Westinghouse WST1600A Unplugged Cord-Free Vacuum

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Product Description

With the Westinghouse Unplugged Cordless Vacuum, you can say goodbye to plugging and unplugging the power cord as you move from room to room. This full-performance, 15.5-amp upright runs on 2 Charge-N-Go Power Packs that are interchangeable for continuous cord-free operation. Each Power Pack provides 30-minutes of cleaning, and there's no drop-off in cleaning power throughout run time. Power Packs recharge in 30 minutes. Sleep Mode conserves power while vacuum idles in upright position. The telescopic handle-wand instantly extends for above-floor cleaning, and the rotating brush shuts off for bare-floor cleaning. Plus there are no bags to buy or broken belts to fix. Includes 3 on-board tools.

Early Adopters Pick: June 2003. The World's first full-powered cordless Vacuum, the Westinghouse WST1600, requires no bags or replacement belts, sports an advanced filtration system, and utilizes a floating head that automatically adjusts to bare floors, deep shag carpets, and everything in between.

Up until now, all full-powered upright vacuum cleaners shared the same irritating feature--a cord. While vacuuming with one hand, we hold the cord with the other hand to keep it out of the way of our cleaning path. As we go around furniture this leash gets caught, and we continually stop our work to free it. Westinghouse has finally done away with the cord, and included other recent vacuuming innovations to offer what may be the easiest to use floor cleaner we've tried. The vacuum is bag-free and uses a long-life HEPA filter to trap the smallest particles and keep your air clean. It has a clear dust canister that lets you see when it's full, and emptying the collected dirt is quick, easy, and mess-free. The canister pops out of the machine, you twist out the filter and empty it--a quick rinse and it's as good as new. There's also a built-in telescoping cleaning wand on a stretch-hose for above-floor cleaning. The vacuum adjusts automatically to different rug heights and thicknesses, and it's also great for bare-floor cleaning.

Out of the Box
The Westinghouse Unplugged comes with a great easy-to-follow manual, and you'll want to give it a read before getting started. Once you do, you'll find the one disappointment with the machine: you can't use it immediately after arrival. The vacuum uses an advanced battery system that requires the Ni-Cad batteries to be conditioned in the charger before your first use (and again about once a year). So, once your exciting new machine arrives, you'll have to find some patience, put the included fuses in the battery packs, and put a battery in the charger for a 24 hour conditioning. Since you need both batteries to operate the machine for more than a half hour, it'll be 48 hours before both are conditioned, fully charged, and ready for service.

The wait is worth it. Each battery lasts for 30 minutes, and it takes the charger only 30 minutes to charge the back up, so you can clean continuously with his machine. Switching the battery is simple--it pops out with a simple lever on the back of the machine, and the fresh battery snaps cleanly into place. One caveat to the continuous cleaning is that use of the telescoping wand tends to drain batteries faster, so your best bet is to do all your floor cleaning first, and then move on to the drapes and such. The included battery charger is designed to detect problems with battery packs, and to prevent problems from arising during charging. It has a built in cooling fan to prevent overheating, and can tell you if you ever need to put new fuses in the batteries.

Does it Work?
We found the Westinghouse to be as powerful and effective a bagless upright as any corded models we've tested. While they spent considerable effort and research coming up with the cordless functionality, they didn't sacrifice anything else you'd expect in a well-designed modern vacuum. They even have a separate motor for the brush head that you can turn on or off while working (and that will relieve you of the need to constantly replace belts). Westinghouse also designed the machine to help you preserve battery power. Even after pressing the power button, the machine stays in stand-by mode until you release it from the upright position, and when you stop to move furniture, or shoo the cat out of your way, the machine powers down until you need it again. The initial wait while you condition the batteries is a one-time only, short-term frustration easily overshadowed by the quality, cleaning power, and leash-free operation of this machine. The Westinghouse Unplugged comes with the vacuum cleaner, two battery packs with fuses, the advanced charging system, a long-life HEPA filter, a dusting brush attachment, a universal cleaning tool attachment, a crevice tool, and onboard storage for the three attachments.--Brian Trinen

  • 14-amps -- more than any corded vacuum
  • Interchangeable power packs never leave you without power
  • Long-life HEPA filter lasts 7 years
  • Rotatingbrush shuts off for bare floor cleaning
  • No bags to buy or broken belts to replace
Customer Reviews:
  • Took a while to get it to work, but I like it
    First of all, it makes noise recharging, but that only lasts for about a half an hour when you put the battery in the charger. My difficulty was getting the batteries into the conditioning mode for the first time. After much panic and experimentation, I found that if you run the battery completely dead on the vacuum, then when you put in on the charger, it is possible to push the conditioning button and the charger will go into conditioning mode.

    Once the batteries charge for about 24 hours in this mode, it works great. Much better than the little Fantom I had and with a larger dust bin.

    Hope this helps people who are trying to make the vacuum work.
    BTW - I think they stopped making this, but some people bought them at huge discounts (~40) and are selling them on ebay. I "made an offer" on ebay for a little over what I knew the clearance price had been.

    Also, it does not clean quite as well as a corded vacuum, but for someone like me, where vacuuming is the bane of my existence, it sure makes life easier alot of the time.

