Dirt Devil M084100 Power Stick

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Product Description

Dirt Devil, 12A/1440W, Power Stick Vac, 1-1/2 Times More Power Than Any Other Stick Vac, Bagless Technology, No More Bags, Lightweight Design Upright Power, Lightweight Weighs Only 6 LB, Long 20' Power Cord, Low Profile Nozzle, Cleans Bare Floor & Carpets, Motor Guard System, 2 Year Warranty.

This 12-amp stick vacuum from Dirt Devil is an unusually powerful cleaning machine with a slim design and a lightweight structure. Weighing only six pounds, the vacuum is great for quick pick-ups, hardwood floors, workshops, dorm rooms, and play areas. It features bagless dirt collection, gathering debris and dust into a transparent cup complete with a filter for the finest particles. The vacuum's 11-inch floor nozzle covers ground efficiently and has a low profile for under furniture and cabinets. To ensure long life and easy maintenance, the machine is equipped with the Motorguard system, which keeps dust and dirt out of the motor. The trim unit is easy to store, thanks to a hanging hook in the handle, and it comes with a 20-foot power cord. Dirt Devil includes a two-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Great for quick pick-ups, hardwood floors, and small living areas
  • High-power 12-amp suction in a stick vacuum form
  • Bagless dirt collection with air filtration
  • Comes with built in motor-protection system
  • 11-inch cleaning path, 42-1/2 inches high; weighs 6 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Wear ear protection and put the dog out!
    Too say it's loud is an understatement, the word you want is deafening! The little thing roars, scares the dog, and falls over occasionally. Kinda reminds me of one of my relatives. I gave it 3 stars because it works well, takes very little space to store, the dust dealie is easy to empty and I like the red color. If I had to do it again I wouldn't, that said I threw away the box and receipt in a fit of efficiency so I'm stuck with it....more info
  • Too strong an exhaust
    I bought the Power Stick to have something quick to get the dog hair from my kitchen floor. The dogs are shedding and I didnt want to drag out my big vac all the time. Sweeping didnt help since the hair drifted under the fridge and stove. The first time I turned on the Power Stick I was impressed at the suction and began to clean my floor. To my dismay the exhaust blew the hair and dust across the room and under my stove and fridge in a split second. You would have to be very careful which direction you began to vacuum a floor because of this. I wrote the company to bring this to their attention, NOT to ask for a refund. I got an e-mail back stating they did not give refunds and they never mentioned my complaint. I was very disappointed in their reaction and I doubt I will buy any Dirt Devil products in the future....more info
  • Noisy but Lightweight, Effective
    The vacuum really is noisy. I wear ear plugs when I use it because it is so loud and the noise actually gets painful in narrow halls. I refuse to use it when my dog is in the house and eventually I will have to get a quieter vacuum. For now, though, I like that the vacuum is lightweight, easy to maneuver and picks up the dog hairs and the daily debris. ...more info
  • Jet Airplane Noise - Returned it Immediately
    This beast seemed to vaccuum reasonably well, but was outrageously noisy - so much so that I was concerned that it would cause hearing damage.
    I immediately packed this puppy up and returned it....more info
  • Very Good
    This small sweeper has excellent power. The only problem is the wind effect that actually spreads dust around while you are trying to pick it up. ...more info
  • Useless
    I bought this Power Stick yesterday at Target and attempted to use it on my laminate-wood kitchen floor last night. It literally picked up nothing but a little bit of dust, leaving crumbs untouched, yet it roared like a mini jet engine. Very deceiving because with noise like that one would expect it to be the Hercules of vacuums. Needless to say, it is already packed back in it's box and will be returned asap!...more info
  • Extremely Loud...and Doesn't SUCK Enough!
    It's very very loud and doesn't pick up anything. It's very good at capturing small dust particles, but anything bigger gets left behind. I have to roll the thing over small crumb sized specs 3-4 times!

    All these challenges are due to the small size of the hole it's trying to suck through! It has 2 small holes in the bottom that are about .5" x 1.5" each.

    So...in order to suck up stuff you've got to position those little holes right over what you're picking up! I don't understand what the point of the wide bottom is, if you push it into a corner, it doesn't pick up the crumbs in the corner since it's too far from the holes. I wasn't even able to pick up a light fluffy dust bunny from the corner until I had it right in the middle of the vac... I'm using this thing on hardwood floors and a slightly shaggy rug...maybe if it was on your standard pile carpet it would create a better suction. But as far as I'm concerned it 'doesn't suck enough'!

    The small holes also cause the super loud sound. 12 amps is great, but getting through the small holes just causes the air to scream at you.

    I had a stick eureka vac with less amps and it did way better...boy do I miss that little vacuum. I'm going to donate this one and buy another cuz it's just not worth the frustration, time, and hearing loss!...more info
  • NOT recommended
    I was looking for a small and efficient vacuum for our 1500 SF townhouse with hardwood floors. This vacuum, which I purchased from Target in store, sucks. Actually, it does the opposite. Instead of picking things up, it blows them around. It does pick up SOME stuff, but chasing the little pieces is fruitless, and I just end up using a broom. I paid $40 for this and am returning it 3 days after I bought it. Additionally, this is the loudest vacuum I've ever heard-including shop vacs. Put your money towards a better quality vacuum-not dirt devil. I'm buying a Hoover Flair with Power Nozzle as this vacuum's replacement, as it has very positive reviews on Amazon. It's worth an extra $20. DO NOT BUY this vacuum...unless you like your money going down the drain. :) ...more info
  • Noisy, but Nice!
    Perfect for bare floors; fair job on short-nap throw rugs; not recommended for high or thick-nap carpeting. Noisy - my dog runs wild-eyed when I use it! But the little shedding fur-ball is the reason for this purchase and what isn't more noisy on bare floors? It is light weight, maneuverable and easily stored. Works for me! ...more info
  • Unreasonably loud
    This vacuum is very powerful but without a spinning brush on the bottom on hard surfaces it blows a lot of the dust and debris away from the suction. And honestly, it is painfully and I'm assuming dangerously loud.
    While it's light and may have done the job for me I knew I would dread using it because it was so loud.
    Who wants more reasons to be discouraged from cleaning?...more info
  • dirt devil power stick
    what a great vac., i have a kirby and it does just as good a job to clean around parrot cage and vac rooms very lightweight and pulls the dust too....more info
  • 11 inch nozzle? I don't think so.
    The actual opening is only a third the width of the "nozzle", a whopping 4 inches, with the rest being flat to the floor... not even angled towards the opening, so if you're vacuuming carpet you have to keep that 4 inches in mind.

