Weber 16128 Poultry Roaster

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Product Description

Weber, Poultry Infusion Roaster, The Lower Aluminum Tray Has A Reservoir For Beer, Wine, Fruit Juice, Water & Spices, Cooks Meat To Perfection In Less Time Than Ordinary Roasting, Stand The Bird On The Poultry Prop & Aromatic Steam Rises & Cooks The Bird To Juicy Perfection, 1 Aluminum Tray & Infusion Cone Are Packaged In A Display Carton.

  • Poultry roaster for making beer can chicken and other grill-top recipes
  • Aluminum tray holds beer, wine, fruit juice, or other flavoring agent
  • Cone-shaped infuser holds chicken or turkey over tray while grilling
  • Cooks faster than ordinary roasting
  • Nonstick surface cleans quickly and easily

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality Product
    This is the best way ever to prepare chicken. It is both healthy and delicious. We had been using the beer can method and have enjoyed the chicken but the Weber Poultry Roaster makes it much easier. It is a good heavy duty product that cleans up easily. We always spray it prior to usage. We have found that we much prefer the chicken cooked with beer rather than wine. ...more info
  • Weber Poultry Roaster Indoors or Out
    This is the best method of doing fresh birds, either in the oven inside or on the grill. We have had two for over a year and the latest purchases were Christmas gifts to relatives. If you've tried beer can chicken, then get this roaster....more info
  • Best chicken ever!
    Well-designed unit, with typical high-quality Weber materials. Simple to use and produces a moist, tasty chicken. Clean-up is easy, although the unit is not diswasher safe. A 3.5-4.0 pound bird takes about 50 minutes at medium heat on a Weber gas grill. Cook your chickens this way and you'll never turn on the oven again to roast a bird!...more info
  • Best Chicken You'll Ever Have
    This is great. If you've ever made beer can chicken, you know it's the moistest, full flavored chicken you'll ever have. This is great, you don't get the chemicals off of a beer can, that probably should never be cooked anyways. All the fat and grease doesn't go into your grill, it's collected in the bottom of the roaster, so you don't have uncontrollable flames or mess to clean up in your grill. Hold's the chicken in place, where just a beer can or beer can stand can't. Works great in both your grill or oven. I loved it so much, I bought more for Christmas gifts....more info
  • Great grill tool
    I have a Weber charcoal kettle. After hearing about "beer can" chicken from my fellow grillers, I decided to take a chance this gizmo. This is the only way to do chicken on the grill: easy cleanup, no fiddling with my rotisserie. Typically, I put herbs like rosemary or middle east spices under the skin, and add a drop of olive oil, again under the skin. Tie it up a little, put the grill on super low and you get a moist smoky bird. I prefer a dark beer for the well but even lite beer works.
    Normally, I am grilling often and in every season. If I know that I am going to grill something else, I make sure I pick up a whole chicken to put on also. After I am done eating my roast or seafood, I have a chicken I take off and, presto: smoked/grilled chicken for tomorrow!
    I DO wash it in the dishwasher with my expensive cutlery. I do not use the heated dry mode and I DO use a chlorine/phosphate free detergent. ...more info
  • great cooking
    This was a little pricy but well worth it. We enjoy beer can chicken at least every other week. This roaster works great and it cleans up very well....more info
  • Best Chicken in the World
    I can barely boil water much less make killer chicken. That is why I married a chef!!! However, he does like for me to cook occasionally!

    Want the best chicken in the world? Here is what to do...
    1. Buy the Weber Poultry Roaster
    2. Get a 3-4 lb chicken
    3. Pre heat oven to 425 degrees
    4. Fill the reservoir with beer or wine and a little Mrs. Dash
    5. Season the INSIDE and outside of the chicken with salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash
    6. Put chicken on the roaster (neck side up) and make sure you seal the neck with the plug.
    7. Cook for about 35-45 minutes (thigh temp should be around 175-180 degrees)
    8. Remove from oven and let sit for about 10 minutes then cut and serve.

    I get raves about my chicken all the time. Now I just need to perfect my veggie cooking!!!

    ENJOY!!!...more info
  • Best outdoor grill Item to come along in a while.
    Tried the chicken and it was great. I have used the beer can but this was a lot easier. I also cooked a 7 1/2 lb Turkey breast used a cajun salt pepper rub(use only the base unit fits perfect) with the beer and some spice rub in the well). It took 2 1/2 hours on med high. Well worth the wait....more info
  • If Only It Had Arrived
    I enjoyed reading the reviews of this product and how delicious the cooked chicken was and the ease of use and clean-up. I ordered this item as a Christmas gift in early December and was told delivery would be by the 17th. Alas, repeated phone calls to the seller were met with a busy signal and email remained unanswered when I attempted to contact them after the delivery date had passed. Today, I was informed that the order had been canceled without offering an explanation. If I had been informed of difficulty relating to the supply of the ordered product in stock, I would have had time to purchase another gift without scrambling at the last minute. I would not order from this particular seller in the future....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This is the best way to roast chicken on the grill - absolutely no mess. We put chardonnay and crushed garlic in the middle and it steams up through the inside of the chicken. We also rub the chicken down in olive oil and then put a rub on it - it is awesome. We have bought one for all of our kids and recommend it to all our friends. Chicken is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, the absolute best!!!...more info
  • If you had only one grill accessory!
    The Weber Poultry Roaster is the greatest way to cook a whole chicken I have ever found. The beer can is cheaper but it can fall over, not the Weber. You can also use this roaster in the oven. The chicken is moist inside with a crisp skin. You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Use it indoors or outdoors, works great
    The weather degraded so I had to bring the bird in the house and cook it in the oven. The fixture works great in either location....more info
  • Best roasted chicken ever...
    This ingenious device completely trumps its antecedent, the beer can. You can no longer just call the moist, perfectly browned, self-basted aromatic bird a "beer can chicken"; it is now a culinary touchstone.

    Whether you are a NASCAR dad or an urban hipster, if you want to cook a bird on a grill, you must have one of these....more info

  • Almost Perfect...but

    After several highly successful attempts at "beer canning" a chicken, my friends and I began to wonder how safe and sanitary the method is. Paints, sealers, etc used on the can exterior, plus the environment they live in gave us the "heebie-jeebies".
    We are brewers as well and for us, sanitation is everything! We began the search for a better way. I have come across several incarnations of the venerable beer can roaster. This is by far the best thought out unit I have, it's endorsed by Weber...'nuff said.

    The only reason that I cannot give this item the full 5 stars...the dish it sets on is a little small (sorry people). I was really hoping for something bigger to roast potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, parsnips, whatever in the juices. That's just my personal preference and I am after all, the one writing this review! So back off, dang it!

    As for roasting a chicken...this thing is the BOMB!

    It does exactly what it advertizes and does it well. No more fumbling with your bird precariously perched atop a teetering beer can and the non-stick coating makes clean-up an absolute breeze (not to mention sanitary). Just make sure you keep your vent holes clean and clear so the unit can do it's job.

    This thing works! If you're reading this, you already know how incredible chicken is when prepared on a vertical roaster. If you're considering this, buy it! You won't be disappointed. Just look at the rest of the reviews. You would think they were sleeping with it. Maybe, but it really does do a fantastic job! We are in the process of ordering more. Like Jacqueline Susann's redneck cousin said, "sometimes one yardbird just ain't enough!!!"...more info


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