Bissell 1716B Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld Deep Cleaner

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Product Description

Spot Lifter, Power Brush, Corded Hand Held Extractor, 18' Power Cord For Continuous Cleaning, Motorized Dual Brush Roll For Double Cleaning Action, Powerful Spray & Suction Clean & Help Dry In 1 Step, Quick & Easy To Use, Uses #499 Little Green Cleaning Formula.

Traditional vacuums handle dust and dirt, but some spots and stains call for more rigorous measures. The Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush deep cleaner targets just such problems with powerful rotating brushes and a tank of cleaning solution. During operation, continuous suction ensures that surfaces don't get too wet and that dirt and stains are sucked up quickly and efficiently. The machine includes a manual spray trigger, so you can decide how much solution to use depending on the surface and the damage.

The Spotlifter is a fairly maneuverable appliance--about the same to handle as the average large hand vacuum. Filling and emptying the separate clean and dirty water tanks is notably simple--they just slide off the back end of the machine one at a time. The brush roll cartridge is also removable for easy upkeep or replacement of the brushes. The cleaner comes with an 8-ounce starter bottle of Little Green Cleaning Solution. Bissell also includes a circuit interrupting safety device and a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Continuous suction and brushing to target stains and spots on carpet
  • Motorized dual brush roll
  • Manual spray trigger lets you control cleaning solution
  • Brush cartridge removes for clean-up and maintenance
  • 16 by 5.5 by 8.88 inches; weighs 4.1 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Does What It Says
    I've owned my 1716 Spotlifter for about 6 years and decided to purchase one as a gift for a friend. We both do rescue and have anywhere from 6 to 8 cats in the house at any given time.

    I have been very pleased with my Spotlifter, so was quite surprised at some of the reviews I read. My Spotlifter is the purrfect tool for quick cleanups before the stain sets in. I own a Little Green and the Pro Heat as well, and I am always surprised at how well this little gadget really does work.

    Yes, you do have to tilt the unit forward and apply a little pressure during the suction pass, but after all, it is a hand-held unit for "spot" cleaning. I don't see any problem with the trigger spray, I do not find it to be excessively heavy, the brushes don't damage my berber carpet, it's a snap to clean, and it does "lift" the spot out. I suppose you could always blot with a dry towel afterwards, but I haven't found that to be necessary.

    In my opinion this is a great little "in between" machine that does the job quickly and easily until you do the heavy duty cleaning with your full-size machine.
    ...more info
  • This machine is a wast or your money
    This machine is one of the worst purchases I have ever made! It has barely any suction. My stairs took forever to dry! I eventually had to break out my upright and use the attachment to reclean my stairs one by one because they were so matted and crusty feeling from the left over detergent and such. Not a fun experience. Giving the unit the BFD that maybe it could have been user error, I tried it one more time. This time I no sooner turned it on and it began to smell funny, like the belt was burning. Well I was right something was burning alright, but it wasn't my belt. It was the brush cartridge that literally melted and fell apart in my hand! After my husband looked it over and over he determined it was nothing I had done to cause it. Completely random. So there you have it folks. The Spot Lifter experience...a whole 2...count, two...uses! So if you have one, return it, sell it to an ememy, give it to your nasty minded neighbor, whatever. Just get rid of it. For those who want one...JUST SAY NO! It is not worth the time, money or headache. Cheers....more info
  • Unbelievable efficacy! cleaned red wine, cat urine, vomit and more!
    I am currently wanting to buy an upright machine as effective as this handheld. The operator of this machine must know to tilt the machine to create the sucking action, if you leave it flat there is no seal created between the front suction piece and the carpet. But I never had a problem with lack of suction. My only complaint is that I am petite 5'1 with small hands and this makes it difficult to grasp the back reservoir tank for pull out/removal so I would wait for my husband to get to it. But I used this machine about three times a week for 4 yrs now and have loved it. My brushes are finally so full of hair and crap that I need to take them and really clean them but this machine takes a beating and gives you your old carpet back. the only stain that it has not completely cleared is a coffee stain on my white carpet that sat for a few days before I got to it. So it was my fault. The machine is loud but very effective....more info
  • A great investment!
    I bought a spotlifter about two weeks ago. Some mysterious spots had been appearing around our dining table. We weren't sure if they were coming from our dog or what. They looked like drops of coffee and they weren't coming up when we sprayed them with cleaner and scrubbed them by hand. The spotlifter easily took care of them, and now that area of the carpet looks like new. I also brought the spotlifter up to my wife's office and cleaned a large area where a client had spilled a coke. Again, the stain came out to our satisfaction. The suction is powerful and so are the brushes. The machine is easy to take apart and clean. I do wish that the tank for the cleaning solution was bigger. I usually have to fill it up several times when I'm working, but I also tend to clean larger areas than what this thing was designed for. I strongly recommend this product....more info
    This product did not work at all. no suction whatsoever. it's basically only good for scrubbing a stain, afterwards you have to mop up the soap and grime with a sponge. don't waste your money....more info
  • no suction = no value do not buy
    I bought one of these based solely on the bissel name. I needed to clean some upholstery and did no product research. I unpacked the system and gave it a try. After spraying the solution on I got no solution sucked back up. As an experiment I saturated a cushion to see how much it would return (expecting something at least) the collection tank was still bone dry. I returned it and will look at other products....more info
  • Poor Performance..Had to return it...
    The suction was so bad..left the area wet...I had to return it. Would not recommend it.....more info
  • Worked great!!!
    I bought my first Bissel Spotlifter 2 years ago and it still works great on many problem areas of the house. 3 cats, 2 dogs and that adds up to carpet woes.
    One cat has a condition that caused vomiting almost daily and the Bissel was always perfect at getting out the stain and liquid. I don't know if people that complain are trying to vacumm up a bath tup full of water or a spot. I have one in out RV and it works just as well as the first one I bought. The brushes still pick up and the suction is still good. I say, "buy it". It is worth it....more info
  • The Good, the Bad, & The Ugly
    I have owned this product for about 2 years now. I purchased it after using one some friends have. We have dogs and this has been a wonderful unit, keeping in mind it is small, and should only be used for small tasks with small dogs. It is very good at removing pet urine/vomit; not solid waste material (e.g. feces, hairballs (for you cat lovers), or regurgitated grass or anything solid. I use the Pet Odor solution mix and it works really good. Sometimes there are small carpet stains from picking up soft feces and the unit does remove about 95% of the stains.

    If you do not empty and clean the pick up tank after each use, in a short time the resulting urine smell will fill your home the next time you use the product. Exhaust fumes mixed with pungent urine smells are overwhelming. Bad enough that you wouldn't want to use the product. A way around this is to put a tablespoon of the Pet Odor Solution in the pick up tank after you clean it. It will neutralize and minimize the offensive smells the next time you use it.

    I am looking to replace my current power unit with another just like it. The problem is it leaks really bad. Mind you I have had it for about 2 years and it just started leaking. My friends who have the same model have not experienced the leaks my unit. The reservoir tank leaks the most and will empty itself within a few hours. The pick up tank has a smaller leak rate, but does leak too. I didn't realize the product was leaking until the waste/reservoir liquid has soaked into my carpets. I had to have my carpets cleaned to minimize the smell. I have taken to placing the unit on some newspapers as sort of a leak detection process.

    I am looking to get another one, and will assume it has a 18 month life cycle. When I travel or go to friends' homes with my dogs for the first time, I always bring it along with me to ensure I can do a good job of clean up if needed. Once a friend and I traveled with her dogs and I brought it along. We stayed in a 4 star hotel when one of her dogs became sick. It was pretty bad and I believe our use of this product saved us from some very expensive damage assessments.

