Dirt Devil M08245 Power Reach

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Dirt Devil 6Amp 720W Power Reach Hand Vac With Revolving Brush operates with No Bags Or Belts To Buy Ever. On Board Hose&Crevice Tool Ideal For Really Tight Spots 20 Cord.

Powerful suction, bagless dirt collection, and versatile application come together in the smartly constructed Dirt Devil Power Reach handheld vacuum. The 6-amp unit operates in standard handheld fashion with the added bonuses of a detachable head for hard-to-reach spots and a stretch hose with crevice tool for nooks and corners. Debris collects in a transparent dust cup that is especially roomy for a handheld model. The cup includes an internal filter to trap fine particles, while a revolving brush roll in the nozzle head helps agitate carpet fibers to loosen dirt and send it into the 6-inch suction path.

The Power Reach is a stoutly built little machine that's impressively easy to convert from one use to another. Its switches and catches are all sturdy, and the machine is beltless for simplified maintenance. You will appreciate the helpful details of onboard tool and hose storage, a simple carrying strap, and 20 feet of power cord. Dirt Devil also includes a 3-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Powerful 6-amp handheld vacuum with versatile applications
  • Detachable power nozzle with revolving brush for hard-to-reach cleaning
  • Beltless and bagless for easy maintenance
  • Onboard hose and crevice tool for crannies and corners
  • 15-3/4 by 6 inches by 9 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • I'd say it sucks...
    But that'd be a compliment. I got one of these as a gift to use on stairs, couches, and corners my upright doesn't reach. The body of the machine is bulky and difficult to handle. The beather head rarely spins freely or at an effective speed, regardless of how clean the head is and whether it's touching something. The hose that allows you to remove the beater head and attach a crevice tool to is too short. The vents on the body of the vacuum blow dirt away from the hose when you try to use it. The vacuum also spins around and doesn't sit upright if you attempt to let go of the handle while using the hose attachments. The hose is clogged about 95% of the time, even if I'm trying to suck up sand or something fine.

    This is really one of the most impressively designed machines I've ever used. It's terrible. The long cord is great, but what good is that if you can't use the vacuum??...more info
  • WORST little vac ever bought
    I wouldn't even give this one star, but evidently for this site I need to include it. Unfortunately I didn't see all these reviews on this website. We have had this vac for less than a year & I primarily have my kids use it to vacuum steps and odd jobs. Well the few times I have used it, I HATE IT. I like to use it for around the edges of the hardwood floor in the kitchen and all it does is blow dirt around so I am looking like a madwoman trying to "catch" the swirling dirt. The effective warranty date on the bottom of the vac says 12/07, which tells me that was probably the manufacture date. Less than a year ago and they were still producing this vac and had it on the market. Look back at all these reviews to see there has been issues with this vac since at least 2005 maybe 2003. If there is a new model it sure took long enough. I hope these are off the market and DO NOT WASTE your hard earned money. I only wish I would have looked here first....more info
  • Worthless - A broom is better!
    I owned a DD handvac 20 years ago that was wonderful. Bought this unit last year and it barely cleaned from the moment we opened the package.It has a filter core that immediately collects all the debris around it and clogs which causes the rotary brush to stop spinning and reduces the air suction power to almost nothing. Really bad engineering design. Do not buy this unit! Complete waste of money. ...more info
  • Absolutely worthless!
    I bought this to clean my stairs. It did a poor job the first time around and just went downhill from there. The spinner bar does not work, it's extremely loud and it vibrates so much it's uncomfortable to hold onto. All in all, a complete waste of money. ...more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    After our older hand held Dirt Devil died (gave us 20 yrs of great, reliable service!) I was sure a newer DD model was what I wanted. I could not have been more disappointed. The brush doesn't spin on carpeting. Dust blows out both side vents. It has very little suction, and basically didn't do a thing.

    I need a good sturdy handheld to do our stairs. We have 2 Golden Retrievers so a good unit with powerful suction and a reliable beater-brush is a MUST. I returned this useless vacuum to Walmart and will likely purchase a Black & Decker Retriever having read good reviews about it. ...more info
  • Complete waste of money
    I bought this vacuum to clean my staircase and our cars. I selected this item because of the detachable head with the spinning brush.

    Well, to make a short story shorter, it broke after 5 minutes. The brush head just stopped spinning and wouldn't spin again. The belt didn't break, not exactly sure what happened. This occured under light use.

    For about 4.5 minutes, I was impressed by the unit, because the filter seems good and the motor/suction powerful. BUT, there is a major design flaw with the detachable head to have broken so easily.