    It is very light, VERY loud, and does a rather poor job of sucking up stuff, despite its "powerful" motor. I had stuff fall out in a pile on the floor after shutting the thing off.

    This is relatively cheap, but you get what you pay for....more info
  • Perfect for RV
    I bought this vacumn for my RV. It is powerful, doesn't take up much space & it is not like the cheaper ones that the power goes off after a short period of time. Buy some extra filters, they are cheap & you will be surprised how much dirt you will pick up. WORKS GREAT....more info
  • Don't waste your money on this !!!!!
    the most horrible vacuum ever !!!! It is so loud my 2 year old holds his ears closed when I vacuumed. Yes, "vacuumed", I replaced it with a Miele. What a difference...The dirt devil is not only loud but the air return is in a place where it blows your dust/dirt around while you are vacuuming, the same dirt you are trying to get rid off, you end up with a dust cloud in the air, not to mention you are breathing it in again. You are wasting your money if you buy this product....more info
  • Dirt Devil MO84100 Power Stick
    The Power Stick has great suction but the opening is only about 3 inches wide so it takes longer to clean a room then it would with some other products. It does a good job though with cat hair and bits of kitty litter. The noise that others complain about doesn't bother me but my cat runs and hides whenever I turn it on. It's very lightweight but I wish the handle was a little longer. I find myself stooping a bit when I use it and I'm only 5'4". ...more info
  • Exteme Noise Maker
    This product is extremely noisy. I recommend ear plugs if you use it.

    It's vacuuming capabilities are mediocre. For instance it cannot pick up granules of cat litter unless you hit them dead center of the "wand".

    I recommend that you save your money for a real vacuum cleaner....more info
  • okay, but over-rated.
    I bought this in light of some fantastic reviews, but it has managed to scratch up our brand new flooring and seems to blow around dust and pet hair instead of picking it up. The only place where it works is on the berber and the low profile area rugs. Not worth the sound....more info
  • You wouldn't want anything else.
    This is an awesome product! It works incredibly well, very powerful. It's great to be able to see all the dirt it picks up, and it doesn't need bags! It's also compact, so it's lightweight and easy to store. Perfect for an apartment or condo, or smaller home....more info
  • Do not buy
    This stick vac is powerful alright. The problem is that the opening on the bottom of the unit is too small. Forget about corners, unless you are positioned right over what you intend to vacuum it won't get sucked up. It is way too loud and blows all of the dog hair and dirt all over the floor. I am returning it an getting something else!...more info
  • Loud, but eventually cleans up dust
    This vacuum works well if you are approaching dirt directly from the front. If you need to back up to reach a side area, the venting creates a gust that blows all the dirt away before it can get sucked up. As noted by other reviewers, it is *very* noisy. I actually question if the noise it produces is within allowable limits for noise exposure/hearing loss.

    I could tolerate the noise if the product was exceptional, but the air venting makes the vacuum mostly useless....more info
  • Noisy and ineffectual
    I don't know what to say. Extremely noisy, like a plane taking off. Won't get basic lint off the carpet.

    Put your hand to it, you don't even feel a suction!

    Gave it a fair shot, then returned it.


    (p.s. I had the rechargeable Dirt Devil Platinum previous to this, and that one was far superior.)...more info
    I NEVER use this vacuum because it is, simply put, way too loud. I went back to the old vacuum I used to use and this one just hangs in my closet. I suppose I will give it away eventually....more info
  • The noise is worth it
    As with the other reviewers, the main (perhaps ONLY) fault with this vac is the noise. It is a bit rowdy, but not so much as to wake up my kids when I vacuum after they are in bed. I sucked up some cat biscuits too, which made the noise worse, because they were spinning around inside the canister like a maraca! :)

    Now, lets talk about the GREAT things ...

    Power: the darned thing leapt into action, literally! I wasn't holding on to it very well when I switched it on (guess I am too used to the big, heavy, cumbersome uprights) and it jumped off the floor a little. WAHOOO!

    Weight: Very light and easy to push around. A good weight for cleaning the stairs and carrying from one floor to the next.

    Manoeuverability: This thing spins and turns with ease. It's easy to reach right across under the dining table, because it can lay almost flat on the ground if you want it to.

    Suction: I could see bits of dirt being sucked up that were still 1-2 inches in front of the suction head! This means that getting the dirt from along the walls and in the corners is a breeze. It is fantastic on tile, hardwood, and vinyl, which is what I primarily purchased it for. I dreaded that it wouldn't work so great on carpets but it was even better than my full-size upright, which has a rotating brush.

    Price: This machine is well worth it. I really only got it to use on the hard surfaces in the house while I'm waiting for a Roomba I've ordered to arrive, but it's such a great little machine that I'm expecting I'll keep using if even after the Roomba is put to work.

    Overall, I think the noise is well worth the quality in every other area, and really, the noise isn't that much worse than my Dirt Devil Upright....more info
  • I'm giving mine away
    I liked this vacuum at first but I think it was only because I had a Bissell broom vac that was terrible. It really doesn't have enough suction. Spend a little more money and get something with more power....more info
  • Don't forget your earplugs!
    I just purchased this vacuum and I'm quite disappointed. I'm generally hard to disappoint too. I bought the vacuum b/c it was 12 amp - "as much power as a full size upright!" I figured it would be nice to have that much power in a lighter vacuum that I could easily use for quick pick ups and stairs.

    It's powerful all right! Hold on tight when you start it up. The torque nearly pulls it right out of your hand!