    Good luck!...more info
  • Battery Problem
    This is one great vacuum but I need a battery. It is a 14.4v Westinghouse BP 1600. If anyone knows where I might find a replacement, please email me at magaria@aol.com....more info
  • Batteries lasted 6 months
    Quick review
    Needs constant cleaning. Heavy as heck, batteries lasted about 4-5 months before they wouldn't charge.
    Westinghouse wants $120 for new ones.
    It's a throw away vacuum after 6 months unless you want to plop down another $120. Buy a Dirt Devil or Eureka. But not a Shark!...more info
  • Unplugged
    I have had this wonderful cordless vacuum for over a month and I don't know how I ever vacuumed before.Such ease to use(after a few time useing)
    No cords to plug and unplug.Can go from room to room now without the nasty cord having to be taken from room to room .Or no more cords to get wrapped around my feet or leg.
    The power is great.Like it commits it last 30 minutes.For me that is the entire house.
    Use of the attachment are easy to use.Pull them off the holders and slide onto the hose and off you go.But like it states this does use a lot of the battery charge .
    The only thing that is hard to deal with is the hose .Once you are done with it and you put it back into the handle it doesn't stay there.It takes some time to get the handle and hose attachment to make contact and stay.
    The batteries are plan and simple Click the button and battery stays in place and click it again and out comes the battery so you can slide it into the charger.
    Ease to dump canister.Though hard at first to get it to click back into place.But with use it becomes easier.

    ...more info
  • Too heavy...
    I'm a big fan of upright cordless vacuums for daily pickup of dog hair and dust bunnies on our tile and wood floors. These guys can't replace the power of a regular corded vac on carpets but are nice to have around for easy inbetween jobs on hard surfaces.

    After our old Eureka Boss died which we absolutely loved after a long life, we found they're not made anymore so decided to try this one. It's more powerful than the usual cordless uprights but is a pain to use. It shuts off if stood upright (it's supposed to) and is very heavy to manouver around or get up and down a stair or two. The cannister fills up quickly.

    On the plus side, it's better on rugs and carpets than the usual uprights. Not great, but good enough.

    For us, it's not practical as one of the beauties of having a cordless is that the kids can help out with some easy vacuuming or I just whizz around for a quick pick-up. This model is too heavy for my children (8 & 11) to move from room to room where there are 2 stairs and they bang it on my hardwood floor accidentally as they try to lift it. It's also too heavy for me as I have to be careful of my back.

    This model will be relegated to our basement which is just one big open area as I search for another lighter weight model. If my back was stronger, we had less furniture to manouver around, no steps, and more storage space for housing the big charger and big vacuum, I might like this model. But as such, it's just not a very convenient tool to use in our house for a quick clean except in our open floored basement.

    I've given it 3 stars as the suction is better than the usual cordless uprights. We have another new one at the office (different brand to this) and that one is pretty useless. The wand is a nice touch too for when you need it. But otherwise, too heavy and cumbersome for our type of house. And the automatic switch offs are a pain when you just want to whizz through the house quickly....more info
  • Low Performance
    It is no wonder this vacuum is discontinued. But what is unacceptable is the fact that the company would not back it's product. Even though my vacuum's warranty expired, I feel because of all the problems I experienced with this product, that they would do what they could to correct the problem. The battery packs wear out and the cost of a new battery is a whopping $135.OO! That is what I was told. They would not send me a new battery and you have to remember to recondition the battery at certain intervals. Just too much maintenance on this sweeper....more info
  • Very Unsatisfied
    If you like recharging ever 10 minutes, cleaning HEPA and other filters often and pushing dirt around your house this vacuum is for you. Just another product with bells and whistles and no substance. ...more info
  • Not Bad...Still Deciding
