Brita On Tap Replacement Filters, 2-Pack, Chrome, for Models FF-100 & OPFF-100 (42618)

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Product Description

The Brita On Tap faucet filter, the most effective BRITA filter, may help avoid certain health risks like cancer, certain parasitic illnesses such as cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis, as well as kidney and liver damage and anemia by reducing such impurities as cryptosporidium, giardia, lead, asbestos, and benzene that may be present in your tap water. It also reduces the following harmful herbicides and pesticides. The On Tap faucet filter also eliminates bad tastes and odors by reducing chlorine (taste and odor) and hydrogen sulfide. Brita On Tap faucet filters should be replaced every 100 gallons or every four months, whichever comes first. If youre unsure how long its been, not to worry--the Brita On Tap faucet filter has a built in filter replacement indicator that flashes red when you need a new filter.

  • Two-pack of the most effective Brita filter
  • Eliminates bad tastes and odors by reducing chlorine and hydrogen sulfide
  • Should be replaced every 100 gallons or every four months, whichever comes first
  • Built-in findicator flashes red when you need new filter
  • May help avoid certain health risks and some parasitic illnesses

Customer Reviews:

  • brita filters
    I have 2 Brita on tap water filters in my home. I have used Brita for years. I have good water with no need to purchase bottled water.

    God Bless You...more info
  • Filters not recyclable in US
    Overall, the Brita faucet filter is a good product. Per gallon, the cost is comparable to the pitcher style filter.

    The main drawback to the Brita filter system (faucet or pitcher) in the US, you have no choice but to send the used filters to the landfill. I understand European countries do not allow this and have forced Brita to adopt a filter recycling program.

    I hate to incur on Brita's profits, but I would highly appreciate such a program here in the United States....more info
  • Brita Faucet Filters
    These filters work very well. The water in our office tastes terrible because of the plumbing pipes. These filters entirely remove the bad taste; ever since we started using them, people drink more water than they used to. We even use the filtered water to make coffee....more info
  • Brita is wonderful.
    This Brita water filter is just what I needed, I like the features on it, especially the sprayer, it makes washing my fruit and vegetables easy without having to hold my hand sprayer.. I also like that I can switch the filter from white, to crome and black. What more can you ask for....more info
  • John's Brita Review
    Does not leak like the competition. Filters are inconsistant in how long they last. Satisfied with them....more info
  • brita water filter
    I have previously used the Brita water container, but the on tap water filter system is wonderfully easy to use! NO more awkard handling of a big water pitcher. I also enjoy the ability to switch between unfiltered and filtered water. It is small in size and not too bad to look at....more info
  • Great for eliminating others and bad taste.
    This is a great product, I have been using it for around 1 year, and has improved the water quality almost to be as good as bottle water....more info
  • Brita on Tap Water Filter
    Brita on Tap Water Filter. *****
    My city water wasn't fit to drink or cook with, the clorine taste and smell was so strong. Now with my Brita Water filter it is really quite good. The treated portion slows the water flow down quite a bit, but for better tasting water like it is, it could be twice as slow and I would still love it.. Really my water tasted terrible before, but now it tastes better than the bottled stuff you buy. The price was quite reasonable and as a matter of fact I bought 2 of the chrome replacement filters at the same time.....more info
  • Brita Filters
    I have used Brita filters for years. In fact when I moved from one house to another recently I took the Brita Filtration off of the faucet before I left. I live in an area that has a lot of chlorine in the water and the filter works very well to remove the smell and taste. My husband loves it because he knows the water is filtered which is important because of his illnesses....more info
  • Brita on tap water filter
    Brita On Tap Water Filter. I recently purchased this product. The installation instructions read that installation is easy. I tend to disagree. The tower part of the filter does not allow you to turn the faucet adapter because it is in the way of the spiket. You can only turn it so far. Plus, the adapters that came with it do not fit my spiket and I've called Britta requesting additional adapters. What I question is if Britta Company knows that additional adapters may be needed why don't they include them instead of making the customer call in. I've tried to put the Filter back on so many times that the screen inside the part that mounts to the faucet has loosened and I need a new screen but cannot locate one. I would not purchase this item again and do not recommend it. Try Culligan. I have a shower head by Culligan and it works great. I love it!!
    JL...more info
  • Clean Tasting Water!
    For years I have used faucet water filters. I will not drink water from the faucet unless I have one on. Even though my water company claims to have some of the best tasting clean water in the nation, I still use filters. It's better to be safe than sorry. The water has no chlorine smell or taste to it. Brita is the only company I will buy water filters from. I would have given it five stars, but realistically speaking, I don't believe any water filter can rid the water of all unhealthy contaminants....more info
  • A++++++++++++
    Thanks, I am verry happy to learn about Brita Filter.We can drink safety and clear water.Thanks again....more info
  • Product is what its supposed to be.
    These filters are hard to find in the store. I order them from Amazon when i need them and they do eactly what they are supposed to do....more info
  • Sleek design, not long-lasting
    First off, let me point out that it's a bit frivolous to review these replacement filters. If you already bought Brita On Tap, then you have just two choices for new filters: white or chrome. For my kitchen, I prefer chrome.

