also the headlight is only on when vacuuming carpet, not bare floors. I guess Hooover doesn't want you to see the dirt on hardwood? Lastly, there is no place on the machine to store the mini powered nozzle or the hard floor tool. This vacuum has gotten me excited about cleaning again!!...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I think this vacuum works very well. I am very pleased with the suction. I highly reccomend this vacuum....more info
  • Decent Machine
    I bought this after much research and actually purchasing a Kenmore Progressive first then returning it. I returned the Progressive because the power paw broke the first time I used it and the machine was very flimsy. I also own a Eureka bagless upright which has had constant problems with breaking belts. The filters clog too fast and the attachment hose hase collapsed. I am very hard on my vacuums and have a german sheppard and a cat to thank for it. Now this Hoover comes with a turbo paw which is powered by suction and in my opinion is useless on any machine. If you press it too hard to any surface it stops moving. However, I already knew this because of the Eureka upright I had so thats not what I bought this unit for (if you're looking for something to clean pet hair off furniture try the dirt devil power brush bagless handheld vacuum, you won't be disapointed). I bought this vacuum because I have a lot of tile and hard wood in my house and for that its great. The hardwood floor attachment must be used though. Don't try turning off the brushes and using the power head. Use that for carpets with the brushes turned on. The dirt cup is easy to empty and depending on how often you vacuum will determine how often you have to empty it. I vacuum once per week and have to emty it once to twice with each use. The extending pole is a little flimsy but compared to the Kenmore Progressive line this thing is a tank and costs half as much. I recomend this product to anyone looking for a decent vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Hoover S3765 vacuum sucks (that's good!)
    This vacuum works very well. It has a good set of attachments, and is easy to handle. A couple of things I'm not so pleased about:
    1) It's very heavy. The metal wand (?) is quite sturdy I guess, but it makes using the vacuum a lot of exercise.
    2) I thought a bagless vacuum would be a good thing, since I don't need to buy and change bags all the time. However, this one is rather inconvenient and complicated to empty. The canister has butterflying panels on the bottom, under which the dust and dirt get trapped. The panels can't be removed, which makes it a bit hard to get all the junk out and almost always requires sticking your hands in to scoop stuff out. Yuck. In addition, every time you empty the canister, you have to wash it out and rinse out the filters. I wish I had bought a vacuum with a bag....more info
  • Even Better Than I Expected
    I love this vacuum. I wanted to write a review for others because I used the reviews that I read to help me decide on this machine. I love all of the features like the retractable cord, the power mini tool for the furniture, the adjustable suction, but most of all I was pleasantly surprised as to how big the dirt cup was. The only thing negative that I had read about this vacuum was that the dirt cup was small, but I found it to be a lot bigger than I expected. I think Hoover answered all the objectives in a cannister vacuum with this model....more info
  • Best in category under $200
    I've been using this vacuum for ~ 1 month and it is really great. It is really have power (even with thre power options), convinient controls location and light weight (compared with upright machines).
    However I found a few flaws of this vacuum:
    - the building quality are not so great, all parts are feel a liitle bit loosely
    - feel and look not like Electrolux, Bosh and other "import" machines
    - the garbage can I had to change much more often then my previous vacuums
    - not a good machine for small apartments, it's requires more spaces for piping, cables, etc.

    Other than that I found Hoover really enjoy to use especially for the price of $200...more info
    Beats anything I've ever used in my store, including ORECK....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    Excellent vacuum. Controls on the handle make it easy to switch between hard floor and carpet and also to switch suction power....more info
  • vacuum review
    I was a little disappointed in this because it does not have the power of my old vacs and it very shortly fills up and needs emptying sooner than the old bagged variety. But on the plus side it is lightweight and easy to carry around, it also pulls easily, and the cord is quite long. It has suction variability and I like turning it on low for dusting nicknknacks, shelves, and walls. The hand held rotating brush tool gets up cat hairs well. It definetly does not do as good a job on the carpets as my old + 30 year old Hoover upright. This would work well in a small apartment for light cleaning in a place that never really gets dirty, but for a country home with lots of tracks and animals this is not enough....more info
  • Good power but needs constant cleaning of canister
    From a pure suction vantage point, this machine is awesome. It sucks everything up. It's relatively easy to maneuver. It looks sturdy and well made. BUT the canister fills up quickly, so you often have to dump it out. I've always had vacuums with bags so never had to deal with this before. It's a definite downside for me. AND the filter is a pain to clean. You have to use this little brush to clean between the cylindrical filter's grooves (and there are many). All the while, dust is flying in your face. I take it outside to clean and try not to breathe while doing so. It's a bit inconvenient. I guess if your main goal is to save a few bucks on bags then this is the product for you. My next vacuum will be one with bags! ...more info
  • Hoover Bagless Canister Vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner would get a 5-star rating from me except that the dirt container fills up quickly, which is annoying. (I think this must be true of all bagless vacuum cleaners.) The solution is to tote around a plastic shopping bag or wastebasket as you clean and empty the container into it after vacuuming each room. In the long run, I think the bagless is a better way to go than to keep buying bags, which gets expensive....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    I totally satisfied with this purchase. And I recommend this vacuum cleaner to everybody.It has very simple control panel, cleans perfect ( i have only carpet in my apartment), it's not so heavy and it's very simple to clean it's filter. You just have to put the filter under the water stream.
    I am very happy with this putchase
    Nadia, New York...more info
  • s3765-040 vacuum
    great suction, love the retractable cord, enjoy seeing what I have picked up. even though you have to clean the filter and cup, your vacuum is cleaner and there is no chance of that dirt you threw away coming out of a bag and getting on your floors again. works well on all types of floors and was a good price...more info
  • wind tunnel bagless vacuum
    this is great.....light weight and powerful.....I love using it....imagine liking to vacuuming........more info
  • It stinks
    This vacuum has great suction, but cleaning the filter and the cup are a big pain. I have a dog and every time I vacuum I have to open the windows and air out the house because it stinks. I can't find a replacement filter, so I wash it with vinegar, rinse with water and set it in the sun to dry. My husband hates it and wants to buy a different vacuum, but I don't want to give up the suction. If you have pets, I'd avoid it....more info
  • Ann from Harbor City,Ca.
    Wowee - I am so impressed with my Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum - it has excellent
    features - does the job it is intended for and it is so easy to operate - I
    would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!!!!...more info
  • Yuck!
    I will never get another bagless vacuum. I have to vacuum daily because of a dog that sheds 24/7. This was not a good vacuum for such a thing. It has good power & is easy to use, but to have to empty the very small dust bin, and clean the filter was a nasty job. Dog hair got all wrapped around the filter, and dust and dirt got trapped inside it. I had to bring it outdoors to bang it off, yuck. I do not reccomend this vacuum to anyone who has to vac more than once a week....more info
  • Good vac for a small place
    I'm a single guy who hates to clean -- and buy bags. I have purchased many vacuums over the years, including: Meile Canister, Dyson, Panasonic Bagless, Kenmore Bagged, Hoover Windtunnel 1 (bagged), and Hoover Empower. Each has its strenghts and weaknesses.

    Compared with the above, I prefer the WindTunnel Bagless Canister. Review:

    -Cleaning Carpets: Above average
    -Cleaning Floors: Above average
    -Cleaning with attachments: Best of the lot
    -Cleaning with Power Hand Tool: Best of the lot
    -Ease of emptying permanent HEPA filter: Average. Better than earlier Hoover Bagless models, not as good as Dyson.
    -Capacity of waste cup: Below average. I have a 1000 sq ft place, and the cup is just about right for one cleaning. For a larger place, you would have to empty the cup several times each cleaning.
    -Noise level: Average
    -Weight: Lighter than most

    What makes this vac great for a small, crowded place is the fact that the unit is a highly portable canister, with the most powerful hand tools available. These are perfect for reaching into corners and tight spots, places where a wide upright can't reach.

    If I had a large place with lots of carpet, I'd consider the Hoover Windtunnel2 Bagless (I'd research this one carefully, given the negative reviews), the Dyson, or the Kenmore Bagless....more info
  • A great buy
    It arrived a few days ago. This is one heck of a vacuum. I am absolutely thrilled. It is better than I expected. Very easy to: maneuver, use the attachments, empty the canister (no bags), store, etc. The suction is incredible and will pick up even the most stubborn pet hair. Having the controls on the handle makes it that much easier to increase and decrease the power and switch from hard floor mode to carpet mode. All in all this is well worth the money. I have purchased nearly every make and model of vacuum including Oreck, Dyson, Eureka, etc. This is far and away the best one and I hope it continues to work just as well for many years to come. If you are thinking about it, go ahead and buy it. Don't forget to get the $25 off that Amazon offers if you spend $125....more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum
    I am going to be 65 soon, therefore, I've used alot of different brands of sweepers in my lifetime, and Hoover is by far the best one I've ever had. I've used Kirby, Phantom, Kenmore, Dirt Devil, Rainbow, Oreck, and a few cheaper brands, and Hoover out weighs them all. Excellect suction all the way around, light weight, and I love the fact that there are NO BAGS, which over time cost a fortune. It don't lose suction at all, and is very versatile. I would highly recommend this sweeper to anyone. Also dealing with Amazon is great.......more info
  • This is the best vacuum EVER!
    Granted, I suppose I'm a bit of a geek, but I LOVE this vacuum. It's not as loud as some people have said - particularly when I use the "floor" function to clean the carpet around my skittish bird. The canister follows around after you very easily despite the stated weight, and the "15-inch powered nozzle" makes use of every bit of its size - the suction runs clear across the bottom of the nozzle and actually pulls some out-of-reach items towards it. It picks up things that my more dexterous little vacuum couldn't even grab. Finally, the "telescoping extension" feature on the wand is amazing. I hadn't read about it in my research, so it was like an extra little surprise. Oh, and the propulsion when on "carpet" mode is spectacular. It's a solid, responsive, well-designed little buddy....more info
  • Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagless Canister
    This is the first canister vac I have purchased in 20 years and I am satisfied with it for the price. I have had Kirby uprights in the past and find the suction on them superior. We recently tore up all the wall to wall carpet and installed oak hardwood and I needed a different vacuum with different attachments. I do find this vacuum better for stairs and I find the adjustable suction handy for area rugs. It is not as heavy to drag around as the Kirbys were and, of course, there is no expense for bags. I live on a farm and have indoor/outdoor pets and it does a good job of picking up hair and tracked-in debris. ...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 Wind Tunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum
    This the best Canister Vacuum I have ever used. It out does my high dollar upright in both rugs and hardwood floors. Don't get tricked in the hype of the vacuum the starts with a *D* it may be good on hardwood floors but when used on carpet the Hoover picks ALL the pet hair and everything that gets in its way and does not through it to the side on carpet or hardwood floors. Amazon had the nest price on the web by at least $160.00 and received it in a couple of days....more info
  • Powerful, quiet, compact, best in class!
    With this new Hoover WindTunnel canister, I am in love with vacuuming. It's so quiet and so powerful that it picked up so much dirt my previous Hoover canister didn't pick up. Unbelievable!!~ I had to keep emptying the dirt. Best of all...No more bags to buy. At first, I was considering of buying a Dyson, but refrained from buying an upright because it's not stair friendly and extremely pricy. Since this has 4.5 stars on Amazon from 147 users, we made the plunge to buy this canister windtunnel without checking it out in the stores. I was worried that I'll be disappointed and ended up returning, but I must say this is the best purchase ever. Absolutely one of the best vacuum for the price. Dyson doesn't do any better than this. You can't go wrong with this one. Two thumbs up!!...more info
  • Sooo worth the hassle!!!
    I have had several vacuums over the last 15 years...the inexpensive ones just seemed to burn up after a few months of use. So I purchased a little more expensive Progressive upright (made by Panasonic)...enjoyed it for a couple of years, but needed something that I could reach under beds and in tighter areas. So, I purchased a $300 Progressive canister, and enjoyed the versatility...until things started to break...had to replace the cord twice and now, splits and leaks in the expensive to replace hose. I purchased this Hoover to replace my Progressive and WOW!!! After taping the splits in the hose of my Progressive I compared these two side by side and this won hands down. Yes you have to empty the canister and I use an air compressor to blow out the filter once a week, but sooo worth it to have SPOTLESS carpets thoughout my home. The only downfall is that it would be nice to have a soft dusting brush to use for furniture, blinds, etc. This only comes with a very firm useless upholstery brush. The powered hand tool is effective on stairs. This also comes with a crevice tool and hard floor attachment which are fair.
    A REALLY GREAT PURCHASE!!!...more info
  • Worked well for a while
    When I first got this vacuum it worked great. It worked good on all my floors, from the kitchen to the carpet but now the powerhead has so much suction that when vacuuming it comes right off. I am forced to vacuum using the floor attachment. I just got this vacuum in the begginning of October. I went from very satisfied to disgruntled. I don't know how to get it repaired and I don't feel like the hassle....more info
  • Love it!
    I got my little "hoover canister WindTunnel" for Christmas. I am in "love" with a vacuum! The hardest test for any vacuum is to go from hard floors to rugs, or rubber backed throw rugs. I've worn out Kirby's, WindTunnel up-rights and a few shop vac's. This one wins hands down. Light weight, easy change vaccum, easy change parts for different jobs. One touch extendtion of handle, simple touch of your toe rolls the long cord in neat & tidy, easy store, and best of all that hepa filter washes up in the sink with the pop out catch all. Everything is nice and clean AND smells good for the next job....more info
  • At Last.........
    At last I have found the vacuum I have been endlessly searching for!
    This vacuum I must say passed my critical expectations.
    I have owned several Hoover vacuums- They have served me well- But I have had some issues- I have dogs, kids, you name it... This is the first canister I have owned- I now have mostly hardwood and tile floors...
    Excellent for bare floors- Quiet too.
    It has different setting for suction- I am able to vacuum my dogs with the brush accessory on a low suction setting! It doesn't freak them out with it being so quiet.
    No one ran out of the room or turned the TV volume up. :0)
    I love it!!!!!...more info
  • Tried the rest, got the best.
    I bought this vacuum after reading all the great reviews, and I just got my order in today, put it together (no screwdriver needed, thank you very much) and tried it out. I was amazed at how well this vacuum worked. It made my old carpet look new again! This vacuum has such power and it's lightweight and quiet, compared to the many vacuums I have gone through over the years, this one is surely a keeper. Most people complained, however, about emptying the container after each use, but I would rather not have all that crud it picks up just lying in the canister. I don't mind cleaning it after vacuuming four bedrooms, a hallway, and stairs. I most definately reccomend this vacuum. ...more info
  • Very useful and good machine
    This vacuum is the best , I have ever bought . ...more info
  • Excellent
    Very happy with this vacuum!!! Being bagless you can see how well it works, better than any I have had. Handle controls are great. Handle feels a little cheap but time will tell how it holds up. I would recomend this vacuum....more info
  • great little vacuum
    I have a pup who sheds like crazy. This vacuum gets up every last bit of his hair embedded in the rugs with no problem. It is extremely powerful and the attachments are great for floors, carpets, and furniture. Definitely worth the money. The only downside I have found is that the cannister has to be empied after each use and the filter has to be cleaned frequently, which is a little annoying....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned, and I have been through quite a few, although this is my first canister vacuum. The amount of dust and dirt it sucks out of carpets is unbelievable. I have 2 dogs and cats that are occasionally inside, so I expected the pet hair, but I had no idea how much dirt was trapped in my carpets! They actually look cleaner after using this vacuum the first time. The controls are very easy to use and it is quick to set it up. The suction is so powerful that you have to be careful that it doesn't unravel strands of carpet fibers along edges where they meet at the wall. The powered hand tool is nice, but takes some getting used to (vs. my old vacuum) because you are holding the main had control instead of the attachment itself. When the roller brush on the carpet attachment is turned off to use on hardwood or tile floors, the vacuum is extremely quiet. The collection cup is kind of odd in that it is large but the fill area is a small section at the bottom. The filter is in the collection cup and takes up most of the space. It does fill quickly when you first use it, but there is a flap inside that minimizes the amount of dust that flies out. It is very easy to clean the cup and the filter. The self-propelled feature is very powerful, on the highest suction setting the carpet attachment will move itself forward if you don't hang onto it. The wand is much easier to use than pushing around a canister vacuum. I would higly recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • Too bad I couldn't give it a 10....
    A most impressive unit - especially for the price... As the owner of a first generation Eureka bagless upright, which was relegated to the closet in favor of an OLD Hoover cannister with the power head, I have to say Hoover has done it again...