    I've had this for three weeks (this is why I'm only giving this 3 stars). My Eureka died on me, and I needed a vacuum immediately. I was hoping to afford and have time to order a Dyson, but didn't have that immediate luxery. I went to the local outlet store knowing I'd find something less than what I would pay for at Wal-Mart, to see what they had. I saw this "neat" thing...no cord to blow my small living room fuse forcing me to extend the cord to other areas of the house? This was good, Westinghouse has a pretty good reputation, and the price was less than I would have bought a "throw away" model at Wal-Mart anyhow. I conversed with several people in the store who've had experience with bagless vac's, and they all agreed bags were the way to stay...but still, curiousity peaked my interest and I had to have one. The 7 year filter? Who could beat that for the price? Imagine my delight when I searched the internet the next day and found what this thing actually retailed for! The initial instruction for "conditioning" the battery is wrong, had to go on the internet to find out how which took an extra 24 hours - it was worth waiting for. Like one recommendation said, I've saved my spare battery for some time down the road. Easy to move around and not a problem to re-charge. I really find myself having fun "testing" this vacuum daily! The noise of this machine is different, but not near as loud as other vac's. For my first bagless experience, I feel I've gotten a pretty good deal. It's been good, so far, at picking up dog hair as long as the container is kept clean. Very back breaking to do stairs, the bottom wants to constantly flip up to the handle because the springs are that good. When the handle is upright, it automatically turns the vacuum off - there's your obvious problem with the stairs. I had the roller bar motor shut off on me this past week, but somehow got it to work again. This is where warranty work would come in handy...but, as I said, I purchased this at well below retail price therefore viewed the purchase as a "throw away" if all didn't go well. I'm not really happy with the lack of "deep-down" suction power and edge suction, but I'm not convinced I've found a vacuum that will make me totally happy in that aspect (my old Singer came close). I'm very hard on vacuum's, and have used them in both the residential and commercial settings. I bought a Singer and Dirt Devil both on recommendations of a previous hotel owner, and used an Oreck to clean a school as well as very expensive cannister vacuum models...it all boils down to personal preferences. Hated the Oreck and cannister vac's, Singer was pretty nice, Dirt Devil and Eureka never really did it for me either, and the Kirby's were just too heavy with no real distinct greatness either. Yes, I'm picky...so, this machine is pretty good all except the previously stated complaints (and most models have lack of cleaning power to some degree), and the hose is tricky to get back into place. I will keep using it until I can try out a Dyson (still in search of that suction power), but I wouldn't count on spending upwards of over the $150 to $300+ I'm seeing this thing retail for unless you can get a 30 day refund if you are unsatisfied. If you are traveling in a motor home (which is what one of the other store customers - a loyal Oreck fan, I must add - was seeking out this machine for), it's actually a good idea as well! If you can't vacuum your area in 30 minutes, and be patient for a 30 minute re-charge ... well, you get a second battery to use. ...more info
  • It's going back to the store for a refund!
    I really wanted to love this vacuum, but I will admit to being skeptical. I waited until I was able to purchase it at a deep discount, brought it home and got it set up. First thing I noticed, the battery is very heavy, I didn't weigh anything, but it feels like it almost doubles the weight of the vacuum when its installed. Overall the entire unit is very heavy too, I certainly wouldn't want to schlepp this sucker up and down the stairs every couple of days! The filter system may be effective, but I won't know, since I' returning it tomorrow. I did feel that the schedule of cleaning all the filters, including the filter for the battery charger would be something that would end up slipping my mind. I might have tolerated all the picky filter recommendations if it had been a spectacular vacuum, but it wasn't! The charger fan is quite noisy, I found the noise slightly irritating. After conditioning and charging the battery for the recommended 24 hours, I plugged it in and got to cleaning. The vacuum did an okay job of picking up the cat hair on my dark green carpet, but I noticed a considerable lack of actual dirt in the canister. You know what I mean, the deepdown sandy dusty stuff that your old vacuum still seems to get. Hmm....okay, well then, I'll move on to the stairs. The vacuum has an extension wand with a few attachments. The two dusting type brushes aren't usable on a carpeted stair, they didn't even pick up cat hair, and who the heck wants to vacuum a stairway with a crevice tool? The extension would only reach about four stairs at a time, leaving me to lug it upstairs to reach the top four stairs, (so I could use a crevice tool to vacuum them!) I simply gave up on vacuuming the middle four stairs, heck with it, I'll call it my oasis of cat hair in the middle of a stairway! It's not like the vacuum was really getting the top and bottom stairs clean anyway!
    Bottom line, iffy suction while vacuuming the floor, practically non-existent suction using the attachments. This baby is going back to the store on Monday, and I'll continue my search for the perfect vacuum....more info
  • A love / hate relationship.
    First, there was a six month learning curve on "locking" the hose in place but it was so convient I persisted. We sent back one battery 3 times before it held a charge and 30 minutes was not near long enough to vacuum my house and furniture(necessary with a toddler).