    I am really disappointed. I never bought a Dirt Devil product before this one. I had always heard good things about their products. This one is a real dud, however.

    I would strongly recommend that you consider another hand-held vacuum, to save you the time and trouble of having to return this one....more info
  • Poor at cleaning pet hair
    The good: Strong suction, long cord, and bagless
    The bad: Extremely loud and spinner bar is useless.

    If you want to purchase a great little hand held for cleaning pet fur from furniture and stairs, purchase the "Eureka 71A Hand-Held Vacuum" instead. Its brush also slows on surfaces, but it is belt driven and works much better than this Dirt Devil....more info
  • Revolving Brush does nto revolve
    The vaccuum itself works fine, but the 'air-driven' rotating brush is as useless as can be. After one use, it is clogged up with dog hair and does not spin anymore. Even when it does spin, it does nto spin with any amount of force, i.e. you can stop it with your finger or just by pressing it against anything, (like the carpet it should be cleaning)

    A better choice is the 'Ultra' model with a powered head. It is cheaper and works far better. But it needs bags....more info
  • Try the Eureka 71A instead......
    I was going to by one of these dirtdevils until I read the reviews. My parents have one of the older models of this unit with the two ELECTRIC motors. A turbo brush is useless. After reading the reviews and searching, I bought a Eureka 41A handheld. That one surpassed my expectations by far and it has a powerful brush (which can be turned off witht the flick of a switch for hard surfaces), it has excellent suction, a crevise tool, and on-board cord storage. It's in a whole different league from the dirt devil for only a few dollars more....more info
  • The Dirt Devil is perfect for stairs...
    The Dirt Devil is great, because it can be used in two different ways. First, it can be used as a bagless hand vacuum making it easier to clean dirt in hard-to-reach places. And, it can be used as a mini-canister vacuum by sliding the power head off to clean stairs, upholstery, or my car.
    For tight spaces, the Dirt Devil has a hose and crevice tool.
    It has a clear dirt container that is easy to empty. The 20-foot power cord is a nice feature.
    My i-Robot Roomba handles the rest of the house, so vacuuming is not a chore anymore!...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Bought this for de-hairing my couch of pet hair. While it did so once or twice withouth much fuss, you spend an amazing amount of time trying to de-hair the filter. They say to just pound out the filter and the debris will fall out. Right.

    Worse is that the power nozzle section just up and quit. Try to debug the issue on their website is pointless. All you can do is try to re-align the hose back and forth....no change. So now I have this pointless little mini-vac.

    Save your time, money and frustration. Move along to something else. There's a reason why this thing has so many negative reviews.
    ...more info
  • So Disappointed!
    I needed a handheld with a rolling brush to get the cat hair off my couch. The brush is okay as long as I VERY lightly touch it to the cusions. The problem is, if I put ANY pressure on it at all, the brush stops moving! I even put my hand against the brush and, you guessed it, it stops moving!
    This product does not have enough power to keep the brush rotating.
    Also, the filter idea is a bad one if you have asthma. The filter gets coated with dirt and hair but the instructions say NOT to "wipe" the filter so you have to vigorously tap it out in the garbage which creates a cloud that gets inhaled....more info
  • Buy the Classic
    Buy the Classic Dirt Devil - not this one. The brush is air driven and stops whenever it comes in contact with a carpet etc. Basically a useless vac....more info
  • Blows more dirt around than it picks up
    I was initially disappointed in this unit's awkward design and heaviness. I was thoroughly disgusted, however, when I tried to use it on our staircase: it blows so much air out the back I could see the dust and dirt whirl far away even as I tried to vacuum it up. It really has no extra "reach" via its hose because if you turn it around to get the benefit of the length of the hose, that blast of exhaust air is aimed even more accurately at whatever you were trying to clean. Ridiculous!! This vac is a design disaster. ...more info
  • not very practical
    Used it three times & gave it away. the filter clogs too easy. I had an old one with a cloth bag and that one lasted 10 years. That's what you should look for....more info
  • Perfection
    This little machine is one of the best purchases I have made. It works very well on the steps and in my car. The only thing that bothered me was it did not come with directions - it took me awhile to figure out that I had to slide the beater head off to the side rather than to the front, and I'm not sure how to remove the area that collects dirt to dump it, but I guess I'll figure it out....more info
  • Dirt Devil Power Reach
    This little sweeper works great, especially with the hose and extra
    little attachment. It has fantastic suction and gets the dirt out
    of the smallest places and yet you don't have to mess with a big
    heavy sweeper....more info
  • Worst Hand Held Ever Owned
    I bought this because I needed to replace my corded vacuum Dirt Devil after many years. This is a heavy, awkward Dirt Devil which blows so much hot air out of the side that it just blows the dirt around and picks up nothing. Everything is awkwardly located and it's very difficult to remove the power nozzle from the base. I'm writing this off as a $40 loss and looking for another brand. The heat is so intense that I fear a fire using this Dirt Devil and I have only used it three times in two weeks....more info
  • Complete waste of money.
    The rotating brush is not directly powered by a belt, rather it spins via the air flowing by it from the vaccum. It therefore has hardly any torque and will stop spinning very quickly not clean anything. I can't believe Dirt Devil even bothered releasing this on the market. It's getting returned....more info
  • Powerful hand vacuum
    This is exactly what I was looking for: light enough to carry around rooms, small enough to store in kitchen/dining room cabinet, powerful enough to clean pet fur, meal crumbs.