    For the record our dogs are well trained and house broken too. But all pets have accidents or become sick on occasion.
    ...more info
  • A waste of time and money
    Bought this device when our cat was sick and we had lots of clean up to do. This was no help at all because it didn't work. First of all the sprayer for the solution didn't work at all. We were desperate so we sprayed the area with a hand sprayer and tried to clean it with this machine. It was a total waste and we returned it the next day. Replaced it with Bissell's Little Green spot cleaner (see my review). It cost twice as much but saved my sanity and my kitty's life. ...more info
  • Happy with the results
    I bought this to (hopefully) remove some stains from the arms of my couch. I had made them even worse over the years by trying spray foam upholstery cleaners. The Spotlifter removed all the stains and my couch looks much better now. It took several times, but I expected it wouldn't come out in just one try. I'm very pleased with the results. It's easy and straightforward to use, and the price is great. I was getting ready to buy the same one in a catalog for twice the price when I thought to check Amazon. I'll be sure to remember to do that from now on. I'm also glad I didn't buy the cordless model after reading reviews....more info
  • Used it twice, (total of 30-40 min)...then it broke
    The brushes were quite effective while they lasted. Unfortunately one of the plastic gears dissolved during its second use. Also the vacuum was very effective at making noise, but only got about 5-15% of the water out. All in all it lasted a total of about 30-40 min. ...more info
  • Um, no, save your money.
    Wow, I hate this thing. Cleaning the machine took longer than hitting spots in my hallway. If you enjoy cleaning hair and dirt for an hour out of tiny brushes than this product is for you. This thing turned a quarter size stain into a foot long strain across our living room floor. I could go on but I am exhausted from standing over my sink cleaning this ridiculous piece of crap....more info
  • Impossible to clean--Waste of money and time
    I rarely write reviews, but I want to warn people against buying this one!

    We bought the Spotlifter to help us clean up stains left by our aging cat in an efficient manner. We have been very disappointed. The product has three different functions (none of which are connected): a hand-operated spray that you used to douse the stain with cleaning product, an electric brush that scrubs the stain, and a vacuum the sucks up what is left. The machine works okay when it picks up a small stain, but its effect is really no better than my spraying the cleaning product on the carpet with a spray bottle and then scrubbing it with a scrub brush (which is exactly how I was cleaning before)...

    ...EXCEPT that now I have to clean the Spotlifter. The cleaning process allows me to 'revisit' (re-smell, re-touch) the nasty stuff that I just sucked into the machine, but this time, for several minutes. I pick up most of my cat's mess by hand before using the machine, but even so it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the thing clean. It has several little parts that snap in and and out of the machine. The parts all seem to have strange nooks and crannies where waste collects. It takes a very long time to rinse the machine out to remove the dirt and grime that gets caught inside and in the brush. No matter how much I try, I can't get all of the gunk out of the oddly shaped recepticle where the gunk is stored. I also can't get to the stuff that is stuck in the front of the machine where the gunk is first sucked in. ...more info
  • Not The Best.. But Worked
    I had to clean up some Throw Up.. BRIGHT RED from a WAY TO STRONG Strawberry Daquiri..... :-( On a white carpet.. Scrubbed by hand for about 20 minutes with a spray cleaner.. Got about 75% out.. Then decided to try the bissell 1716 to get the rest out.. IT DID...

    Pros--- Decently Priced... Worked for me

    Cons-- Small, LOUD, Needs more suction power.. Leaves alot of solution in carpet...

    I probably would have given it a 3 star rating.. But all the other horrible reviews i figured a 4 to even it out.

    Would I buy again... Yes...more info
  • Not really a wet vac
    This machine does not act the way you would expect it to. On the other hand it works great at getting spots out of the carpet which was my only goal for it. As many other posts have identified, this vacuum is aweful at sucking the liquid out of the carpet, the reservoir is too small to wet a reasonable area, and the suction area is impossible to clean.

    On the other hand there has not been a spot on my carpet it has not been able to get out. The two brushes are some of the most powerful mechanisms for cleaning carpet I have found and the liquid helps release hard stains, or split up things like vomit so it is easier to beat out of the carpet fibers....more info
  • It works wonders!
    I purchased this machine with the faint hope that it would actually get the pet stains out of our carpet - but am a true believer now. I love this machine, it gets the stains out beautifully. Well worth the price....more info
  • Great, until.....
    I bought this yesterday after having the older, cordless version. The sprayer was horrible on this one, manual vs. automatic on the older version, but I figured I'd deal with it as we have pets and young children and were in a desperate situation! It was great yesterday...the spots I worked on showed improvement. When I went to use it today, however, the sprayer was putting out more of a drizzle, even with a full tank, and suddenly I realized the powerbrushes were no longer rotating. I checked them out and realized as another reviewer wrote, the plastic gears are worn away! I would expect that over time, but not in 24 hours! This goes back to the store tomorrow....more info
  • Works O.K.
    The stains in my rug have been there since we moved in, which was when I was about 10 years old. It didn't really seem to do anything to the stains... although when I looked in the dispenser and the brush part, there was a lot of black stain gunk. So it picks up just a little of the stain, but it isn't very satisfying. I still like to use it though, because it makes my carpet feel cleaner knowing that it's being washed in some form, hah.

    Don't expect this product to work miracles. =)...more info
  • Spotlifter?
    I have used Bissell products in the past and been pleased with the results.
    That being said, this product has been a disappointment out of the box. The trigger spray failed to spray and the "spotlifting" is poor at best. I would recommend you spend your money elsewhere. ...more info
  • My experiences.with the #1716...
    I have a unit in my Florida home and used it for several months - very successfully as a SPOT STAIN REMOVER - NOT a "carpet cleaner".
    Because of that success I purchased another for my NY home with the same very acceptible success rate - in disagreement with the multiple negative reports on the internet reviews.
    Firstly - the noise. Yes - but this thing has a POWERFUL motor that does not slow down under pressure! Noise - so what!
    Then - the cleaning fluid container does NOT leak for me. That compartment is easily removed with pressure on the two side finger rests.
    The dirty liquid compartment IS difficult to remove - but it does come out after a bit of manipulation.
    My successful technique is done following liquid preparation according to instructions with the same solution that came with the unit. The problem here is the very small supply in the reservoir. This is annoying -but this IS a SPOT stain remover for small areas only.
    My spray works - giving a lineal horizontal spray - again for spots, only. I wet the area fairly well - and then use my finger(s) to rub the liquid into the area envolved ( very important for me). This I leave for 5-10 minutes. Then, with the unit flat on the carpet I use the brush on the area many times in all different directions. When things look clean as they do for me - then I tilt the unit at an angle and with pressure - vacuum as much liquid as comes up with many passes in different directions. Drying takes place depending on several factors of heat, amout of residual cleaner, etc.etc. Using these techniques I have been very satisfied with BOTH units. I imagine the spray from a clogged nozzle could be cleared with a small needle ( which could also enlarge the opening)....more info
  • OK but not impressed
    I bought this after my Little Green died and I was hoping it would be as good or better than the Little Green on the sofa and chairs for accidents and spills, but it wasn't.
    It did get the stain out but what you spray and what you suck back up is so minute that you wonder if it is really clean.
    I am getting rid of mine to get another Little Green b/c I can spray and suck up what I spray and see that it is up and clean and getting the dirt and stains out.
    Yes this is an OK product for little things or carpets but not what I need it for. I have used mine maybe 3 times in a yr.
    The Spotlifter is super easy to clean out and take apart and put back together and the scrub brushes are strong which is good and it is light and easy to tote around but the suction doesn't suck good at all and in these types of products sucking is what ya want and need...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I've had this products for a little over a year, and never have been able to get it to work properly. The spray mechanism is worthless, and we right off the bat wound up having to use a separate spray bottle. At the start, the suction portion (and yes, contrary to other reviewers' suggestions, we did have it correctly positioned for the job) would only pull back up less than a quarter of the solution put down. After a while it stopped suctioning anything up at all. The suction port quickly clogged with debris, and is impossible to clean, because the clear plastic shield is not removable. The rotating brushes aren't too difficult to remove, clean and replace ... but that is about the only plus to the thing.

