Mosquito Magnet Liberty Mosquito Trap MM3000

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Product Description

Don't spend another summer covered in bug spray or trapped indoors. Enjoy your backyard protected by the Mosquito Magnet. Sprays, candles and lotions offer only temporary relief from mosquitoes and biting insects. The Mosquito Magnet biting insect trap is a long-term solution that is scientifically proven to virtually eliminate mosquitoes from your yard. It mimics a human by emitting a plume of carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and moisture, and a short-range attractant, octenol. This precise combination is irresistible to female mosquitoes (the ones that bite), no-see-ums, biting midges, black flies, and sandflies. As the mosquito approaches the trap hoping for a human, it is quietly vacuumed into a net where it dehydrates and dies. Silent, odorless, no mess. By using the Mosquito Magnet continuously throughout the mosquito season, you will be able to capture both day- and night-biting mosquitoes, thereby drastically reducing the mosquito population in your yard. 50-ft. low voltage cord included (burying clips included) Wheels allow for mobility SIZE 25 x 18 x 33 POWER SOURCE Low-energy 12-volt power supply to power the trap; propane to create CO2 / ADDITIONAL ATTRACTANT - Octenol Cartridge Refill propane tank and replace attractant cartridge every 21 days. Empty net as needed. Limited One-year warranty

  • Mosquito trap for yards; works for no-see-ums, other biting insects too
  • Silent and odorless; 1-acre coverage; 24-hour protection; attracts biting insects to carbon dioxide
  • Stainless steel and plastic construction
  • Includes trap, 50-foot cord, burying clips for cord, 1 Octenol cartridge; propane and propane tank not included
  • 25 by 13 by 33 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Once they break, they can't be repaired
    I bought one at first - loved the results (big bag of mosquitoes and noticeable reduction in the yard. Bought a second (we have a large and long yard) and the first died before the end of the Summer (would not complete warmup). After trying a bunch of things with customer service, they replaced for free. Half way through the second season, the second unit died (same symptom). It was out of warranty, and I would have been happy to pay for service, but no deal - the company has no repair service. Now we are on the second year for the replacement first unit. I'm waiting for that one to break, but it is still catching lots of mosquitoes. I want to love this thing, but a year of mosquito catching for $500 is a bit steep. If they repaired these units after warranty - even it broke after the first year and the service was for a (reasonable) fee, I'd probably give it 5 stars. As it stands though, I can't recommend these units at all.
    ...more info
  • How to enjoy your backyard
    I purchased my unit 3 years ago. I has done just what it advertised to do and captures flying insects like mosquitos. I remember getting bitten in the early spring and decided to do something about this situation. Within a few days of using the unit I didn't get bitten once. This year I had some problems getting the unit to start. The technical support, after a moderate wait on the telephone, was pleasant and helpful. The woman walked me through some simple steps and my unit worked flawlessly for the rest of the season....more info
  • It works in New Hampshire!
    I read all of the reviews for a whole year before we invested in this unit. Its been about 4 weeks now, I can't tell you how many ,thousands, of mosquitos and deer flies this unit has grabbed! We love it, it works for us! Read the directions carefully and it will work for you too! It says 4-6 weeks before you see a difference, and we are just starting to be able to go out in the pool at night and not get attacked! Now how can we get rid of our wasps? They are nesting everywhere this season!!...more info
  • Works Great
    My unit has been working almost a week now, has caught about 5000 mosquitos so far, and I would def. recommend it. I never thought it would be possible to almost rid my yard of mosquitos, but it is happening.

    I think the people that have problems (other than defective units) are doing something wrong, cuz it works great for me. Placement is key, and you need to have patience....more info

  • Horrible Quality and Too Expensive
    I was lucky enough to pick one of these up at an Ace Hardware that was going out of business. Everything was discounted 50% including several brand-new Mosquito Magnets. I picked one up for $250... yet I still feel ripped off.

    Did it Work?
    Mostly - I'd reason to guess it reduced the population by 90%, which I was excited about. But the truth is it doesn't really matter if there is 1, 5, or 20 mosquitoes attacking you... as long as there are still SOME you still end up with bites.

    I ran the machine from April till it crapped out in September in the Chicago Suburbs. My backyard is about 1/16 of an acre; entire plot is about 1/4. I don't live near a lake, pond, or have any standing water near by. In the dry hot months, when mosquitoes are naturally low, I was catching about 10-20 a month. In the wet months I pulled in about 20-40 a month. It did a decent job... there would still be few flying by in the backyard that would take their chances at a late evening bite. In the front yard I didn't notice a difference, it seemed like there were as many as the year prior.

    What Went Wrong?
    In September, a full 6 months of operating, and the device refused to operate. The worst part was that it broke right when days worth of rain came rolling in, resulting in mosquito breeding fest. If there was one time the entire year I NEEDED a solution it was right when it broke. Diagnosis based on the error codes: Ignition Failure.

    Warranty Support:
    Called the support number, they asked for all sorts of information. I was told to fax the receipt or credit card statement. They would then verify the purchase and issue me a repair number. It's then my responsibility to then ship the unit back for repair. Customer service was friendly and professional. Unfortunately I lost my receipt and I'm in the process of faxing over the credit card statement.

    Extra Costs:
    Don't forget the cost of a tank a month, mosquito attractant, CO2 cartridges, and new nets. I easily spent $150 on operating costs for the 6 months.

    Something I haven't noticed anyone else mention is just how much spiders love this trap. Throughout the season I had a whole family of fairly fat spiders living in the intake cone, waiting for gnats, moths and mosquitoes to get sucked up so they could enjoy a health lunch. Which is reason to also believe that the trap caught more than was seen in the net due to "spider consumption". Even clearing them out didn't make a difference - as new ones quickly moved in.

    In Conclusion
    Even at half price $250 (machine) +$150 (operating costs) is a lot for a 6 month operation that was good, but not great. The failure of the machine at 6 months is unacceptable. I don't have high expectations the unit will last longer than a year after its repair. For the list price of this unit, a 1 year warranty is a disgrace. - I'd even be disappointed with a 3 year. A 5 year warranty is what should be offered, even for their own interest of selling consumable items such as nets, attractant, covers, CO2, etc.
    ...more info
  • TWO Stars is Too Much - Don't Buy this Thing
    I used to rate this well; but it has broken for the second time and the cost to run it has become prohibtive... So I change my revew; even though i can not change the stars- I give it two stars...