    The only thing I am having trouble with is taking apart the nozzle to attach a different attachment. So far I've always had to ask my husband to do it....more info
  • This is the worst piece of garbage I've ever bought!
    I'm an engineer and I cannot believe that any company would, in good conscience, fob off such trash onto the consuming public. The reasons for the faulty performance are all based on fatally flawed design. A product with this many problems does not reach the market by accident. They had to have known it was junk, but chose to sell it anyway. Dirt Devil deserves the strongest form of rebuke and condemnation....more info
  • Poorest Dirt Devil I have ever purchased
    The Dirt Devil M08245 Power Reach sounded just great in the advertisements, but has turned out to be a major disappointment. While the product is easy to clean of dust and debris, the roller assembly if worthless. The brush stops in contact with any surface and does not perform at all. Even very light pressure from your fingers will stop the revolving brush. You are simply left with a suction hand vac without the benefit of a brush. I am sorry I bought this product....more info
  • Turbo-Driven brush -- what a joke!
    I used this model twice and promptly returned it. The "turbo-driven" brush works only by the suction of the vacuum; it has no additional motor. This means that if the suction is ever less than perfect, the brush stops turning and is useless. Actually it's worse than useless because the non-turning brush then blocks the airflow and hampers suction. So I would not recommend this model....more info
  • A Terrible Hand-Vac
    The old Dirt Devils that I used to own were awesome - they would last forever even when taking lots of abuse. So I bought this updated one with high hopes. What a mistake! The biggest problem is that the agitator brush is air-powered, rather than electric or belt powered. Consequently, the brush stops turning whenever it hits anything soft (high carpet, plush upholstery) and is even less likely to turn if the filter is clogged up from cleaning. Time to find a new hand-vac manufacturer......more info
  • No suction, brush doesn't work--waste of money
    If there were a rating lower than 1 star, I would have used it, because this vacuum doesn't even deserve 1 star. In a moment of madness, I recently gave my old Dirt Devil to my daughter and bought myself the so-called "new and improved" model as a replacement. Big mistake. My old Dirt Devil was a workhorse and was used to spot clean the upholstery and floors in our RV, truck and car, and home, along with cleaning lots of other things such as draperies, pet beds, etc. I used it daily for 15 years and never, ever had a problem with it. This new bagless Dirt Devil has never worked right. Immediately, the revolving brush quit revolving. I returned the vacuum for a new one; the revolving brush never did revolve on it, even right out of the box. The vacuum loses suction within a minute or two because of the useless filter system. The Dirt Devil company won't take the unit back, and apparently they can't fix the brush problem, either, based on what I heard from appliance repair centers I contacted for service. I've already told my daughter that I want my old Dirt Devil back, but she loves it so much that I may have to bribe her to get it out of her hands. (I told her I'd give her my new one, but she's witnessed the problems I've had and the ineffectiveness of the model, and she said "No deal.") Save your money--this is a totally useless Dirt Devil model. The brush doesn't turn and there's no suction to do your cleaning. If you want to throw away your money, just throw it my way instead of wasting it on this thing. ...more info
  • Does the job
    Bought this model since it was offered with free shipping and I've previously owned Dirt Devil hand-vacs, which all lasted a long time before they died valiant deaths. I use it for hard to reach places with the nozzle or the hose and it works fine as long as it doesn't run for a long time -- then it gets a little too hot to handle. If you need it for small, tight jobs, this is a good buy. I miss the bags, though. Understand that the bagged models are going out of commission, which is sad. Emptying the cup can be messy, but the cup is very large on this model. One thing: the filter may be tricky to find when it's time to replace it. Dirt Devil's website shows it's out of stock (temporarily). Wish I knew that before I bought this model..... ...more info
  • OK vacuum, but not much brush action.
    This item works pretty well, but unlike other small, corded Dirt Devil vacuums, this one's power brush is operated by air instead of a belt causing it to be much less effective. ...more info
  • don't waste your money
    I bought the Dirt Devil Power Reach because it was advertised as having such versatile features along with a 6 amp motor. It was the worst vac I ever used! I purchased it specifically for vacuuming stairs and my car. The suction on the tools and hose attachments was great when I used it in my car. It worked well in all the crevices where dirt hides. However, when I switched to the revolving brush to clean the floor mats, it was useless. I guess I thought the revolving brush should actually revolve when in contact with carpet, but this isn't the case. Next I tried it on my carpeted stairs with the same disappointing results. The revolving brush stopped turning once it touched the carpet. The removable head is an interesting idea, however, the hose was too short to make this feature effective. I ended up dragging the whole unit around. I don't mind a bagless vacuum, but the dirt cup on this unit was clumsy to get on and off without spilling and the filter did not shake off easily. Needless to say, I returned it after one use....more info
  • Good, but terribly NOISY
    I'm quite pleased with the performance of my Power Reach, perhaps because I'm using it strictly on smooth upholstery, to pick up small messes and to vacuum crud out of crevices (it would never have occurred to me to use a handheld - as many of the dissatisfied reviewers seem to have done - for anything more extensive). I like its design: with the detaching hose and head, and the crevice tool stowed in the case. It could be improved by being slightly more powerful, and by having a brush that is engaged by belt or gears; for what I paid, though, I think I got a good deal. My only complaint: it is the loudest vacuum I've ever run across - wear your earplugs with this one! ...more info
  • underwhelming performance
    I have had this hand vac for less than 6 months and the beater brush has stopped working. As with many bagless vacs, it looses suction quickly and emptying the canister is a dusty messy process. My favorite thing is when you pop-off the canister to take it out to empty and the lid flies off, spilling out all the dust that you just vacuumed up.

