Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch

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Product Description

The BernzOmatic JT850 trigger-started outdoor torch with 14.1-ounce propane cylinder is specifically designed to produce a high-output flame for a wide variety of outdoor uses. You can use this torch to burn off weeds and leaves, start barbecues and campfires, control insects, melt ice from walkways or patch asphalt cracks. This torch burns propane or mapp gas, and features an integrated trigger-start mechanism for quick flaming and an adjustable flame control. The 14.1-ounce cylinder holds enough fuel for up to an hour of use.

  • Outdoor torch usable for up to an hour
  • High-output flame for weed control, starting barbecues, melting ice, and other outdoor uses
  • Uses propane or mapp gas
  • Adjust flame control to fit each unique job
  • Integrated trigger-start mechanism produces flame quickly

Customer Reviews:

  • Best garden tool since the shovel
    This is a terrific tool. It's easy to use, harmless to the environment, even fun. It kills the weeds immediately, you can even get in between plants.You do not need to bend over, just wave the flame over the weeds. You do have to be careful not to torch your feet, or your house (!), but otherwise this is safe. One small tank of propane is cheap and lasts a long time. I'm done with round-up! You will have to use this more often than round-up as it does not sterilize the soil, but even so the weeds in my driveway are gone and it took maybe 1/2 hour for a large driveway and no sweat....more info
  • Outdoor Torch
    This item is only effective on certain types of weeds. The ignition on this model did not work, and lighting the torch is difficult....more info
  • Outdoor Torch
    We loved it!! It's very handy to have at home or at work. It's also durable....more info
  • I like it
    Overall this product has met my expectations. It is well constructed and ergonomically sound. It works quite well at destroying small emerging weeds on bare ground, gravel and in between bricks. For larger weeds I find pulling is still a better option than the torch. The product is less effective when used in or around flammable ground cover or tender vegetation because of the resulting collateral damage.

    If you are comparing the torch against the ease and effectiveness of chemical weeding products (Ortho Weed be Gone, etc.) you will be disappointed in this product's relative performance. If you are comparing this product to other "organic" weeding methods (pulling, high concentration vinegar, etc) you will be satisfied with the relative performance.
    ...more info
  • BernzOmatic torch
    I ordered this item assuming it was a complete product. The instructions for assembly tell how to attach the gas cylinder. But there was no cylinder included. Perhaps the shipment was incomplete?

    I cannot properly rate the item until I can use it....more info
  • Lightening quick speedy delivery!
    Great product,we use it to light our smoker and it works perfectly. We have since seen it at the store for a lot more money. Excellent service, it arrived in 2 days. ...more info
  • Overall not a bad weeding machine
    I'm not quite sure what I was expecting this torch to do for me in the way of weeding our yard, which is the primary reason I bought one. I suppose I envisioned it instantly torching away weeds of all sizes.
    Overall it gets the job done but it does take some concentrated effort to burn up your average sized weeds. The trigger start works quickly and effortlessly. The torch is very easy to use and is the right length for tackling the job w/o having to bend over at all. Which is good because you do have to hold the flame on weeds for several seconds to burn them up. For touch-up jobs around the yard it's fine, but if you have significant weed problems I recommend going with a spray solution if possible. It will burn nearly any weed given enough time, just doesn't turn them to ash quite as quickly as I expected or hoped it would....more info
  • Don't buy this item
    I have had the Bernzomatic JT850 for about 2 weeks. I have used it about 6 times since then. The self-ignitor has already failed. Without this feature, the torch is awkward to use. DON'T BUY THIS ITEM....more info
  • Best way to kill weeds!
    The flame weeder allows you to kill the weeds without using harmful chemicals. This is very important for people who have children or pets. In addition some common weedkillers have been linked to harming frogs. Why would you use such products, when you can have a great time torching the weeds. Two area of warning, one is that dry material will ignited and two it is not selective if you burn it, it will die.

    ...more info
  • Love It!
    I use this tool to get rid of weeds between the pavers in my walkway and steps. It works really well. It does a great job and is easy to use (I find it kind of fun).

