Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok

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Product Description

Whip up healthy and delicious stir fry dinners with this handsome and convenient electric wok from Breville. The variable heat control has 15 settings, including a "high sear" setting, so you can precisely control temperature and cooking time. One-year limited warranty. Model EW30XL.

The Breville gourmet wok updates the electric wok design in every detail. For starters, its 1500-watt butterfly element is recessed around the base to create a heat zone over the entire surface--excellent conditions for quick searing and stir-frying. The variable heat probe includes 14 settings plus "high sear" for precise control, and the 14-inch-diameter die-cast wok bowl is roomy enough to handle whatever's ready in the garden. Designed for simpler clean-up, scratch-resistance, and reduced-fat cooking, the wok's surface is a four-ply Quantanium coating, combining titanium-reinforced mid-coats with a durable nonstick exterior. The glass lid is satisfyingly heavy with a stainless-steel rim and a convenient steam vent. The most striking difference between this and your old electric wok is the quick-release base that lets you put everything but the temperature probe and power cord in the dishwasher. Breville also includes a temperature indicator light, a booklet of recipes and tips, and a plastic spatula. --Emily Bedard

  • Butterfly element with 14 heat settings plus a ?high sear? option
  • 4-layer Quantanium non-stick cooking surface
  • Heavy glass lid with steam vent and stainless-steel rim
  • Quick-release removable base is dishwasher-safe
  • 18.17 by 15.16 by 7.88 inches; weighs 11.8 lbs.

Customer Reviews:

  • Substantial Wok
    Many Chinese cooking books state that an electric wok will not be able to get hot enough for proper cooking. This wok proves that to be false.

    This is not a cheap wok. It is very heavy and solidly build. It gets very hot. It's been easy to clean, and we've cooked with it often. No complaints....more info
  • This is the one and the best wok!
    As another reviewer noted, an electric stove is not useful with a wok. I bought this Breville two weeks ago and am amazed at its quality. The heat levels and searing are as if the wok was on a gas stove. This wok is perfect. Cleaning is very easy. If you need it, get it and you will enjoy using it every time. ...more info
  • Amazing
    This wok amazes me. It gets incredibly hot and perfects the art of searing food. I love how quickly I can stir fry vegetables to enjoy crisp, tender carrots, cabbages, and tons of other vegetables. I also love how the bowl can be put in the dishwasher which makes for fat clean up. A great wok and highly recommended! ...more info
  • Inspires healthier meals!!!
    I was ready to purchase a stove-top wok on Amazon before I spotted the many reviews on the Breville Electric Wok. I'm so glad I read through all of them, because this has been a GREAT purchase and a wonderful addition to my cooking utinsils! (Please note, in order to have quality use from a stove-top wok, you MUST have a gas stove, which I do not). I am always hesitant about getting yet another large cooking appliance (limited counter and storage space), but this has most CERTAINLY inspired me to cook healthier, nutritious veggie-filled meals for our family. We all love stir fry, and using meat and lean protien as a "condiment" rather than the main portion of the meal is so easy when using the electric wok to whip it up in! With some guidelines provided in the booklet and simple recipes, I found myself experimenting with ingredients and sauces in no time.

    This has been a wonderful way for our family to enjoy dinners with some adventure, all in a healthier way. I LOVE my electric wok!!!...more info
    First of all, the shipping was incredibly fast. The Wok itself is fantastic, very well built, easy to clean, the heat settings are the same throughout the wok, no area has a "Hot Spot" I plan on purchasing two more for Xmas gifts...more info
  • Don't think about it, buy it...
    This is an excellent wok. I'm just getting into cooking Asian foods and was looking for a good wok. I have a gas stove top and was worried about cooking on top of it (it's really small in space). So after looking, and reading reviews I settled for this one. It's awesome. Food comes out perfect and cooks fast. Just remember, before you cook, put it on high sear first to get the wok hot. Food comes out perfect and I'm not disappointed that I paid this amount for the wok. No need to look any further. You should buy this and your dinner guests will love watching you cook out of this. It gives quite the presentation. ...more info
  • Breville Electric Wok
    This is a great product. It cooks well and is very easy to clean. It is nice to have a product that lives up to its advertising....more info
  • healthy cooking
    Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok

    Breville Electric Wok is heavy duty and lives up to every expectation.