    The machine is not worth the money spent, I'm sorry to say. Another life lesson learned....more info
  • i should have read the reviews first
    this machine offers nothing that a little elbow grease wouldn't accomplish. sprays out some solution and scrubs it in. the suction was so weak it left our carpets soaking wet. if i wanted that, i wouldn't have bothered buying a machine. will look into inexpensive wet-vacs instead. too bad....more info
  • It's OK
    I did not like how the trigger was not electric, it is a pump trigger. Other than that is was OK....more info
  • Sprayer doesn't work out of the box!
    This machine is terrible, the first time I went to use it the sprayer doesn't work! It also has poor suction, I returned it and will not buy another one of this type. I think you get what you pay for!...more info
  • If you have a pet, you'll need one of these.
    I've had this cleaner about 2 years and it works great for cleaning up after a 17 y/o dog (she leaks). The product is sturdy, powerful, well designed, and convenient to use. Refilling the solution tank and cleaning the suction tank is easy.

    The drawback to the product is the small size of the cleaning solution resevour: it runs out way before the suction tank is full, but this was probably by design in case you're cleaning up a spill (e.g., glass of water). ...more info
  • Works Great
    This is gross to say, but I use this when my cat usually chucks up a hairball. I had a rechargeable one, but it always needed juice at the worst times. The cord is long and you can get around easily with it. It also is very easy to clean. Just pop out the container and rinse out. Worth the money!...more info
  • Waste of closet space
    Like many others, we bought this thinking it would help with a small area of carpet where our pets tend to make a mess. I read the terrible reviews and thought "these people are asking too much of a spot cleaner." However, this spot cleaner really does nothing that a spray bottle of resolve and a handheld wet/dry vac can't do, and since the suction is so low, it can't really even do that.

    The point of the spot cleaner is first to deposit cleaning solution then remove it. However, the cleaner solution spray is manual like a spray bottle (not automatic, like my Swiffer wetjet) and not heated. Plus, the vacuum is heavy and produces only a small amount of solution each time we depress the trigger. We actually use a spray bottle with "little green" solution instead. And in terms of removing the dirty solution, the suction is so low that we go over it with a dishtowel afterwards anyway. When I am lazy I just use the spray bottle and dishtowel method, skipping the vacuum entirely and results are about the same (except maybe 1-2 extra dirty dishtowels, depending on the size of the spot). Listen to the other reviewers! Now, I have a useless, bulky appliance that just takes up space in my closet. ...more info
  • Excellent spot cleaner.
    To begin, you might want to keep in mind that this is the only carpet cleaning product -- mechanical or chemical -- that has actually worked for me, without leaving the carpet spot bleached lighter or leaving a phantom stain or breaking within a few uses, or all of the above. So, this is a rave review, relative to the fact that I've never had a spot cleaner or carpet cleaner before that actually worked.

    This thing rocks. It gets rid of old spots and spots on which a cleaning attempt has been made, cat barf, wine stains, cat pee, gravy, mud, dog poo, and that's pretty much what I've tried it on. The only two things it hasn't removed for me were a stain from the feet of a cheap, red table, water soaked and left to dye the carpet, and two black stains on the carpet from which I know not the source. In all other cases it worked, and it left the carpet completely clean, no marks left over, no bleach spot, no lightening of the entire cleaned area.

    I haven't had the problem of leaking or a soaked carpet after cleaning. In fact, we've owned ours for two years now, and we use it regularly on cat barf. It's never leaked, and every time, the carpet is left only mildly damp after cleaning. Also, the suction seems to be fine, from what I can see. There is a little window on the front of the cleaner that allows you to see the dirty water being sucked up into the machine. I bought this Bissel spot lifter for my mom today, and I just did a spot on her carpet. It only took about 25 -35 minutes to dry.

    Tips for use: Use the Green Machine formula that comes with the cleaner. Spray the carpet and wait two or three minutes before running the cleaner. Run the scrub brushes flat over the spot for several minutes before starting to suck up the soapy, dirty water. Take your time; I think patience is the most important factor in getting a spot up. Make sure you tip the cleaner forward to suck the water up. Otherwise, it's not actually suctioning anything. You have to tip it forward.

    My only complaints: The little window area at the front of the cleaner is a pain in the arse to clean. They should make it removable, so you can clean out under it. Fortunately, as it is, you can fit a q-tip under there to drag crud out. My second complaint is that I noticed today that the trigger spray mechanism feels cheap, and -- on the one I bought today -- doesn't release cleanly. Like a squirt gun whose suction has gone sour due to cheap glue. Mind, though, it hasn't. I hope it won't.

    All over, the complaints are minor, and the benefits are that it isn't expensive and it friggin' works. Hootie hoo. You won't be cleaning your whole carpet with this thing, but it cleans the spots fantastically.

    Add-on: After reading more reviews, it looks like this product may actually have a common problem with the sprayer. I havne't had a considerable problem with this yet. But be wary. ...more info
  • It's OK for the floor mats in your car - but not much else
    The biggest problem I have with my Spotlifter portable cleaner is it leaves the carpet very damp after you've attempted to clean a stain. It's good enough for cleaning the floor mats in the car, but it's practically worthless for cleaning shag / house carpets. The hand vacuum doesn't have much suction power, and hence the reason for using it primarily on car floor mats. You'd do better by simply purchasing a spray can of Woolite carpet cleaner, and use the Spotlifter only to work the soap into the stain, as that's about all the use the Spotlifter is good for. The bottom line - don't expect the results of an upright in handheld carpet cleaner....more info
  • Great Couch Cleaner
    This product did a really good job cleaning a stained couch that has two young children on it all the time. Thanks!...more info
  • This machine is worthless.
    I bought a Bissell Little Green about 6 years ago, and it started spewing the dirty water out the top of the tank. I chucked it and got this model instead. I was such a sucker. It only seems to pick up about 20% of the water. Then, after only about 3 uses, it has started dripping the dirty water out around the brushes. Maybe that's just because it's doing such a lousy job of picking up the water. I will NEVER buy another Bissell product again!...more info
  • Its alright
    It was cheap. It is well suited for some jobs, though the suction is weak....more info
  • This machine really sucks!
    Sprayer did not work right out of the box. I won't buy another one....more info
  • I don't see why this isn't rated higher.
    We bought his item due to light beige colored carpet in our apartment and a cat with a knack for eating plastic and then throwing up his entire dinner.
    The key to good results is to use it according to the directions. The first few times I didn't. I attempted to clean up the vomit spot by cleaning with a rag and carpet cleaner before using the spotlifter. It would work but not great because this was essentially just grinding the stain down into the carpet. I then just used it according to directions. Pick up the solid stuff, wet the stain using the spotlifter's spray (don't soak it, just wet it) and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then just run the spotlifter over the stain.
    Hit from all directions; with the direction of the carpet, against the direction of the carpet, side to side and the stain will miraculously disappear.
    My cat has the most vile, orange puke and this works every time. Oh and make sure you rinse the waste receptacle out after cleaning so it doesn't get gunked up....more info
  • Don't Buy This- Sprayer Problems
    The first unit I had didn't spray at all. I called Bissell and they exchanged it for another unit. The replacement sprays a very small amount of solution on the spot and I must wait several seconds to pull the trigger and spray again. It is frustrating to get the solution on the spot, pouring it on would be easier. If I hadn't gotten this as a gift, I would demand my money back, but alas it will be yard sale fodder....more info
  • Ruff, oh, no
    Short story - Daughter moves back in with leaky rat terrier. Once happy empty-nesters despair over consequences on carpets. Spotlifter to rescue. It works. Couple has breathing room to consider further dog training. A nice deep cleaner for the money!...more info
  • no water
    I had the same problem with no water coming out. It's going back. ...more info
  • No Spray
    I bought a brand new Bissell 1716B Spot Lifter. When I unpacked it, I read all the directions, filled the reservoir with Bissell formula and water. When I tried to spray, no spray. I followed the troubleshooting on the guide, No Spray. I went to the Bissell web site and in FAQ's found a 1716 model question with No Spray and followed the recommendations - Still NO Spray. I am returning this and won't buy another Bissell product....more info
  • stopped working after 1 day
    I purchased this to clean up pet accidents instead of lugging out the huge steamer all the time. It woked great out of the box. Cleaned up perfectly, even a week old coffee stain on a beige carpet. Today I was using for another small spot...just stopped working. First it wasn't suctioning any of the liquid out of the carpet then the motor stopped. It is going back today. Tis is what I get for not checking the reviews first and being impulsive. ...more info
  • no suction!
    I have had several people try to get this spotlifter to pick up moisture from carpet, but we can't make it work. We tried different angles and making sure everything was properly attached. VERY disappointed...more info
  • NOT a steam cleaner
    OK, just so you know - this is not a steamer per se; even though this product is listed on Amazon under Steam Cleaners, there is nothing about this model which actually turns the water into hot steam. The water that flows onto the spot is only as hot as when you put it in the water tank - from your tap - so don't expect to get any steaming action from this model. Fortunately, there are moving parts - spinning brushes help to really beat the carpet, and then the vacuum sucks up the dirty solution.