    It might work; but it is very expensive to run... And mine has broken again for the second time. Gas $20/20days + bait $8/20 days = $40/month. Then it breaks every two years $350 Ends up costing like $50/month and a lot more in hassle time mucking with it in the mosquitos! All this and I am not sure that it actually helps much. At the price they charge, this thing should work not break down out of warranty like it does. They are milking the public for all they can get; they now have a national repair network. The thing does not look like it should cost much to make, either lower the cost or build it to last. For me- I'm done with it until I see some changes. YardGuard Spray works better anyway......more info
  • Beware - DO NOT BUY - No aftercare and repairs outrageous
    I have now purchased 3 Liberty Plus models in 2 years. The third one I just tried today and after charging the unit, it would not start and just keeps showing a "fault" .....

    I now live in Canada and the unit costs over $1000 dollars here. The first one died in less than 90 days so I was able to return it to the store for repair. It came back more than 6 months later. They sold me another one and it lasted only one season. This year, it would not start. There is voltage in the battery and it seems to be charging. I sent it to a certified repair shop more than 10 days ago. They tell me that it may cost me more than $400-500 to repair. I have also spent numerous hours on the telephone with the company. Most of their reps have very little product knowledge. So, I have a conundrum. Do I let them go ahead and repair or cut my losses and buy a new machine. They still cost $1000 in Canada....more info
  • American Biophysics is bankrupt, assets sold
    Goggle the Providence Journal then search for the Mosquito Magnet. Otherwise I have nothing new to add. I just experienced the same problems as everyone else, high co$t to operate, very low catch rate, dead second season. I think the unit killed more bugs when they accidentally ran into it in the dark (after bitting a drunken human)than ended up in the net....more info
  • Updated review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought my MML from Home Depot a few weeks ago, and it has been bagging those little "buggers" on a nightly basis. My estimate is that I'm catching 6 or so a night (die bloodsuckers, die!). It's hard to tell because they usually die and fall to the bottom of the net making it difficult to get an exact count. So far I have had no mechanical issues as reported by other users. I have been testing the effectiveness by going outside in the evening to see how often I get buzzed or bitten. After two and a half weeks I have seen a significant decrease in activity. I'm actually at the point where I'm not getting bitten at all in the 15 minute timeframe I spend outside (in the past I wouldhave been swarmed!).

    The only reason I gave MML 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the cost. The initial purchase is pretty steep! In addition, you need to replace the propane (even if the bottle isn't empty) every 3 weeks; scent cartridge every 3 weeks as well; buy co2 cannisters to clear the system every other tank change; new net every season; and lastly - electricity.

    Bottom line is that this works - It traps mosquitos and made my yard much more livable for me and my family. Of course you need to shell out big bucks to buy and maintain, but in the end I think it's worth it.

    UPDATED 6/12/08
    Well, it worked OK for two years.... I had to empty the bag every 2 weeks or so for the first couple years. Pulled it out this spring and followed the startup steps for a new season and......nothing! Kept gettting the propane error light code which can mean essentially anything. Tried all the troubleshooting in the manual and online to no avail. $450 (plus propane, scent, electricity, quick clears) is a lot to spend for 2 summers of a thinned out (not eliminated by any means) mosquito population. Only buy if you can get an extended warranty. Even then, think long and hard about it! Unfortunatelly this amazon update won't let me change to 1 starts or I would....more info
  • Broken in two months
    We purchased the Misquito Magnet two months ago and the ignitor is not working. While it has cut down on the amount of bugs in our yard (1/2 acre)we find it hard to believe that a part could fail so easily. We have placed it in the yard away from children and their daily activities so that couldn't be the problem. The one plus was that the 1-800 customer service people were very quick to respond and eager to solve the problem. They will be sending us a new replacement part but it will take at least 14 days which means it is out of commission for the balance of the year. They are having production problems. Seems a little odd for such a new item....more info
  • Too many problems
    I purchased the Mosquito Magnet Liberty in July of 2003 and I believe it only caught one or two mosquitos during the entire rest of the summer! We still cannot use our backyard after 4PM because the mosquitos will carry you off. We have contacted the company numerous times and they always have something else they want you to supply them. We paid OVER $540 for our unit and what a waste of money!!!...more info
  • Unreliable and short lived.
    I have purchased 2 mosquito magnets that have both stopped working in their second season. These machines are too expensive to be this flimsy. Customer service is argumentative, and rude. A one year warranty is not acceptable for this price....more info
  • we have our outdoors back again
    I have a number of acres of wooded land with lots of wet spots. The mosquitoes had thrived and made outdoor relaxation miserable. About 3 years ago I purchased a Mosquito Magnet Liberty. Since then, we feel like we have our outdoors back. There are still some areas the mosquitoes own what we want back. So I'm looking for a portable model to use in another area. ...more info
    This is an awesome machine! It really works. I get hundreds and hundreds of dead bugs in my net every week.
    I would recommend this to anyone.

    ...more info
  • Poor results
    After a rainy spring and summer, the mosquito population has exploded in my backyard (located in Massachusetts). The Liberty has been running for about 6 weeks and the net has claimed only about 20 insects TOTAL. You can stand in the backyard and swat more in 5 minutes than this thing has caught in 6 weeks. (This includes changing the tank, CO2 and attractant at 3 weeks as recommended)....more info
  • Worth it or not, your call...
    Mosquito Magnet Liberty Mosquito Trap MM3000

    Tired of being bitten by mosquitos, I decided to give it a shot despite the mediocre review this product gets. After the order is placed, it took about 5 days for the unit to arrive.