    Then there's the noise... You'd think that a jet engine was taking off in your living room! I'm certain I lost some of my hearing - my ears were aching afterwards (no kidding!). If I keep this thing, I'll definitely be wearing earplugs everytime I vacuum! Certainly couldn't get any vacuuming done while the kids are asleep!

    There's also the problem of the amount and velocity of air coming out of the motor compartment. It's quite a problem b/c if you're not careful, the dirt you intended to vacuum up ends up blown across the room before you can get to it!

    I was surprised to notice, too, that it seemed to have a hard time picking up the larger stuff (1/4 - 1/3 inch). I was surprised b/c of the apparent power that it has. I had to run the vacuum over it several times to get it. On the plus side, little stuff and pet hair were sucked right up (provided the air coming out of the little monster didn't stir it up before I got to it!).

    The 20 foot cord is nice. I was able to easily do the stairs with plenty of cord left over.

    All in all, a big disappointment. I'm now going to look into returning it. I think I'll go for the quieter, less powerful vacuum next time!...more info
    Don't bother. LOUD and doesn't pick up because has no rollers to sweep up ....just some air business underneath that you can't see that does NOT work well on carpet ever.. but occasionally passable on hardwood or tile...more info
  • Sucks good...but too loud and windy!!
    I like how it picks things up (I'm always vacuuming bird seed), and I like how light and portable it is, regardless of it needing to be plugged into a wall socket. ****However, I hate how loud it is; and the wind that exhausts from the side vents blows anything that's shin-level to the floor...including blowing around any light dust you're trying to pick up!!!!**** How dumb is that?!?!? I actually did a jerry-rig, and taped V-shaped cone-like pieces of paper over the side vents to direct the wind upward. That remedied blowing things around, but now I can dry my hair and sinuses at the same time!!!! All-in-all it does the job I need it to do, but I wouldn't buy it again without design alterations . . . are ya listenin' Dirt Devil/Hoover????...more info
  • Underrated.
    Boy, I like this thing. I am surprised that so many people gave it such a bad rating. Admittedly, I live in a small loft and have very little carpeting, but this vacuum has a powerful motor given that it has such a miniscule price. Overall, I think it does the job fairly well. With the noise, well truthfully, I haven't noticed it. Those in my age bracket expect their vacuums to be boisterous I guess, lol. Nowadays, with technological advancements being what they are I guess some people grow up not having to associate noise with the word vacuum. Anyway, it does just about every job I set it up for and it's real easy to clean so I have no complaints. ...more info
    This vacuum picks up well on bare floors, no better or worse than other brands I've used, but it is just much too loud. I wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • Loud but . . .
    The vacuum has two real advantages: good suction and light weight. The long cord is helpful. The only drawback is its noise in use. Overall I'm glad I bought it. The price was excellent....more info
  • Dirt Devil Power Stick
    Works well on wood floors and tile. Very difficult to move on carpet. Extremely loud...more info
  • The Worst Product
    I have never hated a product more than this one. It is so loud that it hurts your ears. The dirt is just blown around and you spend all of your time revacuuming spots.

    I am getting rid of it. Don't waste your money!!!...more info
  • doesn't pick up the dirt
    It blows the dirt around and it doesn't matter how many times I go over the carpet, I end up just going back and picking up debris by hand!...more info
  • Wish I had bought something else
    I have a two-bedroom apartment with hardwood in the living room and bedrooms, linoleum in the kitchen and tile in the bath. I have four area carpets, two 8x10s and two 3x5s. The apartment collects its fair share of dust, but since it's just me, there is minimal traffic. My Swiffer electric broom that I got at the grocery store does a marvelous job of keeping everything clean and tidy. I've even used the Swiffer on the carpets, but because it doesn't slide easily over the carpets (I have to remove the dust cloth and essentially get down on the carpet on my hands and knees to manually run it over the carpet surface), I decided to buy a separate stick vacuum that could do a better job. Well, I wish I had heeded the negative reviews on this product. It is very loud indeed, louder than my old Bissell traditional carpet vacuum which long ago became so clogged that it is no longer functional. The noise really is painful to the ears. It blows dust and dirt away rather than sucking it up. You do have to vacuum over and over on the same spot to get it to pick anything up. Same thing on my hardwoods, linoleum and tile - it just blows everything around. Apart from the noise, this seems like an easily fixed design flaw. Guess I will be sticking with the Swiffer for now....more info
  • Horrible
    This vacuum hardly picks up anything. The blower on it blows the dirt away from it, so it can't pick it up. The noise is so loud, it hurts your ears....more info
  • Totally Worthless
    I bought this vac to replace an older Dirt Devil stick vac that I had for about ten years. I really liked the old one and thought I was getting a more powerful version of the it. The new one is more powerful alright, but all the power is situated in one tiny section of the floor brush. If you don't aim that section right onto what you are trying to pick up - forget it!

    I agree with some of the other reviewers on the noise level. It's so noisy I feel I should be wearing ear plugs. Also, I can't figure out what's with all the air that blows around while you're trying to focus on your one little area. I think that's where all the power goes. Dust, debris and hair blow all over the room.

    I'm going this weekend to buy a new stick vacuum that works. Maybe I can sell this one in a garage sale.

    My advice to others is DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! I only rated it with one star because I had no other option....more info
  • pretty happy.............
    i have hard wood floors throughout my whole house (except for bedrooms). therefore really wanted something nonrechargeable. i didn't want to have to stop in the middle of cleaning to charge up (the average charge on rechargeable ones, i believe is around 12 mintues). i have two hairy kitties and one dog. the amount of dust (and hair) bunnies where driving me mad. the broom just swished it all around. so, i got this little number. very good suction, and yes, very loud. my ears ring after i use it. suction on a low carpet was not so great. i would not recommend this if that is your need. the only thing is that on either side of the machine are vents which blow air and it blows the dirt and hair around. you have to be careful where you are aiming it. one benifit was the air blew everything underneath my couch out, so i could then suck it up. the cord is a great length (20 ft. and the longest i could find on a stick vac), a nice wide path and great suction. i would recommend this product to a friend....more info
  • Dirt Devil Power Stick is definitely powerful.
    This little thing actually jumps when you start it, it has so much power. But, it is a little weighty and when the filter starts to get dirty, the power minimizes quickly, so it needs emptied a lot when cleaning a lot of dirt. These are the only two drawbacks that I have found...otherwise, I love it....more info
  • It's a pretty good vacuum
    It costs $37.80. What can you expect? A lot, as it turns out.