    I wish I hadn't bought this vacuum. It worked ok in the first month but went downhill quickly after that....more info
  • A powerhouse cleaner
    I used it regularly in my RV and around the house. It's a powerful little machine and the bagless cansiter keeps the dust and particles out of the air. Definately beats the Dustbuster or other hand held vacuums....more info
  • disappointed
    very disappointed in unit - had not used it 5 minutes when the rotating brush stopped rotating and burned out - no apparent way to get to power belt to replace it - tried everything, including a degree in engineering, to no avail -

    the old one was better, and it was 15 years old - repairman said he just couldn't find a motor for it anymore - sorry, amazon - perhaps I'd best stick to books and dvd's -...more info
  • no power
    this unit has no power compared to the old platnum series the brush stops when you toutch it....more info
  • Very Poor Design
    I've had the unit for under a month and only used it a few times. The rollerbrush failed to turn after a few uses. Long story, but talked to an "authorized repair center" and was told that the rollerbrush design is junk. They had 5 units in for "repair" just this week. The shaft gets clogged with lint and the rollerbrush stops turning. Even talked to Dirt Devil "Corporate" and was told that there was nothing they would do. Looks like I'm out $40. Dirt Devil won't get my business again....more info
  • Does the job
    The Dirt Devil does a good job. My only complaint is that the cord is not long enough....more info
  • Brush and Beater Bar are worthless
    The good:

    The suction is good.
    The long power cord is good.
    The bagless part is good.
    The weight of the unit is good.

    The bad:

    The hose doesn't really stretch more than a few inches. So when using the wand attachment you don't have a lot of "hose" to work with. So that's bad. Also, the unit "vents" a LOT of air out the side. When I clean my hard-wood staircase this winds up blowing more cathair and dust off the stairs than the wand sucks up. This would probably not be a problem on carpet, except for ...

    The UGLY:

    The revolving brush-head is NOT motorized. Instead, it spins like a "pinwheel" from the power of the vacuum. The vacuum, while good, is simply NOT powerful enough to spin the brush and beater-bar while held against a sofa-cushion, or carpet, or much of anything really. The revolving brush attachment is *completely* worthless.

    If all you need is a powerfull hand-held, wand-sucky, bagless, canister with a long cord, this is probably your vacuum.