    The variable suction is an excellent feature, the ease of emptying the cannister, and the location and ease of cleaning the hepa filter are major pluses as well... Then there's the revolving brush small head - (it is powered by the air flow, it does not plug in like the floor head.) great on pet hair on "their" favorite couch...

    As good as I thought the OLD Hoover was, I was genuinely amazed at how much more "stuff" this one picked up in the same amount of time... It even ripped through a spilled bowl of popcorn, without batting an eye.

    If this one turns up in the Friday Sale again, or elsewhere at a reduced price, treat yourself...


    PK...more info
  • Fantastic Machine!
    This lightweight vacuum is wonderful. Easy on the arms but powerful on the floors. Love it!:)...more info
  • Good vac but what now that Hoover is bought out?
    I bought this vacuum in hopes that it would be easier on my back that the Wind Tunnel self propelled I already have. So far it seems to be a pretty good product though the design on canister vacs necessarily causes tremendous wear on the hose. (You have to pull the thing about by the hose.) So I have modified it with a strap that is slightly shorter than the hose and I pull it by that strap. I clean the dust bin and filter out with my big shop vac.
    My main concern is of course that the company no longer exists. It was bought out a couple of days after I ordered my S3765. Will Whirlpool or whoever bought Hoover out honor the warranty? Can I still get filters when I need them. TIME will tell....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    This is the greatest vacuum that I have ever owned. I have tried a lot of different brands with no success. This one is different. It sucks up so much dirt & pet hair that I have to empty the dirt cup about 4 times per session. My other vacuums over the years I emptied maybe twice per session. My carpets look like they are new and they are about 10 years old. I have two huge dogs (Newfoundland and a Great Pyrenees)and they leave a trail of dirt and fur everywhere. This vac can pick up whatever they can put down. It is amazingly quiet for such a powerful machine. The attachments are very easy to use and the power cord is long enough that you can move through several rooms without having to unplug & plug back in. Also, reasonably priced. I definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • Hoover Bagless Vacuum
    I really like this vacuum. It does a great job of getting up the dog hair from my carpets and wood floors---which was my #1 priority when choosing a vacuum. I love the controls on the handle---on my old canister I always had to go back to the canister to turn it on or off. Having the power levels on the handle is also great. There's only one thing I'm not crazy about ---that is emptying the container when it's full---but that's part of having a bagless vacuum-- it's definitely worth it when I see what a great job the vacuum has done. ...more info
  • amazing vacuum
    Very pleased with this vacuum. I like how you can control the suction control. It's self propel feature is better than my upright Hoover! The canister has come along way from the old versions. It would be nice if the bagless canister held more dirt but it beats buying bags. The whole machine is VERY light so if you have a bad back this is your answer to lifting and pulling a heavy vacuum and the wand extends for the tallest person. I've had no problems with it....more info
  • My First Hoover
    I read all the reviews I could find and finally settled on the WindTunnel Bagless, I was a little cautious about the bagless concept and about the comments about the handle being weak. Well the vacuum is great, love the bagless, but I do agree with the other reviewers the handle is weak and doesn't stand up on its own very well. Overall I am very pleased though....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 Wind Tunnel Bagless Vacuum
    This is the best canister vacuum I've owned. It's light and easy to maneuver and the suction is super! It practically runs itself. My old vacuum was heavy and cumbersome. I can honestly say this new vacuum makes all my rugs look like new. It's a great vacuum at a great price!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum and a great price!
    I had been looking for a very good vacuum and had been comparing a much more expensive vacuum made for pet hair and allergies when someone told me to look at Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics magazines which had ranked vacuums. I saw that this Wind Tunnel had been ranked as high as the these vacuums but at a fraction of the cost. Since I've had it, I can't believe the amout of dirt and dust this wonderful machine picks up. I have allergies and they have been so much less since doing a couple good vacuums with this machine. Only bad part is that since it does pick up so much dirt, the cup fills up fast. ...more info
  • not enough wind
    the canister is very small, thus causes frequent stops to empty.

    just doesn't fulfill my expectations...more info
  • Mean Cleaning Machine
    The Hoover Wind tunnel Electronic Bagless Vacuum is a great product. Very easy to carry around and terrific suction. Cleaning out the canister is a snap and given the previous reviews, I decided not to wash it and I have been very pleased. If you have dog hair, this product is a must have. Enjoy your cleaning....more info
  • Hoover wind tunnel vacuum cleaner
    Easy to use. Efficient, excellent cleaning capabilities. Suction is terrific. Cleans floors and carpeting well. Upholstery attachment is easy to use.

    Improvement would be a swivel hose....more info
  • Hoover S3765-040
    After 3 months of use, no problems. Performance is outstanding. This unit replaced a ten year old Hoover canister. A great increase in quality, and I know of no othet vac that is as quiet as this one. I purchased while on sale with free shipping and a coupon for a total cost of $144.00 USD.
    Local retail was $259.99 USD. As for other reviews critical of the dirt disposal, just remove and carry the filled dirt cup to outside garbage can. Duh! Maybe its just me, I do not empty anything filled with dirt indoors! Bottom line: Great product at a great price. The reasons I buy from Amazon.