    For the price and the size, this Dirt Devil Power Stick packs a lot of punch. It has a small nozzle width, which allows it to fit in some tight spaces, but would make this a frustrating vacuum for anyone who has to clean a whole house. Apartments and dorm rooms are clearly the sweet spot.

    It does a good job picking up the usual visible detritus, like hair, although like most vacuums you sometimes have to make a couple sweeps. It sucks with a decent amount of power -- it doesn't exactly feel like my parents' old Kirby, but it's no dustbuster either. I did not have the problem another reviewer referred to with the air outflow disturbing the dirt before it could be picked up -- if you extend the vacuum nearly horizontal with the floor, I noticed some dirt being kicked up, but on my machine the outflow is above the dust cup, out of the way.

    Where this machine shines is in picking up dust. My boyfriend has allergies, and we are impressed. So much dust comes out of our floor into the vacuum -- I recommend emptying the cup into the trash outside, since an absolutely stunning amount of dust comes off the filter. Far better there than into our lungs.

    The dust cup is small, and though we vacuum frequently and have a small apartment, it often takes at least one trip outside to the trash to complete our cleaning. This is a drawback, but the slim design in turn makes the vacuum very easy to store.

    It is noisy, but again, not as noisy as my parents' Kirby. I wear my iPod when I clean: then I can barely hear it (and vacuuming becomes, well, kind of fun)....more info
  • Mini Vacuum
    I love this vacuum for quick clean ups, of which I have many. I have two dogs and a cat so there's always hair and litter somewhere.. this is a quick alternative to pulling out the big vacuum.
    It's very light weight, works well and has a nice long cord.
    The only downside is that unlike the big vacuum, there's no skinny attachment to get into the corners.. but it's a small downside, I just gab the dust buster or broom to compensate.
    I am able to vacuum more often (my "big" vacuum is really big and powerful and heavy..) and more quickly, so all in all it helps trendmously.
    ...more info
  • Loud is good in this case....
    I hesitated buying this vacuum because of reviews about how loud it is. But I took a chance and agree, it is loud. However,it's very powerful, and sucks up everything in sight. I use it everywhere. Kitchen, garage, carpets, it gets the job done fast....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I regret buying this vacuum. I have had it for a couple of years. I use it weekly for vacuuming the hardwood floor in my kitchen. I have a Golden Retreiver that sheds a lot of hair. The power of the exhausted air that blows out the back of the vacuum, blows all the dust and hair that's on the floor all around the room before I can vacuum it up. I can see the dust and hair flying around my head. To help avoid this problem, instead of vacuuming with the stick at an angle, I have to keep the handle straight up so the exhausted air isn't pointed at the floor. It's very awkward and frustrating. The motor on it is also incredibly loud. I'm very disappointed....more info
  • All noise, no suction
    As another reviewer wrote, if the loudness was any indication of the PowerStick's capabilities, you'd be holding on for dear life. That's where the "wow!" factor turns into, "I'm very glad I didn't pay to see this movie..." disappointment. Our apartment is mostly hardwood floors and this thing has a vent that blows everything but the kitchen sink everywhere. You literally are chasing dustbunnies down in mid-air!

    On carpet (we have a few area rugs), you have to go so slowly and so many times over the same crumbs, that you might as well have leaned over to pick them up by hand. If the filter so much as sees dust, it's full and thus, the machine shuts down like it was walking a picket line.

    If you like incredibly loud, to the point of eardrum-shattering, and are in the market for a cleaner that leaves the mess just the way you found it, then this is your lucky day. The good news is that it's so small and light-weight, that you can leave it hanging on the back porch without it being in your way as you reach for the "real" vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Dirt Devil
    My dirt devil is small and light yet powerful. I clean my tile foors and carpets with it. The purchasing process was quick and easy and by waiting a few days for delivery I got free shipping....more info
  • good little vacuum
    Living in southwest Florida, all our floors are ceramic tile. This little vacuum does a good job of cleaning all the floors. One caveat is, it is noisy! ...more info
  • Eureka CA. Humboldt County
    Good product for Hard floors, tired of Brooms so got this...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    First of all, a caveat: this little boogur is as loud as the sound effects in "War of the Worlds," but who cares? It sucks the area mats in our kitchen right off the floor along with the dog hair and Rice Krispies.

    We use this mainly on the tile and Pergo floors where our 2 dogs leave tumbleweeds of hair on a daily basis - we're in Texas, it's July and it's 108 degrees (no kidding). You'd be shedding your hair in this heat too, if you could.