    The manual trigger system for delivering the cleaning solution/water is strange - it is about 6 inches wide, and only covers a narrow strip of the spot. You have to pull the trigger, then wait for the pressure to build again before you can squirt out more solution. Additionally, the tank is not very big - only holds a few ounces of water/cleaning solution - so depending on the size of the job you're trying to do, you might be better off considering a larger model.

    I've tried this on two pet-related stains; it worked well on one, but only fair on the other. I would have preferred having a unit which actually steamed stains out, since those will generally work much better (regardless of whether there are spinning brushes or not). I wish I had known this wasn't actually a "steamer," but I do still feel like it works okay for general spot cleaning. ...more info
  • It didn't work!
    Try as we might we could never get this to spray. We went to the FAQ page and followed all the instructions. It just never worked and had to be returned. The other problems I found with it right off the bat was that it was very heavy and the solution container was very, very small. I have since bought the Dirt Devil version of this and while not perfect, it is a big improvement over this one....more info
  • This product is crap
    I bought this unit thinking it was powerful enough to clean a piece of furniture. The problem is that it doesn't distribute the cleaning solution properly. There is a manual trigger sprayer to distrubute the liquid. It doesn't work very well. You spray once, then it goes limp. You might be able to clean a small spot with this thing, that's about it. It would be just as easy and cheaper to use a spray bottle and towel. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS PRODUCT!...more info
  • 1 Star in too generous
    I had been happy with my cordless version until it died completely. So when we replaced it, I thought the plug-in version would have more power and not lose power before the job was done.

    Suction was good the first few times I used it, but it no longer picks up a significant amount of fluid. I thought maybe mine was just clogged with something, but after reading reviews here, I must conclude it is the design.

    The seal to the top tank (cleaning solution) leaks, so it leaves a puddle whereever I set the machine down.

    Cleaning out the dirty water tank (what bit it does pick up) is difficult, so bits of wet, dirty fuzz grows mold if not cleaned with a disinfectant after each use.

    Most of the time, we just use our spray bottle and lots of paper towels....more info
  • It doesn't work
    When I received this unit, I found first of all that the sprayer didn't spray. I tried spraying the spot manually from my own spray bottle, but found that, as noted by other reviewers, there wasn't enough suction to pick up what had been sprayed, and, contrary to some other review comments, IT DOESN'T MATTER AT WHAT ANGLE YOU HOLD THE DEVICE--it won't remove the fluid from the carpet regardless of the position in which it is held. This thing is totally unsatisfactory, a waste of time and money, and I'm sorry I bought it....more info
  • Bissell Spotlifter - Save your money!
    I bought this a few months ago to take care of small pet stains and accidental spills. I ended up waiting past 30 days to first use it (so it was too late to exchange) and - surprise - the sprayer didn't work! Okay, a little bit of a pain, but not a big deal as I used a small spray bottle of water/solution to spray any stains. This worked for about 3 times and then - surprise - the brush will no longer turn to scrub the spot. So now I have to spray the spot and scrub the spot myself and have this vacuum up the remaining water, which I have to say it does rather poorly. Overall, a poorly made product and a waste of my money!...more info
  • bissell spotlifter
    This is a great product. you will love it. it has a rotating brush that is very effective and also a suctioning device that allows you to suck up the dirt after it has scrubbed it. I love it and use it all the time with my baby, two dogs and a husband!...more info
  • Spotlifter Success
    Works as I'd hoped -- super easy to setup, use and clean up! Perfect to keep in the closet with cleaning solution loaded up, so when accidents happen (too often with kids and pets) it's READY TO GO!...more info
  • Spot Lifter :not as good as I thought.
    THere must be a cleaner for stair carpets that's better....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This little machine has got to rank as the worst cleaning gadget I've ever owned. On the plus side, it is easy to use, lightweight, and has a nice long cord. The problem is, it doesn't work well. The suction is poor. Squeezing the trigger to spray the cleaning solution gets tiring very quickly, would probably be torture for someone with arthritis or carpel tunnel probems. It's annoyingly noisy (hey, it SOUNDS like it's working!). I've tried various cleaning solutions hoping maybe one brand would work better than the Bissell solution, but the problem is obviously the machine. I can clean spots quicker and easier and much better by hand....more info
  • spotlifter or spot grinder?
    I bought this product thinking that it would be better than the cordless spotlifter that I had previously owned. The "powerbrush" just grinds in the spot and water flow required to loosen the stain must be hand pumped a little squirt or more accurately a dribble at a time. The prevoius cordless spotlifter pumped large amounts of water under pressure and made the clean up much easier.
    Also the suction is lousy compaired to the old cordless version. Once the spot is wet and loosened there is not sufficient suction to pick up the water.
    I'm sorry I bought this product. It does a very poor job....more info
  • Horrible suction
    I have two dogs and bought this cleaner to help remove a stain where one of them threw up the night before. Although it did remove the stain, it left my carpet soaking wet! I used almost the whole tank of fluid and it didn't even suck up a tablespoon of dirty water. I continually ran the suction over it, but it didn't work. It's going back to the store tomorrow....more info
  • not very good
    It is inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. the suction was very weak. I tried to clean up a spill in my car and it couldn't suck up the liquid at all. I ended up buying a more expensive wet vac to clean my car. This product doesn't cost much, but it is a waste of money....more info
  • This product does not suck
    This product has NO suction. Your fingers get tired because you have to manually squeeze the trigger to spray the cleaning solution. I emptied the entire cleaning solution container on to one spot, about 6 inches square, and it only picked up less than 1 ounce of it from the carpet. i could do a better job with a brush and some paper towels. save your money and get something better. ...more info
  • Better than the Little Green Clean Machine!
    I received the Little Green Clean Machine five years ago, a bigger, and I thought better, machine than this one. After five years of frustration, I pitched it and got this. What a difference! I don't know what the manufacturers have been doing during the past five years, but it worked! I got out stains that my other machine never even touched. Even my husband noticed! And, this thing is SOOOO much lighter and easier to clean out when you are done. I would buy this as a housewarming or new baby present in a heartbeat!...more info
  • No suction
    There's hardly any suction. I applied a full tank of cleaner on the carpet (which requires a little effort one squirt at a time), but it only sucked up a few drops of it. customer service was helpful and had me return the product....more info
  • Can't belive how well it worked
    i give the spot lifter 4 shining stars because it did wonders on my carpet.2 months ago i adopted a 2 year old dog who became instantly attached to me but i was still taking a class so i had to leave her for a few hours a day. when my father or brother watched her she almost always left a mess behind herand she nearly destroyed my mothers area rug... 2 months later i bought the spot lifter just to have around my house and i brought it over to my parents house to try to fix the rug she ruined.. it worked incredibly well and got up the old stains without a problem. I used it in conjunction with the bissell pet stain and oder remover pre treater and the bissell pet stain and oder remover carpet cleaner the carpet is almost perfect now and the once gruesome stains are now barely noticable which is amazing to me because of how long they had been there. the only thing bad i can say about this machine is that the water tank doesnt hold very much water and the spray is manual... my fingers got tired from after using it for a while... but all in all its a great machine... and unlike the "little green machine" it costs a lot less and has power brushes... so its pretty awesome.. ...more info
  • Does the job
    PRO: The price is reasonable. The rotating brushes make it easy to remove small spots.