    ...more info
  • Wheels SQUEAK Otherwise top product
    If you can get pass the squeaky wheels and getting your hands a little dirty while empting the bagless container, it work FINE!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    After moving into my new home with multiple floor surfaces, I decided that this vacuum would serve me best. It had 3 suction speeds, on/off switch for the beater bar and is easy to switch as I change where I'm vacuuming. And this vacuum really cleans! It is easy to move around, has an adjustable wand height. I especially like being able to empty the cup after each use and wash out all the dust that my old Oreck was not picking up. Good on animal hair. Would highly recommend it...more info
  • great vac
    this vacuum is everything it says it is and more. Very happy with all the features and the power is unreal!!! You can not go wrong.......more info
  • Nix on the Bagless
    This vacuum is quite adequate for picking up dust off hardwood floors and cleaning our oriental rugs. It is reasonably quiet, especially on the lowest levels. We found the handle difficult to use for dusting high places, such as over doors and our mantel, and for going into crevices. We had to buy additional hose in order to reach high places. We feel the bagless feature is not a boone. The dust receptacle is small and has to be emptied and cleaned after every vacuuming. It's a dusty, messy chore. On our old upright, changing a bag was much easier, cleaner, and needed to be done less frequently. We would not buy this vacuum again....more info
  • super for non-allergy sufferers
    This vacuum cleaned better than any that I have ever owned. I have donated my old Dyson and Hoover Windtunnel uprights to Goodwill,because any of these empty your own cup vacuums just don't work for us allergy sufferers. I had to return this Windtunnel canister vac for the same reason, the emptying of the cup!! Otherwise, if you don't have allergies to dust etc. this vacuum cleaned my carpets and other flooring (tile and vinyl) better than any other vacuum that I have ever owned, including the Oreck XL21, which we paid about $6oo for. This Hoover Windtunnel canister made our old carpeting look new again. The only other problem with it was using it on stairs. Super vacuum for the price. Also, returning it to Amazon was really quick and easy. Love Shopping at Amazon, and the reviews really help to make product selections easier. I gave this 5 stars only, because it cleans so well,and it's a cute little vacuum. Looks like something from Star Wars!!...more info
  • Very satisfied.
    I like this vacuum a lot. I could cary around very easy. And I don't have to go shopping for a vacuum bag. It is easy to clean and wash. ...more info
  • Not bad, but not as good as I had hoped...
    After reading many vacuum reviews, I purchased the Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister vacuum. The suction seems pretty good, and I do like the fact that it is small and light. I have carpeted stairs, and the weight along with the small stair attachment make it a breeze to vacuum them. However, the canister fills up entirely too quickly in my opinion. I have to empty it multiple times while I'm vacuuming (and I vacuum often!), and this gets to be quite a pain. Also, after owning it for only a month or so, the powerhead has started making an awful squeaking noise. I'm not sure if it stems from the small wheels or something else, but it's very annoying to listen to, and certainly isn't something that should happen after only a month's use. I was amazed at how expensive vacuums can be, and the Hoover WindTunnel was not very expensive in relation to other top name machines. I guess this is a case of "you get what you pay for". Like I said, it's not bad, but not as good as I had hoped. I hope this helps anyone who is considering buying this vacuum make an informed decision. Happy cleaning!...more info
  • Pretty much everything I wanted
    I read all the other reviews and pretty much agree. The dirt cup itself could be much bigger, as I do have to empty it at least once each time I use it, but the power and options are good. The ability to turn the power nozzle brush off, while maintaining suction is wonderful. It prevents dropped seeds (from my pet birds) or kitty litter from being kicked all over. However, I did later order a separate bristled floor brush that focuses the suction forward even more, and improves the system. Nice to have on my wood floors. The power hand nozzle is great on furniture. I do wish the power floor nozzle was ajustable in height, as it does bog down on the carpet in our bedroom, but that room doesn't get dirty very quickly, so it's not been a big issue. However it it fine on our living room carpet and there is minimal pile difference between the two, so I'm not sure why the vacuum performs so differently in those two areas. one lst thing, the adjustable lenght handle on the floor tool is fantastic. It's great for taller guys who normally have to stoop to vacuum....more info
  • Great Purchase
    My friend bought a Dyson a couple of years ago, so I borrowed it. I was very impressed by how much dirt it got out of the carpeting that I had just vaccumed with my regular hoover. WELL, this little canister does just as good of a job as the expensive Dyson for 1/2 the price! It is light weight, has great suction, and the hand controls make it so easy to use.
    ...more info
  • What a whirlwind!
    I thought I had a decent vacuum prior, but when I got this one I was amazed (and horrified!) at the amount of dirt and dust that was pulled from my carpet! I love the adjustable suction control also. It is a champ!...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 bagless canister - Serious Suction
    I was very happy with the price and quick and easy delivery on my Hoover. It performs great. The suction is unbelievable. The only problem I have with it is that it gets stuck up a lot. If something a little unusual gets lodged in the pipe it continues to suck until the pipe hole is clogged and you really can't tell it is plugged until the last minute when you finally discover there's a problem.
    Otherwise it is light and simple. It does an amazing job.
    I think it is a great product....more info
  • wind tunnel
    The best vacuum we ever bought! with two golden retrievers and one flat coat retriever in the house we needed a vac that picked up dog hair and general cleaning. I vacuumed with our old vac and shampooed our carpets before the holidays and then recieved our new wind tunnel bagless you would not believe what was in the bagless cup, even though you have to empty the cup often the suction of this vacuum is great my wife only run the vac at half speed.I would not want to see what it pulls out of carpet at full speed this vac is great!...more info
  • Powerful canister vacum
    Great canister with power plus. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is very heavy and not easy to move around...more info
  • Great for the price
    I have no carpet and no fabric upholstery, so no dust, no speck, no crumb gets hidden or absorbed in plushy pile - this vacuum keeps everything under control beautifully. It is stylish when it's just hanging out in the room (not exactly an Electrolux, but not exactly $600 either), and easily stowed in a couple feet of closet space when it's not. It moves easily and the hose is long enough to get into the deepest nooks of the sofas without gymnastics being involved. The cord zips into its pocket with a few button presses - still beats winding it around your elbow - and that's about the only glitch I can mention. As for the suck factor - this machine gets everything and cleanly (no blowy, dusty weirdness), without scratching leather, wood, tile or laminate. I have two toddler boys and two indoor/outdoor terriers, and it gets all the white little Jack Russell hairs, all the paw dirt, all the freeze-dried fruit dust, all the Cheerios, smashed and whole. It is very easy to dump the dirt, and no bags to buy. The price is unbeatable for this kind of quality. I've had Kenmore, Kirby and Eureka and none have compared. Don't chintz out, but don't overbuy - this will do the job and last. ...more info
  • So Far So Good..
    Have had it for a couple of months.. works really well, just have to empty the container often (which can be expected).. no complaints so far.....more info
  • this vacuum actually works
    It has been about 3 or 4 months using this vacuum and it is really great. I love the canister. I have mostly carpeting, yeck, and the canister vac actually picks up a lot of the dist and dirt, even though some say canisters are better for hard surfaces. The only this is emptying the canister.It is quite messy and when the filter gets gunked up with dirt it is a pain to clean it out. It is nice, though, that you can wash the filter and reuse.
    All in all I am really satisfied with this vacuum.
    ...more info
  • dog hair clogs vaccum
    Disappointed that this vacuum did not perform as anticipated. Have Great Pyrenees that sheds a lot. Wanted a vacuum to take care of hair problem....more info
  • Much better than an Oreck
    This vacuum picked up dirt than my oreck hadn't been able to reach--talk about your deep cleaning power. I was also very impressed with the variable speed/suction power control--makes getting around power cords so much easier...more info
  • Must Buy!
    This vacuum is light enough to carry up and down the stairs in a 2 story house and has alot of power. The 3 suction levels are great especially for cleaning rugs and the ease of emptying the dust bin and cleaning of the filter are superb. I have no complaints at all!...more info
  • Good but not Great
    This vacuum is a good value, and works pretty well for our home. The bagless feature is nice, but the container fills up pretty quickly, and the filter needs to be cleaned pretty regularly....more info
  • Really worth the price
    This vacuum is very powerful , relatively quiet and easy to use. For a bagless vacuum, it is very easy to clean too. Makes for an excellent buy. Better than all the other options in the price range.

    ...more info
  • A truely functional vacuum for your home!
    I had my doubts on Hoover, it being a old stogy brand and all! But this product suprised me. I bought it for its size and innovative shape. But the operation of it and how well it cleans not only did not disappoint me, it worked quite well. The on/off switch being on the hose, the adapters, the variable suction power, the floor/carpet adapter, all did a superb job. The 1st thing I did was to use the upholstry adapter and vacuum my couch. It was great. I checked the dust compartment and it was half full afterward.

    The floor piece which has a wind tunnel is low profile and gets under all furnitre and table heights. All in all, a great vacuum.

    A few things to improve would be: 1) Make the third wheel of the vacuum body bigger so it can maneuvered easier. It gets stuck on smallest obtacles. 2) I would have enjoyed an 1" 1/4 hose adapter with a a bristle brush type for dusting and getting into small areas. 3) The floor sweeper piece in it upright and locked position does not stand stationary all the time. The top part is too heavy and its weight makes the handle to fall. One has to lock it and lean in against the wall when stowing it away.

    But it works great. I am happy with it....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum!
    One of the easiest vacuums to manuver that I have owned and it has great suction power. Buying another one for an elderly aunt who has a 50 pound dinasaur right now....more info
  • Excellent for my two bed room apartment.
    Been using it for over 4 months, I have no complaints so far.
    I have more carpet space, works great on it. It is lot easier for my wife to use compared to traditional one, especially when it comes to using on stair case.

    Hey when honey can take care off one from "Honeys do list", why not?
    For the price great product, I won't hesitate to give a 5 star.
    ...more info
  • Works well, just difficult to roll around
    The suction power is nice. Appears to pick up pretty much everything. Dragging the canister around is not so easy - seems to catch on all the furniture. I had an upright before - much easier to use. The small canister is also only good for one round and is a bit messy when dumping. That being said, this works great for the car and the stairs. If you are looking for a canister vac or something for your car, this one is good. If you are looking for a vacuum generally, an upright might be a bit easier to maneuver. ...more info
  • Great little vac
    This is a great little vacuum! I wanted a bagless vac, but not an upright-and this is it! I can get under the beds and couch easily. It is light and easy to carry up the steps. Not as noisy as my old bagless upright. The attachments are great. I have hardwood floors, and it does a great job on them. I would buy it again. The canister is small so needs to be emptied each time I vac the entire house, but that's ok-it easy, and if the canister was bigger it wouldn't be the nice compact vac that it is. I have had mine for about 8 months now. No problems so far! You can clean the canister filter which is great, but I would recommend buying an extra filter you can use while you clean the other.
    A definate keeper! I love mine!...more info
  • No stamina
    Vacuum is great at first but does not last a year without something breaking. Hose splits - taped now - and handle comes apart. Not impressive design. You pay for the light weight with a lack of reliability. Nice price tho - I paid a lot more at Costco but can return it forever ;}...more info
  • finally a vacuum that works!
    Easy to use, lightweight, and switches on the handle make this vacuum really user friendly. The canister has to be emptied out quite frequently in the beginning, but as your rugs get cleaner - the less you will have to empty it. Great for going from hardwood floors to area rugs and it has a suction control so that you can make the suction stronger or weaker depending on the type of rug. This is nice when you have to vacuum really small bathroom or kitchen area rugs because it does not suck up the whole rug. Recommend this highly to anyone who has gone through a bunch of different vacuums.......more info
  • Finall HAPPY with a vacumn claener! HURRAY!
    I read the other reviews, which were mostly good, so I decided to try it out. I got an awesome price with the holiday sales and got the vacumn super fast! It works GREAT and even works great with the attachment for the hardwood floors (the attachment is for any smooth flooring surface). Canister vacs always work better than uprights, but I hate pulling the canister around. The good thing, is I have stairs, so the canister is lightweight and I can carry it up the stairs while vacuming them with the stair attachment. This is impossible to do with an upright vac! The stair attachment works pretty good, but it seems to stall a little while I vacumn and I have to turn it off and on to get it going again. This may be due to my carpet though-it's super plush. This vacumn does good on the carpet with the powerhead attachment, but as I said before, I do have super plush carpet, so some things get buried back in instead of picked up. It did a great job on the pine needles after I removed the christmas tree, but it clogged up fast and I had to clean it out. But I think that would happen to any vacumn. It was easy to take apart and clean out though. In the end, I am very happy with this vacumn and I'm glad I decided to buy it! :)...more info
  • What a great vacuum.
    The Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever had. The powerful suction is awesome and this vacuum cleans extremely well.

    The suction levels are easily selected, and all three levels clean very well. The power nozzle on/off control is right next to the suction control, and next to both is another button that turns off both the suction and the power nozzle with a single button press.

    I love the bagless feature -- no more bags to deal with. Cleanup is fairly easy, too.

    The vacuum is lightweight, and the powered hand tool is great for stairs. I also like the long power cord and its auto rewind feature.

    The design looks space-age and I like how it looks. It also stores well in our closet.

    We like this vacuum so well that we bought one for our daughter-in-law. She loves it, too.

    This is an outstanding canister vacuum....more info
  • does not meet the test of time
    I have had the vaccum for about two years and have had to fix it twice because of power head electrical cord or electrical connection design flaws....more info
  • Powerful, lightweight vac
    I've been using it on wood floors, kitchen vinyl tile, ceramic tile on the bathroom floor, and the bathroom rugs (no other carpet here). Also, cleaning my walls up to the 11 foot ceilings is a breeze. Includes a nice variety of attachments, easy emptying dirt cup. The automatically recoiling cord good be a bit better, but that is a minor issue....more info
  • Delivers the good for the price and more
    I went with the reviews for the product and am not sorry.

    Its quite an amazing pretty looking thing and for this price it comes with 3 useful attachments too. The carpet cleaning attachment pulls you along like a runaway train, no pressure or effort required from you to push and pull this one.

    Dont know why but it comes with a "headlight" am sure no one vacuums their room with the lights off but it does look nice.

    The canister is easy to remove clean and fit back in. The attachments are all easy to manage plus its got a retractable chord.

    I had got a Dirt Devil from a Walmart nearby and its the worst piece of equipment ever. It stopped working right after just 5 uses and after 4 it started emanating a burning smell. This one has proved to be a good buy (so far)! I might come back and change this to 5 stars after a couple of weeks.

    I got mine on a Friday sale for a good deal (this retails for around 250-300 in some of the retailers), if any of you look to buy it you might want to try it out on a Friday to see if it goes down and it does. Thanks Amazon for helping me save some bucks!...more info
  • great vacuum with messy bagless feature
    I've had the Hoover S3765-040 for about three weeks. Generally, the machine performed very well. It did a good job of picking up dirt. The motor unit was pretty light and relatively quiet.

    There are some problems. The motorized head is heavy and pretty noisy, but it's very powerful on rugs. I ended up using the included floor brush on bare floors, which is a bit of a pain, but gets the place clean. The head, as noted by other reviewers, doesn't pivot, so it takes a bit more effort to guide it than with other vacuums that I have owned.

    My big gripe is with the bagless technology. The container is easy to empty, but the filter is totally clogged after each use. The included filter brush is helpful, but I've had to wash the filter after each use. A bit of a mess, and a bit of a cloud of dust after each use. My previous vacuum was a fantom, which had a more pleasing design. The bagless feature wasn't perfect, but all the dirt easily came out of the container and the filter required no cleaning. Of course, the fantom is no longer made and I ended up keeping the thing going only with the help of superglue and duct tape.

    Overall, the Hoover is quite a decent machine and an excellent value.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic
    This vacuum was bought to replace one from Sears that broke after three weeks. Sears gave me attitude about replacing theirs so I just got my money back and bought this Hoover. It is $95 cheaper and works much better.

    I am a slob and I only vacuum once a week during a good month. I've two cats who I am amazed are not completely bald with all the hair they shed. This thing works wonders on cat hair (and the occasional overlooked hairball under the coffee table).

    I am a crumudgeon as well as a cheap SOB and I like the thing. I even emailed Hoover to tell them so. I don't like much but this thing is great even if I have to empty the dirt container twice when I vacuum the whole house - that's not Hoovers fault it is the cats.

