GoldStar DH4010E 40-Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Ideal for basements, laundry rooms, garages, and anywhere the air is just too damp, this dehumidifier from GoldStar is an energy-efficient model with "whisper-quiet" operation. Regular use helps reduce musty odors, mildew, and moisture that can cause stains and peeling paint. Mechanical controls and an electronic humidity sensor govern the low and high fan speeds and the 10 humidity settings for a wide comfort-level range. The unit can collect up to 40 pints in 24 hours in its 21-pint bucket and is also equipped for direct connection to a hose for continuous emptying. The collection bucket is simple to maintain, and the unit's wheels allow for easy mobility. GoldStar includes some helpful safety features, like automatic shut-off and a bucket-full indicator light. The dehumidifier also cycles on automatically when temperature drops below 65 degrees F to keep the coils functioning properly. --Emily Bedard

  • 40-pint dehumidifier with manual controls
  • High-efficiency two-speed fan and 10 humidity settings
  • Automatic shut-off and bucket-full indicator light
  • Energy Star rating
  • 16-1/2 by 12-3/4 by 21 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Wow, I'm Impressed
    I had owned for several years a Kenmore dehumidifier. It was so loud it literally ROARED and you could feel it vibrating the floor upstairs. It did it's job, but it ran constantly and I'm sure was a total electricity hog.

    I got my new Goldstar refurbished, in the original box, well packed and ready to just plug in.

    I turned it on and all I can say is WOW. This thing is whisper quiet. The blower on my furnace makes 20x more noise than this thing does. I set the humistat at the midway point and walked away. Less than 20 hours later, I noticed it was dutifully shut off and waiting for me to empty the bucket. No overflows. The bucket has a great handle on it that makes it super easy to carry with no splashing. The unit itself is on casters and moves around with one finger.

    I am very pleased with this unit and would definitely recommend it....more info

  • It does work...
    This was described as a refurbished item. I received an item that looked brand new and professionally packaged. I set this up in a basement office and hard piped it to a drainage system. The unit removes a tremendous amount of water from the air. Before I hard piped it, it would fill the tank in 6 hours. The noise that has been complained about in other reviews is less than that of box fan. I bought this to replace a high priced unit that broke down. It works just as well at a quarter of the other's price. My basement office is very dry and workable....more info
  • Noisy, doesn't work, uses a lot of electricity
    An ugly house appliance that's also noisy and simply doesn't work. I've never seen as bad a product as this one. We left it on for 48 hours and the basement was still humid, and it was a nice, cool weekend. Back it goes. Do not fall for this low-quality brand....more info
  • Big, noisy, doesn't quite work
    The title pretty much sums up this clumsy dehumidifier from Koraen company Gold Star. It's cheap, and works like it. 'Cause it doesn't really get rid of humid air in your room. And it's very noisy. If you need a quality dehumidifier, do not get this. I recommend you go into a store and ask them to turn each humidifier for sale on "high" to see if you can stand their noise....more info
  • Recommended for Arthritis Sufferers
    This machine pulled in copious amounts of water within a few hours, thus drastically lessening my arthritic pain. The knobs are large and within reach. The washable filter snaps off quickly for cleaning. The water pan is very easy to empty and replace. The wheels make it portable if you want to move it to another room. It makes noise while running, but I've never had a dehumidifier before, so I have nothing to compare that too. It isn't something that bothered me. Sturdy handles are build-in, making lifting it from the carton an easy chore. A must for those suffering from arthritis!

    UPDATE -- Sept. 2006...I am into my third year with this dehumidifier. It still works as good as the day I purchased it.

    UPDATE -- June, 2008...This humidifier stills works wonderfully, but it's making more noise than it did when I bought it. It vibrates. It's actually quite loud and annoying. Either that or my tolerance is lessening. I'm not sure which. It always was a bit noisy, as I stated in my original post. But it still draws in amazing amounts of water from the air. Despite the vibrating, it is a great machine that's still doing what it's supposed to do after five years....more info