    Now neither battery works and will probably do work necessary to replace at least one of them because of the investment and the convience.

    Cleans window sills well.

    Does not work on shag carpet. Gets stuck. Most of my floors are wood so it works fine. But, my oreck will pick up stuff this one leaves behind and it doesn't fit under counter edges as well as the oreck either. All in all I would still use both vacuums for different jobs if I had another battery. ...more info
  • Puzzled
    Gosh, do I hate vacuuming. Or did.
    The noise, the cord, the hassle. It was always a big production.
    This baby eliminates that. Just pull it out and go. And no mind grating noise; just a sort of semi-electronic purr. I used in a room where my cat was sleeping, and he didn't even budge.
    I have not had the problems described, making me wonder why. I see from the "early adopter" description that the unit is listed as the Westinghouse WST1600, rather than as the WST1600A. I wonder if the A version was improved to correct the problems.
    If the vacuum brush gets wrapped around a tassle from a run, it quickly senses this and shuts down. But all you have to do is clear the tassle and turn the vacuum off and on, and it is back in action.
    There is a bottom compartment next to the brush that traps the heavy stuff, like gravel. You need to clear this out, say one in seven times for emptying the main cup. There are no screws involved; just press two plastic tabs to remove, which I do on a sheet of newspaper. But even when it is pretty much full it does not cause the vacuum to shut down.
    Mine is not perfect, though. It is rather heavy, making it questionable for use on stairs unless you are strong; also, since it shuts off in the upright position, this probably won't work anyhow - so you use the wand. But despite its weight, it rolls easily.
    It seems a bit weaker than my Eureka plug in for edge cleaning along walls, but the wand does the job. It seems to pick up as much as the Eureka, if not more. It gets all the kitty litter on regular carpet and medium length shag. And it picks up feathers, too. It does seem to adjust automatically to different height carpet.
    I think it is exceptionally well designed, except for one thing: On my plug in you can lift up the front end enough to get over a rug edge by pulling down on the handle; on the unplugged there is no notch in the handle positioning to do this.
    Bagless has its advantages, of course. But that means you have to clean the filters periodically, and of course empty the cup fairly often compared to a bag, which I only do about once a year. On the other hand, you get the positive reinforcement of seeing all the dirt you picked up that you didn't know was there.
    The part that I love is that the motor turns off automatically when you put it in the upright position to move furniture, etc, and restarts when you lower it again. So you don't feel rushed.
    And not having a cord is heaven: like switching from a corded lawn mower to a gas model.
    The initial battery conditioning instructions are a bit vague. Apparently it spends some of the time appearing to do nothing. I thought it was through after 10 hours and pulled the battery out. Apparently it is more like 20 hours - i conditioned it fully after the initial charge.
    I suggest that if you don't need more than the regular 30 minutes at a pop, don't even do a first charge on the other battery. NiCads croak after about 5 years even sitting on a shelf, but I think will last longer if unused. So wait a few years before charging the second battery.
    On the other hand, if you need to run this continuously, the first battery is supposed to last about 30 minutes, and the second is supposed to charge in 30 minutes, though I haven't tried this.
    The fan on the charger is a good idea. Batteries charge better if they don't overheat. The fan is not as noisy as the vacuum cleaner. And the fan has two levels depending on the phase of charging.
    Oh, and the vacuum looks very cool.
    I am very happy with it. It actually makes vacuuming sorta fun. Now if only I could use it to mow the lawn....more info
  • Wireless Heaven
    I have used other cordless vacuums but this one is far superior in every way. It has much more power and the dual battery packs is a big plus in giving you the extra amount of time needed to finish the job with power to spare. The addition of the telescopic hose with 3 different tools is also a big plus and makes this machine a lot more versatile than just having a cordless stick vac. The only fault I have found with the unit is the way the onboard tools are attached to the unit. They easily fall off while you are using the vacuum. A better holding mechanism would be a great improvement, otherwise I rate the unit A+. ...more info
  • Clogs Constantly -- Sooo Frustrating
    I purchased this vac at Target mainly because of its cordless feature. It worked great when I first got it; however, within a few months it was clogging constantly and not getting my carpets clean. I have to disassemble the bottom compartment and empty it every time I use this vac. even though I go around and pick up all the bits of leaves, crumbs, paper, etc. before vacuuming. After only 16 months or so I am about to replace it. I have kept the filters clean, and the batteries charged and conditioned as recommended - this doesn't seem to help. Also, the onboard tools (brushes, crevice tool) fall out of their holders constantly. Perhaps this vac would be ok for someone with no pets, kids or heavy foot traffic, but it is definitely not up to any type of heavy use....more info
  • Just heaved it!
    It took me a year to do this but finally I've had enough and I gave it a good heave out into the backyard making sure nobody would suffer the pain of using this despicable piece of junk....more info
  • Do not buy this!
    When I bought this, I was excited by the cordless feature. BUT the vacuum does not pick up anything heavier than a feather. I thought that a cordless vacuum would save me time because I would not have to plug it in. But this is not the case. I was constantly having to change the power packs and emptying the canister took way too many steps. Also, the charger is always plugged in, wasting energy. The vacuum comes with 2 battery packs, but only one fuse for the battery packs. So you have to order the second fuse.
    The hose does not click into place easily, so when I use the vacuum, it constantly falls off.
    I have had this vacuum for only 1 1/2 years but it is already broken. Although I am sad that I have to fork out some more money for another vacuum, I am glad that I can finally get rid of this piece of junk.
    I ONLY recommend this vacuum if you have a serious lack of outlets in your home, minimal dust, and no carpet. ...more info
  • A Pain!
    This is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review, but I am so disappointed in this thing! After over a year and only having actually used it about a dozen times, I am giving it to charity and have gone out and purchased a traditional corded vacuum. Here's why:

    1. Suction - very poor suction. If you have hardwood floors only or very low pile carpeting it's probably okay, but it does not pick up well at all on rugs or normal carpeting.

    2. Maintenance - There are seriously three different cleaning processes you have to remember that are supposed to occur at different times. I put together a calendar to remember! Way too much thinking about a vacuum!

    3. Charger - Very loud, large and in the way. Only charges for one use for a medium to large house.

    4. Operation - surprisingly heavy but quiet. If you have rugs or pets the hair gets caught in the rollers much more often than in other vacuums and you end up sitting on the floor picking it out of the roller each time you vacuum.

    Just generally a pain in the @#$%%....more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks- But Not What It Should
    When I first saw this vacuum, I was so impressed. My mother bought it for me because she knows I love high-tech gadgets and needed a new vacuum. What a fantastic design, right out of the box! I was thrilled that it was bagless and cordless. It runs great on floors and the attachments work well, BUT...soon after using it, the unit began clogging whenever I used it on the carpet. I have spent many hours on the phone with customer service, and they act like it is the first time they have heard this complaint, but reading these reviews makes me think otherwise. This vacuum won't run for more than about 10 seconds before clogging. When I attempt to unclog, there is no significant debris that should be causing this problem. Many times I have had to completely disassemble the bottom of the unit (at the advice of the customer service folks), but even that only works for a few minutes before it indicates it is clogged again. Don't waste your money on this vacuum. I bought a different one today and look forward to a vacuum that actually sucks- but not in the way this one does. ::)...more info
  • Westinghouse - You can be sure
    I really love the convenience of not having to plug into a socket, of never not having enough cord and having to go unplug the unit and move it to a new location. I like the fact that I wont run over the cord with the brush and have to replace it because I frayed it with the brush. It has plenty of cleaning power, I have a dark brown carpet so I need to vacuum frequently. It is super easy to empty the canister, the batteries last a little longer than the 1/2 that they claim, you are never without power, they are also very easy to change, the only flaw I found was it didn't get close enough to the edge for my taste, with the dark carpet I can even see light dust. Of course that's what the attachments are for, but if it had edge cleaning capabilities I would consider it the perfect vacuum. It does a great cleaning job, it's easy to use, and easy to maintain....more info
  • Weak & Heavy
    I cannot recommend this vacuum. It is very heavy (expected considering the battery) and it does not clean very well. Suction is weak and the connection from the cleaning head to the body of the machine is very narrow as are the channels in the cleaning head itself. The result is it clogs repeatedly on hair, small pieces of paper, anything much larger than a grain of sand. This would be a smaller nuisance if they had made it easier to clear the jam but it requires tools (screwdriver) and you must turn the device over which is awkward.