    It is a funny looking thing but it works like a charm. ...more info
  • Disappointed after all the great reviews
    I bought this product after reading all the glowing reviews on amazon. Yes, it was easy to assemble, and the suction on my area rugs was very powerful and sucked up a lot of dust. However, when I tested it on hard floor, I noticed there was no suction at all coming from the nozzle. I don't know if this was due to the technology or a defective product. I called a Hoover service center to describe the problem, and even they admitted this particular model "isn't good on hard floors." As others have said in their reviews, this vacuum is good if most of your flooring is carpet/rugs, but less so for hard surfaces. Additionally, as others have pointed out here, the bagless design sounds great in theory, but in reality it's very annoying to constantly empty out the dirt cup. I didn't think that would bother me, but emptying the dirt cup after each use is one more chore on top of vacuuming, and who wants that? Finally, the wand doesn't stay upright in a firmly locked position, as it appears in the picture. I spent about 20 min trying to figure out why it kept falling over and didn't lock in place, before I read in other amazon reviews that it's due to the design itself. Sorry Hoover, I've had this vacuum less than 24 hours but I'm returning it tomorrow and buying one with a vacuum bag next time. ...more info
  • A++++++++++++ Vacuum
    I received this vacuum today - put it together quickly and easily and took off. I couldn't believe how much dog and cat hair my previous bagless vacuum was missing. This vacuum is awesome and a breeze to use. After reading the instructions on how to clean the filter, which is also very easy, this vacuum should last a long time. Also, I ordered the vacuum with the free shipping and it only took 5 days for it arrive. Very pleased with Amazon. ...more info
    I just received the Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum. This vacuum is everything that I need it to be. Being a petite person its very difficult for me to push and pull an upright vacuum. I LOVE the fact that there is NO bags to fidget with and it has a HEPA Filter. The telescoping handle is a great feature, the WHOLE family can get involved in helping with the chores because of the adjustability of this great machine. According to the Manual it seems very affordable to buy replacement parts IF it ever comes to that. The price of this vacuum was a great deal! For what I paid and what I got I have a GOOD thing....more info
  • Great vacuum, minor glitches
    This is one great vacuum with a lot of power, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a bagless vacuum that does not cost a fortune (like the Dyson ones).

    Some feedback for the engineers at Hoover:

    1. The hose is attached statically to the canister, i. e., if one rotates the the pipe/brush piece vertically while vacuuming, the hose will crunch up and not righten itself. This can become so bad the only way to fix this is to detach the hose to straighten it out manually. I have seen some German vacuums where the hose was attached to the canister so that it is able to actually rotate. You rotate the handle, the hose rotates, too.

    2. This vacuum is constructed to use the power-brush as the standard cleaning implement. It is very heavy and bulky, which makes it quite a schlepping job to move it, and it certainly does not enable one to clean in corners or under furniture.

    3. The power-brush and handle are constructed so that one can lock the handle upright within the brush as a stand (as in the product picture shown). That lock is not a very stable one, if there is only a little but of pull from the hose, the handle will fall down with a loud crash, obliterating any china or vases in its way.

    4. The power cord sometimes does not fully retract.

    Finally -and this is no remark about this particular product-, you should consider whether a bagless vacuum really is for you. I purchased it because I wanted to get rid having to hunt for the right bag, and also b/c I wanted to save some money. However, it is quite messy to empty the dirt container. There inevitably is a plume of dust (somewhat off-setting the fact that this vacuum filters up to the HEPA anti-allergen standard), and your hands will get dirty from the muck in it. I may actually go back to a bag vacuum the next time around....more info
  • Drastic Improvement Over My Last Vac
    I bought this vacuum to replace another bagless canister that died after about a year of use (Fantom/EuroPro Falcon--the machine was poorly engineered, and the company's customer service was a joke). This WindTunnel cost me maybe $50 more than the one I had before, but the features, convenience, and cleaning power more than make up the difference. The adjustable suction is decent even at the lowest setting, and is almost too powerful at the highest setting (especially when the filter is clean). I also love the 15-inch powerhead; those extra 3 inches of width really cut down on the number of passes needed to clean my carpets. The fact that I can go from carpet to floor by pressing a button on the handle is a big improvement; my previous vac had a separate head for floors. Switching between the powerhead to the smaller attachments is literally a snap, and all work well. My favorite attachment is the mini-powerhead. It cleans my carpeted stairs as thoroughly as the big powerhead cleans the main carpet, and it's great for getting into tight spaces between furniture where the main powerhead can't fit.

    My only gripes -- and they are minor -- are that the wheels of the powerhead can be squeaky, and if the cord isn't in a relatively straight line when I press the retractor button, sometimes it will stop before it fully retracts, and I have to pull it out about a foot and try again.

    Overall, it's a great multipurpose machine, and I definitely think it's a good buy....more info
  • Good vacuum
    Beats the previous Eureka and Bissel uprights that I had. Strong suction....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Although small, this little vacuum has huge suction and does a great job. Having 3 cats and 3 dogs in the house, I get quite a bit of animal hair and this picks it all up. I will admit to having to stop frequently and brush out the filter or empty the cup which is a pain, but it is worth it just for the great job it does on my carpets....more info
  • Cannister vs. Uoright
    If you have more than one floor cannister is the way to go. This product meets all my needs while being in my price range....more info
  • HooverS3765-040 Wind Tunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I am liking my new Hoover. It is light and easy to move around. The most important thing to me is that it picks up the dirt well...and it really does. Also, I like having choices of suction. On some thinner rugs, the lightest suction does the job and the ends of the rugs don't get torn apart. I also like the how the dirt cannister clicks out easily and it is easy to figure out how it is replaced back. Finally,if something was stuck where the brushes are, easy directions are given to fix the problem. I found out that I don't need some heavy machine to do a great job....more info
  • Would definitely purchase again - Recommended to hairy households
    I have a cat and and 5 month old baby. The first leaves dander and hair everywhere and the second is about to begin crawling around in it! I had to get a new vac for this reason. SO glad I made this choice. Super easy to put together, nice looking, all but one attachment attach to the unit itself so storage will be awesome. This also has retracable cord storage - this could be my favorite feature!

    Just vacuumed my first room and was HORRIFIED at the amount of hair and crud this vac sucked into the bagless cup. I cannot believe my old vac was leaving behind this much stuff (and it was an expensive commercial model like those used by hotels and janitorial services). I sucked up a ton of hair (cat and long human) as well as a nickle. This vac didn't blink an eye.

    The canister style will take some getting used to as I had an upright before, but the light weight of the handle is a big plus. I reduced my rating by one star only because the handle and plastic casing feel slightly flimsy. I believe this is a sacrifice for the light weight. I had a tank for a vacuum before so it could just be my personal adjustment. Most vacs I tried out at Targ3t had the same feel.

    Much quiter than my old vac, but don't expect a whisper - this is a vacuum after all.

    I will update this review if my opinion declines...don't expect it though!...more info
  • Highly reccomended
    This vacuum has great features. There's no bags to purchase and love the fact that the dispenser and filter can be easily removed and rinsed clean. It is also light weight and the adjustable bar makes it great for vacuuming furniture as well as stairways. Another great feature is the different levels of suction. This has to be the best vacuum I have purchased in the past 35 years of housekeeping....more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Really Sucks!
    It's the best vacuum I've ever used. Not so great for small area rugs, but I love it. Even more-so than the very expensive Meila I used to have. Emptying the garbage out of the bagless cup can be a little messy, but the cleaning ability is fabulous!...more info
  • Mt. Washington Dweller
    This is the best small vacuum I have ever used. Prior to receiving this, I bought and returned two others for lack of power. This one really SUCKS (in a good, vacuumey-way)!!!

    The bagless feature is great because at the end of vacuuming you can clean the dirt-holder and HEPA filter with water and reduce the dust even further.

    I have two dogs (one collie), and a cat, and this 12-volt vacuume really does a great job, especially for a canister--much easier to push than an upright....more info
  • Good Vacuum but...
    I like the suction of this vacuum and it is portable. My problem is their claim that the filter is washable. DO NOT WASH THE FILTER. I vacuum mine with our shop vac or clean it out with canned air. This needs to be done about every other time you clean the house. We have alot of pets and almost all hardwood floors so I know we ask alot from the vacuum. When I washed the fister, after cleaning it with the little tool they provided and waited three days not just the one they recommended the filter molded and stunk up the house and grew a nasty film on it. In their defence, I contacted Hoover and they shipped a new one as a courtesy, but kept implying that I didn't follow directions. The handle also feels flimsy but has worked well and I like that it is easily adjustible....more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister
    We are very happy with the vaccuum. The suck is so strong the thing practically pulls itself along. Would definately recommend it. ...more info
  • Works Great
    The vacuum works great I have a german shepherd and she sheds so bad I needed a vacuum with a good suction power and after looking and looking I found this one and it works great!!!!...more info
  • Average vac at great price
    This is an ok vacuum. I have had it for a month - it works fine. However, it is only ok for the price, I have owned better vacs before. People who say it's light never had a nice vacuum - this thing is quite heavy, but not as heavy as uprights (those i simply hate as a kind). People who say its quiet, never had a quiet vacuum, however it is not as loud as most uprights are. It does pick up most of stuff, but you have to empty it so often it is annoying. And I find the process messy - I live in an apartment and cant empty it in my backyard. That being said, this vacuum is better than most uprights, but it definitely not as good as some high-end canister vacs. It will ideal for small places, don't buy it if you have a 5-bedroom house. I will probably buy electrolux next time. ...more info
  • loooooove this vac!!
    this is a great vacuum. i own a cleaning business and i have clients with dysons, kirbys, electrolux, miele - and only the miele is better than mine - but mine is about $1,100 less than the miele, so i'll take it! it's lightweight enough to carry up and down the stairs and it will suck anything at all up! I bring it to all of my cleaning accounts, it has been used in 2-3 homes a day for over a year now and it's still going strong! looooove this vac!...more info
  • excellent
    So far the vacuum has worked very well - it has so much suction! It's also fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver....more info
  • Vroom Vroom
    I live in an apartment with carpet everywhere. The wind tunnel comes to my rescue. Although the surface is small, the bucket gets full after every use. I like the fact that there are no bags to dispense and replace. After several use, I take out the bucket and the filter and clean them with water; it is that simple. There are three different speeds to choose from and the carpet option. Once I am done, I dismantle the pieces and place it in my closet where the lack of space is the norm. Highly recommended....more info
  • this vacuum is a freak
    Ok short and simple. Buy this vacuum. My husband and I seriously bought and returned 4 other vacuums before we decided to get this one. Let me just say this, we have a long haired Saint Bernard, AND a mix breed with long hair. Both shed like it is their job, and they are mostly inside dogs, with that said, it is clear that we obviously needed a vacuum that could perform. This vacuum is off the hook. It's sturdy, powerful, rugged, versatile, and VERY pretty. it has very cool lights and buttons. It is full of power, and gets the job done the first time. But people expect that BECAUSE it is a bagless you will epmty the thing more than a bagged vacuum of course. But it's so easy to empty, it's no sweat. I LOVE the long reach capabilities, and the versatility of power. I needed lots of power for the dog hair in certain rooms of the house. OH, and we have HARDWOOD and carpet, works like a champ on our hardwood, as well. Just get it. and then write your own review on how this vacuum has you trippin. ha!...more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    After much thought and research, I purchased this vacuum. I have a long hair cat and a dog, and can't believe how great this vacuum works. I have hardwood, ceramic tile and carpeting and it does great everywhere. I esepcially like the powered hand tool, my furniture has never looked so clean. I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
    I just received my vacuum cleaner and thanks Amazon for the two day delivery at no extra charge! The vacuum was easy to assemble and came with all the extra accessories inclusive in the price. Having previously owned a Sears Kenmore which cost me twice as much, the only difference I found was in the weight of the head and size of the cannister. In short time, the Kenmore started falling apart and it was heavy and difficult to maneuver. I cleaned the entire house with the Hoover today and found it much easier to maneuver, lighter, smaller and the head made it easier to get around small areas and under furniture. The carpet setting sets it off like a self propelled lawnmower and had to really hold onto it and miss the swivel to avoid bumping the top of the wand going under things. It cleaned the rugs and floors very well and the edge cleaner is a great extra. I have to say that for the money, I am very impressed with it's power and cleaning. I've never seen so much dirt and dust come out of a vacuum cleaner. The cup is easy to remove and clean as is the filter. I will not miss the added expense of bags. I can understand the complaints about breakage in other reviews as many parts are plastic. This will require attention in avoiding bumping and hard use. The wheels are large and the cannister is compact and easy to lift and carry around. The wand telescopes long enough to avoid back strain. I give it four stars only because it is constructed in lightweight plastic and I don't get the feeling of a solid construction. But with TLC and avoidance of harsh handling, it should hold up well. I emphasize on its cleaning performance and quieter operation with variable selections. I now look forward to vacuuming again and hopefully, will last me years....more info
  • Gr8 Little Vacuum
    I just received my Hoover and tried it out. Was amazed at how much dirt it picked up! I thought my old Eureka was great, but this little guy picked up more dirt than my Eureka did in a month. Will take a bit getting used to it, but I'm already very happy with it. ...more info
  • Best vaccum ever!!!! I've owned two!!!
    I bought this vaccum two years ago from Best Buy for $400,after much research and consideration. It is the only vaccum I've had that can clean every room and under beds with out alot of heartache. It is so powerful it will suck toys and clothes out from under beds, and pick up dog food with no problem. I LOVE it! A piece broke on one of my attachments, and Best Buy made me bring in the whole vaccum to do the repair. They said it cost to much to fix and assumed I'd take a store credit or trade. They then proceeded to throw my vaccum away without asking me if I wanted to do an exchange. Anyways, they carried nothing close to comparable to my vaccum, and so they ended up giving me a full refund, so I could buy another one. I bought this one two weeks ago and it is identicle to the other. I STILL LOVE IT!!!!!...more info
  • A great purchase
    In the market for a new vacuum I did alot of research and settled on the windtunnel. I really wanted a canister and for the price and the reviews this seemed like the best deal. I am very happy with the purchase. I have 4 cats and I don't think my house was ever this clean. I love having no bags. I love the fact it's a canister (I previously owned the windtunnel upright). The suction is amazing. The cleaning tool for furniture is the first thing I have ever found to actually effectively clean cat hair off of fabric furniture. This is a great vacuum! ...more info
  • I don't mind the kids fighting over it!
    Finally here is a fight that I like to here from my kids....Who is going to vacuum! This is a great vacuum. It is quiet and very easy to use. I have tile and carpet and it goes from one to the other without a problem. My cleaning time is cut in half now. The kids love to use it too, now if I could just get my husband to try it. :) The only thing I don't like is having to clean the filter, but I got over that. My cousin just bought one after using mine....more info
  • Great Vac at any price....
    I have owned several vacuums during the past 25 years some were better than others, but only one ever came close to this one (and it cost substantially more money) Light weight, easy to manuever powerful little vac loaded with options and accessories. Before making the purchace I did my homework and checked out a lot of vacuums in the $200 - $300 range and this one had the best mix of features vs cost. You can imagine how happy I was to find it here at Amazon for a much lower price than advertised elsewhere.

