Dr. Brown's 8 oz. Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 3 Pack
Dr. Brown's 8 oz. Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 3 Pack

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Product Description

Dr. Brown's bottles feature a patented internal vent which reduces air bubbles and helps to prevent fluid in your baby's ears. Bottles are compatible with breast feeding, and they help colicky babies settle down and sleep. They also reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas and are easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. Includes three 8 oz. Wide Neck baby bottles.

  • Helps colicky babies settle down / sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear / No vacuum
  • Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
  • Recommended Age Range 0 & up

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    These bottles are excellent!!! I have only been using Dr.Brown's bottles for a week, but have seen an amazing improvement in my daughter. She was six weeks when I started using them and would SCREAM after she drank her formula (I was using Avent bottles). We thought she was having having a reaction to her formula (Enfamil LIPIL) so we switched to Enfamil Gentlease when she was 3 and a half weeks. We didn't see any remarkable difference and started thinking she was having an allergic reaction to the milk. I started to do some research on the internet about fussiness and gassiness (we tried to get an appt with her doctor but they couldn't see us for over a month... they said take her to the emergency room if we thought it was a true emergency). In my research, I kept seeing the Dr. Brown bottles mentioned so I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did!!! She is so much easier to burp, she barely has much gas, and best of all... she isn't SCREAMING in pain. Being a first time mom and not knowing what to do when she was screaming in such agony, I am astonished to find that the answer was something as simple as a change of a bottle! There are a bunch of pieces to the bottle, but I barely notice an inconvenience when washing them (and I don't have a dishwasher). The biggest inconvenience is stirring the formula instead of mixing and shaking the formula in the bottle. However, I would much rather do that than listen to my poor baby scream in pain. Skip the other bottles and use these if you have a fussy, gassy baby!!...more info
  • Worth their weight in gold
    Our daughter had terrible colic. We had bought Avent bottles prior to her being born, but each time she fed, she dribbled constantly, because she had to keep opening her mouth to break the vacuum seal that had been created through her sucking. This meant she was wetting bibs, clothes, everything. She went through about five outfits each day.

    Then at three weeks, our paediatrician suggested Dr Brown's bottles, so we bought eight of them straight away, and the difference was amazing. The dribbling completely stopped, because she wasn't having to open her mouth mid-feed, because there was no vacuum created. It also meant she was swallowing less air, which meant less colic.

    The colic didn't disappear completely until she went on solids at four months, but I think that had more to do with the fact that some babies are just colicky, and of course, she was picking up on our anxiety, which probably didn't help matters.

    However, our daughter now uses the B Free trainer sippy cups, which are the same as Dr Brown's, and again, have the vent in, so she doesn't have to suck as hard to get the fluid. Wonderful.

    The downside of these bottles are that they are fiddly to clean, and I can only fit four of them into my Avent steam steriliser, (five is a squeeze), as opposed to six when I was using the Avent ones, however, to our mind, these are very small prices to pay for the positives that these bottles bring. The pro's definitely outweigh the cons....more info
  • Want to sleep through the night better? This is the trick!!!
    6 stars at least!!!!****My second daughter was born perfectly healthy except she has a lot of gas and fussiness when feeding. I am sure that she will get better in time, however, this will help tremendously. After 5 weeks of trying different things, I purchased the wide neck nipple Dr. Brown bottle in the 4 oz size. Not only did she finish the entire 4 oz rather quickly, but she did not fuss, burp as much, and I had to feed her another 1-2 ounces. She was so satisfied that night that she slept from 130am to 730am. Now that is what I call, a return on investment. They are much more expensive than other bottles, however, you will be satisfied. Purchase the wide neck bottles and nipples if you are going to supplement with breastfeeding, otherwise, purchase the regular bottles and nipples. As for prep work, stick it all in the dishwasher and purchase a lot of bottles. As for the leaking issue, it is just like other things. Some people get a dud of a part here and there. Dr. Brown sells different parts separately so just buy those parts separately and chances are you will fix your issue. As far as Advent bottles, I used them for my first daughter and I thought they were the waste of money. No ventilation for gassiness and no benefits. They are just made in England and have a good reputation. So if you are using those bottles, don't get caught in the "aura". Now the only thing I wish is that they had a "Huge" multipack set with many bottles in the "wideneck" version. I can only find the 3 pack, but the 4oz bottles will now change to the larger 8oz for sure. Dr Brown, please make a multipack wide neck with 8oz bottles with at least 12 bottles with xtra nipples included in all sizes including the ycut. ...more info
  • Life saver
    I returned all my Avent (unused) bottles and nipples and traded them in for Dr Brown's. They are much better as far as gas goes. We had a very difficult time burping my son and someone suggested these bottles and it changed his and our life. I've now upgraded to the 8 oz bottles! ...more info
  • No great results here...
    After talking to my daughter who had tried everything she knew to do about baby's gas, I looked online for some solution she had not tried yet. Dr. Brown's had amazing reviews so I ordered 2 3-packs for baby grandaughter. They didn't seem to have any effect at all. I am glad they have been helpful for some of you, tho. It's a very difficult time for moms...long days, longer nights, little sleep. Oh, how I wish Dr. Brown's had been her solution. Best wishes!...more info
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Brown's!!!
    My husband and I purchased Avent bottles for our newborn after doing our research for the best bottles in helping minimize gas, colic etc... Yikes! Needless to say, we were HIGHLY disappointed with Avent. By the recommendation of our pediatrician, we went out and bought a new set of Dr. Brown's bottles---kine of pricey, but WORTH every penny!! With Avent, my son was getting super gassy and colicky. He would cry so hard with gas pains that he'd clinch his little fists, crunch his little legs to his tummy and practically go hoarse. Burping, mylicon and gripe water didn't even help. Our days and nights were sleepless--he wouldn't nap because he was crying--and our nights would average about 3-4 hours of sleep. Now, with Dr. Brown's---our son is a NEW little man. He STILL gets gas, but not like he did with the Avent bottles. All it takes is a couple of little pats on his back and he gives us a couple of good burps and he's out into LA LA land---he's now able to take his naps and has been sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours through the night now for the past 2 weeks---and he's only 1 month old. :)

    For some reason, when he was feeding from the Avent, he would suck uncontrollably, I'd see lots of bubbles in his bottle and in the nipple and I could hear him sucking all that air in. With Dr. Brown's, he has WAY more controlled sucking, it's much more rhythmic and no air bubbles in the nipple!

