Hoover SilentAir 4000 Ionizing Air Purifier

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Breathing the cleanest air possible is essential to the health and well-being of asthma and allergy sufferers, infants, and the elderly. Hoover's SilentAir 4000 purifies air without a fan or filter; instead, it circulates negative ions that attach themselves to particles of dust, dander, mold, bacteria, and other pollutants that are commonly found in home and office environments. Instead of letting those polluting particles fall to the floor, the SilentAir traps them on its positively charged Dielectric Collection Sheet. Even the minutest particles that escape most air filters are trapped by this system. As a result, air in rooms up to 500 square feet is conditioned, cleaned, and deodorized as irritants and allergens disappear. Virtually silent, the fanless purifier will not disturb sleep or create drafts. And, with no motor or moving parts, the purifier requires only 4 watts of power to operate, resulting in power costs of less than $4 annually. Six dielectric colleting sheets come with the purifier, which should be changed every three to four weeks. A three-year warranty covers the purifier against defects. --Ann Bieri

Hoover SilentAir 4000 Air Purifier

  • Purifies air by circulating negative ions that attach to dust and allergens
  • Contaminants are then collected by a replaceable dielectric sheet
  • Virtually silent; runs 24 hours per day on minimal power
  • Deodorizes cigarette smoke, animal odors, and cooking odors
  • Conditions home or office rooms up to 500 square feet
Customer Reviews:
  • Doesn't work!
    What a useless product. It just takes up space. Use it as a house decoration if you like the way it looks :)

    I had this air purifier set up for 2 months or so. In that period, the collection sheet (which is really expensive - unfortunately I don't recall how much I paid now) would hardly trap any dust at all. The display also tended to buzz loudly quite often and required the wires to be swiped clean. I ended up using it in low power mode to prevent the buzzing. Lastly, I thought this product would at least provide a nice clean smell to the room (like my Sharper image ionic breeze does). However, once again I was disappointed!

    It's hard to see what this product did - it did not trap dust very well, it didn't remove odors and the paper sheets used to trap the dirt were really expensive. Finally, it required frequent cleaning because the smallest partcle would cause it to buzz.