    I knew a Hoover would never let me down, I have everything I want in a compact canister vac, including HEPA filtering without the costly Hepa replacement cartridges and bagless convenience! Thanks Hoover and thank you Amazon!
    ...more info
  • Beware
    Buyer beware. I bought this vacuum nine months ago. It does a good job vacuuming but it is already falling apart. The screws came out of the body separating the top and bottom, the hose is leaking, the electronics have a mind of their own and the winder cord only works at random. It is very heavy to use, children find it very difficult and awkward to use. I contacted Hoover as soon as it started to fall apart. They were worthless and happy to have more of my money by offering that I take it to a repair shop....more info
  • Powerful but flimsy
    It's true it's powerful and pulls up the fine dust. But everyone who describes the flimsy handle is right. One week after receiving this, after using it only a few times, the handle will now not stay in the upright resting position when inserted in the main, large vacuum head attachment. Which means it has to be laid down horizontally on the floor everytime I let go of it. And the control button panel on the handle is so flimsy and cheap it's like something on a childs toy. I agree with the person who said this vacuum will last her about a year, but not longer than that. If you, like me, would prefer to have a better built vacuum that lasts longer after paying $200 including shipping, then get something else. The industrial designer who designed this at Hoover earns an "F". They really need to test these things with real people in real homes, before putting them on the market....more info
  • FANTANSTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This vacuum cleaner is SUCH A WINNER! Previously I had a vacuum that was compared to the Miele Canister, and it was great..... (but only for 3-4 years....AND IT BECAME PROBLAMATIC)
    SO I'M COMING FROM close to the very best in cansister/vacuums.I wanted to wait a few months before posting this, but I could'nt contain my joy with this cleaner for this review.FABULOUS! IT'S durable & very strong, as I treat my vacuum rather "ruggedly" and expect them to endure, my rigorous movement throughtout the house. It's a tough little machine.!!!
    Great power!Compact & light.The tools are easy to interchange. Because it it is bagless,the cannister fills up fast but that's to be expected.And emptying the canister is very easy.If you should be so inclined, you can easilly rinse the filter and and bagless container, with no problems at all. A WONDER MACHINE!!!!!!I HOPE IT LASTS FOREVER!A REALLY GREAT PRODUCT!...more info
  • WOW A+++++
    What a great vacuum. I used it just once on my bedroom floor and couldn't believe the amount of dirt that my old vacuum had been missing. The small head works great on upholstery and in small places. Warning: The first few times you use this, you will have to dump the collection basket after each room -- because you will be getting dirt out that you didn't even know was there!!!...more info
  • Best of the Best!
    I've owned about 5 vacuums before this model.. from the cheapies to the ultra-expensive, this one beat them all. Unlike most reviews that are for products people have tried once or twice, I've owned this vacuum for 3 years now and it's just as amazing as the first time I used it. I'm even thinking about getting a second and storing it for fear that one day I'll be without it and will have to settle with another inferior model. The things I loved about it... the convenience, the POWER, the overall design, the quietness compared to any other brand or model, and even the "looks".

    The Convenience was obvious from the beginning.. one canister to empty simply enough without ever using a bag or spending a dime on accessories, the seperate Hand-Unit that actually Extends a long distance to get completely under all beds, including KingSize beds. It's very lightweight, and agile enough to take anywhere where other vacuums are too bulky or tough to manuever.. this one has them beat.

    The Power.. surprised me to no end.. the amount of dust and hair and grime you collect was simply stunning. But the Biggest surprise was the Hand-unit's Power.. (Word of advice) when you activate the hand unit, HANG ONTO IT! It's so powerful it was actually Pullng me into rooms like an SUV on Nitro.

    The quietness.. for those of us that are the observers in a household and go nuts at the scream of vacuums that make the cackles on the back of your neck stand up, I was stunned at how quiet (with POWER) this vacuum had. I could honestly talk at a normal voice or even a soft tone and someone standing next to me would be able to hear what I said. It's so UNannoying, it's heaven.

    The only downside I have to the vacuum is not much of a beef, and doesn't really effect everyone, but if you vacuum up kitty-litter, (as some owners have to deal with) eventually the filter will clump up after about 5 or 6 months.. thankfully it's cleanable and doesn't need a replacement every time, but of course you have to scrape out each individual rim of the filter and that can take some patience, as well of course you have to set it aside overnight to dry before reinstalling or any dirt will cake back into a wet filter.. other then that, you couldn't ASK for a better vacuum.. I'll never switch to another brand or model because this was simply the best of the best. ...more info
  • well designed vacuum
    I have had 3 vacuums in the past 10 years. Prior to purchasing the Hoover canister vacuum, I had kenmore canister vacuums. The Hoover is a MUCH better vacuum and at least $200 cheaper. The Hoover has easy to detach attachments and an easily extendable arm (connects the canister to the vacuum) useful for vacuuming in high places.

    EXCELLENT VACUUM!!! I will forever buy Hoover canister vacuums now!!!...more info
  • Excellent suction, good build quality, poor buttons
    Just received it today and tested it out on our floor and carpet. I was amazed when I looked at how much dirt/dust was in the canister after just one usage. The adjustable power level is nice to have, the attachments seem good (there are 5 total), and the retractable cord works perfectly. It seems to clean edges well. too. I can't wait to clean my cars with it. So far, I'm satisfied. I just hope the buttons on the handle don't break. Luckily we don't vacuum that often.

    This thing is unbelievable. The suction power is crazy. When you empty the canister and clean the filter, you just can't believe how much dust and dirt it traps in there. I'm completely satisfied....more info
  • This vacuum really sucks--in a good way!
    This is by far the best vacuum I have ever purchased. You will be amazed on how dirty your house is the first time you use it. I am still amazed on how much dirt and dust it picks up. The bagless is fine as long and you empty it right into the garbage so the dust doesn't fly everywhere. I still use my old vacuum to suck the filter clean. A very good vacuum overall for you money....more info
  • Great on wall-to-wall carpets, but not so good on hardwood
    I've had this vacuum for a year or so and I've found that it works really well on carpet. The revolving brissels in combination with the powerful suction really does a great job at keeping my carpets clean. But on hardwood or tile floors... Well, it's almost like you need 2 vacuums if your house has both. This vacuum is basically useless on anything but carpets.

    Also, the whole deal with being bagless is a major drawback. Sure, there's no bag so guess what happens? You end up with this canister full of dust. Dust that will go everywhere when you pop the lid off and empty it out in the trash. Bagless vacuums are nothing but a fad, and hopefully the marketing geniuses will again zero in on vacuums WITH bags so you don't have to deal with all the dust. Also, the filter that sits inside the canister needs to be "plucked" or if you have an air compressor, you need to blow all the dust out of it every 6-12 months or the vacuum will lose suction.

    As with all vacuums with revolving brissels sooner or later you will find yourself with a knife, screwdriver, and sissors trying to pluck the long threads out of the revolving part so it will "revolve" a little easier.

    The cord is long enough to let me vacuum my whole 1400 sq.ft. house by just plugging it in the outlet at 3 different spots. Everything works, and it does do a good job on our wall-to-wall carpets. The controls on the handle function well. It goes really flat so you can slide it in under beds and couches for cleaning the dust-bunnies away. You can adjust the length of the tube easily and it actually does make it a little easier on your lower back. The hose and connectors feel sturdy and fit well. For the money you spend, it's a pretty good deal. But I don't expect it to live forever. If I can get 5 years out of it I'll be happy. ...more info
  • Great for all floor types!
    I LOVE this vacuum! We have 2 small children and we always need to get out the vacuum for quicky crumb clean ups and more. This one is as easy to get out and use as the broom would be. It's light enough to tag behind you up the stairs and small enough to store easily. I love being able to press a button with my foot and see the cord ravel itself quickly back up inside the unit. The attachments are easy to use. You can even disconnect the main attachment with a button with your foot and snap the new ones right on. The suction is unbelievable. I could hardly belive how dirty our rugs were when I first used it. The dust collector is also a cinch to remove and empty. I am very thrifty and thought twice before spending this much on a vacuum but it has been worth every penny. I have a wool oriental rug, a shag and berber. I also use it on hardwood and ceramic tile. This machine does it all. ...more info
  • Impressive and inexpensive
    After some hesitation about going bagless I decided to take the plunge. Found this model at a pretty good price, and checked out all the reviews I could find on it. I fall on the side of the best reviews. It cleans excellently and I was actually appalled at the amount of dirt that my previous vacuum had left behind. It is quiet, lightweight and with variable suction is very efficient. My favorite feature is the footpedal release of the wand; I no longer have to bend over and try to depress with my fingernail a miniscule button to pull out the wand to clean wall edges and around doors etc. And bagless is great, don't know what I was waiting for!...more info
  • Great Vacuum, Poor Electronics
    I've had this vacuum for a few years now, and overall I like it. It gets the job done, and I appreciate the bagless design with HEPA filtration. That said, like others have experienced, the off/brush/suction switch components in the handle have broken, and I am looking at a minimum of $100 to repair the vacuum. I was also disappointed with the onboard attachments as the upholstery brush isn't very nice, and it is entirely lacking a circular, long-bristled brush....more info
  • A Flawed Product
    This cleaner has great suction, it's ergonomically designed, the HEPA filters are washable--which simplifies cleaning, and the revolving brush on the rug attachment really is effective. That said, it's been a nightmare. I think the electronic control on the handle that is attached to the hose is the culprit--the replacement part sells for $160. After it was replaced once by the Hoover company because the revolving brush stopped revolving, it again died within a year. The second time the brush kept revolving but the suction stopped and the control buttons stopped working so the only way to turn it off was to pull the plug. The Hoover company said it warrants replacement parts for 90 days and declined to offer any relief other than selling me the failed part. OK, the cleaner is out of warranty, but before you spend money on this vacuum spend some time looking at alternatives. I'll never purchase another Hoover product. ...more info
  • Have you hoovered lately?
    When my Russian-born wife first came to the US I gave her a tour of our home's appliances. We came upon my Panasonic upright vacuum, and she remarked, "Oh, that's a nice looking hoover." "No," I told her, "it's a Panasonic." As it turned out, hoover means vacuum cleaner to most Europeans. What's more, hoover can be either a noun or a verb, as in, "Darling, please hoover the living room before your parents arrive."

    Anyway, I digress. When the old Panasonic started breaking drive belts faster than diners break bread I scouted out some replacements, came upon this Hoover hoover, read the rave reviews, and bought it sight unseen from Amazon, albeit a little nervously. I've always liked to put my hands on tools before investing in them.