    MANY thumbs up for Dr. Brown's! ...more info
  • Not all their cracked up to be.
    These bottles aren't anything special...my son is colic and it didn't do anything for him and quite personally their a pain to clean. I like the NUK brand better and they are also anti-colic.
    If you can get your hands on them they're definitely worth your buck....more info
  • Not for Newborns!!!
    I researched all bottles when I was pregnant with my twins and I was sold on Dr. Browns bottles. For being a first time mom and not knowing what the heck I was doing I read all the reviews first and thought these were the bottles to have. Since then my twin babies are 4 1/2 months old and I threw out the Dr. Browns bottles when they were about 2 months old! First the flow of the milk was too fast for a new baby. Both of my babies choked every time we tried these bottles on them. We found that the newborn nipple that came with these bottles were too large for newborns. They couldn't get used to them. Also, when heating up these bottles in a bottle warmer they would practically explode. We finally figured out that you had to take the tube and air cap out of the bottle, put the nipple and ring on, and then put the bottle in the warmer. After it was warm, you had to take the nipple and ring off, put back the tube and air cap and put back the nipple and ring. What a nightmare when you have 2 babies screaming at you for food at 2:00 am in the morning! The funny thing is...my babies still had gas and still burbed just as much as they did when drinking out of any other bottle.
    So, with that conclusion, we finally went to Avent bottles after so much frustration. I love them because they are easy to use and clean and my babies love the nipples. They never choke on their milk. Yes, they still burp and have gas but from what I've heard...all babies do it and eventually grow out of it for the most part.
    Overall...not worth the money and frustration! Save yourself a few bucks and a few headaches and buy Avent. ...more info
  • They helped
    Our daughter had a lot of gas and was spitting up all the time. These bottles did not solve the problem, but noticeably helped the situation....more info
  • A little higher maintenance, but better for baby...
    First of all, I'm sure you have read all the comments about "extra cleaning time". Trust me -- running the little brush through the vent and the tube takes an extra 3 seconds per bottle (yes, I counted), so do not let that scare you off using these bottles.

    The second most common complaint is leaking. We also had some leaks at the beginning, but there are 3 things you can do to prevent leaks (and yes -- prevent, not just reduce leaking; I have a "leak free" feeding history now that I follow these rules):

    1. If you are re-heating the bottle, unscrew the collar a little to let the hot air escape. If trapped in the bottle, the expanding hot air will force milk/formula up into the vent tube and you will have a leak. We use the Night & Day Bottle Warmer, and I had leaks after warming the bottle until I figured out the problem.

    2. Do not shake the bottle if you are preparing powdered formula or have reheated the bottle. Swirl the bottle or stir the formula (pop a few PLASTIC spoons in your sterilizer - microwaves don't like metal!), or shake it without the vent and tube in place. Shaking also forces liquid up into the vent.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure the tip of the vent tube is clear of liquid when feeding the baby. Sounds obvious, but when you're focusing on your little guy/gal, you don't always pay attention to the bottle angle. If the tip of the tube is covered in formula or just barely above the surface, liquid will slop down the tube and leak out the vents under the nipple collar.

    We have been using the small 4oz bottles for our newborn son (now 3 weeks old), and he has very little burping and spitting up compared to nieces and nephews I have fed using other bottle brands. The Level 1 nipple flow seems to be fine, but there is also a Newborn nipple if your baby likes to feed more slowly.

    The biggest challenge with these bottles have been sterilizing all the parts. We have a microwave sterilizer (which works fine once you figure out where all the parts go). However, we switched to the Philips Avent iQ24 Sterilizer, because it holds 6 of the 4oz bottles and all the parts (bottles, vent tubes, and 3 caps on the bottom, collars and beige vents in the middle basket, and nipples and 3 caps plus the assembly tongs in the top basket). I don't know how well all the parts and larger 8oz bottles will fit (or how many), but the convenience is there -- you can set a 24 hour sterilization cycle and leave it on overnight.

    All in all, we're very satisfied with these bottles, and would definitely recommend them.
    ...more info
  • Roll bottle upright in your palms when mixing formula to prevent leaks
    Bought these bottles after bouts of colic with my son. He is now already 14 weeks old. I have been holding off buying these bottles which i have read about due to the fact that i had already invested in avent bottles, sterilisers, etc. (I have about 20 avent bottles which i now regret buying)However I gave in and purchased these after my son's last colic episode which left him crying in pain for 4 hours straight. He had no trouble switching to these bottles and seemed more relaxed at feeding time. I have noticed a difference and the colic has lessened. However, it does take more time and patience in dealing with the cleaning, assembly, and formula mixing required for these bottles.