    I followed the instruction manual as carefully as possible. After plugging into the power outlet and open up the propane valve, the unit shows absolutely no response when pressing the "on" button. When I called Mosquito Magnet customer service, the representative gave a very standard set of troubleshooting procedure -

    1. Does the electrical outlet has power? - yes I tried with a fan.
    2. Did you open the propane valve? - yes I did, the propane tank is full and it works on my grill.
    3. Did you open the valve slowly? - yes it almost drove me insane.
    4. Did you test the power cord? - yes i tested the power cord/adapter with a multimeter which reads 16 volt.
    5. Did you use an extension cord? - no

    After exhausting all possibilities, she admitted the only possibility is that the unit is broken. I asked her whether I can return for a refund. She replied because the purchase is made through It has to be returned to Amazon.

    I then called Amazon right away. The answer I got is because this product uses propane, it CANNOT be returned to Amazon. I tried to explain to the Amazon lady that the unit is brand new. The unit wouldn't start so it hasn't touched any propane yet. But I guess somewhere in their 1000-page return policy, it says there is nothing they can do but to have Mosquito Magnet repair it.

    Both my wife and I are very busy during the week, now I need to find time to bring it to a MM service center for repair. Hopefully it can be fixed soon before the summer is gone....

    ...more info
  • Doesn't work after a few months
    I have three Mosquitio Magnets that I bought last year. They worked great for a few months then only give "fault" indications thereafter and won't work. This is a defectively designed or manufactured product. I have never submitted Amazon reviews before this product. I feel so cheated that I want to warn others about it. Three bad devices for me, and many other reviews reporting the same problems, means that you purchase this product with great risk.
    Thankyou....more info
  • Works, but high cost may deter some buyers
    I'd give this 5 stars if it didn't cost so much.
    Was catching the vile critters within an hour of set up.
    We're catching dozens per day now. Maybe more. It's hard to tell. Anyone know how long it takes the little vampires to dry up and die?

    I think we're going to try the bug-zapper combo as a couple others have mentioned to try to catch even more.
    Overall we're pretty happy with it. Set up was ok. The instructions were a little less than adequate however.

    It's a costly system to slow down the infestations of skeeters - not just initially, but over time with bait, gas, replacement nets, etc. But with West Nile, I figured the cost is somewhat justified....more info

  • These guys can't seem to get their act together!
    After reading all of the problems with last years (2003) model, I was very leary about purchaing one of these. But the promise of a mosquito free back yard was too enticing. So I waited until mid-June to make sure I got the 2004 model with the latest design changes. Well, guess what? I _still_ got last years power head, but it came with this years instructions and this years quick clear adapter. What a joke. And as others here have said, forget about getting through to customer support, unless you feel like wasting a great deal of time. This company clearly has some manufacturing and support issues that _need_ to be straightened. Back to the store it goes!!! Another dissatisfied customer!...more info
  • mosquito magnet great!
    great product.. highly recommend to anyone with mosquitos in their yard. good price, shipped quickly, as advertised. ...more info
  • So far, this thing is GREAT!
    I got a Mosquito Magnet Liberty at a local discount store (the big W). I went with the intention of getting the Defender model, but they were all out and this was the last one they had, so I got it. The mosquitoes here in Alaska are terrible, driving us inside when we would rather be out either gardening or relaxing. I finally had enough and began to research different ways of getting rid of these very irritating pests. I had settled on the MM Defender, since the reviews were mostly good for it. I noticed that the reviews on the Liberty Plus mostly complained about the solar/battery problem. When buying the Liberty, I noticed that this one was NOT the Plus version, so decided to try it out. (an expensive trial, but the d*mn mosquitoes were driving me batty) My husband set the thing up last night and I went out this morning to check on it and *WOW*!! There were tons of the critters in the net! By late afternoon, my husband told me that he thought there were about 500 mosquitoes in that net. I am not sure if there were THAT many, but there was a couple hundred at least. I am SO glad we got the MM Liberty! I can't wait for the problem to be completely taken care of! I will be counting down the days for the 4 - 6 week time period to be over. If I don't write again, you'll know that we are mosquito free in Palmer, Alaska!
    By the way, I would have given this thing 5 stars, but it is TOO expensive and at this price, the propane tank should be included!...more info
  • The MM does work but beware
    I purchased the Liberty MM in 2003 and I loved the way it worked until the end of this summer,2006. The unit trapped mosquitos like it said it would but these Mosquito Magnets are not made to last for long. To get the unit to work on start up is very difficult and time consuming. The tech staff are very good but the engineering stinks. Dont bother trying to fix it either,its expensive so just purchase a new one if you like it that much. Again it will clean up your area of pests but its very fickle and not for those who aren't good with technology. ...more info
  • Expensive and not reliable
    Because it cost so much, I expected this thing to last, but it is junk and not reliable. I bought this unit 3 years ago. I live in the Northeast, so I only use the until about 4 months a year. As I understand, the Mosquito Magnet company invented this technology, but they certainly did not perfect it. Reliability is poor. Worked great the first year, caught lots of mosquitoes, and really reduced the number in my yard. The second summer, it started getting temperamental, took a long time to warm up, and seemed to burn more propane. Cleaning the unit with the CO2 cartridges did not help. This summer, it takes many, many tries to get it started up (6-10). I suspect it is about to die. I paid almost $500 and I only use it 4 months a year. For $500, I expect it to work right for more then one summer. ...more info
  • Mosquito Magnet 3000MM Liberty
    Would estimate a 90% plus reduction in mosquitos in the first 3 weeks of use. With Triple E being a problem in this area this year, the reduction in mosquitos was really significant. Aerial spraying done in the last week and continued use of the Mosquito Magnet should just about eliminate the problem for the rest of this season....more info
  • A waste of money
    Without going into the details, this unit is so touchy that it is essentially useless. It is almost impossible to keep it running. This was a waste of $550. ...more info
  • it works it works well but it always breaks down and repairs are very expensive
    When this unit works it does a great job of catching lots and lots of mosquitos. Unfortunately it usually only works for one or two tanks of propane (about 6 weeks) before it has to be sent in for repair. I have had one for 3 years now and it is the same old story every year. I wish the company that built this would hire some good engineers to solve their quality problems because they might end up with a great product then, In the meantime it is an over priced good idea with very poor execution....more info
  • works ok, not great
    We bought one for our home, and based upon other reviews we read, it was advised to purchase one larger than what is recommended. (We bought the 1 acre size for our 1/4 acre).
    It does help with the mosquitos, but it does not eliminate them. We change our propane tank every 21 days, as recommended, but I am still covered in bites.