    ...more info
  • Bought for a friend and they are thrilled
    They say this is the best present they've ever received and the best WOK they've ever seen. She says it's totally solid construction, easy to clean, extremely versatile. I'm going to get one for myself soon....more info
  • EW30XL
    Wot a wok! This thing generates enough heat to stir fry anything. Great controls and the most solid feeling wok I've ever used. The removable base makes this thing a real tank, you need two hands just to move it around. otherwise, it works great, and the heat control is very responsive....more info
  • Excellent Electric Wok
    We had an electric wok for 20 years and loved it until it finally broke. I researched on-line the multitude of electric woks. After looking at features and price, I decided on the Breville wok. So far, it has been a great tool for stirfry. The nonstick base makes it so easy for cleaning. All-in-all, I would recommend this wok!...more info
  • Great Wok!
    I bought two of these bad boys and they measure up to their rating. I made spicy green beans in one and chicken stir fry in the other. They took a minute to warm up but were blazing within a few minutes. Everything turn out perfectly and you can feel and see the quality. These are the best I've seen so far and I spent some time shopping around. ...more info
  • Heavy Electric WOC
    When I bought my Breville Wok my old stove was down to one working burner. It definitely gave me more flexibility in cooking and it does a good job but the only heat setting I ever use is the HIGH-SEAR. The only thing I don't like about an electric wok may be a selling point to some people- it is VERY HEAVY. I was used to my old wok which was for the stove and was light weight. I decided to buy a new stove and a new light weight wok. When I am cooking a smaller amount of food I like to use my light weight wok where I can use a wrist motion to flip the food up in the air and have it land down back in the wok. You can't do that with the Breville because it is so heavy.

    I still use the Breville particularly when I am cooking a larger amount of food, and have even used it as a make shift deep fryer and it seems well made so it should last a while. I dump hot water in it after I use it to help keep stains from building up on the non stick finish. That and using non metal utensils for stirring the food should help the non stick finish last a long time.

    ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I love this product for low-fat cooking. High temp and a durable, dishwasher safe, non-stick surface make it my new favorite "pot" for everything from fried rice to spaghetti sauce....more info
  • Excellent wok
    We've been cooking with this wok for 7 months and it is great! I was so impressed with both the quality and performance. It is a great size and gets so hot. Everything we've used it for has come out great. The base is a bit of a pain to put back on but after a few times I've got the hang of it. I would definitely buy it again and I think it would be a great gift!...more info
  • Love it!
    My husband bought this wok for me six months ago. I previously made Asian dishes only occasionally, but now I make them all the time because I love using my wok! It is heavy-duty, easy to clean as the base comes off of the bowl allowing it to be submersed, and the heating element is quick and precise.

    There is less mess when searing meat with cooking oil. Since the heat is in the center of the bowl, the spatter is caught by the rest of the bowl, whereas on the stove top, the heat covered the entire area of my skillet, so there was oil spattering on my glass stove top.

    This wok can be used for steaming, boiling, and deep frying as well!...more info
  • Non stick coating questionable!
    "Great wok! Heats up fast and is very hot. Gave it a 4 because even with using the supplied spatula, non stick coating still gets scratches. Not to happy with that! Would still recommend and is the best elec. wok I've used."...more info
  • Amazing
    As the reviews have stated, this is a high quality product. I just got this Wok and it is great. Non-stick coating is fantastic.
    Is it hot enough? Oh yeah, I cooked some steak in it tonight and it browned it and seared it so well.
    Some people have said, "It is so heavy", who cares....
    The weight and the rubber feet keep this Wok in place while stirring.
    Great high quality product, don't save a buck or two on something else, it won't compare to this....more info
  • The ultimate bachelor cooking appliance?
    If you're lazy and tend to eat a lot of frozen or junk food, you should really give this a try instead.