    Nevertheless, I have been able to solve the problem of not being able to shake formula in the bottle by taking the bottle and NOT shaking it, BUT rolling vigorously between my palms while keeping the bottle upright. It does prevent the liquid from travelling up the tube vent which causes the leaks. Of course, this method of mixing formula also takes longer than merely shaking the bottle, but at least i dont have to premake formula nor stir it with a spoon in the bottle which can sonetimes be unsanitary. ...more info
  • Best bottles!!! New Moms look no further!
    I also tried every bottle and these were worth the time and money. They reduced my baby's gas and colic. I recommend them to every new mom....more info
  • Great Bottle - Problems with leaking? Read on...
    Overall great bottle. Has two internal pieces (along with nipple and cap) so if you are the type of person who does not like to spend an extra 40 seconds cleaning to potentially provide your newborn with greater comfort, do not buy. I've read the 1 star reviews...most of the complaints have to do with leaky bottles. As for the reviews where the bottle did no good or the baby spat up more after a 3 day trial: Can you really determine the effectiveness of the bottle after 3 days of use? Newborns can spit up for a variety of reasons - and I don't believe you can positively say this bottle is no good after 3 days use. As to the leaky bottle - the standard sizes do not really have this problem but the solution is simple. Spend an extra 10 seconds to put it together CAREFULLY, making sure every piece is flush and properly tightened and the leaking goes away. I admit, with the wide necks it can be a bit of a pain - I'm a very detailed person so I never had a problem with it leaking but EVERY time my wife put a wide mouth bottle together it leaked!! She liked the design so we continued to play with it and finally realized that the internal rubber piece that the straw attaches to was slightly (almost imperceptibly) raised and screwing the lid down tightly did not solve the problem. Simply make sure the rubber piece is solidly in place before screwing it together! I know it sounds stupid, but really - you can't hardly even see that it is raised - you'll think you've put it together correctly until you push on it and almost feel it "pop" into place. Just take the extra time to do it right or you'll have a very wet, very unhappy baby on your hands!

    My wife was unable to breast feed and we nursed our son exclusively on these bottles. We love them and we are buying new nipples to use them for our next son. Our set is currently 3 years old and looks almost new. Some slight scratching on the name brand is all. All the pieces (even the nipples) still appear to be in great shape. Highly recommended. I can't say that these kept my son from having colic, but my son was sleeping through the night and far less fussy than my neighbors children (all born within the same 3 months) who used cheap advent bottles. We also had MUCH less spit-ups than his baby buddies. Can't say it enough - I recommend them to everyone. Just make sure you're ready to devout an extra minute or so a day to bottle cleaning....more info
  • Worth the cost!!!
    These bottles are a true must have! They are the only worthwhile bottles on the market and are well worth the extra price as well as the extra time to wash. They really limit the gas intake and we never had an issue with leaking bottles, like so many other brands. It is a bit of a hassle to get all the pieces in the dishwasher. I like the wide neck bottles because they are closer to breast feeding and when my son got older, it was easier for him to hold the bottle on his own. ...more info
  • Great for gas, but other disappointments
    Our pediatrician recommended we try Dr. Brown's with our second child because he was having some mild colic issues which our daughter never had. We originally started him on the Gerber wide-nipple bottles, which we liked because it simulates the natural shape of the breast and therefore promotes normal jaw development.

    Dr. Brown's bottles indeed helped with our son's gas issues. He takes in less air by a long shot, and burps easier. With the Gerber bottles, even the slow-flow nipple was too fast and he ended up gulping down a lot of air, resulting in violent belches that often brought the formula up with them. I'll add here that we are sticking with the Dr. Brown's bottles despite their drawbacks because of this important plus. These bottles also do not leak the way traditional ones sometimes do through the air-intake holes on the sides of the nipple.

    I have a few complaints about the Dr. Brown's though. The first (and least bothersome) is that it takes FOREVER to feed with the slow-flow nipple. Granted, the slower-than-usual flow is part of what helps cut down on the air intake, but it takes about 4 times longer for my son to eat with this bottle. This is obviously worth it so he doesn't have painful gas, but buyers should be aware of this issue. I plan to try the stage 2 nipple and I hope it is not as fast as the "slow-flow" on the Gerber bottles have been.

    Second, the bottle has a maximum fill line that you cannot exceed or else the bottle may leak. This line is at about 8.5 oz on the larger bottles, but any formula user knows that mixing up "8 oz" of formula really results in about 9.5 oz of liquid. As a result, I can only mix up "6 oz" (totaling about 7 oz) at a time in this bottle. Obviously not an issue for anyone who mixes a lot ahead of time, or breastfeeding mothers who pump.

    Third, I wish the bottle were angled. The directions that come with these bottles even say to try to sit baby upright to eat. Granted, it is probably more expensive to produce an angled air-feedback tube for the inside of the bottle, but don't you think we'd all pay it?