    Con: I'd rather an automatic spray than one you must keep pressing. Also, suction could be better. ...more info
  • Its okay, not great, not terrible
    I have owned this for a couple of years. With three cats in house, the opportunities for cleaning up hairball aftermath abound.

    1. The unit is lightweight and easy to manage
    2. Spots will lift if they are recent
    3. Suction is adequate to substantially remove the cleaning liquid from the carpet or upholstery
    4. Cord length is adequate for the average size room

    1. Not adequate to remove older or dried stains
    2. Heated water would be more effective
    3. Disassembly for cleaning is a little cumbersome

    Overall, this unit is better than nothing. However, I would recommend looking for a unit that heats the water internally. I have found that function adds cleaning power to the larger upright cleaning units....more info
  • Without it, I'd spend thousands....
    We have two VERY large and young...the other small and old. Without this tool (because it is a tool) and Resolve, I'd have spent thousands on carpet replacement.

    Just tonight, my girlfriend who paints, left a plate with oil based paint on it on a table. My doberman thought maybe it was some food and decided to knock it down on the floor. We found it about an hour later. With the help of my trusty spotlifter, some paint thinner, and some resolve, we got it out to the point where I stood back and laughed. It's not perfect and someone who was really looking for stains will see it, but it is IMPRESSIVE.

    Nobody without a pet should be without one of these. ...more info
  • Excellent bargain - works great!
    When I purchased this item a year ago, I could not believe itworked. Seriously.

    I have cats and with hairballs and precious little "accidents," I have a very hard time keeping the carpets clean. I bought this little ditty at a Target store and used it to clean some tough spots on carpet in my former apartment. I worked like a charm!

    It's really easy to handle, to change brushes and refill cleaning solution. It works great on stairs, where it's tougher for me to vacuum. It pulls out dirt and other yucky messes - including color spills - and leaves the carpet fresh. You can also use your own solutions to clean, including bleach or peroxide and water and it doesn't hurt the machine.

    I purposely waited a year to review this item so see how it was with wear and tear. It use it A LOT. And it's still going. For a purchase in today's cheaply-manufactured economy, that's a real plus....more info
  • Doesn't spray or suck
    We purchased this spot cleaner, took it home, and unfortunately, it just doesn't work for us. I barely sprays anything out, and definitely doesn't suck up much. Bissell is usually a pretty decent brand, so it was surprising to us. ...more info
  • It's Great!!
    I agonized for weeks over which brand and model to buy. Every product out there has its fans and detractors. In desperation one day, after both my cats had stomach problems, I went to buy the expensive SpotBot. Luckily, it was out of stock, and I saved myself a bundle on the Spotlifter. It's been great for the past 3 months, and I've had lots of occasion to use it. I like being able to see the liquid being sucked up in the front window...helps me adjust the angle of the machine and know how long to work on an area. Removing the lower water reservoir took a bit a creativity with small hands, but now is easy, as is removing and cleaning the brush area. Cleaning the carpet and cleaning the machine take a fraction of the time I used to spend, with infinitely more satisfactory results....more info
  • Great
    I bought this originally to clean up after my dog and it worked great but then one day i spilled red wine on the carpet and it took the stain right out i was amazed at how easy it was. The only thing i would improve is the cord it get's in your way to much. Otherwise it is a great item....more info
  • Great Buy
    I have almost white carpet that is "brand new" according to the previous owner of our home. However, a month after moving in we noticed our floor was looking dingy and spotty. So we moved our couch back and it was horribly spotted underneath. We went ahead and used the rug doctor as a temporary fix, but I wanted something for occasionally spills and such. I also have a two year old daughter so we have the occasional juice cup leak.

    The Spot Lifter took out all of the spots. When some of the spots reappeared two months later they weren't nearly as dark as before. It only took about half of the time this time around to get it all out.

    All in all you can't go wrong with this product for the price....more info
  • Great for pet stains and spots
    I got this for the occasional spill or pet mishap. It works great and is just what I needed. I haven't tried it on any set in stains, but it works great on recent spills. I assume it would be great with a new puppy. It's light and portable, and holds enough cleaner that you don't have to refill it every 5 seconds. The cordless model is more ideal though. I might have gotten that product instead....more info
  • Buy spot cleaner and paper towels instead
    What a waste. This does nothing, no power, no suction. Don't waste your money on this thing....more info
  • love it
    I couldn't be happier.
    It does exactly what I need it to do.
    (Clean up after my 2 kids and husband!)...more info
  • It doesn't suck which means it sucks!
    I have two little puppies who refuse to go potty outside on rainy days. I also have three kids who are almost as messy as the pups. I bought this thinking it would save me hours of time and rolls of paper towels cleaning up after the puppies. I don't like the manual sprayer that has to be used slowly so it can refill. After three spots, I just grabbed a spray bottle of cleaner to use intsead of the sprayer. The brushes do work, but they are the only working part. They scrubbed pretty good once I sprayed the spot mymyself. The suction is the worst feature. You haveto hold the machine at an akward angle tilted forward to use the suction. It is very slow to suck up the liquid, and it only managed to get up a third of the fluid. My arm was tired out very quickly from this uncomfortable process, and in the end I could have done as well with the paper towels and spray inless time.
    I packed mine back up and returned it the next day. Now, I'm going to drop he considerably higher price on the Bissel Spot Bot which I hear actually does work on spots. It just goes to prove that old saying, you get what you pay for......more info
  • I'm shocked by the bad reviews
    I must say I was skeptical, but my friend told me how great the green machine was so I thought I'd give the spotlifter a try. I have light beige carpet, and 3 boys 11, 6 & 3.Oh did I mention my husband is a 4-wheel enthusiast who rides in the mud, and then walks on my carpet.Well I got tired of renting a machine, and this little thing has been a great but especially for the price.It beats renting a big machine for a couple of spots.I have had no problem & it is very quick & convienent to use.I would definitely reccomend it....more info
  • Spotlifter does a great job
    I have a spotlifter and love it. I do not understand why some people have problems with it. It does a great job of removing cat stains (from either end of cat). Not loud as some say and does not leave excess water after using; maybe using too much water? Never had the rear explode, no drips or leaks. Cord is good length, handy to store with velcro strap, (good touch). Had a battery operated machine similar to this that was almost adequate and this is far superior. Would buy again. Ron ...more info
  • Piece of junk
    Run, don't walk, away from this product.

