FEDDERS A7X05F2B X-Chassis Room Air Conditioner

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The A7X05F2B X-Chassis Room Air Conditioner makes those unbearable summer days seem like a cool breeze! 2-way adjustable air direction Adjustable thermostat Slide-out washable air filter for easy cleaning Expandable side panels for perfect window fit Rear grille prevents coil damage Lightweight for easy installation Corrosion-resistant cabinet Energy Star model(10.7 EER) Dimensions - 18-5/8(W) x 15-1/8(D) x 12-1/4(H)

  • Offers 5,400 BTUs of great cooling power
  • Electronic controls with full-featured remote
  • 2 cooling & 2 fan speeds
  • 24-hour on/off timer
  • Auto-cool
Customer Reviews:
  • Bad Customer Service at Fedders
    I bought this air conditioner online. When it came, I plugged it in and it wouldn't work--instead of turning on the unit showed "EE" where the temperature should be. Normally, this would be no problem. Sometimes electronic items get broken in transit or are otherwise faulty. However, getting in touch with someone from Fedders for customer support was a huge problem. FIrst, the manual that comes with the air conditioner is insufficient. It does not list the error I got on the display in its troubleshooting section. I then tried to call the 800 number on the box. This number proved only to be a directory of places where I could buy Fetters products, not a service number. I had to get the number off of their website (which is as useless as their manual). After waiting on the phone for an hour (listening to the repetitive message advertising their website no less), the woman spent 30 seconds on the phone with me and then gave me the number of their repairman. I think instead of waiting around for this repairman to show up, I'll just return the piece of junk and buy an air conditioner that works....more info