    Everyday we haul the Power Stick out for doghair search and destroy - it's light, it's powerful, it does the job. We've used electric broom-type appliances for this job for ten years, recently gave our old Eureka broom a decent burial and bought the Dirt Devil. This is the best one we've ever had....more info
  • Awesome Vac
    I found the noise level to be about what I would expect to get from a regular vacuum. Contrary to other reviews this vacuum did pick up pet hair, small crumbs and lots of dirt. It also worked very well on my low pile rugs. I am thrilled with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light vacuum for their hardwood floors. ...more info
  • loud, but powerful thing SO FAR
    I have only used it once, but it did a great job. It is very loud, nothing quiet about it, and emptying the cup isn't bad. We will see how it handles things i the future. So far it has been a great addition to my studio apt. ...more info
  • Beware!
    I agree many of the other reviewers -- this product is dangerously loud! I frequently attend concerts and like my music louder than anyone I know and still find this product painfully loud -- so much that my ears ring for hours after use. Aside from this, this vacuum only sucks things up in the 2-3 inches straight down the center of its path. Sweeping along the edge of a wall is useless unless you approach the wall perpendicularly, going back and forth incrementally down the length of the wall. A piece of junk. It gets 1 star for not breaking during the 11 months that I used it....more info
  • One of the most poorly designed products I have ever bought
    I bought this to quickly pick up dog hair in between my thorough cleanings. I have a big golden retriever who sheds huge amounts of fur. I have Spanish tile and the "dust bunnies" were rampant. All this product did was blow them around faster than it sucked them up! The exhaust from it blew the fur into the air and redeposited it everywhere other than where I was vacuuming! I had to run the air cleaner all day after using this. It made a mess. I also agree with those who said it was too loud. I had to wear ear plugs to use it. It is dangerously loud....more info
  • There's a tornado in my apartment!
    Plug your ears! What all the other reviews say is true, it is really loud. My major complaint is the filter. Emptying out the cup isn't bad, but when you have to tap the filter on the side of the trash can to loosen up all the fine particles, they fly right up into my face and make a huge mess. Plus the blower on the unit blows the dust around my room before I can vacuum it up. Often I'll see dust/pet hair on the sink, etc. after I use it. Gross!...more info
  • Returning after one day
    This machine was bought only yesterday and I am going to attempt to return it to Target today. I bought it primarily for cleaning up our pet parrots' bird seed, which gets scattered onto our hardwood floors daily. My God, my ears are in pain. Truly, one would have to wear ear protection while using this or risk permanently damaging their hearing. Anyone who does not find this machine painfully loud must already have their hearing impaired (and possibly are not aware of it). I tried it when I got it home yesterday and was shocked both at the loudness of it and also at it's amazing ineffectiveness. It could barely pick up the tiny seed. Also, you do have to aim it straight on for it to manage to pick up anything, so no going along the baseboards in a quick zip. It is simply awful. Sweeping with a broom is quiker and more effective--not to mention quieter--than this machine. I gave it a second chance today and I remain VERY disappointed. Do NOT use this machine around children or animals or you will literally harm their ears and cause them pain. Even if the Dirt Devil Powerstick was a super-duper picker-upper, unless you and all who live in your household were hearing impaired, it would NOT be worth it. I give it a ZERO. I am off to try and find another brand of electric broom. Wish me luck....more info
  • Lots of noise, no action
    Like other reviewers have said, the Dirt Devil Power Stick is a waste of money. It is incredibly noisy, but has little to show for all of the commotion. It has below average perfomance on tile or wood floors and is totally useless on carpet. I threw mine out after just a year; by the end of the year, I could hardly stand to use it anymore. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil MO84100 Power Stick
    The power is more than my regular vacuum cleaner. I bought this to replace my Eureka Boss stick which was 2 amps. When I turned this one on it had a tork that made the cleaner jump up like that of a engine on a car. What cleaning power, (12amps) made quick work of the dirt and hair from my pets.

    Taking apart and putting together the filter assembly is bothersome and has to be perfect to be put together again after cleaning. They need a better and easier way to put it together again....more info
  • PAINFULLY NOISY, Average Performance
    I've had my DD Power Stick for about 3 years and simply HATE using it. I don't vacuum my floors as often as I would like to because this thing is so loud that I worry about hearing damage when I use it. I've resorted to ear plugs, and I refuse to use it if my toddler is in the area so that I won't be hurting his little ears. The suction is average. I sometimes have to make several passes over an area to make sure that I've picked up every little piece of debris on my hardwood and tile floors. Also, I don't know if this is typical of stick vacs and bare floors, but this particular machine tends to blow around the trash on the floor (i.e. pet hair, leaves) if you don't keep it pretty upright. So using it to vacuum under things like tables or chairs can cause you to send dust bunnies from the floor around you into the air.