    Just turn it on and you have 10 minutes to start slicing up up meat and vegetables. Since the meat is sliced thin, it'll marinade very quickly. Then when it's heated up, just throw everything in at once. The food will start cooking furiously and you basically just slide it around and flip it for 2-3 minutes and it's done. The meat will be juicy and the vegetables al dente.

    It cooks so hot and fast that it's actually thrilling. All you really need is a knife, spatula and cutting board, so cleanup is quick and easy....more info
  • Excellent product!
    We bought the Breville Electric Wok because our stove would never get hot enough to stir fry. The Breville gets and stays hot enough to get the job done. At the highest setting it does take a while to preheat. And, just like real wok cooking, a cloud of vaporized oil covers everything in the area. We have turned it down a couple of numbers and have had much less mess. The wok is very heavily made and the non-stick coating almost eliminates the need for oil. It is easy to clean with the base removed, but, because of its substantial weight, it can be something of a task. I have used lesser electric woks and they dont compare to the Breville. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Love this so much I bought it as a gift.
    I read other reviews so I bought one myself. I loved it so much I then bought it for a wedding gift. It's great because the base is removable and can go into the dishwasher. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Breville Wok
    This is the most wonderful product and the best wok out of 4 that I have ever owned! It has a solid, detachable base, and the entire machine has a feeling of substance to it. No more worries about my wok tipping over on the burner, as this sits solidly on the countertop. Temperature control is a breeze, quick and responsive. Food is easily scooped up the side and out to my serving dish. The wok is easy to clean. I can find nothing negative to say about this product and would give it 10 stars if possible. We now have stir-fry several times a week. ...more info
  • Hot Enought to Actually Stir-Fry Food!
    I love this wok. For the past five years I've lived in houses with electric stoves, which do not get hot enough quickly enough to actually stir-fry with. I purchased this item based upon these Amazon reviews, and it's been terrific. The wok heats quickly to a very high heat, and (almost as important) cools fairly rapidly, as well. I've broken out all of my old Chinese cookbooks and am having a blast.

    I have to agree, however, with the other reviewer who has complained about the way that the wok bowl attaches to the base. It's very difficult to reattach the wok once you've removed it for cleaning, and I'm afraid that I'll twist the little handle right off at some point. So like that other reviewer I've stopped detaching the wok from the base altogether and am cleaning 'em both. (Which is why this product gets 4 stars rather than 5.)

    Excepting that, the wok seems to be quite sturdy and well-made. It's got a good heft to it, and the glass lid fits well. This wok is also quite stylish, too.