    On a somewhat more pointed issue the machine does not clean even remotely as well as competing corded products such as the Hoover Windtunnel....more info
  • I want a Fantom! They rocked!
    I should have listened to the below reviews. Maybe this can help future buyers. Do NOT pay more than $100 for this vacuum. Somehow Amazon mispriced for $89 and free shipping so I ignored the reviews and took the deal. My mistake and loss of time. I'm going back to corded and will not stop until I get my Fantom back. I should have never let it go (sold for a cross country move)!

    Positives first. Only 1. It's quieter than anything I've ever heard. Okay, now the negatives. The battery charger stays plugged in and is noisy (white noise). When in use you have to keep the vacuum cleaner very tilted or it shuts itself off (goes into sleep mode) if you lift it too close to upright position. This is annoying to say the least. Supposedly it should only do this if it locks in upright position. No so, or I've got a defective one.

    Suction. Better than the bagged vacuum I have, but terrible for bagless (and I'm comparing to Fantom Fury a long time ago). It got up a lot of cat hair (I have one cat) and stuff, but when I inspected the carpet there were still plenty of hairs it could have gotten. It is for this reason I'm sending it back and going with a better suction machine.

    Too much special care needed. It's like a Beverly Hills socialite vacuum or something! C'mon, every week, every other month, every 3 months, and once a year something needs cleaning. My old Fantom was a dirt hog if this is what new bagless vacuums are about.

    I'm really irritated because I waited so long to receive it and used it for less than 15 minutes and hate it. That's bad. But it goes to show you, READ REVIEWS and heed the warnings!...more info

  • Getting a feel of unplugged vacuum
    I bought this item from Amazon a week ago. I bought it for the features and the look. I opened the carton and I assembled all the loose parts (like handle,brushes and fuse for battery. Assembling is not a time consuming process. Everything is pre-assembled except handle. I started battery conditioning. I checked the battery charger after approx. 20 hrs or may be less and amazingly it was conditioned and charged. I was surprised because the manual says 24hrs. I started vacuuming to see how it works. My first impression is that it was awesome. It produces minimal sound unlike regular corded vacuums. I tested on bare floor, it works really good.
    Initially, I thought the handle position is awkward as it is not in the center. I realized that its not bad. Its a matter of practice.
    When I read other reviews, I thought it is worst. I believe those comments are not up to mark or may be they got bad pieces. I liked this vacuum for now. I will let you know after 1 month how it behaved....more info
  • Great idea but ..
    This is a great idea but ...

    I love the way you don't have to plug and unplug the vacuum. It makes everything so easy and the recharging and ordinary maintenance of the cleaner is not that hard. But ...

    the problem is that it repeatedly jams. I would guess that it has jammed 10 out of the 12 or so times that I have used it. To unjam it you have to turn the cleaner upside down and pull the knotted mess out of the bottom of the machine with your fingers. That often makes a mess on the floor which you have to clean all over again. Sometimes (about half the time) it jams so badly that I have to take the bottom of the machine apart with a screwdriver, clean it out and reassemble it.

    I wondered if there was something wrong with the unit I bought, so I took it to a repairman. He told me that the opening in the bottom of the vacuum is too small and prone to jamming. There was, he told me, nothing that could be done to improve the situation except to be very careful vacuuming so as to not jam up the machine.

    The cordless vacuum is a great idea but it needs a lot more refinement and that refinement should have been done before they put it on the market...more info

  • Love This Vacuum
    I bought this at Bed, Bath and Beyond on clearance. After getting it home and charging the batteries (yes it does take a long time, but it's worth it). I used this on my rug that had just been vacuumed with a eureka corded vac, I could see the dirt in the fill cup. It is convenient and easy to use, although it is a bit heavy compared to my eureka. It works well on my rug, wood floors and ceramic tile.

    Customer service is a dream. Since I bought the floor model, I was missing some pieces. I called customer service and they shipped me all four parts, free of charge (did not even ask for a receipt). I received them in less than a week.

    This vacuum gets used every day in my house and does a great job vacuuming up pet hair (two dogs, two cats and a rabbit) along with the messes my 18 year old, 11 year old and 2 year old boys leave.
    Although I would probably never spend the $300 regular price on any vacuum, I think this vacuum is a great value(...)....more info

  • A great Vacuum with some minor limitations
    From the moment you pull it out of the box, you'll realize the unplugged is unlike any vacuum that's come before as it's got a very futuristic and stylish design. 2 large supporting pieces of the main structure are constructed of brushed aluminum as is the accessory hose/wand - something you rarely see in contemporary vacuums these days.

    The charging/battery system is both innovative and easy to use. I've heard other reviews complain about the initial 24 hour 'conditioning cycle charge' per battery but I feel this is an extremely small inconvenience considering the benefits of cordless vacuuming. Also the amazingly 30 minute normal charge time per battery more than makes up for it.