    You also need to make sure that you have the right "food" for the mosquitos. The cartridge that comes with the unit did not work on mosquitos in our area. A quick trip to our local outdoors stoor corrected that.

    Overall, we're satisfied b/c it does help. But it's probably only catching a 1/3 of the mosquitos in our yard....more info
  • 3 tanks of gas and 20 mosquitos
    After three tanks of gas and about 10 weeks, the unit had only captured 10 to 20 mosquitos. it did NOT work well for us in North Carolina at all. ...more info
  • Poor quality, poor support, expensive to run
    My unit would not start after it's 5th tank of propane, 15 months after purchase - and only 6 months of running time - and 3 months after warranty expired.
    Contacted technical support, but none of their recommendations worked. Only service option is a $500 power pack replacement, with a 6 month warranty. I would not spend another dollar on this piece of junk. It catches mosquitoes, but certainly will not cover the claimed area. It probably cost me $10 for every mosquito I killed. Definitey NOT recommended. Do NOT Buy....more info
  • Thanks for rescuing my frontyard
    July 7 (Original review)
    I purchased the Mosquito Magnet Liberty with some hesitation after reading all the reviews here. Before buying it, I spoke with a friend who has two of these, and I also talked with the hardware store owner about their reliability and effectiveness. In both cases I got very positive feedback.

    In summary, the Magnet Liberty has been running for a week and we can now use our frontyard, even in the early morning and evening, without resorting to bug spray or strange dance routines.

    We have run it in all sorts of weather with no problems. It lost power during an electrical storm and had to be restarted. Starting it initially, and after the power loss, was a simple button press.

    My two complaints are relatively minor. One is that the setup manual is a little unclear in places. I made two different mistakes in assembling and had to backup slightly -- and I have a LOT of experience in assembling devices, furniture, etc., from directions. It took me about one hour to assemble.

    The other is that the manual doesn't make it clear that the Magnet comes with a power cord that is about 50 feet long. So I didn't need the extension cord that I purchased with the Magnet.

    When costing this system, bear in mind that you will also need to purchase a propane tank (about $45 in Massachusetts), some CO2 cartridges for clearing the propane line ($10 and strongly recommended in the product manual), additional octenol cartridges ($15), and some spare catch nets ($25, the Magnet only comes with a single net). This added about $95 in total to the cost of the Magnet itself.

    Based on needing to do the following every 21 days:
    -- Replace the propane tank
    -- Replace the octenol cartridge
    -- Use a CO2 cylinder to clean the propane line (officially every 2nd propane fill)
    the running costs are about $1 per day.

    After running the Magnet for one week, the net currently has about an inch of dead mosquitoes in the bottom. I'm tempted to take the net out and count the number of carcasses to see about how many we're catching a day.

    Placement is important. I found a location that is upwind from the yard and is under some small trees, so that the Magnet is in the shade for almost the entire day.

    When I first set it up, it was in a less shady location and I caught far less mosquitoes (based on the number I saw buzzing at the top of the net) for the first 24 hours.

    And the results are most excellent. The kids are getting far less bites. We not using bug spray as much. And I can prune my tomato plants without fear of losing a finger as a try and swat mosquitoes with my gardening shears.

    July 30 Update
    I changed the propane and put in new octenol cartridges on schedule. I've had to empty the net three times so far.

    And the results - better than I could have hoped for! I didn't give this product five stars because of the setup problems described above, now I wish I had.

    I spent 30 minutes in our front yard earlier this week talking with a friend about life (including mosquitoes). In that time, neither of us was buzzed by any type of mosquito.

    Of course, this also means that the magnet itself is catching less mosquitoes. When I first saw this happen, about a week ago, I was concerned that it wasn't working properly. Now I realize there are simply less mosquitoes around for it to catch....more info
  • 3 years but only 12 months of operation and it's dead
    I bought my Mosquito Magnetic Liberty in May 2003.

    It doesn't catch many mosquitoes but I think it does divert them to another part of my yard. I HAVE NEVER HAD TO EMPTY THE BAG DUE TO IT TRAPPING MOSQUITOES. I have three acres and this thing only helps clear up about 1/4 acre. Consumer Reports rates this unit highly, but I think the performance varies tremendously based on what's posted here in the reviews and my experience. Some people are replacing nets regularly because they fill up with mosquitoes. Mine gets dusty and catches a few, but never anything remarkable. It does, I think, attract the pesky mosquitoes to the side of property where it sits thereby diverting attention away from family, friends and me. The machine-to-machine variability appears to be very high with several people reporting opening them up and assembling only to find they are dead on arrival. While other owners have marginal results, and a few have great success. The manufacturer needs to work on their quality control.

    This thing is NOT cheap. It's about [...] a day to operate.

    Here are all the costs. I paid close to [...] back in 2003. Propane costs me [...] a refill. For 4 months of use I need 6 tanks. That's [...] a season just for propane or [...] a day. Octenol (cow's breath mosquito attractant) is pricey as well. Octenol is $9 each every 21 days or [...] a season. Nets are similarly priced so that's another [...]. TOTAL for my 4 month season is [...] or [...] / day plus electricity.

    12 months of use and its dead. This unit is 3 years old but it's only been used for 12 months. Warranty is only 1 year from date of purchase so the warranty is gone. I live in Michigan so the mosquito season is only 4 months. This spring (2006) I pulled it out of storage and set it up. I go through the recommended start up procedure as written and I get the blinking green light with solid yellow and solid red fault. This fault means I have an empty tank or no gas flow. The tank was just filled. I purge the lines with CO2 cartridges (3 times as recommened [...]), use the tank and regulator reset tool, change the already refilled tank to another tank and it still won't light. What a pain. The service dept. for a consumer product is only open 8-5 PM Eastern time, M-F. I will call them Monday and see what they recommend to solve the problem. Based on what I read here it'll probably be another [...] for rebuilt power unit. I hope I don't get a rude customer service rep or a condescending one. I hate dealing with a customer support group that's not nice.