    Basically the spot lifter just makes a bigger mess than you started with. The worst part is when it randomly explodes out the back end for no reason, spattering whatever it is you've just "cleaned" up all over the carpet again. I used this thing to clean up dog barf the other night, and I remembered why I hadn't used it in months. It spattered out the back end, so I took in in the bathroom to clean the machine up, which ended up being such a messy, horrible process that I had to clean the entire bathroom afterwards! I would have been better off leaving the dog barf alone. Yuck.

    I would also recommend wearing ear plugs if you buy this, as it's very loud....more info
  • The negative reviews were right on...
    It has terrible is loud and it doesn't clean very well, and I was just trying to use it to take little yogurt stains off the rug. I bought the Little green machine and that works great for spot treating and stairs....more info
  • Very Diappointed
    I thought I could trust the name Bissell. Don't waste your time. This machine has no power and left the carpet very wet. I had to try to get it dry with a towel-which left a larger spot than I started with. I was sure I did it wrong so got another family member to try it a couple of days later. She tried for awhile and then said - this is a piece of junk! I hope you didn't give much for it. I returned it. My daughter called me today to tell me she had bought one, and that she was so disappointed. I said I know. I had one and had to return it. She said, so it isn't me. No dear. Bissell should have not wasted their time on making this model.
    Disappointed in TN...more info
  • Disappointing to say the least!
    Yes, it does clean well & yes the scrub brush is great BUT trying to get this apart is no easy task!! Pushing in the 2 levers to take the tank out to fill it takes lots of pushing & pushing. About the time I'm ready to give up, it suddenly opens. And if that isn't enough, trying to release the tank underneath this to get rid of the dirty water...I've only been successful one time. Now, as I filled the cleaning tank today (exactly as directed & not overfilled) the cleaning tank started to leak...just a drip or 2 at a time. There are no holes anyplace to be seen, everything is in tight...even rescrewing the lid several times & it's fine...but it's leaking...from the bottom. I've decided when I get the dirty tank full...I'll just throw the whole machine out! Talk about poorly designed...Bissell has been a great company in the past, but this sure is a loser!...more info
  • Absolutely Terrifyingly Loud!
    I read a review that someone wrote about this "little" machine being as loud as car wash and I just thought that was impossible for such a little machine to be that loud . . . well, he wasn't kidding! I have a Bissell Steam Cleaner that is more quiet that this!...more info
  • Disappointed
    About ten years ago a friend of mine spilled a 32 ounce glass of Pepsi on my off white carpet in my living room. I immediately grabbed towels and blotted up what I could. It looked like it was OK even when dry. Years passed. I recently had the carpet in the room professionally cleaned and the spot reappeared in the form of a big brown circle. I tried the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Deep Cleaner. Unfortunately it performed like a toy. There was very little suction and the spot was as plain as before. I decided that I would return it to Wal-Mart. I was very disappointed especially in a product by Bissell. I did get the spot out, however, by using "Spot Shot" (available at WalMart and KMart) but there was a residue left that looked "dinghy". I then used another product by Bissell called Woolite Oxy Deep Clean Carpet cleaner. These two products worked beautifully even on a ten year old Pepsi stain. I do not recommend the Powerbrush but DO recommend that you try the two products I mentioned. I can barely tell where the stain was. Wonderful products that really work....more info
  • Bissell spot
    Machine arrived in good condition. The first thing I noticed when trying it out is that the spray does not work. I tried everything to get it to work....and simply refuses to spray. Yes, I followed direction exactly. Otherwise it does do a good job (I have been using a spray bottle)...more info
  • Great for pet and 4-year-old son stains
    I use this unit solely for my cats' stains on carpet and my son's stains on the carpet and furniture. It works great. I spray quite a bit, let it sit, and go over it until there is no more visible liquid suction. It does work well on stains (even worked on a few old stains but not a red Kool-Aid stain left by previous tenants) and my carpet is light.

    It is very loud, louder than my upright vacuum, so that's why I give it four stars and not five. If Bissell can make the motor a little quieter it would be perfect.

    Don't expect miracles though - it's only $30!...more info
  • don't waste your money
    I had a small similar machine many years ago. This one is a very inferior machine. The suction is very very poor, it will pain your finger putting down fluid since it is not an electric pump, but a manual trigger like those on bottles of cleaning fluids. Also, the tank for the cleaning solution is very very small. Basically, a can of woolite carpet cleaner and a good brush can do the job as well and more conveniently than this rip off item that is over promoted by the info from the manufacturer....more info
  • NOT 'one powerful cleaner'
    i just bought this. i bought it because i live in a small apartment and it was the smallest wet vac i saw. i needed it to get water out of my car trunk. i brought the mat from my car in to suction the water. the first thing i noticed when i turned this vacuum on was how loud it was. seriously, i had to go buy ear plugs. i'm not even joking, the guys at the music store laughed at me when they found out i wasn't going to a show, but vacuuming. it wasn't lifting much water, but i figured maybe it was too big a job for the small vac, but it did seem to have strong suction for surface dirt, even sucking the mold out of the mat. so i tried it on my couch which has kitty litter tracking. it picked up great, even getting cat hairs out, but then i encountered a stain. so i pulled the trigger to release the spray and the stain came out, yet my couch was still wet from that little tiny spray. it couln't even suck up its own small amount of cleaning fluid! i ran over it five times and STILL wet. For a vacuum i bought to be a wet vac, that's pretty poor performance. i'll be returning this one soon....more info
  • I don't like it :(
    No one has mentioned how cumbersome it is to keep holding. It's an awkward shape, and in order to get it to suction up the moisture, you have to keep holding it in a certain way. It really tires my arms out and I have to keep shifting hands. It did, finally, get rid of the stains (pop, cats, shoes), but it was hard to use. I also feel that it's heavy for it's size (especially when the tanks is full of water). I'm giving it to a neighbor and buying a full-size model....more info
  • Promises more than it can deliver
    I had great hope in the Bissell Powerbrush but find myself disappointed. First off, the unit is extremely loud. I would suggest the use of hearing protection. (no, I'm not kidding... my gasoline lawnmower is quieter.) Secondly, the suction is insufficent to pick up much liquid. If you put two or three ounces of cleaner down, you might get one ounce back. This isn't a big problem on carpet, but I do not like the results on furniture. On the plus side, the cleaner is pretty good at removing light stains on carpet, and although it is too big to wield in my car, it can clean my wife's minivan pretty nicely.

    In short, I wish I hadn't bought it, but not so much that I want to try to get the store to take it back....more info
  • Defective right out of the box!
    After many years of good use my battery operated Bissell finally would not hold a charge. It was time for a replacement and thinking this 1716b (with a power cord) would be better (more power, no charge time and continuous use) I made my purchase.

    To my surprise, the sprayer was BROKEN right out of the box! On the first use. I called Bissell customer service and they asked me for the serial number. According to Bissell the units serial indicated it was over a year old. I guess Amazon is selling OLD stock? Anyhow Bissell has agreed to replace the unit at their expense.

    One last thought, The battery operated unit has an electric pump for the spray which is nice, however this unit requires you to pump the spray like a Windex bottle. Hey Bissell why the down grade on this spotlifter?