    Forth, this "wide-neck" bottle and nipple are not the traditional type of wide-necked nipple that Gerber, Evenflo, and Advent have had in the past to try to simulate mother's breast. These are just a slightly wider version of a regular nipple. I've found that the regular style bottle are easier to find (all though ALL Dr. Brown's stuff is hard to find in stores) so I'm just using them, as I see no developmental advantage to what they call a wide nipple....more info
  • No More Tummy Pains!
    When my son was still on forumla, he had gassy stomach pains and problems up until I was given a set of Dr. Johns bottles as a gift from a friend. She didn't know what a real lifesaver she gave me! We had no more nights of fussiness and sleeplessness due to stomach/gas pains after we started using these bottles, started out with the smaller bottles and I agree with a few of the other reviews, would be best to just go straight to the 8oz size but these are great bottles, I have recommended them to many friends and nurses as well, and I just can't say enough about how much these bottles helped my lil guy. If your baby is having stomach pains and you are looking for an end to the tears and sleepless nights, go with Dr. Johns! Well worth the extra $$ paid for themselves time and time again....more info
  • I recommend these to all new parents
    I love these bottles... we never had any trouble with colic or spitting up with our son. They do require additional work to clean because there are more parts than other bottles, but it is worth it when your baby does not cry due to an upset tummy. I used the wide neck bottles as I breast fed and it was a smooth transition as they claim that the wide neck is more like the breast. I did use the 4 ounce bottles at first, but if I had it to do over, I would have just bought all 8 ounce bottles because they transition into the larger one so fast (especially if you breast feed) and Dr. Browns aren't cheap, so I'd just spend the money on all 8 ounce bottles. I do have one complaint and that is that we have had trouble with the bottles leaking... I did not fill the bottle above the recommended line and all the parts were in place, so I am not sure why we did have that trouble at random times. It was frustrating when it would happen because my son's shirt would be soaked and I hated to have to change a shirt when he was almost asleep. I've heard others complain of the same problem. That being said, I still highly recommend this bottle and I also personally know other happy Dr. Brown's users. They also have an EXCELLENT customer service department. They answer promptly, are very friendly and I have received replacement parts (got melted in dishwasher because wasn't in a basket) IMMEDIATELY. I would rate these bottles with 5 stars, but the leaking problem cost 1 star!...more info
  • Best bottle for switching between breast/bottle
    This bottle mimics the breast shape the best I've found. And the anti-air valves work great. My daughter eats 6 oz's and has one huge burp afterwards and is done. They are very durable also. I like the separate lids available so you can mix in the bottle without the nipple....more info
  • Great Bottles
    These are in my opinion the best bottles on the market although they have a lot of pieces and can be tedious to clean. They are worth it. If you are nursing the regular not wide neck are better....more info
  • Too many pieces
    I am a mother of twins and one of them has reflux. Since we have to put cereal in her bottle and cut the nipples, using a cheap bottle does the trick for us. When you have to make double the bottles, putting together all of the pieces to these bottles takes up way too much time....more info
  • they are the best!!
    My experience is that When my baby drinh milk these bottles she no produced gaceas or very few, the bad thing is it uncomfortable to wash...more info
  • doesn't help a spitter
    My girlfriend swore by these bottles, she used them from day one and her baby never spit up a drop. My son threw up after every bottle so after trying gerber (terrible!, no air flow) and soothie bottles (these worked just fine) I bought these. They did help with the gas, he burps with ease after every feeding and he doesn't have any more tummy pain from gas but they did absolutely nothing in the way of spitting up. He still threw up a TON after EVERY bottle. We even tried putting cereal in, nothing worked until we started with food. So, if your baby is a spitter, you just have to deal with it till 4 months of age. Needless to say, after reading the reviews and product disclaimers, I was disappointed in one area but happy in another. ...more info
  • Dr. Brown Bottles are SIMPLY THE BEST!
    I was given a Dr. Brown's bottle as a shower gift and am so glad that I got it!

    When I stopped breastfeeding I started using 4 oz. Avent bottles for several reasons. First, because I ended up with 8 of them after purchasing other Avent products and second, because the lactation consultant that taught my breastfeeding class recommended them stating they were more like the breast.

    When I started looking at purchasing larger 8 oz. bottles I remembered that I had received a Dr. Brown's bottle and decided to try it to see if my daughter would take it. The wide-mouth nipples look very similar to the Avent ones. My daughter "smacks" a lot when she nurses and subsequently takes in a lot of air. She spit up often and would sometimes spit up what looked like half her bottle when she had trouble burping. She took the Dr. Brown's bottle instantly and so I decided to buy a few more and switch for a week or two to see if there was any benefit. I'm so glad that I did!

    Once I got past the fact that the bottle looked as big as my daughter's head (the 8 oz. wide-mouth bottles are very large!), I realized that she was burping much more easily and hardly spitting up at all.

    I truly believe the benefits of using this bottle outweigh the extra parts you have to clean. After doing some research I discovered that one of the main reasons bottle-fed babies get more ear infections is because of the "vacuum effect" traditional bottles have. As the baby sucks on a traditional bottle they have to gradually suck harder and harder as pressure builds in the bottle. This also creates pressure in their ears which can disturb the fluid balance and cause inner ear problems. The baby also has to frequently break the latch (and the nipple collapses at a certain point of pressure which causes them to unlatch) so that the pressure can equalize in the bottle. This causes them to take in more air. Now, when my daughter is really hungry, she can take practically the whole bottle without ever having to break her latch!

    I really like the nipples as well. They are much thinner than the Avent ones and mold better to my baby's mouth. I suppose this is because the Avent ones have to be thicker and stronger to resist collapsing under pressure?

    Others have stated that leaking is a problem. They WILL leak only if:
    1) you heat them without loosening the top (collar/nipple)
    2) you travel with them without putting the disk in the top designed to keep them from leaking
    Don't do these things and you shouldn't have any problems.

    I definitely recommed you at least try these. I will definitely be purchasing these as shower gifts for new moms! I do recommend the wide-mouth bottles rather than the skinnier ones if your baby has been breast-fed for an easier transition.
    ...more info
  • We Love These Bottles!
    We started with Dr. Brown's when my daughter was just three weeks old - she's now 10 months - and have loved them from the very beginning. We've used them both for breastmilk and for formula, and they've been great for both. We've never had trouble with gas and have had very few spitting-up episodes, and I give all the credit to the bottles. They're comfortable for me to hold, light enough that even a young-ish baby can hold them on their own, and easy to fill. The cleaning is a bit of a pain - more parts than in other brands of bottles - but it's worth it. And we haven't found that Dr. Brown's leaks any more than any other brand. Definitely give these a try - they're great!...more info
  • Love these bottles!
    My son had a hard time with taking in too much air with the Avent bottles. He constantly threw up and was always uncomfortable after his feedings. I bought these on the suggestion of a friend and can't thank her enough for the advice! These have reduced the amount of air my little guy takes in and he's much happier. I've heard people complain about what a pain it is to clean all the parts and that you can't have the nipple on when you heat the bottle, but I see these as small inconveniences that I can put up with since my son's feedings have improved so greatly. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    My daughter is 6 months old. We are still nursing, but due to problems establishing nursing, bottles were an early necessity and continued to be when I had to return to work after only a few months. From the beginning my daughter was very accepting of the nipples and has gone back and forth from breast to bottle with ease.