    I'm presently shopping for a new stick vacuum, and the noise factor and better suction are my two main criteria for my next purchase. This is the last vacuum purchase that I'll make without reading reviews first!!...more info
  • As bad as all the other reviews say
    I have to agree with the majority of the reviews I read about how worthless this thing is. I got it as a bonus item with a full-size vacuum. It is so loud you'd think there was some power in it, but on carpet it just pushes the dirt around. The only thing it does a lot better on is hardwood floors, so I use it only in the kitchen and the laundry room. I would have brought it back if it wasn't included with the other vacuum. ...more info
  • Wonderful for house with small children!
    I've had this for two months now...and LOVE it! I have 2 small children (under 3) and this is wonderful for cleaning up my kitchen floors quickly throughout the day! It holds a charge for a long time. I've found the suction on it wonderful! Has even picked up some of my childrens small toys! the Brush head removes to use for cleaning out the "leftovers" left in the high chair! This has made my life a lot easier! ...more info
  • You'll NEED earplugs
    This little vac is EXTREMELY loud. I purchased it for a small upstairs area as I was tired of carrying my canister up and down the stairs. It does extremely well on hard floors and removed pet hair from the carpet quite well. It was nice for the stairs and hugged the edges near the wall. Overall I'm impressed with the little machine but you won't to hear the phone, the kids, or the doorbell while using it. Don't expect that it can replace your full size or you will be disappointed. ...more info
  • All the energy seems to go to the noisecreator
    If the almost painful noise was anything to go by this machine would rip up the nails fastening the carpet to the floor. Instead, it leaves the carpet almost as it was before I vacuumed it. It seems to get rid of the dust, but everything bigger than a breadcrumb is above its capability. I regret the day a exchanged my mini Black & Decker for this underperformer....more info
  • Good for quick pick-ups in small areas; great maneuverability
    This little vac is ok for quick pick-ups in small areas and picks up quite well for the size of it, even dog hair.
    But, and there is a "but"...I had to get a regular size Dirt Devil to thoroughly clean my carpets throughout the house.
    Overall, I'd say you can buy a regular Dirt Devil for about the same money at Walmart, but if you have small living quarters, this is the one for you. Although it's a bit noisy, it works well. ...more info
  • Piece of junk
    This little stick vac is very loud and has excellent suction, the problem is that is boast an 11" head that only has suction in the middle 3 inches, so to pick anything up you must be able to position the middle of the head over the dirt or it does not pick the dirt up. Mine was three months today and I just threw it away. Now I'm back to using my full size Eureka vac for my wood floors (not a great bare floor cleaner but MUCH better then this piece of junk). ...more info
  • Sounds like a jet engine!
    I just got new tile and wanted something light and easy to get crumbs out of the grout lines in my kitchen. This is light and easy and has tons of power/torque (if you turn it on without holding onto it, it will spin around on the floor and fall down).
    It is so loud, however, that my ears rang after using it in my small, tiled laundry room with the door closed!
    Despite the noise ordinance violation, I actually still like it and use it.
    I think it's great for my purpose, and that is to pick up crumbs off the hard floor. There is no beater bar, nor any mechanism to agitate carpet; it's NOT a vacuum. My carpet pile is thick, so if there's something resting on top of the pile, it picks it up... also perfect in my kitchen. The loudness is bearable for 2 minutes, which is how long it takes to get all the nooks and crannies in my little kitchen. The vacuum head is very small, so it gets into places a regular vacuum can't. Also good in the bathroom, where I shed my hair.
    I'm 5'8' and find the handle height very comfortable. Although I'm vehemently anti-bagless-vacuum, the dust issue when emptying the collection chamber is not a problem, probably because I don't use it on a large scale....more info
  • OK, but Awkward
    The reviewers that mention the noise are dead-on, this is the loudest vacuum I have used. The noise is not the reason for the low review, it is simply awkward to use. I was looking to replace an old electric broom for use on hard surfaces and stairs and the power stick is not a good choice. It picks up fairly well when the dirt is in its path but blows a lot around and is difficult to get into small spaces or against walls. I did not see any options in this class of vacuum with edge-cleaning but the lack of a swivel feature makes cleaning with this model harder than I expected. I have replaced this with a Hoover "Flair" and found it serves my purposes much better than the Power Stick.
    ...more info
  • It's going back to the store.
    I bought this item because it boasted 12 amps and "the strongest" suction available. Sure, it picks up dirt. However, it is EXTREMELY loud! My children literally cried when I turned it on. Second, after you turn the unit off half the stuff falls back onto the floor. A complete waste of money. My Shark died after three years, but I'm going to get another one anyway....more info
  • Not really happy
    I bought this vacuum because I have a two-story townhouse, and dragging my huge regular vacuum up and down the stairs is a tedious job. I just wanted something lightweight that could handle everyday vacuuming on my tile floor downstairs, and on my 8'x4' area rug. I have a toddler, plus two cats, so there's always light vacuuming to do with all the cat hair and crumbs on the floor.
    Anyway, I just found this vacuum to be extremely loud(I mean headache loud) plus it didn't do a great job on my tile floor. I would just vacuum the floor and find stuff it had missed right afterward. Little, easy things like cookie crumbs. And it picks up next to nothing on my area rug. It would probably be a better vacuum if it had a roller brush, but all it has is a small opening at the bottom. So even though it has powerful suction, The opening at the bottom just doesn't cut it.
    This vac would probably be okay for very light jobs or for a very small area, like a dorm or an office. But I wouldn't recommend it for a home. I wish I had returned it....more info
  • 1 Star because there isn't an option for ZERO!
    This thing is horrible. NO suction -- worked well for about 7 minutes and then all suction just died. Now, it won't even pick up simple spills and every-day dirt! I put my hand underneath the unit and there's NO suction! I've emptied the cup, cleaned the filter...I do NOT recommend this product at all....more info
  • No Power at All
    I thought this would be great for my kitchen hardwood floors but it barely picks up dust let alone anything else. Mine is going in the trash, and I'll be looking for something better....more info
  • Great Compliment to my other vacuum!!!!!
    I have alot of tile in my home and sweeping the "Ghost Turds" & crumbs around gets old fast. Yes this vacuum is loud, I did not feel it was any louder than any other vacuum, and any one that feels it was monsterously loud should use a cordless dustbuster; and a dustbuster wouldn't even get around a standard home's toilet). Incredibly powerful. It's size will fool you on it's performance. Recommendations for improvement - longer cord and reduce the amount/force and/or redirect the discharged air....more info
  • Don't buy this!
    I agree with all of the reviews which say that this vacuum is too loud, pushes dirt before you have a chance to pick it up, wobbles side to side as you try to hold it steady, etc. I find no good use for this vacuum on my hardwood floors. I bought this at Target and took it home for a trial run. I disliked it immediatley, so I cleaned it the best I could and took it back to Target. They would not take it back because I had used it already! I was steamed! How would I know whether or not I liked it if I hadn't used it?! So I was disappointed with this purchase for 2 reasons: The product performs poorly and Target has a lousy return policy! Now I'm stuck cleaning my floors with a 747 (or something that sounds just as loud)! ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    I needed to get something to take care of my wood and tile floors with area rugs soon after moving into a new house so I relied on the Dirt Devil name and got this. Big mistake, big disappointment! The suction area is confined to only the center area and it does not pick anything up on the sides which is desirable in the kitchen. It is incredibly loud, but that I could live with if it worked well which it does not. I would have returned this, but waited too long and the store would not take it back. Hopefully, I'll have better luck next time!...more info
    I just got one of these today. I got mine on sale but even at full price it is well worth it. I have hardwood floors with area rugs (and a messy 2 year old) and it didnt miss a beat going from the floor to the rug, even with all the little crumbs my little one leaves behind. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Give it a try!
    After searching for the perfect stick vac for my hardwood floors, I finally found this one. Everyone mentions that it is extremely loud; however, it is no louder than my regular vacuum. It will pick up anything in its path and has much more power than the other 2 stick vacs I tried and returned. It has a small head, so you can manuever it around where you need to go. This is a must have for hardwood and tile!!...more info
  • buy ear plugs!
    This is really a great machine; a must have if you have young children or pets. It's very powerful and gets the job done. I have ceramic tile, wood, and oriental rugs; it's perfect for cleaning all those surfaces. Also great for quick pickups on wall to wall. It's light weight, easy to use, and stands up on its own, unlike some other stick vacs I looked at. I would give it 5 stars, but the noise is so deafening, I cannot recommend this product without a warning....more info
  • Best bare floor vacuum EVER! A pet lovers dream! SWEET!
    I can not say enough about this little thing. I searched for hours for a great vacuum for bare floors, especially Pergo. I was torn about reviews and what brand to choose. I narrowed it down to this one and could not be happier. First, we were using the dirt devil Swiffer vac. We have had it for about 8 months and never abused it but the motor is not running right and it NEVER picks up everything, only pushed it around. You would have to vacuum the house several times, buy all those expensive pads (wet and dry), and wait for the thing to charge and when you cleaned it only sucked up hairballs and left the `dirt' on the floor. It was just one continuous cycle. I wanted something that cleaned/vacuumed the bare floors then I would only have to wet Swiffer them once without having to pick up what the dry part left behind. I researched and came across this baby. Went to the store to buy it and I was still comparing it to others, the fact it was a 12 Amp and so light I knew it would be loud. But after comparing it I am so glad we bought it for the house. If you have cats, you need this vacuum! I am a bit obsessive about cleaning, I LOVE to clean, the floors are never really dirty per say but when I plugged this sucker in, it literally took off out of my hands! It took one minute to put together too! I have read it is too loud, maybe it is just me but compared to a standard vacuum like the Eureka Boss for regular floors this is nothing. I did not think it was too loud, I actually could speak to my husband while it was running and we are both hard of hearing. I love the fact that the bottom has a clean, economical design. It has a small opening for suction and even wanted to suck up the pet toys but the small input prevented that. I also read people have had dust bunnies fly around they have to catch. Quite the contrary; this thing is so powerful that the motor vents will literally blow any dust bunnies lose for you to vacuum, I was not chasing them around, it found them and then sucked it right in. The thing I really liked was when vacuuming a baseboard/wall close up this sucker will get everything. It holds on to the baseboard and really picks up what other units can't. Again, pet owners, this is the vacuum for you or even if you drop a crumb or two and need to vacuum it up. I was surprised it even picked up the loose cat liter the cats might have dragged out of the box, which I thought I had swept! If you though the floors were clean this will prove you wrong! They say you get what you paid for but I can not tell you what a bargain this is! I have heard people complain about the cord, I went from a cordless stick to this and knowing it is always fully charged and at the highest voltage, I do not mind plugging the sucker in. Ignore the negative reviews, people will always find something to pick on, but for the money, it is really hard to say anything bad about this baby besides SWEET!...more info
  • Returned this monstrosity after one use!
    I cannot emphasize how LOUD this tiny vac is! It could really wake the dead, in addition to scaring any small children and annoying all of your neighbors!