    Happy to say, my worries were unfounded. This Hoover really sucks, and that's good. It removed carpet ner that the Panasonic wouldn't touch. Embedded cat fur was no problem. We live in a townhouse with 3 year old construction grade carpet, and the stuff is REALLY clean now after 4 or 5 hooverings. The hose is long enough, and the controls are conveniently located in the cleaning handle. The cleaning head itself is light enough to push around easily, and the canister oblingingly follows along on oversized wheels. Overall this Hoover is a pleasure to operate, and, as previously stated, it cleans carpets really well. It does a good job on our vinyl kitchen floor too, and the stair brush tool is nice for upholstery.
    You won't find a much better hoover for $176.

    There are a couple of minor drawbacks. The dirt collection bucket doesn't hold a lot, which requires frequent emptyings--but that's also a function of the jolly good suction. The HEPA filter clogs fairly quickly too and takes some effort to clean well. There's no on-board storage for the stair cleaning tool, and the cleaning handle falls too easily from the locked upright position. But these are fairly minor flaws.

    We're real happy with this vacuum, and my wife is happy too because when she asks for the hoover I'll know what she's talking about....more info
  • Better than expected, Great suction. Brushes deep & powerful.
    Worth the money. We have this vacuum and a bottom of the line new 12 Amp upright. On hard wood floors there is no difference. There appears to be no difference for picking up larger items (i.e. crumbs, dust bunnies, etc.) on carpet. But on there a difference on carpets; the Hoover picks up substantially more fine particles. This is probably because the brushes are powerful and work deep into the carpet.

    Only 4 stars because of the following:
    No vacuum height adjustment, which we need for some thin hand-woven antique carpets. The Hoover would wear these carpets out too fast. The Hoover does have a floor setting which only sucks with out the rolling brush, but for our antique carpets, I like to have the brushes lightly brush the top of the carpet.

    Considered a Dyson, then decided I could just buy 3 vacuums in this price range; one every 4 or 5 years. We use old vacuums for cleaning up spills, then if it gets too wet just through it out.

    ...more info
  • efficient & effective cleaner
    This Hoover has changed my life. Since I can vacuum my bedroom and the rest of the house with an efficient vacuum and pick up pollen,dust mites, mold spores, cat hairs, dog hairs, and clean the rugs thoroughly, I have had no migraines. There are two defects--both minor: the hose does not swivel and the rug attachment is too heavy and does not work on anything but carpet. I wouldn't recommend it for handmade rugs such as orientals. The stairs attachment is not worth much, so we don't use it, using instead the brush intended for bare floors. The container for collecting the dirt is easily cleaned, as is the heppa filter. I didn't realize much dirt is in just one room....more info
  • Works great
    I am very pleased with the Hoover S3765-040 Wind Tunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum. I like not having a bag, but it also takes some getting used to emptying the canister so often and cleaning the filter. We have a lot of animals, so I have to stop and empty and brush off the filter fairly often, but it's performance it great. ...more info
  • Amazing Power in a Little Machine
    I have always hated upright's and found that finding a good canister vacuum is a challenge. BUT THIS IS IT! We did our research and read the reviews and I love this vacuum. It is very user friendly with a handle on the pipe as well as having the power button right there at your fingertips. No more turning it on with my toes. The long power cord easily extends and retracts, no pulling or repulling to get the cord to lock into place. The attachments are stored ontop in a little compartment unlike my old vacuum where they sometimes snapped onto the bottom of the vacuum.

    It works absolutely wonderful on both carpet and hard surface floors, just switch the power head on for carpet, off for hard surfaces. The dirt cup is easy to clean and after dealing with trying to find bags for a vacuum that the manufacture doesn't make anymore, it is a relief to not have to worry about buying bags that fit. I would rather empty a dirt container every time I vacuum than have to buy bags and cut them to fit.

    As for power........let's just say that upon changing attachments it literally sucked the attachment onto the pipe. I have NEVER used such a powerful vacuum. Believe me you don't want to accidentally suck up your shoe string because it will probably do a number on your shoe!

    It is not too loud and it is still light weight. It is not too bulky but is compact. The only thing I wish was better is that it would roll a little easier on carpet. Other than that I couldn't ask for a better vacuum. Trust me you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    This Hoover has several really clever features. First, the controls are all right at your fingertips in the handle. The suction control is great, and when you turn it up all the way - WOW!

    The handle is one-piece with a telescoping feature to adjust to your height. This also makes it easy to stretch it out really long and get under the bed easily.

    I really like the bagless feature - I'll never buy another 'bagged' vacuum again. I carry the dust container out to the garage and empty it in a grocery bag, then tie up the bag. The dust never gets a chance to 'poof' back out into the house.

    Overall, a great vacuum and well worth the price. ...more info
  • I recommend it
    Love it, esp. the attachment for cleaning pet hairs off my sofa...more info
  • Hoover Canister Vacuum
    Works great. Little heavy for me but I am going to build up some muscle using the unit. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the tiny dirt cup. I guess all the filters just took up too much room....more info
  • Finally Found the one I like
    I have been buying vacumns that cost no more than $100 for years. The last vacumn bagless Shock upright was the worst. I finally said you get what you pay for.

    I looked over all the reviews on the Hoover before I purchased it. I just love it. What a big difference compared to the other vacumns I had through the years. I cannot say enough about this Hoover. It is easy to assemble, light weight, retractable cord (that I love), the upholstery cleaner & other attachments pick as well. This little thing really cleans the carpets & wood floors. The cup is easy to take out & put back after cleaning. Do not believe that cannister vacumns do not work well on carpets, that simply is not true at all. It picks up on carpets & makes them look like new. It is just a great vacumn & so far so good. Five stars to Hoover....more info
  • Tough bristle
    Pros has a powerful adjustable suction, powerful power brush and adjustable extended handle. Cons the bristle of the power brush are too tough. My carpet is like being trimmed everytime I used it. You don't need a tough bristle for this vacuum because it has a good suction. The adjustable extended handle should have been better if you can twist it left or right to get under the bed easily without hitting the rail. If not because of the tough bristle I'll give it a 5 star. ...more info
  • Love it!!!
    I love the fact the it's easy to manuever around the house and the attachments are very quick and easy to interchange. It really picks up the dirt and pet hair!!...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    We recently moved into a house that has 95% wood floors. We also have two dogs around 100 lbs each; a lab and a golden. So you can imagine the hair. I knew I would be spending a small fortune in bags to keep up with these animals so I started shopping for a bagless vacuum. After much research I choose this one and I am very satisfied.

    I was a little worried about the price and also ordering without trying it out first, but I am SO happy I did. This vacuum is very powerful, easy to use, light, has decent options and attachments, and pretty quiet compared to my old everyday vacuum....more info
  • Still going....
    Bought this about 2 months ago. Everything seems pretty neat and compact. It works well until recently that the suction begins to go weak. When use on the carpet, dust or dirt seems to trapped in the pipe/tube of the vacuum and not into the collection bin. In many occassions, I have to dig out the dirt in the tube in order to continue using the vacuum. Otherwise, everything works fine. Still like this piece....more info
  • Too many parts
    I have been a great fan of the Hoover line for many years, but I tried the Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel out and immediately thought that it had way too many parts to maintain solid suction. After assembling the parts, I noticed that the handle and tube section that lead to the roto brush were not connecting tightly. After numerous attempts to adjust this issue, I turned on the vacuum to see how it affected things. It did, the roto brush where the vacuum actually cleans the floor would not operate. I had to manually pull and hold tight the handle and tubing that contains the electronic connection just to get power to the roto brush. So basically it was delivered defective. When I went to return it to Hoover, they said to send it to a Hoover repair shop. Not the answer you want to hear when you had not even officially operated the unit. ...more info
  • Love it...
    This vacuum is compact, but powerful. I had a Dyson Animal (an excellent machine) that I gave to my cousin when I went from carpet to hardwoods. The Hoover is much more effective on the hardwoods as well as the ceramics and vinyls. I love it. It has basically the same kind of system as the Dyson and you simply pop out the canister to empty the dust and dirt you've collected. Three features I find more appealing than the Dysons: the cord automatically rewinds into the body of the canister, the machine is easier to carry around the house and it is easier to store if you have limited closet space. It's also much less expensive!...more info
  • Very satisfied
    I have purchased both very good and very bad vacuums in the past. This one is probably the best. VERY good suction, easy to empty the canister, and the power stair/upholstery tool works quite well. The variable speed suction is handy too. The only thing I would change is the size of the canister - it holds a bit less than other vacuums I've owned. However, it's only a very minor inconvenience, since it takes seconds to empty. I realize there are some high end vacuums out there that probably work better, but I couldn't justify paying $500 - 1000 for a vacuum....more info
  • House full of Pets and Hoover does great!
    I have been using this Hoover for about a month now. We just moved into a home with hardwood floors and a canister vac seemed to be a must. This is the first canister we have ever used, and I have to say, I see no reason to ever own an upright again.

    The suction on this thing is amazing! I LOVE that all the controls are right there on the handle and you can set the suction to high medium or low. I also LOVE the fact that vacuum is easily adjustable so even my 8 year old can manouver it easily.

    We have 6 dogs and 4 cats here, so everyday vacuuming is the only option. I have yet to have any type of clogging issue that I would surely have experienced with my upright by now.

    To address some of the comments about having to change the container every few days/weeks/months...I don't understand. As a personal choice, I change the container every day before vacuuming and sometimes even during a particlarly fur infested room. I have alwasy done this with my bagless vacuums. That is why you are buying a bagless...to get the most suction as possible and thus a cleaner home. If you are complaining because you have to empty the canister after 5 vacuums, than I am afraid you are not seeing the benefit of owning a bagless which is to get **rid** of the dust immediately not only for your health but to ensure you get the most bang for your buck out of your bagless.

    Also, I think that as far as bagless vacuums go, the container is one of the easiest to empty. It comes out nicely, and I do not have to touch anything dirty to empty it, which is not the case with all bagless!

    The only cons I see to owning this vacuum is the floor accessory tool does not stand upright on its own without careful placing and not all of the tools have a storage place on the vacuum. (I keep them in a plastic bag hanging from a doorknob) But honestly, it would only make awesome vacuum perfect and would in NO WAY prohibit me from buying this exact same model again. I love when a product delivers, and I really feel like that is the case here.

    This was money well spent!...more info
  • Bagless Vacuum
    I purchased this product after reading "rave" reviews about the efficiency and ease of the machine. I will agree that the windtunnel is equipped with powerful suction, but I have a tri-level house and it is not an easy machine to use on stairs. Unfortunately, the MAIN reason I bought this product is because so many people commented how easy it was for vacuuming stairs.
    The other down side to this product is that it is bagless. I thought I would be OK with seeing my own dirt but it is rather disgusting to clean out....more info
  • Works Real Well!
    I bought this for our new house that my husband and I just moved into. We have a lot of laminate floors and carpet, so I wanted something versatile. I always research products and read reviews on them. It seems that most people were happy with this vacuum (none are perfect), and so I bought it here on Amazon. I really like the power that it has, and that it works well on carpet and hard floors. I like the fact that the power buttons are on the wand and that the wand extends so my back doesn't have to bend as much. I guess the only things I don't like are that some of the attachments don't all fit in the canister (but I don't really use them all that much anyway), and that the canister doesn't roll well on carpet. But I read about these issues before I made the purchase. ...more info
  • It works fine while it works
    I have the vacuum just over a year. It starts to falling apart. The power switch does not work any more so it is useless now....more info
  • Never thought I would love a vacuum more than I do Fantoms until I tried this Hoover.
    I purchased this Hoover because I have a Fantom Fury and while I thought it still worked like new based on what was in the canaster, it was showing signs of its age and litterally falling apart. The mechine still ran like new though. I vacuumed with it and then with this new Hoover and the dirt container of the Hoover was full after doing a small dinning room average size living room and just the smallest hallway. I emptyed the container and fould all sorts of trash. Dust, sand, dog hair, cat hair and a leaf. Then I did my 3 bedrooms and had to empty the canaster twice to get through them. The mechine is so much quieter than most vacuums. The attachments are wonderful, and actually work while being easy to use and switch from floors to attachments and back. I love that all the controls are right at your finger tips and with the touch of a button you can do carpets or hard floors. Plus this model is the deluxe model and Amazon is selling it for $20.00 less than the base model sells for in stores. I was worried about the fact that this Hoover Windtunnel had the filter in the canaster because this usually causes the filter to clog quickly but Hoover designed this mechine to trap the dirt under 2 flaps in the container so only the dirty air gets to the filter. This design really does work. I never thought that I would replace a Fantom with any other brand even if it meant going throught ebay to buy used ones since they are out of business but this Hoover has changed my mind. I absolutly love it and encourage everyone to buy it....more info
  • Awesome for stairs and pet hair!
    After much research, I bought this vac which is in addition to a 5 or so year-old Hoover Upright Windtunnel bagged vac (which replaced a Kirby). I love the upright and the windtunnel suction, butwe have moved and now have very thick, high pile carpet in the bedrooms and the carpet height adjustment just wasn't tall enough PLUS we also now having stairs, I needed a better/different vac. I had tried my mother's Electrolux Oxygen canister vac a year ago and liked it, but I wanted to stick with Hoover. We have two dogs, two cats and two kids, so I need a workhorse vacuum! I originally was against bagless, but the bagged model similar to this one said the bags were hard to find, so THIS model became my choice due to having stairs and not needing to adjust the nozzel height. Ordered it on Wednesday night, it arrived Saturday morning--woohoo!!

