GoldStar M1003R 10,000-Btu Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Both powerful and efficient, this 10,000-Btu air conditioner from GoldStar delivers effective cooling, as well as convenient features and a 9.8 Energy Efficiency Rating. Operated by an easy-to-read touchpad or the included remote control, the unit cools up to an 18-by-25-foot space. It comes with three cooling speeds and a programmable thermostat ranging from 60 to 86 degrees F. The three-speed fan can be operated alone or with the energy saver function that turns it off when the compressor is not cooling. One of the air conditioner's handiest features is its 12-hour programmable timer, so you can tailor temperatures to your liking in time for arriving home or waking up. Horizontal and vertical deflectors give you control over air flow, and a washable air filter helps keep the atmosphere fresh. A reversible inlet grille grants easy access to the filter. Measuring 13-7/8 by 18-1/2 by 20-11/16 inches, the 70-pound unit requires a window minimum of 15 inches high by 22 inches wide. An installation kit with a slide-in chassis is included. --Emily Bedard

  • 10,000-Btu air conditioner to cool up to 18-by-25-foot space
  • Electronic touchpad, remote control, programmable timer and thermostat
  • 4-way air deflection system and washable air filter
  • 3-speed high-efficiency fan
  • Requires window minimum of 15 inches high by 22 inches wide
Customer Reviews:
    It cooled good for the first 4 mos or so then it just quit,the fan started making all kinds of noise,kept freezing up and then just quit. I guess I for got to read the box for 4 month use only.If you are on a low fixed income like I am don't waste your money.(took me 3 months to pay for it in lay-a-way )Now I am back to fans , at least they are cheaper.And work longer then 4 months ....more info
  • Quiet until it stops then BANG!
    This is not a terrible AC. In fact, I would have given it 5 stars. It has a wonderful power saver mode were it turns off completely and every once in awhile comes on to check if the room has gotten too warm. It cools very well and sends out nice cold air. While operating, it is nice and quiet. All in all, a great choice.... ....except.... EXCEPT. Whenever this machine goes from cooling to just air, the compressor inside gives a HUGE jolt and a very loud and startling BANG! You could never sleep with this thing around. It is scaring the crap out of us regularly and we know exactly what it's going to do, but it's just so loud and so surprising. Yes, the whole thing is very well mounted in place. It's not the machine moving against anything, it's coming from inside the machine itself. Now I know why this was a Gold Box item... Live and learn....more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    This air-conditioner works wonderfully. I like that I can choose the temperature and not have to think about it again. The temperature setting is accurate and keeps my SE corner apartment living room quite cool. Everything works well and it is easy to install and un-install in the Fall....more info