    I about had a heart attack when I turned it on~ it was SO loud it felt like my eardrums were going to burst. My toddler, who was in the opposite end of the house, freaked out and started screaming (she has NO fear or problem with our full sized Eureka vac). Unfortunately my daughters screams were no match for this vac~ it looked like a 'silent scream' because there was no way I could hear her over this thing~ anything that outdoes a screaming toddler is not good in my book! I have never vacuumed a floor so fast in my life~ just to be able to shut the thing off and have some quiet!

    Aside from the noise, the fans in the vacuum blow away the dirt/fur you are trying to vacuum! I have pets and it was pointless chasing after the hair, hoping to suck it up before the fans blew it to the other side of the room. I will say it worked well on sucking up other stuff and the only real positive, it is light and easy to maneuver around.

    Still, those small things cannot make up for the noise~ I returned it today and will look for something else....more info

  • Dirt Devil M084100 Power Stick
    I can't believe that I paid $49.99 for this crap. Amazon is far cheaper at $39.99. Anyway, this thing is just too damn loud. If you think a lion roar is loud, this thing is at least ten times louder. But I will admit that this vac is extremely powerful for this size. It suckz up just about anything on the floor while it wildly goes left and right uncontrollably. If you were deaf, I would recommend this product to you. If you do have a pair of ears, please don't buy it for your next-door neighbor's sake....more info
  • LOUD Sucker!
    Whoa! I was really surprised how loud this thing is! Sometimes my ears hurt after clean up my studio.

    The motor is surprisingly powerful for such a tiny vac. My floors looked pretty clean to begin with, but this vac proved otherwise. In two sweeps of the floor, I was able to fill up the debris compartment with lint, hair, and other nasties.

    I really like this vac.
    1. I breath a lot easier now, thanks to the integrated air filter.
    2. It's high quality ABS construction and very intuitive to assemble/de-assemble.
    3. Extremely powerful motor.

    But it's too LOUD! If you get this vac, buy a pair of ear plugs......more info

  • TOO LOUD to use
    Although I will admit that it a very powerful vac. that doesn't mean anything when it is TOO LOUD to use. It actually hurts my ears. I called Dirt Devil and they were very unhelpful. I will remember the quality of their customer service the next time I am looking for a vac....more info
  • Great suction power but my ear is ringing!!
    I purchased this 12 amp Dirt Devil after my 6 amp Eureka broke from 3 years of weekly use. I was very happy with my original 6 amps of power. However, I decided it was time to double up since I live with two cats that constantly shed. The DD does a great job at picking up furballs, sand, dirt, crumbs, small pebbles and many more from my hardwood and tile floors. Besides a great suction power, the DD is also light weight and stands up on its own. However, there are many drawbacks:

    1) Too LOUD!! I wear ear plugs every time I use this machine (seriously!!). We already know it has 12 amps of power... we don't need to hear it!

    2) The handle is too short. I am 5 feet 6 inches and I honestly feel that the handle is about 2-3 inches too short. I constantly find myself bending my back while using this machine.

    3) The vaccum head does not swivel. I loved the fact that my old Eureka had the ability to swivel. It definitely made vaccuming easier.