    ...more info
  • Make sure you read all reviews before you decide.
    I purchased this several months ago to handle small, minor stains in our carpets. Our house is only a year old and spots had begun showing up so I thought it was time to get a hand held spot cleaner. I had previously had an older version of the spotlifter that did not have the Powerbrushes and had been really happy with it. (We had used it to clean dorm carpets and it wore out after a great deal of use.) I thought this model could only be an improvement. WRONG. The suction stinks. As anther reviewer said it would only suck up about 1/4 of the water solution it put out. It is VERY, VERY loud! Do not try to use it if the kids are asleep or they will be up momentarily. My best advise is to borrow one if you know someone who owns one and try it. ...more info
  • Very effective cleaner, a must for pet owners
    I have owned a Bissell Spotlifter now for almost two years, and have used it frequently. I have three cats and a white carpet, so I have frequent need to remove small stains. Using this machine takes a bit of skill ... read the instructions and follow them. Perhaps not using the machine as it is designed to be used explains some of the low rated reviews on this unit I have read here. I find none of the criticisms accurate. The suctions is quite good for getting up liquid, though a bit of pressure and holding the unit at the right angle is necessary. The brushes are very useful at mixing the soap into the carpet so that all dirt is extracted. I have had good success using the Bissell Little Green soap that is made for this unit. Using this in combination with pretreatment with an enzymatic cleaner (such as Nature's Miracle) has given me excellent results.

    This unit is just a spot remover. It is no substitute for a more thorough cleaning that you can get from a professional service. It does, however, get small carpet areas back to clean and useable condition. It is also much quicker and easier to work with than one of the larger carpet cleaners with a hand cleaning attachment. Given those caveats, I recommend it highly. I would not want to be without mine. ...more info
  • Insufficient Suction
    I purchased this cleaner after reading reviews of the cordless version which complained of poor power retention. I thought this model did a good job cleaning -- I got mixed reviews on various old stains on the carpet -- some came out completely, some faded, some remained the same. The problem is the poor suction. I used the entire compartment of clean water/solution and I got about 1 or 2 tablespoons of dirty water. I was tilting and pressing pretty firmly (I am in relatively good shape and began to sweat mildly in this endeavor, so I believe I was using sufficient force). So if the dirty water is still on the carpet, then how is this machine different than using a good cleaner, a brush and some paper towels??? I found it to be alarmingly loud and had some difficulty pulling out the dirty water compartment.

    The positives are the long cord with the convenient velcro strap, the portability of the machine, it's relative lightweightness, and the fact that you can slide out the brush to clean it. However, despite the positives, I will likely return this machine for something with better suction. ...more info
  • Good but...
    I got this for Christmas and I was eagerly waiting to use it. Finally the day came. My standard poodle uncerimoniously barfed on the carpet.

    Solid machine
    Great suction
    Good rotary brush

    Sprayer didn't work after 5 mins of laborious pumping, WTF?
    Brush got gunky (but at least you can take it out and clean it)
    Sometimes I felt like I was sprading the barf around the carpet...but I may be a hypochondriac.

    Instead of my Bissell sprayer I used a bottle of pet-mess cleaner. It sucked up the dirty solution very well from my deep wool carpet.

    Were it but for the sprayer not working, this machine would get close to 5 stars. ...more info
  • Worked out stains well
    I just purchased this handheld tonight and tried it out - it works great! My husband tends to spill coffee on the carpet so we've had some stains that are at least a year old. They came right out with this. The only thing that is a bit of a hassle is cleaning it out. But it's worth it!...more info
  • A must for pet owners.
    In the past year and a half, we have gotten two new puppies and a new house. I could not have survived without the Spotlifter. The only thing that I could think of when I read the bad reviews was that the machine was not being held at the right angle to suction properly. The machine has to be held in one position to spray and use the brush properly and in a different position to remove the cleaning solution from the carpet. If done properly, you could not ask for a better product. I have removed dozens of stains, spills and accidents with the Bissell Spotlifter and haven't been disappointed once. I store the solution in the machine and it is always ready for a quick clean-up. I do rinse the container where the soiled solution is stored after every clean-up but I think that it would probably not be necessary. As I said in the title of this review, this item is a must for pet owners. It is truly one of my very favorite household appliances....more info
  • Great Little Spot Cleaner
    Using this per the included instructions, it works just fine for small spot jobs. It's great for pet accidents, etc. It's not meant for cleaning large areas of carpet. I had some nasty pet stains and it cleaned them right up. Hint: I pre-treated the stain with some Oxy-type stain remover along with the Bissell cleaner. My only complaint would be that the manual sprayer is a little awkward to use....more info
  • Completety Ineffective
    All this device does is spread out carpet stains. It is incabable of extracting any of the cleaning solution that is sprayed onto the carpet or upholstery. You would be more effective with using a spray-on carpet cleaner and a rag. At least you could remove some of the stain with a rag.
    A complete waste of time and money.

    ...more info
  • I can't imagine anything more useless.
    I don't expect much from a handheld but this was ridiculous. A spray bottle of solution would be much easier to use and *anything* would get the solution out better.
    I used it to try to clean up and orange juice spill and both the juice and the solution are still there. I am going to take it back, and clean up with a damp rag. If you are thinking of buying one, you might as well spend the price on wash cloths instead....more info
  • Gets out spots from 3 cats and a dog
    Once you learn how to use it, this product is pretty amazing. I use it on a biweekly basis to get rid of kitties little furball presents. Also gets up dog pee and poo. The secret is to use a good carpet spot cleaning solution and to learn how to alternate between putting the brushes down to lather the cleaner and putting the vacuum down to suck up the solution. I used to use a little green machine but could get that to work at all....more info
  • Not as bad as all the reviews say!
    I bought this Bissell Spotlifter a few weeks ago. I chose this one because I only needed it for the occassional pet stain or baby food spill. It works great for me! I immediately put it to work and it got stains out that had been in my carpet for months! I do see how people could complain some about the suction but I think it gets most of the dirty water up fine. It took me a while to decide between this one and the more expensive "Little Green" and I think I made the right decision. I'm sure the other one is better, but it's also almost as expensive as an upright and this one gets the job done just fine. This is a good little cleaner for the money....more info
  • Don't Buy It
    I bought the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush and had the same problems mentioned in other reviews. It is a very poorly designed product with almost no suction and poor spray. I contacted Bissell and they sent me another one that doesn't work either....more info
  • Do not WASTE your money!
    I feel bad about giving this review, but I must. This is the worst machine ever created. Let me say that I think Bissell has excellent quality machines (Little Green) but this is not one of them.

    First of all, this machine has absolutely NO suction to it whatsoever. I managed to trigger out around a cup full of solution, and the spotlifter only 'sucked' 1/4 of it back up. My carpet was soaking wet. I had to lug out my Hoover Steamvac to suck up the rest of the water. Naturally, I thought I had a faulty spotlifter, so I exchanged it for another one. I got the SAME thing, a spotlifter without suction.

    Secondly, the trigger mechanism is horrid. Instead of it releasing a steady stream of liquid, it is spray oriented, where you must continuously spray it like a spray bottle. That becomes extremely tiresome, and it actually hurts your hands, as when you 'try' to suction the liquid, you have to tilt the machine forward and it is very cumbersome and large.

