8,000 BTU Library Quiet Remote Control Mid-Size Air Conditioner

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Stylish, lightweight and compact air conditioner. The Comfort Touch series offers you ultimate convenience with a 12-hour timer delay on/off feature and a one-degree temperature control. EER 10.0.

Customer Reviews:
    I have a Sharp Library Quiet A/C and it's so noisy I have to turn it off to listen to the television. I don't recommend it. If you buy cheap, you get cheap....more info
  • Sharp Makes The Best Window Air Conditioners
    I can strongly recommend the Sharp Library Quiet Window Air Condtioners. They are excellent quality, quiet, durable and easy-to-use. I have three of them so I speak with experience. The fan has 3 speeds and the temperature control is digital. The unit even has a remote control, but I have never even used it. I just set the temperature at about 73 degrees and the air conditioner takes care of everything. The Sharp Window Air Condtioner is attractive, powerful and simple-to-use.

    The listing is for the 80DX. My units are 60DX which are 6,000 BTU. They are less powerful and more affordable than the 80DX listed selling at around $130. I have found that even the 60DX is quite powerful. One unit cools the kitchen and the dining room and has enough left over to take some of the heat out of the living room. My two other units are in two bedrooms. I only run one unit during the day and sometimes, but not always, use the bedroom units at night. The one unit is very easy on electricity....more info