    This is an amazing vac! The little suction-powered stair attachment works wonderfully! Very nice on stairs and does take cat hair off furniture very easily! Yay! The unpowered brush of the upright extension did an ok job, but I had to go over it several passes. (and I vac at least every other day and the furniture about twice a week). The auto adjustment height for the power nozzle is wonderful and very easy to use controls right on the handle-SMART DESIGN! I can go from the thick pile carpet w/o dragging or "burning" the carpet (like the upright did) and move right to the hard floors with only one touch of the very convienent "brush on/off" button. I was skeptical about the varying power strengths, but I am sold now...you can put the nozzle on a rug, turn it on low or medium power and clean the rug w/o either 1-sucking up the rug, 2-burning the rug up with a stuck beater bar, or 3-bust/burn a belt along with #1 ...more info
  • Hoorah for Hoover
    What a delight. We have a platoon of vacs (Hoover-2, Electrolux, Panasonic-2, Sanitaire, Fathom) in the garage and not one works as well as this vac. The Hoover description is an understatement. I will not waste your time and restate the already stated.
    A couple of matters come forward, however. The cord is 22' long; however, that is from the wall to the bottom of the canister. You have to add the additional feet from the bottom of the canister to the end of the power nozzle to determine the actual effective feet. With the wand fully extended I calculated the additional length to be about 11 feet. When compared to a 29' Panasonic cord it is about the same.
    The cup does fill fast if the floors are really dirty. Our little 1600 sq ft abode fills about one half the cup on each floor cleaning. When the cleaning is finished your are finished and do not have to worry about more dirt in the carpets. They are clean.
    The vac weighs 30 pounds. That is a lot if it is all in one unit such as the 30 pound Hoover upright. If it were not for the self-propelled feature of that machine one would successfully attain a full sized hernia. This vac distributes its 30 pounds over the entire unit: power nozzle, canister, cord, wands and hose. With the relatively lightweight nozzle and large canister wheels you would never know this is a 30 pound vac.
    Bottom line: This is the best of the bunch. One other comment. Amazon has consistently demonstrated a superior attitude towards its customers and this purchase was no exception. Even though other internet sellers had a cheaper price, we chose to use Amazon for its known super service....more info
  • I was living with filthy carpets and never knew it!!
    I got the Hoover s3765-040 after extensive research - I have a toddler and a 125-lb Golden Retriever, so I needed a good machine. I read all of the reviews about how the canister filled quickly, how heavy it was, etc.; but I am SO glad I bought this vacuum!!

    I "cleaned" my carpet with my old vacuum (Hoover Spirit), and then used the new one. I could not belive the filth that this picked up! The first time I used it, the cup was filled after cleaning a carpet space about 10X15 feet with dust, dirt, old carpet fibers, dog hair . . . I became concerned, thinking I would have to empty this thing constantly while cleaning, but after the first few times I used it, the space I was able to clean got larger and larger without having to empty it. I think I am finally "catching up" and getting the deep dirt out.
    After a month, my rugs feel like they have been steam-cleaned after each vacuuming.

    It also does a great job on hard floors as well. The small brush attachment does a great job on stairs - but wear glasses or goggles - I have had things thrown up into my eyes/face twice when using it.

    The only downsides:
    1. I had to find a home for the larger attachments that don't fit into the small compartment;
    2. It would be nice if the carpet cleaner would stand upright when not in use;
    3. I think I am going to need to buy a spare filter - the one has to be cleaned frequently, but, again, maybe it is because I am still "catching up" with cleaning and this too shall pass.

    ...more info
  • Great vac! Great price!
    I searched all over the web for a bagless canister vacuum and decided on this Hoover. Great choice. It's not too expensive and although I selected free shipping with the order, it was delivered within 3 days - that's fast!

    The plastic on the canister is a bit cheesy and the power cord doesn't always completely retract, but there is a handle on top for easy carrying and stair cleaning. It's rather quiet compared to other brands, but it's a vacuum - it makes noise.

    The power controls are conveniently located on the handle with an on/off carpet/bare floor switch and 3 suction speeds, the highest having great suction cleaning to really get the job done. Better turn that baby down or it will suck in your drapes!

    The telescopic wand seems sturdy and is neat for either short or tall people while the motorized brush is heavy enough for deeper canister vac cleaning. There is also a bare floor attachment which does not come with many other bagless canister models.

    Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and recommend it to anyone wanting a good vacuum for an economical price. ...more info
  • One healthy sucker!

    I bought this vacuum to replace a 20 year old Hoover Spirit that died only because water was spilled on it. I'm glad I did my research and picked this one! It is terrific. It quieter than the old Spirit and seeems to pick up more dirt. Indeed, the small dirt cup would be annoying in a large home, but it is the pefect size for an apartment.

    The pictures someone posted of the vacuum taped together seem crazy--I think that poor vacuum led a very hard life. The quality and finish of my machine seems like it would take a lot of abuse. ...more info
  • buy this vac
    I bought this vacuum as a "touch up", in between the cleaning crew, vacuum. I have Kirbys and Hoovers and Kenmores. This little thing out performs them all. I was not expecting such performance. I have only had it for a week so I cannot speak on long term satisfaction but I can say my expectations were very much surpassed....more info
  • Thanks to others who recommended this great machine!
    Our house is built on a hillside in four levels to take advantage of a great view, so we have six carpeted staircases to clean. We replaced an upright two years ago at a "Bed & Bath" shop, with a bagless canister vac, based upon the salespersons recommendations for using a canister with lots of stairs. We did find the canister was a good choice for the stairs, but it was not easy to clean the dust container and filters, and going from the carpet to bare floor attachment required shuffling the parts. While not particularly difficult, it was an annoyance to stop and retireve whichever attachment was needed, and it always seemed to be on the last floor I'd cleaned. When the spring loaded button that kept the attachments on the wand broke, we found no one local carried replacement parts. We tried the web and found thE part was not available anywhere. Since we've become regular Amazon shoppers, we decided to consult with other Amazon patrons opinions about vacuums before buying another.

    After reading many recommendations, we settled on the Wind Tunnel Electronic and fired off the order. We have had it for about two months and we are more pleased with this vacuum than any we've had in the last 35 years. The powerful motor produces several levels of suction, which are controlled from buttons easily accessible to the thumb of the hand you are using to hold and direct the wand. Another button activates the carpet beaters, which allows the user to go from carpeted floors to hard surfaces simply by pushing the button. The canister has a handy compartment that contains a crevase tool and brush attachment. The metal wand detaches from the floor attachment with a touch of your toe to a release lever, making it possible to eaisly go from the carpet attachment to a brush to clean air vents, shelves, and tables; then reinsert the wand into the floor attachment from a standing position. The designer of this machine had obviously cleaned more than one house!

    We have two cats and a dog, so every cleaning we are amazed to find SOOOOO MUCH hair and fur along with dander in the canister. We can not imagine how the pets haven't disappeared, since we pick up enough every cleaning to build another small cat. That said, there is no discernable odor from the air pulled into the canister and filters, which are easy to clean and are washable, so every time we begin to clean it's like starting with a new machine.

    Hoover has made the perfect machine for us and we recommend it to anyone with pets, stairs, and mixtures of carpet, wood, tile and vinyl floors....more info
  • WOW
    I researched/read MANY reviews for canister vacuums. My husband had an old heavy upright vac that I could bearly lift and was on its last legs. I decided on a canister vac because we have two sets of stairs and was tired of trying to lug the vacuum up and down them. Well, the old vac died right before we had some relatives coming over for dinner and their child has alergies to animals and we have 4 dogs (and 3 boys). So instead of buying from Amazon like I planned I had to run out to Wal-mart real quick and buy this vacuum. I paid $199 for it. I LOVE this vacuum. It is light weight and VERY easy to use. The one brush attachment doesnt work all that well and does fall off easily if you dont cram it on the end of the nozzle. But other than that I was totally amazed at how well this thing works. You do have to empty the collection cup often but that doesnt bother me, just shows how well the thing is working and I wouldnt want it larger because it would add more weight to the machine. I have only had this for a couple weeks and I read some reviews that say the hoses come unattached after some time, however I think if you dont pull the thing around by the hoses that wont happen. The cord and hoses are a nice length in my opnion. Just pick the canister up and move it closer to your area of concentration (its certainly light enough) instead of dragging it to you by the hose. Until I had to make a decision that day I was still a little undecided on which canister vac I should buy, but am very, very glad I chose the Hoover Wind Tunnel. ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    Based on other reviews that were posted on Amazon and that the price was right, I purchased the Hoover Wind Tunnel Electronic. It has been a great machine. I really like having all the controls right there on the handle and the suction is tremendous. It pulls out dirt our old machine wouldn't touch. And no bags to worry about. The canister fills quickly so it has to be emptied more often, but that hasn't been a problem....more info
  • A Super Sucker with ony minor drawbacks
    I have never done a review of an item before but but I spent so much time researching this vacuum cleaner purchase that I decided to. The other reviews were very helpful so I wanted to give something back. Please understand this review covers the machines ergonomics and functional aspects. Since the machine is new in our home I can not address how well the vacuum will perform after extended periods. First let me say that this purchase came after a lot of research. I compared most brands on the market and and narrowed the field to the hoover and the Dyson. After a trip to the local store I ruled out the Dyson due to its cumbersome design, high price and the series of steps necessary to use the wand and accessories. What a pain!. In addition the beater brush area is very high on Dyson the and would be very difficult to get under furniture and cabinets. Now that said, let it be know that my wife if a vacaholic. The vacuum runs every day in this house. For the last several years we have used a $400 Panasonic machine and we thought it was doing a good job. We were wrong! A first cleaning with this new hoover has returned several cups of dust and dirt from EACH room!!. Really!.This hoover finds dirt that the Panasonic didn't know existed!. The beater bar is very aggressive it will actually pull the head along if you don't restrain it. At this point I think I will just list the pros and cons as that is easier for the reader. The Pros far out weigh the cons on this machine and I think with a few simple changes hover will have the ultimate machine in this line. We are very pleased.

    -Incredible suction and very aggressive beater bar.
    -Excellent design with a all the controls at your fingers.
    -Easy and quick access to wand and tools.
    -Automatic cord recoil
    -hand held suction powered beater brush
    -No bags
    -Ease of use
    -Nice flexible hose
    -convinient handle for carry.
    -easy to empty dust bin
    -Nice looking machine
    -Good value for the price.

    -Not all the tools store on the unit.
    -No electronic dirt sensor.
    -brush and wand attachments are small are poorly designed.
    -Brush has very short stiff bristle that not serve well on blinds, ceiling fans. etc
    -The cord is bit stiff and doesn't seem to match the quality of the rest of the vacuum.
    -Dust bin has to be emptied some what frequently.
    ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    After reading about all Hoover vacuums, I decided that this one was the one I needed. One thing that was missing from the descriptions was the fact that the nozzel/brush does not swivel and I only realized that when I tried to use it. I thought that I must have put it together wrong (these days everything that you buy has to be assembled), so I called the company and found that it was not made to swivel. It had great suction, but would not turn corners or go in and around furniture. I had to pick it up in order to turn it and it is very heavy and the nozzel/buush is much too wide to go under most furniture. Sorry, but I had to return it. ...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vac 3765
    It's a great vacuum. I just wish the warranty was longer. My vacuum is 11 months old and I'm having to take it in for warranty repair. I guess I should be glad it's not over one year old. Anyway, I tried several vacuums, even the Dysons. This vacuum surpasses all of them. I have hardwood and tile with area rugs in our main floor and our upstairs is hardwood in hall and master, tile in one bath and carpet in the kids and guest rooms. Anyway, this vacuum does fantastically on all floor surfaces. I cannot believe how much stuff we pick up every time we vacuum. I now know that we were probably filling vacuum bags every time we vacuumed, when we had bagged vacuums. Anyway, if you like a canister, this is the way to go....more info
  • H I G H L Y Recommended!
    After being an upright vacuum clean owner for several years now, I decided that it was time to consider a canister. With bagless becoming more and more popular, I wanted to also consider vacuums with this feature. Hoover has always proved to be an excellent manufacturer that makes durable and affordable products.