    While cooking with the Breville Electric Wok isn't quite the same as using a regular wok over a gas flame, it's pretty darned close. I highly recommend this item....more info
  • Lives up to promises
    Well designed, performs well. Not as hot as a gas Wok, but hot enough to do the job. Easy to clean, stable, a good dial, and a cord that locks in. The dial thermostat is a little tempremental, especially with soups. ...more info
  • Best Electric Wok Ever !!!
    I bought the Breville Electric Wok for myself after reading the reviews on I've only used it twice but love how easy it is to use. I had been just using my large frying pan that covered 3 burners on my stove. So, I couldn't cook anything else at the same time. Now it's as easy as pie to cook my chicken and vegetables in the wok and do the fried rice at the same time in the fry pan. Now everything is done at the same time and is perfect too....more info
  • Love to Stir Fry
    As you know you can't use a regular wok with electric stove top, I have been using a 12-inch nonstick pan on my smooth glass top stove. I needed 2 hands, one for stirring the other holding the pan from spinning around, which was a pain. Now, I just plug this baby in and have a ball. This appliance is so well made and a pleasure to use. So far, I have only used it for stir frying, however you can use it for other recipes according to its booklet and sample recipes, like soups and curries. Its big and if you don't have room to store it, you may have to lease space somewhere ;-) This is the next best thing to cooking with gas. It gets very hot, you need to preheat it empty, then have your ingredients ready and in a matter of a few minutes you have dinner ready. Easy to clean. You can put it in the dishwasher, not the base it comes apart, but the bowl is so large, it would take up most of the space in the dishwasher, but why bother its so easy to clean up by hand. It is heavy and very sturdy, so you can stir fry using one hand and the other you can pour your ingredients into it. Even the plug design is impressive, they design it with a hole in it making it convenient to pull the plug from the outlet, and they included a handy level that you squeeze to release it from the base without having a tug-of-war with the thing. Well made product. Fun and easy to use. It came with a plastic paddle but I recommend using a wooden one so it won't scratch the nonstick surface. If you love stir fry, you will love this wok. Also, I recommend Chinese Rice and Noodles by Su-Huei Huang and Mu-Tsun Lee, great book, your family will say its better than take-out!"
    ...more info
  • I absolutely love this wok!
    I can't really add much more positive info than the other reviews but it really does get very hot and works so well. All I can add is that it is so fun to use that I want to do all my cooking in it. ...more info
  • Great Wok
    Just love the Breville Electric Wok! Fast,easy to work with. The stand comes off for easy cleanup, it gets very hot and simmers also. I quit using my stove top wok because I prefer the non stick coating on this one, my old one was well seasoned and didn't stick but this is so easy to use. Just love it!...more info
  • neat wok
    The wok arrived very quickly and even had a spatula included that I don't recall seeing when I ordered it. I am very happy with the wok....more info
  • This is an incredible WOK!
    I had a cheaper version of a WOK that was "supposed" to be made from something that would allow the ingredients not to stick. That was a JOKE. This WOK is simply the best. You can put anything in there and it will not stick, even on high heat. It has such a wide range of temp variations! It is very sturdy, which some have viewed as a downfall, but it's not THAT heavy. It is hard to wash if you detach the base, but I just wash without submerging the electrical part and it cleans right up.

    The WOK cooks incredibly well and quickly. I love, love, love this thing!! Great investment!!...more info
  • Excellent Electric Wok
    After reading reviews on Amazon and checking other sites for reviews on this Wok, I can say now after using it for a month, that this is the best electric wok out there and Highly Recommend it. Follow the instruction booklet provided and only stir fry a portion at a time, and you will have excellent cooking results. I Love This Wok! ...more info
  • Greatest WoK Ever!
    I read every review before purchasing this wok - it's every positive comment and even more! The utensil provided did not melt, I found the wok easy to detach and re-attach to the base, I did not scratch the surface using ordinary "teflon" utensils, and this wok gets HOT, much better than the large fry pan I've been using (electric stove)with nice even high heat very quickly. I was tempted to give this a four star rating because there is a slight ding on the rim of the wok, either manufacturing defect or shipping, but it's not on the cook surface, so I don't really care. It's the best electric wok I've ever heard of or seen and I'm looking forward to lots of years of good cooking. ...more info
  • wok rocks
    I really like the heat controls on this model. It is large and can accomodate enough food for a family or guests. You just have to accomodate for storage space....more info
  • Best. Wok. Ever. (IMHO)
    Short review: if I could, I'd marry this wok.

    Slightly longer review: I've owned stovetop woks for close to 20 years; it's an incredibly versatile utensil, though I've used them mostly for "stir fried random" (i.e., stir frying whatever random veggies I can pick up in the produce aisle that day, along with some chicken, beef or pork).

    My first ex-wife and I owned a high class electric wok ages ago. When I was ready to replace my well-used stovetop wok, I wondered if there was an electric wok worth the investment, so I scoped all the reviews here, and decided to buy the Breville. Suffice it to say that the reviews here won't steer you wrong.