    If you are trying to suck pet hair off a couch, or clean carpeted stairs you should look at another unit....more info
  • Power Reach Good for Small Jobs
    I purchased this vac to keep the stairs in my house clean and to get cat hair off of the furniture. It does exactly what I wanted. The brush does stop as mentioned in the other reviews, but if you just touch it with your finger it starts going again. It's not enough to complain about. If I had the choice, I would buy it again. It's hard to find filters though, so check your store for refills before you get the vac. It works best if you change the filter every time you empty the bin....more info
  • Horrible "power" head
    I replaced an old Dirt Devil classic with this one. It is truly a horrible vaccuum. The "power" head is powered only by the suction from the nozzle, there is no motor powering the brushes. This means that with the least bit of resistance (like carpet), the brushes stop turning. Also, if the bin is the least bit full, there is enough of a loss in suction that it makes this problem even worse. I actually threw this vaccuum away and bought a the newly released Dirt Devil "classic" (they must have realized that they had a good thing and didn't need to get fancy). I hope I'm not burned by the Dirt Devil brand twice........more info
  • Dirt Devil Try to Improve a Vacuum...and screwed up.
    I had the previous version of this handheld for 4 years and it worked great on dust and dog hair. But after 4 years of continuous use, I needed a new one. The old one work well because it had a motor in the brush, which worked great on dog hair. So, when I went for a new one, I got what I thought was the next generation handheld with the "power" nozzle. However, with the redesign, they removed the motor, that gave the power. The brush in the new design is only driven by air being sucked in. So, the brush doesnt work right, because it will stop if any pressure is applied to it. And, air need to run the brush reduces the suction power of the vacuum. I would not buy a dirt devil again if this is how they make their product improvements. ...more info
  • Poor Performer
    If you want a hand vacuum with brush capability (vs. just suction), this is a BAD choice. The brushes on this unit are driven by vacuum or suction power and the brushes turn for, oh about 2 seconds, once you put the unit on any kind of fabric. Completely useless. Good luck!...more info
  • just what i needed
    It works great. Powerful suction. The only bummer is cleaning out the filter can get messy. And with the dirt in my house the filter fills up fast. But it works well - i especially like the ability to just use the wand. Be careful with hair getting caught in the rotor wheel thing on the main unit. it is good not having bags to buy and the cord is long, which is good. I am using it as the primary vacuum in my small hard wood floor apt...more info
  • Dirt Devil
    Very pleased with the performance of this little vacuum, much improved design over our old one. Seems to be well made....more info
  • I hate it!
    Don't buy this vacuum. It is awful. I owned the old dirt devil and when it broke after 10 years, I bought this. It didn't vacuum well from day 1 and it continued to get worse. I just got the dirt devil ultra and it seems to vacuum well....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    I just purchased this item today and I am quite pleased with it. I would not however, recommed this item for high pile carpet. I was using it to vacuum upholstery on the couch and if you press down at all, it will make the beater bar quit spinning, which I am sure would happen with high pile carpet. I purchased this to vacuum our stairs as our full sized vacuum was just too big, clumsy and awkward and didn't not get into the corners like the dirt devil does. Over all I think this is a very nice little vacuum, and it has great suction. ...more info
  • Worthless-less than one star
    I received the Dirt Devil M08245 yesterday, cleaned one piece of furniture and the rotating brush quit spinning. This product should not continue to be offered for sale. It is a complete waste of money, time required to order it and time required to return it.
    Beware and be forewarned. Have long been a Dirt Devil owner; no more. ...more info
  • was good to start
    i bought this without looking at the reviews. i won't say that buying it was a big mistake but it could definately use some improvement. i really liked the detachable head that made it like a mini canister vac. the only problem i really had with it was that the revolving brush quit if i didn't support the entire weight of the vacuum or if i tried to move it forward over the carpet instead of back. at first i assumed that the belt had stretched.... no big deal i was using it on a plush carpet with a high pile that was new i was expecting to stretch a few belts before every thing settled down. the problem was that i didn't read any online reviews and it doesn't say anywhere on the box that the belt is supposed to be permanent. i was really dissapointed to find out that i couldn't get a replacement belt, because i really liked it. the hose and attachment had a lot of suction. if my regular vacuum attachments had sucked that much i wouldn't have had to buy a hand vac. i ended up taking it back to the store and buying a dirt devil ultra. which has a stronger brush roll, is half the price, and has replacement bags and belts that are very inexpensive and easy to find. the only problem is that the hose and attachments are a little lacking in suction.i bought the ultra, 3 replacement bags and 6 replacement belts for $10 less than what i had paid for the power reach....more info
  • very happy with Amazon.com and Dirt Devil
    I was completely satisfied with my Amazon.com purchase and delivery and performance of a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. I'm a very busy single mom, working two jobs and I just don't have time to run to the store to shop. This is soooo wonderful! I saw a piece on CNN about how Amazon.com operates and decided to give it a try, and I LOVED it! Thank you so much. This is a wonderful blessing and help to families like me.

    ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks literally
    I am very disappointed in the vacuum. 10 years ago I have the older model of the hand held dirt devil so I assumed this would work the same.....Well it doesn't! I bought it to do my stairs but the suction is awful. It doesn't pick up fuzz or kitty litter from my carpet. I am very disappointed! ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Review
    The vacuum has adequate suction to clean. The rotating brush is
    useless. It's own weight on the carpet will stop the rotation....more info
    If there were 50 star ratings here, I would rate it 50... This is the ONLY vacuum I've ever bought (including my Dyson Animal) that picks up ALL cat hair on all surfaces - chairs, couches, floors. It's light enough to carry around and very powerful. However, I have no carpeting - only hardwood floors, so I can't comment on how it cleans carpets. Having the detachable head for easier maneuvering and the crevice tool in such easy access is so convenient! Only 2 small drawbacks - first, the detachable head can be tough to slide off with one hand while holding the main vacuum steady with your other hand. Secondly, my cat's hair wraps around the inside compartment and the vacuum can lose suction after a room or two - but with one simple click, I just empty the container and continue. Such a great vacuum for such a minimal price!!...more info
  • Don't do it.
    I, like so many other people, bought this specifically for vacuuming my carpeted stairs. The roller on mine stops rolling like several others. I'm not even pushing on it. It just stops as soon as it feels carpet, furniture, my hand.... Don't buy one....more info
  • It doesn't "suck," which is the problem.
    I've used my unit for a couple of years. It is very noisy and it doesn't have a lot of suction. I agree with a previous reviewer that the beater bar spits things out. Look for another....more info
  • Effective and Worth the Money.
    I admit that I only bought this item for house cleaning but I have had no problems with it. I had a lady bugs all over my cottage and I brought it there and it sucked them all up without difficulty. The same can be said of dust, spider webs, dirt, and just about everything else on the floor. I thought it a good, but I admit to having no industrial purposes for it....more info
  • "Power" "Reach" - Ha!
    I'm really sorry I purchased this vacuum. Yes, it has a beater bar, but the lightest pressure (such as gravity) will keep the bar from spinning. Whatever dirt it picks up often falls back out of the vacuum head/attachment head, so you do twice the vacuuming for the same effect. This is a very poor product and isn't worth any amount of money. My 10 year old Dirt Devil with the worn motor and clumsy attachments does a better job.

    One positive thing - the box looks nice....more info

  • Should have read the reviews first
    I made the mistake of buying this without reading the reviews first. I bought this because I wanted a hand vac with a revolving brush to vacuum my stairs. The problem is the brush stops revolving when it comes in contact with the carpet. What's the point? I took it back to the store the next day....more info
  • Original is better
    After having the Original Dirt Devil Hand Vac for over 10 years it finally gave out. I purchased the Power Reach and it has good power but we need the extension of the flexible hose and extension wands! The Power Reach has no accessories! And the old extension tools don't fit. I wouldn't call it "reach" at all! If you need to get up high I wouldn't purchase this one. I am returning it and getting the original....more info
  • I wouldn't call it Power
    At first I thought it was a fluke that the first one I bought broke the first time I used it. After about 10 seconds of use and a complete lock up, I opened it up and found that one of the plastic wheels that hold the belt had slit in two. After calling the number on the machine to talk to someone about parts and found out that I would have to drive to the next town to have someone merely look at it, I took it back and exchanged for another one. Well, this one is still in one piece, but I would not call it power. The "Powerful revolving brush" Slows down very significatly when it comes in contact with furniture and I didn't even bother to try it on carpet. And this is just when laying the machine roller down on the sofa with no added pressure from my hand. I had owned the dirt devil classic hand vac for years and found it very powerful and very useful. I multiple cats and multiple dogs so hair is always a problem. I thought replaceing the classic vac that is 5+ years old would be an improvement but after this... I would rather have the old one. I wouldn't recommend this one. It is a good idea of the detachable head, but it doesn't make up for the lack of power....more info