    Air has never been a problem. Even when she was small, spitting up was rare and is pretty much unheard of at this point. Early on it was generally only necessary to burp her once during each feeding and now, we rarely even need to bother.

    My only minor issue was the leaking, and after reading some of the reviews I now have the answer for dealing with that! Thanks!...more info
  • I would give these bottles more stars if I could!
    I have about $100 worth of Avent products that did not seem to work for my daughter. My cousin told me about Dr. Brown that she uses with her son (8 days younger then my daughter) and they are the best bottles! They are definitly worth the money. They are not as difficult to clean as they look, (Which is why I originally went with a different bottle!) Also, something I wish someone would have told me before I had my daughter, find a bottle your baby likes before buying everything compatible with those bottles. It was a very expensive mistake for us!...more info
  • Improved Mom and Dads Sanity
    At 4 weeks old, my daughter starting crying incessantly in the evenings for up to 4 hours. As first time parents we were scared that she might have the case of the colic and most literature say not to worry and it would go away by her third month of life. As any parents know, that was not a comforting thought. I thought I tried a couple of different bottles. I was switching between breastfeedng and bottle feeding. Of all the bottles I tried, Dr. Browns bottle is by far superior to the others if you find that your baby is having problems with gas and burping. It definitely helped our baby and her crying definitely decreased. It is definitely worth a try for your child if you are having problems. I bought one 4 oz bottle and within a week found myself only using that bottle to feed her. I now own 4 4oz bottles and 3 8 oz bottles. Leakage will occur if you warm the bottle with the top on. You need to remove the top to allow steam to escape for proper function of the bottle when feeding. Although there are a lot of pieces to clean, I say that it is worth it if it keeps your baby more comfortable and gives you peace of mind....more info
  • Helped our son's colic!
    We got these bottles based on a recommendation when we found out that our son had "complicated colic". They didn't cure his colic...but they definitely helped A LOT!!! He used to scream in pain after every time that he ate with the Avent bottles that we had at first...but when we switched to these, he had WAY less gas. He had an extreme case, along with reflux, so he still did need gas drops and he was still colicky...but he didn't scream after eating anymore! Now we're afraid to switch back to our Avent bottles! The only slight complaint that I have about these bottles is that they're kind of a pain to wash--with all of the parts--but I don't mind that too much after seeing the difference it made in our baby!...more info
  • A pain to clean, but definitely reduces gas
    A lot of parts to clean each time, but I found that my baby does have less gas after using Dr. Brown's than after using other brands. One question for the manufacturer--is any woman's nipple shaped like the way manufacturers shape bottle nipples???...more info
  • The best bottles!
    These are the best bottles I have tried yet. The thing that makes them unique is that they really prevent the air bubbles from coming in better than any other bottle we've tried. The only negative I see is that there are several pieces which makes washing a bit of a nuissance - still, it's worth it if you have the patience to do a wash a day!
    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I bought 3 sets of these bottles for my two grandsons. The first had collic & it helped him. The second has acid reflux & the Dr. recommened when he saw what type bottle he was on to keep him on them. I wish they had been available when my two boys were born.
    Thanks Mrs.K...more info
  • didn't work for me
    I spent around $50 on a set of these bottles only to find they made her gas worse. The nipples is big and hard(she was breastfed for the first three months and only took the bottle sometimes at first, now she is on all bottles). I think air was getting in around her mouth b/c milk was always leaking out of her mouth too. Next......they are a MAJOR pain to clean even with a dishwasher. I started using playtex nursers during the hurricane because we had no power to run the dishwasher to wash those awful things and found that the nipple is soft, smaller, more like the breast, they don't leak like Avents if you use a playtex drop in, easy to clean and most important, her gas problem was greatly reduced. The downside is the cost of the liners. I would buy these bottles as a last resort if all others have failed to help your child's colic problem...more info
  • Best bottle out there
    I initially purchased and signed up for on my registry, the Avent brand bottles. What I soon learned, and heard from others after the fact, was they don't last if you tighten the top too tight (which means your baby gets too much air). I found Dr. Brown's brand online - read the outstanding reviews - and I have to agree with them. It's by far the best bottle system I've seen/used yet....more info
  • Great Buy
    I started out nursing my daughter. But soon realized I had to go back to work, and knew that she would need to take a bottle. First I tried Avent bottles. People recommended them and got for shower. They may work for some babies, but my daughter didn't like them. I went to the store and purchsed Gerber Vent-air, Playtex Nurser, and Medela feeding set. My daugter wouldn't take ANY of these. I kept trying to use the Avent bottles because I opened a lot of this brand of bottles and accessories. But my daughter never took well to them. Then I happen to be standing in line at Babies R Us, and a woman recommended Dr. Brown's bottles. So I decided to try. They are wonderful bottles. My daughter took to them right away.

    Dr. Brown's V.S. Avent

    Dr. Brown's: Baby doesn't get a lot of gas from these bottles
    Avent: Don't know, my baby never took them well

    Dr. Brown's: Dr. Brown's Original bottles fit right on to Medela Pump in Style Ad. So I can pump directly into the bottle. Do not have to buy converters.
    Avent: need to buy the converter's to pump from a Medela pump into Avent bottles.

    TIP: To use the wide neck Dr. Brown bottles with medela pump, you need the Avent Breast Pump Conversion Kit that costs @ $10.00 at Babies R Us. (You'd need these anyway with Avent bottles.)

    TIP: If you are interested in purchasing a Medela Pump, look on Ebay or other sources to find the best price. I bought my Pump in Style Advance from a authorized Medela dealer on Ebay, and paid $100.00 less. When the pump arrived, the ice pack had leak out. I called Medela, and they air mailed me a brand new pump. The new pump arrived the next day. Medela arranged for the first pump to be picked up the next day.

