Gold Star M5200R 5200 Btu Air Conditioner

List Price: $229.99

Our Price: $229.99

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  • 5200 Btu
  • 2-way air deflection system
  • Digital timer included
  • 3-speed high-efficiency fan
  • High efficiency fan
Customer Reviews:
    1) Quiet
    2) Quiet
    3) Did I mention it's quiet?
    4) Drips water from rear constantly - Which is VERY GOOD, takes immense amount of moisture out of the air!
    5) Nice air circulation controls.
    6) Q U I E T !!!!!...more info
  • Very quiet!
    The A/C is very quiet. Like a regular fan. You can have it installed in the bedroom and sleep as a baby. 12000 btu. M1203R.
    No autoswing. Does not show the room temp....more info
  • Excellent Korean built quality at a value price!
    This is an excellent air conditioner all round!

    It runs quieter than our other much more expensive Kenmore of the same BTU power (which goes to show brandname and price isn't necessarily always better). It even has a timer which the Kenmore doesn't.

    In terms of built-quality, the parts fit perfectly with each other. The inside of the unit appears to be very well made too.

    Remote control is a breeze to operate and is strong enough so that you can stick it on a wall and operate it as a wall switch. Other remotes need to be directly pointed at the unit.

    Soft-touch panel is easy and intuitive to operate.

    Timer feature is really useful for setting it both to turn on when you come back home in the evening or to turn off when you sleep at night.

    Filter is easy to remove for cleaning.

    If there was ever an improvement to be made on this air conditioner, would be if the airflow vents could be motorized so that it "swings" from left to right automatically. But I guess I'm asking too much on a window unit air conditioner at THIS price range!...more info