    I would have given this product a 5 star rating except that I found the description misleading and thought the fuel tank was included ... it is not....more info
  • works well but a little slow
    the tourch works great but if you have a large area it takes some time....more info
  • you don't turn the weeds to ash
    A flame weeder is not for burning weeds, merely holding the torch close to the weed dessicates and kills it.
    ...more info
  • bernomatic trigger start tourch
  • Lighter quit but not bad unit
    This is my second torch and a far superior brand to some others on the market. Beware cheap units that will only hook to large propane tanks. This one uses any of the smaller sized canisters. My biggest disappointment is that the self-lighter quit working after about a dozen activations. But carrying a lighter is not a problem, and the unit stays lit very well. Burning weeds is tedious and leaves an ugly black strip. It really doesn't kill them but sure slows them up and the flame process feels good. This would be an excellent firestarter or ice melting torch. Be very careful when killing weeds to not set leaves, brush, bushes or mulch on fire. It would probably not make you popular with the neighbors. Mine come out every time I use this torch to see what is burning. They don't like it so if you have a small lot, be warned....more info
  • Poor product support
    I liked the concept, but when the apparatus failed to ignite after short use Benzomatic Customer Service was of little help in resolving the problem. The individual contacted kept saying it could not be the igniter, and offered no other assistance. It still doesn't work because it won't ignite....more info
  • Very helpful
    Works great at what I bought it for which is to light charcoal. No more messy ash from paper or starter blocks to light my charcoal chimney. I still use the chimney (with this torch to light it) for my Weber kettle when grilling direct. When using my smoker, or lighting the kettle with banked coals for indirect grilling, I simply pile coals and use the torch without the chimney. Works great. Burning weeds is secondary for me, but so far it does that pretty well too. If you were buying one primarily to melt ice or burn weeds, it might not be as good an option as the high btu ones that cost more.

    Only problem for me so far is the ignitor is a bit flimsy and will probably stop working sooner rather than later. But I don't lower my rating for this- if I have to start using a lighter it won't really hinder my use one bit. Great product as long as the torch itself lasts a long time. We'll see....more info
  • Bernzomatic User
    I will kill weeds and is okay for spot weeding but to small for serious work. I think something in the order of 100,000 BTU would be better. If conditions are dry you could get in real trouble. Use with caution and have a water hose near by. A fire watch person is recommended.
    ...more info
  • Well Designed Weeder
    This flame weeder is well designed. It's light & maneuverable, ignites with one click of the button, and a small canister of propane keeps it going for 'hours'. The flame covers a path about 3" wide, so it goes slowly over large areas, and since one's neck gets stiff after awhile, several minutes at a time is long enough. Safety and applicability issues: flame is extremely hot, can singe shoes or start a groundlevel brush fire~~and applicability: works best on small (1" high), newly emerged weeds (wilts/kills with a brief pass of the flame). Established grass clumps laugh at it, though, and re-sprout within days, even if 'cooked' and blackened. Same with deeper rooted plants (dandelions). For weed control on compacted gravel, in cement cracks, etc., it is a godsend. In Spring, needs to be repeated every few days as new weeds emerge, because it won't be so effective once they've developed deeper roots....more info
  • Bernzomatic JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch Review
    Iused to use a "jury rigged" inverted propane cylinder and attached nozzle afixed to a metal rod for the purpose of burning small unsightly weed seedlings, which would regularly pop-up between my driveway pavers and patio blocks. The problew with my "jury-rigged" set-up was that the inverted propane cylinder eventually allows liquid propane to seep into the torch nozzle and either created dangerous flare-ups or just caused the flame to extinguish. Also, the stock propane nozzles used for brazing/soldering would constantly "flame-out" due to the flame coming in close proximity to the pavers and would therefore cause the flame to blow-out/extinguish itself. The Bernzomatic JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch is engineered to maintain an upright cylinder position, eliminating all the inherent problems found with my "jury rigged" set-up mentioned above. Now, this tool is the right tool for the right job! Once you screw on the propane cylinder the tool is perfecly balanced and easy to handle. Open the valve, click the quartz ignition switch and you have a "jet-like afterburner flame" which will not flame-out and along with a accompanying satisfying roar, makes quick work of any weeds which dare to have poped-up between the bricks. Once you get the weeds eliminated and under control, maintenance is easy and actually fun? My entire circular driveway is now pristeen and weed-free and when new weeds appear, they are quickly eliminated, with just a momentary application of the searing flame. I belive, in additon to killing the visible part of the weed, the seed is also damaged by the heat as well, so new weeds appear less and less often. If you have pavers, or sidewalks, or even a cracked weed-prone concrete or asphalt driveway then I would definitely reccomend this tool. It is a quality piece, safe to operate (usual open flame cautions apply) and I actually look forward to the weed extermination exercise! I had considered a "knock-off" cheaper model, but luckily I stumbled upon a few owner reviews on those models, which complained of "flare-ups" and other inherent problems with the cheaper tool and decided to go for the more expensive "Bernzomatic JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch" and I am glad I did! Buy this product with confidence and look no further! If small weed elimination/maintenance is your goal, then this is definitely the tool you want to have in your arsenal! You'll be "weed free" in no time and you might even "enjoy the hunt" when they dare to return? Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • I'm recommending it to my friends
    I'm having a lot of fun using this torch. I originally bought it for weed control for this coming summer, but I've been using it this winter to get rid of ice and snow on my sidewalk. The igniter works great, and I'm still very much on my first bottle of propane even though I know I've used it for more than two hours accumulated time....more info
  • Handy Tool
    Item works very well. Ignites first time every time. I use weed killer first, then after weeds starts turning brown, I torch them. ...more info
  • Bernzomatic weed torch
    A wonderful device for killing weeds without chemicals. Amazon packaging was unnecessarily huge. Amazon should be embarrassed. ...more info
  • Finally, a Flame Thrower for the Masses!
    Little did I know how much a middle aged guy needs his own flame thrower, but this Bernzomatic JT850 Trigger Start Outdoor Torch fills the bill. Be certain to get the trigger start version to avoid fiddling with matches when there are rampant weeds attacking your patio, driveway, or sidewalk.