    4) Air shoots out of the side vents, which blows away what I need to suck up from the floor. This is really annoying since I have to "chase" what I want to vaccum.

    5) Too big to go under my sofa. I can only get the vaccum head underneath. The entire body will not fit because is too big. I have to clean the remaining 2-3 feet of space with a swifter.

    Although the DD does have excellent suction power, I prefer my old 6 amp Eureka, which cleaned just as well, without the loud engine! If you don't want to run around chasing your dirt while wearing ear plugs, then pass up this DD and buy another vaccum....more info

  • Great vacuum!
    I bought the Power Stick as a supplement to our large upright. I was attracted to the 12 amp motor- what our upright has. This little machine gets MORE dirt, dust and hair than our big upright does- its light and easy to manuver AND it fits underneath almost all my furnature- no more moving stuff around to vacuum! It is LOUD as others have commented, but really, its such a great machine, who cares about the noise?...more info
  • Do not get stuck with this stick!
    +powerful suction
    +picks up crumbs and cheerios under kitchen baseboard very well

    -EXTREMEMLY loud. My ears ring after using it
    -engine cooling vents blow dust, paper, paper napkins 3 feet behind me as I move forward. Imagine what it does to the dust and crumbs it misses on the first pass.
    -did I mention VERY loud
    -not "thin" enough to fit between toilet and wall in bathroom

    I have been searching for the "perfect" floor cleaner for my kitchen, bathroom, and entry....all hard floors. We have 4 young kids and keeping up after crumbs, crafts, and outdoor debri is a challenge. I tried the Hoover Floor Mate, but it does not get within 3 inches of walls and corners. It is also slow to use. I also tried the Dirt Devil sweeper vac with swiffer, but it was not powerful enough, and also not trim enough to fit around the toilet in the bathroom.

    I'll STICK with a good old fashioned broom, and my trim, easy, clorox quick mop. They are both QUIET!...more info

  • Sucks so hard it's scary
    I bought this unit because it had a "reasonable" 12 amp motor. I figured it would actually pick up dirt even without a beater bar. I was right more than I ever expected, in fact thats my only complaint. It is so powerful, that the outbound air often hits your legs with a high velocity blast of warm air and bounces around your work area moving the dirt and dust devils around. Other than that it is great. Light, extremly powerful, and easy to maneuver into corners. Be aware however, the motor is so powerfull that ocasionally you will feel like you have a bucking bronco in hand when you turn it on.

    Summary Pro and Con.
    1. Extremly powerful
    2. Light
    3. Easy to maneuver.
    4. Easy to store using a hook on the wall
    5. No bags to buy
    6. Outstanding price
    1. Startling when started (trys to twist out of your hand)
    2. Loud
    3. Small dirt holder
    4. Head of unit hangs down with "detents" to hold in your desired position
    5. No beater bar.

    I give it 4.75 stars....more info

  • Don't waste your money!
    I bought this machine a few months ago and was happy....at first. The first thing I noticed was that there are vents on the sides of the machine. Turn it on and air shoots out of the sides. This is fine for carpets, but on hardwood floor/tile floors, it stirs up all the dust. By the time you get to the area where the dust was, it is now sitting someplace else. This is frustrating for me, because I have a cat. I will see an area that has collected some cat hair, go to vacuum it, and see that it is being propelled across the room by these vents. I've resorted to covering them up. It is a very powerful vacuum, but I would not recommend it for pet owners or people looking to clean their bare floors. I completely agree with the other reviewer's comment about it being VERY loud....more info
  • Powerful but LOUD little sucker!
    This is a powerful and efficient vacuum at a good price but man, is it loud. I happen to have a sound level meter and measured the sound near the motor at 110 decibels! That's loud for a vacumm, especially if you're in a small room.
    Safety standards in the work environment require ear protection if the noise level is consistantly over 85-90 decibels. I'm debating whether to wear ear plugs or turn it in for a quieter less powerful vac.
    P.S. The dog knows enough to leave the room....more info
  • Woohoo Power!
    I live in a dorm room, therefore I have very thin carpet in a very small living space. Nonetheless, I would still like it to be clean. So, I came to dilemma of whether to buy a full size vacuum or go for something smaller. My family has always bought Dirt Devils - from a full size vacuum down to the small handheld Scorpion, and we've always had excellent results. Great power, long life, sturdy, etc.

    So, in my quest for the perfect vacuum, I found the Power Stick. What caught my eye was the specified use for dorm rooms. I figured the price was right, free shipping, and ordered it right away.

    Dang is this vacuum powerful! It's as powerful as a full-size vac, yet only half the size and weight. Granted it is really loud, but I don't mind that as it takes no time whatsoever to get hte vacuuming done. I got my entire room done in less than a minute, but my floor is extremely clean. I couldn't believe how much it picked up! There's a huge mouse-sized hair ball in the cup, and I didn't even see hair on the carpet! So, although I was a bit anxious about not having a roller bar, I know it's not going to be a problem because of the powerful suction. The cup is easy to remove and empty, and it even has a filter in the cup to help. The cord's length is perfect for my room, but I think it would be just fine for any room. It's also very maneuverable, which makes up for the lack of attachments. I was able to get the nozzle in all cracks and corners, and it was incredibly easy to turn around while vacuuming

    The only problems I have with the vacuum (but not enough for me to give it 4 stars) is its noise and the weight. The weight is good for vacuuming as you don't have to put much muscle into pushing it around. But, as far as standing it up in a corner, I foresee it falling. If you hang it up on a door with the hook that shouldn't be a problem, but if you're going to stand it up, I recommend standing it near a wall. It's a lot of weight on the bottom and just the stick on top. It can stand up on its own, but it's also easy to knock down....more info

  • It's got POWER!
    For such a small machine it really does have great power. I have four small children. I need to sweep after every meal. This is a lot quicker than sweeping. It's great to suck up cereal, crumbs, hair, etc. Keep in mind it does not have any extra tools or a rotating brush. It mainly has suction power. I love it!...more info