    This machine and its regulator require you to keep using a reset tool (it's provided) to reset the regulator and the tank every time you change a tank. I don't understand why this machine requires it and my gas grill and other devices that use propane don't. My question is why did these yahoo's design a regulator and/or a system that requires resetting the gas? God figure!

    Another oddity is the strong recommendation to regularly purge the lines with [...] CO2 cartridges using a bicycle type of inflator valve. What's up with that? Again, why doesn't my grill or outside heater require the same purging?

    UPDATE: Called customer service and got through quickly. Spoke with customer service and opted for a repaired unit exchange. They call it a "tune up." Price was one hundred and fifty five dollars plus shipping from R.I. To ship to my home in Michigan was another twenty dollars. Or, you can ship your unit in to their repair center in Maryland to be repaired for one hundred and fifteen dollars plus return shipping. This takes longer to turnaround but you save some oney. At least they give you the choice. You need an RMA number to return your main module. You have to print out the RMA form and fill in the information. Plus mark the RMA number on all sides of the shipping container. They do take credit cards. Customer Service Rep sounded and talked like he was inexperienced. He was polite and as helpful as he could be. He sounded overwhelmed with all that had to be done to get an RMA number for me. ...more info
  • Best thing since white bread
    I purchase my Mosquito Magnet 3000MM Liberty through eBay and received it May 14, 2004. It took all but 20 minutes to unboxed and fully assemble. Once the propane was connected, the Mosquito Magnet 3000MM Liberty was in operation with the simple touch of one button. No problem at all with the warm up. I live in the southern part of Louisiana where mosquitoes swarm by the millions and in the first week this machine has caught and dehydrated several thousand of the pesky little critters. What a wonderful machine!...more info
  • Highly reccommend
    We live on a bayou in southeast Texas and we have mosquitos, big time mosquitos. 10 ,11 months out of the year we have mosquitos. My wife bought a Mosquito Magnet Liberty 3 or 4 years ago at Home Depot for $599.00+ I believe and it had a money back guarntee for several months with like 25% less what you paid for it. I was skeptical and didn't think it was worth that much. I don't know anybody that had had any success with any of the other machines on the market. We used to have to mop insect repellent on to work in the yard (which I hate) and could hardly sit in the yard in the shade without being eaten alive most of the time. I have had had extremaly good success with our machine. We enjoy our yard and haven't had to use any repellent since buying it. I did have a problem with my machine when I started it up the second season. It wouldn't work. The manufacture was a little difficult to contact, but they replaced the head for $149.00, which is the whole working part.
    If it broke tommorrow, I would buy another. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    Les Gibson ...more info
  • Customer Service
    I will NEVER recommend this product to ANYONE EVER! The customer service is terrible. I have gone through 3 different head units for the defender. This is the 4th one that now does not work. I purchased a replacement cord at the cost of $40 + shipping. Before purchasing, I was informed I could return it if that was not the problem. When I called the customer service department, they said it could not return it because it was an opened package. The package was openned when I recieved it. It was never sealed in a sealed box, for all know it is a defective unit. But I cannot do anything about it. They were oh so kind to offer a $50 discount on a new unit. Big whoop! I still have a 5 pound paper weight sitting in my house that I have to be enviromentally conscience about and take the time to dispose of it properly instead of the company taking some responsibility. They are definitely losing a customer....more info
  • Took the plunge...
    I was really waffling about buying this seemed that buyers either loved it or hated it, but after the rainy season we've had in Massachusetts I was desperate. We live in a really woodsy neighborhood where the mosquitoes seem to be out most of the day. When we would drive up to our house the mosquitoes would ram against the windshield trying to get at us and it seemed every night some managed to slip in and bite my kids while they slept. So I held my breath and spent the money. It's been operating for 10 days now and there must be almost a cup of dead mosquitoes in the net. We sat outside at dinnertime this weekend for the first time since we bought our house last spring. Even if it breaks down after 2 years, it's worth the $1-2 a day to operate, especially with the threat of West Nile virus and EEE. If only they could make something for the ticks......more info
  • Save your money
    This product had a nice web site, good "info" and lots of promises. It worked a little the first year, althouh never enough to require me to empty the bag -or- deliver anything NEAR a mosquito free yard (we live on a suburban 80'x125' lot and the unit claims that it can handle alot larger area than that.) The unit STOPPED working the second year, and when I logged in the manf web site I found out that I was a week late in being able to participate in their "free replacemnt program" (thanks for nothing), I then learned about the magic reset tool, which took three requests to get to me, and then it made no difference.

    SO, the unit sits in a storage shed waiting for a garage sale. If I can get $25 for it I'll be lucky.

    After talking to fiends we'll be installing a perminantly mounted system this summer.

    Wish I'd saved the money, but may be I can helps someone else not throw away some.