    The tool makes a satisfying roar when you are roasting weeds AND there is no bending over as with an Oriental, odd-shaped hoe-like instrument scraping out the little devils. I haven't tried it on ice yet, but I'm sure it will do a good job. Beware of using it on asphalt or mulch because your next call may be to the fire department.

    I have already purchased one for my brother-in-law--a difficult person to buy for--and won't he be surprised when he opens it on Christmas morning.

    My wife says we can use it for browning creme brulee...we'll see.

    Joseph G. Hagloch...more info
  • Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting Torch
    I purchased one of these torches on 1/27/09 and totally love it. I am using it with MAPP gas rather than butane, which burns hotter. The excellent working igniter makes it a pleasure to start not having to deal with matches or a lighter when windy. The adjustment valve works great and the complete unit is well balanced in my hand. If I had known it worked so well, I would not have waited so long to purchase it.

    Also, this was the best price with free shipping. I received the unit immediately. Great purchase all around and I would certainly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • will be great for weeds
    I ordered this as a gift for my father-in-law. My hope was that it would be useful both as a weeder and as an ice melter for their flagstone path now in the dead of winter (as advertised). He tried it out the other day, and apparently it does not actually work for melting ice so well. He thought maybe it just couldn't crank up high enough to function that way in the sub-zero temperatures we were having that week. I think it is still a good product and possibly it can be turned up higher and he just didn't know it...we haven't actually tried the device ourselves! ...more info
  • Do not order from 'Home and Beyond'
    Home and Beyond was back-ordered but listed it as "in stock." When the torch failed to arrive, I emailed them three times and heard nothing. Then I called and was told it would be at least another week before they restocked and could not guarantee a delivery date....more info
  • Great organic weed control
    This thing works great on weeds growing in the cracks of the driveway and in gravel areas. It takes some time, but is actually relaxing to use. A more powerful one might be quicker, but for the homeowner, this one is so lightweight and easy, and inexpensive. A great way to control weeds without herbicides....more info
  • Organic weeding wonder
    It is like making 'hot spinach salad' of the weeds... You don't set them ablaze, you just sear them till they wilt. And if they are established weeds you must return a few times. I recommend an attachment that allows you to refill canisters from BBQ type propane tanks. They don't fill completely but the propane seams to be a better quality. much hotter flame. At least that is what I observe here......more info
  • Flame Weeding Rocks!
    I purchased this item to kill weeds in an overgrown stone-covered bed in my front yard without damaging the trees & shrubs in the area. The igniter worked fine and it was easy to target what I was burning. The small propane tank (purchased separately) was more than enough to cover an area roughly 20 x 10 feet. It did take a bit longer than I expected to burn some of the plants. It was a bit windy the day I used it and I had to relight often, usually I could do this just by pointing it at a place where weeds were still smoldering rather than use the igniter. Spring will tell as to whether the burnt plants will make a comeback! ...more info
  • Burn Baby Burn!
    If you have cracks in your sidewalk, brick retaining walls, driveway, you name it, you've got weeds growing through them. You can spray Roundup and ... wait ... and wait ... and disperse poisons into the air ... and then when the weeds have finally died (if you're lucky) go around and pull out all the weed carcasses. OR - you can cackle with glee as you torch them with the Bernzomatic Weed Torch and watch the ashes blow away in the wind. Cackle as passerby stop and watch in wonderment and amazement; as people stop their cars and ask you where you got this most wondermous garden tool. Admittedly, larger weeds take a bit of torching to vaporize, but smaller ones go up in a puff. And instead of waiting for days and days to end up with dead weed carcasses everywhere, you end up with ashes and soot you can spray away with your garden hose. Instant gratification in oh so many ways: weeds gone within minutes instead of days; using deadly fire force on the accursed things; meeting all your neighbors and instilling a wee bit of healthy fear in them (don't tell them where you got the weed torch unless you're sure they have an I.Q. above 100 and don't live within house-fire-spreading distance of you); and if it's a bit nippy outside, you're toasty warm while you weed. Make sure to keep a big bucket or pitcher of water handy to put out stray flames, and use a MAPP canister instead of propane cuz' it's much hotter and does a faster job. The small size of this tool doesn't allow for a large canister to be easily attached (I guess you could with a hose and so on), so one canister is not going to last you a hugely long time - it took me two MAPP canisters to get through a retaining wall, front and back concrete walks, and my cracked concrete driveway. BUT it is guaranteed to be the most fun you will ever have weeding. Not to mention that if you have responsible teens in the house that you have trouble motivating to do yard work, they will jump at the chance to brandish the Weed Torch and eliminate every single solitary weed they see growing through the tiniest of cracks. The flame is rather large, so you can't use it too close to other plants and it will set mulch on fire (wet it first), and trust me when I tell you it will melt vinyl siding ...

