Plan Toy Oval Xylophone

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Product Description

The beautiful xylophone makes melodious tones to enchant young music lovers. An enjoyable way to exercise eye-hand coordination. To reinforce your child's natural sense of harmony and rhythm.

  • Solid wooden mallet strikes the bars to produce melodious pleasant notes
  • Five Bars To Produce Five Different Notes
  • Children Can Associate Colors With Different Notes For Easy Composition
  • Reinforce A Child's Natural Sense Of Harmony And Rhythm
  • This Toy Is Made From All Natural Organic Recycled Rubber Wood And Water Based Dyes

Customer Reviews:

  • Not a musical toy!!!!
    It is pretty, but it sounds terrible. You cannot play anything resembling a tune. Save your money and buy a toy that has actual notes. I love the Fisher price baby grand piano that has a complete octave....more info
  • great for babies
    This xylophone kept my then just 8 month old entertained for over 4 hours straight, with only one break to nurse. A month later it is still her favorite toy. ...more info
  • gentle sounds and rounded edges
    Gentle sounds and rounded edges = good for baby. A nice break (for us both) from the bells and beeps and whistles that come from most baby toys. She started playing with this around 8 months (while supervised. It's really sturdy/well made but there are small pieces between each of the notes that potentially could come off if the elastic strings snapped so for the time being we play with it together). It is easier and safer for her to run a block back and forth over the keys rather than hold the mallet that comes with it for the time being. It makes a lovely sound and it's not crazy loud, even when she slams on it. An older child would probably want something bigger/louder (Plan also makes a more "advanced" xylophone with a full octave for around the same price). But as a starter musical instrument I'm happy with this and I think we'll get our $$ worth. It's also really well made, I have confidence in this and other products from this company....more info
  • Great toy for 8 months old as well!
    Our little one (almost 8 months old) already figured out how to use this toy. He was watching us using it first and tried himself right afterwards and loves to bang on it! And the xylophon beeing made of wood helps to keep our ears healthy....more info
  • My daughter loves music
    My 15 month old daughter really likes this xylophone, she played with it the whole day when I first gave it to her. She loves music and to dance. If your child is into music this is a nice toy. She does not play with it as much anymore as her attention span is pretty short. ...more info


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