    ...more info
  • My two cents
    I purchased this unit in June from Home Depot. It took 2 hours to assemble (and I'm pretty good at assembling things). It wouldn't complete the warmup cycle properly so I called their tech support line. The wait wasn't too bad for me but the result was that I had a defective unit. I opted to return it to the store rather than wait for the replacement. I complained to the manager about having wasted two hours and another trip to the store and he knocked off $25 bucks on the second unit. I complained because I had read several reviews from people that have received defective units and I think the dealers need to get a message that customers are not happy with quality of the merchandise from this company. Anyway, second unit has been working fine. It did start catching mosquito right away and I noticed a difference within a few days. It's quite fun to check the trap each day to see how many of the little blood suckers are in there. It is hard to get an accurate estimate because the do bunch up and dehydrate but you can see several still buzzing around inside the net and you can point at them and say - HA! For me, the results are proven by less mosquitoes biting or flying around me so I don't worry about counting. My other complaint about this thing is cost. You're dropping a pretty penny for this unit and then don't forget to add on the cost of the tank and the propane - another $40-$50. The propane lasts for 21 days and then you have to refill the tank. You are also suppose to replace the octenol cartridge which run you $20 for 3 (that's less than a three month supply), plus they tell you to buy CO2 cartridges (3 for $10) and run that through the system every second tank. So, doing the math, say a tank refill every 21 days runs you $15 (and that's cheap right now), $7 every 21 days for octenol, $1.50 for CO2, plus electricity - you're looking at upwards of $25 every 21 days in extra hard costs to keep the thing running. That's $35-$40 a month if you like to break it down that way. With that said, if that doesn't scare you off then give the unit a shot. It does make a difference. I won't say there are no more mosquitoes or no-see-ums but I can regularly go out in the yard for a few minutes and come back inside without any bites when before that would not have been possible. It's just hard for me to believe this company charges so much for this thing and then half of them don't work. That aggravates me, but mosquitoes biting my son aggravates me more....more info
  • We can go outside again
    This is the second summer we have had our mosquito magnet. The small hassle with filling the tank every three weeks and changing out the octenol cartridge that some reviewers have mentioned are more than offset by getting our yard back again. The land behind us is undeveloped and after a summer storm large puddles form. Before we had our mosquito magnet we could not go outside without getting lots of bites. Now there is no problem at all. ...more info
  • 2 years & Still Works Great
    Live on a half acre near a large lake in Dallas and greenbelt, and this year heavy rains & mosquito population growing. Bought in 2005 at Home Depot & it worked great, 2006 was a drought so didn't use. This year, 2007, I just cleaned up (cobwebs, cocoons, etc) & re-started, 2 weeks later still works great. I swap & clean out nets weekly. End of Week One, 100 - 200 captured, end of Week Two 60 - 100 captured. I take great joy in placing the changed net on my deck in the Texas sun and knocking off the last few survivors before emptying the net.

    Has knocked down my no-see-um & chigger population also.

    I found it to be easy assembly, though I am a Mechanical Engineer, I am far from handy. I haven't experienced any of the quality issues of others, but if I bought another, I would definitely get it somewhere that made returns easy (Amazon, etc.). Mine is this Liberty Model & I run a long orange extension cord to it, works for me.

    I put it in a low wet area under trees that is drainage to the lake, though I mow it short to cut mosquito population they were still there and shaded so active all day. As soon as I turned on the unit the first time, mosquitoes were swarming to it. Two weeks later, I can mow thru this area in evenings, and no mosquitoes coming after me, before the mower would flush them out of the grass & at me.

    We have multiple breeds of mosquitos, including Asian Tiger Mosquitoes (ATMs), they recommend not using the Octenal for ATMs, so mine is running on propane only. I've never had to use a CO2 cartridge to clean out the line.

    I run my propane tank until empty (yellow diode flashing), which happens in about 5 weeks.

    Expensive, because it looks like they have covered their intellectual property well, so no real competitors. (Which as a techie, I kind of admire.) I prefer to get it now rather than spend the next 17 years getting bitten by mosquitoes waiting for the patent(s) to expire.

    My advice, buy it, get the Liberty for the one acre coverage, since you can't count on your neighbors springing the cash for one also, and get it somewhere you can return it should it not work. If you have a serious mosquito population you'll know within a week if it's working for you by the mosquitoes in the net. And the yellow flashing diode and green diode on the back of the unit will tell you in less than 5 - 15 minutes if the unit you have is starting properly. ...more info
  • Breaks down after about 2 years
    Mosquito Magnet Liberty Mosquito Trap MM3000
    We live in northern Minnesota and we get a lot of mosquitoes. The first unit worked great and we noticed a relief from these pests within a few days. We were so pleased that we bought a second one after two years. The first one lasted about 3 years, the second one about one year. The company would like us to ship the heads and last year the charge for each replacement would already have been $ 100. After spending almost $ 1000 for both units we will not spend another $ 200 for something that breaks down after such a short time. We would not recommend the Mosquito Magnet to anyone and we would not buy another one....more info
  • Unreliable
    I was as enamored as a blood-hungry mosquito for this technology when I bought a Liberty in May 2002. Now, 3 failed power packs later, with a dead power pack AGAIN, on hold to "consumer support" for 30 minutes with no answer so far, I have to concede that the technology and/or manufacturing is not mature enough to reliably produce this backyard paperweight. Maybe in a few more years, or with a new manufacturer. In any case, for the present, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!...more info
  • Finally, Mosquito Free "Get-Togethers"!!!
    I'm writing this review as a frequent guest of my neighbors "get-togethers", which they are infamous for every summer. Let's just say they are the only ones in the neighborhood who have been able to continually have these outdoor parties, and it's all thanks to the Mosquito Magnet. Our neighbors own 2 traps which they have placed in their large back yard. The result is impressive - last summer we were able to sit outside for hours without being bother by mosquitoes.

    We've been so impressed, that my husband and I have decided to go out this weekend and by a trap of our own (will post an update to this review after we've had it running for a few weeks). They tried a couple different mosquito control techniques at first, but after talking to our neighbors, it seems that the Mosquito Magnet is the way to go!
    ...more info
  • Doesn't do the job
    I bought one of these units in 2003 at Home Depot (...), to have some sort of protection against mosquitos by the pool while the power pack on my Mosquito Magnet PRO was being "exchanged" (...) at American Biophysics -- what a fraud that was. Anyway, although the Liberty ignites (you have to plug in a transformer) the suction in the bell is too weak to catch any mosquitos. The proof is in the net. In a month it might catch 4-5 mosquitos, and my back yard, backing onto a wooded area, is swarming with insects. All in all, I think the manufacturer is selling smoke. Expensive smoke. I don't understand why serious companies don't develop products for this market. ...more info
  • works like a charm
    I've read a number of reviews about people having problems shortly after purchasing. I just started mine up the other day to begin it's fourth season and can say that I have not had a single problem or had to call tech support. My wife and I can definitely notice a difference in the mosquito population when it's running....more info
  • Awesome Product
    This thing works...the people that say it caught only a few mosquitos in 3 months must be doing SOMETHING WRONG. Ours caught 3000+ mosquitos in the first 5 days. It works like they say it does, and works well if you follow the instructions (perhaps therein lies the problem for those people who are dissatisfied). You just have to position it correctly. I can't believe how well it works, I never thought I would be able to rid my yard of mosquitos like this, totally awesome!...more info
  • Don't buy the Mosquito Magnet
    I am on my second unit: the first lasted one season and it took a whole season to get it replaced. They do not perform as advertised. I suspect them of stalling until the warranty expired and then offered a replacement for half-price. Would not buy another unit. Quality is bad; service is bad; they don't work as advertised....more info
  • Expensive, but it works
    We had been debating the Mosquito Magnet since the summer of 2003. It was a wet spring in New England in 2004 and in May when my mother-in-law drove her car up in midmorning (not peak misquito time) and I saw 2 dozen of the blood suckers throwing themselves against her car hood I started to worry. I looked at my 18 month old son, wondered how he was going to play outside with out being dunked in DEET, and then went online that morning and ordered one.