    I'd give this a 5 star rating if it blasted the weeds faster ... but for what it is, it works perfectly and is, well, fun as the dickens. Also works great to clear sidewalks and driveways in the wintertime instead of using chemicals, and lights up my barbeque pit coals like nobody's business.

    It's the greenest, most environmentally friendly way to weed you can find....more info
  • Weed Killer
    The Bernzomatic Weed Burner was exactly the thing I needed. Works perfect and makes the job of destroying weeds in my walks and patios very easy....more info
  • Best charcoal or wood fire lighter around
    While I've burned a few weeds with mine, my primary use is to start the charcoal in my outdoor cooker. I don't like food that tastes like lighter fluid, and I don't use charcoal briquettes for the same reason as they are a mixture of softwood sawdust, wheat chaff and coal tar binder, none of which is good for eating.

    The BernzoMatic torch will start natural lump charcoal and produce coals ready to cook within 15 minutes. Even on the Kamado extruded coconut charcoal I use, which is hard as a rock and won't light in a chimney with newspaper, I can light the fire and be cooking inside of 20 minutes.

    I have been using this unit for 2.5yrs now and it has been trouble free and reliable. It is well balanced with the propane tank mounted which means it can be used without fatigue. Great product whatever you use it for....more info
  • JT850 torch
    This product had been recommended by a friend and I found it to be very easy to use. I love the self-ignition feature. The torch is balanced very nicely and the length is perfect for burning the weeds and grasses in the sidewalk cracks and decorative rock without bending over and wearing out the back. I've only had it for about a month now but it is surprisingly easy on the propane cylinder as I've only had to replace it once. An added bonus is how easy it is to start the campfire at the lake place. I'll never mess around with wadded up newspapers again. ...more info
  • Bernzomataic JT850 Self igniting Outdoor Torch
    The torch works great. It is easy to use, and the igniter works flawlessly. Super product and reasonable priced. The box it was shipped in was not good, though. It was poorly packed for shipping. We were lucky the torch arrived and did not fall out of the packing box which was poorly taped, had loose flaps on both top and bottom, and was falling apart. ...more info
  • Old age assistant
    I'm an old geezer, and bending is a problem, not down, but back up. This flame weeder allows me to zap the little weeds encroaching my tomatoes without bending. A real back saver....more info
  • Not bad--handy to have around.
    i like my bernzomatic torch. the self-igniting feature is the bomb. i've used it for weeding, for starting the charcoal in my weber and for burning brush.

    the weeding it was 'ok' at. honestly, i can cover a LOT more ground with my hoe in the same amount of time. it helps to get the weeds when they are just babies--if you wait too long they are pretty fire resistant.

    its aces for starting charcoal. it did a great job--the weber was ready to go in no time, and no charcoal lighter taste.

    it is good at starting brush fires. i had cut down a bunch of tree limbs and the bernzomatic torch got them going into a roaring blaze in no time.

    its a handy tool to have around. i can't wait to use it this winter on the ice covered sidewalks. all in all, i like it....more info
  • Better than Weed-B-Gone
    Works like a charm without chemicals and saves the aching back. I have spent many hours bent over pulling weeds. This burns them out completely with no concern for after effects for pets. ...more info


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