5,000 BTU Library Quiet Compact Air Conditioner-model:AF-R50DX

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Stylish, lightweight and compact. The Comfort Touch series offers you ultimate convenience with a 12-hour timer delay on/off feature and a one-degree temperature control. EER 10.0

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  • Efficient Value
    I am very pleased with this machine and am very satisfied with the low noise level. The fan is certainly audible but not at all loud. But the good part is that you can hardly tell when the compressor kicks in - Quite a difference from my GE a/c in another room. I expected colder air temperature from the machine but a small room is stilled cooled in a short time. The SEER number is very good and the price was very good. Quite satisfied....more info
  • Not library quiet but a good buy.
    I have this in my 14x16 bedroom and it keeps the room and the adjoining room quite cool. Good buy for the price!!...more info
  • Relatively quiet but doubt in energy efficiency
    Generally that's a good unit, especially for its price. It's not exactly "library quiet" (we all know what the level of noise in libraries is) but I was told its good comparing to others. We all know that Japanese consumer electronics and not only electronics devices are far better than American, for example. A few disappointing things in this unit though - the "energy saving" feature only allows you to set the unit so that when the compressor stops the fan stops also after 10 seconds. One would expect this to be by default but Sharp did not do it in this way - instead you must press a special button to put the unit into "saving" mode. This gets reset when you power it down and this button is not on the remote, so if you don't want the noise of the fan at all times you must get up from your arm-chair and go to the unit.

    I guess I can't exactly specify much more features for a unit of this price but I think that energy efficient technology nowadays must be not just a brand trick as it seems with this unit. They should invest in quieter less energy consuming compressors and then the AC would be "energy saving". Because a fan is a motor which consumes only several watts it is not something that we'd save much and have cleaner environment. The unit has also only indication in Fahrenheit, no Celsius which is a world-side standard so it would have been nice to have a button and switch between these two modes.

    I got this unit for 179.00$ in PC Richards when it got hot so I am contributing this report here and to say that the Amazon price rocks!
    ...more info
  • Quietest 5000 BTU a/c I've encountered
    I bought this unit in, I believe, 2001. OK, it is not "noisefree". However, compared to other units I have used (Goldstar, Maytag, Haier), it is MUCH quieter. The Goldstar is a lousy 2-piece design that never stops rattling. The Maytag--the loudest compressor I've ever heard. The Haier was pretty good, easily half as quiet as the Maytag (both were priced around $79). However, the Sharp was probably half as loud as even the Haier. It is pricier, though. But if you want a relatively quiet 5000BTU unit, I think this is a good one to get....more info
  • not quiet
    Works fine - but its not anywhere near "library quiet." Indeed, it's pretty loud....more info