    I've read some of reviews on this site regarding the lack of suction power for this vacuum. While I'll admit the suction is not as strong as that of a corded vacuum, I found it does pick up very well. I think in the case of vacuums, 'the proof is in the dirt cup.' That said, after just 3 minutes of vacuuming, the dirt cup had a dust/fuzz ball the size of an adult fist along with a bunch of loose debris from a white carpet that initially didn't even appear very dirty!

    Regarding the brush roll, I will agree that it does slow down on carpet and would not be appropriate for medium to long pile or shag. On low pile however it does a great job. This vacuum is also wonderfully QUIET which is more than I can say for many of the corded uprights (especially Eurekas) where ear plugs almost seem like a requirement. The Unplugged really proves that a good performing vacuum does not have to have a LOUD motor!

    The vacuum has 3 onboard filters - 2 small ones and a larger HEPA one. The way the unplugged is designed, dirty air passes through the 2 smaller ones first before reaching the HEPA. The best part is these 2 filters (1 foam and 1 of a white pleated material) are a cinch to clean - just rise them under tap water or soak in soapy water (as per the instructions). As they keep much of the dirt from reaching the HEPA, it rarely needs cleaning and lasts for approximately 7 years before requiring replacement. This is a significant improvement over many of the upright bagless models today with large, single, un-washable HEPA filters located directly inside the dirt cup that can only be cleaned by being banged against the side of a trash can.

    In conclusion, I found this vacuum to be a great performer with very innovative features. As I stated previously, it works best on low-pile carpets which I don't personally consider a drawback since Shag carpets aren't quite as common as they were 30 years ago. That said, you won't miss the cord and you'll have fun using this vacuum!...more info

  • No, it doesn't work, and don't count on your warranty...
    The unit's brushes become clogged with junk, mainly hair, and then shut off every 10 seconds to 1 minute. Yes, we've taken it apart; yes, the batteries are conditioned and charged fully; no, my carpet is not tall. After several calls to Salton (Westinghouse's distributor) they sent me a replacement that was dirtier and more dinged up than my own vacuum and had the same problem out of the box. They did apologize and send another; however, the money-back part of your warranty they say is only if the product is discontinued. This review is my vindication :)...more info
  • No Sales
    I work in a large retail store e.g. kmart/walmart and work in housewares. We have now carried this cordless vacuum for 3 months and have not sold a single one. We let all customers turn the vacuums on and check displays out before purchasing and even though it is the easiest for me to display, since I don't have to run to an outlet everytime someone wants to turn it on, it is a waste of my time as no one is interested once they get to really check it out. It's bulk and weight are a large turnoff followed by it's lack of power. Yes I conditioned the batteries. Westinghouse spent too much time making it look cool rather then making it work....more info
  • Good job Westinghouse!
    If you can manage to disconnect most of your preconceptions of vacuum cleaners and start with a fresh outlook this thing is great! I've had mine for about 2 weeks and was at first somewhat disappointed, but once I realized that it is just "different" more than "bad", I like it. It sounds like it's struggling on really deep pile carpet, but if you keep up a fairly brisk pace and don't let it load up it works fine. Once again, forget the sounds that it's making...just look at the results on the floor and the amount of dirt collected!
    I also have a Kirby, which isn't a fair comparison. I would put this vacuum in the same cleaning class as my old Oreck, although it certainly isn't as light, but the trade off is ease of use, which is a major plus. My biggest concern before I received it (mail order) was how batteries could possibly power something well enough to do a decent job. When I saw the batteries and charger for the first time, this fear was allayed. My son's comment was to never get rid of the batteries; that Westinghouse would probably make other machines to go with them; like maybe a jackhammer or backhoe.
    Overall, the machine is, once again, no Kirby and about equal to an Oreck (in just my opinion). But it sure takes the pain out of vacuuming!...more info
  • Wanted to love it... but no power
    I purchased this vacuum yesterday as an "open-box" item from a major electronics / appliances retailer, so it was already charged when I brought it home (therefore I don't know if the original owner did the proper 24-hour "burn-in" for the battery pack or not, but I also don't know if that would've affected the outcome). Nonetheless, just to be 'safe' I charged up the second battery for 30 minutes (the light said it was 'done') and used that fresh battery for this vacuum's inaugral home test.

    I started on my tile and was pleased to see it pick up little bits of visible stuff on the floor, and a healthy hum of power came out of the brush portion. However, once I moved on to the high-pile carpet it was like trying to jog through quicksand. The brush would either turn off (presumably because my carpet tripped its "too much load" sensor) and I'd have to restart it, or it would b-a-r-e-l-y motor along if I pushed it at a snails pace.

    Still, I really wanted to like this cool-looking and cool-concept cordless vacuum, so I went on and finished vacuuming my living room; took a LONG time due to the slow pace I had to keep, but at least I could see some results show up in the bagless clear bin. I should also note that (whether my fault or poor design I can't say) the attachments kept getting knocked off by my legs and getting thrown around the room - bit of a pain... Then I logged on here to Amazon to see what everyone else had to say about this vacuum, and seeing the exact same opinions as mine made up my mind: back to the store it went (barely two hours after purchasing it)!

    Like I said, I really wanted to like this as I'm no fan of vacuum cleaner cords, but this product isn't 'ripe' just yet. I have high-pile carpet and two cats, so I really needed something with more power. I don't know who this product would be good for, as I think it's only really good for non-carpeted areas (in which case why don't you save yourself some money and just go buy a Swiffer-mop?). This gets just one star from me, and only for its cool concept and styling.