    We have 4+ acres of land, mostly woods so the empty all your standing water advice is not helpful to us. The area around the house is clear and is about 1 acre. We located it on one side of the house, about 10 feet into the woods, which I think helped the catch ratio since misquitos prefer shade.

    RESULTS: Within 24 hours I noticed a difference in my front door area. I could be outside during the day with my son and never see a misquito. At dusk I would see some and eventually get bitten, but I wouldn't be swarmed like I had been previously. After 3-4 weeks there was definately a reduction in the local misquito population. Everytime we checked the net there were too many misquitos flying around to count. When we empty the net bag out every 2-3 weeks there is a mass of dead, dried out misquito bodies about the size of my fist. (Impressive, considering a dead misquito really doesn't tak up a lot of space.)

    WHAT IT MEANS FOR OUR LIFE: We have two dogs an a child, so the door is always being opened and shut. Last year there was ALWAYS a misquito in the bedroom. Now we get one once a week, maybe. My son has one bite on him now, I'm not even sure he got that in my yard. He can go weeks without a bite. We can sit out on the deck in the evening, an impossibility before. In general I am enjoying my yard much more this summer.

    DOWNSIDE: It is expensive, and you have to buy propane & the attractent every 3 weeks. The company is clearly run by a bunch of engineers, and the instructions & set up reflect that. So if you are non-engineerish, get an engineer geek you know over and offer them a 6-pack of beer to set it up. I friend of mine had problems with hers and when she called the company they said she shouldn't use the propane tanks that are from those "swap tank" places, since the lines are not fully purged of air. Air in the line is a frequent cause of problems with the device.

    Placement can also be tricky. If you have a big house and are surrounded by breeding grounds you almost need two for both sides of the house, but we do make do with just one. We did have to move it once to get the best coverage. It obviously isn't cheap, but I haven't found a better alternative....more info

  • Do not get "bitten"
    I purchased a Mosquito Magnet in hopes of protecting my family from the West Nile virus. I have followed the instructions carefully but can not get it to start. Customer support is nonexistent. Purchase a cheaper unit from a more reliable manufacturer!...more info
  • Mosquito Magnet Liberty
    A very wet Spring 2006 resulted in a very high mosquito population where I live in the Connecticut woods.About 2/3 of my 2.3 acre property is wooded,1/3 of the property is house/garden/lawns.In the daytime, there were lterally clouds of "no-see-ums" around my head joined by numerous biting mosquitos. The repellant that I used had to be renewed frequently. I was being bitten anywhere that I was not protected by repellant or treated clothing - even through heavy denim jeans. There had never been a season like this since we bought this property six years ago. I installed the "Liberty" at the end of June in the spot where I was bitten most frquently. Three weeks later, I was no longer being bitten in that location. At my first tank change I emptied the net and was amazed to find about 1/3 of the net literally packed with insect bodies. Lovely - it works. It can be left outside in all kinds of weather. I did call for service once and was given prompt advice. ...more info
  • Poor workmanship prevents recommendation
    I got my latest refurbished mosquito magnet last Spring. When I went to start it up this year it didn't work. After troubleshooting and calling tech support, their recommendation was to spend $155 to send it back to them to fix. This would be the fourth time I sent off my Liberty in the last four years. Each time they tell me that there was a flaw in the design, but they've fixed it. This time I refuse to believe them and I want to warn others about their product.

    Also, my parents purchased a new Liberty plus last year and they just had something go bad on it too, so unfortunately I can't even limit my complaint to this model. Mosquito Magnets seem to routinely have something go bad once a year. They carry an 18 month warranty (although you only use it six months a year), which leaves you with an additional $155 to spend every other year.

    With the operational cost every three weeks of propane and proprietary "quick clear" cartridges and "octenol attractant", it's already not all that cheap or convenient to operate. However, it works very well when it works, so if they could create a design that spends more time at my house than it does in the shop, I'd be a fan. But to expect me to pay $155 for them to fix a product that has a faulty design is poor customer service....more info
  • Save your money
    Very POOR investment. The first unit lasted 3 months. A replacement unit was sent. The new unit lasted almost three months to the day. Oh did I say NEW unit no they only send out rebuilts. There is a one year warranty on the original unit ONLY, when you receive a replacement unit no new warranty is issued, what ever time is remaining on the orginial unit carries over to the rebuilt. Oh did I say I live in Wisconsin. Well our summers are only three months long, so the rest of the time the unit is NOT used. So thier one year warranty is really only a three month warranty. Big price tag, expensive upkeep, but I must say it when it was running it did work good. Way too expensive for lasting only THREE months....more info
  • Highly unreliable and difficult to operate
    I'm on my second unit in 3 months. It catches mosquitos when it's working, but it's only been working for me about 50% of the time. The first unit failed after about 6 weeks on the second propane tank. I spent hours troubleshooting it - resetting the tank, clearing the line, etc. I spent more hours on the phone with technical support. There is always a long wait on the phone and you can easily kill 30-45 minutes waiting for a conversation that won't help you anyway, unless they've agreed to give you another unit. My second unit has now failed after only 3 weeks of operation. I've spent more hours switching tanks, flushing, resetting - a variety of useless activities that still didn't fix the problem. Now I'll have to spend more time with technical support, which only works from 9-6 during my own work hours, so I'll have to spend my lunch hour on hold waiting. I'm so sorry I bought this unit....more info
  • WARNING, Read before you LOSE $$
    I raced to get a MMPro the 1st year they were out and spent over $1,300 in 2002. It worked well the 1st summer, 2d in for servicing alot of it, 3rd failed completely, just outside of warranty.,So in May, 2004 I SUCKERED for the offer to pay$600 +/- for the new improved MM Pro with a 2 year warranty. It worked the 1st [2004]season, and seemed fine [2005] season, but totally failed to start in April, 2006.

