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Product Description

The Reebok Freestyle Women's Hi Fitness aerobic shoe provides you with strong support from the sole of your foot to your ankle with its padding around the ankle collar and 2 powerful VELCRO? brand closure straps.

  • 2 powerful VELCRO? brand closure ankle straps for support
  • Padding around the ankle collar and the use of soft garment leather for support and added comfort
  • EVA midsole offers you lightweight cushioning
  • Hundreds of little suction cup-like treads ensure secure footing for a safe, effective workout

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice shoes. Disappointed in Amazon Shipping.
    Shoes are great. Daughter loves them. These WERE shipped to me, however, overall, VERY VERY disappointed in Amazon's lackluster, unreliable (lack of shipping) to military APO addresses. In general, they've shipped to my military APO address about 60% (if that) of the time - for very basic items. Many purchases were not made because items can't be shipped to me, other items I had to have shipped somewhere else and pay additional shipping to get item mailed to me. Shame on Amazon! Unfortunately I've received NO good answer from Amazon!...more info
  • Women's Hitops
    I have been looking for this exact shoe for years and finally found it! I have very weak ankles and my neuropathy causes me to be very unsteady on my feet so these shoes help out a great deal....more info
  • Fantistic Dr recommended shoe
    This shoe was recommended to me by a Dr fitting me for an ankle brace 20yrs ago after I had a bone graft for a crushed ankle. The shoe never goes out of style, and many strange women have come up to me asking me where I got this shoe as they are on their feet alot. I ordered them for my two working daughters, as they really help when you are on your feet alot at work. Nurses and health care givers apreciate this shoe over the triditional one they use to wear. The style is sleek and not trendy so they go with anything and don't go out of style. I even wear them with long dresses when I can and people do not realise they are a tennis shoe. Without this shoe my ankle begans to hurt within 2 hours and with the shoe I go all day. I have tried many expensive fasionable boots and hightop shoes. None have ever compared to the comfort and support these give. I buy 4 pair every 2 yrs. Two black and 2 white. Now they come in exciting colors too. They are very true to size in with and length. 20yrs ago they only laced up but now the new velcro straps make shoeing a breeze. After 2 yrs they are still good enough to garden in- and still have much wear left- but they of course dont look nice anymore. I cant say enough good things about these shoes for people with ankle problems or who are on their feet alot. Most companies who do not allow tennis shoes to be worn to work will allow these under a pant suit as they do not look like tennis shoes and yet they are stylish with shorts....more info
  • review
    I haven't been able find these in any store. I am fighting plantar faciast so I needed shoes just like these. I have always found reebok has the best arch. ...more info
    Too narrow so I had to have them stretched but, otherwise, fits perfectly. Very comfortable....more info
  • Generally pleased
    Shipping took some time, however the product quality was great. No complaints at all with the product look, feel, and fit!...more info
  • Reebok Women's Freestyle High Shoes
    I've bought from Beales Florida through, several times. Great products and great prices. ...more info
  • Reebok Womens Freestyle Hightop shoes
    This is the only tennis shoe I will buy, this is my 4th pair, I hope they continue to manfacture this shoe. Great comfort, ankle support, good price.
    Quick delivery. Very satisfied.
    Leota...more info
  • The most confortable shoes ever....
    The Reebok Freestyles Hi are very comfortable shoes. If you do a lot of walking, stand on your feet the all day... they are perfects. I like to walk to my office and from my office every day (about 6 miles both ways) and with the Freestyles Hi I never get any foot pain.
    I started wearing the Freestyle Hi way back. I had twisted my ankle and they were the only shoes I could wear. To this day there are still my favorite shoes.
    Just be aware that sizing may differ slightly from pair to pair. My only critic is that the manufacturing quality has not always been consistent.

    But overall you cannot go wrong with those....more info
  • My Reebok"s
    These are my favorite kind of sneaker to wear. They came to me un blemished and promptly. The shoes are comfortable and long lasting. ...more info
  • The Search for Comfort
    I have rheumatoid arthritis and my feet give me a lot of trouble. I have worn these shoes for 14 years, for maximum comfort, but when a pair wears out, they are really hard to find in the stores, not to mention being
    expensive. I was delighted to find them on Amazon, new, my size, at a reasonable price, and not to have to leave the house to get them....more info
  • Great Sneekers
    I can only wear high tops for my weak ankles, and the free style women's reeboks are the greatest. I've been wearing them for years now. found it harder to purchase them in store's. I rate the quality # 1. ...more info
  • Reebok Shoes
    i had to return these shoes. Reebok quality seems to be slipping. Also, they were narrow instead of medium in width.

    T. Hancock...more info
  • Very narrow
    This is a great shoe but it's very narrow. I had to return mine because my foot has apparently widened and the shoe sqeezes my foot....more info
  • love freestyle shoes
    Reebok Women's Freestyle Highhaven't been able to find these anywhere other than internet. Offer comfort and good ankle support. Very light weight.

    ...more info
  • I love them
    For years I have only worn this type of Reebok sneaker. When I switched to a different brand that were not high tops I started having back and knee problems. Since finding them again my back is clearing up. I love these shoes and have at least 2 pairs...Black and White....more info
  • One of the most comfortable sneakers on the market.
    Usually a man orders a male shoe or sneaker, and a women orders a female shoe or sneaker. However, some people are born with narrower feet, wider feet, smaller or larger than the average person's foot. I myself am included in this quest for the perfect-fitting sneaker. I have ordered many sneakers in the past, Puma, Nike, New Balance, etc. I have ordered Reebok in the past and they have always been extremely comfortable. However, I have never ordered the Freestyle. I always wanted to when I was in my teens, but the size was always the other issue. As a male I have a tendency to feel slightly awkward buying a women's sneaker, but I had no choice. The Black Leather Reebok Freestyle-Hi sneaker is a great leather sneaker, the best that I know of. Leather has always contoured the best to my foot, it's flexible, comfortable and durable. It's simple, sleek and sexy even. I wear these mostly while I'm motorcycling actually. That's right, they are so durable that I use them for motorcycling. Absolutely a great leather sneaker. I would also highly recommend (Puma indoor/turf soccer sneakers, Adidas indoor soccer sneaker like Kaiser or Samba). These leather sneakers are built for those who seek narrower sneakers for those who have a medium arch. ...more info
  • Repeat customer
    My wife was so pleased with Reebock shoe purchase she ordered another
    pair....more info
  • Total Comfort
    These shoes feel so great. They are true to size. Great for all around use....more info


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