    The *first* time I used this wok (after reading the instruction manual, which includes many quick tips on stir frying--most of which were new to me), the quality of my stir frys increased at least 200% or so--and I'm still learning! After a few more weeks of practice, I shall have no hesitation about inviting friends over for stir fry--and I considered myself the world's worst cook before I bought this.

    Stop thinking about buying this wok and ORDER IT NOW!!!...more info
  • Best Wok Ever!!
    This wok is the best!!! I have tried many different woks from different
    manufacturers and they were not even close to the quality of this one. I do a lot of cooking and found that this wok can be used for many ways besides stir frying. I even made soup with it. If you are thinking of getting this, Get It. You wont be disappointed. The pan part of it is super heavy duty and I can tell that the non-stick will never wear down. Using electric woks in the past there always was the problem of one ring at the bottom that the non-stick would wear off. This has a base that the pan sits in and the base distributes even heating. The pan heats up faster than anything I've ever used. You will love this wok....more info
  • breville EW30xl electric gourmet wok
    This product delivered all that was advertised in the short amount of time we have had it (and use in at least three times a week). With these economic times food budgets are tight, so you can make the budget stretch with a little meat and lots of vegetables. This particular wok gets hot, sears meat evenly and quickly and we get dinner on the table in a reasonable amount of time. I definitely recommend this wok to anyone. Only negative feedback, I wish it came with a wire rack the you could insert around the rim so you have somewhere to put the food. ...more info
  • Breville Wok
    Product is Mighty Fine. Would recommend it to anyone who wants a super Wok...more info
  • Great wok, one design defect
    The wok cooks evenly, has great heat ranges, and food doesn't stick. Even though we had a problem (described below), I have to say I love this wok.

    The detachable base, however, was a pain. (I'm talking about the base that serves as a stand, not the electric plug-in control.) We found it very difficult to get the base to reattach after washing the wok. We finally did, but it was a struggle. The third time we used the wok and tried to reattach it, the spring mechanism broke. We finally got the base reattached without the spring, so the wok now sits firmly on the base. However, we will keep the base permanently on the wok.