    I called tech many times [waiting along time each time]and got all kinds of stories about what it could be. I told them if these were all so important they should email their customers or put it in the operation book. It seemed like excuses really.

    I sent it in early June,2006 for warranty repair, and it will be "3-4" weeks to get back!!!Summer is only June-August here in MA!Customer Service told me they have no parts and when a machine gets returned they will use those parts on my machine!! It could be August by then. I have called and escalated the complaints.

    This is just WRONG, so I am filing with the RI Better Business Bureau, the Ri attorney General Consumer Affairs Office, and the Federal Trade Commission. Most states have consumer protection regs offering triple damages for 'unfair and deceptive' trade practices, breach of warranty, and breach of warranty of merchantibility and fitness for use. I have spent way too much time and money to accept this loss, when all the other complaints show the compnay knows it sold us all a lemon.

    EVERYONE should do the same. Then the government will step in and investigate what they knew, when they knew it, and make them stop selling problem goods. You may also be able to make a 'small claims court' complaint, since they sell in stores all over they have a local presence enough to do it. Don't let them keep your money! Then they will have succeeded....more info
  • Don't waste your money-very unreliable
    Bought a Liberty. First summer had to send unit in for repair under warranty, lost about 3 weeks of a mosquito eradication cycle. Next summer barely under warranty and again repaired. The inner mosquito net holder, the one that traps the critters until they are dried to death, had warped over the winter and no longer gave a good seal. Near the end of the second summer the 'igniter failure' code came on. Decided to wait until now to investigate, start of third year. There is a component on the circuit board inside that is completely fried. For all the money we spent initially and to keep it running this was not worth the few months in two years we could be in the back yard - and the no-see-ums still were there. Will use other means of keeping mosquitoes away. It's difficult to imagine any company with such an expensive, non-essential product to stay in business with such shoddy quality. Even Jaguar realized this....more info
  • Bad Quality product, 2 year life or less, good when works
    I now own three American Biophysics Mosquito Magnets. The oldest one I have is two years old and cost me about $900 to purchase. The two year old unit no longer works, so AB technical support wants to sell me a replacement part for $500 or you can buy a new unit, after returning the Power pack, for $425. What a racket. Build an expensive product that doesn't last more than 2 years and then charge a lot to fix or agree to buy another unit that also has shoddy quality. I agree it catches the mosquitos that they claim when it operates properly. But because of the cost of the units and their limited life I would not recommend this product unless you have a lot of money to burn....more info
  • Works great until out of warranty
    I've gone through two of these. Will never buy another! They both failed the 2nd year. Repairs cost almost as much as a new unit.

    Basically, their ignition system reliability is very unreliable. All the fancy LEDs only tell you it is broken!...more info
  • Much better and cheaper ways to control mosquitos
    I bought two Liberty units a year ago - one died almost immediately with a fan failure, and the other just died recently for some unknown reason (it won't complete warm-up cycle). Warranty is out, so these look like they're going to be collecting dust in the shed until I feel like taking them apart and trying to figure out what is wrong.

    There's a much easier way to control mosquitos. Get a bunch of five-gallon buckets, put three gallons of water in them, add some dish soap, and finally spray some WD-40 on the water. Mosquitos will try to lay their eggs in the water, and will get stuck because the WD-40 breaks the surface tension on the water. The dish soap will take care of any larvae that do manage to hatch. Place the buckets around your property (high enough so that your dog doesn't drink the water - won't hurt the dog, but will give it diarrhea from the soap) and check them from time to time. You'll be amazed at the number of mosquitos that get caught....more info

  • Works pretty good
    Bought one of these used on Craigslist and set it up according to instructions on the company's website last spring. Within three days I was able to enjoy our backyard again. Most of our problem here in Austin TX is the Asian Tiger. I alternate each month between Lurex and Octenol. I wouldn't say it's perfect (still get the odd bite) but it certainly helps. Now we can enjoy the outdoors and the pool. I know it helps because I still get eaten in the neighbors yards. You do have to set it up in the right location in your yard (in the furthest corner upwind of your biting friends)
    Using the quick-clear CO2 every other tank of propane seems to eliminate most of the start-up problems....more info
  • Thumbs up on the Mosquito Magnet
    Mosquito Magnet Liberty Mosquito Trap MM3000
    We purchased our Mosquito Magnet in the spring of 2004 and it has worked superbly for the past 4 summers. We are in the hardwoods and the Magnet traps almost a net full of mosquitos in a month. We have it across the lawn from our deck and it does a good job of keeping the mosquitos and black flies away. This spring, however, the unit would not start up. The light codes indicated that it was not getting gas. I cleared all the lines through to the orifice and checked out the regulator and reset the tank valve, but no luck. We ended up sending it to an authorized repairer ($13.00 by FedEx). They installed a new igniter and it is now working great.
    Repair costs including return shipping: $86.00. The mosquitos are especially thick this year, so after starting the unit up it had to play catch-up and the net was half full in a week....more info
  • Great Idea.....Terrible execution
    First let me preface this review by stating that I am an ASE certified ( Automotive ) master mechanic with 25 years experience and was an aircraft mechanic for "uncle Sam" in my younger days. Suffice it to say I know a little bit about mechanical devices. The concept behind the mosquito magnet is very good and when it works it works very well. The problem is in the execution of the design. This is a very unreliable product that lasts on average about a year and a half. When it breaks repairs are very expensive. The other problem for those of us who are mechanically inclined is that the company REFUSES to sell repair parts under the pretext of "safety". Imagine if Chevy or Ford refused to sell parts. What do you think the Federal Trade commission would do? Perhaps the FTC should order a mandatory recall and compel the company to replace the defective parts at their cost, not ours. ...more info


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