    P.S. After I brought it back I instead purchased a Dyson DC07 (based on Amazon.com user reviews), brought it home and - as a test - re-vacuumed my living room (second time that day) and it was AMAZING the amount of stuff the Westinghouse had missed! I filled up the 16 oz bin with all sorts of fur, hair, dust, and sand! The difference was really like night and day - I'm now a new Dyson convert!...more info

  • This vacuum doesn't suck � have suction, that is
    Contrary to the main Amazon review posted with this product, I bought the Westinghouse WST1600 Unplugged Cord-Free Vacuum and I have just sent it back. I thought it was too good to be true, and it was. The power was pitiful; emitting a weak whirring sound more like a fast-food giveaway toy than an almost-$300 appliance, it dragged more dust and fuzz across the floor than it picked up, and the amber light started flashing that the battery charge was almost spent, WAY before the advertised half hour. (Yes, I had fully conditioned the batteries for 48 hours before starting). I really wanted to love this machine, because other than its lack of pick-up power, it is beautifully designed, and all of its parts would seem to fit together perfectly and fulfill their mission with ease -- if only it would suck....more info
  • WESTINGHOUSE UNPLUGGED... Timing is everything!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this vac at Target (on sale for 149$). I was at first disapointed because after conditioning and charging the batteries I couldn't get the vac to suction. But after taking the botton plastic "thing" out of the bottom and only have the clear shield on the botton. It seems to be working really GREAT. I only use it for light daily routine cleaning. I also have a Shark Cordless sweeper and that one works GREAT. The Unplugged comes in a close second to my Shark. Wait to buy the Unplugged until it goes on Sale!!!!!! Don't waste your money on paying full price for it....more info
  • Auto stop brush is the problem
    This vacuum is basically a cordless version of Fantom Wild Cat (which equips only 6 Amp). Westinghouse's version is 15 Amp. It is supposed to be very powerful, I can see the hair rotates almost twice fast in the container when comparing to my Fantom Cyclone XT. However, the auto stop brush is the problem -- it is supposed to stop agitating when larger object is in the way, but it does not auto brush again when larger is gone -- you need to stop the vacuum, and turn it on again, the brush will begin to agitate again. The design is very strange, who keeps checking the brush while vacuuming? One more odd thing, if you put your finger in the housing, you can truely feel the suction; but, you almost feel nothing outside of housing -- so, whenever brush does not bring up dirt, it will not pick up. It is slightly heavier than many brand, but way lighter than my old Fantom. I really want to keep it, no cord and lighter, but constantly keeping eyes on brush movement is impossible. Maybe I'll try again when next version comes out....more info
  • Does NOT Suck (anything)
    Got this for Christmas. Took 48 Hours to Condition both batteries. It is VERY heavy to push (not self-propelled) and it doesn't pick up things visible on the floor and carpet. Took it back to the store. Bought another brand - filled the dirt cup up 3 times (and this was 1 day after I vacumed w/ the Westinghouse). As I was packing it up to return it, I saw all the yech was stuck in the bottom of the vacuum - something another reviewer mentioned is an on-going problem. STAY AWAY FROM THIS EXPENSIVE NIGHTMARE!!...more info
  • Returned before even trying!!!
    I did not even try this vacuum! Once I read the maintenance schedule for the unit it went back!! It has 4 filters with 4 different cleaning frequencies and four different cleaning methods! Give me a break! The Editorial review on this site says "life long HEPA filter", very deceiving as it doesn't mention the other three! I would not recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Worst I have ever had!
    I bought this vacuum because of it being cordless and that is a plus with this vacuum. Perhaps the only one.
    I have had this since the 1st part of October, not having been smart enough to return it. Every single week since I have had it I have had to take the plastic bottom off and unstop it as it does not put the dirt in the canister or at least very little of it. I have just finished doing it again. It is always clogged. I have never been able to find out if it works good or not as running it over one carpet and we are clogged again.
    So, here I am, stuck with a vacuum not worth a hoot and have no decent vacuum to clean with so I have had to buy another one.
    I e-mailed the company but got no satisfaction so I am out $300.
    Buyer Beware!...more info
  • Don't waste your time nor your money!!!
    I bought this item in October and have had nothing but problems with the it. Not only the first one, but the second one that the manufacturer sent out as a replacement. Westinghouse normally makes good products, so I was amazed at the waste of money I spent on this product. The suction is not even there, the hose is a great idea; when it is not falling out of its holster area. Worked so-so on tile butreally lacked suction on carpet. I have a vacuum that I don't even use. The idea is great but it should have an option for cord use and I think that will help a little since it works better for the first ten minutes and then goes down hill fast from there. The place I purchased this from was a dude also... even after all of my problems they wouldn't even give me a refund....more info
  • Convient, but ineffective
    I love this concept, but until this vaccuum can perform better, it is not worth the convenience. It claims to be 15 amps, but the sucking power doesn't even come close to that of a 12 amp plug in model. I'm returning mine tomorrow, and purchasing a plug in. Hopefully in 10 years when my plug in dies, the cordless will be up to par....more info
  • Waste of Time and Money
    With 3100 sq ft of ceramic tile and 5 long coated dogs in residence, a true upright vacuum to replace my trusty but short lived Eureka Boss stickbrooms seemed like a dream come true. However, that was possibly the worst use of $240 imaginable. I can run over the same little bit of dirt numerous times, then go get either the Eureka or the Shark electric broom to actually get it up. The concept is sound, and so many of us would more than welcome a true, efficient cordless vacuum, but folks, this ain't it. Last night my husband came home with a new Oreck, cord and all....after going through two battery packs vacuuming with The Beast (apt nickname considering size and weight), the Oreck pulled up twice what was in The Beast's canister and did it, even with moving the plug around in less than a third the amount of time.