    With that in mind, I first looked at the Hoover S3755 Bagless WindTunnel Canister, but then liked the S3765-040 much better due to the extra attachments.

    The new Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum arrived today, took it out of the box, connected a few pieces and started vacuuming...so simple. It is lightweight and the suction/clean capability is amazing. After vacuuming, I emptied the dirt cup and could not believe the volume of dirt...bagless is the way to go.

    The WindTunnel exceeded my expectations and would H I G H L Y recommend it. If you don't like this vacuum or write a poor review on it, you obviously have not used it.

    Compare it to the competition and then you will see why the Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum is the benchmark in it's class...the one vacuum by which all others should be measured.

    ...more info
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless Canister Vacuum
    Super Vacuum. Very strong suction. Only trouble is the item is apparently so popular that you can't get it any longer....more info
  • It ABSOLUTELY had to go back!
    I had this vacuum for less than 24 hours and was so grateful that I could get my money back to put it towards something that would actually work. I had researched vacuums for a while and decided upon this one because of its reviews, size, features, and mainly that I absolutely LOVE my Hoover Floormate that I bought 8 mos ago, so I trusted the brand. When my husband and I unpackaged this vacuum, the first thing we noticed is that the wand/ vacuum head does not latch into an upright position- meaning when you pick up this vacuum by the canister and wand, the vacuum head is hanging loosely swinging about- NOT helpful if you have uneven surfaces (or intend to use it on stairs). There is a "upholstery attachment" which we realized immediately was a joke- the bristles would not stay attached to the plastic component- they just fell on the floor, unless there was enought suction to hold them in. I think what really irritated me is that I have two pets and mild allergies, so I vacuum twice a week, and when I attempted to vacuum with this, anytime I changed a direction it would leave a thin line of pet hair on the carpet. I definately do not want to see my allergens still on the carpet! Lastly, the adjustable suction control on the handle of the wand is helpful, however if you added any suction, it would prevent the brush and wheels from turning on the vacuum head, if you didn't, it would pick up very little. All in all, I could not have been more disappointed. I looked forward to buying this vacuum for months and now am back to using my old Eureeka, oddly enough, I have an all new respect for it....more info
  • Vacuums good - but awkward to use
    This was my first cannister vac after many years of uprights...I chose a cannister this time because we have a lot of hardwood floors and I wanted something that would clean everything (carpets, upholstery, stairs, curtains, wood floors) without having to continually pull out hoses etc. I was disappointed...although it makes an excellent job of cleaning, I find it very awkward and bulky to use. It won't just pull over it's own cord - you have to bend down and lift it, and it doesn't glide well over my carpets - you have to lug it around. The brush head is bulky and heavy and I can't control it very well, so it bangs into my furniture legs. The cord isn't long enough to allow it to do all the way up the stairs, and it's very heavy to carry in one hand while you vacuum the stairs. The brush head & pole fall down very easily while it is standing - smashing into my furniture and breaking glasses & china. The tools are advertised as being 'on board' but the tool I use the most - the powered hand tool - does not store anywhere (I solved this problem by sewing a fabric bag that attaches to the handle to carry the tool). It could just be that I'm not used to handling a cannister - but I've had this thing now for several months, and it's not getting any easier to use. Consequently it only comes out once every couple of weeks for deep cleaning, and I do my daily vacuuming with my wonderful Dirt Devil Dynamite.

    It's probably a great vacuum if you are used to cannisters...
    Update - Sept 2006. Well, it wasn't long before this vacuum got relegated to 'upstairs use only' (I only vacuum upstairs 2-3 times a week, as opposed to daily vacuuming downstairs). I bought a Dyson for downstairs - I owned a Dyson many years ago when I lived in England and loved it - but was put off by the high price when they finally came out in the USA. Several months ago I finally took the plunge and bought one (and I'm very happy with it!). Unfortunately, I still hated using the Hoover so much that most of the time I just took the Dyson upstairs anyway. I still think that most of my problems are because I can't get used to using a cannister vacuum, so don't let my review put you off if a cannister is what you want - this machine really does a great job of vacuuming, it's just that I personally find it really awkward to use....more info
  • So easy to adjust
    This vacuum means never having to bend over to adjust the settings. Suction control is ON the handle, as is the carpet/bare floor control. With the suction on full power, you'd suck a throw rug up, but with just with a slide of your thumb, you can decrease the suction. Leave the beater bar rolling (or not), clean your throw rugs. Use the bare floor nozzle (or not) to vacuum tile and hardwood floors. Dust cup is large and covered, so pop it out, bring it to whichever trash can you like and empty it. Has an adjustable wand that's perfect for tall (or short) users. Filters are all washable to save bucks. We have hairy dogs and this works great...futhermore, no doggy smell while vacuuming. The hepa filter apparently works, too! Pretty lightweight, easy to manuever and no brainer operation. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    For as long as I can remember my mom had a canister vacuum. However, when I got married I received an upright. For the last 11 months I have been using and have been really fustrated with the results. Finally I gave up and bought this vacuum after reading all of the great reviews. I would have to agree with them, this vacuum is wonderful! It is so great to be able to use all of the attachments along with the varying levels of suction. It really seems to get things very clean and it is very obvious when you see how much dirt you have sucked up and the difference in the vacuumed and the unvacuumed! The only thing that I would like to change is the fact that not all of the attachments live on the canister. Instead you have to pack them around with you. Other than that, it does a wonderful job and suprising does not weigh too much!...more info
  • The good and the bad
    Hoover Wind Tunnel S3765
    I've just finished using it for the 3rd time, so my opinion is not based on the `fresh-out-of-the-box glow.
    Positive observations:
    m The main attachment's revolving brush is electronically powered, which makes it superior to those that are suction-powered. Though, it also comes with a smaller suction-powered tool. (I understand, however, that not all models include this suction-powered tool.)
    m Has 3 different power settings, which is useful for various surfaces.
    m Design is quite simple and logical.
    Negative observations:
    m The hose connexion does not revolve, which inevitably necessitates the occasional pause to untwist.
    m The crevice tool is made of a black plastic that rubs off on walls and other surfaces. Great for those who happen to have black walls. For the other 99.9% of us, not so great....more info
    I almost bought a central vacuum, but instead I bought this little machine (...) and I'm glad I did. It is a very good vacuum!!! I'm so impressed with the quality of the vacuum and the price. There are no bags either!! I can see thru the container and empty it out whenever it is full. Does great job on carpet, but I used it on hardwood floor as well. The suction power is great, and adjustable. This is really good engineering @ work. The whirl inside of it looks like a tornado, which picks up the dust and pushes it down, it's even fun to watch. BTW, I'm in NY and digitalfotoclub charged me tax and shipping. For the shipping I chose the cheapest, which was 7-9 days, but I got it in 2 days!! Can't beat that, but I almost got suckered in for the 2nd day shipping which would have been a waste of money!!.
    ...more info
  • miss my old one
    My husband talked me into this one after painters damaged our Kenmore Progressive. While this one is seemingly lighter and easier to move around with, I'm not sure it's better than our previous vac. I saved a few on-board attachments from the old vac (the horsehair nozzel and the long nosed crevice nozzel) because the Hoover didn't have them. It has two small on-board attachments that I find completely useless. The other attachments have to be stored elsewhere, so you have to carry them around with you as you vac. Aside from the stair nozzle, I didn't have to do that with the old vac - it carried everything for me. The other issue is the bagless feature. I'm constantly emptying the container. Vac one room and you have to empty it. When you do - dust gets everywhere and effects your sinuses for a couple hours afterward and I don't have allergies or sinus issues. I have to take the trash can out on the deck to empty the container and try not to breathe while I do it. The filter is fun to clean too. I miss the Kenmore Progressive. A little heavier and it had a bag - but I think it was overall better....more info
  • Cleans as well as Dyson and Miele
    The title above is a quote from a consumer report source online at :


    I was looking for a good solid vacuum cleaner to replace my old Eureka which was inherited from my husband's bachelor days. I actually immigrated here a few years ago and not familiar with what America vacuums have to offer. My country usually sells only canisters so I found the upright vacuums an interesting alternative.

    However, in my research, I read that canisters actually suck more powerfully than uprights and I think it would be easier to use it to vacuum the narrow stairs of my townhouse. Thus, it was back to the old canister style for me.

    There were three brands that I had narrowed down to :- Dyson Low Reach or Canister, Bissell Lift Off and this Hoover. I would love to get a Miele but the price was way above my budget.

    I striked out the Bissell because of the dirt cup, it didn't have a cover like the Hoover does. This helps me to control the dust when I dump it into the trash. In addition the canister part of the Bissell was way too heavy to carry around on the stairs. The Hoover canister body is much lighter in comparison.

    As for the Dyson, I tried to get a good deal on Ebay but even through that source, the prices touches around $300. Frankly, I wouldn't mind paying for the high price but it seems that the suction power is about equal and the Hoover has extras like the headlights and retractable cord (which makes life much easier).

    So, I bought the Hoover online at DigitalFotoclub.com for $197. I decided to get the S3765 for the turbo head as my stairs is my main concern. It comes with free shipping too.

    Assembly is pretty easy - I probably did it within 5 - 10 mins. All the controls are on the chrome handle which was great as I don't have to bend down to the canister to turn it off and on. It also has an automatic carpet height sensor which I thought was really smart - no more guesswork for us. To start, I pressed down, "Suction control" and for the carpet, I pressed, "Floor/Carpet" ..wow..the machine ran off and took me along literally. After a while, I got used to it.

    For the stairs, I used the mini turbo head (aka Powered Hand Tool). There's no instructions on how to apply it to the wand. All you have to do is just pop it at the end. The little brush does have the bristles spin around which makes me feel like it's going to give my stairs a deeper cleaning than if I just use the dusting brush. As I got higher, I brought the canister with me and plop it down on the lower steps. My stairs are narrow but it fits there nicely.

    It's also great to reach low places like under the bed or your coffee table coz the handle goes flat down. This gave the same benefit as the Dyson Low Reach.

    There are two tools that doesn't have a place on the canister and that's the Hard Floor Tool and the Powered Hand Tool but I don't think that should be a big problem for me.

    The cons are that after a while, the chrome handle with the Windpowered nozzle tends to get a bit heavy. The nozzle is a bit big in my opinion and tough to maneuver around furniture. It also flops down when I pull the handle and nozzle up to avoid cables. I wish the nozzle could stay upright until needed to be flexible. I must say that I got a nice workout every time I vacuum.

    If the canister faces away from the chrome handle, the handle will fall down fast so make sure you're not bending down in it's way. The handle is not that light either.

    With bagless vacuums, we are exposed to the dust. It's easier if we take off the cover in a plastic bag and shake it in there. This is probably the only point that Dyson is better at as they have a system where one just have to push a button to get rid of the dirt.

    The consumer report also mentioned that the Hoover goes to the repair shop quite often so I'm hoping I got a good one.

    Overall, I still think it's a great vacuum and worth the price.

    ...more info
  • Best vacuum out there
    Wow!!! I had to try it out even though I had just vacuumed. It was amazing how much dust/dirt showed up in the canister - extremely powerful on high suction. I wanted something strong enough I had to worry about sucking up the dog with the dog hair and I got it.

    Canister is lightweight and moves easily on all surfaces and around corners (great for those with bad backs), long poles for less reaching, quiet. Easy to use features such as suction control (with bright red, easy to see indicator), carpet to hardwood button, easy tab for removing poles to swap for attachments, canister easy to remove, a little hassle to wash out. Probably can't vac a whole house without changing canister, but well worth not having to buy the expensive bags.

    Best part: the incredible price at VACDEPOT.com $199.49 - free shipping!...more info
  • A+++++++
    This vacuum is absolutly wonderful!!! I researched for days upon days to the point where people were calling it an obsession ;) This seemed to be the most logical choice. I decided on canister vacuum though I have never had one because I have a large kitchen and I wanted to do the lanolium in there with ease. Well this does the job. I have burber throughout the rest of the house and this vacuum cleans it like a champ! I wanted bagless because I hate the cost and hassel of bags. This is the first REAL vacuum Ive bought. Others have been dirt devils lol. I got this with free shipping at the buzz electronics for 193.99! Mine is model S3765-040 But I cant find the difference between this one and mine. Mine has the attachement with the brushes in it too. This is the only place I could find the model they have listed. So if you want a GREAT vacuum this is the one!...more info
  • Good value, Good looks
    I needed a petite vacuum for oak and tile floors, this one works like a dream, is easy to carry, maneuvers around obstacles without 'dragging' and had not scratched my floors.

    Suction is good, hair pick up is adequate, and the bagless option is great for a vacuum of this size. Minibags cost way too much!...more info