    I recommend not detaching the base when cleaning the wok. The entire wok is a bit more cumbersome that way, but it beats doing battle with the base. The base can be submerged into water, so washing it will not harm anything. It's just the electrical control unit that has to be kept out of the water....more info
  • Nothing short of spectacular
    I have used a number of wok's in the past. This is the only one that stays hot during all of hte cooking process. Once you start using it you will notice the little features. The wall plug is form fitting so you do not have to pull on the cable. The bowl easitly removes from the base. The thermometer has a squeeze handle to easily reome it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to buy their last wok.
    ...more info
  • Breville Electric Wok - If you don't have gas this is your wok.
    I am very happy with my purchase. I have an electric smooth top range so this was my best wok option. I've made both stir fry meats and vegetables as well as fried rice and the results have been so pleasing that we haven't bought Chinese take-out since.
    I place it right on the cook top so that its under the range hood vent-fan. Perfect. (Just make sure the cook top is off & cool before placing the wok on it.) Easy to clean and I haven't had any difficulty removing/re-attaching the base. Note: During cooking you have to move the food around with your utensil - don't expect to be able to shake the pan around. It sits pretty firmly on its base. I do lift it up and tilt it to pour the contents into my serving pan....more info
  • Best Wok we ever had
    My husband is our house chef, and we are both so happy we bought this Breville wok. Everything cooks up quickly & tastes delicious! Our first experience with Breville, and we will happily buy their products again....more info
  • Awesome.
    I don't have a full kitchen so this makes cooking veggies, stews, fried rice, eggs, everything much easier!!!...more info
  • Very pleased with purchase of my Wok
    This was my first experience using an electric Wok. It performed better than I had expected! It now is a pleasure to make my stir fry meals. I was surprised at how easy it was to clean after using. I would recommend this to anyone serious about buying a Wok....more info
  • Great Wok
    I had this Wok before my last deployment in 2005. I just got back from Iraq for my second tour a few days ago. I went to the PX to get this Wok but they didn't have any for sale. So i'm ordering a new one off Amazon. I would have the old one but we left early for the Surge. This Wok is the only one I have every brought and it is amazing. I made so much food in here that wasn't even stir fry. I have even used the wok to help me make Spaghetti....more info
  • Great [rpdict
    I bought this product actually based on the reviews that I had read prior to buying this wok. I have only been able to use it once as my husband is having major teeth problems and will be having a new bridge, so he is limited as to what he can eat....very soft foods or liquids only. Boy are we tired of his diet!!! I have a great garden and he can't eat anything. Anyway, the one time I used the wok I was very impressed and all the reviews that prompted me to buy it were right on target. I would highly recommend this product if you don't have a gas stove like myself. ...more info
  • Great Wok, but
    This wok heats up well, cooks fine, and is super easy to clean. Makes cooking a quick stir fry a snap. For these reasons we highly recommend it. However, the design of the removable base is not good, and I constantly fight to put the base back on the wok after cleaning, a real bummer....more info
  • Handy helper!
    This is a great product, especially for someone who loves to cook with a wok and doesn't have a gas stove top!
    This wok heats up extremely quickly and cooks food evenly.
    The bowl is easy to twist off for cleaning and you don't have the hassle of seasoning it as with a regular wok.
    The only problem I have with it is that I am fearful of scratching it with a metal spatula! ...more info
  • Easy to use and wash
    This wok is easy to use, easy to wash, dry and saves gas! I have been using this wok for a long while now. I use this for deep frying vegetable spring rolls and alot of Chinese recipes. Doesn't burn badly like gas stove with lots of smoke. I enjoy using this!...more info
  • Amazing Wok!!
    This wok is absolutely amazing. I had read the reviews before I purchased it and thought to myself - this thing better be great for 99.00. Well, it is better than great - it is absolutely amazing. It heats quickly, cooks beautifully, and clean up is an absolute breeze. I like that it is heavy and that you can detach the wok from the base for cleaning. First rate appliance, buy it; you will not be sorry!!!...more info
  • Kung Fu It's Good
    This wok is spectacular and functional...after a few seasonings, as is always a good idea before cooking with it, we got rolling on a few recipes...I've made chicken, veggies, beef, and sauces in this thing and it's very easy to take off the base, wipe down and put away (after I season it again after each use). The temperature dial is easy to use, as the wok is nicely, accurately responsive to the adjustments I make thorough out a meal. Comes with see through vented lid which is handy. The price is right and I think, if taken care of (as I season it, use only plastic or wooden tools) it will last me years. If you are using metal on it you're going to ruin it. And if you don't periodically season it, of course things are going to stick. Know your oils people....more info
  • Excellent item - worth the price
    This is the best wok item we have ever owned. And, there have been no issues with the non-stick surface--could people be putting the electrical cord and prong-insert into the pan for storage? If so, I am sure it is scratched. We have used ours two dozen times now, and the finish is pristine. Just store the cord separately.

    Heat is very strong and very quick--the hook up is exceptionally easy to disengage. Clean up has been easy; using very small amounts of peanut oil has been the key. Capacity is a plus: we cooked a tofu dish of eight with no issues....more info
  • The absolute greatest cooking device EV-ER.
    Not one to usually jump on any bandwagons, I felt it would be an injustice not to come and add my own glowing review of the Breville wok. Since opening the box, we've not gone one single night without cooking in it. It heats (and I do mean HEATS!!!!) instantly and the non-stick surface makes cooking a quick and easy breeze. It keeps meat melt-in-your-mouth tender and the veggies retain their color, taste and texture thanks to the uber-high temps and quick cooking. Clean up is a cinch thanks to the removable base. AND YOU CAN PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER! Unbelievable. Usually you'd pay 3 times what this wok sells for on Amazon for a piece of cooking equipment of this caliber. I'm telling all my friends to buy one, and if you're into healthy, quick, easy cooking, then this wok is a must-have for your kitchen....more info


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