    Dr. Brown's nipples have one hole that gets bigger, depending on the the size you get. Nice for when you want to introduce cereal. And they have a Y-cut nipple for thicker liquids.
    Avent bottles have one tiny hole for size 1, then two tiny holes for size 2, then three tiny holes for size 3. That's as far as I purchased with this system.

    Dr. Brown's: 6 parts to clean
    Avent: 4 parts to clean
    I've started out hand washing and sterilizing bottles. I don't like the extra parts to clean. I'll probably move to the dishwasher and sterlize on occassion - so extra parts won't be as big of an issue.

    Dr. Brown's: Bottles come 3 in a package. Other size nipples come 3 in a package.
    Avent: Bottles come 3 in a package. Other size nipples come 2 in a package.
    Avent bottles have "The hot-dog syndrome" Hot dog buns and wieners aren't sold with the same number of product in the packages.

    I'm sold one Dr. Brown's bottles and will continue using them. As with many brands, Dr. Brown's sell bottles indivdually so you can try one without investing lot.

    Babys are all different, so you'll find what works for your baby. Congrats on your new little addition!!...more info
  • Finally one that delivers!
    I used playtex disposables with my first born and now my second born is two months old and buying liners for the bottles is getting old. But I never had any problems w/ the playtex nursers. So I tried the Avent and they leaked all over my diaper bag. The Playtex Ventaire Naturalshape are okay they don't expel the air like they are supposed to. But Dr. Browns does exactly what its supposed to. There are extra parts to clean but it doesn't take up too much extra time and it comes with its own cleaning brush for the extra parts.Well worth it....more info
  • These bottles were a life saver!
    My son has reflux, and since the time he was born whenever we fed him he would grunt and wiggle and squirm. He spit up half his bottle when we burped him.. and he was very tough to burp, even though he suffered from terrible gas.

    My friend recommended Dr. Browns bottles, and I tried them. My son stopped grunting, stopped wiggling, has almost no gas, is very easy to burp, and most importantly.. is keeping his formula down.

    I reccomend these bottles to all my friends! ...more info
  • Good bottles
    I love this brand of bottles but, buy the thinner bottles. The wide Dr Brown bottles cost more and were to big for my daughter. The other nipples were better on the thinner, tall Dr. Brown bottles. Easier for a newborn to eat from the thinner bottles...more info
  • Best bottles for gassy babies
    I love these bottles we tried them all the expensive ones the cheap ones I mean every one we could find...Avent, Playtex etc...My daughter was colicky, gassy & has problems with milk leaking out the corners of her mouth..I intended on breastfeeding exclusively but after jaundice, & weight gain we decided to supplement. When we started her on formula she spit up A LOT. We tried the Avent first since they were highly recommended but milk would spill out the corners of her mouth. Same thing happended with most the other bottles to different degrees. We were told since she was breastfeeding her sucking could cause this. We switched to the Dr Browns and they worked really well. She had terrible gas problems that would keep her crying for hours but when we switched to Dr. Browns that seemed to help a lot. I will say we also went through 4 formulas before settling on Nestle Carnation but the combo of that and the Dr. Browns seems to be best for her. ...more info
  • Great bottle - MESSY LEAKS!
    I had purchased the Dr. Brown bottles after the birth of my boy/girl twins in hopes of helping my son with his gasiness. They did help ease his suffering but he was also put on soy which seemed to help the most. By this point, both babies had become attached to these bottles and wouldn't use anything else.

    At first I thought I must be doing something wrong for them to continually leak, and sometimes POUR out of the rim of the bottle. (I have a total of 4 kids and have been through lots of different types of bottles, none this bad!) We tried Everthing to stop the leaks -
    *using only all dry parts for each new bottle
    *not heating or storing in the fridge with the valve and stem inside
    *not overfilling

    After an entire year of frustration with these leaking bottles I noticed that when my son would hold it by the nipple or squeeze the nipple, that milk would come pouring down the sides! Finally, the answer to the leaks!!!

    Is truly a great idea and I hope they try to perfect it, but these have a MAJOR DESIGN FLAW - and babies drenched with formula in the middle of the night is no fun. These items were meant for baby use, and for the price it should help make babies' & mom's life easier.

    Stick with Avent or Playtex with liners. Thank you & Good Luck!...more info
  • Great bottles, especially for reflux
    Durable, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use, No gas from bottles, No leaks

    Cons: Some people feel that the extra parts with the vent, etc. are hard to clean. (Maybe it's because I work as a vet tech and clean a ton of little tiny parts and things with lots of nooks and crannies after every surgery we do, but I don't find the cleaning of these bottles to be that big a deal-it's really only a couple of extra seconds, and you can use the dishwasher if you want...)

    These are great bottles, whether using the regular or wide mouths. My baby tends to gulp when she gets a bottle, and these bottles have been great-she has never ingested any air from the bottles themselves, which greatly reduces her gas. (She is mostly breastfed, but these are great for breastmilk or formula when I can't be with her.) The wide-mouths are more like a breast, too.

    I don't find that the extra parts are really that big a deal to clean, even if you don't put them through the dishwasher. It's totally worth it anyway to not have air in the bottle. I especially like that you can get regular sized-bottles, or, my preference, the wide-mouths (we use both).

    They also don't leak at all!

    The bottles are durable and nice-looking, too, and come with three different nipple types each (Level 1,2 and Y-cut) as well as a little pipe cleaner to clean the vent holes in the special inserts. I felt they were reasonably priced almost anywhere I looked; CVS even keeps a few styles in stock.

    I'd recommend getting either the Dr. Brown's cleaning brush, or I really like Munchkin's bottle brush with the nipple brush that hides in the big brush's handle for cleaning the rest of the bottle......more info
  • Wow, no burping necessary!
    I kinda expected the natural flow bottles to not really prevent gas, but I was wrong. After switching to these bottles we haven't had to burp our daughter.