    Hence, why I believe this is a useless product I cannot recommend to anyone!...more info
  • Outstanding
    After researching for months, I finally decided on this Hoover purifier. In spite of the reviews and experts saying a purifier couldn't clean quitly and be effective, this WORKS!! I keep in in my bedroom and can now sleep at night and awake fresh and rested. Works as well as my very expensive Oreck unit downstairs. Plus it is so quiet!!!!!!!! Recommend this item totally....more info
  • Replace filter with paper towel. It works fine
    I bought this hoover 4000 at BJs local store. It works very well and silent. The collection sheet must be changed in four weeks. The Hoover 4000 comes with 6 collecting sheets. After It ran out of the collecting sheet, I replace the collecting sheet with paper towel (because the price of the collecting sheet is too high, it is about about $24.99 for 6 collecting sheets). The Hoover 4000 works fine with the paper towel (Don't need to buy collecting sheet from Hoover). I have changed the paper towel for the Hoover 4000 every month when the light is on (3 months from the day I have started using the paper towel for my Hoover 4000). M hoover 4000 works well and stil collecting a lot of dust). Don't buy addional collecting sheets just use paper towel for Hoover 4000. Please rate my customer review after you have used the paper towel for your hoover 4000. Thank youHoover SilentAir 4000 Ionizing Air Purifier...more info
  • Collection Sheets Over-Priced
    I have used the Silent Air for several years, but became disallusioned due the the high price for the collection sheets. Add it up. In 5 years you will spend over $200 on replacement sheets. The unit does leave blackness on the wall or anything behind it. It is time consuming cleaning it monthly. Compare other units on the market, for instance Eco-Quest who sells a unit with a washable filter that doesn't leave blackness behind it....more info
  • Great machine
    I currently have two large, expensive Austin HEPA filters, and one Hoover (it was Jenn-Air when I bought it) air purifier, with the dielectric collection sheets. I use the Jenn-Air (Hoover) in my bedroom because it is totally silent...AND because it freshens the bedroom like magic, with a clean, fresh, neutral odor like the air after a thunderstorm. I've had the unit for years with no problems, and the collection sheets are available online. Expensive, yes, but a snap to change. I do leave them in a bit longer, perhaps, than recommended. I've checked the collection sheet when the red light has come on, and left it in...checking it 2 weeks later, it definitely had more "junk" on it, indicating to me that it was still doing its job. Saves a bit of money, but I guess one wouldn't want to push it too far. Oh, I also have two "plate-type" purifiers at my office, and while they, too, do a nice job of freshening the air, it's a disgusting chore to clean the 5 little "blades" every few weeks....more info
  • Nice, compact silent air unit!
    At first, I was a little speptical about paying $139.00 plus shipping for the Hoover SA 4000 brand new from a web-site off of the internet but it was BRAND NEW and felt that was an excellent price compared to some other web-sites that were selling the very same product. Boy, when they say SILENT, they really mean SILENT! At first when I plugged it in, the green lite came on but it was SOOOO quiet I wasn't even sure if it was working! After I had it running for a little over 2 weeks, opened up the front and looked at the collection sheet I had installed and it was starting to get dirty, so must be doing it's job okay. I never could stand the larger air purifiers that make SOOOO much noise that it sounds like the grease suction fan over your kitchen stove and blew out so much cold air in the winter that it felt like a fan blowing! It may not be the best on the market but I am happy with it's performance, especially the fact that it is very low amp and can be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not cost much on one's monthly electric bill. I am a smoker and have 2 children and lots of pets at home and makes me feel better to know the air is cleaner for their sakes, especially in the winter time when the house is totally closed up. Anyone who suffers with breathing problems or allergies, would highly recommend this system. I wouldn't recommend buying it "used" though...make sure you buy the system NEW ONLY and ensure there is a warranty for it or a return policy. ...more info
  • Works Great but Be Careful
    I bought this air purifier when Jenn-Air had the license. I had the run-around when it broke down almost two years after I bought it. The servicing was by a company called ClareVale (sp?)and they had no intention of helping me. Luckily I bought from a great store in NYC and they replaced it so I bought another one to have two total. When I needed more collection sheets two years later (each lasts one month), I couldn't find them anywhere and the units weren't sold at the store anymore. Now I understand why I couldn't find collection sheets this past year, the license was being switched to a different company! Thank god I held onto the purifier. Unfortunately Amazon isn't selling extra sheets but I found them somewhere else online ...
    The quality of this purifier is excellent! I do however strongly caution anyone who uses it to keep it at a minimum of one foot from any wall or anything else because it will leave a black ring around the unit and could possibly ruin a nice paint job or good wallpaper since it does not come off easily. (I have an air conditioning unit that will never be the same).
    I highly recommend this machine for its quality and huge difference it made on my breathing, but I cannot give it 5 stars because of all the hassle I had with it. Since this is a new company (Hoover), maybe there will be an improvement in service and maybe bring some stability, but the collection sheets are too expensive now.
    ps Be careful to keep the dial on the correct strength for the room size, if it is too high you will get a distinct "ozone" smell....more info
  • Perfect!
    For years now, I have become congested and have had difficulty breathing every time I go to bed. I have tried every kind of allergy medication, prescription nasal sprays etc. I even recently had nasal surgery to help the problem. But nothing really helped UNTIL I purchased the Hoover SA4000 Air Purifier. Now, when I wake each morning, I am completely UNgongested and breathe very clearly. Additionally, I now enjoy better nights' sleep and lack the sinus headache that I commonly had before I purchased the air purifier. It is everything that Hoover advertises and I like the idea of replacing the collection sheets (which the Hoover uses)rather than just wiping a collection plate clean as one would do with the more expensive Sharper Image air purifier. Since the collection sheets even collect bacteria, the idea of throwing it away is a lot more appealing than that of wiping a collection plate clean and possibly leaving some yukky contaminates behind. After years of congestion, difficulty breathing, and tons of money spent on allergy medicines, treatments, and even surgery, I can finally and literally breath easier. Go get one or two now!...more info