Shop-Vac CleanStream Replacement Cartridge Filter #903-40-00

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Product Description

The Shop-Vac CleanStream replacement cartridge filter is designed for both wet and dry pick-up. Out-performing other filters, it resists clogging and maintains suction power even when used with fine debris like drywall dust. This replacement cartridge filter features an exclusive Gore-Tex nonstick surface that captures 99.97 percent of particles at 0.3 microns. The reusable filter cleans easily by simply tapping or rinsing to use again. Fitting most full-size wet/dry vacuums, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Replacement cartridge filter designed for both wet and dry pick-up
  • Resists clogging; maintains suction power when used with fine debris
  • Exclusive Gore-Tex nonstick surface captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns
  • Fits most full-size wet/dry vacuums
  • 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice washable filter
    I bought this for a drywall project, using my ShopVac. The drywall bag was so effective the filter didn't get dirty at all, so the HEPA filtration might not have been necessary, but improves peace of mind....more info
  • No More Dust
    So far, so good. I haven't used it enough yet to know if it will clog or not, and haven't cleaned up any plaster dust with it. I do know that my previous filter was in need of replacement, as I have much better airflow with theis new filter. ...more info
  • CleanStream replacement filter cartridge for Shop-
    I purchased this item to be used in a Shop-Vac that removes chips and wood dust from woodworking machines.The claim was that, vacuumed particles would simply fall off the filter
    after the power was shut off. I hoped that I could eliminate the expense of filter bags. NOT SO. The filter quickly became clogged and I had to clean it frequently in order to maintain the full flow of air through the vacuum. I have since added the filter bags and have eliminated the filter maintenance problem until the bag is full.
    I'm sure that the CleanStream is more efficient than the original filter as far as removing the finer particles from the exhaust air. I would have given the item a 5 if it had met my expectations. ...more info
  • Good for dry pickup, not so good for liquids
    I'd suggest the cheaper, standard dry-only HEPA filter in place of this one, unless you occasionally suck up damp stuff or small amounts of liquid. This filter is not a good choice for wet applications. I also find that this filter is no easier to clean than any other reuseable cartridge filter. It's rinseable but that sounds better than it works in practice.

    If you are faced with sucking up gallons of liquid, this filter doesn't work well. Unless the liquid is very clean, the filter clogs every few minutes. If I'm picking up a lot of liquid, I swap the good ol' foam sleeve back on.

    This filter does work well for dry pickup. No more dusty exhaust, a huge improvement over the standard disc filters. However, it's no better than the standard HEPA filter in this regard.

    Someone once suggested using an old-fashioned disc filter over the HEPA filter if you use it as a dust collector in a wood shop. I find this to be a very good combination. The disc filter takes out the bigger particles of sawdust, leaving the HEPA to do what it does best -- filter the very fine stuff. Otherwise, you will find yourself cleaning the HEPA a lot. Maybe you lose some suction with the two filters in place, but I really haven't noticed. The disc / HEPA combo would probably be nice for drywall debris and other stuff that has both big chuncks and fine dust.

    ...more info
  • Forget Bags or other HEPA's-This is the's washable!
    This filter works completely awesome and filters drywall dust, fireplace ash, and just about anything else bigger than .3 microns (hospital grade filtration rating even filters viruses). Plus, it's washable!!! so you can use it over and over, or wet. This is the last shop vac filter you will ever by. Nothing gets by it....more info