    The only downside is cleaning time, it can take a bit longer manually washing. Dishwasher it doesn't make a difference, and I suppose the extra few seconds it takes to wash is better than the amount of time it takes to burp a baby and is way better than any spitting up as a result!...more info
  • Great bottle
    I tried all the other brands and this one is by far my favorite. My first son was really gassy and these bottles made a huge difference. I tried regular bottles with my second son but these were the best for switching between breast and bottle. I gave four stars because if you over tighten them or fill past the line they WILL leak. Not that big of a deal though, just follow the directions. Even though there are two extra parts, they aren't difficult to clean at all. Worth the extra cost.
    ...more info
  • 2 words - The Best!
    This bottle is by far the best bottle I have ever used. I've bought the long skinny Dr Brown's bottles but much prefer the wide neck. One of the advantages for me, these are so much easier to clean than the others. I used the regular Gerber bottles with my first, Advent with my second and tried Advent & Soothie brand with my 3rd with no success. My 3rd has bad gas & reflux, she also wasn't digesting her food properly our doctor suggested Dr Brown's and I was hesitant at first simply because I did not want to wash all those extra parts. C'mon having 3 kids who has time for dishes. I decided to go ahead and quit being stingy on my part and get them for my daughter, what a lifesaver! These bottles were terrific, along with a hypo-allergenic formula and these bottles she could actually eat without screaming in pain & sleep like a peaceful baby. I would recommend Dr Brown's to anyone and after awhile washing the bottles/extra parts becomes second nature and really isn't so bad when your babies are happy & healthy. ...more info
  • OOOPSS!!!
  • Just love Dr Brown's
    Love Dr Brown's for my gassy, reflux baby. Does really help with gas & vomiting, even better than BF with my baby. Had no problem with nipple confusion with the wide neck bottles.

    Just make sure the air straw is in there when putting the bottle together or will have leaks....more info
  • glad i tried the wide necks...
    I wrote a review the other day as i was ordering more of the 8oz standard dr browns bottles and advised how wonderful i thought those were. i did not know there were wide neck versions of dr browns until i saw them online that day. i decided not to order them at that time because there were some bad reviews about the nipple and leaking, etc. well i really liked the design of the wide neck bottle and decided to try them anyway a few days later. i am glad i did, i am so happy with them that i exchanged the 8 oz standard bottles for 8 oz wide neck bottles. my baby has an easier time with this nipple and is finishing more formula faster than with the standard size. the wider nipple base keeps her from putting the whole thing in her mouth and she is spilling less out the sides of her mouth. the wide neck bottles fit in the diaper bag better and its easier to pour formula into them. i have not had any problems with leaks (read the directions that come with the bottles). i recommend both styles of dr browns bottles as they truly do eliminate the gas and colic, you just have to try both styles to see which nipple works best for your baby. i used the standard ones for 2 months and cannot complain, but i do like the wide ones better now having tried them....more info
    We tried Avent to start out just because that's what my sisters had used and we had a ton of them. She was spitting up horribly and had awful gas. So we switched to Playtex Nursers. Still having problems! It got to the point where i was having to put a dropper of mylicon in every bottle. So i asked the dr. what we could do for it besides the mylicon and he said Dr. Brown bottles. We had actually tried these once or twice and she wouldn't take them because of the size of the nipple...too small. So when he said this i remembered they had the wide neck. I tried one and we haven't had problems since. She still spit up a good bit, but i've only had to give her mylicon like twice in the past 5 months. I highly recommed them!!...more info
  • We're Satisfied.
    During the first two months after the birth of our baby boy, we selected the Avent 4-ounce bottles and nipples. However, our boy's growing needs now exceeds the bottle's capacity. It was time to move to a larger 8-ounce bottle. My wife was talking to a friend and she suggested the Dr. Brown's Natural Flow wide neck bottle which she recommended highly. We bought a three pack for trial. We both like these new bottles. I like the fit and feel in my hand. My wife praises the inner gizmo and says it gives the baby less gas to deal with. Hmmmm. Well, we do have a somewhat gaseous baby and he releases such gases at both ends. Just like Daddy, my wife remarked.

    I do most of the feeding with the bottle. I like the new larger bottle and it's indentations fit the hand well. With regard to the less gas claim, I can't see much of a difference. I still burp him and he can still usually get off a couple pretty good belches after feeding. I don't mind. I'm trying to improve his tone and volume. As he gets a little older, I'll see if I can get him to burp his ABCs. With regard to leakage of gas from the other end, I can't see a difference here either. The guy is just gaseous, but I don't see that it's doing him any harm, other than embarrassing guests. All in all, I'd say these bottles are fine and I prefer them over the Avents.