    These filters are expensive and they only seem to last a few weeks before the green light turns amber, then red, indicating that a replacement is needed. Don't trust the light. Try removing the filter cartridge, shaking it, and replacing it. In my experience, this almost always makes the light turn green again. These should each last months of casual use (~1 gallon per day), not weeks....more info
  • great deal
    Considering these tend to run around $20 a piece at physical stores, the two pack for $25 or under on Amazon is a fantastic deal. Enough said. ...more info
  • Brita On Tap Water Filter
    I have been using the Brita On Tap water filter a few years. I like it because it saves me from carrying bottled water. It also lets you know when it has to be changed which is a plus. I also use the filtered water for coffee, tea and whatever use I have for recipes using water.
    I have tried other brands and always go back to the Brita. I think it is a good investment....more info
  • They gave me a full refund.....
    I ordered this product and it was lost in the mail. When I contacted the vendor they were helpful, courteous and very willing to resolve the situation with a full refund. I have this item for a few years now. The quality of the Brita filters is beginning to wane. You have to change them more often now, once the flow of water starts to slow, its time to change the filter. Before, you could use them for a whole year before you needed to change the filter. Still, its the least expensive and the water quality is great....more info
  • Faucet Water Filter
    This is the best water filter I have found also have a Pur but like my Brita better...more info
  • Works fine - but flow of water is _very_ slow after a while
    We got this system about 10 months ago, and are on our 3rd filter now. It works great - our water tastes much better when it's been through the filter, and I assume it's also devoid of most of the nasty stuff in it. The one downside is that the flow of water through the filter is pretty slow, and it gets slower as your filter ages. One has to have patience to fill up a quart of water - takes 30 seconds easily when your filter is not brand new....more info
  • Easy to install/use, tastes great
    I purchased this faucet attachment at Target, but bought the replacement filters through Amazon. I have always been a brita fan but the pitchers are just too slow and inconvenient to use. This unit is very easy to use, dispenses filtered water pretty quickly, and the taste/quality of the water is great. In fact I have a GE fridge with built in water filter, but the Brita-filtered water tastes much better. ...more info
  • Good customer support & free replacements!!
    I love this Britta filter system for the same reasons everyone does. It's a little less expensive than the Pur system and I like the design better.

    HINT -- so far Britta customer suppport has been very good about helping with problems and/or sending free replacements. If something breaks or doesn't work properly, call the Britta customer support number on the package !! My first base unit cracked after about a year. I called Britta customer service and explained the problem. They sent a new base unit right away - FREE of charge!! It arrived in just a couple of days and worked fine. A few years later I got a new filter and it didn't connect properly to the base unit. I called customer service and they sent a new filter - right away and free of charge again!! Of course, they do try to help you fix the problem without needing a replacement, and they keep a record of your name, etc. so you can't just do this to get free stuff all the time.

    Remember - they want to keep you happy so you'll keep buying the replacement filters, which is how they make their money. It also helps to say something like "I'm thinking of switching to the Pur faucet-mount filter - maybe it won't have this problem with the... (fill in the blank with the problem you're having)."

    ...more info
  • Good and useful device
    Works very well. The only problem is that the button which switches from regular to filtered water is difficult to turn....more info
  • Good experience with this order
    Short delivery time, good price (with no shipping fee for my order). The filters were in their original unaltered package. I am very happy with the service from Amazon....more info
  • A streamlined, sophisticated water filter that is so useful in these times...
    The Brita Chrome On Tap Faucet Filter lasts longer than the four months Amazon says it does--at least it did for me! I think it depends on how much you use the faucet this filter is attached to. The filter is relatively easy to attach to the faucet; you get directions but if you're still all thumbs (like me) a friend can install it for you in about two minutes. Brita makes a great faucet filter; and I'm going to tell you why.

    The Brita filter does indeed remove at least some of the contaminants that are often found in faucet tap water. Once the filter is attached there's really nothing special you need to do--just turn on the faucet as you ordinarily would and the filter does all the work. The filter has a clear indicator light to let you know that it is time to change the filter so you get the maximum amount of use from the filter before you know for sure that you have to discard it.

    In addition, the filter eliminates bad tastes and odors from your tap water. I have been fortunate enough that I have not experienced odors from my tap water but I do notice a very nice change for the better in terms of taste after the Brita faucet filter is attached to my faucet. It even helps to add fluoride to your water, too! What a great feature! You won't have to buy as much bottled water, either. Great!

    One reviewer notes that these filters are not recyclable. In these times that's a crying shame. Perhaps Brita can re-manufacture these in such a way as to not change the design or ease of use too much while making these filters recyclable. I don't see why Brita can't do that; and I will take off one star for that to make this a four star review just as the other reviewer did.

    Overall, this is a great faucet filter by Brita and the two pack is very reasonably priced, too. I highly recommend this filter for anyone who has concerns about the quality of their faucet water. If you have special health concerns about the quality of your water, discuss this Brita faucet filter with your doctor before buying it.

    Put it on your faucet; and enjoy!!!
    ...more info
  • replaced Brita pitcher
    We bought this filter for my parents who will only drink filtered water as their city water has a very strong chemical taste and smell. They were using a pitcher for all their drinking water so I thought that a faucet filter would be a nice upgrade for them. The installation was a little rough. It was difficult to get the threads on the faucet to line up and form a tight seal with the filter unit. Once everything was lined up, there were no leaks. The biggest drawback is that the flow of the filtered water is pretty slow. It takes several minutes to fill a coffeepot, but it's still faster than waiting for the water to drip through the pitcher. You can flip the switch to get unfiltered water which flows normally....more info


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