GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner

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Product Description

A relatively compact window unit, the GoldStar R5050 air conditioner is the right size and power for occasional cooling needs or smaller spaces. Operated with straightforward manual controls, the air conditioner efficiently cools up to a 10-by-15-foot room. It comes with two cooling settings, two fan-only settings, and nine-setting thermostat for a wide range of needs. Simple control tabs let you adjust the horizontal air flow, and the turbo fan promotes even cooling. A washable air filter helps keep cycled air fresh and clean. Low-profile with its off-white housing, the air conditioner has a 9.7 Energy Efficiency Rating (on an 8.0-10.0 scale). It measures 18-9/16 by 12-9/32 by 14-9/16 inches and requires a window that is at least 13 inches high by 22 inches wide. --Emily Bedard

  • 5000-Btu air conditioner with manual controls
  • 2-way air-deflection system and washable air filter
  • Two-setting turbo fan that works with or without cooling
  • 9.7 Energy Efficiency Rating
  • 18-9/16 by 12-9/32 by 14-9/16 inches; window minimum of 13 by 22 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Not cooling after 1.5 years
    Was a good deal when I purchased the small window a/c, and cooled nicely for about 1.5 years. Now, it doesn't cool at all. ...more info
  • Goldstar (LG Corp) 5050 air conditioner defective
    I purchased this window air conditioner at a Southern California Walmart in July, 2003 for $125. After lugging it home, I installed it in my bedroom(15X15)- window. It worked well during that summer, but now (June, 2004) it no longer cools sufficiently - it has become more like a window fan. I cycled it off and on every month during the past winter (Southern California style)as advised in the included instruction manual. The manual states a one year free maintenance guarantee, but doesn't tell you about the $50/hour diagnostic charge levied by their affiliated independent service organization. I am very disappointed with this Goldstar unit, and would definitely not purchase another. I previously owned a GE 5000 btu model and it was much more durable....more info
  • Good buy for the money...
    While not the most feature-rich air conditioner (there's nothing electronic whatsoever about the thermostat and fan controls), it certainly gets the job done for cheap.

    Cools a single room reasonably, and in multiples of 2 or 3, it can take on most entire apartments....more info

  • cool in florida
    lite weight, quiet when running, comes with vinyl slide out pannels for left and right sides, easy install in 36 inch wide window opening, plug into any 110 volt outlet, uses about 4 amps, the front pannel below the air outlet folds down on hinges for easy filter access. perfect to cool one room all the time, or keep in garage and use when the central air breaks down on friday and parts aren't available until monday. one cool room is better than no cool room. home depot has it under their housebrand of hampton bay for eighty five dollars with a five year warranty. keep cool....more info