    Gary Peterson...more info
  • Best Bottles ever!
    We used these with daughter #1 and will be using them with daughter #2. They are amazing! Our first daughter was so cranky, we used these one time an dnoticed a difference right away. Don't waist your money on other bottles, get Dr. Browns from day one, you wont be sorry. I noticed that others have said that they have troupble with them leaking occasionally, that happens with all bottles because the area where the nipple meets the bottle is wet, if you have this problem take it apart, dry the bottom of the nipple and top of the bottle rim and problem solved. I figured this out early on, so I was extra careful to keep those areas free of liquid....more info
  • get this bottle and rest
    I have used this bottle since my little angel was 6 months.All that while i tried using avent bootles which i got from my shower but she kept crying because of " the gas" and it drove my hussy crazy to his lil one in pain. Tried gerber,playtex. At a point she refused to accept the bottle.
    Finally, i got my self to get this,and have no regrets. I was suprised when at times i saw bubbles escape thru the vent, and heard the bubblesbeing sucked out as she ate on a # of ocassions.
    So I recommend this bottle for all fussy babies, and for a good nite's rest for every new mom....more info
  • By Far the Best Bottles!
    These are wonderful bottles. They totally keep your baby from having too much air/gas in his tummy. The wide mouth makes it easy to pour breast milk or formula into them without spilling. And the shape of the nipple makes going from breast to bottle an easier transition. I am on baby number two and discovered these halfway through with baby number one. These are so much easier than anything else out there. I now give them as shower gifts! Don't look any further for a bottle. This is the best out there!...more info
  • Awesome Bottles
    My daughter is now 6 months old, and has been getting bottles since birth (combined w/breastfeeding -- now weaned). Dr. Brown's have been the best. She's now at the point where she will actually drink up to 7 or 8 ounces at once, and after one big burp afterwards, she's just fine. We've NEVER had a problem with her getting tummy cramps from gulping air. After 6 months of sterilizing, the bottles are beginning to leak. I'm going to buy new Dr. Brown's bottles -- I figure 6 months is a good amount of time to get out of them... worth every penny!...more info
  • Great Bottles!
    I purchased this system for my newborn in 10/05. I love them. They really help with her gas problems. She burped with ease after her feedings. The nipple flow was perfect. I never had a bottle leak at all. The cleaning of all the parts is alot but it was worth it. I would buy again for next child. ...more info
  • Very Good Bottles!
    I am a first time mom and really didn't know much about which bottles were the best. My mom recommended Avent bottles because my nephew did so well with them. So, listening to my mom's advice I bought a whole set of avent bottles...WHAT A MISTAKE. My poor baby was so gassy and colicy. She wouldn't let me sleep. She was always complaining and straining like she wanted to pass gas or burp. After a couple of weeks of this I broke down and asked my husband to buy me some DR. Brown Bottles and after a couple of days of use we saw a difference. The baby wasn't straining and complaining as much. She was sleeping better and she passed gas and burped easier and faster than before. It wasn't a total cure but I must admit it is a big difference than before. My baby is only a month old so her little digestive system is still working out its kinks. I bought the wide neck bottles since the nipples on these bottle resemble the Avent nipples (since my baby was already used to the Avent)

    No bottle is perfect and this is why I gave these bottles 4 stars:

    Like most people who have reviewed these bottles, my main complaint was cleaning the extra parts but I got around doing that. I make my husband do it. So that saves me plenty of time ;)

    I know alot of people have complained about the bottles leaking when you warm the bottles but I found a way around that too. You unscrew the top a bit while the bottle is warming. When the bottle is warm screw the top back on and no leaks. You just have to make sure that the milk (formula or breast) is not in that the internal vent tube. If the milk is up that tube then you will have a leak. Just watch out for that.

    Another issue is with the powdered formula. So far my baby is on the ready made formula so formula hasn't been an issue. But soon we will be switching to powdered formula. I liked what another person suggested in one of the reviews about preparing a days worth of formula ahead of time or using another container to mix the formula and then pour it into the Dr. Brown's bottles. Now I have a use for all those Avent bottles I bought!

    Like most people, I would recommend buying the 8oz bottles. I think getting the 4 oz bottle would be a waste of money since the baby will tend to eat more and more as she gets older.

    I hope this review helps!

    ...more info
  • No More Colic
    My Peditrician told me that my 3 week old baby had colic. He recommended the Dr. Brown's bottles. At 4 weeks old she wasn't colic anymore. Now she is 3 months old and is doing great due to these bottles. Thanks Dr. Brown's...more info
  • Difficult for Handwashing and Travelling
    Although our baby feeds well from these, there are a few major downfalls:
    *They are too big for the average insulated travel packs, (height & width)
    *Second, they are awkward for most bottle drying racks-- because of their unique shape and all the little parts-- not to mention it's a pain to wash them in the first place because of all the little pieces
    *The nipples are slightly too tall for the caps. So when you put the cap on the nipple gets bent...more info
  • Works wonders for gas
    We purchased these bottles for my 2nd child. She had gas from day 1. She was fussy all the time. You could tell her belly was hurting her. We switched to these bottles and she has been a totally different child every since. She is much happier.

    I have to add that what works for one child may not work for another. We tried these with my 1st child who had acid reflux and they did not work for him. We used the bottle 2 times and both times he through up every bit of the formula we fed him with it. The first time we did not know it was the bottle, the second time we made the connection. We switched him back to his old bottles (Gerber triangle shaped ones) and it stopped.

    I would suggest buying one and trying it because it did help my daughter. We have been happy parents that get sleep at night every since we started using them for her....more info
  • A MUST FOR BF Moms!!
    These bottles are the best. We tried them all - Playtex, Advent Etc and for less gas and less fussing these worked! They are a must have for nursing mom's! My son was much more acceptable of the nipple on these bottles than any of the others we tried!...more info
  • Give These Bottles A Try
    I started my now 5 month old on other name brand bottles when she was first born. I was, and still am breastfeeding, but she had a hard time with gas when I used the other brands. I was searching online for an alternative when I read others had discovered and used the Dr. Brown's. I ordered a 3-pack and used them right away. She took to them well, which was a concern of mine since she was primarily nursed, and she didn't get gas. I ordered several more and have been happily using them since. It may not work for all babies, but if you're struggling, it is worth a try!...more info
  • Love the bottles
    We love these bottles. It really helps with gas. My only negative has to do with the fact that now that the bottles have changed to get rid of bPA (or whatever it was) they are harder to heat. We have a Avent bottle warmer and they just don't conduct heat as well....more info
  • To the reviewer with "evaporation" problem
    Try keeping the cap loose when you warm up the contents of the bottle. If not, the design of this bottle allows formula/milk to rise up in the middle tube - this is being percieved as "evaporation" by you. Don't put away a good bottle...go ahead and use it......more info


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