    Sign me still waiting in Southern California....

    http://www.morganriver.com...more info

  • Yes, it really works
    We've had this for a month or so and have gotten used to the different handling characteristics compared to other vacuums we've had. Although it doesn't seem to have the suction of a plugged in vacuum, it really must be working, judging by the amount of dirt that collects in the canister. I appreciate the ease of getting the job done more quickly; when I see a little dirt that needs vacuuming, I'm not as intimidated by this model as I would by a machine that you're always plugging in and unplugging and getting caught up in the cord. Without dealing with a cord, I'm more apt to take some extra time to utilize the attachments for doing edges, baseboards, window sills, etc. This is my first vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter and the bagless collection feature which seem to work quite well. I don't think there really is such a thing as a perfect vacuum cleaner, but this machine eliminates a few annoying aspects of vacuuming. Note: when you first buy it, each battery has to be conditioned for 24 hours; that's 2 days before you have continuous use of the machine. This conditioning process, which has to be done once a year, is a little noisy. After that, each battery recharges in 30 minutes....more info
  • Close... but not quite
    This vacuum is great for light cleaning, but doesn't replace a corded machine - Wonderful on hard floor but the brush tends to slow down considerably when used on minimal carpet pile.

    However it's a very well made machine and the batteries does deliver the 30 minutes that they promissed. I love the freedom of not having a cord but will not 'dispose' of my corded vacuum like I was hoping to, since I will still be needed to give the rugs a deeper cleaning....more info

  • Wow! THIS IS GREAT!!!
    What a joy to vacuum with NO CORD. you don't realize it until you use it! We really like this unit. Don't have to set anything to go from carpet to our kitchen floor. We also like the fact that there is NO belt to replace for beater bar. Always hated that! Does a fine job of vacuuming. Very good, well made and thought-out machine and we would recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone. Anyone that doesn't like this one should get a shop vac....more info
  • humility
    The queen, vacuuming with John Clese!
    How humble!
    What an example!...more info
  • great idea/little power
    I too was talked into buying this $300 vacuum,after reading the review.I absolutely hate cords,so this was perfect for me.I charged it as it instructed,the battery charger is loud,but I figured that if it worked it was well worth the noise.It was fun to use,the kids even enjoyed helping,which is very rare.It picked up dirt,and pet hair,but then I put it to a test vacuuming ,first with it,and then with my old corded model.My vacuum was nearly full,after,I'd already cleaned good with this vacuum.This vacuum,was fun to use,but didn't pick up deep down dirt,or anything on my carpet with a deep pile.I even gave it another try,hating to return it.I recharged it ,making sure nobody messed with it.It didn't help any,so we returned it.I miss the ease of the cordless,but after all I vacuum,to remove dirt,and no matter how much fun it was to use,it just didn't do the job....more info
  • Great idea, but poor execution
    Although not typically an early adopter, I jumped at the chance to try this vacuum out, hoping that a new technology would make desultory chores at bit more palatable. But alas, the box went back the next day. Living with this vacuum means living with a large, toaster-oven size battery charger that makes loud fan noises as it reconditions/recharges its rolling-pin-sized battery (initially for 24 hours, then 30 minutes at a clip.) Plus the vaccuum itself was strangely unwieldly, with cheap plastic wheels that rolled uneasily in their sockets, instead of the smooth tracking rubber wheels I would expect of a high-end vacuum. Even without turning the thing on, I knew it was a goner....more info
  • Not as powerful as expected
    I had high hopes after reading "We found the Westinghouse to be as powerful and effective a bagless upright as any corded models we've tested" in the Amazon.com review, but after having tried it for myself, I am frankly amazed that anyone would have made such a statement. It was only because of that review that I was willing to pay $250+ for this machine.

    This vacuum is acceptable for a light cleaning, but is in no way a suitable replacement for a corded machine - it just doesn't have the power. It is not totally inadequate, but the power is marginal at best. Even on my low carpet the brush motor "bogs down", causing the brush to spin so slowly it doesn't have the power to give the carpet that "just vacuumed" look (sorry, I'm a guy with a poor "house cleaning" vocabulary).

    The vacuum does appear to be of high quality manufacture; the batteries do work about 30 minutes each; and the ease of cordless operation is great, but I think you'll find you need to follow up periodically with a corded unit to adequately decompress the carpet to restore its appearance and extend its life....more info

  • Cordless Freedom
    Finally someone smart figured this out. I am so happy with this-what a great concept. No more cords to trip over and you can just switch batteries if needed to keep cleaning literally forever. How awesome is that? I recommend this to everyone. Cordless. Bagless. Who could ask for more- and then it has HEPA too. Thanks for a great new vacuum!...more info
  • Early on, but so far so good
    I have just had this vacuum for a week now but so far I am pleased. I must say I was concerned that it would not have enough power but after using it for the past week I feel it certainly has enough power for my use.

    -Two batteries that charge in 30 minutes and run for 30 minutes
    -Quick off cleaning wand (this is really useful)
    -Power save features (goes into standby when you set upright)
    -Easy clean canister

    -Price $$$$$
    -The manual has one major mistake I think. When you first use the batteries they must be conditioned for 24 hours in the charger. The manual tells you to push a button for this but has two columns where the headers are switched. This could cause some people to charge the batteries instead of conditioning them...more info