    All in all, I hated this machine. It was clunky and did not clean anything. It is horrifyingly loud for no reason. The rotating brushes actually mat the carpet to the floor. This is a very bad buy. If you are looking for something that is easy to use for those quick stains, buy the 'Little Green Clean Machine'. It is wonderful and has amazing suction. You actually get what you pay for....more info

  • Disappointed
    We bought this after inheriting an outside dog that had to learn to become an inside dog. We had been using SpotShot which is a great product, but we were using a lot of it and it didn't seem very economical. When we got this we were very excited it did a fantastic job; it had great suction, cleaned stains that a professional couldn't get up (I do suppose that could be the cleaning solution that came with it though)and was exactly what we wanted. After a few uses, however it made a terrible noise and the gears in the rotating brush wore off, we returned it for another one I really figured that it was a rare occurrence (I should have done more research). The new one just made the same terrible noise and it is going back to the store tomorrow. If we replace it it will be with another product....more info
  • Very noisy, heavy, piece of junk
    I am so disappointed with this Bissell. I purchased it to replace an older model Spotlifter that was a good product, but we just wore it out. The new version is complete junk. I am returning mine today. It is very noisy, much heavier than the previous model and IT DOESN"T HAVE ANY SUCTION! Basically, you are buying a machine that squirts formula+water onto your carpet (the trigger is fairly stiff, too) and brushes it in with the rollers! It says "tilt for suction" which still doesn't work, but if it did that means you have three steps: squirt the formula onto the carpet, use the brushes in the regular position, then go over again with the machine tilted! I, in fact, did do this. I used nearly the whole tank of solution and in the dirty water tank was at most 1 tablespoon of water that had been suctioned! Don't waste your money....more info
  • waste of money!!!
    We were able to use this three times before defects in manufacture ended its very short life. After three uses, the gearing in the powerbrushes was completely worn away, meaning that we now own a very expensive spray bottle. I would stay away from it, unless you have VERY light cleaning up to do -- my guess is that it is totally unable to handle spots on carpets that require brushing. It could probably handle a little spill on a vinyl floor ok....more info
  • not worth the $
    I ended up taking this back and getting a Hoover full carpet cleaner. if you want to clean you carpets- get an upright steam cleaner- these things gt clogged and mine broke after the first use....more info
  • Great spot cleaner
    This little machine truly lifts spots. Even old baby formula/food/wine stains that professional carpet cleaners have not been able to remove- I have a white carpet so you see everything. Con: it doesn't suction very well, you have to go over the wet area several times to pick up the water, although my carpet is very thick. It may suction better in thinner carpets(?) The cleaning solution that comes with the machine works well, but smells very strong & lingers in the room for several days, so I used other solutions & it worked just as well. I give it four stars because of the suction & it is very loud. Overall, I recommend it. Its worth buying....more info
  • Bissell Spotlifter is Fantastic!
    this bissell spotlifter is great. I show it to my friends & family all the time, & sold 2 more for Bissell with my simple demonstration. Everyone with a car, pet, children, or any kind of carpeting, needs one. (They are super fantastic) I also like the Bissell Quicksteamer plus. (larger version) thanks Bissell....more info
  • No suction
    The Bissell does a good job of removing the stain however I have used this several times and still have practically no dirty water in the resevoir. Leaves carpet wet. Not enough suction. Try another product....more info
  • Not impressed
    I liked that it had a constant power supply versus a cordless, but am not impressed with how weak the suction is. It takes a great deal of effort to get up any of the "dirty water". Leaves the carpet wet, even if you don't spray a lot of the solution. It is also heavy and noisy....more info
  • Poor Product
    We bought this product along with our new puppy. After three days we returned the Bissell. The machine was heavy and had absolutely no suction power. After three tanks of water and solution, the dirty water tank barely had any water and the carpet was soaking wet (even after holding the machine at the recommended angle and really pressing it into the carpet). I would not recommend this product....more info
  • So-So
    I'm not totally impressed with the Spotlifter 1716B. My main complaints:
    1) It is REALLY noisy, to the point that I have to use earplugs.
    2) The sprayer is wimpy.
    3) Hardly any water is sucked back up by the unit.

    But it does clean upholstery well, and does pretty well removing set stains on my berber carpet (and imagine it will do even better on new stains). It has a nice long cord, which comes in handy. We fill the tank with 50% nature's miricle cleaner, 50% water. It works really really well for removing pet stains and odors....more info

  • the best choice
    this little machine is worth every penny.. i have pets and just spraying and blotting up accidents was really grossing me out..i tried the dirt devil steam cleaner and please "do not buy that machine!" it cooks the stain and stinks.. yuk.. the bissell is amazing scrubs and lifts out everything.. i've waited for something like this for a long time.. it even does steps..
    rose mary
    wyoming pa...more info
  • Works for me!
    We struggled between buying this unit and the comperable Dirt Devil offering, when we saw them at the local discount stores. Liking the stiffer dual-rotating beater-bar style brushes on the Bissell better than the much softer brushes on the spinning disk the Dirt Devil had, we settled on the Bissell. At the store, the only negative factor for the Bissell appeared to be it's one-year warranty, versus the two-years offered with the Dirt Devil.

    We did not consider a cordless model, presuming they would be less powerful. We also did not consider a model without scrub brushes.

    I used our new Bissell briefly last night on a couple of recent pet stains, and it did a good job. Today, I used it on all the rest of the pet stains on our light living room carpet, many of which were old. Almost all of them lifted well.

    The Bissell clean tank will hold a full 8 oz. (3-4 oz. cleaning product and 4 oz. water), compared to the Dirt Devil that only holds a total of 6 oz. It does a decent job of suctioning up liquid. Many with the Dirt Devil seem to complain that it's suction is inadequate, and we did test its suction at the store and agree that it is weak.

    The manual doesn't document the total clean tank size, how many ounces the "Formula" fill line is at, or how many the "Water" fill line is at, but I measured them. This way I know the proper dilution, if I choose to mix some of the cleaning product into a regular spray bottle for pretreating convenience, without hauling the heavier unit around. (They suggest leaving the pretreat on for 3-5 minutes.)

    Note that once you've filled the clean tank, if you have a lot left over you do not have to empty it. You can save it for next time. (The disadvantage to doing this is that you would no longer have warm water to help you clean better.)

    The 20' cord was more than adequate for us to get to the areas we needed to clean. Others complain that the Dirt Devil's cord is too big, but I'm not sure if that means diameter or length. The cord on the Bissell flows nicely. It isn't stiff and doesn't stay too curled up to be able to be used easily. It even had a convenient velcro strap that stays attached, to help you manage the cord for storage.

    The unit is really easy to fill, operate and clean. Both the clean tank and the dirty tank detach and reattach very easily. Even the beater brush cartridge removes easily for cleaning. It only took me a few minutes to have it ready for storage again. Dirt Devil users complain that reattaching a tank is not always easy.

    This is not a full size steam cleaner and I don't think it's fair to expect it to behave like one. It's great for the purpose it's designed for. Be sure to vacuum your capet before using it, if you haven't done so recently. This will minimize the amount of hair etc. to clean out of the brushes when you are finished using the Bissell. I did not do this, and it still wasn't bad to clean out the brushes.

    The unit has a solid and durable feel to it. Dirt Devil users seem to think that unit is flimsey and has an awkward manual solution/water sprayer.

    I think the product works well and would recommend it over the Dirt Devil. I am happy with it...more info

  • One powerful little cleaner
    I have mostly hardwood in my home, but I do have a little bit of carpet, so I bought one of these for the small spots and spills. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, so it seems that accidents are a daily occurence. I used this Spotlifter on some old pop stains that have been on the carpet for months, and it got them out no problem. I couldn't believe how well it worked and how dirty the water was that came out of my carpet. It worked so well that I decied to try it on my couch and chair, and it did a great job on them as well. Next stop was my car's interior, which was no small feat. It made my 6 year old minivan look and smell almost new. Buying this Spotlifter was definitely money well spent....more info